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Feelier edition.

Hey feels thread, guess who just missed out on a costume contest with a $750 prize because he had food poisoning... THIS GULL!

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Bit the bullet and signed up for cgl santa and secret s/a/nta.

I just hope everyone likes what they're getting. I've always heard good things about ss on /a/ so hopefully I won't super regret it.

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Where did the last feels thread go!? And are the guy I told to go as Sexy Thanos?

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Weren't signups closed ages ago?

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No, they close tomorrow.

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Cgl ones were closed ages ago, I think they're talking about the a one

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Man I just really love cute girls wearing the clothes they like and being happy in them

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>lost package anon from the last thread
Its been 12 hours and nothing. The post office was beyond unhelpful. Worst of all I live in a shitty neighbourhood. That's what I get for trying to cheer myself up.

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>meet girl at Halloween party
>turned out she's the local comm mom
>agreed to mod my coord
Feels good.
The one time I participated in Secret S/a/nta and I got gypped.

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Man I just really love it when people's shared passions lead them to make long lasting, rewarding friendships

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I didn't sign up for a higher tier so hopefully that won't happen. But it's still a concern.

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How long does it take to get over an abusive partner? I'm sick of being constantly tired, unhappy, unreasonably horny and wanting to kill myself

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If anyone remembers me, Supermarket-kun.

Still haven't seen the Lolita who comes into my store that I was playing cat and mouse with. Maybe she already figured out who I was and decided I was too ugly to interact with.

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bout a year or two, depending on how long you dated them and how in love you were

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We were dating for two years and I loved her so much I could have genuinely spent the rest of my life with her.


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anon i'm so sorry :( I hope it turns up.

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it took me like 10 years. regret.

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I keep buying shit. Help me. I don't think it's an addiction and i'm not in financial crisis but i feel so bad buying all this stuff, yet i continue

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iktf ... I donate $20 to charity everytime I make a ridiculous clothing purchase, I know it isn't even close to the same but it assuages the guilt a little

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Right, that sounds even more painful for my wallet. I don't really have a cohesive wardrobe, i wish i did, so I buy things to match things that i bought and regretted and it's a vicious and endless cycle. The guilt is real.

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>Dream dress pops up
>Just bought a full set, spent too much this month, need to not be buying things
>Wunderwelt has made it super overpriced

Heart is breaking not getting it but thanks WW for making me a feel a little better in making it way too expensive. It's no super rare oldschool item, it'll pop up again...

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>bf wins $500 in slutty costume contest
>ask him to get me a PS4 with Spider-Man
>mfw he donates it to disabled kids

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You should sock him in the ribs next time you have sex

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You should one-up your bf next year so you can get the contest money instead. If you can't even win a meagre costume contest, you're a shame to all gulls and don't deserve it anyway.

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>sexiest boy winner
>helps disabled children
Sounds like he's too good for your thot ass. Send him my way.

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Do Konmari

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I want to steal your boyfriend, is he bi?

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He sounds really lovely. You sound like a cunt.

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Life is a goddamn mess and my apartment I just moved into has ants and according to spouse ...possible roaches. I am just thankful to have not moved most of my things let alone my Lolita dresses yet from the old place in so it will make getting everything fogged easier

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>tell host I don't want to eat her cakes
>"Then eat POOP, bitch."

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Man I just really love sweet dudes who encourage their gals to do whatever makes them happy: :3

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It wouldnt have been right for him to give the whole amount to you (unless it was his decision to begin with). He did the right thing.

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Buy your own shit.

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Or maybe she's been busy, or if she has figured out what was going on, she's gotten shy. I know I would've been if I found out someone I vaguely know in person goes on 4chan and is looking for me.
Not to say that you're creepy, but it's understandable that she'd lay low for a bit if she's shy.

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Running the risk of causing another homophobic sperg out from certain anons.

But man, I really want to be the lolita gf of a skater girl. I keep daydreaming about it.

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Depends what you mean by getting over. I got over of the break up easily but after three years I'm still battling with insecurities and other shit he left me with. Not to mention people usually struggle to understand how much abuse affects you and usually just brush your problems off and say "but it's past you just need to let it go" - especially if the abuse was more emotional and verbal. It's not like I even think of him when I get super anxious about certain stuff. I'm happy you got out and I hope you will get better soon anon. You should also consider therapy.

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Are you sure you won't just say "see you later, girl"?
Are you sure she's good enough for you?
What if she becomes a superstar?

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Since my ideal woman is already a somewhat famous indie singer, I guess her saying anything to me would be nice.

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>Be me
>Get first job
>Get first paycheck
>Put almost everything into savings
>Realise I still want to use it
>Withdraw big chunks from time to time
>Spend L O A D S
>Two new main pieces in a month
>Convention in my home city
>Feel like a burn victim from cash spending friction
>Not really, I'm just used to being poor and stingy
>Decide to shape up and live frugally
>Next paycheck
>Keep everything in regular account
>Now able to always see how much of it I've spent
>Doing my best
>Still spend money because life
>Feel bad after almost every purchase
>Come today
>Get third paycheck
>Able to put excess of second and a bit of third into savings
>Check statistics on my spending
>Realise my "shopping" this last month was 1/6 from first splurge
>Most have gone to good food and good times with friends
>All stress from "failing myself" lets up
>Savings are looking happy and fat
>Eyeing some cute accessories on Lacemarket
>When November comes they're mine
>Actually just waiting for the next month to not disturb this month's statistics
>I am one trial closer to stabilising my new economy

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Half the gulls on this board, easy.

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I highly doubt that, AN is one of the least common mental disorders. But it's easier for an overweight person to think she gets mocked by underweight people with a mental illness instead of accepting she might weight too much.

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Might be rare in general but in lolita fashion the disorder shows up much higher than in the general populace, probably because Western girls feel inadequate when they are not petite Asian girls and can't fit what is a "normal" Asian size. Seen too many underweight girls in this fashion. And while obesity MIGHT kill a fatty, being ana WILL kill the anachan.

desu I don't feel sorry for either side. But I am a little tired of "that poor anachan, don't make fun of her, she has a problem." Clearly so does the fatty-chan but everyone trips over themselves to give her a hard time.

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>con coming up
>might use tinder
I might be making a big mistake

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i'm sure most of the fat hate is projecting. aka they are fat themselves. plus like 80% of the 'lolita' 'girls' here are larping or lolita-at-heart

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Biggest mistake.
Use Bumble instead.

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>desu I don't feel sorry for either side.

I feel sorry for both, they're all unhealthy and struggling ): but yeah, defending one while mocking the other is stupid.

>i'm sure most of the fat hate is projecting.

Is projecting a meme or what. In the last week I've been accused of "projecting" and I've read similar stuff regarding others something like 1937289390 times.

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I've already been seeing a psychologist for about a month now, it has helped a bit

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>recently get a lot of extra "disposable" money
>do well for a bit and not overpend on anything
>then do a $1000 splurge over the weekend
>I have mentioned my impulsive spending to my therapist before but I think I need an actually serious talk about it asap

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>depression gets really bad
>stop taking care of myself
>start breaking out really bad
>realize I have a con in a month
>start taking care of my skin again

I feel a little pathetic that my only motivation for taking care of myself is to look good in cosplay

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> buy two items on LM that i'm super excited about
> planning potential coords and shit
> seller decides not to sell them and refunds me
> .....

what do gulls?

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Find him.
Kill him.

Then be my gf.

On a more serious note, are there any alternative options you can coord with? Have you looked up similar pieces/other sellers? You should try seeing if anyone would be willing to sell them in the BST threads.

Were they expensive?

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When you're in a plus size cosplayer group to look for ideas, but if you give your opinion when asked for it, it isn't welcome because it isn't encouraging/complimenting.
People stop asking for opinions if you only try to fish for compliments and don't accept anything else. Ffs.

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>tfw you order something and it isn't at your doorstep in 5 minutes

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If you try to larp, maybe lurk a little bit more?

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wtf? what was it and you gave them negative feedback right

>> No.10021588

No wonder I'm so sad all of time. I never get a chance to hug anyone

>> No.10021592

>obvious crossboarder
>"lurk more if you're going to larp"

Anon, I...

>> No.10021596

Honestly fuck that shit. Negative feedback all the way.

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I’m a fatty-chan lolita and I see this a lot in our online comms, granted it isn’t just fatties, but at least 85% of them. They’ll ask for advice, get advice, then get super defensive and completely reject the advice they receive. They’ll post a stupid ass rant about how lolitas are all meanies and elitists and gatekeepy on RC and flounce when they get roasted. They throw around words like ‘bullying’, and as someone who was actually bullied throughout their childhood I hate people that mistake a lack of asslicking for bullying.

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>puke all yesterday with food poisoning
>"Wow, I must have lost some weight!"
>weigh self
>mfw I gained a pound
Tbf, my last weigh-in was after a bout of torrential diarrhea. Will I ever look good in cosplay??

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>BF making Spiderman cosplay
>Tell him he needs a cup, because his don't is really fucking huge and visible as fuck in the spandex
>Will have to walk around all con knowing everyone is seeing his massive dick that's in me every night
>For some reason that turns me on a lot
>Ask if he can fuck me with the mask on

What's wrong with me? Am I a cuck for enjoying the idea of others knowing how big he is? I really want him to have a hard one all day, so I'll probably be smoking his things every now and then at the con.

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>BF making Spiderman cosplay
>Tell him he needs a cup, because his dong is really fucking huge and visible as fuck in the spandex
>Will have to walk around all con knowing everyone is seeing his massive dick that's in me every night
>For some reason that turns me on a lot
>Ask if he can fuck me with the mask on
What's wrong with me? Am I a cuck for enjoying the idea of others knowing how big he is? I really want him to have a hard one all day, so I'll probably be smoking his things every now and then at the con.

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Sell all your shit and hire a professional to figure out the root of the problem aka what you really strive for.

>> No.10021617

just a larper giving another larper advice

>> No.10021621

I don't give a hoot about your post, but that's a cute snek

>> No.10021624

Still less than /fa/ posters. Even regular thin people are considered fat there.

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>haven't been able to handle any stress in past because I'm generally too anxious
>see psychologist on spring, she assures me it's possible I don't need further help with my anxiety attacks during fall when I start school
>school starts smoothly
>decide to postpone getting an appointment in school health care bc of the psychologist
>can feel the worst possible anxiety creeping in
>major social exhaustion
>worried I will fuck up school
>even lolita purchases make me anxious and feel guilty
>cool meet ups coming up but so tired just cry of the thougth
>mfw the mental health care of my school is absolutely crammed but can't go elsewhere
No matter how hard I try I just can't be a decent part of the society. Seriously, if I fail this school I will end myself bc then I have literally nothing left besides lolita and I don't want to be just a burdain and failure. I would do it now but there is too good stuff coming in mail and coords I want to wear.

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>buy phone case on Aliexpress
>2 days later seller cancels shipment and doesn't refund me

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That's when you reply, "Like I just said, I don't want to eat your cakes."

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I really want to cum in a cosplayer's shoes and make them walk the convention all weekend in cum infested shoes.

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>tfw 68 cm waist but 83 cm bust
>tfw can't really order shirts with skirts because they end up too small on the waist or too big on the bust
Why am I cursed with such a brick-shaped body

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if you weren't rping I'd tell you to dress up in a spiderman costume too so you can reenact this.

>> No.10021664

>weird middle aged person joins lolita comm
>clearly either a sissy or a late transitioning trans woman
>outfits look terrifyingly close to sissy wear without crossing the full threshold
>don’t wanna say anything because who knows, maybe she’s just harmless and an ita
>still super creeped out and would skip meets if she was there because of the general vibe of her posts
>can’t complain because I don’t want to be labeled a terf or whatever

>> No.10021665

Anon, have you considered wearing shapewear that would pull in your waist or waist training/corseting?

>> No.10021667

>this dumbass crossboarder thinks cosplayers wear the same shoes all weekend

>> No.10021670

>the general vibe of her posts
What vibe is that, exactly? Is she talking about things that seem typical of sissies?

>> No.10021686

I've tried, but they're so uncomfortable. I just need to hit the gym I guess. I like to be comfortable in lolita/general jfash. I could try waist training but I feel like just going to the gym will help.
I work too much and have class too so I haven't had the time. Life sucks.

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>tfw you meet the perfect girl at con but she lives in another state
At least she added me on Insta

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>take pictures of girl from same series
>hungout for most of the day
>added each other on social media
>asked for the pictures
>then proceeded to block and remove me

>> No.10021709

Did she inspect your butthole first? If she didn't she's lying about being a con mom

>> No.10021710

Anon have you tried just budgeting instead of repeatedly checking your statistics every month?

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But it wasn't butthole inspection day

>> No.10021714

Do stomach vacuums

>> No.10021718

You have PLANNED butt hole inspection days?
Ours are random. Just in case some ita thinks she only has to wax and bleach the night before.

>> No.10021721

I actually have been doing that and lost 3 inches off my waist which is great. I also lost about 25 pounds. Even at my skinniest before this point my waist was bigger than it is now, so I think that they're helping. It's not like I can't fit brand or anything, I can fit most unshirred brand besides the super tiny brands like VM and some moitie (It's VM that's tiny, right? I'm not a classic lolita)
It's just when I'm shopping for nanchatte or other general jfash, I can't buy sets of blouses and skirts together because I'm a small in the bust but a large-XL in the skirt.

>> No.10021722

We have regular sessions. Our comm is small and everyone takes this very seriously

>> No.10021738

>just after 11pm currently
>watching something on Netflix
>normie thot of a neighbour is arguing with her faggot boyfriend because she forgot her keys and they're locked out
>he keeps calling her a cunt and a geebag
>she's switching between crying and goading him into hitting her
>he keeps walking off saying she's on her own and that she can go fuck herself
>she chases after him and they end up back in the front garden only to just repeat the same shit again
Honestly more entertaining that what I'm watching right now

>> No.10021739

>the one interesting guy in my comm
>started dating kind of sort of
>becomes comfortable enough to tell me all his weird fetish shit even when I said I think we should get to know one another better
>like cross-dressing, pegging, and femdom
Dropped him almost immediately. Im 25 and my mom is really starting to rag on me about not being able to find anyone, my brother is also getting ragged on for a similar problem.

I want to find a partner Im happy with but idk, my mom is suggesting eHarmony. Any gulls have experience with that? I feel like my brother will probably do better.

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>cgl gf leaves me
>tfw no cgl gf

>> No.10021741

why would you ever date a guy in your comm, you're asking for a creep
those are my measurements too. I feel your pain.

>> No.10021742

I am not selling my lolita stuff. That would just make my depression worse.

>> No.10021744

>why would you ever date a guy in your comm, you're asking for a creep
I was naive. Not much better outside my comm either. But I do think something like e Harmony would at least cast a wider net.

>> No.10021770

>Dropped him almost immediately

>> No.10021772

Because feminine dudes or guys who want to crossdress are nasty af. If I wanted someone who wanted to be girly, I'd date a woman?

>> No.10021778

>If I wanted someone who wanted to be girly, I'd date a woman?
I guess if you are bi. a straight woman who wanted to date a feminine guy would date a feminine guy.

>> No.10021779

I'm straight, but I don't want anything feminine at all... is what I'm getting at. I want a man.

>> No.10021790

Losing the food isn't how you lose weight, idiot. If you are holding onto water weight it'll stick around longer if your health is declining, because the body is trying to keep what it needs. Just eat healthy and drink more water.

>> No.10021791

a feminine man is still a man....

>> No.10021793

>not cumming in all their shoes

>> No.10021797

My statistics are like a negative of my ability to loosely budget on the fly. For now I'm letting my new paycheck cash flow, and through that I'll be able to make a reasonable real budget.

>> No.10021803

>being this autistic

>> No.10021815

anon clearly wants a masculine man, nothing wrong with that.

>> No.10021817

I agree, she is just being weird about it.

>> No.10021818

how is she being weird about it, she doesn't want a girly guy who's into pegging and crossdressing sexually

>> No.10021819

>how is she being weird about it

>feminine men aren't real men
>feminine men are the same as women

>> No.10021822

>enter costume contest with cash prize
>spend months making it
>beat by Christmas Elsa costume
I honestly believe this contest was rigged or she screwed someone. The costume was nice but not worthy to place, let alone win

>> No.10021823

she never said they aren't real men or that they are the same as women, just that she doesn't want a feminine man. she obviously likes masculinity, and wants that in a man. you're putting too much meaning into it.

>> No.10021826

>she never said they aren't real men or that they are the same as women

>If I wanted someone who wanted to be girly, I'd date a woman?

>> No.10021829


nayrt, i agree she's being super weird about it, but that's not the same thing.

>> No.10021844

not that anon, but that's not the same thing. Can you explain how she's being weird about it? Saying if she wanted a girly person she'd look to a woman instead of a feminine man isn't really weird.

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What are your lolita #squadgoals?

>> No.10021867
File: 692 KB, 793x1075, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 04 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.10_[2018.09.22_21.12.18].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Openly fart on butthole inspection day without being embarrassed

>> No.10021875
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i let out a silent but deadly while comm dad was examining me in front of the comm jury. i blamed the smell on this one fatass ita and comm dad was the only one who saw my pert little cheerio flex. he didnt tell and the fattychan got guillotined

>> No.10021880

Shave our comm's logo into my pubes and surprise everybody when we hit the showers.

>> No.10021892
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>see cosplayers from same series every day of the con EXCEPT the day when I'm wearing a matching cosplay
every time

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>nearly 30
>love cosplay
>suddenly feel uncomfy at cons because of all the hot teens

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When is 2 Kawaii 4 Comfort finally posting its finale?? I need to know what happens!

>> No.10021954
File: 97 KB, 694x530, oh-honey-no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>happy to find out new friend has lolita coords
>excitingly ask her to show me
>tfw it's "cosplay" ita
>pretend I like it because she's a really nice person and isn't really that much into lolita anyways

you've ruined me, /cgl/

>> No.10021956

Goddamn, why can I never seem to attract guys who are into this?

>> No.10021981

So bf wins money, you demand its spend on some luxury for you, and he decides to spend HIS money in a way he likes, so you get feels?

Make your own money and buy your own stuff. You now sound like a bitch upset her bf won't play sugardaddy.

>> No.10021984

Femdom me, mommy

>> No.10021989

>pretend I like it because she's a really nice person and isn't really that much into lolita anyways

Noh, we haven't, you nice gal

>> No.10022046

creepy 1980s porcelain doll collection, calling her wardrobe her “(insert theme here) Lolita dresses”, never posts about anything aside from it or her dolls, posts hyper photoshopped images of Asian girls whenever she asks “what should I wear/make?”

>> No.10022051

>I would do it now but there is too good stuff coming in mail and coords I want to wear.
I believed you up to this. I've been depressed. If some clothes are enough to make you not want to kill yourself yet your not doing that bad you're killing yourself soon.

>> No.10022052 [DELETED] 

My bust is even bigger with similar waist. Just buy stuff seperatly and/or made to measure, unless you only care about one of the two items and price is nice enough to trow away or sell the other.

>> No.10022055

Nayrt but what is wrong with you? That's like me saying I doubt you were depressed, otherwise you would've killed yourself

Not everybody is the same, everyone has different reasons for living

>> No.10022062

Saying your feeling so depressed you would kill yourself but you want to wear that dress coming in the mail first. Like really. Just think. How much pain people have to be in to kill themselves. Then think how far that is from fixable by wanting to wear a dress you bought

Suicides are generally either planned toroughly and not stopped unless something drastic happens, or they are impulse by seeing an opportunity in a sense of depression. I believe op is quite down and perhaps depressed. I believe op might even think of suicide. I don't believe op will kill herself if it wasn't for that dress in the mail. If she was that far a dress wouldn't stop her anymore.

>> No.10022067

you make it sound like suicide is a rational decision
not op but sometimes the only thing that keeps me from offing myself on impulse is that I’d ruin whatever I’m wearing despite having both the means and motivation to kill myself

>> No.10022078

It's actually advised that people concidering suicide SHOULD think about the little things that make them happy or what impact their disappearance would have. I knew a girl that pushed through each day bc "If I was dead, who would water my plants?" People find meaning in life in different ways anon, and if owning a closet full of cute dresses and looking forward to wearing them gets anon out of bed each day, then it's a dick move to call it a stupid reason.

>> No.10022080


>> No.10022085

Suicide generally being thoroughly planned or impulse is simply a fact. Has nothing to do with rationalism choices or not. Impulse actions are never rational choices anyways. And people who think it trough are mentally broken so much, rationality could be highly discussable to.

People who hold on to little things generally aren't going to kill themselves. Even if they loose that one thing and feel like they have nothing, they can't get themselves to it and go search for something else instead unless again an option for it is showing at the wrong moment and it's an impulse. People who try to kling on to something like that to get reason don't really want to die. They want stuff to go better. Which is why people who stay alive for small stuff like they rarely would really kill themselves. If you really wanted to die, a dress can't save you. It's the fact they don't want to die, but want happiness that keeps them going. And finding little stuff that makes them happy or gives them a sense of usefulness is just a way of coping with feeling shit and life being worse then they wish while they feel like they've got nothing with they can change about it.

>> No.10022090

when they get enough steam/funding to film it, apparently

>> No.10022093

Sure, but why not precompute things and save stress?
>inb4 lazy
That is actually quite understandable, congrats on the new high paying job though gull!

>> No.10022098 [DELETED] 


>being a bi woman with similar taste

I likes masculine me, and girly or masculine women. I really am not attracted to feminine men at all. If I wanted someone girly, I'd go for girls. Preferences come in all different assortments, I happen to lean more into masculinity myself, and it's not weird. Not liking the same thing doesn't mean you think no one else should like those things.

>> No.10022102

You have to be his gf now gull...
I hope he was cute

>> No.10022105


>being a bi woman with similar taste

I like masculine men, and girly or masculine women. I really am not attracted to feminine men at all. If I wanted someone girly, I'd go for girls. Preferences come in all different assortments, I happen to lean more into masculinity myself, and it's not weird. Not liking the same thing doesn't mean you think no one else should like those things.

>> No.10022106
File: 542 KB, 500x287, DistressedCry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, uh, sorry Anon, but we're a few posts down and you've forgotten the details. It's not a high paying job at all, but my first job ever. I'm just a stingy bitch who's unused to having money at all, and month by month adapting to handle this new sensation. Most of it have gone to savings either way. That first month when I went on a splurge I still saved more than half. Did I mention stingy? Or have I gotten to Spartan levels of that?

Fuck, you probably don't care that much. I accept your invitation to wrap up this anonymous exchange and I'll do my best to form some kind of budget next month. Less stress is best stress. Your kind wishes count to me

>> No.10022118

Because most guys who are into this sort of thing are fucking foul. I've met one guy who was a full sissy femdom fetishist and he was completely open about it. He was 6'4" obese, hair down to his ass, hairy as an ape, unkempt beard, ugly as a sin, dressed liked trash, completely retarded, smelt like ass and would never shut up about his fetishes and how great it is to be a "sub". I was almost certain he was still a virgin because nobody who has had sex brags about how great sex is.

I fucking hated him.

>> No.10022124

>if your suicidal tendencies don't fit what I think suicidal tendencies are then you don't have suicidal tendencies.

You seem to have a one dimensional version of what suicidal tendencies are. People commit suicide for a lot of reasons. Wanting to die is only one. Most of the time or from what I've experienced most people don't want to die, they just want the hurting to stop. Some people kill themselves out of humiliation, honour, physical pain, a fucked up sense of morality, disability, mental anguish or even money issues. Not many people actual want to die, they just want the pain, the problems and thoughts to stop.

I completely agree with OP. I'm depressed and have attempted suicide once and been very, very close to a second attempt but actively make sure that every week I have something in the mail coming to me. It gives me something to look forward to which is definitely one of the most powerful ways of helping a depressed person I feel. If I feel bad or I'm having a hard time, I just think about my present coming in the mail and going home or getting up in the morning to check the mail box.

It really is like Christmas morning when I get a new pair of shoes, some clothes, nerd stuff, even just a book. It fills me with so much joy. It also helps me think even further towards the future because I get to think of the next thing I want to buy.

>> No.10022126

I'm glad you got your first job gull, it's good that you're putting a lot away :)

>> No.10022130

Oh god anon that's disgusting. I'm so sorry

>> No.10022137

>tfw you have a cute, well-groomed submissive bf
To top it off we share some non-lewd hobbies, he has a good job, car and his own place. He also legimately likes lolita, without fetishizing it.
They are out there, I promise!

>> No.10022146

I'm just trying to clinge into the last thing that possibly makes me happy and waiting for the package could be enough time to me to feel overall better. I get these intense periods of depression and anxiety which seriously make me scared I will kill myself and I feel I'm going towards one now. I don't want to die but they feel so bad I'm not sure if I can manage the next one because I'm overall so tired now. If I'm in the middle of one I'm not thinking about dresses but trying to keep myself on bed and not do anything else. Overall my excistense feels just so worthless killing myself is on my mind daily but you're right it needs a little push currently so I would actually do it. Getting kicked out of school would be it.

>> No.10022147
File: 112 KB, 540x540, sadtoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just found out that my little sister was chosen to marry the comm daddy when she turns 18. Is there a way out of this?

>> No.10022148

Given the direction this thread has taken, this might be a good place to ask. I have a habit of using suicide ideation to interrupt painful or uncomfortable thoughts and memories, which happens fairly frequently as I have a tendency to ruminate on things. I have no intention of acting on those thoughts, have never previously attempted suicide, and don't actually want to die. Is anyone aware of any techniques to alter these harmful thought patterns?

>> No.10022149

You could marry him first.

>> No.10022152

why are they harmful? weird, sure, but if you have zero intention of acting on them and never have, they clearly pose less of a danger to you than the rumination does

>> No.10022154

Is he cute?

>> No.10022242
File: 319 KB, 897x714, 0B6FCBD2-F490-437D-9040-4D75B1760EED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Con crunching at 4 am
>Accidentally staple Worbla to my tits

>> No.10022259
File: 84 KB, 777x534, img.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have a con tomorrow
>been planning coords for a week
>the wheather changes suddenly, now it's cold and rainy
>don't want to bring the expensive JSK so opt for a cheaper one instead (still AP but anyway-)
>the whole coord is black and white but my only coat is pink
>spend more than 1hr looking for anything pink to use as accent color
>don't have anything cause i don't like pink

>> No.10022261

>little sis is set to become comm mother
Enjoy getting your asshole inspected by your own sister.

>> No.10022271

bittersweet..? lmao

>> No.10022272

why do you even have a pink coat if you don't even like, or have anything else, pink? You made your bed, anon, now sleep in it.

>> No.10022274

I've been this way a few times. When work or obligations have driven me to the brink, finding small things to cling to have been the only way I kept going. It got to where I was so overwhelmed by the things I needed to get done, I'd have to tell myself 'do this one thing, then another, and you can have this'. 'it's only x number of days until it stops'. But despite that, I'd visualize getting hit by a truck to take away the obligations because that was the fastest way to make the pain stop. And I didn't want to die, but damn were those intrusive thoughts frightening and strong. I won't make light of people feeling like that anymore even if I feel like suicide is cowardly, I also don't. It's a weird juxtaposition of feelings on the matter.

>> No.10022280

Because EVERYONE loves pink so the chance to find something cute in pink instead of, say, blue is higher, at least from my personal experience. I bought the coat because it was desaturated instead of hot pink and it matched most of my dresses, also it was cheap. But yeah tomorrow it's going to rain a lot and it def doesn't match my bnw OP, even if both are sweet-ish. I'll try thinking that literally everyone will think it's a cosplay anyway, since lolita is unknown where I live.

>> No.10022324
File: 58 KB, 1024x576, killme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Meet girl at con, we really hit it off
>Start going to all the local cons together, make tons of cosplay plans
>Going to cosplay two characters who are practically a couple together
>Really quickly realize I have a crush on her, try to push it down and forget about it
>Doesn't work
>mfw she's straight and probably doesn't even like me that much as a friend

It hurts bros, I just want to hold her in my arms.

>> No.10022333

Oboy you're gonna get dumped

>> No.10022344

Fingers crossed. I went back to the post office today and they're really trying to get it back.

I've learned my lesson though, never ordering from HH again. $50 insurance on a $300 item is a Fucking joke. I'm SoL if they can't find it.

>> No.10022347
File: 968 KB, 1280x1575, 1433230042047-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10022396

Today is my birthday, yay. Wearing comfy op at uni after PE and during labs, not so yay.
Just hoping I won't be sitting next to a corpse during the Anatomy lab lmao. They are fresh out of the formol bath and stink to hell and back. Don't want no dead Joe fragrance on my fancy muumuu.

>> No.10022415


>> No.10022435

Happy Birthday!!!

>> No.10022436

Feeling so messed up right now.
I had an unexpected problem with finances, was kicked out of university for not paying, and threatened with eviction from the student apartments.

I was literally hours away from selling my entire lolita wardrobe online in order to pay rent.
Just received a letter notifying me the whole thing was an error, and btw here, have a student bursary.
I don't think I have nerves left. I think they're just charred and blackened frazzled stubs.

>> No.10022438

Happy Birthday, Anon!

>> No.10022459

I didn't say people only commit suicide because they wanted to die. But the other reasons are generally impulse, which is the biggest reason. They see a chance to stop the pain at a moment there is nothing to look forward to, and out of input they take it. They don't really want to kill themselves. They indeed just want the pain to stop. It's simply a fact its mostly an impulse. Which is why taking away easy changes lowers suicide raters a lot. If its thought trough these people generally don't try commit suicide, but it's hard to think it trough when you're emotions are like that.

I was just trying to state that a) OP didn't really want to die. And b) it's not the same thing to do suicide because you actually want to die or because your caught in emotions and saw this chance you took by impulse.

I know people who actually want to dye. Some aren't even depressed now. It hurts to see them like that but I can't stop it really. It's not the same. And if you don't want to die, there are, even when it seems like there aren't, options. I remember thinking of suicide so often, and simple hope kept me going. Hope one day it would be better, and I didn't even know happiness. But after 17 long years of pain hope came true and I'm glad I never did it. I hope OP also gets that moment when things get better.

Sorry, I had a rough day. I must have come off way to hash and mean. I didn't mean it bad, but I can understand I did come off that way because my mood was horrible and I get a really bad tone then. Just remember OP. No matter how hopeless and how much it hurts. As long as you life things can get better and suicide can always be done later, but once you do suicide there is no way back to find happiness anymore. Death is endless and without happiness, pains and depression might very well not be no matter how it feels. Kling to the little things and someday, a chance for the better might come. Even far after you gave up and that chance.

>> No.10022461

I know my last message wasn't linked to you directly so I wanted to do that now. And again sorry for my bad mood. Here it is: >>10022459

>> No.10022465

imo coat doesn't really have to match your coordinate. Don't worry about it.

>> No.10022469

Also sorry for my writing. I'm on phone and fucking tired but I wanted to come by and say sorry before I went to bed.

>> No.10022480

I've become so much more modest thanks to lolita. Many sex-related things that I used to find ordinary are now repulsive to me. I used to be
such a shoulder showing whore.

>> No.10022489

>tfw get into a bad mood
>feel bad for getting into a bad mood
>punish self by not eating for 3 days
>binging puts me in a bad mood

Now my clothes don't fit.

>> No.10022503

>wearing your hair out
>showing your ankles
You're still a whore anon.

>> No.10022507

Happy birthday anon!!

>> No.10022509

>tfw no lolita gf

>> No.10022514


>> No.10022518


>> No.10022536
File: 110 KB, 495x499, 1404421003566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw spent a day out with lolita best friend
>out wearing full coords, shopping, eating good food, hugging, generally having a good time
>tfw lolita bff jokes about us being the cutest lesbians
>tfw lolita bff is married so clearly joking
>tfw your heart can't take a fucking joke
>tfw you're extremely gay for your best friend
End me

>> No.10022537
File: 64 KB, 750x500, https_%2F%2Fhypebeast.com%2Fwp-content%2Fblogs.dir%2F6%2Ffiles%2F2018%2F05%2Fmetropolitan-museum-of-art-heavenly-bodies-fashion-catholic-imagination-exhibit-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a dream meet I'd like to become a reality but it seems too out of my league.
I want to host a Heavenly Bodies-inspired meetup at a religious venue like an abandoned church or chapel.
Finding a venue that isn't ridiculously expensive has been my first impasse.
Anyone have ideas or suggestions to get me closer to realizing this dream?

>> No.10022550
File: 548 KB, 1080x1754, 20181030_114831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I taught my little sister about Lolita today using the OP image. Thought this might warm your hearts.

>> No.10022567

tfw no bloomers

>> No.10022612
File: 8 KB, 224x224, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

.... Are you a LATE BLOOMER?

>> No.10022696

Just had a falling out with the last person in my family I still talked to, my mother.

I'm so fucking devastated. I didn't have a large family to begin with. I never spoke or saw any of my father's side of the family because they were abusive to him. I fell out with him when I was 18 and tried to kill myself due to his abuse, ironically. Then my parents divorced at 19 and my older brother took my fathers side and I vehemently stood by my mother so I stopped talking to my brother. I never really spoke to my aunty and uncle from my Mum's side anyway. My little sister is a delinquent leech and I couldn't stand her. That's all the family I have besides my mother and grandparents who I can't see because they would take her side.

I just finished a massive screaming match with my mother which started when she threatened to put down my 17 year old car who I have had since he was a kitten because he's getting old and starting to become incontinent. I told her to go ahead and do it, lets see if she can kill an innocently animal which she just stayed silent about. I called her a fucking coward and evil for ever mentioning that. Then she began criticising me for my lifestyle. The fact that I haven't finished uni at 22 yet because mental problems stemming from my abuse as a kid and teenager. Called me a lazy leech despite I pay rent and do what I can around the house whilst working close to full time hours at a shit dead end job and going to uni full time.

I'm so upset. I have no friends whatsoever because of my working lifestyle and my mental issues make it very difficult to make friends. I have no more family. I have no one. I dont even have my pictures from when I was a kid now. I didn't even get my birth certificate. It's like the last 22 year's of my life never happened. Nobody wants to remember me.

I know it's not /cgl/ related but I literally have nobody.

>> No.10022704
File: 21 KB, 480x360, 030964AA-BB44-4B89-A989-E2BC264FBD2D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i havent had a real genuine live conversation with anyone in months. i feel like im cooped up in a tiny goddamn cage where the only human interaction im allowed is brief cooing over someones art or cosplay or something and then they forget i exist and we never talk again. ive gotten into fights with or simply lost touch with every former friend ive ever had and it seems like ive lost the ability to make new ones on more than a superficial level

>> No.10022719

My girl is a skater girl.
You’re missing out, they’re the best.

>> No.10022721

That's ita as fuck.

>> No.10022731

I... I am so sorry anon... I can feel this in my bones because this is what's going to happen to me in a couple of weeks...

>> No.10022733

I joke like that with my bff, but that's because I know both she and I are straight. If she knows you're gay and still makes jokes like that I think that's kind of shitty honestly, even if she doesn't know you have a crush on her

>> No.10022739
File: 842 KB, 1000x1000, mikucute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I attend Hentaicon, will I get a fujo gf?

>> No.10022741

why would you want one

fujo gfs are almost guaranteed to be mentally broken and fuck you up

>> No.10022744

>Have zero /cgl/ friends
>work a lot and have no time to myself
>One of my few irl friends wants to hang out Saturday
>Asks me to by food, so I do
>I get there and he wants me to help do home renovations
>He says he spent all of his money on supplies so that's why I needed to by food
>We throw ribs on the smoker so we can eat when we are done
>We finish just as his girlfriend arrives
>Come inside to see her eating the ribs already
>Her, and his dirtbag brother who would not help us drank the last half of the vodka I brought
>All liquor stores are closed so they ask me to raid my parents house
>I do and they all get drunk
>I have no food in me so the alcohol hurts my stomach
>end up getting up at 4am and driving home
>He texts me the next day and asks if I am alright
>I lie and say everything is fine

Its all my fault. I have no friends so I let people walk all over me.

>> No.10022746
File: 110 KB, 436x573, siphorse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I'm reading the book Lolita for school
A girl in our class told everyone that "Lolita fashion" is DDLG shit, and when I corrected her she asked if I needed a diaper change.

>> No.10022747

>fujo gfs are almost guaranteed to be mentally broken and fuck you up
>fujo gfs are almost guaranteed to be mentally broken and fuck you
>fujo gfs are guaranteed to be mentally broken and fuck you
>fujo gfs are guaranteed to mentally fuck you
>fujo gfs are guaranteed to fuck you
>fujo gfs fuck you

Sorry, you're completely right, but I just felt like answering your question with your own words only. Pretty sure this is why a HentaiCon attendee wants one anyway.

t. Mentally broken fujo

>> No.10022754

>I told her to go ahead and do it, lets see if she can kill an innocently animal which she just stayed silent about. I called her a fucking coward and evil for ever mentioning that
You overreacted. I'm sure she cares for the cat too.

>> No.10022755

Fujo's are weirder than I am, so I find them easy to get along with and don't feel the need to hide my power level.

>> No.10022760

I don't know what to do anymore. I have nothing to show I have lived for 22 years. All my money went to supporting her through the divorce, I halted a lot of my uni studies because it became too much to work full time and I've only just recently got back into them.

I have no money, no assets, no skills, no knowledge and now I have no relationships. Everything just hurts.

She doesn't. She had been forcing him outside every night and during the day when people aren't here. Then she tried to make the rule that the 17 year old cat who is probably going to die in one or two more years has to be kept outdoors and he's not allowed inside at all.

She's too much of a coward to ever put him down by her volition. She tried to spin it against me and said "Oh so I have to pay to put the cat down?"as if money was the only problem in killing him.

I am person that holds onto grudges extremely tightly because of how often I found myself getting screwed over after forgiving people. I genuinely will never speak to her again because I find her completely evil. You do not ever threaten to kill your own child's pet just because it inconveniences you.

>> No.10022773

>She had been forcing him outside every night and during the day when people aren't here. Then she tried to make the rule that the 17 year old cat who is probably going to die in one or two more years has to be kept outdoors and he's not allowed inside at all.
This sounds entirely reasonable if he has incontinence issues. My 17 year old cat who died last year had to be kept outside for the last several months of his life because he had inflammatory bowel syndrome and was frequently throwing up. I don't think putting your cat down is the right solution either, but you sound very melodramatic about it.

>> No.10022785

>not letting your pet into the house where their family is and where there's shelter is perfectly reasonable because they make messes
NAYRT but both you and other anon's mother are terrible people and obviously don't care about your pets

>> No.10022785,1 [INTERNAL] 

Nayrt, but I've been in your shoes and your mom is right. There gets to be a point where an animal's quality of life is at stake. I think putting your cat down now isn't the best solution, but it may come to that in the future. At what point do you allow your cat who has lived a full life to stop suffering and pass on? I was selfish at your age and kept prolonging putting my sick cat down. It killed a little of me to let him go, but he lived a long life full of love. I realized what was holding me back was my attachment. If you're not taking care of this cat, taking it to the vet, paying the vet bills, and cleaning up it's messes, it makes it had to take your emotional outburst seriously. Talk to your mom about how you feel, thank her for trying to help the cat, and listen to her. She probably is just as sad as you are and needs some support.

>> No.10022793
File: 102 KB, 419x427, 1495427074329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh she doesn't know, I'm closeted. I feel really bad about this crush and thought I was over it but this proves I'm clearly not.

>> No.10022803

Just almost spilled a coke all over some poor random lolita girl. I’m glad it spilled in the opposite direction of you. Sorry!

>> No.10022814

I loved my cat. His death was the only time I've cried in the last seven or eight years. Even thinking about it now still makes my eyes a little watery. To suggest I don't care is bullshit. Setting up a cat bed outside in the shade is not going to cause him any undue suffering.

>> No.10022831


>> No.10022834

Omg I've got to try this next time my bf wants to motorboat.

>> No.10022837

>having cleavage
lose some weight

>> No.10022838

Sorry you don't have titties you no titty havin bitch.

>> No.10022843

You have eternally shit taste and I can't cure you.

>> No.10022848


One item in, one item out, and only buy what you need or really want.

So if I buy myself some new panties (during sales only), I make sure I throw out any old pairs with holes or failing elastic. That way my drawer isn't overspilling with panties I never wear. Always throw out the worst and demote some down to period panties.
If I don't need any, I don't buy any.

Apply that to just about anything else you own; figures you dont display, co-ord pieces you don't wear anymore.

Another trick I've picked up is to only buy from series which you have a long-standing love for if you're buying anime merch. So if it's something that's airing currently and you think it's ok, then really think to yourself whether you're going to give a shit about it a couple of months after it's finished airing? Probably not. So don't buy anything. If the love is there then there will be other chances to buy whatever it is.

>> No.10022875

I just got an invoice from Tenshi on some auctions I bid on and the EMS shipping came out be like $250 (which is more than the items themselves). I'm freaking the hell out. I wasn't expecting it to be that high. I want to throw up.

>> No.10022879

wtf...? how many auctions did you bid on.?

>> No.10022885

I bid on three coats, a shirt, two pairs of shoes, and a bundle of Liz Lisa stuff. I was expecting maybe $100 shipping. I feel so stupid.

>> No.10022892

>three coats
>two pairs of shoes
>$100 shipping
Anon, those things are heavy, hell even just one coat is very heavy to ship. I'm not going to call you stupid but you should have seen this coming.

>> No.10022908

I use something like Beano if I don't or can't go to the restroom to get rid of gas

>> No.10022910

>Fixing up my favorite cosplay for an upcoming con
>Almost all-white cosplay with exposed legs and stilletto booties
>Three days before con
>Sprain my ankle
>Have to wear a black ankle brace
>Can’t wear heels, need something comfy. Switch out accurate shoes for white keds

This was supposed to be my “big” cosplay for the con. I spent so much time adding to it and making sure it was perfect that I didn’t prepare anything else impressive.

I still really want to wear it, but I’m terrified of someone taking a hall shot and posting it in a bad cosplay thread.

>> No.10022914

$250 total or just the shipping? I recently shipped a 5.5 kg package EMS and it was $80 shipping to the US. Tenshi is just expensive. Her conversion rate is also 1 USD to 100 yen.

>> No.10022925
File: 42 KB, 480x542, 1511005145966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a liz lisa skirt my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary came recently, and when i tried it on it barely buttoned around my waist. it's painful to wear even without the belt that comes with it

on one hand i feel like i can make it work if i don't wear it for long but on the other hand i'm an idiot because i didn't look at the measurements before sending it on to my boyfriend

>> No.10022927

If you're wearing a brace, the reason your shoes are inaccurate should be obvious.

>> No.10022930

Why not ask if you can split the shipping? Have stuff shipped separately using a cheaper shipping method. Your current order is over the weight limit for the cheaper methods so splitting it up might reduce the cost a bit.

>> No.10022935
File: 148 KB, 750x1000, raf_750x1000_075_t_101010_01c5ca27c6_800x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>went to a normie halloween party over the weekend
>didn't have anything so went with a darker lolita dress and some fangs
>boyfriends ex is there
>I don't like this person
>Shes wearing a badly done version of pic related on her face
>hasn't even read the manga nor knows the name
>knows Junji Ito but hasn't read any of his works
>I'm the only one there who has read any of his stuff
>I'm really fucking tired of this fake nerd bullshit

On the plus side I was able to make jokes about how I "just pulled my costume out of my closet" the whole night which people thought was funny. And that bitches makeup looked like shit so win win for me I guess. I still drank myself into crying once I got home but that's just who I am I guess.

>> No.10022937

You would think, but people love to nitpick. I guess I just shouldn’t be concerned with people like that, though.

>> No.10022939

The three coats aren't full sized wool coats. One is more like a fluffy biker style jacket and the other is a cape. I know I'm a fucking moron now though.

$250 shipping.

I'm going to ask about that now.

>> No.10022964

Most likely if you get posted, people will come to your defence because they can see you're wearing a brace. Some people love to nitpick, but things that actually shouldn't be posted generally get called out. Just mention why you did it in your post of your a bit anxious.

>> No.10022983

Oh yeah let's force my 89 years old incontinent grandmother to stay outside of the house because she pees herself :/

>> No.10022984

Granny likes it outside anyways. She can roam and hunt birds.

>> No.10022987

Honestly you should try to reconcile with your mother if only for survival reasons. You said it yourself, you have nothing and nobody else to depend on. Are you going to become homeless?

>> No.10022989

An indoors cat doesn't enjoy it much outside anymore. He's used to being indoors which is his territory :/

>> No.10022994

Granny is outdoorsy though. :\

>> No.10022996

So are dogs, technically. Technically,tho. :/

>> No.10022998

Granny's not technically inclined. :\

>> No.10023004

Cats can be domesticated, feral and semiferal. A cat that has been indoors all his life is domesticated and is going to dislike being outdoors for a long time. That's just how it is. Taking him out for a while so he can pee is OK, trying to turn him into an outdoors cat when he's not used to it anymore is a cruelty.

>> No.10023006

Granny used to be domesticated but since the alzheimers she's gone pretty feral. Maybe she's reliving moments of her childhood. :\

>> No.10023007

????? Cats don't go fucking feral with age, what the actual fuck. If anything, they go MORE domestic because their instincts become more dim and they can't hunt as well. A feral cat wouldn't even get to 17. Jesus.

>> No.10023008

Granny's 89 years old. :\

>> No.10023014

And just like a cat, she needs MORE care and to be helped and surrounded by family due toher old age, because she's becoming less bright, frailer and less able to fend on her own. Are you one of those Japanese people that used to abandon their grandparents in Aokigahara when they got too old to be on their own ?

>> No.10023016

>saving for lolita
>get sick
>watch slime videos for comfort
>buy 25 dollars worth of slime at 4am
>next day
>what the fuck did i do yesterday

>> No.10023017

Granny's got 20 good years left in her. She can hunt birds in Aokigahara or anyplace else that would allow a bow.

>> No.10023018

You can make slime. It's really cheap.

>> No.10023019

The last time I did inadvisable online shopping while sick I bought about $30 of miniature fake soups

>> No.10023023

That's the main reason why I feel so stupid about it. I've even made it before myself

That is amazing, you're a fucking legend., genuinely made me giggle! What did you do with them though?

>> No.10023024

Fuuuuck that's infuriating, they're leaching on your self esteem issues, join a community center class or meetup group or something, fuck.

>> No.10023026

>What did you do with them though?
Some of them turned out to be magnets so those are all over the fridge... I gave some away as gifts... There are 3 slightly larger ones (still much smaller than real bowls of soup) that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. I could put them on hair clips maybe or set up some sort of dinner-themed diorama and try to get my cats to sit in it

>> No.10023029
File: 1.83 MB, 1501x821, tinysoups.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd be happy to take suggestions though if you have any ideas. This is all the soups that are left, I think I gave away about 10 of them

>> No.10023031

How are you meeting these people, are your mutual interests superficial and is there something different you're also interested in that would change the dynamic?

>> No.10023034

They have had a hard life. This guys like a brother to me I'm just being hard on myself. I would like to feel apreciated though.

The food thing has been playing on my mind though. They hit me up for food alot. I had a date recently that went well. She seems interested on going out more. I'm kinda paranoid shes just useing me for food now though.

>> No.10023035

I first read "fake soaps" and got really confused. Maybe you can learn to actually make all of them and serve them to your friends with these miniature things being your menu, like some sushi restaurants do. But man, that's some serious impulse shopping right there

>> No.10023037

All I can say is that life isn't a competition anon, try not to think about it too much, it's just going to give you anxiety and that'll make things worse. See if you can find some common ground with your mom and not make enemies with her until you're in a safe place financially where you can cut her out of your life.

>> No.10023038

>Tenshi is just expensive. Her conversion rate is also 1 USD to 100 yen.

True, during the museum reservation she asked $450 for CTP set, although it goes for under 400 bucks using normal convertion rates.

>> No.10023046

desu you sound like a crappy daughter with a victim complex. Consider that no one is perfect and your mother has obviously also been through a lot trying to raise your ungrateful self.

>> No.10023053

I agree with this.

>> No.10023064

Also sounds like anon has gone through abuse and we don't know the whole story.

>> No.10023066

Haha I'd be more likely to decorate a beautiful soup tree for Hanukkramen or Hokkristmas but I still appreciate the idea

>> No.10023075

>omw back to the subway,going through amall to get there bc it's warmer inside
>wearing casual lolita,minding my own business,listening to music
>enters four teenage/young adult girls
>this really tall/fat one starts yelling/laughing at me,gets in my face
>grabs my dress and keeps yelling/laughing along with her friends laughing
>she keeps asking me "what the fuck ARE you" as she shakes me
>so startled i'm on the verge of tears,was feeling kinda bad already
>people staring/whispering
>trying not to cry so hard
>as they leave me, pick my beret back up and powerwalked to the subway
>gets home
>look at my reflection
>burst into tears

>> No.10023077

This is why you go dutch anon, no pretenses or reason for suspicion.

>> No.10023078
File: 346 KB, 502x509, bunnypancake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm in a depressive episode, and even THINKING about going to the Halloween party tomorrow is wearing my ass out.

>> No.10023079
File: 21 KB, 225x225, 7B73DC55-E57A-4643-AF80-CB8249FF1F19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


anybody know where to get cheap ass Spider-Man goggles?

>> No.10023081

Man, those look delicious

>> No.10023110

if this is real, don't feel bad about how you look anon. Wear what you want to wear. Even if you like dressing like a -insert not-normie-style-here- casually because it makes you feel happy, just do it. life is too short to wear boring clothing because of retard's opinions.

It really sucks when people decide to be jerks to complete strangers like that (some random asshole woman demanded I tell her why I was in my "fancy dress" and when I told her that it made me feel pretty and cute and I like it and do it every day, she got furious and said I was lying and started being aggressive), but more often than not I can assure you that the positive encounters are way, way, way more normal than the aggressive assholes. Just wear what you want.

>> No.10023113

>Meet cute coworker
>He does PR freelance so he's only in the office for certain events
>Always flirting it up hard, think there's something between us, sexual/romantic tension high af
>He tells other co-workers that he finds me attractive without promting, always complimenting me
>bite the bullet and give him my number since he won't be in our offices until December
>Gives me a "wtf" look and leaves without saying anything

Turns out he's had a girlfriend for literally years.

Why can't I have a lolita gf? Then none of this would have happened.

>> No.10023114

Thanks anon. Yeah i don't get why they do that. But I think I cried mainly because I really don't have a good life recently.
My homelife is pretty abusive and my girlfriend lives at the other end of the world and we just had to cancel the date we were gonna meet each other with no idea of when it'll be so everything is complicated rn and honestly that was just the cherry on top of my bad day. That mixed with my daily self consciousness just really didn't help.

But yeah,thanks,it makes me feel better to remember that i'm not alone and other lolitas experimented the same. Also fuck that lady she sounds like a miserable cunt. And you're right, i do have lots of positive encounters but when bad ones happen it's always so sudden and violent, i even got hit once so ever since i'm very worried

>> No.10023116

You give me hope that they're out there, and one of them is looking for a Lolita gf, ie me.

>> No.10023119

What the fuck? They can laugh and jeer, whatever, but no one has a right to lay their hands on you no matter how weird they think you may or may not be. I hope nothing similar ever happens to you again but remember it for next time if it does happen, sometimes simply saying "Please don't touch me" and stepping back is enough to make people realize they're being retarded.

>> No.10023121

Anon I am peeing myself in laughter at your replies
>Just like Granny I guess :/

>> No.10023122

Anon unless you are cleaning after the cat yourself you should really consider your mothers side on this. My old puppy got bad uti in her last month and it was a hell. The smell was awful, she peed on her bed, on sofa on mats and she was visibly miserable about it on the top of the pain and discomfort. We even had tile floor at the time so cleaning up was easy but it was still a rough month. Eventually she had to be put to sleep for other reasons but it was not a pleasent life for her in the end. Idk what's the problem with your cat exactly but living with a incontinent animal is not a long term solution. Your mother is probably being coward about it because she knows the cat is important to you and don't want to do the decision for you. My best wishes anon, I hope everything will turn out well.

>> No.10023123

Costume contest...
>Lolita is not a costume,
but for $705 it is.

>> No.10023124

Learn to read, OP is a dude.

>> No.10023131

They were black, weren't they?

>> No.10023139

>grabbing someone else's clothes
What the actual fuck

>> No.10023142

>only have one niece because my sister is insufferable and men sense it.
>the kid is a joy, not touchy grabby, kinda quiet, likes to read.
>spend 7 years being the cool aunt who has Pokemon games and tells Santa to get her one too.
>kid is obsessed with Pokemon. Teaches herself to read the manga backwards.
>she asks me to make her a Vulpix costume for Halloween
>mom and sis have no idea what the Fuck that is. Came out awesome and my moms overjoyed.
>Fuck it "Mom can I take the kid to this con next month?"
>meanwhile I'm baiting the kid that there will be Pokemon and frozen cosplayers (there always are)
>Kid is in. Mom is in.
>the kid has a costume, I have an outfit ready so she doesn't feel silly being the only one dressed up.
>I'm 1000% nerdy aunt pride mode.

I know it's a dumb feel but there's nothing like corrupting a child of a person you don't like. 10/10

>> No.10023145
File: 267 KB, 500x436, 80AD293F-0654-48E0-8275-42706E91A716.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Agree to help bf make a cosplay
>Was originally just supposed to help him pick out materials and a pattern
>Figure it’ll be fine, he’s made cosplays before he met me and probably knows what he’s doing
>He waits until 4 days before the con to start on the costume
>”Hey anon, would you help me cut out the pattern? It’ll go faster with 2 people.”
>Sure why not
>”Hey anon, what am I supposed to pin where?”
>”Hey anon, how do I use your sewing machine?”
>“Hey anon, how do I iron?”
>Mfw I realize I’m going to be making this entire thing myself
>Mfw I realize this will interfere with me finishing the costume for myself I’ve been working on for a month

>> No.10023147

Just say no

>> No.10023148
File: 252 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girls can fart out their boobs

>> No.10023149

>Agree to help bf make a cosplay
This is where you went wrong

>> No.10023151

I received a package from a LM and I thought that it was a secret Santa gift because it was wrapped so nicely. The seller added extras, a Baby post card signed by saki and two other people, a misaki post card, and a box headddress, a ribbon headdress and Baby socks, with a thank you note. The envelope was also covered in Halloween stickers. Honestly made my day. But now that I think about it they might be leaving lolita..

>> No.10023155

I'm not this anon, but I am the anon here >>10023110
and the lady who did it to me was indeed black. both times something messed up regarding complete strangers being aggressive towards my lolita have happened, the person has been an older (not grandma old, but 40s) black lady.

>> No.10023173

nayrt but only had nice black people desu.
The ones bringing me trouble are almost always the sandnigs

>> No.10023182


>> No.10023190

>new tights and bloomers, bless up
>wearing them for the first time today
>got my period
>nowhere near the day it's supposed to come
at least i'm not virgin mary yet

>> No.10023191
File: 34 KB, 500x564, bruh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Need to get this off my chest:

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone bumps up a really old (sometimes a year old) post in lolita updates with nothing but a comment on how nice looking the item is.

Same with people that bump up SUPER OLD sales posts. Take a look at the date before you post, idiot.

>> No.10023194


>> No.10023221

And this is why you carry a pad or tampon on your person AT ALL TIMES.
I never know when mine's gonna start bc my cycle is fucked up, but more importantly I've lost count of how many times I'd saved panicking friends who got theirs unexpectedly while we were out.

>> No.10023250
File: 59 KB, 257x261, 23434930_1526981744054019_8038849373177542040_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How the hell do you "get rid of gas" in the restroom?

>> No.10023253

Family are kind of shit. I don't talk to my parents and barely talk to anyone else. I don't really care about any of them. Like they're fine people mostly but I wouldn't talk to them if I didn't have to.
Being alone sucks but you can get through it and find people.

>> No.10023254

>watch slime videos for comfort
What is that? like ASMR videos?

>> No.10023256

videos of people sticking their fingers in/folding/ripping slime

>> No.10023289

You're a good friend anon. I thankfully got it pretty late into going out, so i managed to wash it out. Pretty thankful for that. Normally my cycle is always the same, so i was really surprised i got it.

>> No.10023295 [DELETED] 


>> No.10023301


>> No.10023305

I have a small amount of savings that I can use for a bond. Currently using a McDonald's to charge my phone and use their wifi, using my gym's shower to clean myself and sleeping in my car.

Don't see how. I pay full rent not just a little bit of board, I pay for everything I own, I pay half the bills whilst my little sister who also works and goes to uni pays nothing because she literally is an ungrateful brat and throws a tantrum if she has to use her money on anything other than getting her hair and nails done or on drugs and alcohol. Just recently she crashed her car and did she pay for the insurance? Nope. In addition, the car she drives is actually my mother's old car which she got because my Mum pulled out a loan for her to get a lower interest rate which my sister is supposed to pay her back for. She hasn't paid even half of what she was supposed to. Whereas I had to pull out a bank loan for my car and religiously pay it back at fucking horrible interest.

I think it's completely reasonable for me to want to keep the one thing I am close to as happy as he can be during the last year, if that, of his life.

Also, not that it matters, I'm a son not a daughter.

I currently am.

I clean up after him whenever I am around. A little bit of extra context, I received him as a gift for my 7th birthday, from her.

>> No.10023309

I mean, you could also just shelve the cosplay and wear it to another con later and focus on being comfy for this con.

>> No.10023343

A little? Some of them are reviews though

>> No.10023372
File: 111 KB, 678x381, General-Mills-Debuts-New-Lucky-Charms-With-Magical-Unicorn-Marshmallows-678x381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw lolita gf opens the box of unicorn lucky charms and eats all the unicorn marshmallows so there are none left for you

>> No.10023391

Is eating Unicorns vegan?

>> No.10023409

After dealing with japanese SS I cannot fucking deal with how sketchy taobao SS are. It's putting me off of buying anything for 11/11, which is a pity because my favorite store does discounts on there. Except what is the point if my SS fuckin nickel and dimes me on these discounts and lies by omission what the real 11/11 price is. Fuck taobao SS. All I want is nice chinese vintagey shit.

>> No.10023428

>I received him as a gift for my 7th birthday, from her
Which means the cat is probably important to her too, even if she doesn't show it in the same way you do.

>married to an abusive person
>ends up in divorce with you getting custody of two kids
>one helps out but you can't see a future for him yet, the other is still a little brat
>on top of the stress from worrying about your children's future, your son's old cat is dying
>have to leave cat outside most of the time otherwise you're constantly cleaning up after his piss
>try to talk to your son about ending his cat's suffering
>it's not like you can just put down the cat yourself since it's technically a cat you gifted him
>he refuses and calls you evil
>22yo mentally ill son runs away from home because of this argument
>you still have another child to take care of, loans to pay, a dying cat to clean up after, and elderly parents to attend to
Man, I sure feel bad for anon's mother.

>> No.10023447

You make a lot of assumptions.

I was 19 and moved out of home when the divorce happened. Custody was split between my two parents for my sister. My Mum requested I move back in with her because she couldn't do it on her own. She has a new husband now.

She didn't talk about ending his suffering. His incontinence has only just started and he is in no pain. She said verbatim "I can't fucking wait to put that fucking cat down."

Mother doesn't take care of my grandparents. They live 3 hours away and are literal millionaires who I only ever see on Christmas and Easter. They can easily take care of themselves.

>> No.10023448

I know so many people who fake stan junji ito. I have a guy friend who has a shirt of his and it makes me cringe every time I see him wear it. Uzumaki isn't even long, just read it

>> No.10023449
File: 526 KB, 1018x762, tumblr_pct8rdfCPF1r4dsv1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found a lolita on OKcupid. What should I message her?

>> No.10023450

"post coords so i can judge your taste"

>> No.10023468

I have over 50 brand dresses, all of which i used to fit fine, most are oldschool and have waists no larger than 68cm, and they fit with room to spare... now? I fit like 3 of my dresses. I'm such a fat piece of shit and i hate how i look in lolita and i miss hanging out with friends and being involved, but i refuse to do it that much because i hate fatty chans... if i do, i basically wear something that completely covers me up.

Most of this has been from antidepressant changes and birth control... no matter what i do, even if i eat like 800 calories a day for weeks... my weight barely budges. I know it will eventually if i keep trying but its so disheartening and depressing to be this fat again. I'm not naturally skinny, the last time i was skinny I WORKED for it and i know exactly how weight loss works... but for some reason everything i usually do stopped working.

oh well at least i'm not some fat bitch who sewed together two cats tea parties.

>> No.10023469
File: 85 KB, 800x1200, LMAO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

excuse me what if she's an anime girl with a skinny body and big big big tiddies?

>> No.10023472

lose 5-10lbs, dont jam yourself into it.
OR sell it/trade it for something of equal value in your size. cramming yourself into something is cringey as fuck and almost never looks good.

>> No.10023483

You sound cool as hell.
Xox, a Lolita who is obssessed with Junji Ito and loves to cry and drink.

>> No.10023500

I dont think its really "fake nerd" and more "normie saw cool pic online and wanted to copy" especially since that viral junji ito makeup post has been going around heaps lately

>> No.10023507

I also love Junji Ito. Let's drink and cry together anons

>> No.10023536

>first proper Halloween as an adult
>still need to buy candy to sacrifice to the neighborhood kids
I hope there's still some left at Walmart

>> No.10023545

did they post it on social media the other day because i saw a girl post her make up of this and it looked like shit, honest. and she said how it took hours for her to put on... lmao

>> No.10023578

Extremely frustrated with FedEx right now

> Bought a bag off a lady that sent it with FedEx to my acquaintance that is working as my middle hand since the seller didn't want to send the package directly to my country in case it got lost or something
> One week later the lady got in touch with me and told me that FedEx tried to deliver the package, but no one was home and they are only willing to hold it in their pickup spot for a couple of days for some reason
> This is really weird because my friend was home all week, and they didn't leave any sort of message or notice about it. But I book a new delivery the day after because FedEx's pickup office was way too far away.
> My friend waited all day for the package to arrive, but absolutely nothing happened.
> I checked the tracking number, and it says it has gotten delivered AND SIGNED
> The delivery man must have SOMEHOW delivered it to someone else, which is really odd because my friend has a very Swedish, and uncommon name. She left a note on the door to the building but haven't heard anything from any neighbor yet.
> I tried to call FedEx about this again, but despite having helped twice before (once when I called and asked where the address for the pickup spot was, and once when I asked for a new delivery) they REFUSE to help me figure out who could have possibly signed the package because my name isn't on it.

I know they're just following protocol in the last part, but it's still EXTREMELY frustrating when they've helped me the other times and now decides to refuse help when I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. My acquaintance doesn't seem to like talking to people on the phone so I'm the one that had to call FedEx from overseas (it's my responsibility as the buyer anyway so it wasn't really up for discussion anyway), but she can't avoid it anymore now since only putting a note on the door obviously. doesn't. WORK.

>> No.10023579

fedex are absolute garbage, never use them if you can avoid it

the only good us-based postal service is usps, the other two aren't worth considering

>> No.10023600

Man I hope I'm not friends with you. You don't have to be a fan of something to want to cosplay it. You sound holier than thou and trying to be full of yourself, and I'm sure this girl didn't go home and cry about her self worth.

>> No.10023604

I'm wearing a nanchatte coord to school today because it's Halloween and I feel cute but I also get flustered easily so. Probably brought this upon myself but thought today might be excusable. Wish me luck, and is anyone else wearing something to school/the office today?

>> No.10023607
File: 53 KB, 554x554, images (11).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Find some where to rent out and then decorate the crap out of it. That's what I'm going to do because the cost of a nice church tea room with stained glass windows for a few hours is ridiculous.

>> No.10023611
File: 355 KB, 706x1000, 1540816696985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao Anon you sound like a gay guy overcompensating for being gay by acting like he only wants the most womanly of women. The kind who will jump at any opportunity to get offended at anything remotely homosexual.
>Yo bro, you looking at my ass?!
>...no, I'm tying my shoes..
>Yo bro look at my ass ONE MORE TIME and I'll fuckin snap your neck

You're the kind of person who comes out in their 30's as being a self hating queer. Normal people don't get so high strung over how feminine/masculine their partners are because everyone is unique. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll learn to accept who you are someday.

>> No.10023621

>real human
>can't pass captcha
Are you trying to tell me something about myself, Google?

>> No.10023628

To buy a pass.

>> No.10023648

i find it really weird and unsettling when straight people pretend to be gay for each other like pls stay in yr lane, where it's straight, and whatever you weirdos do in bed

>> No.10023650

>being this bootyblasted because someone doesn't want to fuck a sissy

>> No.10023651

>You don't have to be a fan of something to want to cosplay it.
Isn't the entire point of cosplay to dress up as a character you love? If you want to cosplay something because it looks cool, the very least you can do is to first familiarize yourself with it to some degree.

>> No.10023654

New thread

>> No.10023662

Sorry about the appropriation m8, it's just that when you've been friends for most of your life and bicker like an old married couple people around you will inevitably go there and it's easier to just roll with it

>> No.10023866

>if you don't like feces, that means you secretly like it!

>> No.10025466

It's nice to see someone apologize on this hellsite.