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Post all J-fashion discord servers here.

1) Please add the name of the server, so that we don't end up linking communities twice.
2) Permanent invites are preferred but not mandatory.
3) Add info about the servers (how much active, salty, etc) at your discretion.

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I’m in the fa/cgl discord but I can’t send invites. Would be cool to have an official cgl server though with categories for everyone like lolita, jfash, cosplay, sewing etc.

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i used to be in it but then got insulted twice on threads when they could recognize my writing style when all i did was casually speak and casually post both on the server and 4chan.

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Copied & pasted this from the recent thread that died: https://discord.gg/kHxyfVM

Hopefully the link still works?

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official cgl discords never work.
4Chan discords always end up being one person or a group of people making a circlejerk and grabbing power before chasing normal people out.

There's a few discords floating around, but all of them have their own circlejerk, generally they attract /pol/tards, /r9k/ losers, or sissies and then the sane people leave and go onto something else.

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nice try, moldemort. youre banned for a reason.

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Not whoever this is. If I was banned I would've understood but I really didn't do anything out of the ordinary.
Guess it was maybe one person that just didn't like me

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https://discord.gg/cW66dQ -> "Nanchatte seifuku friends" small but decently active

https://discord.gg/kv7bHP -> "J-Fashion Community" unfortunately dead, if someone has another alternative or j-fashion server pls post ;;

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don't feel like giving my username,but i was pretty much a nobody

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I didn't post that but go off I guess lol. Also tell vqu I love her

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You could have easily ignored their comment, but you didn’t.

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This list was posted in the stupid questions thread but a lot of the links are dead

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The link of the Jfashion one you posted is dead. Is it the same as https://discordapp.com/invite/Cepmcgq?

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Not really cgl related, but in case anyone is interested, this kpop server index also has a short list of Jpop/Jdrama servers https://discord.me/kpopindex

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What is this for? "Yasi's Sorority"?

>> No.10021648

Visual kei

>> No.10021649

That one is only a few days old. It had a kimono channel at first but Idk what happened to that.

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This list without the dead links:

(J)Fashion Updates - https://discord.gg/Cepmcgq

Lolita Fashion Discord - https://discord.gg/Q3Q7CZy

Fashion x CGL - https://discord.gg/kHxyfVM

Yasi's Sorority - https://discord.gg/ZhWputb

Japan servers from the Kpop index:

Akami Sally Server - https://discord.gg/NgcEeNj

Alternative Idols - https://discord.gg/KMsPRtS

Arashi Fans (Eng Lang) https://discord.gg/dx6gCsk

Codomomental Menhera Hospital - https://discord.gg/PrJ8ujN

Defwill - https://discord.ggr848CAp

Hello! Project Fans - https://discord.gg/M7zjxe5

Hey! Say! JUMP - https://discord.gg/HvmGh92

Jmusic - https://discord.gg/tssUBFY

Johnny's & Associates - https://discord.gg/f3wuRnY

Jpop - https://discord.gg/4tnqaXv

Niji No Conquistador - https://discord.gg/w8CqWS8

Ni Ji Masu's Beach - https://discord.gg/AbxbH5Q

Perfume - https://discord.gg/JbnwMSG

Shitao Miu World - https://discord.gg/cMZ8ffy

Takeuchi Miyu - https://discord.gg/pU6VHJ6

Wa-SpookedYa / The World Standard - https://discord.gg/va8QFtj

Nippon Idol Club - https://discord.gg/S9vxEcK

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Fairy Kei discord! Other JFash is welcome too though!

>> No.10021660

Thanks, anons!

>> No.10021703

It isn't, try this: https://discord.gg/5kx87yX

I liked this server, it was small and had many harajuku styles. But it is definitely dead. Maybe we can revive it or something

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Can you please repost this? Thank you.

>Lolita Fashion Discord - https://discord.gg/Q3Q7CZy

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I want her to make the automatic brand update channels but my social anxiety is too strong to say anything on discord

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I want her to make the automatic brand update channels but my social anxiety is too strong to say anything on discord

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Link is expired

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No it isn't

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Then I don't have enough permits to join, I'm confused, I have a regular disord account and I've never even joined that discord

>> No.10022027

Okay it was Chrome acting strange, pasting the link directly onto discord works. Sorry for the mess

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^^ invite to the vetting server

>> No.10022151 [DELETED] 


Lolita fashion vetting server. Must submit proof pics. Good place for actual concrit, sales watching, etc.

>> No.10022156


Lolita vetting server, must provide proof pics. Active, good for concrit and sales. [fixed link]

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Fa x CGL discord has a big hive mentality culture where you get bullied for not thinking like the cool kids in there do, there's also minimum lolita discussion and if you enjoy being orbited it's the place for you. i saw mentioned that the admin is a bit of a creep too but that was a year ago
the lolita fashion place without the vetting is best, but sometimes bitchy

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Uh yeah if you want to hang around a bunch of itas or 14 year olds who think their screenprinted circle skirt and office blouse is ‘loli’. Vetting is absolutely the way to go. Yeah you’re not going to get asspats but you’re also not going to be hanging out with idiots who try to purchase their entire wardrobe from amazon and call it ‘old school’. You can actually hold conversations with people who know what they’re talking about and have the coords to prove it.

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if you accepted me into your 'quote on quote' secret princess discord then maybe, just maybe i wouldn't be complaining about gatekeeping, uh?

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Is there a lolita server that is neither bitchy nor filled with cringey people? (i guess no huh)

>> No.10022251

the vetted server allegedly is but i wouldn't know would i

>> No.10022253

If it's the one with channels for drama I found it bitchy as well t.bh.

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The server is full of crossposters, the egl channel is dead. Why is it even on here?

>> No.10022269

At least the lolitas wear the fashion unlike the "lolitas" in the non vetting servers

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I wanna make my own lolita discord for people actually wearing the fashion with a more strict vetting process. The vetting server lets anyone as long as they own at least like 3 dresses in.
I'd like a more intense vetting, maybe proof that you own at least 10 dresses and several blouses and accessories and have been interested in the fashion for 2+ years.
I can dream, I guess. I'd feel like a faggot just posting a server with only me and like 3 other people in it. Unless some people would be interested in giving it a go.
I'm mostly just sick of joining servers that let pretty much anyone in.

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you're comparing a shiny turd to a regular turd

the fact doesn't change that they're both turds?

>> No.10022282

sounds like you didnt make it into the vetting server

>> No.10022286

I actually did with a pretty shitty proof picture of a couple items and they let me in with no problem. I left because I disliked the people in the server and felt like half the people there didn't wear the fashion as a fashion.

>> No.10022292

well all I did was answer the question >>10022265 asked

>> No.10022293

> I left because I disliked the people
that's on you buddy

>felt like half the people there didn't wear the fashion as a fashion
thats ur feefees. not really the truth if you bothered to not be a stuck up cnut

what people also dont realise is that vetting= having items, and that vetting is not an unbreakable promise that you will stay in. there's been people who have been kicked for being shitty

idk what makes you think you're special- having 10 dresses is nothing. being in the fashion for 2+ years is nothing. maybe you should make another vetting server so that we can join and laugh at you?

>> No.10022296

what is better, a server full of crossposters with little to no lolita discussion, or a server full of itas?


>> No.10022297

I'd say the crossposter one is better because you can ignore the other channels. In the ita server there's no escape

>> No.10022298

Sorry that I actually wear lolita almost daily and don't treat it like a costume for conventions. I don't like people treating the fashion I love like something they wear as a costume with some OTT nonsense.
And yes, having 10 dresses is nothing. But your shitty vetting lets people who have like a minimum of 2-3 dresses in. Being in the fashion for 2+ years is also nothing, but better than letting newbies who have no clue about the fashion and have only been interested for 2 months into the server.
It's about experience and actual love for the fashion and wearing it casually/daily. Every single lolita server I've joined has a bunch of newbies in it that just annoy the fuck out of me because they don't know the most basic information about lolita and think buying a couple dresses makes them a lolita expert. Or theres the people that think casual or oldschool isn't 'real' lolita.

>> No.10022299

Why are people from the vetting server so angry all the time? Like are you this personally offended someone left your group? Really?

>> No.10022300

what the fuck are you talking about? we barely even have ott coords

you must be roleplaying. more dresses doesnt mean you're a better lolita than someone else. being dressed well makes you a better lolita

newbies are everywhere. what is important is that they're willing to learn, and unlike the ita pit, they're willing to invest

stop samefagging lol

>> No.10022305

You should make the server. Have 3 coord pics and picture of 10+ dresses as vetting

>> No.10022307

Not actually samefag, quit reaching.
I want people who have been in the fashion for a fair amount of time (2 years being the minimum) and have a lot of experience. That's all. More dresses typically mean more experience in coording. It's very simple. I've been in this fashion for the past 10 years. I'm sick of being around people who treat lolita like a fad and don't really know what they're talking about.
There's nothing necessarily wrong with newbies, I'm fine with people being new to the fashion, but I don't personally want to have them in my server.
I just want a server with experienced lolitas who have watched lolita grow and evolve over the years like I have and wear the fashion daily/almost daily/as work or school permits. I don't want people who have been wearing the fashion every few months for only a year.
Sorry that some people think your vetting server is shitty. Don't get so offended.
I'm considering it. I'm sure trolls from the vetting server will come but I might set it up with a friend of mine.

>> No.10022310

I found fish fingers! Sorry you’re not getting enough asspats from the Happy Place. Feels bad only being able to get into a group full of itas with your amazon wardrobe huh?

>> No.10022313

you want experienced lolitas, but also with a minimum of 2 years, which again, is not a lot. ok!

you do realise most people cant even wear lolita on a daily basis because of work commitments?

i'm not offended i really want you to make this server so it will actually just be the vetted server. very much doubt you'll get much other influx

>> No.10022315

2 years isn't a lot, but it's better than 2 months.
And I just said "as work or school permits". I understand some people can't wear it everyday, that's why I said that.

>> No.10022317

so you do realise that people don't often have the chance to wear it often, but yet choose to label yourself above them? you're making no sense

if you want to make a super special server go ahead, but for god's sake have some clear guidelines

>> No.10022320

Even people with extremely busy schedules have time to wear the fashion at least once a month.
The people I label myself above, in your terms, are conlitas and people who wear the fashion twice a year and claim they're "such a lolita!!" while owning like 2 dresses from Taobao. And I don't label myself above them, I just don't think I get along with them and they wear lolita in a very different way than I do.

>> No.10022322

i literally dont know any of the regulars, or in the server who match that description, but maybe you're just looking for an excuse to start your own server

>> No.10022395

The problem isn't really vetting or not imo. I like the old-school lolita server and they don't have vetting. I also love one of the cooking servers I'm in and they do have vetting. It just depends on if you click with people there and if you're interested in the content of the channels. On discord, like everywhere on the internet, 99% of the people are lurkers. The other 1% is making the conversation and they pretty much decide the entire atmosphere of the server (besides the channels and rules).

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File: 150 KB, 263x272, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 21.39.47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Veteran's server is live. Please apply only if you meet the requirements, don't waste the mods' time!


>> No.10022411

thats excessive
what about capsule wardrobes

>> No.10022434

Hello everyone,

We have had a massive influx of new members and we are trying to pass as many experienced lolitas as possible.

Please DO NOT sign up to the server unless you have your proof ready to go in the near future, as you will be kicked within the next 48 hours if you haven't submitted an application with proof.

We have also had a few trolls try to join but fortunately we have deflected them. They are now banned.

>> No.10022441

Too bad

>> No.10022443

How did you get that many responses to your post in 35 literal minutes on a Monday night two days before Halloween?
The entire board's not even moving that fast, there's what like maybe 15 active posters currently?

>> No.10022447

It looks like there are 25 people in the discord right now, which would mean 250 coords to vet. Just because the board isn't moving quickly doesn't mean that there aren't people lurking.

>> No.10022449

Not a monday night for everyone in the world anon.

>> No.10022452

a lot of people from other timezones, it's what I'm guessing

we have had a fair amount of applications, some from competing servers so it's not surprising that word got out so fast?

>> No.10022453

Is eggplant a troll? That is the worst intro I've ever seen.

>> No.10022455

nah I checked her up personally. She provided her IG and weibo as proof and had a wardrobe photo with her discord name.

It's safe to say that since this is a server originated on 4chan that we will have some ...... unique characters. I don't plan to have a server which is 100% serious but if eggplant (or anyone) misbehaves in other channels i will give her a warning and in the future, ban her.

>> No.10022486

Only 1% of the people on the internet actively post. There are 99% people watching this thread now but not posting.

>> No.10022487

Who are the mods though? How do we know they are legit

>> No.10022488

Lol what did she say?

>> No.10022491

I thought it was a joke

Bittersweet meme

>> No.10022504

i suppose we can assume its no boys allowed either huh

>> No.10022510

Idk bro are you an experienced lolita

>> No.10022539

Seconding >>10022487
Who is the mod team? Post coords.

>> No.10022551

Where do I join to get a cute seagull gf?

>> No.10022606

this, Before I join some veteran lolita server i wanna see what the mods dress like

>> No.10022607

>implying seagulls are cute

>> No.10022615

I'm cute

>> No.10022749

Whether they want to post coords on here it’s up to them, but they are are well known and well respected experienced members of the Lolita discord community.

>> No.10022801

Who are they?

>> No.10023140

ok... (not a mod) but just theorizing here. I'm guessing they are gulls just like all of us here, and if they are vetting so hard why would they not be experienced lolitas? i guess i'll just join, test it out, if it sucks leave. easy.

>> No.10023143

>they are are well known and well respected experienced members of the Lolita discord community.
There's a difference between well-known and respected and experienced. If they are vetting so hard, they should be held to the same standard.

>> No.10023153

Well, I don’t think you really need to worry. Just join and see for your self.

>> No.10023168

If they were that well known and respected they wouldn't be scared of outing themselves

>> No.10023169

why should they be scared to out themself when you can just join the server and look yourself

>> No.10023219 [DELETED] 

It looks like the same team as the vetting server. I guess the other one crash and burned.

>> No.10023220

It looks like the same team as the original vetting server. I guess the other one crashed and burned.

>> No.10023255

They are really not the same people. Wtf are you talking about? The vetting discord is fine too. How could you even know if you're not in it?

>> No.10023259

It was a joke but I am a real person who does wear lolita if that helps

>> No.10023261

It would be really cool, since there's such demand for this server, if people actually posted in it. Nut up and show us some coords.

>> No.10023262

you first

>> No.10023263

you say that here but ain't got the balls to post it in the server huh

>> No.10023264

Why are you so anal about this? Like, it’s a discord not joining a cult. Just check it out, don’t be a douche, talk to people, and see if it’s for you. Wait scratch that, you sound like someone who doesn’t want to make friends so maybe stay away~

>> No.10023268


>> No.10023272

I was wondering that but I didn't want to ask

>> No.10023279

Is this a larping server?

>> No.10023282

As far as I can tell everyone there is an actual lolita

>> No.10023294

so i’m not in the vet server but like, is there an open channel where everyone can post like a collage of some coords so you can see everyone’s skill level and style, mods included? I think that would be a nice idea, help put a style to a name. Faces could be obscured, obvi

>> No.10023323

veggies are kawaii

>> No.10023385

Can you post an example? This sounds complicated I'm no good at photoshop

>> No.10023433


>> No.10023435

Follow your dreams and be a cabbage.

>> No.10023440
File: 547 KB, 997x959, 14A1C178-D067-485B-8CF5-AAABB85961DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure, i’m using pics of misako and some floords from instagram to illustrate my point
Basically everyone could make something like this and post it in a dedicated server with a brief intro and the members can look back at it and check out your style.
So like we could see our misako-clone likes reds and greys and leans to a more mature sweet style
And if everyone did that you could always look back at it and i dunno, check to see if the girl giving you scathing crit on your oldschool motie coord wears exclusively 2012 OTT sweet

>> No.10023442

and by server i absolutely mean channel, durrrr

>> No.10023505
File: 497 KB, 500x200, 17f8482fbb33fb25e8c43ac30d6a5efccdca3901_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10023553

that is a pretty neat idea. idk how i feel about it being open though. could have been a nice addition to the intros though.

>> No.10023559

there are some mediocre lolitas from the other servers but posting the sidebar breaks a rule probably

>> No.10023589

I know you can just see if you join but it is really weird that they don't just want to post their usernames here since it's already obvious they go here anyway

>> No.10023590


>> No.10023597

No offense but what is the point of discord, especially one with mostly gulls? Let's be honest, the reason most of you are here is because it's on anon. People who are used to posting on anon are not going to be active in a place where you have a set username. The people who don't mind posting their name and face everywhere are already on facebook so they don't need discord either. Isn't it just for gamers?

>> No.10023618

You've clearly never used discord. And no, most lolitas comfortable with posting their face aren't on facebook. It's essentially just a chat room with different channels, so you can talk about whatever. Personally, I'm not even on cgl just for the anonymity; plenty of people I know post here, and know I post as well. It's just nice to be able to have conversations with other lolitas that aren't tempered by the need to be polite because your face/name is attached to what you say.

>> No.10023624

Are you trolling or just stupid? Discord is just like Skype but better

>> No.10023632

I do use it. For gaming. Are there also a bunch of lolita groups on skype then?

>> No.10023634

personally speaking i've found the discord as a good way to get actual concrit and help. Even experienced lolitas sometimes run into problems or want feedback, and while the threads here are usually not very helpful, the lolitas in the discord will be honest. Posting on FB isnt helpful either bc its usually just asspats and then boom you wind up getting shit talked in cgl. I'd rather just ask a group of lolitas for concrit.

>> No.10023640


speaking of mediocre, you're right. why are funk and jennkitty in there?

>> No.10023643

I’m pretty sure you could set the permissions so you can see it as soon as you join the server, but are unable to post in it until they’ve “vetted” you and given you the role that lets you access the whole server. That way it can also work as a preview so you know what you’re getting into before you gain full access

>> No.10023646

yeah why the fuck is funk there? I thought this was for good lolitas

>> No.10023658

why do people always make temporary invites?

>> No.10023671

They probably fit the requirements of 10 main pieces and 2+ years

>> No.10023725

No one uses Skype because we've all switched to Discord, lmao.

>> No.10023771

you're sort of treating this like you're an asset of some kind. The server doesn't owe you anything.

In the end if someone is so good and so far above everyone else they shouldn't be afraid of sharing photos to the mods, or leaving if they find the place unsatisfying- as other people have. You're a great lolita, I get it, but you also come across as someone who is a bit cowardly.

>> No.10023777

Why not just join, and get vetted, and look at the coord-pics channel?
A channel that already fucking exists to post pictures of ourselves lmfao.
you're fucking autistic, it takes 2 seconds to join/get vetted.

>> No.10023818

Why is funk banned from almost every cgl server?
Someone mentioned it to me before but I have no idea why.

>> No.10023821

Because he's a dumbass

>> No.10023841

So you we used to have lolita groups on skype?

>> No.10023845

he's only banned from the vetted server lol

>> No.10023846

That's not what autism is lol

>> No.10023861

>using lack of knowledge of 4chin slang as a counterpoint

definitely autistic, this one

>> No.10023869

? Huh ummmm

>> No.10023871

Fine, I'll bite.
I meant that people use discord to talk to their friends just like they did on Skype.

>not going to be active in a place where you have a set username
>the people who don't mind posting their name and face everywhere are already on facebook so they don't need discord either
Do you plaster your name and face all over your discord, then? You could make your discord username something completely random and different from any other handle you have. My discord is completely separate from my non-lolita social media.
Discord is overall better as a messenger service. Why would you use Facebook to DM friends when you could use discord to do that, and to also make new friends with a relative degree of anonymity?

>> No.10023923

excuse me???? what the fuck do u think this is? amateur hour? u think we're fucking around here- we are not. this is a server where u need to have 10 COORDS NOT 9 or 8 and 2 YEARS of experience, not 1 year 11 months and so on. i take this server very seriously. i have put a loot of work and time to vet the best of the best. the creme de la creme if u might say. i am not fucking with anyone- this is the definitive and the only veteran lolita discord and you will provide me witht eh photos of u will not waste my time or the mods time, capiche bitch?

>> No.10023973

I'm not the person you're arguing with, and again, you're using autism wrong

>> No.10023975

Posting the sidebar doesn't break rules because you're not singling anyone out.

>> No.10024015

Damn you have a vendetta. Go away Autumn

>> No.10024023

I am now convinced that either this thread or that server must be 99% larpers trying to stir shit

>> No.10024063

Sounds like same faggy inside joke

>> No.10024067

I'm guessing this thread is full of larpers because everyone who has joined the discord has been awfully quiet

>> No.10024069

If you're going to call people mediocre then you need to be posting coords on the server

I was genuinely interested in seeing coords from people who think they're hot shit, but so far only a couple of people have come to play. Suspicious desu

>> No.10024075

I think it's a bit of a drama/trolling server. The introductions seem really fake. CTP and puppet circus in 3 colourways? Yeah right, and I'm the queen of Sheba.

>> No.10024076

I think you're going to get a hard time getting people to post real introductions in a server that was started by this thread that was clearly posted in bad faith, probably a collab between known bad actors jennkitty and funkbros

>> No.10024084

Neither of those people are mods of this new server, take your vendetta to your server if you want to complain. Not sure why you hate them but it’s embarrassing at this point to call them out. Just block them and move on

>> No.10024099

She's not even in the new server. It's embarrassing at this point. Just block her and move on

>> No.10024103

mine was real.. (´・ω・`)

>> No.10024133

Not that it matters and I'm not that anon but yes, for the record there were skype groups for cgl and for lolita in general. That was like, the bronze ages though. I don't think anyone but Discord themselves actually thinks Discord is "for gamers only" anymore, its just a more lightweight and enjoyable version of skype. I'm in servers for everything from webcomics to friends groups to cooking to fuckin tarot. If you're resistant to using it thats fine, but I promise its gonna end up being like facebook was to livejournal where there comes a point that you are either on that platform or you aren't actually connected to the community at large in any meaningful way.

>> No.10024159

Yup, I used Discord for different friend groups - girlfriends, college buddies, content creation, etc. Way better than Skype, literally had someone who worked at Microsoft tell me not to use Skype because it fucking sucks ("It just doesn't work sometimes"). A few years ago you could dox people just by knowing their Skype username and get their IP from it. Facebook messenger sucks ass, and you have privacy concerns there. The different channels you can make in each Discord server is reminiscent of Teamspeak, but with way more functionality, text, uploading files/images, and shit is free + anonymous.

>> No.10024179

You're making this up. No one said that they had CTP and PC in three colourways in the intros. Get better reading comprehension.

>> No.10024244

Read the thread

>> No.10024275

>so far only a couple of people have come to play
That's exactly what I would expect of people who come here to shit on coords and will defend and justify their behavior to no end because they just absolutely neeeed to shit on people.

>> No.10024276

Name fagging isn't completely anonymous tho.

>> No.10024349

Did you know that there's a middle ground between being anonymous on 4chan and using social media connected to your name and face?

>> No.10024362

>speaking of mediocre, you're right. why are funk and jennkitty in there?

>yeah why the fuck is funk there?

message your complaints about the users to the mods in the server.

>> No.10024396

mod here , they met the requirements of 10 coords and 2+years of experience, as cgl requested, cannot personally comment about my feelings on either.........

>> No.10024461

The old school lolita server DOES have vetting actually

>> No.10024466

So if 2 years and 10 coords isn't making the kind of server that people are actually interested then what sort of vetting do you all ACTUALLY want?

What is their requirement?

>> No.10024473

Same as the regular vetted cgl discord (not the retard one up thread)

>> No.10024554

Reread it, apparently she has CTP in both colorways and puppet circus AND iron gate. Disbelief, unless proof photos are provided I'll keep on thinking this is a joke. I proved I'm real, the mods should too.

>> No.10024559

Yeah after seeing one of the mods literally posting her plans to troll some girl I'm really uncomfortable and think they should post some proof

>> No.10024565

If you’re uncomfortable about a minor joke please leave thanks

>> No.10024570


I re read that. Good catch.

Mods should really pin their coords or something to the top of the coord thread.

Otherwise I'm not a fan of this server, it seems like a more circlejerky version of cgl.

>> No.10024571

Why so much focus on a bunch of people? Most discord mods are just there to clean up channels and make sure that it’s peaceful. They’re not representatives lol

>> No.10024576


it's not an unreasonable request to post one old coord. I don't see any coords from the mods yet despite them mucking about in all the other servers.

>> No.10024588

Have is crossed your mind that they don’t want to be under malicious scrutiny, since you and others keep posting their discord activity on other servers on here? It’s a tad creepy and obsessive

>> No.10024599


>> No.10024623


Well I won't post my coord in the coords thread unless the mods are posting too. Something is really weird or shitty with this server.

>> No.10024635

>coords thread

>> No.10024679

Then leave, lol

>> No.10024900

Cry about it then leave ASAP, the mods will post coords whenever they want to. We don’t owe you shit

It’s also pretty obvious who you are and it’s laughable at this point. Reason is because 95% of the people there already know the mods are actual Lolitas from other servers and have seen their coords before. They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t know.

You could’ve got what you wanted and we would’ve posted coords if you weren’t so creepily obsessed about it

>> No.10024960


There's at least two others here who aren't happy so good luck singling people out I guess.

>> No.10025014

>its pretty obvious who you are
Who is it

>> No.10025121

We are not singling anyone out if we're doing nothing about it lol

There's only 4-5 people on there which haven't seen or have known the mods for a while- fewer that share servers with the mods. It's not that hard desu,

>> No.10025124

Everyone: it would be nice if we had at least one bit of proof that it's not a massive joke
Mods: OmG sO cReEpY aNd ObSeSsIvE, why do u want to sniff our panties so much? Jeez we're under constant scrutiny, you wouldn't know what that's like! Just leave the server if you're going to hold us to the slightest bit of critique!

Lol, mods, u so mad

>> No.10025126
File: 8 KB, 100x100, thenkang_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not involved with this shitshow at all but

Could it be that the over the top "omg why are you obsessed with me" response IS proof that is a massive joke???

>> No.10025132

I'm one of them. I have no idea who these mods are to be honest.

>> No.10025133 [DELETED] 

It requires a bullet to the head.

>> No.10025166

I wouldn't want to be known as so and so from discord. If anything getting branded is worse.

>> No.10025188


Responding to a concern by going "lol I know who ur!11" is not a way to inspire confidence or new people to come to a server. But have fun with it. If you wanted your own secret club where you know everyone why bother advertising on here?

>> No.10025212

Are you retarded


It's not a secret club, it was made to appease these whiny anons and any other lurkers

>> No.10025214


so you're admitting this is a troll server to "appease these whiny anons"?

>> No.10025221

Confirmed retard, why would it be a troll server because of that? Most of the other lolita discords were made to appease anons

>> No.10025227


then why are you lashing out at other anons who want to know more about the mods? its contradictory. we just want to know if it's a joke server or not and your over the top backlash is kind of embarrassing in itself.

>> No.10025230

Are you seriously assuming all those posts are one person? I posted >>10025212 and >>10025221 and that was it

>> No.10025236


it still doesn't explain their attitude but thanks for butting in.

>> No.10025294

If you think it's a joke server and can't trust the mods, make your own that is not a joke and screen people yourself. This one is probably going to die anyway as long as you "super elite lolitas" are too chickenshit to even chat.

>> No.10025319


>> No.10025322

I'm not sure I have understood everything but imo if joining requires showing coords and dresses as proof I do think you owe these things to people who get to join. It's really weird mods would get to refrain from this and it really seems unequal for other members of the server.

>> No.10025340

>itt: why we can't have nice things

>> No.10025345

exactly this

>> No.10025351


Thank you for saying this. It's ridiculous that the mods are getting that defensive about this.

>> No.10025355

It's a bit arrogant to think people who are in other servers with you must have automatically seen your pictures there and remembered your usernames as well.

>> No.10025363

I mean >>10024576 and >>10023559 recognized usernames so

>> No.10025374

i’ve only seen one or two mods’ coords, but i dont think i know anymore because everyone is a fruit now. it honestly doesn’t matter to me, it’s just a chat group... y’all taking it too seriously
if you want to see a mods coords, just freaking ask

>> No.10025407

The way so many people are losing their shit over not seeing the mods' coords and trashing the discord just because of that one thing absolutely reeks of people that don't meet the requirements. It takes ten minutes to join and get verified, and then you can check yourself.

>> No.10025422

How can you check if they didn't all post their coords lol

>> No.10025424

>hey, can I see your insta?
>yeah, sure. it's blahblahblah

>> No.10025432

just dm the mods privately and ask to see their coords, that's what everyone did to get in the server. nobody's required to post their coords in the public channels

>> No.10025536

Sooo is there anyone who is satisfied with the new lolita server? Are the requirements too lax?

>> No.10025538

>Are the requirements too lax?
I think they're just fine. 10+ dresses in two years is a reasonable requirement. The way some of these posters are acting, you'd think the mods said you have to have forty dresses and been in the fashion for a decade.

>> No.10029207

link is dead anon

>> No.10029646

-sips tea-
Nah this channel is pretty comfy. And I love the banter.

>> No.10029663

Could I get invited to cgl/fa and the Nanchatte rooms please?

>> No.10030713

What do you think of the admins/mods of the servers listed here?

>> No.10030740
File: 798 KB, 350x257, f0d62aca141684606258915784_700wa_0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10030897

You guys know who you are -sips tea violently- how dare you kick me out of the server. I demand trial by combat to let me back in!

>> No.10030929

You're not getting your fish fingers anywhere near us.

>> No.10030935
File: 133 KB, 1275x715, E77F8F8F07EC4EEFADA326560551228E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was comfy while it lasted. Y'all will always have a comfy spot place in my heart.

>> No.10031070

Does anyone have a link to the old school lolita server?

>> No.10031321
File: 476 KB, 840x469, mitty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>joins several discord servers
>All fatties and ugly trans even a mixture of trans fatty
>Guys pretending to be girls
>All the rest of the servers are dead
>There is a only decent one but they all already made they friendship circle

>> No.10031341

>>All fatties and ugly trans even a mixture of trans fatty
>>Guys pretending to be girls

jc where did you join anon

>> No.10031393

Any public one.

>> No.10032352

maybe look for a sever that isn't linked on 4chan

>> No.10032367 [DELETED] 


>> No.10032376


>> No.10032555

I think the requirements are fine, especially since they were tailored to the community's wishes. The attitude in there is not fine, because nobody will post anything in there (esp not coords, though the ones posted are generally solid), but people have been bitching in this thread the whole time.

>> No.10032559

Look, all the mods did was set up the server. Because people here wanted it. If you got in, why are you complaining? That means the mods did their job: they vetted you effectively and let you in. The rest is in your hands, senpai.

Since the vetting is relatively stringent but also straightforward, the mods seem to be using a light touch so far. If you're complaining about the mods... Then you probably didn't get in in the first place.

>> No.10033289

>>All the rest of the servers are dead
They wouldn't be dead if you said anything or responded to anything other people said

>> No.10033292

>already made they friendship circle
There's still room, that's the beauty of discord. Keep participating, you'll find your niche

>> No.10033306


I mean, I really was going to, but after >>10024900's very weird reaction I think I'll see how things turn out first.

>> No.10033391

I'm looking for a good vetted lolita server that has decent activity levels and a low numbers of itas and lolita roleplayers. I know I have options here, but... the horror stories have me dissuaded. I know a girl who came to a meet a few weeks ago had horrible problems with the vetted server. She joined and made some posts, and then the mods kicked her out because they thought she was someone else. She's never caused any drama... it was pretty sad to hear about how she was treated by them. Is the veteran server run by the same idiots?

>> No.10033482

Why don't you make one

>> No.10033489

Veteran server is not run by same people but it's dead quiet

>> No.10033493

I wish the updates server was active

>> No.10033557

Your friend was most likely kicked for inactivity and can re-join.

Unless she's that diaper girl than please stay the f away.

Idk why /cgl/ thinks the vetted server bans everyone. They just do regular inactivity purges which is not the same at all.

>> No.10033558

Why do people take inactivity purges so personally? It's not a judgement against you if you're purged. It's purely that they want to keep an active discord.

>> No.10033576

I'm still in that server but out of curiosity, why do inactivity purges? I'm in a number of servers with over hundred inactive members and nobody gives a shit. Maybe someone is just busy for a few weeks but will be active again later. It just seems like a lot of extra work.

>> No.10033594

well you dont know if those people are inactive because theyre just away for a bit or are serial lurkers/creeps so, out they go! bye!

>> No.10033654

Ewww how tf did a diaper girl get in? Bad vetting?

>> No.10033664

Shit happens? The vetting is just to prove you have/wear lolita.

>> No.10033674

So she wanders in and starts dropping gross pics? That doesn't just happen desu

>> No.10033675

You know they're lolitas because they were vetted

>> No.10033686

I'll bet 20 dollars that you're her and trying to get the dirt on how we found out you're an ageplaying diaper shitting freak

>> No.10033695

desu ok

I've never been in the vetted server and I'm not going to join it. I'm not even a lolita, I'm a cosplayer
Just wondering how dumb the mods are to let a diaper fag in and allow her to shit up a server.
Keep being salty frillfriends

>> No.10033699

This sort of nasty attitude is why so many of us look at the vetted server with disdain. You've got these grand expectations for behaviour and posting habits, you have a high turnover rate because you've chosen your clique, and you keep whinging and complaining about people not liking you so you turn on the defensive. I left the server after it was found out that you allowed some fairly disgusting things to happen because it was all "good salty fun". Make up your mind, are you mean because you're insecure or are you insecure because you can't keep a friend?

>> No.10033700
File: 261 KB, 500x412, 1496118039236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah dude, she's dumb and used the same name she uses for other shit. Someone noticed who she was and she got banned.

She wasn't screeching about pee pee poo poos everywhere, just being a little weird and then someone put two and two together

>> No.10033711

Please, those of you who think the vetted server are a bunch of bitches and all the other ones are shit, and then come here asking for a good active server, make your own server and vet it yourselves. That's the only way you will get a server to your standards.

>> No.10033717

Someone noticed who she was? So you had two diaper shitters in the server and only kicked one? desu did no one realize the person who noticed her needed to have some knowledge of diaper freak usernames to be able to pick that one out

>> No.10033721
File: 92 KB, 1280x850, 24883359_10215990272936216_6053836291679586805_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not a mod so I don't know the details.
Plus I'm being vague on purpose because diaper-chan goes on here.

>> No.10033725

4-chan is a diaper for us all, you're letting your shit out here too.

>> No.10033729

I'm going to start a wardrobe and get into the vetted server so I can experience this clusterfuck myself desu

>> No.10033733

The inactivity purges are simply to promote activity. I don’t want to look at a member list and think “who are these people”

Also whoever is white knighting the vetted server is being really annoying; if people don’t like it they don’t like it. Who cares.

>> No.10033740

>just start your own REEEEEE

Way to go, you've proven some points here

>> No.10033752

Hey now, some people who go on fetlife are into perfectly normal and respectable things like being choked and spat on

>> No.10033764

What if someone just googled the username

>> No.10033766

I was going to suggest that as something the mods should have done first but how often are you really going to google someone desu
Maybe they were looking for an instagram or something. You could be right.

>> No.10033769

kinda depressing desu, I was in that server and fairly active for a few months but apparently got kicked out at some point just because I didn't say anything for a few weeks
the mentality isn't great either imo, lots of people who don't dress near well enough for the amount of shit they talk, and there's a few people with serious personality issues
server itself is still good (probably the best place around for discussing the fashion without constant uwu luvlies bullshit as you get on facebook), but a few drops of tar really spoil the pot of honey at times

have you ever been part of an actual online comm? those creep names travel at the speed of light, it's common knowledge within a few days

>> No.10033778

I'm surprised there isnt a public list posted of known diaper freaks

>> No.10034009
File: 3.20 MB, 480x270, popteamepic_lemon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girls calm your tits, could someone please send new links of servers I may join. -sips tea-

>> No.10034365

all of these except the fa x cgl one still work >>10021655

>> No.10035186 [DELETED] 
File: 426 KB, 2028x1024, 20181021_155154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow、 I got kick/ban from the
Fashion x EGL discord just because I was apart of /r9k/ trans server. A server that got deleted.

Just because you found a freaking collage image of collected screencaps from our server 、proves nothing、I didn't do anything wrong. That collage was made by haters from 4chan、 server raiders、and a competitive server. There was so much dramatic because they were shilling lies about server.

In /r9cute/

There was no CP, forced hrt pushing, pink pill pedalling, doxxing, grooming, cutting/suicide promotion or any other activities those ****wits have come up with to spawn drama on our beloved server. It got us deleted.


>> No.10035189
File: 426 KB, 2028x1024, 20181021_155154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow、 I got kick/ban from the
Fashion x EGL discord just because I was apart of a /r9k/ trans server. A server that got deleted. NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!

Just because you found a freaking collage image of collected screencaps from our server 、proves nothing、I didn't do anything wrong. That collage was made by haters from 4chan、 server raiders、and a competitive server. There was so much drama because they were shilling lies about our server!!!

In /r9cute/

There was no CP, forced hrt pushing, pink pill pedalling, doxxing, grooming, cutting/suicide promotion or any other activities those ****wits have come up with to spawn drama on our beloved server. It got us deleted.


>> No.10035207
File: 29 KB, 480x360, 1540783788729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10035213

I mean to be fair can u blame them?

>> No.10035214

get owned lib

>> No.10035215

being friends with pedophiles is not cute

>> No.10035222

There was NO any pedophiles at or pedophilia. We didn't allow anything like that.

>> No.10035231

people bragged about the age cp images that they had, just give up.
in general its very cringe to be in a r9k server anyway. let alone one like that.

>> No.10035237
File: 342 KB, 1200x800, 44054512_1901908706589835_5106703320236425216_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going on /r9k/

No wonder you were banned.

>> No.10035239

Nice Homu.

>> No.10035246
File: 87 KB, 603x165, Hmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cutting/suicide promotion
>Included in this pic are pictures of people saying "cut my name into your skin and I'll give you x"
>Followed by images of said person's name cut into someone's skin


>> No.10035248

Oh wow kinda wish I saw this shit show go down

>> No.10035252

It's really easy to take screenshots、 then crop the images and put them together as a collage /titled *welcome to /r9cute/ to throw everything OUT OF CONTEXT.

You guys are literally being memed by a bunch of 4channers posting that image around various boards.

>> No.10035255

how in tarnation are you going to argue the absurd amount of images of self harm scars posted in the discord as "out of context"

>> No.10035321


>> No.10035332

stop using pedo syntaxys please

>> No.10035333

I just want a lolita discord that I can lurk and in which people will keep me updated with the new collections and good coords.

>> No.10035335

why lurk, its social thing

>> No.10035364
File: 1.87 MB, 750x750, 1448291403965.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because no one likes a dude that is only in there because he likes to shitty draw lolitas, design new lolita style clothing and learn what and what isn't ita, as well as learn the current trends.
I'm still learning how do fashion designers design a print and then apply it to a cloth pattern, and then how it will look when it is wear.

And no, I don't like /fa/, I like lolita fashion, j-fashion and cyberpunk.

>> No.10035374

why not just lurk cgl then

>> No.10035378

I already do, but there's too much drama and too few source of what is an okay coord, a bad coord and what is ita.
Too much people bitching about other people instead of posting pics of clothes, talking about them, and posting coords and giving opinions on them and so on.

>> No.10035386

>too much drama
Man up and lurk anyways. Cgl was 98% of my lolita education because everywhere else was too much of a hugbox to actually offer any advice or non-basic information. Any worthwile lolita discord is full of lolitas who already know their way around the fashion and you'll rarely get good crit or info there either.

>> No.10035392
File: 108 KB, 1280x842, 1448477686219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Man up and lurk anyways.
That's the problem. The servers that seems to be alive requires you to post whatever clothing you have or fill some info about yourself.
Who the fuck would let a dude lurk(and maybe comment if X piece with Y piece is ok) if he isn't a brolita, lolita and just like the fashion and drawing?

>Any worthwile lolita discord is full of lolitas who already know their way around the fashion and you'll rarely get good crit or info there either.

Then, could you please recommend me some of these or other that would accept a non-lolita, non-brolita that just want to learn the fashion and how to make good coords?
My main source of information is /cgl/ and /cgl/'s question threads, as I'm not THAT much to make some fake facebook/instagram/flickr/whatevergirlsusestoday to stalk a bunch of random people for their clothes and ask them what must be dumb questions.


A lot of these ones needs some kind of proof of lolihood, which I can't give.
So it is either ask for discord lolita servers, or go back to ask random people on /ic/ and /fa/ servers, and as I said, /fa/ and lolita/jfashion/cyberpunk don't mix well. And in /ic/ they care more about my shitty technical drawing skills than actual cloth design and coords.

>> No.10035393

I'm not any of these anons, but yay cyberpunk~! I'm an old school lolita most of the time, but the rest of my time is dabbling in cyberpunky fashion

>> No.10035400 [DELETED] 

>what is an okay coord, a bad coord and what is ita
It's called having eyes anon. It looks awful, the materials are bad and the whole thing makes you wince? It's probably ita. It looks pretty nice but unbalanced? It's probably what you would call a nitcpick. It looks great? Then it's probably coord.
>learn the current trends
Yeah, good luck. It's pretty obvious that /cgl/ has a really diverse taste. Most of what brands make today isn't what some lolitas want. That's why we have old-school and stuff. It would be better if you made a thread asking what would lolitas want.
>shitty draw lolitas
We have a thread for that.
>Too much people bitching about other people instead of posting pics of clothes, talking about them, and posting coords and giving opinions on them and so on.
I don't go to the feels and ita threads and I get all my informations. Just ignore the obvious bait.

>> No.10035402

>what is an okay coord, a bad coord and what is ita
It's called having eyes anon. It looks awful, the materials are bad and the whole thing makes you wince? It's probably ita. It looks pretty nice but unbalanced? It's probably what you would call a nitcpick. It looks great? Then it's probably a good coord.
>learn the current trends
Yeah, good luck. It's pretty obvious that /cgl/ has a really diverse taste. Most of what brands make today isn't what some lolitas want. That's why we have old-school and stuff. It would be better if you made a thread asking what would lolitas want.
>shitty draw lolitas
We have a thread for that.
>Too much people bitching about other people instead of posting pics of clothes, talking about them, and posting coords and giving opinions on them and so on.
I don't go to the feels and ita threads and I get all my informations. Just ignore the obvious bait.

>> No.10035414

Have you tried lurking the COF threads here?

>> No.10035428
File: 306 KB, 600x450, 1438611877476.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t's called having eyes anon. It looks awful, the materials are bad and the whole thing makes you wince? It's probably ita. It looks pretty nice but unbalanced? It's probably what you would call a nitcpick. It looks great? Then it's probably coord.

There are things that I like and they are called ita, and if I ask why, generally no one bothers to asnwer.

>We have a thread for that.
I know, I posted there some times.

> I'm an old school lolita
Example of my ignorance, for me old school lolita is someone that dresses like out of Gothic & Lolita Bible(managed to download it from 1 to 37 and from 41 to 42 plus boudoir, ensemble and extra 1 and 2 ), with which I started to get interested in lolita fashion, and Kera got me into j-fashion, cyberpunk is more because I fucking love sci-fi.

I've been trying for years to make a space ship commander lolita uniform, an official dress for formal occasions and a every-day including battle-dress.
Skirts and petticoats don't fare well in null-g or micro-gravity making the official dress the only one that is bearable and the every-day with the battle-dress modifications for null-g, no atmosphere and boarding being a fuckup to try to keep it lolita.

A space worth it cutsew with a null-g petticoat is a fuckup to design, unless you throw lots of "fiction" in "science fiction". But at some moment I'm going to concede to Rule of Cool in this matter.
But I will still work on it until I manage to do it.

I lurk any lolita related /cgl/ thread as my mainly source of lolita fashion information, and try to download some fashion magazines too, and from time to time(mainly when /cgl/ tells me X bran made new collection) go the brand's sites and see what they got.
But anyway, all the servers that look active require you to post some kind of proof of your lolihood or fill questionnaire to see if you are worth to be in said server.
It sucks to be a man and not liking brolita. just lolita and J fashion.

>> No.10035450
File: 188 KB, 457x392, BEGONE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already told you no, second-life furry roleplay kun.

The lolita discords are for people who wear or want to wear lolita, if you're not going to wear the fashion in real life, you're not welcome. End of story.

There's plenty of lolita blogs you can read if you want to find information. Use a search engine and stop trying to intrude into our communities.

>> No.10035468

There is a server that's mainly about new releases and magazines that get automatically updated through a twitter bot and it's pretty much dead so I'm sure they don't mind lurkers. Not sure what the name was but it was linked in this thread before.

>> No.10035516
File: 50 KB, 262x363, 1262147765977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm really not understanding your autism here...
>I want to draw lolitas!
Lurk draw thread.
>I want to know what is and isn't ita!
Lurk the ita thread.
>I want to see what good coords look like!
Lurk literally any inspo-related thread. Or just go to CoF and you get to see what people consider ita and good in the same fucking page.

Just lurk...You don't need to be in a discord for any of what you're saying. Nobody wants a random dude in the discord because they almost always inevitably end up being orbiters who come in "just to lurk" but then find a girl or two they fall for and go after. Just lurk /cgl/, it'll fulfill every criteria you feel you're missing out on. The discords are for people who are in the fashion to discuss without crossboarders or potential creepers.

Also, some girls like talking about their fishy smelling hands and don't want boys reading in on that kind of conversation!

>> No.10035521


>> No.10035530
File: 71 KB, 626x631, 69B0D5847E2C4B8BA7324F0C611EA0BF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

-slurps tea- All I ever did was give a guy some dating advice on that server. And they have banish me too.

>tfw I miss they verbal abuse

>> No.10035532
File: 31 KB, 85x143, donot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>women won't let me into their fashion groups when i don't participate in the fashion
>it sure is hard to be a man :(
if you really care about the fashion, why don't you do what all of the actual lolitas do? no one learns how to coord from fucking discord chats, they actually ~read~ and learn about color balance, construction materials, the history of the fashion, general principles of overall fashion, and current/older styles. they develop an actual sense of what lolita is and a sense of aesthetic that functions in AND out of lolita. people did this on LJ long before things like discord chats existed. there are countless resources for what you say you want. it's fucking obvious that what you really want is to be spoonfed and jerked off by pretty girls that know more than you.

>> No.10035555

omg you are making it sound so difficult lol. I never did any of those things, i literally just looked at the brand i liked and how they coord it and looked in the mirror to see what suits me.

>> No.10035557

but then again i also get so confused when i see itas without petticoat or ''''lolitas'''' who don't use bloomers. like seriously, all you have to do is look at a japanese magazine or brand blog and do what they do

>> No.10035600

Goddamnit I just want a server to discuss cosplay and techniques, all of the ones I'm in is pathetic and annoying orbiting/drama

What is up with people being 10x cringier in discord than on /cgl/? Makes no sense

>> No.10035885
File: 64 KB, 632x327, perfect lolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>thinks I haven't been lurking /cgl/ for years
>thinks I haven't posted in the draw thread from time to time
>thinks I don't download japanese fashion magazines for few years now

Also lolita blogs are 50/50 some do coords that by /cgl/ standards would call ita, some do nice coords, some say its a "lolita fashion blog" and they post about everything but fashion, all in a mixed bag and I have to follow them, plus all the brand webpages I have bookmarked that I have to periodically check. And the monthly magazines I need to scavenge from the internets to download.

> Nobody wants a random dude in the discord because they almost always inevitably end up being orbiters who come in "just to lurk" but then find a girl or two they fall for and go after.
>The discords are for people who are in the fashion to discuss without crossboarders or potential creepers.
Ironic enough I do chip in discussions, asks questions about possible coords and brand collections, and I only can do that in /cgl/ because I'm an Anon in here.

I already know that the average internet lolita is too much like pic-related(and you girls are even proving more the salt-mine you are personally), to go to a Discord server to discuss fashion as a dude, and not get shitted upon endlessly. Even in the ontopic threads, the lolita community drama bleeds to the point that derails some threads.
And because I refuse to pretend that I'm a woman or anything else, I just want a server I can just lurk.

Hell, just look at all the angry salty (You)s I'm getting because I said I'm a dude.

Thanks, I'm already in it.
Given the amount of salt I'm taking in here, I guess I should do like in that server, and program a Python/C# app that gets the twitter feeds and new arrival/newcollections out of the brand websites. That would at least save me up the work of checking on them, minus the how are the trends going, but I guess I'll just have to keep using /cgl/ for that.

>> No.10035899
File: 113 KB, 991x661, 1518501196103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro, you're getting salty over all those comments. Calm your balls. You know the truth, the truth that you were in that server just to orbit. It's ok, all man have this beta mind set that if they orbit enough they will get laid. Also no one is gonna waste they time reading that. Everyone knows males aren't humans, we're just objects, that orbit around shedding money upon the goddesses.-slurps tea-

>> No.10035927

have you considered that these discords want proof of being a lolita because the people in them want to talk to other lolitas? not random lurkers.
you're not getting angry salty (you)'s because you're a dude. it's because you aren't actually part of the fashion. you're getting pissy because you're not wanted in a discord for a community you aren't a part of. none of these discords owe it to you to let you in. get over it.

>> No.10035930

-slurps tea-

>> No.10035937

No you don't. It was a bunch of forced drama created from nothing by bad actors. You genuinely didn't miss out on anything of value.

>> No.10035940

Gosh it makes me sad that guys are treated this badly in lolita communities. Both because of the latent hate towards men and the fact that sometimes it really is justified, given how many creeps there are.

>> No.10035953

We like men who actually wear the fashion. We just aren't interested in people lurking in our comms so they can use us for "research", man or woman.

>> No.10035957

See >>10033012

>> No.10035980

Active with a good crowd.

>> No.10035990

Drawing doodles on paper do not make you part of the fashion. There are guys who actually put their money where their mouth is and wear the fashion, and they're already in the discord. Lolita communities are fine with men, just not witless bores who have nothing of substance to contribute.

>> No.10035991
File: 750 KB, 680x944, no salt deliveries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> it's because you aren't actually part of the fashion
I've been lurking /cgl/ for a few years now, and doing the odd posting discussing or asking lolita related things, and no one has ever told me that. Until now, that I said I'm a dude.

>We like men who actually wear the fashion
Not everyone can be Mana.
>We just aren't interested in people lurking in our comms so they can use us for "research", man or woman.
I wouldn't only lurk in IM platforms if you girls weren't that anti-males.

That anon wasn't me by the way. And unless you are another angry girl you are contradicting yourself with
>Lolita communities are fine with men, just not witless bores who have nothing of substance to contribute.
>We like men who actually wear the fashion

Nice one.

Now to wait for more (You)'s telling me how much I am wrong, and how I don't even deserve to browse and even less to post on /cgl/. And God forbid I keep drawing lolita or J-fashion.

>> No.10035999

Hey anon out of curiosity what exactly do you need from joining a discord?

>> No.10036002

Read the thread

>> No.10036003

Great so I think >>10035516 answers all your questions then, please have a good day anon and eat well

>> No.10036004

You seem clueless about what you are. You are the same as "lolitas at heart" who the vetting is for.
I know it's shocking, but lolitas that are on that server had to start somewhere too. And no one held their hands all the time. Stop being entitled. It's not about you being a guy, it's about you being a moron.

>> No.10036028

you was banned because you suck you pathetic shitstain

>> No.10036032
File: 128 KB, 632x327, the really perfect.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lurking to know about the latest news(as /cgl/ is slow at times) and probably the occasional question about coords or a particular thing that I need a quick answer/opinion about it.Which in turn would be me mainly lurking and only participating when I need/want something.

>You seem clueless about what you are.
Indeed I am.
> Stop being entitled. It's not about you being a guy, it's about you being a moron.
According to that other anon is either me not being part of the fashion or not wearing lolita.

Now to wait more (You)'s again, about how wrong I am.

>> No.10036041

are you >>10035450 in the screenshot

>> No.10036046

Stop feeding this dude >>10036032 he's either socially retarded or out for a laugh. Let him figure this shit out himself.

>> No.10036052

No, I'm not that guy.
They simply can't help themselves. Which is ironic because they answer me in other threads.

>> No.10036101

The fact that you think the only male lolita we like is Mana means you are full of shit and have zero knowledge of the fashion and our culture.

All that lurking and you still don’t know shit.

You kinda sound like an incel desu lol

>> No.10036158
File: 462 KB, 680x564, 1527260137031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meanie girls won't let me orbit them in their private discords :( you just hate me because I am male!
>dumbass anons are still taking the bait 50 replies in

/cgl/ is a shitshow.

>> No.10040576

Would anyone be willing to create ana lternative fashion server and keep it alive all the ones i was in are dead

>> No.10040579

like, thinspo lolita?

>> No.10040583

more like typo

>> No.10040586

Did you talk in the dead ones? All it takes is 1 person to start a conversation

>> No.10040610

>All it takes is 1 person to start a conversation
Wish this was true anon, 1 person can only make a monologue :c

>> No.10040615

You joke but half of cgl would join that community if it existed.

>> No.10040624

It takes one person to start silly, don't expect someone else to start talking the exact same moment

>> No.10040771

how was your day?

>> No.10040793
File: 95 KB, 715x763, rollin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It isn't really a nasty attitude, they just don't want to have to explain in detail because at least to me, it seems completely reasonable.

People would talk about things like their mental health and weight issues in the appropriate channels, and then get shit talked on cgl for it. The same reason you shouldn't add randoms on facebook, anyone can creep and post your personal information.

If the person posting people to cgl is an active member that's just two-faced, they're a slimy cunt, but that is harder to account for than the possibility of shit-stirring lurkers.

You could argue that maybe TMI on a chat server with a lot of people on it is just a bad idea, but having to be guarded about what you share and watch what you say, isn't a great way to create any sense of community support and friendship.

>> No.10041122

I support kicking inactive members but god, the off topic TMI and mental illness channel were why I left the vetting server. Some of them should spend more money on therapy than on brand lol. I guess I'll be a lonelita online too

>> No.10041210


frequent 4chan use is a symptom of /a/utism.

>> No.10041236

It was actually a very productive day but the bad mood of the people I live with bring me down

>> No.10041690

that's good to hear, being productive is the basis of your existence of a human being - without getting shit done life is just a vapid unfulfilling experience that turns you into a husk
getting motivated can be hard but you can endure and do it not only for yourself but those ones around you; I know that's tempting to just ignore and remove negative stimuli while you struggle yourself but think about how they suffer, bad mood doesn't come from nothing - be an example of strong will to them and never let the circumstances dictate your emotional state

laugh against all odds even when the world is crying

>> No.10041756

stop being such a dumb shitlord

>> No.10042096


> Le high iq ad hominem

Thank you for post anon. You've really added a lot to the conversation, I had to sit back in my chair for several minutes to ponder the implications of such a profound argument. I thank you sir.

>> No.10046266
File: 311 KB, 400x360, Dlyi4un.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was thinking about creating a (SFW) discord server aimed at people who feel lonely or would like to make new friends. It wouldn't be focused on lolita, cosplay, Japanese culture etc but it would be for people with these interests. People could share everyday pics, thoughts and more generally chat with others about whatever. Staying anonymous would also be okay as long as the user takes part into the conversation.

The server would have different private channels and every channel would be restricted to 5-10 individuals, who could access that only channel and not the others. This way people could get to know each other. After 2-3 months, inactive users would be kicked (not from the server, only from the private channels). The active ones would randomly be redistributed among the channels. Basically you would change channel, thus getting to know new people and maybe re-meeting old ones. This method is inteded to make things a little more interesting and different, people shouldn't exchange contacts to chat on other platforms, at least not from the start.

I think this would be fun especially if you don't have any IRL friend that shares your interests. I would need 1 mod + at least 4 other people per private channel. I think the discord can be opened with at least 2 private channels (so 10 people) but more would be better. I'd also need some civility. I don't like drama.

If you are interested, send me your discord username here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfuqc1bEhvStf7qq8GGTVGbFVUOmdXRmAO7SXqFtctSiplqXA/viewform?usp=sf_link (don't worry I won't be able to get any other info about you).

When/if I get 10+ people in, I'll open the server and get back to you.

>> No.10046380

I like this idea in theory but people aren't going to stick around if they don't like the random people in the channel they're assigned to first, and there's always a chance they would've liked someone in another one. Without turning it into one big group after everyone has met one another feels kind of pointless. And people will just leave if they make one or two good friends who they're then not in the same channel as. The way you want to do it is guaranteed to have people just exchange info and chat privately once they know who they like.

Also five people per channel isn't enough - consider timezones and people's schedules. If you want five active people per channel you need to actually have at least ~15 members.

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