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man i just really love anorexia

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>Halloween event next week
>working on and off on cosplay, almost done
>dog is dying and will probably be gone before next weekend
>0 motivation to finish cosplay or even go to event anymore
>agony and despair.jpg

This is the first time I've ever felt this heartbroken before and I'm not sure how to cope without my furry friend

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I'm so sorry, anon. Don't stress about the event. Take time for yourself. Sometimes being out can help though. I buried myself in work when my first dog passed away just to keep my head above water.

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I’m sorry anon

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We’re sorry anon

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We all apologize anon

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Thank Christ I'm perpetually single

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So it's true that girls browse /ck/ then, huh?

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what’s that

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>tfw the enteral flatty will always be full of hatred and bile.

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Is an internal flatty like a lolita at heart?

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i tried, but no one actually talked about cooking there.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really hate sweet lolita

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So is this feels thread now

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Man I just really hate humanity

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Now that I've ruined my fun post perhaps there is a little bratty lolita in all of us.

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*Siiip* whudya mean?

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>first time wearing facepaint more complex than a solid color
>look like complete shit
goddammit I need to practice more (and probably stop browsing "bad makeup threads" so I'm less self-concious)

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I was talking to a girl onlind that browses this board a lot, and everything was going great. I felt like u could be myself while talking to her, and she was really kind and affectionate. We were planning on watching a movie together over voice chat, but she just never went online, and hadn't been online for almost two days beforehand. I have no idea if she ghosted me or if her internet went down or what, but I feel really anxious and nervous and I really want to talk about it somewhere, in hopes that it will make me feel better.

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I was talking to a girl onlind that browses this board a lot, and everything was going great. I felt like I could be myself while talking to her, and she was really kind and affectionate. We were planning on watching a movie together over voice chat, but she just never went online, and hadn't been online for almost two days beforehand. I have no idea if she ghosted me or if her internet went down or what, but I feel really anxious and just bad in general, and I really want to talk about it somewhere, in hopes that it will make me feel better.

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>fast food thread
>guys whats your favorite microwavable meal?
>amerifats thread
>another fast food thread
>meme thread where someone tries to make something as disgusting as possible
>gif recipe threads with no ingredients or quantities listed
>gif recipes where everything is covered in cheese and deep-fried
>any variation of pre-made food threads with no actual cooking involved
>more fast food threads
I really want to like that board and to learn more about cooking but there are almost no good threads.

don't worry too much about what people from 4chan think desu anon, a lot of threads on /cgl/ are dedicated to bullying and putting down others. the only way you can get better is with practice and fuck what other people think

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Why would you waste that perfectly good steak for this shit?

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>the only way you can get better is with practice and fuck what other people think

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i mean, anon's partially right. if you get all your advice from cgl cringe threads without having a baseline knowledge of what you're trying to pull off, you'll end up with a godawful hodgepodge of actually good techniques mixed in with people's personal dislikes and vendettas

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This picture makes me more uncomfortable than any horror story I've read in the con-horror generals.

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If that gif is an accurate representation of /ck/ memes I may just need to start browsing

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don't know if this counts as feels but
>girl I like
>leads cosplay club at my uni
>she's really good
>always includes her username in all of her club related emails
>decide to look it up and maybe check out a few cosplay that shes done
>when I look her up all that shows up is her Linkle cosplay
>apparently she was one of the first people to cosplay Linkle and it was really popular
>She's one of the first images that shows up when you look up Linkle cosplay
>tfw remember seeing her at a con like 3 years ago way before I met her

I've posted this in other threads but also:
>She said that she wants to cosplay Lora from XB2
>She wants me to cosplay Jin
>Never done anything that complicated
>No clue what I'm doing
>Don't want to pass up this opportunity
>We're having a Halloween party this week
>going to try to make the Jin mask for that and see if she likes it
>hopefully I can figure out the rest by next con
Wish me luck bros

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twice now ive complimented individual things about someone’s cosplay (e.g: ‘omg i really like the wig color’ as opposed to generic ‘u look so GOOD’) and twice now the cosplayers have gotten really fucking mad about it because ‘it’s NOT [x] the picture just makes it look like [x] omfg’

the first time i thought it was an asshole cosplayer and a fluke but it happened again. am i doing something wrong? am i just an asshole for appreciating individual things instead of the whole look??

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Dude if she wanted to duo cosplay you are IN THERE.
Good luck male gull.

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>mfw the other feels thread got moved to /r9k/

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Does wanting to hug cosplayers count as cosplay feels?

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But the joke isn't as good as the steak would have been

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I don't know whether to laugh or throw up

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>tfwno bf

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>tfw no bf to cosplay with me

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>tfw no andro tumblrina gf who exclusively crossplays anime boys in eyeliner

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>tfw no bitch lolita gf to worship/laugh at SJWs and Tumblr trannies with

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I has one but she left me for an old bum.

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>tfw dom musclegirl gf
losers lmao

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>tfw wife
>cosplay together
>con fun times together
Shit is so cash

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What the fuck, this is how I compliment people, too. They're just over sensitive. You were being genuine, don't worry about those people.

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>self conscious about my dick
>gf has no sense of privacy
>told all her friends about it
>they all keep coming up to me and going "wow I'm jealous" and otherwise talking about it
Why the fuck did I trust her stupid ass, should've broken up with her way earlier

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>not just bantering back with them about the size of your cock instead of seething quietly about it like a bitch
Man up, lad

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>already wants to break up with a shitty gf
>significant number of girls know the dick size and want it
...seriously? There's only one solution here that doesn't end in you being a faggot.

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When did I say that? All of her friends are beta orbiter guys.

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You're not exactly coming off as Chad Thundercock yourself m8

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Judging by the context he’s probably at least Eugene Thundercock

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>First handmade project
>Plain black rectangle skirt
>Needs to be sturdier than my past cosplays
>Like, I'm actually going to wear this
>Borrowed a friend's serger
>She was in a bit of a rush
>Didn't have time to tell me how it worked
>Sat down and fiddled with machine
>Took like half an hour to figure it out
>Another fifteen minutes to switch from white to black thread
>Serge my first real seam
>Oh wow I'm in love
>Friend returns
>Able to show off solid progress
>Excited for my second session tomorrow

I cut the fabric with a lot of wiggle room. Now that I've gotten this far I feel prepared to trim the skirt. It's so satisfying, because the amount I want to trim is exactly the width I need to make gathered ruffles to line the bottom. Yay for fabric conservation!

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subtract the eyeliner and thats my dream too.

>> No.10017754

Are you telling me you don't like dino tendies threads

>> No.10017764

nuh uh, totally inappropriate for the cosplay eyeliner is a key quirk of said gf

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>Be me
>Pretends its all nice and good all the time
>Shitty life
>Failing school
>Not motivated to eat or wake up from bed
>Long term bf doesn't notice sadness
>Has not said anything about sudden distance between us
>Has not hugged bf in 4 months
>Has not seen him in 2 or 3 months
>Bf still never replies to text
>Only lolita makes me happy
>Too broke and jobless to afford new pieces
>Lost auction to Holy Grail print
>Cry cause its the straw that broke the camel's back
>Bf "why so sad anon, its just a dress"
>Breaks down due to stress in life
>Meanwhile meets cute guy
>Super sweet
>Actually laughed for once in years
>Knows about lolita and fashion
>Likes my itabagging hobby too
>Does not mind me being really weeby or awkward or even shy
>Asked me to be gf but still am with current bf
>Conflicted feelings

I have been in my current relationship for 7 years+ and it is dead. However I cannot let bring myself to end due to the years but cute guy is willing to help me run away to leave this loveless relationship. I do not know what to do anons.
I fear that I might be leaving the relationship of my life and never find love again.
But if I do not leave, I might lose out on a great guy and still be in a loveless relationship.

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How on the Earth it can be the relationship of life, if you guys don’t seem attached at all?

>> No.10017918

You yourself say your current relationship is dead. But then you say you fear leaving the relationship of your life. You sound confused. so Tbh if you haven't even met in 2 or 3 months it really sounds dead. Even if the new guy doesn't end up being your partner for life, there's no point in staying in a relationship when you're both avoiding each other for months. I think you should go see a professional, too. You sound depressed and depression doesn't magically disappear unless you cure it. Good luck anon.

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>planning babby's first cosplay
>person I'm commissioning says it'll take ~6 weeks to create my prop, but if I want a less accurate, more simplistic version of it, it'll only take 10 days
>can't decide between speed or quality
On one hand, I don't have any con to go to, so there's no rush. Plus, this prop is kind of the center piece for the whole costume. If it's bad, the whole thing kind of suffers. I'm already -1 for not having the same skin color as the character. There's no need to make it -2 with a lackluster prop.
On the other hand, I'm excited to get my first cosplay done, and I don't want the personal "buzz" to die off. And since it's my *first* cosplay, and I'm not exactly going to be seen by a lot of people, there's no huge pressure to be perfect, anyway. Tough fucking choice.

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Choose the slow option. In six months you'll be able to complete your second cosplay, and BAM, you have two cosplays which will both look good on a convention. Trust me, it's suffering to only have one because you'll be tempted to wear it all con (like I did when I was 14.)

Besides, it's an investment in both time and money. You'll have this costume for a long while. If you pick the shabby option you'll get irritated with your choice before long.

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Oops, read six months. Six weeks is nothing! Why are you even tempted to go speedy when it's just a month and a half?

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As a person who somehow attracts guys who will gladly take my affection but never return it I think I have few points for you to consider. The first one is do you really appreaciate your current bf? Do you still love his personality and are you willing to work things out with him no matter what? Crushing on another person could just be from you feeling unloved and isolated and less from the new guy actually being more interesting than your current bf. The second question is is your bf willing to work things out? Do your needs meet? If no, it doesn't matter how much you do it just simply doesn't work out. Remember it's always possible you find yourself in the same situation in the new relationship. I had similar sitution and my bf promised the same things but he just simply isn't capable to fullfill his promises (extremely shit childhood etc.) and while it being unintentional comforts a bit it still feels almost as bad. Like he still wants me to pet him and hold him but he just don't realise I want it too and the nicest things I have heard (about his feeling towards me) were from his friends. Is the risk leaving your partner worth if you end up in another barely working relationship?

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Someone bought the same 2 na+h corsets literally seconds before i could finish my order. its been up for hours before. i am sad.

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>comm dad is now comm mom
I don’t know how to feel about this

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Are they cute at least?

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>blouseless coord
>getting stairs from my comm
>mfw my nipples are out

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Anon, your current bf is probably cheating on you. Look, men are horny bastards. If he's not getting it from you and he's not even interested in you, he's getting it from someone else.

A relationship is defined by mutual happiness, if you're not happy, you're not in an actual relationship anymore.

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Nah, people are just bitches. Compliment my cosplays instead uwu

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How did that happen?
Sewing accident?

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No. We only give shitty crossboarder feels (you)'s here. No real cgl related feels allowed.

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So do we need a separate lolita feels thread now? Is this how segregated this board has gotten now?

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Oh no that picture looks so dark and depressing. It made me sad. I hope it was a joke and the owner actually loves that cute fat kitty, I'd hate to think of something bad happening to it

>> No.10018099

No, the OP was just a retard. On top of having an awful first post, they made it 100 posts before the bump limit of the last feels thread. There was an alternate thread but it unironically got moved to /r9k/ by a mod

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I'm a cross board poster, and I posted in this thread and got no (you)s. You're a liar.

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>There was an alternate thread but it unironically got moved to /r9k/ by a mod
Based mods showing them their way home.

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My comm leader is a Patreon cosplayer, to the point where she posts pics of her bear ass on Facebook. FACEBOOK!!

>> No.10018147

>Bear ass
What, is she cosplaying Pooh or something?

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her bear ass. wrong word, friendo.

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>not cracking open an ice cold bear after you get home from work to unwind
Fucking casuals

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Not cgl related, but I'm super excited anyway. I got my email for my meet and greet for a band for this Monday.

Cgl related, I'm also excited to buy things for cgl santa again. I haven't participated in it for like 3 or 4 years, so it feels nice to be looking at presents that someone across the country is going to open and hopefully be happy to receive.

>> No.10018162

>meet and greet
What band? I acknowledge bands gotta make the dolla dolla these days but meet and greet packages always feel scummy to me

>> No.10018165


and honestly this is probably going to be the only time I do this, but I'm still excited because I love the band so much.

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Her huge bulge is at least
No, it just kind of happened I guess

>> No.10018219

the condoms are there just in case, if he needs a waterbootle, isn't it?

>> No.10018223

I guess it counts
also, please post picture of that cos (I am a Xenobladefan, that's why)

>> No.10018227

what's her name?

>> No.10018230

>implying she doesn't have the hairy mini-donut of a moderate sized grizzly

>> No.10018234

Finished the skirt today. It's plain and simple but I love it.

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>mfw my JSK isn't long enough to cover my nuts
What do I do?

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tumblr was a mistake

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We still haven't decided yet, gulls. Who is best Sailor senshi?

>> No.10018259

>Who is best Sailor senshi?
you mean, the best Sailor Senshis?
cause in the end, the lesbians are the best ones

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>the lesbians are the best ones
My wife would respectfully disagree

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My dog of 17 years was put down in April and I didn’t manage to actually cry cry until recently. It’s a big loss because they’re so pure and good. Take time to grieve, and remember to always be the person your dog thinks you are.

>> No.10018268

This. The gays win hands down (each others pants)

>> No.10018284

Well done. I hope it looks good

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Oh god, there is somebody else loves Makoto. I though I'm the only one here who adore her. She is so great.

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>live about a half-hour away from major convention center
>go to conventions for years
>always just drive wearing outfit, with something simple like a jacket or prop in the backseat
>now I'm traveling for a con this weekend
>two suitcases plus garment bag already
>don't even know how to cart around my props
>probably going to buy shit at the con
>carpooling with three other people, who knows how much they have
good grief, how do I do this shit

>> No.10018447

tfwnogf posters: how do I take my mind off the tfwnogf feel and act like a functioning member of society instead wallowing in my own incredibly deep insecurities?

>> No.10018448

What does everyone love more than cosplay?

>> No.10018450


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Food and fashionable socks

Pic related

>> No.10018453

My husbando

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The care and feeding of firearms

>> No.10018455

Old school smashmouth football

>> No.10018466

Kill yourself. Really.

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Does your sexuality bother you, Mod?

Mmm I love cosplay

>> No.10018518


>> No.10018529

For spouting so much fat-fetish crap I'm surprised you have to keep reposting the same images over and over again.

Why don't you fuck off from /cgl/ and go indulge in some godawful place where your kind is welcomed? Then you can find more art to enjoy on your own?

>> No.10018539

daily reminder that the feeder fetish is sicker and more deadly than pedophilia

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>tfw no friends
>partner left me over a year ago
>failed at everything I've tried to do since I left highschool
>22 and live at home still. (Not that I can't afford to move out, I just can't stand to live with strangers)
>Depressed, very very very anxious, cutter, BPD psycho
>Only ever leave the house to go to work, university or to buy food
>wake up every morning and I check my phone there's never a single message from someone
>have had some the girls I work with ask me out but I always just give some vague shitty answer about being tired or busy but in reality I'm just scared and don't find them interesting
>Wanted to turn my life around
>tried to get into cosplay because anime, manga and light novels have been the thing keeping me afloat for years
>spent probably over $1000 Australian dollary doos on materials and equipment
>Made the cosplay over and over and over and it just never came out right
>Made the prop 6 times
>Made the full costume 3 times
>Throw everything away in a fit of rage and just cry a lot because I really wanted to have it be perfect and have people approach me, to have them be happy to be around me and have my hard work appreciated and to meet people who have the same passions and loves as me
>[maybe even find another gf]

At least j fash and anime will never disappoint me but I feel very empty inside having no one to share anything with. But then I'm scared to get involved with anyone because they'll find out I'm a legitimate psycho and leave me. Also I find it difficult to find people who genuinely care about my interests, most just seem superficial or try to fake the interest because they want to get close to me.

It's a literal REEEEEEEEEEEEE moment because I know I'm a pretty okay looking guy and I want someone who I can be kind to, take care of, share my world with and to also have them take care of me but my fucking brain refuses to let that happen. Anyone else relate?

>> No.10018605

As a female gay, I agree. Makoto best waifu

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>that post
>those trips
Absolutely BASED Makoto poster

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>be on cam site to earn burando money
>guy mistakes me for dominatrix
>calls me mistress
>begs to buy me shoes but not the 'cheap ones' on my wishlist which are knockoff lolita heels
>laugh it off and add basic bitch $150 brand name shoes
>guy asks me if I saw my purchases
>check, he's bought the shoes
>bought me $100 of instant camera accessories too
>internal freakout
>signs off before I can ask him how he feels about lolita

I-Is this the legendary burando paypig I've heard tale about

>> No.10018701

You’ve found yourself a real beta orbiter gull

>> No.10018704

I don’t know about sicker than pedophilia, but when I was in grad school, I dated a girl who was secretly into the feeder thing.

We dated about two months, before we got an apartment together. In the first month, I noticed I was getting a bit chubby but didn’t realize it was her. I just chalked it up to grad school making me too busy and tired for good choices.

I didn’t know what was actually happening until I met one of her exes through mutual friends and he told me she liked to move in with guys who were in relatively good shape but had low self esteem and gradually overfeed them while doing other manipulative shit. He had dated her for about a year and had gained almost a hundred pounds. She left him because he went on anxiety meds that made him lose weight and he refused to stop taking them.

I didn’t really believe it because he was an ex and could have been full of shit. And I was probably just gaining weight because I quit going to the gym to spend more time with her. Also she was hot, in shape, had a high libido, and I was turning into a fatass. So I just ignored him.

About two months later, I get on the computer we shared and find she forgot to log out of tumblr. The dash is full of feeder fetish fanart/fanfic.

I confront her about everything and because I’m thinking with my dick, and also worried that I’m too fat to be single again because I’ve gained about 30 pounds, I tell her if she was into this stuff, I’d let her do it (within reason) because if she was happy, I’d be happy.

She said okay, she would like me to enjoy it, too, but the next day, her demeanor toward me changed. She withdrew all affection and ignored me. A week later I came back from class and all her shit was gone and she’d blocked me on FB.

I guess it wasn’t fun for her if I knew about it and she couldn’t gaslight me. Idk if all feeders are manipulative like that but I really don’t want to find out.

>> No.10018705

Oreos and pussy (in that order)

>> No.10018708

>Browsing Lacemarket
>Actually on a main piece purchase freeze but whatever
>I can handle this
>Old chocolate print for sale
>Never seen it before
>Chocolate coord a long term goal of mine
>Panic about wanting to buy it
>Resisting by compromise by declaring it a dream dress won't do
>It's old, what if it won't pop up again??
>Cry inside
>Still not spamming BIN
>No impulse purchases at work
>Get home
>Take nap
>Wake up
>Look at dress again
>It's not pretty anymore
>I don't want it

Dodged a bullet there gulls. Got to stay strong and resist the temptations of these dresses.

>> No.10018709

Guns. /k/ is my other board.

>> No.10018721

>Bigger event in local comm, multiple foreigners attent.
>Talking with many new people.
>Turns out one of them is Mexican.
>She actually looks quite well.
>She's also really nice.
>Can't help to think it's no wonder she's going to foreign events seeing the average Mexican lolita. Wouldn't want to be associated with them.
>Feels nice to find exceptions, wonder how much more Mexican lolita's that CAN dress themselves are hiding.

>> No.10018722

jesus christ anon

>> No.10018727

Are the usual beta orbiters into getting cucked and seeing armpits and feet?
Because if so then no wonder those Patreon girls rake in the cash.

>> No.10018730

Yes actually

>> No.10018732

How can someone be so fickle

>> No.10018767

You two should take a nap too.

>> No.10018769

>basically never leave the house because muh anxiety
>don't work
>can't drive
>check instagram everyday like an idiot
>all of the cosplayers in my area go to the same university
>always hanging out and partying together
>i refuse to go to university because i'm scared of student loan debt (esp since i can't hold a job)
>barely affording cosplay as it is might as well quit

I'm in a pretty shitty cycle honestly, and it's kind of shocking to me that no one else is struggling like this, but I guess if they were they'd avoid posting on social media the same way I do. I'm reading self-help books and setting goals for myself so I'm not entirely hopeless but I still feel this horrible pain when I think about other people in their 20s living it up and me being too scared to do most things. I'm terrified of someday turning 30, looking back and thinking that I didn't have fun at all in my 20s and that I just wasted decades of my life being sad and complaining about shit. All I want to do is have a lot of friends and become some famous costume designer but I keep getting in my own way.

>> No.10018772

Have you tried government grants/FAFSA? School is as good a place as any to start and it did wonders for my anxiety and helped me get out of the house. Even if you can't do uni you could do a two-year school and likely be fully covered.

>> No.10018778

if your family is poor you might qualify for enough grants to get free tuition and books paid like me. i grew up poor AF
but even student loans are very forgiving, you don’t have to pay them off until 6 months after you graduate with little to no interest. (subsidized? i forget which one)
it’s not fully adulting, but it would help get those first steps towards your goal.
if you don’t want your fears to become reality, you have to take action to prevent them!

>> No.10018785

Shit Anon, I really don't have a solution for you beyond saying that moving out would probably be good for you even if you're a bit spergy, and to finish uni and get a nice job.
I think you might be thinking too hard, if you're ok looking then you can get away with a lot more socially than you think you can. Maybe you can ignore conventions a bit more.

>> No.10018788

Vidya and cosplay girls

>> No.10018789

Are you looking for friends Anon?

>> No.10018846
File: 2.57 MB, 498x398, 1E96750E-BA9F-48C4-9791-878C03229369.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m legitimately happy right now, my boyfriend wants to wear lolita with me.

>> No.10018848

Post style

>> No.10018855

>dating a sissy

>> No.10018862

I will never understand the apeal of girly men, but you do you.

>> No.10018867

jesus christ anon, i would honestly categorize that as a kind of sexual abuse. you don’t force people into your sick fantasies without fucking telling them about it. glad you got out

>> No.10018874
File: 25 KB, 541x515, scurbabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You shouldn't have let a bear run your comm.

>> No.10018881

me either. if I wanted someone who was girly, I'd date another girl.

>> No.10018918

I don't get it, what exactly are you scared of?

>> No.10018920

The perfect man: a man's body with a girl's face
Fight me irl

>> No.10018930
File: 51 KB, 1072x364, showershit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw you forget to wear your thong diaper to meet the comm founder

>> No.10018939
File: 46 KB, 643x702, vi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much do you usually donate when they pass the collection plate before tea?

>> No.10018942

comm mom aint getting more than a dime until she cracks down on the sissy who motorboats any lolita who isnt wearing a blouse during the summer meets

>> No.10018946
File: 283 KB, 500x281, 8E74773A-655A-4EA4-B7F1-9406FC5F02CF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can’t y’all just kick his ass? Oh wait, he’d get off to that.

>> No.10018947

It's stupid how lolita doesn't allow breast cleavage, but ass cleavage is encouraged.

>> No.10018952

A ziplock baggie full of my farts.

>> No.10018956

Yeah, so am I. This was a few years ago and I still kind of can’t believe it. Last I heard, she moved somewhere else and ghosted all the friends we had in common, deleted her FB, the whole nine yards. I almost wish I’d gone public with it before she disappeared but it was kind of embarrassing. I’m still working through my trust issues from it. She seemed really cool initially, and it could have been my shitty self esteem at the time, but I did have feelings for her and didn’t want to break up.

I think if she’d been up front about her fetish from the start, or if she’d been dating someone she knew was into it, it wouldn’t have been so fucked up, but I think her whole thing was less about being into fat guys and more about having absolute control of someone. As soon as I said I was willing, she couldn’t get off to it.

I didn’t even know people were into that shit before that, so I didn’t see it coming. The one “good” thing about it all is that I had to get super religious about my gym routine and diet to lose all the weight I’d gained, and I kept up that lifestyle so I’m a lot healthier now than I was before I met her, which has helped with my self esteem, too.

>> No.10018958

What the fuck are you talking about?????

>> No.10018961

what, do you guys do collection plate after tea? we used to do that but too many lolis were squeezing their pettis out the bathroom window after tea was done

>> No.10018971
File: 232 KB, 500x683, elderlyseagull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Greedy bitches. The comm needs that money for pastries and thong diapers.

>> No.10018977

As a fellow lover of girly men I respectfully disagree. Such a Frankenstein combination doesn't capture the beauty of a sharp chiseled face turning to soft love-putty at your beck and call.

But to relate to you in a friendly manner, do you prefer short or long hair?

>> No.10018981

>huge Kate Bush nut
>fantastic cover band featuring her original bassist were in town tonight
>friend couldn't make it so I had to go alone
>dumbass waitress trips and spills a tray full of beer all over me
>woman sitting next to me does nothing but browse Twitter during every song without fail
>still had a good time with major feels during Cloudbusting and Symphony in Blue
Thank you for reading

>> No.10018982

I'm so fucking done with my roommate right now
> he's 27 years old and quit his job two weeks ago without anything else lined up because he didn't want to work the "busy" season
> already owes my bf 1400 for covering his rent one time, plus some cosplay and groceries
> uses payday loans to get by atm but constantly blows all his cash on magic, computer games, and his gf
> sits at home all day playing video games and not looking for another job or helping with chores
> rent is due tomorrow and I'm probably gonna have to cover his ass so we all don't get evicted then sue him in small claims court for it later

actual cgl feels are I wanted to buy CTP but now my extra money is going towards covering his portion of the rent until we figure shit out fml

>> No.10018983

>Opportunity comes up to go to con several states away
>Decide to put armor costume on hold and make something more travel-friendly
>Materials end up costing hundreds of dollars more than originally anticipated
>In too deep now to pick something else
Guess I'm not making any costumes in 2019

>> No.10018984 [DELETED] 

What the hell how come this guy has a gf while I can't even get the qt /cgl/ grill that I've been messaging to watch a movie with me

>> No.10018988

she's 21 and its her first real relationship, so she just doesn't know any better desu

I'm praying she realizes she can do better soon

>> No.10018990

Maybe he'll get his act together. I kind if know that feel, though. If you have feelings for someone, it's hard to be rational with yourself about their flaws. I'm the anon you replied to, by the way, I just deleted my post because I thought it was too self-pitying and pointless.

>> No.10018991
File: 19 KB, 400x400, dkV_sMpD_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't appreciate anime or the culture around it anymore. And thus don't even feel like cosplaying.
Guys finding a high school character attractive/calling her their waifu/saying they would fuck her? I'm uncomfortable because she's clearly underage and they're probably ebephophiles.
Girls getting lewded too much or lolis/moe? It's male pandering etc etc and i feel bitter/uncomfy about how everything is gross/pedophilic/... i used to enjoy things and not care but now i can't,i keep seeing everything wrong and everything is "problematic".

>> No.10018995

That and i'm getting older (24) so i relate less and less since most animes are targeted to younger people with a teenage cast.
A-At least i still have the old classics

>> No.10018998
File: 332 KB, 1280x1810, FCF02E7E-49A2-4760-A560-E4EDEBC233FE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Read plot-driven seinen then

>> No.10018999

>she's clearly underage
She's a DRAWING you cummy dummy.

>> No.10019001

I feel this. I rarely watch new anime at this point because I don't feel like wading through the river of shit to find the hidden gems. Good, non-pandering stories are still out there though! I'm enjoying Thunderbolt Fantasy a lot this season, for example.

>> No.10019006

Does your comm allow brappy trappies?

Because mine does not for some reason.

>> No.10019008

I love the cute girls doing cute things genre but nowadays it appeals to men so much it's not as "wholesome" as it once was

still underage,so it's kinda creepy imo.
My ex boyfriend used to say "i'd fuck her" speaking about Akko from Little Witch Academia and the likes. Apparently found irl high school girl hot too,so i dumped him later that year even though he swore it was just because he was in petite bodies.

>> No.10019010

>i dumped him later that year even though he swore it was just because he was in petite bodies.
If he's not cheating or otherwise hurting anyone, why would you dump him?

>> No.10019011

Thank god i'm not alone i was wondering if i turned into a bitter "woke" person or some shit.
Gonna check it out! I'm watching YuYuHakusho atm.
Also I avoid rewatching animes i used to love as a kid like Lucky Star or Haruhi because I know I won't like them anymore. Sad.

>> No.10019013

he'd fap to underage looking girls and i saw some loli in his porn folder. That and I felt he only loved me for my body/face and once i was gonna age he would go away. Maybe it was a mistake...but what is done is done.

>> No.10019016

>he fapped to underage looking girls
Maybe it's just me, but watching porn while one is in a relationship doesn't seem right.
>That and I felt he only loved me for my body/face and once i was gonna age he would go away
Maybe it was just in your head. I think you should have asked him if he really felt that way. If he actually did, though, I wouldnt really blame you for leaving him.

>> No.10019020

watching porn is perfectly fine,i got no issue with it even though i'm very jealous. I'm bi so we'd share porn sometimes.
And maybe,yeah. I just can"t shake it off though.

>> No.10019022

Relationships are weird. I will never understand how they work.

>> No.10019027

Do you guys think a bunny suit is too thotty? I really want to do that version of this one character (they wear it in the show for one episode) but i don't want to be labeled as a thot for showing skin. I'm average in weight for europe but i have small boobs,small hips and a small butt too

>> No.10019029

I never watched new stuff myself. I always preferred '70s and '80s stuff

>> No.10019037

Most of your complaints aren't specifically a male thing, even anyone who's spent a few minutes on /a/ should know this. There's plenty of anime that panders to women, usually shows where most of the cast is male. And there's tons of female weebs who act like waifufags too, they're not even a minority.
>still underage,so it's kinda creepy imo.
Do you also think videogames promote violence against real people?

>> No.10019038

depends on if you mean bunny suit like a mascot or bunny suit like slutty swimsuit/fishnets and animal ears and a tail.

>> No.10019041
File: 598 KB, 309x480, Medusa's_Voluptuous_Bunny_Suit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's the second one obviously,like this for example.
I always only do cosplays that cover everything or at least never show any cleavage/ass so i'm wondering. I don't want people to think i'm a slut but i really like bunny suits and i'm finally at peace with my body/showing it more

>> No.10019049

That looks pretty slutty. If you want to do it, go for it. Just know that people are probably going to think you're slutty.

>> No.10019053

>still thinking a revealing outfit=slut
imagine being this bitter about yourself and/or caring that much about what unattractive slobs will think of you

>> No.10019059

What. Please explain.

>> No.10019061

I probably won't then,thanks for your input.
Maybe i'll buy one just for my SO though.

>> No.10019065

No problem.

>> No.10019085

The whole idea of that type of bunny suit is a slut/male fantasy thing though, anon.

If that anon is comfy with her body as she says she is, it shouldn't matter if others find it slutty or not.

>> No.10019089
File: 19 KB, 480x368, FB_IMG_1534192682310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does this mean? I know brappy means gay.

>> No.10019101

I don't think it means gay. I think it's a reference to that disgusting brap meme that's been going around.

>> No.10019106

a brappy trappy = a fruit who toots

>> No.10019113

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't slit my arm open from wrist to elbow

>> No.10019125

It'd be harder for someone to give you a great big, warm, soft hug

>> No.10019139

inconveniences the minimum wage cleaning lady who has to scrub your floors so the resale value isn’t affected. do the responsible thing and overdose on xanax

>> No.10019150

>overdose on xanax
>vomit everywhere before painfully dying due to inner bleeding
Doesn't sound much better for Miss Cleaning Lady.

>> No.10019173


that's why you take anti-nausea pills with it, fucking scrub.

>> No.10019187

>thinks pills are a viable suicide method
Jesus, this board really is entirely women. I don't have the image on me, but a shotgun blast to the head is the quickest, least painful way to kill yourself outside of blowing yourself up.

>> No.10019190

You too are correct. I am just lying to myself to keep this fake relationship going. I realized I just think about how good it was and not how good it is. That made me stop leaving my bf for years now and it it not healthy.

Sadly, my bf is too beta and cannot even talk to me properly without fucking up or stuttering so he most cannot cheat on me for that reason. Weirdly I hope he is so I can make a huge scene and make that a reason for breaking up with him without being questioned.


I thought about these things a lot and desu I am done trying to fix something that is dead and not worth it since I tried talking and such before. None of my needs are met and nothing is working out.

I might just leave the guy and take a long single life break to figure myself out again. After 7+ years in a dead and unloving relationship, I come to realized that I do not even know who I am anymore. Plus it will give me time to get back into lolita and to my community again since I been out for so many years.

Thanks anons for your words. I will try to make my life work again now.

>> No.10019191


you need to do it through your mouth or else you have a pretty fucking good chance of being a vegetable for the rest of your life.

nobody knows how to fucking kill themselves jfc.

>> No.10019193

Try not to overthink, your first cosplay doesn't need to be perfect (and desu the others don't too).

anime and programming are always there for me.

>> No.10019194

Yeah, but that's still to the head. Abd besides, that Shuaiby kid managed to pull it off without putting the barrel in his mouth.

>> No.10019195

It still makes a fucking mess that someone has to clean up. Nembutal all the way.

>> No.10019201

Have fun puking your guts out, only to wake up in a mental ward smeared with your own vomit and high on God knows what to keep you sedated and docile.

>> No.10019205


wow too bad we don't have antinausea medication oh wait we do.

only dumbasses who don't plan throw their medication back up.

>> No.10019206

Just do it where no one could find you. They can't clean a mess if they can't see it.

>> No.10019209

Still not as great an option as the old, tried and true shotgun method.

>> No.10019212

Please don't kill yourself

>> No.10019213
File: 302 KB, 557x605, arthursbigshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10019214

>Just do it where no one could find you
>inb4 on the Atlantic Ocean or Australian Outback
No one wants to travel this far just to commit suicide. And it's only an option if you don't mind being assumed missing forever.

Once you're asleep with the right dose, chances you wake up are very low.

>> No.10019215

as someone who is frequently suicidal, ‘please dont kill yourself uwuwuwu youre LOVED’ fake caring bullshit does nothing.

‘youre so fucking pathetic you cant even kill yourself right lolololol’ amuses me and gives my cynical ass a reason to not become an hero

>> No.10019216

yes but your body will still induce vomiting unconscious so still a mess...

>> No.10019218

Please don't shoot yourself and contribute to statistics that are falsely used to push for gun control. Signed /k/

>> No.10019219


/k/ always makes me laugh. My dad is essentially that, he cracks me up too.

>> No.10019220

But without guns they wouldn't shoot themselves, what's false about it

>> No.10019221

Yeah, you're right about that. That's why I'm going to jump in front of a train when I an hero eventual. There's lots of trains where I live.

>> No.10019222

You know what? I'm gonna track you down, wait until you're having a really bad day, and give you the biggest, bestest hug I can, because FUCK YOU

>> No.10019223
File: 50 KB, 600x450, 31421C64_6404_4213_9379_A44EDFEA3765_19917_000003275399C6FA_tmp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just don't eat the brownies

>deaths only matter if its done by gun xd

Thanks senpai. I hope that when you walk out onto that platform that you pussy out and turn around

>> No.10019229


>> No.10019240

>don't worry, I won't shoot myself in peace and quiet alone, I'll disturb and disrupt a whole fucking train station

>> No.10019250

My babygull <3

>> No.10019257

Cloudbusting is such a good song! Glad you still had a good time anon. Hopefully your clothes are okay.

>> No.10019258

Both methods are horrible and leave a huge mess. I think the best option is to use your savings and hire a professional to take you out [spoiler]on a date <3[/goddamncglhasnospoilers]

>> No.10019263

Just go to your local gym
Get set up on the bench press
Put like 400 lbs on the bar and just let it slam directly onto your neck
Boom easy guillotine
Just make sure no one is watching or they’ll try to spot you

>> No.10019264

Thanks for your input, /fit/.

>> No.10019274
File: 59 KB, 500x613, 1515057879414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the worst feels thread I've seen in a long time.

Anyways, I was really pushing to get a new costume done in time for a recent con, but stopped when I finally realized things weren't in my favor and going to work out. It was a load off my back but I'm still annoyed and feel like I failed myself.

>> No.10019277

My gf really likes kids and looks forward for having a kid. She said she never wanted to carry herself, but neither I do. I don’t cosplay a lot, but I do a lot of crafts, which gives me some nice addition to salary, and also I attend most of local cons to sell stuff. The baby would barely fit my lifestyle, although gf is really keen on this. I’m afraid my attitude will make her break with me eventually. I really love her, but also I don’t want to ruin her life.

>> No.10019278

if neither of you want to carry and a full on baby wouldn't fit your lifestyle why not try adopting a child? there's always kids that need adopting and i assume that'd be less of a disruption than an infant

>> No.10019288

If someone wouldn't carry one they are not ready to sacrifice enough to have a child, so they shouldn't adopt either.

>> No.10019297

Well that way you can just return the kid if you change your mind, they usually have a 30 return policy

>> No.10019307

Oh wow, it sounds just like Amazon. I'm sold.

>> No.10019366


Shit happens. I'm currently looking at a situation where one of mine won't be finished, but if someone told me they'd gone through the same shit as I had, I wouldn't particularly blame them.
There's no point in rushing or it'll just fall apart or look terrible, just regroup and smash it for the next con.

>> No.10019375

I want to use the meitu app so I don't have to be ugly in photos, but it's not available in my country. I'd like to start posting my coords online, but I don't want to do that if I have to show my ugly face

>> No.10019387

Just get the QooApp (or any other region free apk installer) and see if Meitu is on it.

>> No.10019388

there are other beauty apps like meitu, beauty 364, line photo, etc

>> No.10019398

I couldn't get a date if I wanted to. I'm boring, autistic, and really short. I'm probably ugly, too. Some girl from this board said I was a 7/10, but she also ghosted me, so I doubt that proves anything. Anyways, I don't want to die quite yet, I still have things to do. Maybe when I hit 30.

>> No.10019399

No problem, anon. I'm not planning on actually doing it for a long time, but if I do, there will be no platform involved. I'm going to put my head directly on the rail just in front of the train.

>> No.10019403

But... it's a drawing. It doesn't have an age.
Also, men of all ages find highschoolers attractive. Not sure why this is an issue in America desu, as long as everyone is >=16 it's fair game imo.
source: I was 16yo once

>> No.10019404

Do it, you gonna look fine.

This. I can't help but think it's incels trying to sexshame gulls

>> No.10019410

Please consider >>10019278. Adopting not only is a good solution to your problem, but you're bringing happiness to a kid who can finally have parents.

Bullshit. Adoption is way to give a future to a child who might have none.

>> No.10019429

risky assumption. the older an adopted child is, the more likelihood of trauma from foster care, being ripped from their birth parents, abuse from birth parents or foster parents, etcetc

chance of special needs also goes up because most healthy babies put up for adoption are adopted extremely quickly

>> No.10019433

>deaths only matter if its done by gun xd
Why are you projecting? All I said was people who shoot themselves wouldn't do that if they don't have a gun. You need a gun to shoot things, you know

>> No.10019448
File: 41 KB, 433x448, e71308f0-8c09-4c6d-9b4b-a475f68e8dfa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shopping addiction is hitting again. Feels pretty bad but also pretty good.

>> No.10019449

feels pretty homeless too

>> No.10019455

The point they are making is that the means of suicide doesn't matter. A person who wants to kill themselves will kill themselves, gun or no gun.

>> No.10019484

Not yet

>> No.10019485

>implying gulls don't sexshame eachother constantly
>implying half the board isn't populated by femcels

>> No.10019491

If you don’t have a wig that reaches the floor I’ll be very upset

>> No.10019493

I think I know the show that anon is talking about it and in context the bunny suit is put on to deliberately attempt draw attention. So the premise of the costume itself is at least provocative. Bunny suits are slutty by nature given they were originally inspired by the Playboy Bunny logo which was then adapted into the standardised outfit of Playboy Bunnies. They were made as a male fantasy and still remain to this day a staple of eroticism.

I don't think that should stop anon from cosplaying whatever she wants to but people are going to think it's slutty because of 1. The context of the character and 2. The context of the suit itself.

>> No.10019495
File: 121 KB, 723x960, 11695833_924457770954774_1966579560784061987_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you not, anon

>> No.10019506

Bunny rabbits are for breeding

>> No.10019524

I lost my boy in August. It really hard and what you're feeling is normal. It'll get better.

>> No.10019526

I browse ck but only because I find its unique brand of shitposting really funny. I'm not particularly into cooking.

>> No.10019567

>i used to enjoy things and not care but now i can't,i keep seeing everything wrong and everything is "problematic".
I guess you know what to do

>> No.10019571

yes, it is
also which character?

I don't know, what's your problem

>My gf really likes kids and looks forward for having a kid. She said she never wanted to carry herself, but neither I do.
are you perhaps a lesbian couple?
either way adoption might be your best solution anyway

>> No.10019573

revealing outfits are still wrong (somehow)

>I can't help but think it's incels trying to sexshame gulls
yeah, as if men (especially incels) are the only one who sexshame

>> No.10019574

>relatively sadder than usual this winter season due to living real far from my friends
>one of my closest friends started drinking and talking a lot of shit about me while drunk, considers me below the others in terms of emotional intimacy, doesn't think I'm capable of either giving advice or being an emotional outlet.
>also doesn't realize I remember 99% of what is said while drunk
>sadness only amplifies my paranoia about """friends""""
>stuck playing vidya and sewing sometimes, classwork suffering due to sadness and lack of desire to try since it's my 4th year of college. Not sure if it is depression or what

how on earth do girls manage to still have boyfriends in depression? It's too much effort for me to even talk to girls on Tinder, let alone try at the level for a real relationship

>> No.10019580

no idea if I should post this, but here are some real /cgl/ related feels on /v/
>>go to con
>>wanna fug some trap bussy
>>traps are now actually girls pretending to be traps

>> No.10019581

C'mon lad. /v/ is unfortunately my most used board ahead of here but it's fucking awful, especially with the rampant RDR2 shitposting engulfing it right now. Why would you link it here

>> No.10019584

don't forget the current Smash Grinchleak, and Sony censoring debate (which was actually about the thread I linked to, but it didn't work, somehow)

>> No.10019601 [DELETED] 

This is Olympia and the children's movement.
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Save money. Return to ERAT albuginem. Sometimes a carefree wit without surgery, an obstinate mullein, UT occidere.

>> No.10019605

What the fuck is this?

>> No.10019606
File: 87 KB, 266x243, 1528642221185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10019608

Nonsense bot or nonsense person. Shows up a lot.

>> No.10019657


>Maybe it's just me, but watching porn while one is in a relationship doesn't seem right.

I disagree with that in itself. Both my boyfriend and I watch porn and I'd say we have a healthy view of what sex is. We sometimes discuss what makes me uncomfortable in porn or what I like a lot, and vice versa, which turns into a good discussion about what we like in sex.

Now what I didn't like was when guys lied about their porn watching. Happened with my ex all the time. He'd lie about shit and then I'd find out that he was watching hentai behind my back, which didn't do much for my trust in him. I don't even understand why, unless he was hiding loli shit from me (he kept calling me that, it was weird and inappropriate and part of a shameful chapter of my life).

>> No.10019664

I suppose it depends on the person. But why would you watch porn and make yourself feel good when you can have sex with someone that loves you and make both you and them feel good?

>> No.10019684

Because some fetishes are impossible/impractical in real life

>> No.10019693

That makes sense, I guess.

>> No.10019699
File: 2.68 MB, 634x384, momopunched.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw somebody brings macaroons frosted with toothpaste

>> No.10019711

For me, because I think masturbation and sex are two different things. Like both result in you getting off, but sex is a two-person thing and by nature requires me to be attentive. Sometimes I just don't have the emotional energy... but I'm horny. And sometimes I'm not that horny, but I want to feel intimate with my SO.

Same way I like having dinner with other people, but I also have moments where I just want to enjoy my meal by myself.

>> No.10019712
File: 50 KB, 400x447, EF56A42A-E0EA-47EF-8F45-0A451DDB2E50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw gulls spit out my minty-fresh cookies

>> No.10019714

too real

>> No.10019727
File: 1.04 MB, 958x846, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 02 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_13.55_[2018.07.15_00.40.13].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10019749

i appreciate your minty fresh cookies anon my teeth have never been cleaner

>> No.10019750
File: 100 KB, 1242x1241, 1539950118112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This: >>10017307 anon here
I talked to her again today, she actually gave me lots of helpful advice about how I should go about Jin but honestly every time I talk to her I act like I have brain damage and I want to kill myself just thinking about it and i'm a loser with no friends and I dont know why I ever though I deserved her. Fucking kill me jesus christ.

>> No.10019768

girls aren't fucking sponges, if she disliked you she would have found an excuse to quit hanging out with you ages ago. suck it up and make a great cosplay and maybe kiss her

>> No.10019770

>if she disliked you she would have found an excuse to quit hanging out with you ages ago
We've only known each other for a few weeks. I don't even have her phone number or SC or anything.

>> No.10019773

Is that really Moomoo getting smacked? Lmao.

>> No.10019775

what's your point? i have ghosted guys within minutes

>> No.10019776
File: 175 KB, 223x344, fat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>little sister accused of being ita
>mfw our comm daddy won't let me serve on the jury

>> No.10019777

She only probably talks to me because I look lonely and she just wants to be nice and she knows I like a lot of the same things as her.

>> No.10019782

tell him you two are in the flirting stages of sweet loli incest and he'll totally let you on

>> No.10019784
File: 167 KB, 500x281, 1460606128-772cd7a251031d7d3fd5f53f7033df4d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>childfree since i was a little kid
>hate children, especially babies
>sister has a kid
>mfw holding him
>mfw finally understanding the raw biological urge to parent
ive only known this thing for two hours but if anything happened to him i would kill myself and everyone in this room

>> No.10019787

How are you going to kill everyone in the room when you're already dead?

>> No.10019794
File: 2.12 MB, 1334x750, 91076A88-92B2-4270-BBE7-556428A148EC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m glad

>> No.10019796

tis the season

>> No.10019797

To be jolly?

>> No.10019799
File: 48 KB, 300x346, 6B494D70-E9DE-484C-AE15-967028D80F93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fa la la la la

>> No.10019817
File: 104 KB, 640x478, med_1471670701_00004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10019829

I think porn is an option when your SO is far abroad from you, people have needs to fulfill. It might be not that sweet, but still helps to relieve stress.

>> No.10019891
File: 937 KB, 973x551, abefinger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what to do

>> No.10019903

Can I impregnate you then?

>> No.10019988

It's from her "dream project" butchering Umineko.

>> No.10019997

>58 kg
>go on secret diet
>two months later
>everyone tells me how much skinnier and healthier I look
>I am visibly thinner with a flatter stomach
>I weigh 56kg so barely lost any weight at all
I don't understand. I genuinely look different but I weigh pretty much the same. I haven't been exercising either so it's not like it's muscle weight.

>> No.10020010

how big are you? size changes how much of a visual effect weight loss has on someone pretty significantly. i'm a giant so the 17kg i've lost over the last few months have made very little visual difference, for example.

>> No.10020016

165cm. Not that short for a girl. I don't have a petite build either, I'm an hourglass but have wider shoulders and hips than average.

>> No.10020019

I dunno then, good luck with your diet though anon

>> No.10020032


Hm, this actually makes sense, anon. I always felt low key hurt if my partner ever looked at it because I never felt the need. But this kind of helps me to understand a little better. So thanks I guess!

>> No.10020039

To add what >>10019711 said I don't always watch porn when masturbating but when I do it's to fullfill fantasies I don't want to share or be able to execute. I never watch it because I want to look at or do it with someone else than my so. Also, my partner struggles with his libido and I still need the visuality sometimes so what else there is to do really. However, masturbaring is a good way to find out what do you actually like and porn can be like that too.

>> No.10020061

>be in relationship for 5 years, start dating bf when I was 18
>notice as I get older he stops showing any sexual interest in me
>find Loli porn all over his computer

Needless to say we are no longer together. I’m now dating a jock of all things, gulls. One that has muscles and works out and yeesh... I’ve only ever dated feminine men so it’s quite the change. He lets me dress him up in vkei though with a dry “sure whatever you want babe” and genuinely doesn’t mind, so, going great so far.

>> No.10020062

The part about fetishes that aren't viable irl makes sense, but if you just want to get off without your partner available, why not just masturbate to lewd images of them?

>> No.10020067

You are right who the hell would want to be around you if you are this sorry for yourself.
Better just give up now right? Because failing couldn't possibly lead to you becoming a better person.

>> No.10020072

Tbh I don't have any of him and he doesn't have any of me. I feel like having someone's nudes etc. includes a certain responsibility and not everyone is comfortable sharing them even with a partner. Just to add, I still usually think of him at some point even when watching porn.

>> No.10020073

That makes sense.

>> No.10020077

>tfw our comm daddy is looking to ban DDLGs

>> No.10020079

I'm your height and around your weight, 5 lbs makes a huge difference for me too

>> No.10020082

I don't know what my problem is I never had problems talking to people or making friends all my life but ever since I started college I havent been able to connect with anyone and I have no friends and she was the one person I feel like I can talk to but every time I see her I keep finding ways to fuck everything up.

>> No.10020083

What are you going to do?

>> No.10020096
File: 55 KB, 634x477, 27972789_1940928359557780_311726105030184278_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am so happy i can fit in lolita including older,smaller pieces without trouble or too much trouble but i am so tired of being a womanlet with small af boobs,a small butt,small hips,normal thighs,... i hate my body my waist isnt even super small (a boring normal 67cm) and i am short too (5"3). Lolita hides my body and makes me hate it less but i am so tired gulls...at least i have a flat stomach but still no bf/gf

>> No.10020097
File: 17 KB, 225x225, 35A3A7AE-A083-49A0-BCE5-43E74A677EFC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had that feeling when I saw my baby niece for the first time but after a while realized that I still hate the idea of having children, I’m just fiercely devoted to my niece.

It did fuck my hormones up for a bit and I did genuinely felt baby crazy, I just thank god I snapped out of it.

>> No.10020100 [DELETED] 

There's really nothing wrong with being a womanlet. I'm sure if you put yourself out there, you can get a bf. do you have discord?

>> No.10020128

This makes me feel sad, anon. I'm a lolita too and I also struggle with some body image stuff, but I honestly think you sound attractive and like you should maybe appreciate yourself a little more. I think girls of all heights are gorgeous, and you don't sound like an exception. There's nothing wrong with having a normal waist measurement, you can totally be attractive and appealing without being super curvy. Having a flat stomach and less t&a is a really hot look to be honest. Sexy is more about health and confidence, and if the person is cool and interesting. If we had things in common I would totally date you, and I'm sure lots of girls and guys feel the same way.

>> No.10020130
File: 1.68 MB, 480x268, 2HNh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Listen friend, as someone who has had, lost, and continues to miss many pets, here is my advice. Spend time every so often, as you no doubt have your pet's whole life, giving them some attention and thanking them for being in your life.

Know that you gave them a happy home and shelter, spent your life protecting them, and sharing good times together. Without you, none of that would have happened. You did your best, and im sure they love you for it. To them, you're the best thing thats ever happened.

Remember that death will come for each of you someday, and that it wont invalidate those good times and memories you made together. Saying goodbye is always hard, and you never know which of you will be doing it first, but remember and cherish that time together, and know you gave your friend a good life, and that your friend wouldn't want you to be sad.

>> No.10020131

I can be your bf

>> No.10020141
File: 305 KB, 464x524, wwww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll try to be more confident

Only if you intend of marrying me and loving me and only me

>> No.10020146

I can do that, but only if you're a freak in the bedroom when it comes to your preferences.

>> No.10020153

You sound cute from that description. Are you sure you wouldn't just hate your body no matter what it looked like?

>> No.10020159

These are very wholesome

>> No.10020162

>only if you're a freak in the bedroom when it comes to your preferences

>> No.10020163

Is anyone here friends on discord with someone named uzunyan? We were talking online for a while, and then she disappeared. She browses this board a lot, so I figured someone here might know her. I don't know if something went wrong with her internet or discord account or if she just ghosted me.

>> No.10020164
File: 784 KB, 1280x720, 1539358451849.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw shifted away from dirty bulking on fast food because of too much fat to literally a whole steak and sweet potatoes for every dinner with veggies
It took a bit to get into the habit but I'm saving a lot of money on food now and feel healthier

>> No.10020166

I'd be happy to talk to you if you have discord.

>> No.10020167

Freaky sex is very wholesome when it's enjoyed by both parties.
Maybe not loving consensual sex in the missionary position, that shit is bonkers.

>> No.10020170

>implying I didn't stipulate I would love her and only her on that condition
As wholesome as it gets

>> No.10020205

> loving consensual sex in the missionary position
Sounds perfect.

>> No.10020333

Marriage makes it wholesome

>> No.10020594

>people really center their personalities around hating sjws and trans people

>> No.10020604
File: 62 KB, 550x550, 1537465655205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This: >>10019750 >>10017307 anon again
I talked to her again at a Halloween party today. It went a lot better but I'm like 99% sure she has a bf now.

>> No.10020628
File: 270 KB, 600x381, 53DA3DB6-1709-4833-8B93-866388BAB56C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assert yourself dum asuka poster
Ask her out

>> No.10020642

>ask out a girl who has a boyfriend
That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all

>> No.10020717
File: 90 KB, 957x621, 1526634253344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>One that has muscles and works out and yeesh... I’ve only ever dated feminine men so it’s quite the change
Fucking chads, it's not my fault I get mistaken for a girl

>> No.10020793

Unfortunately it does but unfortunately many of us do not wish to be hugged while wearing cosplay because it’s not comfy. After I take off my cosplay and wear my Kigu however, I DO wish to be hugged and also to be fed french fries. So there’s that?

>> No.10021052
File: 944 KB, 1917x2555, CFA597A1-012C-44E3-8AA4-D81E0D15235C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw no femme gf to cosplay my LLSIF rarepair with

>> No.10021441

I'm sorry, anon. I know that horrible feeling too. My beloved cat who grew up alongside me passed in July. Be patient with yourself. If you can't muster up the strength to complete the tasks you normally would this time of year, then be at peace with that. Whatever you can do is your best. Your furry friend would be proud of you and want to see you carry on.

>> No.10023491

>Maybe it's just me, but watching porn while one is in a relationship doesn't seem right.

If you both fulfill each other's sexual needs then it seems weird but if you don't then one of you is expecting the other to pretend that you do when you don't