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Old thread is close to bump limit.

Don't forget to prepare your wallets for lucky packs. Shopping Services will be full sooner than you expect.

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You should wait until the thread is past bump limit. It could take all day until it actually is.

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What lucky packs? Baby & AP have been churning out ugly taobao prints on polyester since like 2015. I won't be buying.

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It's really hard to start a new discussion in an almost dead thread.

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I havent liked their LP prints in a long time but I did really like that plain piece AP did last year. The one that came with rabbit ears.

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perfect time to troll if you ask me

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I've been a diehard AP print fan since I got into lolita almost 10 years ago, but the last couple of years have really disappointed me. Only two print series have grabbed my attention, and surprise, surprise, they were more traditional, cotton releases. So much of what AP puts out now looks /worse/ than some of the better taobao brands. Construction and notion quality is still higher, but the prints just really suck. And why is everything fucking polyester now? I don't want to look like I walked out of some sissy's closet in shiny ass fabric that pulls when you look at it.

I bought LPs from AP and Baby in 2015, but that was the last year. Since then I've just bought casual brands' LPs.

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Anybody remember that story about the lolita who killed herself the night after a meetup (and it was highly speculated to be because of depression)?
I think it was in Russia but i'm not even sure,it's so old like,early 2000s and it's blurry but i'm pretty sure it happened. That or I dreamt about it and got it mixed up with a real life event.

Anyone here to enlighten me?

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What is so good about Usakumyas? Why is it considered "oh so great" to have one?
They're not even cute,they look like a demonic baby plush toy

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That's your opinion. The answer is that other people think they're cute and/or because they want to flex on others. It's a combination of both

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Oh is it even flexing? You can find them secondhand for less than 40$. I saw a listing on LM for a 20cm one for 30$ all included in my country

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I think anon is referring to people who have shelves filled them or managed to get their hands on the rarer Usakumyas.

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The basic big ones cost around $100 and more if they're limited release, and the limited pochette ones can go for $200-300 secondhand if they're the limited release ones.
The ordinary ones aren't too special unless you have a ton of them (which is why you see pictures of Chinese lolitas or on Instagram with a whole bunch of them)

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I like new AP better than old AP, but I love the light fabric and wasn't a fan of the heavy cotton ones.

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do you think people would like a like, crafting meet? a fabric shop in my city just opened up a community sewing space and I thought a fun idea for a meet would be making like, headbows or rectangle headdresses. Any thoughts?

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Not in my experience. Maybe your posts are just boring.

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To me the art looks like poorly designed clipart, and a lot of it blends together. I haven't been able to put my finger on what exactly, but something about the feeling of it is very different. Baby was always hit or miss for me.

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I don’t see much of a difference. You can see which designer worked on which print and I have one I prefer and I‘m buying their prints new or old.

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This looks promising. I guess it might be great in dark red or green.

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London literally has a dedicated sub-comm for crafting

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>flex on others

I see way less of a fanbase for Usakumya on the western side than on the Japanese and Chinese lolitas side

Baby/AATP also put out a lot of Usakumya prints (it's their mascot ""kawaii"" character) so some girls just like to have the matching accessories or bags, it can be as simple as that. I'm not the biggest Usakumya fan either but some of them can actually be pretty cute, it depends on the art/print involved. That one navy x pink print that had stars, from a recent year comes to mind.

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Buying an usakumya is like flexing with a Gucci belt. Cool, but unless the rest of your outfit is as good quality/brand as that, it's obvious you bought the cheapest flex possible, and it's probably second hand.

Baby's ballgowns... Now THAT'S a flex. Same for all the nouveau riche Chinese girls that get the latest release of AP, Baby and JetJ in each colorway.

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But anon isn't necessarily talking about London. Plus that's a crafting lolita comm. They're asking whether it's the sort of thing a normal comm would be interested in.

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man think of the golden age when you could look forward to a velveteen screen print holiday release from ap. now it’s just another variation of bearsandpresents.gif

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I'm getting into lolita, what are some big lolita lifestyler instagrammer I can follow?

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I really hope they pick up their LP print game this year. I love all the older ones but the last 3 years have been disappointing.

I miss cotton too. The new flimsy sheer fabrics they use nowadays on everything are terrible.

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I want this dress and I haven't even seen how it looks yet

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It's still flexing if you compare western lolitas to western lolitas

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Doll Toy Box is cotton I believe and they are rereleasing Melody Toys which is also cotton.

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I'm gonna bedazzle half a cantenlope and wear it on my head
I wanna bedazzle a blouse, too
Y'all like Swarovski crystals and shit?

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Cantaloupe sounds damp and kind of sticky to wear on your head? I love rhinestones and swarovski crystals though, been thinking about bedazzling one of those plague doctor spy vs spy masks

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You legit made me sad, anon.

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Omg, please do that

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It probably depends highly on your comm, you may have to change your pace or tailor things around the slower, non-crafty people if you open it to everybody in the lolita comm instead of going through (for eg) the knitting comm and ask who wants to join a knitting bee for lolita.

We had one that was folded into a day of other activities. So rather than a full on crafting day it was just a couple of hours of crafting in the middle of a regular meet with food and selfies and mingling the rest of the time. Worked out pretty well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the slow ones who couldn't get the hang of making things didn't spend the whole meetup feeling frustrated with themselves. The rest I think enjoyed that they learned how to make something simple instead of needing to buy them.

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Didn't realise I'd posted in the dying thread, copypasting my reply from the old thread:

Personally, it’s just a small gimmick of being a bear pretending to be a rabbit that gets me. Like idk why but the fact that you can pull her hood down is kinda cute. But then you get to kumakumya and that’s just a bear pretending to be a bear?!?

More practically, they just make good accessories. It’s a cute plush bear/rabbit with headbows, so it pretty much goes with a lot of lolita themes. And being a purse (albeit a tiny one that can’t hold anything) gives you a good excuse to carry it. One bear isn’t going to suit every single coord, but they come in so many colours and so many ribbon/eye combinations there’s probably a bear out there that suits almost any coord, which means you end up collecting them. Plus even more choices and versatility if you add in the mini matching outfits Baby has been making for them, her yellow and pink friends, and if you’re willing to pin things to her as well.

Added bonus: Baby keeps remaking them, so you don't need to worry about being dated (In contrast a lot of AP’s plush bags feel like they are tied to one or two specific prints), meanwhile the really old Usakumyas have gone so far around it's cool to have a really old Usakumya from the dawn of lolita now. Plus Baby also makes Usukumya & friends prints so if you like them it's easy to get into buying all of the different Usakumya things.

I can't really help you with thinking it looks like a demonic plush, it's cute to some of us somehow. But if you don't like them, don't get them. I only have two very basic ones myself, not the full range of different limited edition pochettes. Just let other people squee over kumya when they want, why rain on their parade just because it's not your thing.

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I never wanted one until baseball kumya. Never thought they were cute. But I LOVE baseball and it's so adorable

Now I wonder what other cute kumyas I missed

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crafting meets are my favorite! my com does a bunch of them

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desu for me, i hate that usakumya like the concept that you remove the hat and it’s a bear exists, I wish it was just a rabbit. Kumya kumya is okay, because you don’t remove anything. I try to never remove the hoods from mine because i want them to stay a rabbit forever. except when i use the pochette because i don’t have a choice.

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kumya kumya has small bear ears under its big bear ear hat.... really makes you think....

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I could use some ideas for normie coworker friendly lolita Halloween "costumes". We can wear Halloween costumes at my work, and I'd like to wear lolita and get away with it, but keep my powerlevel down.

example, being a witch works because the dress and petti work with the costume and it's a pretty normal costume for Halloween.
Being a "doll" wouldn't work because that's a weird costume for an adult at a job.
Most ideas I can think of won't work, I could use some inspiration. Sure i could be a witch but I don't really want to.

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Shiro ghost coord?

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Some of these depend on which substyle you wear or if you have a specific dress that can work but: Mary Poppins, Disney princess inspired things, pirate, goth, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Dorothy from the wizard of oz

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I have pic related which seems like it could work for something. I'm not sure ghost is it. I thought about a living dead/ghost bride thing, but I think that's maybe not a good idea for work
Yeah, I didn't specify substyle since I have a variety of dresses. Some of these could work. Generally I avoid dresses that look like a character though.
Also, I guess there's always bo peep, lool

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maybe its the equivalent of wearing double eye-lid tape to make your eyes seem bigger.
kumya kumya just wants to be cute

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uh... wouldn't it be closer to wearing a wig instead of your real hair? kuma kumya has eyes you know

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Actually btssb has a straight up rabbit plush bag as well, Vanilla chan. She doesn't seem as popular as Usakumya though.

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>living dead ghost bride
Maybe consider a Victorian vampire thing, toned down version could be that dress and a collar and some white flowers in your hair

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wait you fucking serious?
damn what the fuck baby.....
i did not know that

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I've done librarian before since I have multiple book prints, just threw on a pair of oversized glasses as the finishing touch.

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If you like cats there was a nekokumya at some point (she has bear ears underneath the cat ears)

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What is with baby and all these otherkin/transspecies bears? It's a little concerning. Why are things so bad for bears in Japan that they don't want to be bears anymore? Even kumakumya, I'm guessing it wears a hood so that it even though it looks like a bear which is what it is other people will see the hood and assume it's not a bear underneath and therefore treat it more kindly. Does this point to rampant bear-hatred and bear-abuse in Japan? What can we do to stop this??

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Maybe because Gloomy Bear got a bad reputation and the other bears didn't want to be seen like that?

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It makes sense, but that's pretty sad. That whole incident wasn't Gloomy Bear's fault. She was depressed and hungry and that kid kept trying to play with her even though she was a grown-ass bear who needed her privacy. Like, she made a bad decision but that kid's shouldn't have been there in the first place. Where were his parents? I just don't think it's fair to judge all bears based on one troubled individual.

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ah fuck

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.... and then their friend from China, Pandakumya-chan, thinks it's a fashion trend and tries to copy it?

(she has panda ears underneath her panda ears. lol it feels funny to type that)

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Does anyone know anything about a girl named Millye Kenwood? She sold me a dress a couple of weeks ago and it’s been impossible to get a tracking number from her, her English is pretty bad despite living and working in Tennessee so all I get is a “yes I have send” when I ask.

I searched her name before buying anything and she seems legit, despite at first wanting me to send the money as a gift at first but I figured she might just be lazy and/or stupid (I got her to send me an invoice in the end since I would refuse the deal otherwise).

I wouldn’t say she’s shady in any way from my experience, just a bit dull. But since the dress is sent from the US to Scandinavia I can’t help but be a bit worried until the dress arrives.

>> No.10013201

I have gotten scammed before and heard so many horror stories that I get nervous very easily

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i will forever love their red demon eyes. Don't ever change usakumya. forever be a weird bear bunny monstrosity

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ILU anon.

>> No.10013209

here is my advice. message her one last time. say you have been very patient with her and it is only fair to be given a tracking number. tell her if she does not respond in -- days (depends on your patience) you will open the paypal dispute.

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Ladies, put on your kawaii tin foil hats. There is a conspiracy against bears in the Baby headquarters...
Why? It cute. Its too bad i went the gothic path...plushies dont really match with crosses.
Red eyes are cute! And some rabbits have red eyes irl! And they are cute as hell

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Oh my heart this is adorable

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Elegant gothic aristocrat vampire (wear plastic fangs with moitie)

>> No.10013295

No... This one is not cute at all. I like sports and music, not furry shit

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Wow keep messaging her, even first class has a customs number you can sometimes use to track

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No offense but what kind of job do you have that it's so important to hide you're into jfashion?

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That made me think of Monty Python lol
>gothic killer rabbit print when??

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Does anyone know why brands seem to be putting out fewer skirts? There's a lot of prints i would love to have a skirt version of but most only have a jsk and op available

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I was thinking of wearing my Angelic Bat cutsew to work with AP bat accessories. Not a costume per se, but casual compared to what I normally wear to work.

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People say they don't sell well but Idk what that's based on. I only bought skirts, no dresses, from AP and ETC. Now I don't buy anything from them anymore. I thought they sold alright since they're much cheaper. At least btssb still releases them.

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I think they don't sell as well as they used to, like another anon said. I remember when AP did a weird transition from selling normal lolita skirts to mini skirts of the print.

I've always found skirts a little awkward to wear, maybe other have the same experience? Skirts usually fit fine on the waist, but to me jsks and ops are just physically more comfortable. Blouse buttons always open around the bust area, which isn't ideal when you're wearing a skirt. I'm not even big chested, even by japanese sizing standards. Even when tucked in properly, I find blouses and cutsews bunch up weirdly at the waist of a skirt, and untucked tops with skirts look too frumpy on me.

Overall I look more polished with a jsk or op, even if I'm putting in minimal effort. The silhouette just seems cleaner. Have others found something similar to this, and if so, do you think this might have had any impact on the sales the led to fewer skirt releases?

I do suspect that a lot of it has to do with the Chinese market, where more elaborate or showy coordinates call for more than just a skirt and blouse/cutsew. I'm probably way off, so someone correct me if I'm talking rubbish.

>> No.10013397

I recall it being about bear that wanted to go to some magical kingdom but couldn't because it was a bear and not a rabbit. Then a girl came by and did some magic and woosh the bear now had rabbit ears (...well superficially at least) and the two of them went off to that magical kingdom together. The details are extremely blurry though, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

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When AP sold them the skirts were consistently last to sell, sometimes there would even be a bloodbath and the skirts would still be up for a while. So no one's surprised when AP started leaving skirt cuts out.

It's reflected in CoF as well, usually you'd see way more jsks and onepieces than skirts.

I think for most people jsk is the best compromise (assuming you fit) between being able to change looks by changing the blouse/cardi/bolero/etc, but also easy to coord because your torso and skirt is one print and you don't have to worry about your top and bottom looking like two different coords.

>> No.10013448

I think you are correct. I also remember the bit about bear being so sad that it cried until its eyes turned red. Good stuff.

>> No.10013452

For a lot of people, skirts just look weird. I love the versatility of skirts (and the smaller sizes), but they accentuate my waist in the worst possible way. A well fitted JSK or OP looks so much better on me.

They've also never held their resale value well, so it was pointless to buy one new.

>> No.10013463

Yeah, I think that perfectly describes the issues a lot of people have with lolita skirts. They make me look bigger than I am most of the time as well, since most of my blouses are a bit too loose in the waist. I think this differs per brand, but quite a few of my brand blouses and tops are so short that lifting up my arms in a regular natural-waisted lolita skirt might untuck the bottom.
I still really like skirts so when I do wear them I'll sometimes use a belt or waist cincher. Most of all though I look for skirts with a wide waistband, preferably with corset lacing. I wear mostly classic and gothic, so the majority of the brands I like regularly put out skirts like that. It's probably harder to find them with sweet brands.

Although that's likely the reason western lolitas don't wear skirts as much, I don't know about the rest of the world. Since China makes up such a large part of the people who buy new AP and BTSSB, it might also be part of it that Chinese girls' preferences appear to gravitate towards more OTT ops and jsks.

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Has a seller ever done something kind of scammy that they thought you wouldn't notice but you did? I want to hear your stories, because I just got fucked over and I'm really upset about it.

>dream dress listing on XianYu (right colourway, cut and size)
>Very rare to see this cut for sale!
>My SS gets the dress
>It's....the wrong cut
>seller 'isn't friendly' according to my SS (read: scamming bitch) and doesn't want them to return the dress or negotiate. She's adamant that it is the cut she says it is, even though it's obviously not. My SS even tried it on for me because they don't have a mannequin.

Fuck this bitch. Hope karma bites her in the ass now that I have a dress that is *almost* perfect. I'd return it if I could but I guess that's not happening.
Also if you're having deja vu it's because I posted this in the wrong thread then deleted.

>> No.10013473

Have you ever had a job anon? Coworkers can be judgy about the littlest things, sometimes it's better to assimilate. Maybe you're lucky and have always had super understanding and nice coworkers.

>> No.10013474

You take that back! Nekokumya is adorable!

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>time for the holy hand grenade!

>> No.10013566

Anon, do you mind explaining how to use XianYu? I'm familiar with Taobao but I cannot seem to figure out how to search anything on there, there's no search bar at all.

>> No.10013567

ntayrt, but speaking of judgy coworkers... I worked in an office with a bunch of middle aged women (I was 18 at the time), one of which who GENUINELY thought I was a vampire. She'd freak out and hide from me in the halls and all sorts of random crap. Coworkers can be crazy and judgy and stupid as shit, so yeah, sometimes it's better to hide some of the parts of your personality in a work setting.

>> No.10013569

You have to download the app then basically copy and paste links to your SS. I don't have the document, but on the cgl discord I believe there's a guide. It's a bit of a hassle and only some SS take it. I haven't searched for anything aside from one particular dress so I can't tell you how good/accurate the search function is.

>> No.10013581

Thanks so much - annoying that they only let you search on the app but I think I can maneuver from here. Thanks again!

>> No.10013627

How do you tell them apart? Just curious the style one tends to go for over the other.

>> No.10013725

Personally, I am concerned with presenting myself professionally and that's why I don't want to give away too much powerlevel. I have a lot of older male co-workers I don't really want to explain my fluffy dress hobby to.

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Is it just me or is the Dressy Bear JSK missing from AP's site? I've been out of the hobby for a while so pls forgive if it's a dumb question

>> No.10013751

AP said on their site that it's been delayed due to factory reasons. It'll be up mid october (probably this weekend?) or end of october.

>> No.10013754

Thanks! I haven't wanted a new release in years, but I'm all about the pinkxgray colorway

>> No.10013763

No problem! Hope you get it! And welcome back to the fashion!

>> No.10013766

Is Japonica okay? I have an order from a couple months ago and they haven't emailed me or responded to my most recent email. Hopefully they are not shut down because of a natural disasters

All of my orders with them have been huge so normally they're really fast with my stuff

>> No.10013782

Same here anon
Any other SS that accepts to buy from fril and mercari?

>> No.10013787

Really? I just made an order yesterday and they immediately bought it for me.

>> No.10013829

Maybe my orders are smaller than I thought, I buy maybe $1000 of lolita with them every 3 months... How often do you do an order and how much per shipment

>> No.10013887

I buy way less often than that and they for my order a few weeks ago. There just really busy rn, so they're probably behind. It took them a little longer than normal to pack, but buying auctions was fine.

>> No.10013889

bears are the literal worst, i wouldn't want to be one either. don't shame the kumyas

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You can match her to AatP's Dance of the Black Cat, which is musical and has cat paw prints on the piano keys?

>> No.10013966

that’s so cute

>> No.10013978

>cat paw prints
But... how can she make cat paw prints when she has bear paws.

>> No.10013986

senpai she has kitty beans look again

>> No.10013996
File: 221 KB, 363x321, hotdogs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bear ears
>but kitten paws

>> No.10014052

>due to factory reasons
Things weren't going well in Myanmar?

>> No.10014053

Also nayrt but my coworkers gossip and spread weird rumors about me simply for wearing skirts more than once a week (only women in religious cults do this apparently) so I don’t even want to know how they’d react if they found out I wear an alternative fashion called lolita.

>> No.10014056

That's absurd. I'm so glad I don't live in your area.

>> No.10014057

A kitten disguised as a bear disguised as a kitten!?

>> No.10014224

I feel unattractive in lolita lately, what do?
I have that recurent thought like "i should start dressing like the other pretty girls and show more skin to look more attractive".
My girlfriend thinks i look cute in lolita and that she doesn't care what i wear but my insecure ass feels like she'd like it better if i wasn't dressed like that

>> No.10014226

bears are adorable and anyone saying they're bad can fuck right off. fucking fight me over it.

>> No.10014231

My gf is opposite. She likes when I wear lolita, encourages me to buy more brand. As for me myself, I feel like it’s not my thing anymore. The truth is that I feel more myself wearing tomboy or all that black Japanese avant-garde kind of clothes. She despises it tho, says no person can look good wearing that black rags lol. I still like lolita a bit, but I mostly buy and wear it because I want to look appealing for her.

>> No.10014281 [DELETED] 


There was a coworker at my former job who'd try to make fun of me for wearing professional clothing instead of oversized scrubs that showed my bra and caused me to break out.

It was absurd. She was the only one laughing, but she thought she was the shit for trying to call me out on something that was frankly not important.

Basic bitches are bizarre.

>> No.10014422

Has anyone recieved their IW LPs? I missed out but I really want to know what was in then!

>> No.10014497

Does Tokyo Alice not offer Paypal anymore? It disappeared from their payment selection.

>> No.10014721
File: 481 KB, 595x842, pop(39).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it's up this week. Ivory, pink, brown, and grey.

>> No.10014722
File: 106 KB, 876x400, Dpwl37gV4AAUzlv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im not one of those anons obsessed with animal print but I have to say the black colorway looks adorable

>> No.10014745

Been considering this, I want to wait a few more days before I make any demands (shipping from the us to over here can take up to three weeks depending on the shipping company and how lucky you are). But I just asked her why she keeps avoiding my questions regarding the tracking number, and depending on her answer I’m going to explain the situation she is putting both me and herself in by acting like this.

Again, she has been really nice so far so I don’t want to put her in a bad situation unless I feel I really need her to. I don’t understand why she is being like this if she actually sent it, I wish I knew what her first language is so I could somehow translate if she is misunderstanding what I mean by tracking number.

>> No.10014746

AP is rereleasing CTP


>> No.10014747

More importantly: Cinema Doll!
I hope they release the grey again.

>> No.10014749

I wonder if AP is ready for the war of the century with this release

>> No.10014757

Its not MTO?

>> No.10014758
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Didn’t recognise the name of the first dress so I googled it

>Sissy bride

>> No.10014761

Holy moley. I was the anon in the Dream Dress thread thinking about buying it and it's like God himself hear my prayers

I'm going to buy both colourways

>> No.10014779

holy shit lmao i fucking called it
so glad i didn’t buy it the last 3 times it popped up
fucking yes

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New from IW - Reservation starts Oct 19
>Grown Up Alice OP - 24800
>Grown Up Alice Apron - 16800
>Grown Up Alice Headbow - 3200

>> No.10014783

oh fuck
does that mean a puppet circus rerelease is a possibility again?

>> No.10014784

Quite sad it’s going to become another Holy Lantern

>> No.10014787

let people have what they want

>> No.10014788

From reading the article I'm assuming that reservations will be done at the venue. I really hope this is not the case but it is what my suspicions are making it look like.

>> No.10014793

I need to agree though. If there will be too many of it, even those that love it can't see it anymore and there are only so many ways to wear a dress creatively.

>> No.10014797

It doesn’t matter how other people coord it, some people wear lolita to make themselves happy

>> No.10014799

Are you knew to Lolita?

If you wear it quite often, you get to a point where you mostly pick the same pieces and make similar coords. The you think "hmm, I#d like to do something new. How did others wear this dress?" and you go and look for inspiration.
In case of Holy Lantern, you will see so so many coords and after some scrolling you'll think "I can't really do something new or interesting" and you need a new approach.

Also, if you see your beloved dress everytime you open Instagram (because everyone owns it and wants to wear it) you won't want to look at yours again that soon. From a psychological perspective, the dress isn't as interesting, because the exposure to it was too high.

>> No.10014801

>Modern AP doing a velveteen release
Unlikely. Sorry Anon.

>> No.10014815

No, I’ve been wearing it for 5+ years. If you’re going online and seeing someone wear the same dress you have and feel it disillusions you then you are in the fashion for the wrong reasons. I buy dresses not based on their popularity but what I want to have. Social media isn’t my life and I wear lolita when i want. Even if I do see hundreds of holy lantern coords it won’t stop me from liking and wearing mine, it doesn’t matter if my coord happens to look like someone else’s online. Their coords don’t an impact on mine, if anything suggestions.

>> No.10014822

Is there legit any way to get this if you’re in the US? Because with such a short notice I highly doubt any SS is gonna get it

>> No.10014823

What the hell is up with AP's quality? I haven't bought from them in a few years but I picked up the OP of Horror Sweet Shop and it's so thin, no built in petti, nothing. The fabric feels like it would snag from a light breeze. I'm honestly really upset about it.

I have older pieces from them that are very sturdy, even only going back to 2013 releases, they seem to be much higher quality. I'm gutted, but I guess I'm the fool for expecting to be paying for anything other than the print. It's still cute and I'm not going to part with it, but I feel like I'll have to be really careful wearing it.

>> No.10014825

They haven’t released any details about it but there is a chance that they will release it in the US as well. Just wait until more details are given

>> No.10014826

So far it’s exclusive only for this event

>> No.10014828

nayrt, I get what you mean (overexposure can make you like the thing less, and this did happen to me with Holy Lantern unfortunately) but that doesn't happen to everyone or with every kind of print. For example, CTP has cats. Like half of lolitas if not more love cat prints so they'll probably be satisfied with it in the end, and it should hold at least some resale value, even if the higher value drops. Even if you can only get like $250 back for it for some girls that print would be worth it, especially since it was so hard to obtain in the past.

I might get it myself, on the off chance it reaches crazy prices again (doubt it though) and because I just do like cats. I also like both pink and grey colorways (though prefer grey) but it'd be a win/win for me, even if I missed out on the grey.

>> No.10014830

i thought theyve flat out said they wont do this (or anything similar) due to qc issues with screen printing on velveteen

if they did my wizened up grinch heart would grow three sizes too big

>> No.10014831

lol that comm barely even has actual lolitas and most of the girls who do wear it are itas anyway

>> No.10014832

I men don’t get too excited. It was pretty expensive when it first was released, so I’m assuming you’re still going to end up spending $900 or so to buy it straight from AP, which isn’t too far off from what it pops up for now anyways.

>> No.10014835

Retail price was around 300$ back then

>> No.10014836

OP here

That's the impression I'm getting too. May have to battle for a lolita SS. We can hope they might open it up online afterwards, but I am trying not to get my hopes up.

>> No.10014839

My thoughts exactly as well, good luck to all of us

>> No.10014846

If they do open it up online, it might be like the ((most recent)) Misty sky series where in-store reservations get theirs months earlier than the online round.

>> No.10014851

Yes, that was my thinking too. We shall see.

>> No.10014854


>> No.10014856

This is not my experience at all.

You need to realize not everyone has your experience.

>> No.10014869

This isn't an OTT release like the recent dressy time release or the more "elegant" Halloween releases. I doubt AP would charge outrageous prices just because of the western secondhand market mindset.

The rare price doesn't make sense cause its not really rare now.

>> No.10014876

Enough people experience this to complain about too much Holy Lantern.

>> No.10014882

I agree. My whole wardrobe is AP and I mostly own 2010-ish era stuff. I occasionally buy a new piece and its definitely not as nice quality.
Even recently they had that quality control issue with romantic cat or whatever it was

>> No.10014892

yeah it was romantic cat
the lace was shorter than the dress
just unacceptable
I hope they get their act together soon, it feels like 2015 was the last year of acceptable quality

>> No.10014910

Would they even listen to complaints? I feel like there are enough Chinese lolitas happily throwing their money at any quality as long as its AP that they wouldn't care what a small share of their market thinks. I've honestly had taobao dresses of better quality than this, I really can't believe I'm saying it. Anyone know if it's just their print items or if it extends to their solid pieces too?
At least I still have some pre 2013 dream dresses to hunt down.

>> No.10014914

First of all, you only have built-in-pettsi with cotton. You don't need that with lighter fabric.

Second. just because fabric is light or thin, doesn't mean it's bad quality or snags fast. In fact, my new AP pieces hold up perfectly fine and can even be machine-washed. My cotton pieces can't be machine washed, cause these bitches like to bleed.

Romantic Cat really was an outlier. The fabric choice was exceptionally weird, the lace has never been that short and the straps are placed rather close together on the bodice. It's a shame, because the print is one of the better ones.
When you go to the store more often you wouldn't find this again though.

>> No.10014915

Shit man, that's so little notice. If this was two weeks later, I'd be all over it.
I pray to god that at least the increased availability means I'll be able to pick one up secondhand. I don't care if it costs $900.

>> No.10014916

>taobao dresses better quality
You better name a piece and a brand because that’s not true. Even the so-called best like Krad don’t compare to average modern AP.

>> No.10014917

the straps for the jsk right? i actually liked it because shoulder straps so frequently fall down my shoulders, they were perfectly positioned. but if it was a problem for others that is unfortunate. i felt lucky with my romantic cat dress, it came with no problems.

>> No.10014920

What? Plenty of older chiffon-style AP releases have built in pettis, it's not "just for cotton." Petit Patisserie, for example. Cutting out the petti is a cost saving measure.

I own a variety of AP from 2005-present, and the quality is noticeably lower in many newer releases

>> No.10014923

Why won't individual item's Lolibrary listings show up in a google search anymore?

For example, I used to be able to type "Day Dream Carnival JSK lolibrary" into google, and the first results would be the JSKs. Now Lolibrary doesn't even show up. What the fuck is wrong with the site now?

>> No.10014925

yeah i noticed this too and i hate it

>> No.10014928

I'm pretty sure only one anon wasn't happy with it. Mine was fine too. Some choices were design decisions but anon just didn't like it.

>> No.10014930
File: 43 KB, 599x138, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 8.45.06 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The site is so wonky, but god forbid anyone complain about it, or they're branded an evil bitch. SO much information that was on it is now gone, like half the features and most of the prices. The formatting and coding is amateurish at best, with stuff like this on practically every listing I look at.

I would have preferred them to just save all the raw item data and put it somewhere so we could actually do something with it. Instead they've apparently lost a bunch of shit. Really disappointing given how much work some people who are no longer even with us put into keeping it updated.

>> No.10014932

They extracted it from the original website. The prices aren't gone, they just have a new usable format so they don't all appear. I wish they'd fix that, but the developer had life to deal with at the moment.

You know you can contribute, it's open source.

>> No.10014933

You know, I wish people would define what they mean by “quality”. It’s a generic term like “this computer is powerful”. Define what exactly has declined so severely, because I’ve had plenty of great AP pieces that are modern. Like other anon has said, a lot of old cottons bleed and old school pieces have their own kind of quality issues.

>> No.10014934

i don’t understand why they tried to fix something that was already fine.
i noticed that some entries are gone too, like accessories or even dresses that i know I saw in the past.
the only benefit is...

>> No.10014942

Maybe they could put an explanation on lolibrary about why they are changing it and which changes they're making. A lot of people don't follow them on social media and I even saw some Japanese lolitas complain on twitter. I'm sure there was a reason why they're changing everything

>> No.10014968

Gone for the users is good enough as gone, considering most people don't use the site as devs. I never meant that the information was lost.

The explanations I've seen were hardly convincing. The old format/layout worked fine. If they needed to clean up the code or switch a few things, I'd understand, but there really was no reason to "rehaul" the site into something that's practically unusable. I used to be a regular contributor to the site, and now I get pissed every time I try to use it.

>> No.10014983

Do you pay for the site? There was plenty of reason to lower running costs.

>> No.10014989

Why do people care about dresses with crosses or religious symbolism on them lmao

>> No.10014992

>it's my birthday
>wear old school lolita
>feels cute
>day doesn't go great due to several things
>end it by going to the mall to get a new book i wanted and lift my spirits up
>people stare more than usual,some teens snap my pic,...
>feeling sadder and sadder,people are usually much nicer to me
>some girl around the same age as me comes up to me
>"excuse me but i just want to tell you you don't look good at all"
>"that whole...thing. it looks terrible. don't be offended i'm just being honest"
>don't even know what to say,almost on the verge of crying from the whole day
>she laughs and say "goodbye now",joins her friends back,one of them was filming the whole thing
>i'm not fat,my coord is decent,my hair and makeup are done,...
>hold my tears until i'm home,slip into pjs and cry until gf comes home
why must people be so fucking rude over clothes.
Does any of you have those "maybe i should just stop altogether/i look so dumb" moments after such events?

>> No.10014998

I'm sorry anon, people are shit.
Happy birthday though, please don't let shitty normies ruin your birthday

>> No.10015001

At least you have a cute gf, anon. I bet you look adorable and those bitches were confused and salty too. Never stop being yourself <3

>> No.10015002

nayrt but why couldnt they lower running costs and keep a similar style?

>> No.10015011

People like that don't deserve to breathe! It sucks that happened, please stay strong and keep doing what you love!

>> No.10015026

Happy birthday anon (or belated, depending on when this was), and fuck those strangers. It must be a terribly sad life never expressing yourself or trying new things. I bet you looked wonderful.

>> No.10015029

I'm guessing you looked upset since your day wasn't going well. That's half of looking good honestly. Confidence is key in any fashion. She probably saw that and wanted to put herself on a pedestal. That girl was really rude and you definitely didn't deserve it. She's trying to justify her rudeness to herself with today's call-out culture. Don't take it to heart anon. Keep on being kawaii. The world is too ugly to give up.

>> No.10015057
File: 1.55 MB, 227x172, 1525416002500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You gulls are amazing. Thanks so much, it actually means a lot to me.
Bless you all

>> No.10015067

Happy birthday anon, what a disgusting human being that girl must be. Looking good is subjective to everyone, but being a vindictive bitch makes you ugly inside and there's nothing that girl can do to hide it.
Her and her friends will end up sad and bitter.

>> No.10015072

>>some girl around the same age as me comes up to me
>>"excuse me but i just want to tell you you don't look good at all"
>>"that whole...thing. it looks terrible. don't be offended i'm just being honest"
Its like you experienced cgl in real life

>> No.10015076

>Does any of you have those "maybe i should just stop altogether/i look so dumb" moments
yes, but lolita fashion gives me so much joy it's worth it

>> No.10015078

Why do people care about religious symbolism lmao

>> No.10015098

Aw, that sucks anon. I'm sorry to hear that. I've had some crappy birthdays like that too. Fuck those girls though, they noticed someone vulnerable and wanted to take advantage of the moment so they could get a good laugh. Don't stop doing something you love because some rude bitch gets her rocks off by being a jerk to others.

>> No.10015163

I know it's too late but if it ever happens again you can use my favorite response.
>at least I look this way on purpose. You were just born ugly.

>> No.10015164 [DELETED] 

I'd have fucking ripped her apart if I was there with you, anon. I want to give you a hug. I know how it feels to just want to be out in alternative fashion and everyone thinks they have the right to be an ass to you and take secret pics when you're just doing your daily activities. Take two extra girls from your comm next birthday and have your own Mean Girl crew or lolita bodyguards. Gotta protect the birthday princess.

>> No.10015166 [DELETED] 

I'd have fucking ripped her apart if I was there with you, anon. I want to give you a hug. Take two extra girls from your comm next birthday and have your own Mean Girl crew or lolita bodyguards. Gotta protect the birthday princess.

>> No.10015171

Aww anon, I'm sorry, that is really shitty. I bet you looked super cute. Unfortunately depending on where you live, people can be absolutely terrible and often deserve a punch in the face.

Please have a good rest of your bday if possible with those whose opinions matter and treat yourself to something nice!

>similar feel
>few years ago, had super intense surgery that took about 4 months to recover from, was in terrible pain most of the time
>had to go back to work earlier than needed so when not at work was dead in bed from persisting pain and incredibly lonely from having to energy to see anyone
>finally able to walk around almost normal, go out to picnic with friends
>wear toned down classic sweet because it had been forever and wanted to dress up, friends kind enough to help me out
>after, want to pick up something at the mall
>while waiting in line, group of teen boys come in to the story start YELLING at me, making fun of me, calling me names and trying to take my photo
>was with s/o who yelled at them to fuck off, but I was absolutely stunned and started crying since it caught me so off guard- I was so happy to finally dress cute for the first time after a scary surgery and then they made me feel like shit about wearing what I liked.

That was a while ago, so now I have more nerve when people are being assholes. If someone ever comes up to you and says that again, just be rude back, since they clearly don't deserve your respect.

>> No.10015178

>maybe i should just stop altogether/i look so dumb
I think every lolita has to deal with that feeling at least once (esp in the early stages of figuring out your own style), the best thing to do is just push forward!

And everyone who stands out in any way eventually has a situation where bullies/jerks/shitheads build up enough nerve to 'confront' you to impress their friends/peers. In my personal experience the best way to deal with it is to turn it around and make them see how stupid they're behaving for not minding their own damn business. Starting a scene all for a total stranger wearing something they feel their opinion must be given about?
Don't like don't look, keep it to yourself I got places to be people to meet, do I even know you/why should I care what YOU think?

>> No.10015185

(nayrt) I never allow others to keep making fun of me or push me around, I always bite back so that people know I will resist if they really intend to bully me. That said, from my very limited experience you are right. If those being assholes are strangers you will never meet again, they are not worth your energy or time. I can't stress this enough. Don't answer nor stay there being made fun of, just turn around and walk away. Even if you give them a good answer, there will never be satisfaction on your part. You will always feel like shit. So why make it last longer, just go away. People being ignored will feel stupid.

>> No.10015232

Yea goofballs that are worried about being special and unique. Keep bitchin.

>> No.10015244

The old site was built on a deprecated version of drupal with serious security holes.

Attempts to update to a modern version of drupal failed.

Drupal wasn't very efficient (which means slower site, higher cost, more downtime), and it's a big target for hackers/spammers.

Many of the things that look bad in the new version (like that pesky html in the notes section, or the prices which are being migrated into a different method of storage) is a direct result of problems with the old version that resulted in data being saved in a not-great way.

Some of that data (like the notes section) would need to be cleaned up by a human, no matter what.

>> No.10015256

That's gorgeous but holy shit the price for the set. Inflation is not that high wtf

>> No.10015258

This is basically Lotta rerelease AP edition.

People will still buy it, glad that they own it and sell it when they've moved on, it will still be an enjoyable experience and will most likely retain resale value. Not everyone loves cats, and not everyone will get their reservation wish.

The only sour pusses are the super unique special orginal snowflakes suckers out there.

>> No.10015261 [DELETED] 

This is truly amazing.

if this happened on here, everyone would be rolling their eyes and telling the anon to get thicker skin or that she's probably not cut out for the fashion.

But it happened in person so that makes it different right? Why couldn't she just wear headphones and not listen to what strangers have to say?

If someone should just shut their laptop, then the same should apply here. Don't want nasty comments from strangers? Don't listen to them then.

I'm not saying that this is my stance on it btw. I'm completely against the whole "just don't go online or learn to take tough love in the form of concrit cause you look like shit" mentality. This is just the kind of thing I observe all the time here.

Complete strangers say exactly what that girl said all the time in various threads on this very board. The only real difference is that this person felt the need to be ballsy enough to tell someone they didn't like it. It's literally just their opinion. Do I think it's ok? Fuck no and if I had to pull my headphones off and hear that from someone I'd probably laugh and walk away like I do with every stranger in public who attempts to speak to me.

I would be shocked if at least SOME of the "sympathetic" anons who responded are the same anons who hang out in the CoF thread just to say "that whole...thing. it looks terrible. don't be offended i'm just being honest".

>> No.10015262

This is truly amazing.

if this happened on here, everyone would be rolling their eyes and telling the anon to get thicker skin or that she's probably not cut out for the fashion.

But it happened in person so that makes it different right? Why couldn't she just wear headphones and not listen to what strangers have to say?

If someone should just shut their laptop, then the same should apply here. Don't want nasty comments from strangers? Don't listen to them then.

I'm not saying that this is my stance on it btw. I'm completely against the whole "just don't go online or learn to take tough love in the form of concrit cause you look like shit" mentality. This is just the kind of thing I observe all the time here.

Complete strangers say exactly what that girl said all the time in various threads on this very board. The only real difference is that this person felt the need to be ballsy enough to tell someone they didn't like it. It's literally just their opinion. Do I think it's ok? Fuck no and if I had to pull my headphones off and hear that from someone I'd probably laugh and walk away like I do with every stranger in public who attempts to speak to me.

I would not be shocked if at least SOME of the "sympathetic" anons who responded are the same anons who hang out in the CoF thread just to say "that whole...thing. it looks terrible. don't be offended i'm just being honest".

>> No.10015263

Agree, MCD and Cosmic are polyester chiffon with crinoline lining. Not uncommon for AP at all

>> No.10015268

You're retarded if you can't see the difference between some anons shit talking online and someone getting in your face irl.

>> No.10015270

Wow i didn't expect so much support.
Thank you,it really means a lot gulls

>> No.10015271

This, call them out on being cunts. "Wow how rude, and it's not like your ugly ass has room to make fun of anyone while dressed like THAT (point to leggings and sweatshirt)."

>> No.10015275

i feel like there's a difference between someone here saying a coord looks bad and some random normie saying she looks bad, though
some anon in the CoF thread saying a coord looks terrible at least knows about the fashion and even if they're being bitchy it's not like they're saying the whole concept of the fashion looks terrible.
on the other hand the random normie was probably thinking "oh she looks different that's bad"

>> No.10015279
File: 55 KB, 563x425, 5446c36cdfb38b404097943646bfc5da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone has any idea where this is from?

>> No.10015280

>You're retarded
Way to be one of the people I'm talking about.

People come up to me all the time because I live in a city. I usually say "sorry I don't have any spare change" and keep walking.

I've gotten normie comments before while wearing lolita. The only time it's been something insane was when it was coming from someone who was clearly not all there.

But I'm not talking about people who say the coord looks bad. I'm talking about people who say things like "ew what am I looking at" and other similar language like "this... whole thing looks terrible".

I'm pretty sure the stranger was referring to how she was dressed which is why it was upsetting in the first place.

You're correct. Some dumb normie didn't understand that different isn't the same as "bad" or that bad is subjective.

The same way morons who do this sort of thing on this board don't understand or care to believe that bad is indeed, subjective.

>> No.10015283

Nope, you really are retarded then if actually think looking away from a screen and getting rid of irl harassment is on the same level. Not all normies just drop a snide comment and leave. Some of them will get in your face and harass you. Sometimes you're stuck in a line and can't leave. Teenagers do far worse just to seem cool and edgy to their friends. You sound like a rpfag who's never actually been outside.

>> No.10015284

I've had people get in my face to ask if they could use my phone and then try to grab it out of my fucking hand.

If someone is in your face you can WALK AWAY.

If someone follows you, call the cops. Start defending yourself.

Are you serious right now?

I mean, you do keep resorting to name calling. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

>> No.10015293

Because we can tell when it's from a crossboarder who knows nothing about the fashion. If they actually pick out the itas, then what would we have to refute?

>> No.10015307

It sounds absurb, and for me it's never been pointed out too much, but in high school I had a couple people ask if i wear only skirts for "religious reasons". Same when I got a retail job and wore skirts everyday. Some people are weird and need everything to be justified.
o-o-oh my god.

That's fucking gross, they filmed you? Who does that shit? Mind your own business.

>> No.10015316

>If someone follows you, call the cops. Start defending yourself.
Not everyone can defend themselves. I am a small girl. I have taken self defensive but easily would get trucked by anyone who tried something on me.
people have every right to feel bad in response. Why are you getting so mad that someone feels bad? Also implying it's easy to ignore people irl. Headphones only do so much. If you're already having a bad day, often mean people can be the catalyst.

>> No.10015326


Not really, it's only the apron that's really highly priced. IW OPs were always in the 20+k yen price range (and that's pretty cheap, since AP and Baby regularly go over 30+k yen now and Moitie has been just under 40k yen for a while now). The headbow is one of the bigger, more intricate ones so 3k yen for it seems reasonable.

Even the apron itself doesn't really seem too far inflated, a lot of the cheaper aprons you see don't have this much ruffling, tiers and detailing on it.

It's sold seperately, so you could just get whatever fits your budget and then grab a different, cheaper apron or headbow instead.

>> No.10015336


Having owned both of these plus Holy Theatre, I feel like I should point out. Cosmic and MCD were both heavy, opaque-ish chiffon. Holy Theatre is far, far, far lighter. Obviously a built-in petti works with Cosmic and MCD, but for Holy Theatre the fabric is so thin and sheer I think part where the petti is sewn to the skirt (it's always sewn halfway down the skirt) may legit show up as an unsightly bump that shows through the sheer chiffon, and since it's built-in you can never get rid of it.

Can't really speak for Candy Horror Shop print since I don't have that, but with Holy Theatre I'm 100% behind the decision not to include the crinoline petti, and I wouldn't be surprised if they decided not to include it for all chiffon pieces going forward after that, to avoid having to redo a design.

As for the fabric being way too thin, I kind of have mixed feelings about it. It does feel very thin and flimsy, but I think with Holy Theatre being mostly angelic dead animals I think AP was legit trying to go for an ephemeral, angelic feel where the print seems to be printed on thin air. Doesn't really work so well when the colour of the lining makes the white animals look grey... but that's a bad design decision and not so much a quality one, I think. Again, not really sure why they'd use something that thin for a spoopy candy Halloween print, but at least I can see that it's a design decision behind some of these things.

Maybe it would be better if AP gave us more detailed info on their item pages, like which one of their dresses has built-in pettis and what's the denier # on their chiffon pieces.

>> No.10015339

I am torn, I thought about doing that but everything is tied together so nicely. The little black bows on the apron, the shape of the headbow. I don't really like the shape of the apron but the entire aesthetic together is beautiful

>> No.10015350


If you already own a black headbow and a blue dress with a white collar, you could probably just get the apron? Neck ribbon can be easily replaced with a regular piece of black ribbon. (If you don't there's not much point swapping them out for other pieces, the non-Alice set pieces are roughly similar prices anyway).

I think that's why they priced the apron so high. It's really the definitive piece of the set.

It's usually even odds whether IW's aprons end up being unpopular and go on sale, but the more intricate designs don't pop up for resale that often, so if you really, really want it then I'd suggest getting the apron while it's available.

>> No.10015379


the cosmic v-neck jsk comes with organza lining, but the sailor jsk style doesn't

horror candy would look bad with a built in petti since the fabric is so soft. its the same fabric they used in a couple of other designs, and is made to resemble silk since it has a mild sheen to it

>> No.10015388

This is why we need those image dumps

>> No.10015406
File: 266 KB, 780x300, 44392243_1750451805084398_499369946220855296_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even rilakkuma's jumping aboard the trend. honestly, the world is in such a sad state at the moment. no pride for one's culture and heritage. this is the future liberals want.

>> No.10015422

rilakkuma started the trend, anon. cat rilakkuma has been around since at least 2014
baby is another example of a big corporation stealing one humble bear's idea and profiting off of it. crapitalism at work

>> No.10015425
File: 34 KB, 240x320, 813f5fe4-c569-503b-b111-b823482df684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This one dates from 2009 though.


(side note: wow, it looks like a rat without the hood. Maybe Kumya's just really insecure about the way her ears look so she covers it up with fake ears?)

>> No.10015426

>grown up Alice
Looks the same as little girl Alice. Ageplay vibes

>> No.10015429 [DELETED] 

>Maybe Kumya's just really insecure about the way her ears look so she covers it up with fake ears
Somewhat correct. Do you not know the official story?
>Deep in the forest of a faraway land, there lived a stylish little bear. On a sunny afternoon, the little bear happened upon a very long-eared bunny. In that moment, his heart was stolen by those lovely ears. The little bear wanted nothing more than a pair of long ears for himself. Thinking he too could have long ears, the little bear sat in front of the mirror and pulled on his round ears until they turned red. The little bear cried and cried every day because his ears remained the same.

Then, one day, the little bear saw a lovely girl wearing BABY’s clothing. She listened to his story from beginning to end, and decided to grant the little bear’s wish! As if by magic, the girl presented the little bear with an exquisite bunny-eared bonnet. The little bear placed the bonnet on his head, and looked at himself in the mirror. All of a sudden, the tears stopped. The little bear looked just like a little bunny with red eyes from endless crying and long ears atop his head.

The girl exclaimed, ‘So cute! Where I am from, we call bears 'Kumya.’ From now on, you will be known as 'Usakumya-chan.” The little bear was so happy, he traveled to Candyland, where the girl resides. Everyone in Candyland wears BABY’s clothing, and everything there is cute and sweet. Usakumya-chan and the magical girl spent many fun-filled days in Candyland.

>> No.10015433

You're close. I'm guessing you don't know the official story?
>Deep in the forest of a faraway land, there lived a stylish little bear. On a sunny afternoon, the little bear happened upon a very long-eared bunny. In that moment, his heart was stolen by those lovely ears. The little bear wanted nothing more than a pair of long ears for himself. Thinking he too could have long ears, the little bear sat in front of the mirror and pulled on his round ears until they turned red. The little bear cried and cried every day because his ears remained the same.

>Then, one day, the little bear saw a lovely girl wearing BABY’s clothing. She listened to his story from beginning to end, and decided to grant the little bear’s wish! As if by magic, the girl presented the little bear with an exquisite bunny-eared bonnet. The little bear placed the bonnet on his head, and looked at himself in the mirror. All of a sudden, the tears stopped. The little bear looked just like a little bunny with red eyes from endless crying and long ears atop his head.

>The girl exclaimed, ‘So cute! Where I am from, we call bears 'Kumya.’ From now on, you will be known as 'Usakumya-chan.” The little bear was so happy, he traveled to Candyland, where the girl resides. Everyone in Candyland wears BABY’s clothing, and everything there is cute and sweet. Usakumya-chan and the magical girl spent many fun-filled days in Candyland.“

>> No.10015439

Where’s the part, in which lolita girl strips bear’s fur off to make him into cute bag?

>> No.10015444
File: 24 KB, 225x300, BSSB_usamimi_20bonnet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Wow, so basically the furball version of this human bunny ear bonnet.

Wait, it's a boy? I always thought it's a girl since there's a distinct boy kuma somewhere in like ~2006

>> No.10015463

>at least 2014
That’s only 4 years ago, so pretty recent by lolita history standards. >>10015425
Is right, Baby has been doing them for a long time.

>> No.10015474

This sounds sad, bears are so cute, and so their tiny ears! That bear clearly lacks some body positivity :D

>> No.10015481
File: 24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all of those Princess Cat listings on LM

>> No.10015482

Are you retarded or just completely unfamiliar with lolita fashion?

>> No.10015484

Just like lolitas

>> No.10015510
File: 25 KB, 300x226, 8d40fa430c6ec3dd0e5f9e08002a6248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if it's because i become a sensitive bitch i'm on my period but i actually teared up imagining this little thing pulling its little ears and crying.
Brb hugging my Usakumya

>> No.10015513

T b h i didnt want one until now

>> No.10015520

I'm sure you looked very cute, don't listen to normies anyway.

>> No.10015521

Oh god me too. This is some A+ marketing why don’t they they share this story more often to make us feel so sad we want to buy one?

>> No.10015523
File: 26 KB, 605x264, 076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry you got posted, Anon.

>> No.10015524

I'm one of the anons who replied and I (and I know others do) make a point to try my best to not say anything online unless I've got something nice to say. If I were to say 'hey, that's mean!' to every piece of crit/shitpost on here, I'd be laughed off cgl.

Plus, crit is one thing. Being a cunt is another, and I see people getting called out for going too far on here. So whatever.

>> No.10015525

From this point I like kumakumya a bit more. It’s like the same bear, but they learned to fight their insecurities by making baby steps, so they still wear bonnet, but now with bear ears. I like that confidence, you go dude! :3

>> No.10015543

Holy shit this is an official story?
Damn I love my usakumya even more now.

>> No.10015556

Yep, looks like it's a translation of a BTSSB mook.

>> No.10015575

Japanese uses implied subjects. I'm guessing it didn't specify in the original.

>> No.10015582
File: 73 KB, 930x1026, 1539959524606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>The girl exclaimed, ‘So cute! Where I am from, we call bears 'Kumya.’ From now on, you will be known as 'Usakumya-chan.” The little bear was so happy, he traveled to Candyland, where the girl resides. Everyone in Candyland wears BABY’s clothing, and everything there is cute and sweet. Usakumya-chan and the magical girl spent many fun-filled days in Candyland.“

What the hell? I'm dying here. It did a complete 180 from kinda cute kid's story to story written entirely by a kid.

>> No.10015616
File: 34 KB, 445x142, Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 11.37.29 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Um, Rilakkuma has always been wearing a costume. That's why there's always a zipper in the back (or the suggestion of one). We don't even know if it's a bear in there or something else.

(I'm not trying to start a "who did it first" argument btw. People read into things weirdly on here so I just want to clarify.)

>> No.10015621

that rilakkuma thing is honestly pretty creepy. Like we can see usakumya is a bear... but what the fuck is in rilakkuma?

>> No.10015623


>> No.10015630

I don’t agree with the ageplay vibes but yeah I’m not getting “grown up” from this, either. An adult Alice would be wearing something with a bustle and a curled updo, both of which work well with lolita. This is just the regular child Alice in slightly darker colours.

>> No.10015643
File: 73 KB, 500x375, 32D1BDD5-9E70-4D47-8BAE-9D61F8987669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatever it is, it may be related to this creepy fuck.

>> No.10015667
File: 136 KB, 948x960, 1532310342280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good on you for being able to hold your tears. You know they were doing that shit strictly for a big reaction or they wouldn't have been filming in the first place. You didn't give them what they wanted. Have a cat.

>> No.10015680

>what is reading comprehension
i'm talking specifically about bears dressing up as CATS. i know how old usakumyas are. that's why i said "cat rilakkuma".
rilakkuma was launched in 2003 anyways, for what it's worth.

>> No.10015696

I will say this, personally it seems like the mall is the worst place to wear Lolita and in a large/small group. If you do it’s best to be with at maximum 2 other Lolitas, no more no less. I’m sorry that happened to you, assholes will always look to victimize strangers and attack them. I remember a while back I was putting air in my tires and some thug dude took the line from me, wanting to do it for me/hit on me. I took it back slowly and was like ‘nah I’m good’ and he called me a Bitch and when I asked him what he said he went on a tirade of insulting me, calling me a fat worthless whore,etc. the lesson is it’s not you, it’s always them. People have emotional issues and instead of dealing with them in healthy ways they deflect and take it out on you, like an animal that gets hurt and attacks anything near it even if it didn’t hurt them.

>> No.10015710


>> No.10015715


There was only a few left when I made my order today. I hope I get it - can't wait to pair it with some of my longer JSKs for a fake Victorian vibe.

>> No.10015732

I thought the story was it could be anyone, even the woman's boyfriend in it. Korilakkuma has a similar story. It's kind of scary that it could just be come guy.

>> No.10015750

Different anon, but rilikuma didn’t appear till 2003 and the first usakumya was at least as early as 2000.

>the though of some mysterious unknown creep in a bear suit is creepy as fuck though

>> No.10015752

>I'm not trying to start a "who did it first" argument btw
Why do people on here insist on "but actually"ing everything

>> No.10015771

Concrit vs cuntcrit

>> No.10015792

This is cute but the model is just drowning in it

>> No.10015858

Confirmed yourself for a retarded rpfag neet. Sucks that you got posted but irl harassment is much harder than looking away from a screen. Go out a bit sometime so you can experience it.

>> No.10015873

Will oxiclean take the glitter off of a glitter print? I have a slightly yellowed Milky Planet.

>> No.10015876

>retarded rpfag neet
Confirmed for trolling.

>> No.10015877

I agree with you but maybe you should carry a weapon.

>> No.10015928

Get out of your basement and breathe in some fresh air anon. Then you can slowly work your way up to interacting with real life people!

>> No.10015931

Not that you're going to believe anything because you're dead set in disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, but I have a full time job and go out daily.

But whatever. You need to defend your point because you're the kind of person who thinks it's ok to say shit like "that whole...thing. it looks terrible. don't be offended i'm just being honest".

Go have fun in the ita thread.

>> No.10015936

>I'd be laughed off cgl.
Only if you decide to leave because of it? Not sure why you'd let people one here control whether or not you keep coming back. Nothing has stopped me from coming here or wearing the fashion.

I see people get called out too; it's nice and all but my point is, it CAN be ignored in real life too. Even if someone gets in your face.

But people replying are acting as if someone saying something mean to your face is now the same as someone straight up assaulting you in public. Like sure, if you escalate the situation by saying something back, don't be surprised if the mean person gets even fucking meaner.

It is very different if they say something mean to you and then keep going when you walk away from them. Like not engaging would be the best option, you'd think that'd be common sense.

Fuck, don't even bother making eye contact with strangers. Especially teenagers.

>> No.10016029

chill out
i'm >>10015422 and i was just trying to make a joke in the same vein as >>10015406
it's not that serious

>> No.10016067

There are also third party sites to search, or you can edit the html. The function is still there, they just removed the search bar in hope of forcing people to the app. Alibaba is annoying like that.

>> No.10016068

I think now we know why she wanted cat ears. She was half cat all along and wanted to feel one thing again.

>> No.10016071

It looks like one of the girls in R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, Episode Stage Fright is wearing a lolita dress, anyone know what brand?

>> No.10016075

The only reason I personally see to complain is that I like seeing different things, not just one in many ways. But honestly, by now Holy Latern isn't in any corner I look anymore but just pops up every now and then like other popular items so I don't mind the amount of Holy Latern anymore. I wanna see that green one worn tho, haven't seen a non stock picture yet.

>> No.10016076

Chinese complain a lot too you know. But AP is kinda trying to get around it by making order process different so they can't complain much to AP directly and just nag on Weibo about it instead. The last Chinese batch of Holy Latern they had to take back and fix for many Chinese.

Krad is far from the best. That's just a Western myth and their marketing. Just like how crap like Soufflé Song gets popular here thanks to marketing, and how R series can overpriced their stuff so much. There are some brands that actually are better tho, they just aren't marketing here as much as they focus on making good quality stuff in China instead of marketing to the west. They're small and their market is big enough already.

>> No.10016077

It looks like Bodyline L362?

>> No.10016081

Im not affiliated with lolibrary but this is what I understood about it. Please correct me if I'm wrong and there is more info.

I think it had to do with the old site being down often which gave many complaints. They had to switch servers including transferring the database etc.

And the way it was programmed (all info in a string instead of multiple database entries) didn't allow for more specific search options people kept asking for for years. The things is, they are now trying to add those but it takes cutting all those strings apart into seperated pieces in the database than can easily be used for queries.

I think they once explained the above a few times, but no mater how often they say it people just start complaining and acting like they make it worse for fun. That's kinda why people get annoyed when you complain. People complained about the lack of features. Now they are switching around the whole site to make those possible, and people complain because it's not finished in a day and while they're working on it some things work way worse.

>> No.10016088

>more than a day
it’s been.... many days

>> No.10016095

People complained ever since the start. The point is
>first people complained about wanting new features
>they said they couldn't because of the programming
>people kept complaining
>so now they are fixing all the programming so those features can be added
>people complain about it taking time to redo pretty much the whole thing and they should have kept the old one.
If you think you can do it quicker, please go contribute. It takes time to make a whole thing and these people are having lives with jobs next to this. They do this partly thanks to previous popular de mand to get it done from users, and instead of being grateful some people redo a whole website for you you just complain it's not finished quick enough.

>> No.10016100

I mean I am not complaining that they are trying to fix it, it's just that they've been on it for over a year and it's still not working which is worrying imo. A lot of brands don't get updated anymore and I think it's because people who got tired with the site being in its wonky status stopped having the nerve for it and others who may want to help can't because the site has been closed to the open for most of the time.

>> No.10016103

I know this is completely out of topic but does anybody have the link to that old Lolita crushing insects a video? Trying to show a friend a dead meme

>> No.10016110

why are you whiteknighting it so hard, its not a big deal, it's just shit.

>> No.10016121

They should at least admit the websites has issues while they're pretending they actually made it better... it's normal people are complaining, they want to make sure developers understand the website is not good as it is now. It might be easy to think that people like to complain a lot but I don't think it's true, people always give feedback, sometimes it's good but if you've done a bad job it's not. Some people even put money into it through donations, they definitely have the right to speak their mind.

>> No.10016155

They don't get sent out til February iirc

>> No.10016181
File: 87 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1540050593615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im a little sad that this is what the dress looks like. Its too much AP too much

>> No.10016200

Finally a new OP cut and it's plain with a disgusting print. At least they tried something different finally

>> No.10016202

Oh no.... I was so into the fabric swatch but now I hate it... Maybe there will be a skirt?

>> No.10016206

>others who may want to help can't
Nayrt and I have nothing to do with lolibrary but it is on github, anyone who wants to help can grab the source and start submitting PRs.

Most software people have long, stressful days at work, so when you get home it's hard to want to spend your free-time banging out more code, especially when it's for free and you want a personal life and/or have other interests. There's no way they're pulling enough in donations to do more than cover server costs.

>> No.10016210

I fucking love that though. It's like the bear equivalent of girls wearing Lolita.
Sure you're already a girl, but you cover yourself in exaggerated feminine clothes and makeup and accessories.
Kumakumiya just wants to be the beariest bear it can be.

>> No.10016215
File: 884 KB, 320x180, C3A2911C-3599-47FA-9715-984FD6ABDD04.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aww, this is so adorable, anon! :3

>> No.10016229

If the print size was larger I think It'd look better? Being so small and clustered makes the fabric look like a bargain bin cotton

>> No.10016267
File: 112 KB, 960x584, 2x15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't tell 100% but I think it's Bodyline L362

>> No.10016271

Yup it definitely is

>> No.10016273 [DELETED] 

>They should at least admit the websites has issues while they're pretending they actually made it better...

They already post updates and known issues do on their Facebook page and Patreon. Some anons have already mentioned this, but the main problem is they need more people with time to work on coding/programming.

>> No.10016275

Aw man this is actually such a cute way of seeing it

>> No.10016276

>They should at least admit the websites has issues while they're pretending they actually made it better...

They already post updates and known issues on their Facebook page and Patreon. Some anons have already mentioned this, but the main problem is they need more people with time to work on coding/programming.

>> No.10016305

>brands don't get updated anymore
No, there's dedicated lolibrarians for each brand who are archiving while the admin mode isn't available. They will be updated.

>> No.10016384

looks like a roll of wrapping paper

>> No.10016393

I didn't specifically mean coding, more the contribution to the database part. I know from someone that the option is currently not available; and hasn't been numerous times in the past. This makes it quite hard for people who might want to help in updating some brands.

>No, there's dedicated lolibrarians for each brand who are archiving while the admin mode isn't available. They will be updated.
Really though? If I take Emily Temple Cute or Jane Marple for instance, they haven't seen an update since mid 2017. I think some other brands are even more outdated but I can't be bothered to check them all.

>> No.10016429

Thanks for clarifying, Drupal is a nightmare

>> No.10016432


can you provide shop examples? I really want to know, but every time I buy something I end up selling it. Looking specifically for high quality classic solid or floral dresses.

>> No.10016436

nayrt but
>mid 2017
>so about a year ago

exactly what timescale did you think the steep price of $0 you pay to use this service was buying you? they're little brands, calm down. help out yourself if you're so impatient

>> No.10016445

>exactly what timescale did you think the steep price of $0 you pay to use this service was buying you? they're little brands, calm down. help out yourself if you're so impatient

Haha oh wow that's a real joke ahahahaha.

>> No.10016447

Extremely this, if you want it to improve, contribute. Pls!

>> No.10016464

I've been out of the scene a while, but contributions are/were being made behind the scenes via a backend login. There's a slack dedicated to cleaning up and making sure things don't get missed. It just appears to not be updated because the changes are not front facing.

I was a contributor and generally agree that I liked the old site more, but the entitlement and whining are so offputting. It screams spoiled young lolitas who know nothing about development or how jobs work in general. Usually people with this skill set get paid very well to create these types of things, let alone foot the hosting bill. The fact that we're getting this for free as a community is impressive in itself.

>> No.10016470

This... isn't a very good picture. I'd wait for an official snap. These shop photos always have really awful lighting like this and you can't even see that ghost lace.

I think in another colorway it'd look really cute and more toned down, like green.

>> No.10016474

Underrated post

>> No.10016479


>> No.10016490

I think they’re trying to make it look like wrapping paper, which is probably why the cut of the dress is so plain. It would work so much better as a skirt. They should have made the sleeves a solid color at least.

>> No.10016504

My tacky little Christmas heart actually loves this. It just reminds me of early to mid-century holiday photos of my grandparents. If it was made out of cotton I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but sadly it probably won't be.

>> No.10016519

>development or how jobs work in general
Very much this. I'm not a web dev but I help maintain a different (not lolita related) open source project... It takes so much time and work to make things function correctly, and the users are just like do my bidding bitch. It's been tempting a couple times to pick up Go or whatever and try to pitch in on lolibrary but I hate that attitude so much. If any of the incessant complainers had put their mind to it and studied for the past year or two, they could not only be contributors by now but would also have something to put on their resume so they could get real jobs instead of shuffle hairclips at Claire's.
>I guess it's kinda funny, I guess it's kinda sad

>> No.10016534

>It would work so much better as a skirt.
You men the thing they never make anymore? Yeah I agree. Most of their prints look like shit. I really wish they would start making skirts again. I would of spent so much money on them the past 2 years if they had.

>> No.10016547
File: 39 KB, 760x454, baseballkumya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of Kumyas, Baby just released this.

>> No.10016548
File: 1.40 MB, 1800x1194, estryllia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Estryllia Enhillia really a Japanese brand? Their whole presentation is incredibly Chinese looking. I don't want to pay japanese indie prices for crypto chinese taobao brands.

>> No.10016579

I actually really like this... even though it's so busy, the design and overall vibe are subdued enough that it'd be really easy to wear. I haven't been into AP's releases for a while but I'm seriously considering getting this.

>> No.10016598


Half the newer Japanese brands after 2013 are like these, that's why there's haters for RPA and 3F because they do the whole printed polyester thing that makes them look taobao-ish.

Your best bet is to wait for closeup photos and reviews from people who have seen the dresses in person. At least Japan currently has way stricter advertising laws, so the stock photos won't be as heavily misleading as the pop up "new brand" chinese shops.

>> No.10016602

Look, I just pointed out some hard facts and all you can do is saying "hurr just contribute yourself and fill the year old gap yourself". If someone said that there are allegedly dedicated lolibrarians who are archiving, why should I do it then? You just proved my fucking point that they most likely stopped doing it at some point.

>> No.10016604


>>10016445 meant to reply to >>10016436

>> No.10016633

>tfw people who could help out, like me, see the behavior of entitled bitches like you and decide it’s not that urgent that you get what you want :^)

>> No.10016647

Not for classic. I have a friend that follows the Chinese comm more (as she's native). I only know what I hear when I'm interested in something (she can always tell me what to expect) or when there is drama because I love hearing about that. I don't wear classic.

>> No.10016652

>why are you whiteknighting it so hard, its not a big deal, it's just shit.
Why do you feel need to say it's shit 500 times? They know. They try their best. I'm annoyed as fuck because I'm a software engineer myself and I can tell you the worst part of the job or end users, and product owners with no IT knowledge.

>> No.10016653

>500 times
Damn it’s like there’s only one whole person in the world that is complaining, yeah

>> No.10016660

>Half the newer Japanese brands after 2013
There where around much longer than that smartass. Their bonnets have been round for ages and one of the designers was a writer for G&L bible. People just hate them for being very popular bonnets, especially since their materials are sometimes questionable even when their items overall look great.

>> No.10016663

No, the point is people keep repeating the same issues. It's public, they can see the "feedback" has already been given. They can see they know about it. But everyone feels the need to keep repeating it continuously and tell them to fix it quicker, then complain about the time it takes, as if they expect a few people to give up their jobs and/or free time and work full time on a project they don't get payed for because there are issues they aren't knowledgeable enough or don't "have the time" to fix themselves.

>> No.10016665

I give lolibrary $1 monthly via patreon. Do I have right to whine about it now when I contribute?

Just kidding. I just want to help them with funding because I don’t know shit from IT stuff or whatever

>> No.10016706
File: 475 KB, 2160x2160, 1537984399616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand though? If it's all in one string, there's still some way that it was being separated, right? Like commas, or brackets, or something to keep the search terms from spilling into each other? You could parse that shit into separate terms easily with a script. I could do that in fucking vba with Microsoft Excel of all things...

There has to be more to it

>> No.10016713

I have contributed by donating and I've added a lot of pics and info over the years. Sorry I didn't know coding is so difficult it takes more than a year to make 1 website, I didn't study it otherwise I would do it myself.

>> No.10016717

A lot of people that use lolibrary are not active on facebook and patreon. They have no idea what is happening.

>> No.10016718

I think we have to ask for skirts more

>> No.10016739
File: 48 KB, 500x500, 3654b3eccb118fc576916fd2651011cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fair enough, their headwear business was doing well and pretty well-liked. It's their clothing line that debuted later and .....not well-regarded.

Their headwear was fine until that one model of bonnet hat became the only thing they made and they propagated everywhere in many colours, but only that one model. They used to have a wider variety of stuff but their old gallery just sort of vanished off their own webpage several years ago.

I sometimes wonder exactly what happened. They did better as a small... smallerer indie-er brand that anyone who didn't speak Japanese didn't know about, than an international indie brand that sometimes shows up to overseas cons.

Ah well.

>> No.10016755

>People just hate them for being very popular bonnets
lol what
People love their bonnets, many just hate the clothes because let’s be real they’re tacky as fuck.

>> No.10016757

From what I had heard their original headwear designer/maker left so they just stuck to the one simple design, but unfortunately I don't have a source for that.

>> No.10016763

>past two years
Where have you been? They still make skirts. Just not every release.

>> No.10016769

It's literally on lolibrary's front page.

>> No.10016775

They have very little information on their front page (though much more than before) and they make it sound like it's going well

>> No.10016782

Nayrt but it could be going beautifully and still not have much effect on user experience yet. It sounds like they've been redesigning the infrastructure, I've seen that sort of thing take months even with multiple people working on it full time.

>> No.10016815

Lmao like what? Shitty non print skirts I could sew myself for a fraction of the price? The last time they did a skirt was for the sweetie violet rerelease and Charlotte bear, which I did buy. Just because they made one or two skirt releases doesn’t invalidate all the complaints of no skirt releases.

Things I could of bought if they made a skirt version?
Romantic cat, girly leopard, lovely bathroom, horror candy shop, ghost night bride, my favorite room, sugar cross, unicorn mermaid, dolls tea party, day dream bed, milky pony carnival... I know there were at least 10 more popular print releases that didn’t get skirts, but I’m not adding them since they weren’t prints I’m intereat in.

>> No.10017125

Next thread: >>10016722

>> No.10017145

"Peepshow tv" the movie

>> No.10017278

That is my point. User experience sucks right now and that is why people are complaining. If they made it clear what kind of changes they are making and where the donation money goes, maybe people would be more understanding. You can't expect everyone to check their facebook and patreon for updates all the time either, especially since part of the userbase is in asia where they don't use those websites much.

>> No.10017283

But there's a link right on their front page to their kanban board, you can see exactly what everyone is working on

>> No.10017297

The donations go straight to the monthly cost of keeping the site up? Why do you think that's free?

>> No.10017356

Nobody thinks it's free retard. But stop expecting all of us to have any experience with IT or whatever you call your field. I have no idea how much it costs and how much money they need. I donated money several times last year but desu I have given up on them and mainly rely on pinterest now.

>> No.10017360

My dad has a website that's managed by someone else and he pays that person €2 a month. It has hundreds of pictures on it too.

>> No.10017462

Okay, and your money went to keeping the site up. I don't get why you are so mad.

Lolibrary could be that cheap too if everyone who used it paid that fee. It'd actually pay for the developers time too. It's non-profit now too so it's tax deductible if you do donate.

>> No.10017472

I don't get why they are so bad at communicating.

>> No.10019269

honestly I want to see a pic of the coord, old school is really easy to make look atrocious fast.

Sorry those people were assholes, anon, their behavior wasn't warranted

>> No.10019640

the source was one of their previous translators from Q&As at RuffleCon (and later some other events they did)