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Discussion is okay, insults are boring. Keep it civil, thanks.

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Confessions threads are better than unpopular opinion threads. No opinion is truly unpopular nowadays.

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>'loli' is an acceptable abbreviation for 'lolita'

huh sorry what did u say about unpopular opinions again?

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A lot of oldfags in my comm call it that. Doesn't bother me if it's coming from within the community and not from noobs.

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weight doesn’t matter in cosplay, only cosplay making skills
hambeast in a well crafted handmade cosplay >>>>> skinny cosplayer in a wrinkled ass taobao cosplay

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>Salopettes aren't lolita unless they are long and styled a certain way.
(AP salopettes look like something a little would wear 90% of the time,on top of that)
>Pigtails rarely look good on anyone past 10
>People hating on sweet are just hating because it's popular or because they can't suit it,people who genuinely just dislike it just dislike it without being drama queens about it
>Sweet/=/ OTT pastel vomit with rainbow pigtails
>OTT is the cancer of lolita unless it's a tea party/con

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solid tights are love, solid tights are life, i will never ever get the hate for solid tights

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>Having print head to toe looks awful
If the dress has a print it doesn't need printed tights to be "balanced". Most of the time it will look too busy.

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leopard print is cute

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agree with all of these.

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I appreciate everything he has done for the community, and I love MMM...but god damn I hate literally every coordinate I've ever seen Mana wear

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I don't hate it but I can't understand how people can spend all that money on MmM. It honestly looks bad to me. Some patterns look like IKEA wall decals splashed onto a skirt, while others remind me of Blingee gothic images from early 2010. I can see the quality is good and some people definitely rock the dresses but I personally have never liked it.

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I'm salty tonight so here I go

>I don't like when people dress their kid in lolita
we're trying to tell people that those aren't kid clothes because "ohhh pastels and frills are only for babbies" and mombies putting their crotchspawn in frills ruin our arguments

>kids should never be allowed at meets
keep it separate. i don't want a kid around me. i hate them, they're noisy,messy,annoying and i'm here to have a good time.

>"growning up"/=/ getting married and getting knocked up/popping a kid
I am a grown woman already, I don't need nor do I want any of that. I do have a special someone that loves me very much but it's not a recquirement to be happy in life or magically "be adult".

>If you're wearing OTT and whine/roll eyes about being asked about your costume i'll side eye you
OTT looks like a costume,nobody wears a scepter,wings or whatever the fuck as a daily outfit.

>It's one thing to be anxious about wearing such an eye catching fashion but it's another to cry about every single thing that happened to you while outside
Grow tf up and woman up. It sucks,yes, but if you can't handle it then don't wear it.

And last but not least
>this place can be a fucking saltmine with retards that makes me embarassed to say i go on here but i love you all still and all the funny/wholesome moments are worth it

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please love yourself enough to get a therapist for your extreme and obvious issues. reproducing is your choice to make but you've obviously got some serious shit to work out and deserve to do that in a supportive environment

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If you never buy new brand then you have to right to say you support them or complain about brands pandering to China. Buying second hand doesn't support the industry at all.

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Different anon, but how the hell does anon have issues? Probably speaking out of biased since i agree with every they said.

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The greatest time for the cosplay and lolita community was 2005. while materials and outfits are more accessible now, the communities were more fun and popularity would be based on creative you were with what was provided to you.

for lolitas, outfits were simple, reasonable, fun, being in the community then felt magical.

for cosplayers, you had to get creative with what was provided and everyone worked together rather than trying to crawl up the social ladder for e-whoring.


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i wouldnt say issues issues but theyre taking their own decision not to have kids and making it everyone elses problem (‘ban kids from all meets because i personally wouldn’t pop one out’)

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Unpopular opinion but I feel that you are allowed to be annoyed that a brand is pandering to a certain demographic. Profit is profit, obviously, but you can love the brands you love because you fell in love with their sense of style, design and color scheme, which is often lost or diluted if a brand markets to one specific demographic/rides one specific trend.
Doesn't mean we agree, doesn't mean they have to listen to you, but you're entitled to your opinion.

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I hate it, when people say it. Money still go to brand, but indirectly. The former owner of piece does no longer support the brand, but one who bought it does.

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Nayrt but I mostly buy second hand and that's the dumbest thing ever!

No it doesn't! You're not guaranteeing they will buy more brand! You're just giving them money which they can use however they want, and it does not mean it'll go to the brand. You are not supporting the brand. Sorry, but you're not. When you buy from them, then you are.

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I agree with >>10012868. There's nothing bad in buying secondhand, it's 100% legal and right to do. But your money aren't going to the brand you're buying, so you're not really supporting them. Yeah you can maybe give them more visibility, but money is what keeps them going. I have never bought new brand, I'd like to but I can barely afford secondhand. There's no shame in this, but you can't really say you're supporting the brand imo.

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Sweet prints with toys or animals will look like age play no matter how many times I hear the same old argument against it. Wearing pastel pink teddy bears and unicorns as a grown woman always looks like you're trying to run from aging in the worst way.

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No,I said ban kids from meets because they have no place there. I want to hang out with fellow lolitas without screaming gremlins around. It's not that deep, anon. If you think I have issues over that,i don't know what to tell you. Besides,several other lolitas hate it as well. It also makes it awkward to have a kid or baby around imo.

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Agreed as a sweet lolita. Depends how the print is styled,the color and cut of the dress,the way it's coorded,... though.

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this so much,i'd say around 2007-2008 was the best time for me.

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Ugh, I agree. In general I think a heavily printed dress with equally printed socks looks more like a clusterfuck than a well thought out coord.

Hate using someone as an example, especially since I don't think the coord was too thought out anyway, but the dress and tights are just too much and look bad.

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>And last but not least
such amazing hypocritical words

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How so?

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She said it was full of salt, yet there she was, a big pile of it herself.

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>But your money aren't going to the brand you're buying, so you're not really supporting them

It could be argued that by keeping the secondhand market alive and thriving at the prices that it is, you are supporting the brands indirectly. If the secondhand market suddenly decided that dresses that cost $280 new were suddenly only sellable at $30, there would be an issue in disparity between the initial cost of an item and the secondhand cost of the same item, and people would slow direct purchases in full favor of secondhand.

However, lolita brand pieces retain much of their initial value (and sometimes even increase in value, as exhibited by Iron Gate or Puppet Circus) and demand is high. Therefore, new purchases are still comparable to secondhand purchases, even if you can get some great secondhand deals sometimes.

This is why luxury brands like LV and Burberry would rather destroy their overstock than sell it at a discount. If you're able to get these pieces at a heavy discount, it would lower the brand's overall value, and people would also stop buying new.

I don't think it can be said that as an individual shopping secondhand, you are supporting brands. But I think that the overall state of the secondhand market does support the brands.

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>creativity is overrated

>"boring" "formulaic" and "predictable" are not valid criticisms

these comments rub me the wrong way so much, i didn't get into lolita to be *~unique~* i got into it because it's cute. if i look cute in the same way that 8374897331 other people have looked cute, so be it.

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Nayrt, but I think it's the names you're using to refer to children.

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I dont get all the hate for kids in lolita.
By all means, I dont think they dont belong at meetups.
Not everyone wants to have kids, and that's totally fine. But the gross insults lolitas throw at them, and all the circle jerking over "omg I'm never having kids!" "Get your crotch fruit away from me reeeeeeee!" is just as bad if not worse than dealing with a kid at a meetup.

Bonus points if those same people also have unusual pets and get offended when someone calls their pets gross. I see it all the fucking time.

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amen to both of you anons

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Not sure if this is really an unpopular opinion but I dont see the point of lolita comms. Meeting other lolitas is nice and I like brand organized tea parties, but ive literally never had a good experience at a lolita comm event. Every event I've been to is just a bunch of people awkwardly sitting together and quietly discussing this one thing we have in common, even though many of us dont have anything in common otherwise. Someone usually brings their boyfriend and makes it even more awkward. Then at the end we all go our separate ways and arent any better for it.

Its probably just that my comm is shitty, but yeah comms suck. Ive only met and had good conversations with other lolitas at cons, or just randomly encountering them elsewhere.

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Nayrt but this type of thread is inherently salty, while threads like the lolita general or DD thread shouldn't be imo but they still are

I agree that people shitting on kids is cringey, but it's worse when people bring their kids to a meetup. If there aren't kids at a meetup I never see the topic brought up anyways

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Opinion (might not actually be unpopular):

Tattoos, facial piercings, rainbow hair, and ear spacers or whatever the fuck those things are called, or just any body mods in general, do not belong in lolita. Cover your nasty tattoos or GTFO.

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It's okay to wear lolita like a costume as long as you maintain the silhouette
Wearing objects on your head is okay as long as it's completely on theme
Being OTT is fun

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this is a pretty common opinion on cgl.

Could I ask where you're from?

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I feel you anon. I never bring my kid to meets anyways (we all need adult only time sometimes and meets are mine) but it kinda makes me sad how much people talk shit about kids. It's fine to not like them, but how can people get so enraged by them merely existing? Even if kids aren't for you, they're sweet little humans who don't deserve the hate they get.

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>probably just that my comm is shitty,
>but yeah comms suck
The fact that you still chose to generalize after is dumb.

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>getting bootybothered over silly names
if that's the case then cgl has gone soft geez, it's a joke not a dick,don't take it so hard

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No woman has ever made it past 30 feeling this way with it not being an extremely obvious lie

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That seems like just the type of comm you're in. I've been in multiple comms and some of them are just like you describe. Sometimes no matter how many times you meet and chat with some people you just can't get on a true friendship level because you either just don't have the chemistry or they don't have the interest or something. But other times I have been in comms where people just mesh well together and have good conversation flow, are more chill and are genuinely wanting to know more about others and become friends.

Comms also change through the years so you should definitely peek back into your comm in a few, or if you happen to move check out a new comm. Sorry you're in a not so great one anon.

I can totally relate to the "at the end we all go our separate ways and aren't any better for it part." I've been stuck in a comm like that for a few years until I finally meshed with some people and become good friends. Don't give up.

It also helps to have meets centered around something other than a tea party and lolita. For example if you love art, do an art museum or drawing meet up, or if you love games to a board game meet, etc. That way you are bonding with people over your mutual interest over something other than the fashion.

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nayrt but stats?
sorry you can't accept some women don't wanna be burdened with such things, anony.
go and breed if you want (even though you shouldn't given we are overpopulated mainly due to muslims and the chinese breeding like rats) and marry if you want but not everyone needs that to be happy i rather keep my money for travels and brand than waste it on a child or a wedding

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No, I'm already there and I still hate kids. All I've learned is to smile and lie to their parents that their kids are cute.

Goes double for the ones that show up to meetups unannounced, because then you know for sure the parents are shitty self-centred douches as well.

nayrt btw

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I don't hate kids, but there is definitely a time and place for them, and a lolita meet is not the time nor the place. Hired a babysitter. Same for SO that aren't into the fashion... leave them home.

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lmao I’m fast approaching 30 and I still don’t want snot nosed crotch fruit. Been saying it every year since I was about 5. Why would I want to pay hundreds of thousands in a child’s lifetime when I can spend that on brand? There are plenty of women who are in old age and are happy with the decision to not breed.

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Also nayrt but I really enjoy my freedom, my independence, and my ability to not only be spontaneous but to make really questionable decisions (including but certainly not limited to moving and switching jobs) without having to worry about someone else's welfare.

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Guy who's dated several sweet lolitas here - two from Japan, two from Sweedem and one from America. Here's my finding: sweet Lolita is inseparable from ageplay. 2/5 insisted they we're NOT ageplay so yet wanted me to do ageplay-esque stuff with them like giving them rewards for being a good girl, giving them guidelines/rules to follow, and requesting I call them "little girl" in bed (guess it doesn't count as ageplay if I don't flat out say "daddy's little girl," huh?) The other three were ageplayers, admitted it, but you wouldn't know otherwise since they kept it as a deep dark secret they'd only reveal after a few months of gradually leading up to it. The Japanese ones in particular straight up would yell stuff like "I need to do my homework!!! I'm going to be late for my bed time!!" and "it feels funny down there! I don't want to play this game anymore, I'm scared!!!" And such. Unapologetically age players. When you have prints like Dreamy Room, it's not hard to see why.

Just saying. I guess I don't mind it, but ageplay isn't entirely my cup of tea either. Just something I can still least reciprocate for their sake because I'm not a selfish lover.

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>that happened

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Thiiiiiiiis, so much. I don't hate kids in general, but at meets, I want to relax, snack, and talk with other adults and not have to worry about kids butting in.

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Stopped reading there. Begone, ape.

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I don't care how nice he is and how friendly he is with other girls in the comm, if he's not dressing the part, leave him home.

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50 year old here to call bullshit on this. I never wanted kids. Mostly for the same reasons as this anon >>10013084

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It's not the "I wish their gather to me" thought people get mad about. You can always dream or wish there was something for you. It's the fact many people who post about act like they have a right to lolita and brands are horrible for not making stuff that fits them. They're fucking entitled.

Even worst how it's often enough bullshit too. I think a few brands tried bigger sizes in the past. And they had to stop, because all these entitled fatty chains who act like brands own them bigger sizes and say they would buy if something their size was made didn't buy anyways.

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are you the catfishing anon lol
you're full of lies

>> No.10013225

You rock anon! If you really are 50 I find it pretty amazing

>> No.10013227

Yeah nah stop baiting.
Also just butting in to say that "rewards and punishments" are a BDSM thing in general my dude. Let it be in a petplay,slave/master,...relationship or an ageplay one. Being called little girl is where i draw the line that said. I would understand good girl or sweet girl (which is borderline) but yeah

>> No.10013243

childfree here too but lol @ all these people getting butthurt over this shitty bait

>> No.10013254

One, cringe, and two, that anon is right, you sound like how I sounded when I was a rebel teen who hated kids and their moms and everything they touched simply because muh rebel grrl. “Crotchspawn” lord, grow up out of 2009

>> No.10013275

I don't dislike kids but I agree they shouldn't be allowed at meets (unless all participants are okay with it of course). You don't casually bring your kids to an old classmates reunion or to your yoga class. It would be inappropriate. With lolita meetings it's the same, you go there to be cute, take pictures and enjoy the day with people who like the fashion. Children can't normally join this activities so they shouldn't be attending.

>> No.10013277

Lolita isn't that expansive. Sure it's not the cheapest around. But a lot of people are just used to only buying cheap stuff like H&M making them act like it's super expansive. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against buying clothes there, and compared to that it's "expensive" unless you only buy low quality taobao stuff. But when looking at clothes in general even brand is more early mid-class cost than really expensive. And even I who grew up poor/low-class and now life mid-class have some stable pieces in my closet for daily wear (which is further padded with Primark and H&M) that cost more than a brand dress.

>> No.10013279

For example, some things that could be really expansive are luxury brands or high-end business suits. Places you pay thousands for your clothes. With some luxury brands, clothes aren't made to last and just to look good and be trown away next fashion season. Lolita is some of the cheapest of "expansive" clothes.

Honestly, as soon as you get away from places that do mass produced in bad working enviourements without decent salaries with designs based upon what others designers made like H&M, Primark, etc. and buy clothes that's made to last longer than a fashion season you'll easily get in the same price range as lolita.

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Only ugly girls hate "costhots"

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Sorry. Didn't pay hundreds of dollars to cover this shit up.

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>hambeast in a well crafted handmade cosplay >>>>> skinny cosplayer in a wrinkled ass taobao cosplay
That's choosing between two bad things. Just because one is worse than the other, doesn't make one good. If you're fat, it's fine if you cosplay fat characters. Thin people doing fat characters is also kinda odd looking. But it looks horrible if you cosplay a thin character, and depending on the design of the character, I may prefer even the skinny one in a cheap cosplay. But still both are bad.

Opinions can't be facts smartass.

>> No.10013304

Agree with you. Lolita can be more or less affordable depending how much money you own of course, but it's worth what it costs. Most really expensive clothes aren't, you're only paying for brand name. Lolita is "fair"-kind of expensive, many other clothes are "ridiculously overpriced"-kind of expensive.

I don't agree on the "lolita is expensive" argument even on another aspect. You can easily buy a dress with 50USD and unexpensive coords exist and can look pretty. Of course you're going to spend if you want an OTT look but if you're okay with a simpler and toned down look you definitely don't have to break the bank.

>> No.10013311

>Most really expensive clothes aren't, you're only paying for brand name.
This. I remember this Chinese woman buying these luxury brand jacket (forgot the brand name) for a few thousand. It broke after it had been dry cleaned and when going back to complain, they simply told her "but you shouldn't wash it!". The coat was literally made to wear until washing time then trow it away and buy a new one...

Louboutins are also some of the most uncomfortable shoes around. You just pay because of the brand really.

I can understand the cost for some really high end clothes. Some high-end business suits. Actual silken, made to measure, hand embroidered qipao. That sort of fancy shit. But sadly, that's rarely what we talk about when we speak "expensive clothes". Luxury brands seem to be more common.

Sometimes it's both funny and sad how people talk about lolita as if it's Hermès, Versace, or Burberry.

On a similar note. The idiocy when people complain "why would you wear something that expansive for sex/fetish reasons". Like, any quality sexstore will make you end up paying more for an outfit then lolita brands. Unless you only go to these cheap wholesale places which are like the H&M of sexstores, lolita is still average to cheaply priced.

>> No.10013315

>tattoofag cant resist me me me’ing and injecting themselves into a tattoo-critical conversation

>> No.10013318

I also don't, and I got big tattoos on my body that I love. When wearing lolita, I just wear clothes over it in lolita. If it's too warm to do so, I wear clothes that are less warm and do look good with my tattoos. You don't die from not wearing lolita each moment of my life.

Sorry you made decisions after which you are too dumb to make yourself look good.

>> No.10013328

I'd rather see a fatty in a bad cosplay who knows everything about the series and genuinely loves it, than someone with a nice body and good construction cosplay from a series they know nothing about

>> No.10013335

For seeing? No rather see a hot chick. For interacting with, defiantly!

>> No.10013336

>Louboutins are uncomfortable
I remember watching an interview with Christian Louboutin where he essentially said that yeah, his shoes were supposed to be uncomfortable bc he doesn't believe beauty should be 'comfortable' and honestly he can go fuck himself

>> No.10013338

NARYT, I’m at that age where getting knocked up would ruin my life and finances. As such I’ve slowly grown to dislike kids and their parents who let them run around restaurants and scream their heads off. I certainly do not want to be at a meet up with children running around reminding me they can destroy my fucking life. So anon I think you have issues if you consider that fun timez.

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>> No.10013343

Agree, y’all look like hookers with that shit in.

>> No.10013346

>shows ass
>’is this cosplay?’

>> No.10013360

Just wanted to show my support, I think everyone should feel free to wear lolita with piercings and tattoos if they want to. It's okay if someone doesn't like it but insisting people do not do that just because you don't like it is immature and silly. (and before someone thinks I'm butthurt or something, I don't have any tattoos nor piercings, and I don't even like them much, it's just basic decency to let people do what they want with their bodies, especially if it doesn't affect you in the slightest)

>> No.10013376

It's also common to dress in a way that looks good on you. Which includes skin colour, body type, and guess what, body modifications.

You are free to do stuff that doesn't flatter, like wearing lolita with big clashing tattoos. But we're just as free to think you look like a moron without any sense of how to look well.

Why do you have to show it anyways, even when it looks bad? Did you get tattooed just to show it to others? You're some snowflake needing to be different so badly? Because if you get tattooed for yourself, you can just dress whatever looks best, as there is no need to show tattoos to others as you know it's still there. Seems like a better option than getting mad a community based on appearance that you joined and post in out of free wil judging your appearance. It's almost as if that's the point of such communities... If a tattoos fits in the coord, kudos. If it doesn't, make it not show. It ain't rocket science.

>> No.10013383

But why? People bang on about Lolita being a fashion not a costume, so why should anyone be worried about their tattoos or body mods?

I've really never understood this. Lolita is a niche fashion, a niche alternative fashion, and people shouldn't have tattoos or piercings? Are you reading what you're writing? Honestly unless someone is trying to take the edgy "i'm so cool i have my asscrack pierced and also I wear rorita" approach or acting like they're infinitely superior for their body mods, then what's the problem?

Serious question, what's your opinion on body mods in fashion in general?

>> No.10013387

NAYRT but anon from >>10013376 and I feel this way about any kind of fashion. It just seems extra stupid to post in a fashion (so appearance based) community and get mad at being judged on just that, appearance.

I also love tattoos and piercings.

>> No.10013400

I love tattoos and love the aesthetic of barely seeing them through sheer sleeves. I'm not that keen on non-ear facial piercings other than a tiny stud on the side of the nose. Those are cute. Bull-rings are the ugliest to me but that's probably because my gross ex had one. Not going to hate on someone for having them though. They don't affect my life so whatever.

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File: 3.58 MB, 640x323, 4885310A-E29C-4E46-B89B-3E4618E9A6AD.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>seeing Hamilton (or any characters from Broadway) cosplayers at a anime convention

>> No.10013414

Male detected. I'm reasonably cute with a cute body according to my entourage and I dislike costhots (even though i'm mostly into girls).
While they can obviously do whatever they want,it's trashy and makes us look bad. Well done boudoir shoots are nice,that said.

>> No.10013416

I don't hate them nor do i hate mothers,can you read? I said I didn't want them around at meets and that having them didn'tautomatically mean you were "fulfilled" in life
if you're triggered by "crotchspawn" being used as a joke you need to grow up anon.

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File: 14 KB, 256x256, o9rIpBfh_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

see also

>anime cosplayers at comic cons/video game expos

>> No.10013437

going to cons to make new friends who are cities/states/countries away is dumb

>> No.10013446

> anime cosplayers at comic cons/video games expos
I have a problem with this one because animes like BNHA since it's clearly inspired by Marvel and has a game, but I also don't go there to see five million zero twos

>> No.10013453

Nayrt, but if you discipline your children you won't have that problem. They still will be costly though, there's no avoiding that.

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File: 70 KB, 500x333, 0598A806-B993-4FD9-90E3-553F3CBB52A3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m quite cute and hate costhots desu. And plenty of cute and hot girls also hate thots. I’m sorry that doesn’t fit your narrative beta cuck. Ugly girls tend to be sjws that are all about “muh body muh rights” so they love costhots and sluts.

>> No.10013460

Wigs are overrated
You can totally use your own hair for moderate hairstyles

>> No.10013461

Are you one of those people who quizzes random cosplayers on obscure trivia to see how worthy they are?

Also, if we’re ranking this stuff, where do “knows everything about the series, hot, in bad cosplay they bought on eBay” and “fat, saw half the anime but hasn’t read the manga, decent cosplay they made entirely on their own,” and “huge fan who regularly contributes to the series wiki, hot but has a visible tattoo from that fandom, commissioned someone good to make their cosplay but the person that they commissioned never watched the series” fall into the stack?

We need one of those sorting apps where cosplayer traits are compared and then at the end we find out once and for all who the best cosplayer is via this incredibly scientific process.

>> No.10013462

Agreed. Unless you have dead hair, a really weird or special snowflake haircut, or have a weird coloured dyed in that doesn't go well with your coord.

>> No.10013464

You sound cringe as fuck

>> No.10013476
File: 196 KB, 640x360, KGYevSg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Natural hair is perfect, even good quality wigs sometimes are noticeably wigs and make it look less like streetstyle and more like costume. I wouldn't wear a wig for an everyday style, although I would wear one on special occasions.

>> No.10013480

I'm close to 30 and I'd really like to have kids some day. But I'm trying to be realistic that it probably won't ever happen. I'm in a relationship but our situation is super unstable, our jobs requires us to change location every few years and who knows if our jobs will even exists in 20 years anymore. Everyone I know is like that, the thing that cripples people most is the uncertainty about the future. I know several women in their late20/early 30s who'd like to have kids but they feel like they won't be good enough and on top of that come job insecurity and the fear of the future. I can somehow understand that so many women these days view children as burden, come to hate them and view the childfree life inevitably as the better option, because let's be real: Children really are a huge financial and psychological burden these days. and if you don't want that in your life I can fully accept that decision.

>> No.10013482

I think the word you were looking for is expensive.

>> No.10013484

theyre talking about cosplay, anon. obviously you dont a wig for lolita

>> No.10013485


>> No.10013491

A horrible lot of people seem to think you do need one unless you have picture perfect hair naturally, as if a doll that's always brushed and never played with.

Anyways, as long as you can perfectly style it for the character I agree it's not needed for cosplay. In fact, it'll probably look more natural if your natural hair can do it. But if you use cheap spray dye or if you can't make the hairstyle with your own hair then a wig is better. In the end it should look like the character, no matter what hair is used.

>> No.10013499

This. I have dyed hair in an unnatural (yet quite pale) color so I have to wear wigs sometimes so it matches

>> No.10013582
File: 5 KB, 217x232, Skyrim+skyrim+in+hd+buy+it+once+again+for+_578f54deae6c140930bd1176add879a5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cosplay is full of mentally ill girls who are looking for validation and don't even care about the stuff they're cosplaying beyond how popular they are. This is the cancer that is killing cosplay.

Also, fuck Lolitas.

>> No.10013586

In my experience all communities have some bad individuals. Also, you sound rather aggressive, are you sure you don't have issues too?

>> No.10013602

I miss some old OTT coords, do you still actually wear it?

>> No.10013604

>obviously you dont a wig for lolita
I agree, but just look at CoF and instagram. Western comm girls are much more likely to be wearing a wig than natural hair

>> No.10013610

I wish there was more cosplay content on /cgl/ than Lolita but I know how infrequent cosplay content can be compared to Lolita

>> No.10013612

I can understand if you don't like lolita but I think it is fair, lolita is extremely more popular everywhere else.

>> No.10013615

You seriously want to go to a meet with children? What the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.10013629

Girls who wear their frills out to parks, graveyards, zoos, bars and equally grimy, gross places are disgusting.

>> No.10013633


Mods ban drama and sexy costumes, so thats 90% of the cosplay content gone.

We would probably need a new board for cosplay with new mods and different rules.

>> No.10013634 [DELETED] 

ScarfingScarves is an insufferable bitch.

>> No.10013638


I wish but my hair is thin in the back, and I'm a girl. :( Wigs are the only way I'm gonna look good in lolita. RIP when my skull is already big for a hat without one. OTL

>> No.10013642

I thought the main haters of costhots were people worried that they were ruining the integrity of cosplay. I'm ugly and I don't care about costhots, their existence is inconsequential to me on every level. Maybe i might feel differently if i gave a damn about cosplay.

>> No.10013658

I like wearing wigs when it's cold out. Blanket for my head!

>> No.10013661

>fuck lolitas
you wish you could, manlet

>> No.10013675

i give a damn about cosplay, i still dont care about costhots. they appeal almost exclusively to creeps who would otherwise be leering at me in con hallways so im kinda glad theyre dudebro magnets

>> No.10013676

Sorry you're boring, anon

>> No.10013679

Can YOU read? I said it sounds like how *I* was when I hated kids. Sounds similar =/= you said that. Dumbass
I’m not triggered I’m just embarrassed for you, that term is associated with sad childhating sjw problem glasses types.

>> No.10013681

I was specifically speaking about the fact that anon thought they would destroy their life. It'd only do so if you let it.
I don't mind kids at meets if they are well behaved and it suits the meet.

>> No.10013687

>t. shut in
you're going to dives and low class places if they're grimy. up your game, and go spendy places instead.

>> No.10013693

What do you wear to those places then? Rags? Potato sacks? Washing machines exist for a reason

>> No.10013703

who hurt you manlet-kun?

>> No.10013715
File: 60 KB, 600x620, 409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone sounds a little buttblasted but ok whatever you say anon chan

>> No.10013731

Zoos and parks aren't that dirty germophobe

>> No.10013747

This is the kind of shit that just screams "wearing it as a costume." They're just regular clothes, anon. You wear regular clothes to a zoo.

>> No.10013750

Are you the person who was arguing in rufflechat that it should be illegal to modify dresses because that is unfair to anyone who might want to purchase them later? Are you skurrred that somebody might get a speck of dirt on a dress you might have otherwise wanted to buy in 5 years?

>> No.10013760

Not that anon, but there are clothes other than lolita and potato sacks. lol. Normie clothes, other fashions...

>> No.10013764

Unless you're a conlita, you should treat lolita like your normal clothing- you wear it out to places and wash it. It's not like you're going digging in garbage

>> No.10013784

>Did you get tattooed just to show it to others?
I don't have any tattoos but I do want some. The only reason I haven't committed is cause I'm really picky about every artist and so far none meet my criteria.

Anyway, all the folks I have known who had tattoos, got them to show them off. I know it's not quite the same as lolita because some girls really do wear it for themselves and don't post online, but like, a lot of them do. I follow 300+ IG's of lolitas who are just showing off their wardrobes.

How is that different from showing off a piece of body art that you paid a lot for?

So in your opinion, do you also dislike the girls who post their coords online for everyone to see because they're showing off something expensive?

I love how every time I have asked this question on this board, I have never gotten a response. It's almost like if someone states their background, it'll explain their obvious cultural difference and why they have an "unpopular" opinion.

I can't wait for all the anons to come out of the fucking woodwork to let me know that they're from Saudi Arabia, think tattoos are great but just shouldn't be worn in Lolita.

Give me a fucking break. People who truly believe in this kind of nonsense are obviously uncultured and only know of lolita.

>> No.10013839

i think they should stop calling them anime/comic conventions and start calling them fandom conventions tbdesu. a whole unique subculture has sprung up around being a fan in general

comic book fans and anime fans have way more in common now than they did 20-30 years ago. theres massive amounts of overlap between fandoms due to shared spaces such as 4chan, tumblr, ao3, twitter, etc. you'll find the same fanfiction tropes & cosplay trends throughout fandoms for radically different media

things are just way more interlinked than they used to be

>> No.10013843

Okay, but why are you showing your tattoos off to lolitas who don't care about it, have no concept of how much it costs and think it looks bad? Of course you're not going to get the reaction you want.

>> No.10013857

The funny thing is that as a frequent secondhand seller all of my money from it along with a bunch of my spending money goes back into brand, I have never made a profit. But over time I've switched styles so the brands people buy from me are very rarely the ones I'm going to buy from in the future. Meta is a big one, I don't like any of their new stuff. On the other hand IW I had stopped buying but I'm getting back into that so if you buy my old IW there's a good chance I'm using that money to purchase new IW for a lot more than I sold my old pieces

>> No.10013864

I have a lot of tattoos and I didn't get them to show off, I got them to decorate myself.
Sometimes they are a part of my outfit and sometimes they are not.

>> No.10013866

Again, I don't have any tattoos.

The only backlash I see regarding tattoos and piercings are on 4chan and not just this board.

I don't go to Rufflechat but maybe it's a common complaint there.

I just think it's weird that a site like this draws in so many people who pretend to be fucking pearl clutching grandma's who can't stand the sight of the things like tattoos or piercings.

Why do people here treat lolita like it's fucking business attire?

>> No.10013867

Congrats, you're one of the people I'm not talking about then.

>> No.10013873

I don't think you got my point. Getting a tattoo specifically to show off to other people is similar to wearing lolita specifically to post pictures on social media. Do something because you love it for yourself. Don't get tattoos to impress strangers.

>> No.10013875

nayrt but how about you don't tell people what to do with their bodies? Getting a tattoo to show to strangers is just as valid as getting it and never showing anyone because it's just for yourself. Look up the fucking history of tattoos in literally all cultures.

>> No.10013878

I hope you noted that I mentioned these were people I've known over the years and it's pretty high number because I've often had jobs where literally all my coworkers were covered in tats and piercings.

I didn't give my two cents because I have tats myself. Nor am I talking about a small number of people who only get tattoos for themselves and show literally no one their tats. What are all these fucking tattoo social media accounts I'm seeing?

Oh right, that's gen pop showing off tats.

Thanks for coming out of the woodwork to say "but not me".

>> No.10013881

nayrt but as a fellow tattooed lolita, let this drop, anon. you're just making those of us with tattoos look bad and confirming the biases of those who dislike it with your behavior

>> No.10013883

The masses won't feel any different regardless of what I say.

What exactly are you worried about here?

>> No.10013884

Because it's not kawaii. It's as simple as that.

>> No.10013890

you shitting up the thread with a pointless argument, mostly. get a productive hobby

>> No.10013895


Agree. Tattoos MIGHT work in some kind of goth/punk/experimental edgelord lolita coord, but every time I see a tattoo in a sweet or classic coord pic, I wince.

>> No.10013912

It an unpopular opinion thread.

Blame the person who posted a popular opinion for shitting up the thread. But I didn't bring this shit up.

>> No.10013924
File: 75 KB, 700x613, smug9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/cgl/ is dead because the new hugbox mods nuked the lolcow and drama subculture. If you can't be a hateful smug cunt on 4chan, there is no reason to be here.

>> No.10013925

but lolcow is dead too

>> No.10013926

you need both lolcows and the context of a niche subculture to reach critical /comfy/

>> No.10013946

>>10013784 1/2
Big difference is tattoos are permanent. If you want to show of clothes, you put them on, make a photo, and you can take them off and go on with life like nothing happens.

Most people who get tattoos just to show off regret it. Once you've shown it off, people eventually loose interest. It's not new anymore. But as the people who you wanted to show off to can walk away, that tattoo stays forever to remember you you altered a body. That's why it's much more dumb to get a tattoo just to show off.

Now, you surely also have people who get tattooed for themselves, but are so happy with the result they post it online. These people also exist in lolita. But then again there would be no need that you HAVE TO show it off even if it looks bad with your outfit, especially not need to show it off to people who are in an appearance based community. Personally, I don't mind showing it off, but if it looks bad with what I wear I also don't mind covering up. If I show my tattoos depends on weather, look, and appropriateness.

>> No.10013948

>>10013784 2/3 (longer than I thought)
Honestly, if all people you know got them to show off, and you can't find an artist of good enough quality I doubt your looking at the right places or even know where to look. Maybe try talking to tattoo enthousiasts instead of Instagram hipsters. No offence, there are good artist on Instagram too, but a lot of Instagram artists are false advertising and Altrough there are many good artists, then are much more bad ones. And many good artists get the word spread by mouth to mouth, so they don't need Instagram and advertising everywhere. They tend to showing some nice ones (while having many bad ones hidden) that are just set, acting like know it all. But in the mean time, their tattoos won't last and everyone with a bit of knowledge knows it, and their own art is often much more mediocre than they believe. Go to a shop and check portfolio, see how the place feels, or go to places tattoo enthousiasts can endorses. Not Instagram or celebrity tattoo artists.

In traditional Japanese tattooing, there is this tradition of hiding your tattoos beside for very close people or particular moments. It comes from way before the bad stigmas and illigalisation. Its because it will be more special and it's beauty will be more appriciated when shown compared to when it's always visible. I remember this Japanese artist talk about it. It was a bit extreme to the other side, but had quite a beauty.

>> No.10013949

>>10013784 3/3
Honestly, most people who feel the need to show off no matter if it's appropriate or not (like work, events, etc) are horribly annoying and egocentric people in my experience. They're often these "the whole world has to change because I have a right to this opinion and therefore can do this without having to think about others who have that right too" kind of people, or just people who want to look though and cool in which case it's as stupid as getting plastic surgery for someone else, who might walk away right after that.

I never really understood this "I have to show off tattoos" thing we often got here in the West. It's dumb.

Also, I'm still one of the a ons who is pro

>> No.10013953

*dammit phones does stupid. Anyways.

Also, I'm still one of those anions who's pro hiding tattoos unless they fit the coord. I'm a big tattoo enthousiast and I spend tons of money in them. I do know more than lolita, at least on this topic. I gladly pay thousands for a piece and still no need to show of when it looks bad.

People on rufflechat are often all on their inclusivity, but also often enough suggest to make it work in a coord, or distract or hide it. Difference is they often end with a quick "you do you" statement, which in the end is true. But then don't go complain if others judge you on what do you and how you look. Because that'll always be a consequence of you doing you and going out of the norm.

>> No.10013958

This is the most common way among tattoo enthousiast. With all these tattoo trends lately I kinda wish tattoos became less accepted again because these hipsters make these kind of arguments so common as well as bad tattoos becoming more the norm.
>But you do it with clothes too.
Clothes you can take off when done showing off moron. Tattoos are there forever also after the trend dies and the followers leave. And 90% of the time regret follows.
>inb4 but it's not that permanent anymore!
Lasering is expansive, more painful than getting tattoos, and has a high change to leave you full of scars. It also doesn't always remove everything unless you really want to screw up your skin, especially on dark and/or big tattoos.
Cover-ups still force you to have a tattoo and are giving way less freedom in what you want. A good tattoo you actually thought about often will give beter results.

>> No.10013959

>Why do people here treat lolita like it's fucking business attire?
Do you really ask why people in a fashion community would be critical to how stuff looks within the fashion? Are you that dumb?

>> No.10013962

Should have had new tag before the greentext. Sorry anon, I'm agreeing with you. Didn't mean to call you a morron.

>> No.10014103

Did you reply to the wrong post because I didn't say that at all.

>> No.10014114

>Now, you surely also have people who get tattooed for themselves, but are so happy with the result they post it online.
I was lumping those people in with the others because it still counts as showing off.

Thanks for your fucking pep talk but I'm not talking to hipsters on IG - I only talk to other lolitas and make up artists.
I actually found a decent artist but she moved across country before I had a chance to make an appointment with her. Its not like I go on a search and find nothing, its not even a fucking priority for me. Lolita is my main hobby, I just like looking at people who have tattoos and want to have tattoos someday. There's no reason to like put a rush on this just cause you think I'm not looking in the right places.

You really needed to make 3 posts for this? Since you made assumptions about me I'll do the same for you.

Don't be so fucking long winded on cgl. One person already said to drop it so you wrote a fucking essay on the subject? You don't sound like someone I need advice from.

My only problem with this whole fucking subject is that it is a COMMON opinion on here, especially this bord.

This is the UNPOPULAR opinion thread.

And I still think you're out of touch if tattoos bother you in general. Which are the mind of comments you'd find in a CoF thread - people pretending to be grandpas and basically screeching "get these tattooed whippersnappers off my lawn"
Why are those people so common on this site?

>> No.10014133

>>10014114 1/2
Have another essay because you still seem to fail to get it.
>I was lumping those people in with the others because it still counts as showing off.
Then you misunderstood the point. The point is, if you get tattoos ONLY to show off, that's dumb. If you get tattoos, show them off when appropriate and it looks good, en don't show them off when it's not appropriate or when it doesn't look good, that's fine. That group won't make a huge drama about covering their tattoos for the sake of looking good in a fashion they choose to wear because they just make a picture to show of their tattoos when wearing something that fits better with their tattoos, and not when showing off lolita. It doesn't need to be all at once you know.

>And I still think you're out of touch if tattoos bother you in general.
Tattoos don't bother me. Looking bad in general does. Somehow, we can tell people they are supposed to dress flattering, coords have to be decent and can be given concrit to. But when people talk about coording around your tattoos in flattering ways just like with the rest of your body (only show them if it fits the coord, distract or hide them when it doesn't) suddenly hells breaks loose and it's your body you should show it proudly. If people get a bodysuit tattooed, you're also gonna tell them to walk around naked to show off? No (I hope atleast), you tell them to dress in a way that's appropriate and looks good. Show off tattoos at fitting moments, not all moments you possibly can. There is nothing grandpa about that. Yet somehow, even after a "full essay", you fail to get that point. So apparently, 3 comments isn't even enough for you.

>My only problem with this whole fucking subject is that it is a COMMON opinion on here, especially this bord.
>This is the UNPOPULAR opinion thread.
That's the original post about anyways, an unpopulair opinion. Saying they don't like seeing tattoos in lolita. And considering people like you

>> No.10014134

>>10014114 2/2
>My only problem with this whole fucking subject is that it is a COMMON opinion on here, especially this bord.
>This is the UNPOPULAR opinion thread.
That's the original post about anyways, an unpopulair opinion. Saying they don't like seeing tattoos in lolita. And considering people like you feel the need to go comment on that and defend special snowflakes who can't do a day without showing people they are so special because they got ink, it has all right to to be an unpopulair opinion. More people are being idiots telling people they should show off whenever they feel like no matter how it looks then people actually tell you to care about how much it flatters with the clothes you wear, like everything else on your body. And some tattooed lolitas act like people ask them to lazer of tattoos instead of to wear something that flatters. And I highly agree with anon who said that.

I also didn't say you talk to hipsters on Instagram. I said that if you can't find any good artist at all you're doing something wrong. Saying you're looking but nothing is good enough, then change it to not looking that much isn't gonna change it. learn to read.

Btw, don't you think it's kinda double to tell people stop talking about their side of the unpopulair opinion when you're the one who starts complaining about the original unpopulair opinion made? If unpopulair opinions shouldn't be critisized in an unpopulair opinion thread, who are you to tell first anon their opinion isn't right?

>Why are those people so common on this site?
Because we can be honest here instead of having to worry about people getting mad because how dare we think anything negative?

>> No.10014148

bruh this is 4chan, chill

>> No.10014149

Cosplay isn't about fandom anymore. Its about how many likes you get and how much you can leach out of dudes on your patreon.

>> No.10014475

Costhots and bought cosplays kill the fandoms. Cons would be much, much better if there was a stipulation that all costumes must be self-made.

Even if it's not particularly good, it shows dedication and devotion to the character, which I respect greatly. I've seen plenty of thots go out and buy a cosplay Episode 2 of a show airing (ahem Zero Two)

>> No.10014530

Haha oh my god...

>> No.10014533

>tfw non-tattooed anon sperging about tattoos in lolita

Seriously, as someone already said, you're making those of us with tattoos embarrassed for you. Just let it go.

>> No.10014619

compared to the anon that is literally flying off the handle and writing replies so long they need to make more than one post about it?

Learn how to reply to someone in a thread.

>> No.10014641

>I don't mind kids at meets if they are well behaved and it suits the meet.
that is a massive fucking 'if' and you know it.

>> No.10014656

Saw a girl in a fairy kei (ish) style at loblaws today. First time I've ever seen someone in jfash outside of cons, I was wearing normie clothes because I was with my dad so rip. Also she looked like a teenager and I wasn't going to bug her with her friend. If you see this, you looked cute!

>> No.10014743

Ayrt, I’m embarrassed for the both of you. Imagine thinking anyone cares about your boring, extremely standard “unpopular opinion” this much that you’re still spamming the thread days later. I bet your mother doesn’t like kids much either, after you.

>> No.10014812

>both of you
That where more than 1 anon talking for each sides over the past few days, so no both (unless you meant both pro- and against tattooed sides).

Most 4chan discussions aren't 2 people.

>> No.10014877

I'm the one who said it was standard to begin with, so you agree with one of us.

Amd I'm not having this conversation outside of this website because you're right, no one actually cares. I'm only doing it here.

Is right btw.

>> No.10014885

>I'm not having this conversation outside of this website because you're right, no one actually cares. I'm only doing it here.

But nobody cares here either, anon, maybe someone did before this discussion started taking up all the thread /: please let's all talk about something else, we've clearly seen that people won't change their minds about this.

>> No.10014919

The method wasn't very nice but I'm glad miss richfag anon fucked off. She ruined the rich lolita thread and offered relatively little in return. So glad she's gone.

>> No.10014927

I kind of miss seeing those threads. The discussions were interesting to read.

>> No.10015038

Unpopular opinion.

People on here are super critical. Cosplays are so difficult to nail every single detail and the best part is making a character your own.

Other than that, yellow wigs. Just get blonde it looks so much better my

>> No.10015121

Not sure whether it's really an unpopular opinion but I think it's okay to post your coord on your personal social media even if it's not perfect, like if you're wearing comfy shoes because you had to walk or a coat that doesn't match because you still didn't buy a matching one. Posting on CoF is another thing but if someone takes a WIP coord pic from your personal profile and puts it in the ita thread they have some issues understanding that IRL people aren't always perfect and flawless.

>> No.10015123

I think you are all doing your best, and I hope everything works out for all of you in the end. I believe in you gulls

>> No.10015238

>nobody cares here either, anon
Not true, if they didn't really care I wouldn't have gotten lengthy replies from someone who has the most opinions on this subject.

>> No.10015240

Dude me too. That is some stupid shit to be doing on this site. I would never come here to state how much money I have access to. That's like counting your money in public.

>> No.10015253

>intentionally dated 5 sweets
>not into ageplay

>> No.10015265

>just discipline your children
it’s not that easy. if you think taking care of children is easy, you’re probably doing it wrong.

>> No.10015286

ew this is like saying sweet lolita and ageplay are the same thing or one in the same when they aren't.

>> No.10015287

not only that but I see no point in telling someone unsure about having kids to just have them and then say "discipline" them.

Most people who over discipline their kids are people who didn't want to have kids but had them cause "that's the normal thing to do as an adult."

Having a kid is some serious shit. If someone doesn't really want to do that, then it's better for them not to ruin someone's life just because you're "supposed to have kids. What the fuck.

>> No.10015289

9/10 times a child screaming at a restaurant is overstimulated and/or fucking exhausted and cannot be quieted by any other means than packing up and heading home. discipline won't change the fact that tired and overwhelmed children behave poorly

>> No.10015301

Sorry anon. I should have said properly discipline.
Where did I say that? Give your child a proper schedule if you're exhausting them at a dinner.

>> No.10015309

nice anecdotes anon, you dumb generalising shit

>> No.10015310

You responded to >>10013338 which was using restaurants as an example.

>> No.10015311

I don't care what costhots do. People encourage them and they make money, I don't see much wrong taking advantage of that. I do hate the lolita thots though, oh man.

>> No.10015343

Not meant to be a vendetta post, but I feel like kammie's insta posts feel like more of a giant advertisement lately (that or just photos of really cheap squishies). I've been following her for a while, but her content lately just feels different and business promote-y.

>> No.10015349

No. The people who overdiscipline their kids are people who have an "oopsie!", and then ignore adoption or abortion as options because they have this fantasy that that everything will just work out okay.

>> No.10015396

I do think part of it is discipline. If you allow it to happen at home, of course it'll happen in public.

>> No.10015478

I'm so very tired of trend chasers in lolita. They drive up the market value, buy shit in seconds just because it's sought after and then abandon it in their closet once the next trend sets in. I secretly judge tf out of some people on January for that reason, you can always see that kind of behaviour in wardrobes and their changes.

>> No.10015511

Thank you anon,I actually really needed that today.
I love you whoever you are

>> No.10015530

Sorta agree. Kinda depends on the caption. If it's a post showing off the outfit putting accent on "I'm wearing lolita to this and that" I think it's fair to judge it as such. They clearly showing off the outfit, or at least aren't considering lolita their daily/usual clothes but something special that needs special attention.

But if they simply wear it but are just uploading photos of something they did (the thing they went doing being the topic of the post, treating their Lolita the same as normie clothes so no mention as if it's special) I agree. Then it's your daily clothes and you just happen to wear them on that photo.

>> No.10015534

No, it's not just being tired or over stimulated. Also many times its trying to get what they want by being annoying until you give it. And if often enough they don't they'll eventually learn it's useless. Then in puberty they do similar behaviour with different wants.

Children are still trying out. Even when disciplined properly, they are likely to still cause disturbance. Often enough worse than kids who aren't disciplined. Like in a supermarket when a kid wants candy and cries. Give it and he stops, but will will do it again next time. Don't give it and hell stay crying bothering people longer, until he realises it isn't going to work. Might try again a few times too. But consequently holding the same rules will make the kid learn eventually. I don't want a kid crying the whole tea party because he didn't get the piece of cake he wanted, nor teach him he gets it if he cries. So the kid should stay home in meets and such as they are made for adults, unless someone makes it explicit the meet is child friendly. If you can't get a baby sitter you shouldn't go, you got kids, be responsible also for negative parts. Take children to family appropriate places. You won't hear me complain about kids being kids there. If I didn't want to hear kids cry I shouldn't have went to a kids appropriate place in that case. It goes both ways.

>> No.10015552

Coords like this should also be okay on COF because its name is literally COF: DAILY lolita coords and I hate the notion that everything has to be photoshoot-like polished otherwise prepare for the nitpick police on cgl to shit on your coord for not being perfect. Personally, I can appreciate simple coords with a focal point of comfort because honestly, that's what daily a outfit should be. Being put on the same pedestal with lifestylers, meet or tea party outfit is not fair imo. Of course those will be more polished, but it shouldn't be the standard for everything.

>> No.10015674

I agree but I don't even think "comfort" should be the standard. There's so much of an obvious difference between someone who wears brand clothing like it's clothes and the myriad girls who just paint-by-numbers to create exactly the same looking shit as everyone else has been doing since 2009. Like, I'm not about to judge someone for wearing it as a costume, but if all you're doing is following the matchy-matchy sweet recipe, idc how many days a week you wear it, it'll always look like a costume.

tldr: more daily/casual coords on cof, but also, more content from people who Just Wear it pls

>> No.10015800

Sorry. I wear matchy matchy full coords (don't wear sweet, sorry) daily and they're comfortable because I choose nice quality well fitted shoes and clothes. If you got a cohesive wardrobe, it's not hard to pick pieces that fit together and call it a day you know.

Have my unpopular opinion:
>Lolita shouldn't be uncomfortable in a full coord. If it is, you're doing something wrong. OTT outfits aside.

>> No.10016069

I'm glad Cat's Tea Party nis getting rereleased and will be "devalued".

It's just an okay print and everyone who got it for status deserves the price and status to drop. People who actually love the dress for the design should own it and wear it.

>> No.10016091

You know, out of genuine curiousity I wonder how much CTP would sell for if someone listed theirs right now. Also wonder how much resellers will sell theirs for.

>> No.10016094

Not everyone is a perfectionist, some people still want to show their clothes even if their coord is not perfect, they DID go out in it so why hide it from their profile? That said, I get what you mean and if a profile uses to show only complete outfits or the person writes a caption implying the outfit is complete, it makes sense to treat it as such.

I'd love to see more casual, relaxed and everyday lolita on CoF too, although I have the impression it would be destroyed on here (I hope I'm wrong). But I still think CoF should only welcome complete outfits (no matter whether casual or not). If you're wearing Superstars with your gothic coord and admit they replaced tea parties because you had to walk, you should take a pic and post it on CoF when you wear tea parties and not the replacement shoes.

>> No.10016104

Jfashion should’ve never been introduced to the west, most of the well dressed lolitas I see are european and japanese. I see so many spergy kids put together a pastel outfit they bought at forever 21 and call it Jfashion

>> No.10016143

Not fair, they have easy access to lolita. Obviously there are going to be more good ones.
Doubt.jpg but also willing to accept if true

>> No.10016145

Actually, I've heard multiple times how lolita is more "relaxed" in Japan, people are more experimental and still use it as a streetstyle. Many coords from Japanese people, especially if not involved with the online western community, look bad by today's standards.

>> No.10016161
File: 60 KB, 1600x900, CF0153EC-8948-4E31-9932-CD5633A80052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have a con with a smorgasbord of fandoms
That kind of con happened once, it didn’t end very well

>> No.10016188

T. someone who's never been to a convention in japan and seen the mass amount of bad asian lolitas. Also the west includes europe

>> No.10016194
File: 32 KB, 345x437, 1531160567398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish we lived in a world where lolita was way more popular. When I was a teenager, i wanted no one to wear it so i could be "uneeq" but now I wish more people wore it just so I would get less attention.

>> No.10016201

People were still trying to sell their holy lanterns for $500 when the first and second rereleases were announced. I wouldn't be surprised to still see one up for 1k.

>> No.10016205

dashcon failed due to extremely poor planning on top of being a first-year con. what im suggesting is existing successful cons rebrand themselves as pan-fandom

>> No.10016252

For what it's worth, I met my best friend at a meet. Neither of us wears lolita anymore but we had enough other stuff in common that we became real friends. So it's not impossible.

>> No.10016268

Not really, SJW's also cry that costhots are feeding the male fantasy.

>> No.10016270

Oh anon I feel you so much

>> No.10016277

>get less attention
same, anon. it's my dream to be completely ignored while in lolita.

>> No.10016278

surprise surprise, sjws are not a monolith. the term has been overused to the point of meaning essentially ‘person vaguely to the left of me who cares about things’, so you’re both right.

>> No.10016300

I've posted casual coords on CoF often enough. Beside few likes and no of few replies, it doesn't get destroyed. Worst I got was someone on the 4chan CoF calling it boring, which next to all the OTT pictures I get. It's just boring to look at compared to OTT coords so those take over both by being upped by activity as by being posted more by attention seeking people.

>> No.10016302

>Jfashion should’ve never been introduced to the west
>most of the well dressed lolitas I see are european and japanese
>Europe is half of "the west"
What exactly are you trying to say here?

>> No.10016310

Popularity, design (with bad material), brandname, pricetag, etc are all valid reasons to buy and like things next to just overal material/sewing quality & overall look. It's not a bad thing to buy an item because of one of those. It's bad to lie about it and act like you just happend to like that thing that costed the most/was the most popular.

Yes I feel more special in motie than in some taobao brand because it's a popular brand with a reputation and history. I feel more special in a 300 euro dress than a 80 euro dress because I can't spend 300 as often. Yes my 3F bonnet has Rachel lace but amazing design and a popular brand name with status and a high price tag.

I wish people would recognise these statements with less negativity. I don't think less because you don't wear it. I do feel more special in my outfit than in my taobao outfit. It's not an insult to cheaper brands. It's just an extra thing on expansive ones. It's like great and greater, not bad and good. And not being picks about it would allow people to be honest about qualities and such when they're brandwhoring.

>> No.10016330

Hell no. Mainstream lolita would suck

>> No.10016334

lol strange how things are different depending on the person, i'd love if lolita were mainstream and people stopped trying to touch my butt just because i wear a frilly dress

>> No.10016399

Contemporary tattoos are 99% shoddy quality
>lol so random!
pop art that starts to disintegrate a few years in, and it looks very cheap. That's why it doesn't work with Lolita. Designs too random, and execution too trashy. It's like wearing Lolita and carrying a spongebob bag and a nascar hat, except more retarded because those shitty tattoos will be on you forever.

>> No.10016405

Also because it was planned, for any given value of planned, by a bunch of fat, lazy SJWs who self-diagnose with not having enough spoons to deal with reality uwu reeee.

>> No.10016411

Also I think it was planned by a literal 17 yr old iirc. She posted a video all about it on YouTube recently.

>> No.10016417
File: 104 KB, 1036x580, cfvbhnjmk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the bulk of the actual con running was meg and roxanne, but the initial idea was hers and she was involved in the planning

>> No.10016523

I am kind of ugly but I still think I have legitimate reason to hate on this particular vein of costhottery that's just "lingerie/bikini + wig = costume". Maybe it's just because I feel like these girls don't have a love of the character or even cosplay. If there was no money in it would they even do it? This girl doesn't even look like the source material, it's so disingenuine.

>> No.10016545

Her two tiny butt cheeks make one one regular sized butt cheek in shape and in size.

>> No.10016552

my god you're right they're perfectly aligned at the bottom curve

>> No.10016622

>Getting a tattoo to show to strangers
>getting it and never showing anyone because it's just for yourself
What about the in between, where you get a tattoo for yourself and show if when that's most convenient/appropriate/nice looking and hide it when that's the most convenient/appropriate/nice looking? Not to forget the stupidity in doing permanent stuff to impress someone fro a short bit of fame.

A lot of people who get tattooed just to show off get bad quality ones indeed, or just mediocre at least. They don't care about tattoos but about the attention of having it. So they don't take time to look into where to get a good tattoo, and just goes to whatever is popular on Instagram including shitty artist who only get work thanks to having tattooed a famous person who also got tattooed for fame or who does stuff that only looks nice the first few years than falls apart, but you don't see that on flashy Instagram photos.

>> No.10016629

Beginner lolitas, people who don't wear lolita often or who are not lolita by community standards should still have the chance to offer their advice (e.g. on facebook groups, forums etc). A lot of lolita advice also goes for other alternative or non-alternative styles. For example, you don't need to be a lolita expert to know how to make a colour balanced outfit or where to buy good wigs.

>> No.10016636

>you don't need to be a lolita expert to know how to make a colour balanced outfit or where to buy good wigs.
Many western alternative fashions don't wear wigs and most people won't know where to get proper not-cosplay wigs. If you've even been in alternative fashion cultures you know they often don't give much fucks about colour balance and just wear what they feel like. Those "fashions" came to exist because people with similar idologies came together and hapened to like to dress like that. Lolita on the other side is an actual fashion that cares for apperance first and foremost. A lot of random alternative fashion people don't know how to do half the shit, and the other half there is still a lot they don't know how to make it work in lolita because they don't know exactly what the fashion is. Not to forget the horrible quality on most Western alternative fashion that makes it almost logic people think souffle song is great.

>> No.10016658

I agree other alternative styles aren't as focused on coordinating as lolita is nowadays, but my point stands: if someone knows stuff they should have a chance to help in lolita spaces, too. A lot of facebook advice groups, for example, require you pass some useless exam about your knowledge of lolita, but I find that a limiting factor. Why would you prevent people from helping? A great group is Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion because everyone can help there, but they have to tag themselves so you know how experienced with lolita they are.

>> No.10016704

Considering how tight the new reservation is, I don’t think the value is going to change much. Personally there’s no reason other than “demand” for CTP to be so popular imo.

>The quality of most prints is so shitty to me, not even just AP
>Make solids great again

>> No.10016874

I have absolutely no symphony for anyone that complains about the cost of attending conventions these days. You have advanced notice of when a major con is coming up so save your fucking money so you can afford to travel to it. I can understand if you are a broke high school or college student but a grown ass person with a job has no excuse not to save like $50 a paycheck for a con fund. It isn't 2007 anymore where cons and hotels were cheap.

You wouldn't be sharing a hotel with 8 other people while scrimping to feed yourself on coffee pot ramen if you had your finances in order.

>> No.10016894

you wouldn't be going to cons you couldn't afford if you had your finances in order lmfao

>> No.10016895

>I have absolutely no symphony
Might be using the wrong word there, partner.

>> No.10016899

Because why would I want lolita advice from a non-lolita? Does gordon ramsey want cooking advice from a person who only heats tv dinners? Does Bret Favre want football advice from some middle age man in the crowd? No. You can read recipes and study plays all you want, but until you put them into action yourself and get good results, your opinions mean jack shit.

>> No.10016913

I have stopped giving a fuck about the connection between "lolita" and "costumes."

normies want to think my coord is a costume? go right ahead.
conlitas want to treat lolita like a costume? have fun.
want to use a lolita piece as part of a halloween costume, or use lolita as a convenient halloween outfit because everyone around you thinks it's a costume anyway? sure, enjoy it.

some of my coords even get coded in my mind as "costumes" if they're heavily thematic or involve an unnatural wig.

there's nothing to gain by getting upset about people thinking it's a costume or treating it as a costume. and what good would even happen if people collectively decided it was not a costume? people recognize other alternative fashions (i.e. goth) as fashions, but you'll still get looked at funny and people will still make assumptions about you based on your participation in it.

>> No.10016961

>No symphony


>> No.10016970

>No room for your logic here, this is /cgl.

>> No.10017021

As much as I am disgusted by neckbeard weebs, I think that they're the only non-normies willing to date an uuguu anime grill irl.

god i'm lonely

>> No.10017025

Jnig is more financially successful than 99.999999% of cosplayers.

Not an opinion. A fact.

>> No.10017060

>it's a joke not a dick,don't take it so hard

Holy shit. I haven't cringed that hard on /cgl/ in a long time.

Do you have any other Hot Topic teeshirt wisdom for us, anon?

>> No.10017090

I agree man, i take lolita seriously as a fashion style and wear it when i can but people who call normies dumb for thinking it's a costume are lying to themselves.

>> No.10017121

I don't think anime cons are quite there yet, but comic conventions definitely. I can't imagine someone who doesn't watch anime enjoying an anime convention, but I've gone to comic conventions with friends who don't read comics and they have a great time.
There is some bleedover in anime conventions (anime-style cartoons, popular video games) but mostly it's still Japanese stuff. I think the propensity for Western comics and movie-tv adaptations (both ways) made it easier for them to pivot to general fandom.

>> No.10017128


>> No.10017131

I swear to god if I hear "It's lolita fashion. We're not like the book at all!" followed by an explanation one more time I'll claw someone's eyes out.

>> No.10017132
File: 13 KB, 160x181, B5C78497-9C6A-4F4E-9EEF-C983ADFC7095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re adorable as fuck

>> No.10017194

Then why are you posting it here?

>> No.10017227

>All ouji look costumey

>> No.10017252

There's nothing wrong with cosplay prostitution. That shit helps with the college debts.

>> No.10017264


>> No.10017305

I'm right there with you. I get so much secondhand embarrassment whenever I'm out at a meet and some normie tries to ask us what we're doing or tries to take a picture, or even asks to take a picture. The reaction is always fucking overboard. They always default to "its not like the book" and always start screaming like a banshee when someone takes a photo.

I know, it's annoying. But over reacting to stuff strangers are doing it not going to help the situation. My skin starts crawling when other girls start yelling at people. We're already dressed like targets for christ sake. Why make it worse?

>> No.10017309


If by prostitution you mean patreon lewds then yes.

>> No.10017314

>We're already dressed like targets
Well, that's why I always end up shouting at strangers who are being dicks. Even though we're dressed strangely, we don't have to roll over and take whatever strangers want to do to us. Someone's doing something you don't like? I don't mind letting them know, even if I think it'll draw more attention - we're always going to get stares and photos, but if someone's being a dick, why can't I stick up for myself?

>> No.10017340

I’m exempting europe when I say it shouldn’t of been introduced in the west. I should’ve said America instead because no one here could put a decent coord together if they tried.

>> No.10017344

Guess it only matters how you feel right, fuck everyone else who is standing with you.

Makes my skin crawl when people like you become screaming banshees in public. You're fucking embarrassing and you cause a scene that wasn't necessary.

>> No.10017376

I remember when this was super common

>> No.10017386

Gr8 B8 M8 8/8

>> No.10017532

why do they even say what it's called? just say "japanese street fashion" or maybe "EGL" if you're feeling daring. if enough people are wearing a particular brand you can also say "we're wearing a Japanese brand called Victorian Maiden" or something like that. there are so many ways to dodge using the word "lolita" without lying to people

>> No.10017566

I agree. Janice the nosy 40 year old soccer mom with her grubby kids who is sneering at your AP really does not need to know the history of "lolita fashion".

>> No.10017628

Ugly people shouldn't be allowed to wear lolita. People should take them down.

>> No.10017642

>Janice the nosy 40 year old soccer mom with her grubby kids
Some of the girls in my comm are Janice with grubby kids.They seem to be the loudest when being approached by normies.

I swear, I saw this on another board, where someone mentioned that lolitas are just normies pretending not to be normal - it's so obvious when they have kids and get married and then still try to fit into the outcrowd.

>> No.10017659

i'd take an ugly person in a good outfit over an ugly person in a bad outfit any day

>> No.10017680

proof that normie is fucking meaningless, fig. 1

>> No.10017708

I hope you realize those children are the future of Lolita, because no one will want to see your 35 year old ass in frills.

>> No.10017710

So you immediately turn into a normie when you get married and have children? Are you twelve?

>> No.10017711

Yes because it's a pretty fucking standard and generic thing to do. Are you perhaps upset by that phrasing because you're married and have kids yourself?

>> No.10017722

other things that are pretty fucking standard and generic things to do: graduating college, getting a job, buying a house. does that mean every lolita who isn't a NEET living in their parents' basement is somehow a larping normie?

>> No.10017728

This is how people act when they secretly wanted kids and a hubby but didn't bc it didn't suit their "loli kawhai life" and when they see others managing to have kids and wear lolita they devolve into bitter creatures of repressed rage.
>t. a childless lolita that doesn't want kids but isn't a bitch to those that do

>> No.10017733


anon, i see that you are BREATHING AIR and DRINKING WATER, which are extremely generic things to do. you must be a normie

>> No.10017741

>not huffing misako's farts to live
Normies out of my fashion.

>> No.10017753

Is this like a coastal thing or something? I haven't noticed anyone cosplaying as Broadway musical characters but then again, I don't live anywhere near Broadway.

>> No.10017759

if by coastal you mean east coast, it's definitely not just east coast. north ca here, see hamilton and heathers and be more chill cosplayers all the time

>> No.10017792

Might sound autistic here, but I stopped using the term "normie" when NPC became a thing. I found calling people NPC so fucking cringe, and then I thought, what's the difference between that and normie? So i stopped. Also this one chick who plays vidya and has no personality beyond being a massive "pick me" and e-begger started using it constantly so I stopped.

I guess it's my unpopular opinion. The term normie is cringe, and everyone uses it now, there's no meaning anymore. To us, people who dress like "normies" are normies, to incels, anyone who isn't incel is a normie, to gamers, everyone who doesn't game is a normie... It's always something that the individual does that they think makes them special. IMO wearing lolita isn't that special. I mean, sure, it's weird, but it doesn't suddenly give someone a personality and make them more unique, anyone can buy lolita or jfash and wear it. I'm tired of the term. It's become normie at this point to call people normie

>> No.10017797

imo npc is straight up dehumanization (you're essentially claiming that every human being other than you is a nonsentient piece of programming that exists solely to benefit your life journey) while normie is just 'reeeee outgroup'

>> No.10017798

yeah NPC is worse by a lot of standards, but I feel like normie comes close sometimes. I do think the term devalues people. There's no hivemind in mankind. Painting people as normie based on their ever changing interests is just kinda dumb.

>> No.10017801
File: 25 KB, 495x310, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>npc meme is dehumanizing
Stop reading so much mainstream media, Jesus Christ. They're the one spreading the "muh dehumanizing" concern trolling. Both that and the normie meme are just internet and board culture and not to be taken seriously. It's ironically NPC to parrot things like you're doing and feign outrage.

>> No.10017806

totally agree. nothing to add, just want to help >>10017801 realize how alone they are in their bad opinion

>> No.10017810

i think normie can be useful because it provides a quick and catchy way to describe people not involved in whatever subculture. kind of how cishet can be used as a sjw pejorative but is also a very useful word for not lgbt

>> No.10017814

I kind of agree with this, in the sense that "normie" is totally subjective based on whatever niche culture the speaker/listener are into but most others are not. Lolitas using "normie" in a sentence usually just mean "non-lolitas" and there's nothing wrong with that.

It's when you get people like >>10017642 >>10017711 who ascribe some kind of specific social traits to "normie" other than the default "someone who's not into whatever it is we're into" and try to use it like a pejorative that it becomes cringey.

>> No.10017829

There's nothing wrong with the term normie. It's when idiots start using it as an insult instead of realizing by using it they are saying they aren't normal, like anyone is really normal anyways. Same thing with terms like cishet and privilege. Nothing wrong with those things at all but people have started throwing them around like insults and quite honestly, the people who do just make themselves look stupid.

>> No.10017836

I never use normie as an insult, but I do in some cases refer to people as "filthy casuals", as cringe as that might be. I only ever use it to refer to people who are being dicks to you for no reason just because you happen to like something different though, because they are by my definition filthy casuals - people who are so wrapped up in their idea of normalcy that they think it's okay to insult or harass someone wearing odd clothing or having an odd interest even though they're not harming anyone. All filthy casuals are normies, but far from all normies are filthy casuals.

>> No.10017855

Not trying to start a fight, but I don't think you're using that term correctly. Casual doesn't mean no interest, it would mean a small or passing interest. Where I hear it used most is people who call themselves gamers because they play games on facebook or on their phone (PC MASTER RACE). A filthy casual would be more a closet cosplayer or a conlita in my book. Normies on the other hand have no interest in our weird hobbies. People making fun out of you for liking something that's not normal? That's just people being dicks.

>> No.10017862

man, what a lovely respectful conversation we’re having here. everyone’s sharing their perspective and listening to others and ignoring the hook at the end of the fishing /pol/

enjoy it for the 6 hours it lasts gulls

>> No.10017866

I know my usage doesn't really fit the origin of the term, it's just how I've ended up referring to people like that in my head. I guess because it's usually people who would consider the clothes that they wear the standard of clothes that people should be wearing, and normiewear is really casual when compared with lolita.

>> No.10017871

That anon is not alone, it IS ironically NPC and reminds me of how someone typed multiple paragraphs on here once because I said “commiefornia”. Honestly cringe, get off 4chan if NPC offends you.

>> No.10017872


>> No.10017890

That is an interesting distinction. In clothing the opposite of casual would be formal. In interests the opposite of casual would be hardcore. In terms of fashion, something that normal people would wear for comfort would be casual and thus normal. However I find it odd to call someone who wears normal clothing a "filthy casual" in those terms. Lolita in many ways is formal wear, but not widely accepted as such. The style in and of itself is eccentric which makes it neither formal nor normal. Does that make sense?

>> No.10017899

Most girls in my comm yell at people who try and take pictures of us without permission when we're walking around the city. I respect that and understand that people wouldn't want their picture taken. But personally I don't mind it at all. I'd rather have someone take a creep shot than have to awkwardly turn them down when they ask or have to pose for some rando's picture. I also think it's a bit hypocritical to fawn over old candid shots of lolitas and then actively shut down new ones.

>> No.10017907

>However I find it odd to call someone who wears normal clothing a "filthy casual"
NPC is straight out cringey and I'm sorry for anyone who says that, normie sounds snob, what about "poor laceless beings"?

>> No.10017966

>Lolita shouldn't be uncomfortable in a full coord. If it is, you're doing something wrong.
This 100%

>> No.10017969

>people recognize other alternative fashions (i.e. goth) as fashions, but you'll still get looked at funny and people will still make assumptions about you based on your participation in it.
I think it depends on personal experiences really, I've had complete strangers recognize what I was wearing as lolita and love it, and have also interacted with plenty of people who didn't know what lolita was but immediately understood that I was into some alternative fashion style.
I don't disagree with your post re: fashion vs costume, but thinking that lolita will always and forever look like a costume to all normies is a bit of a stretch.

>> No.10018092

Kind of, but it's more like 13 y. O tumblr thing.

>> No.10018101

Why can't people say "we're just an alternative fashion club."

>> No.10018103

Then tell the people like me it makes you uncomfortable. Or don't hang around with us. If something bothers you, don't just sit there feeling bad.
People aren't fucking mind readers.

>> No.10018105

Some girls in my comm say this, it's generally pretty effective but obviously only works for meetups.

>> No.10018277

that's what I was saying though--even if we are able to get to a point where most people recognize lolita as just another altfashion style and not a costume, which is possible, there will still be so much excess attention devoted to it and judgment passed because of it that there's not really a benefit in making sure normies know it's a fashion and not a costume. people understand that goth is an alternative fashion and not a costume, but goths still get a lot of excess attention, questions, assumptions, stares, etc.

>> No.10018292

>npc is cringe!
>normie is snob!
>"poor laceless beings" is somehow not snobby or cringe
Just stop.

>> No.10018309

resident 50y.o here to call bullshit on this comment.
If you don't want to see it, close your eyes. The only reality that you can control is your own.

>> No.10018313

5 0
Holy shit leave

>> No.10018319

Why should they leave? You’ll be old someday too.

>> No.10018323
File: 80 KB, 960x960, 28379061_2066240156725888_1276859115856705824_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

desu the way most seagulls talk about being 25+ I think this is what most of them are planning on doing instead of reaching middle age eventually

>> No.10018331

fakelita spotted, catch me at 60 in my frills

>> No.10018340
File: 258 KB, 500x281, 1407075519735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Die alone wearing Baby at 80 years old or fuck off.

>> No.10018342


People like this make me laugh, I'm 37 and still wearing what I want. Y'all can't make me change.

>> No.10018406

This this this. It is one thing to try to crit a coord, when you actually start wearing it you realize how hard color balance is too do worn vs in a flat lay or collage. Some colors are just very hard to find which is limiting, and some people like using odd combos while others don't. Fit and combinations are another thing, there's nothing like actually wearing something to make you realize the blouse you think is perfect doesn't sit right under the jsk

>> No.10018520

>not the boss of me
why? you're going to be there yourself some day.

>> No.10018623

It's literally a copy of your last centence but ok

>> No.10018631

When people show off they should be ready to be judged, you can't expect likes without dislikes. I don't judge daily coords like OTT tea party ones. I expect daily ones to focus on being casually wearable and comfortable in daily life, where as OTT might have ridiculous but cool looking stuff. As I've said previously (I think might be different comment), I wear it daily and always wear full coords. It's very possible to have an outfit that's both comfortable, confinient and good looking. There is no reason why I would not judge the negative parts on someone showing off considering I judge it for what it is.

I also don't mind things like turtle necks, sneakers, or even few to no hair accessories as long as it looks well balanced and fits the coord, which is more often the case on casual coords. But again, it still has to look good. You're not getting a pass just because you didn't go to a tea party that day.

>> No.10018634

People being so judgemental is one of the reason lolita is such an exhausting community. Posting an online picture on a private profile =!= showing off. And no, it doesn't have to look perfect all the fucking time. Let people live and enjoy the fashion, no one cares about your pass.

>> No.10018645

Altrough I agree they should have some input, I also must say I've seen quite some people tagged LS and (much more rare but not undone) tagged as MS give bullshit advice, or try to put their views and opinions as only good option. Especially to other beginners (who ask the most and know the least so have a harder time differentiate what's true and what not) that might result in that "help" making things worse or spreading untrue statements as common believed facts. There is simply a huge influx of people wanting to start Lolita and wanting to participate but not having much knowledge yet, and other alt fashions aren't going to help that.

On the contrary, I also can see how new lolitas and other alt fashions can give interesting input because they look from a different perspective and that's not necessarily bad. But fact is that's its more often bad than people who've been into it longer.

Overall I think it's really hard where to draw the line. You want as much different views, but you also want quality advice. But you also don't want someone to moderate too much what's quality because it might become adjusted to one person's view again. I like BSOLF too, at least much more than that mentoring group which was a mess because of all the trouble needed to react no matter how experienced causing very one-sided advice, and some of the "mentors" even talking bullshit and no way to correct them without their permission to do so, but it's not perfect. Altrough I doubt perfect can be done, I do feel there is still a considerable amount of advice given that's based on very limited knowledge (causing misstakes in factual things due to simple misunderstanding and not knowing better) or opinions put as facts, as well as recommendations that aren't really Lolita appropiate. It only really works if you know enough yourself to filter out bullshit.

>> No.10018646

Also, little half related side note. It's not just coording their not as used at. I've seen quality knowledge drop enormously in lolita communities last few years. Standards lower, and if I look at gothic brands (Sinister being one of the worst, but I haven't seen nice lace or velvet on any brand in years), allowing them in too much won't help. Most people seem to assume high price equals quality and blindly repeat what others say but can't tell the difference if they wouldn't see the tag, which I find funny as they name quality as one of the reasons lolita cost more, just to advice some of the worst quality brands regularly as if its great.

>> No.10018654

This, normie just means "those who adhere to the norm" (which is a mouth full). Which is also why it means different things in different groups. We generally use it to talk about those who adhere to the norm of general society in the subject the group isn't doing that. If that's bad or good depends on your personal opinions about people who adhere to the norm, and no other word is going to change those opinions.

>words shouldn't be changed because of negative connotations caused by the people using or described by the word beside in the few cases where the source of said connontaisions is removed but the connontaisions to said word is not. New words for it will just gain the same connontaisions, even when no one shows it, and people will just think whoever is fighting for a new word is dumb.

>> No.10018655

I only use it in bad pc master race jokes. Filthy casual just means someone who's not a 100% hardcore person in said hobby, but who enjoys the hobby on a not-obsessed level. It is often used as joke about the hardcore gamers saying it against anyone who isn't aiming at 144fps on a 4K screen while spending literally all their time (including the time normally used to sleep or eat) and money into gaming as a bare minimum to be considered a gamer. Unless you're one of the real life versions of the Glorious PC Masterrace people you should only use that one ironically imho. I've actually met these PC Mastuhrace people a few times, but they are rare.

>> No.10018661

Every time I read NPC all I can think of is the video game use of NPC, even tho I know better. It makes these posts so odd to read because I keep reading them wrong then correct myself with the actually intended meaning.
>non playable characters are so dehumanising

>> No.10018666

>The only reality that you can control is your own
50 years old and still spreading these kind of comments in obviously annoyed manners. You remind me at those punks who get mad no one gave them a job while they refused to dress more normal during work time, and would yell how people had to accept their mow hawks, fully pierced faces with OTT make-up up and ragged clothes as proper business attire.

There is only one reality, you either change it for everyone or no one unless you're living in a bubble of lies. And that reality isn't always going to be in your favour so fucking deal with it grandma. You're not going to give the whole word freedom of selfexpression beside people that have a negative expression towards your selfexpression.

>> No.10018670

I've got a friend (guy, and this is not appearance thing for him but overal life thing and he actually thought it through) who truly feels this way and wants to apply for euthanasia once he's 30-35. If he can't get it he'll probably does it himself. Thanks for making me feel bad anon.

>> No.10018676

That's the point. Assholes who say it are basically saying that anyone with different and more moderate views than them is so boring and bland and lacking in personality that they might as well be an NPC in a video game, like saying they are so irrelevant that they could never be a hero or a real person with an effect on the world.

>> No.10018677

That is awesome, I'm 24 and I want to be like you when I'm 50. Fuck those people who think life ends at 30 and people should become bland or off themselves.

>> No.10018696

Does the name faggot offend you too? Because that’s what you are. A pearl-clutching faggot who reads too many kotaku articles
You sound angry with your life choices. You’re gonna kill yourself before you’re “old” aren’t you? At least grandma has inner peace with her age and is happy.

>> No.10018741

But this was specifically about people making a post to show off an outfit? Posting a picture on your private profile where you happen to wear lolita was already excluded, this was literally only about making a post with the sole intention of showing off an outfit. Did you even read the previous posts this reply was aimed too?

No wonder you think we're judgemental and tiresome if you refuse to read context.

>> No.10018744

Nah I'm actually doing well in life, and it only seems to get better. Grandma is the one sounding angry kek.

I'm all for keep wearing alt fashion as you get older. I just think it's ridiculous to act so butthurt about people not liking it, and acting as if that age gives you more credibility. Getting all mad with that "I do what I want and nothing else matters" mentality is something kids and young adults do. Generally, people older than that come to realise that humans are partly depending on each other as we are a society and that it's best to keep a time and place for everything instead of screaming others just have to adapt to you. Most adults in subcultures realise they can't always do what they want and that there is only one reality they will have to find their way in, and that being different comes with a price and won't simply make everyone magically adapt to you, and they deal with it instead of making angry posts on 4chan.

>> No.10018764

She wasn’t butthurt though, she clearly doesn’t care what you or other people think. No one was screaming they have to adapt to them. You sound crazy and like a nerve was struck for no reason

>> No.10018892

not really. more amused. >>10018764 this anon has it right.
But you can keep thinking I'm angry if it makes you feel better.

>> No.10018911

sorry OT but what is that image from?

>> No.10018916

Wear lolita as long as you like. There's no point in dying before you're actually dead. Do what makes you happy.

>> No.10019046

It's a korean drama called Miss Granny

>> No.10019077

>obviously annoyed manners
Ntayrt but where are you getting that from their reply?? They didn't seem upset to me at all. Are you sure you didn't just read into a tone that isn't there?

>> No.10019078

I'm the anon who stated its "normie" to get married and have kids.

I want to know why you think this isn't the standard thing that most people do? Most people, all over the world, get married and have kids. That would make it a normal thing to do.

I don't get why this isn't ok to point out.

>> No.10019279

This is the key word here. Getting married and having children is indeed a normal thing to do, but it's not something limited to normal people. Lolitas and Cosplayers can still attend cons and have weird hobbies even after getting married and/or having a child.

The idea that you NEED a weird hobby to be unique or interesting is the toxic element here. Using normie like it means basic bitch (also a stupid term in my book see the defender of the basic from college humor) just means your using your weirdness in a hipster-like fashion. If Lolita was truly superior to normal fashion, everyone would wear it and it wouldn't be a weird niche thing.

>> No.10019737

>If Lolita was truly superior to normal fashion, everyone would wear it and it wouldn't be a weird niche thing.
But with this logic it seems like you think that normie clothes are superior because most people buy them when really, they aren't buying them because they like how it looks but rather for practicality because it's considered wrong to be nude in public.

I definitely don't think lolita is a superior fashion, however I do think it is more interesting than buying addidas or burberry.

Normal people are just that. They are the norm. They all do similar normal shit. That's boring as fuck and you know it. Having kids and getting married is a boring standard thing to do.

I guess if you're a hardcore lifestyler and you wear lolita everyday, you're kind of being a hipster in that you're doing it be contrarian. Like oh, you don't wear normie clothes EVER, you wouldn't dream of it - those types of people. But most lifestylers used to wear normie fashion until they realized how uncool it is or whatever.

I think the only way to not be normie is to be interesting and you're right, you're not gonna get that from just a hobby. That's like being fake interesting.

But having kids and getting married is also definitely not interesting.

>> No.10021147

>That's boring as fuck and you know it.
That's your perspective only. Whatever you find boring, other people may see as fun and enjoyable. Some people may think lolita is boring too because there's no much diversity in outfit structure.

>> No.10021165


The fact that you're talking about a term that (at least in my group) a lot of people use self deprecatingly as some kind of signaler for 'toxic culture' is hilarious to me.

I love using it. It seems like neat shit is happening to people everywhere and here I am just witnessing it. I'm clearly no manga hero but I guess I'd rather not be.


>still referring to college humor as a legitimate source of 'humor'

Ah, I see why you hate the term basic bitch.

>> No.10021290

mad lol

>> No.10023499

The thing I don't get is everyone was a kid at one point

Some people are still kids in their fucking 30's

>> No.10025468

>Whatever you find boring, other people may see as fun and enjoyable
How come this logic can't be applied to other things being discussed on this board like lolita - funny how people only use it for everyday life stuff.

People who find having a family enjoyable and fun are finding ways to justify their life choices. Having a child is brutal as fuck and sucks the life out of people.

Of coursw they're gonna smile and pretend everything is fine. Otherwise people might catch on to how they really feel at 4 am when their kid won't let them sleep or when their teenage daughter finally loses her virginity.

Quit living in a fanatsy land anon.

>> No.10025691

I would ban people from wearing bad quality cosplays at cons and force them to go into their regular clothing. Believe ir or not, bad quality cosplays can ruin the reputation of a con, since a lot of people go to cons only to watch cosplayers and the cosplay masquerades. There are entire countries which reputation is ruined thanks to shitty cosplays. The problem is that bad cosplayers are egoist and put themselves over their entire country's and cons' reputation.

>> No.10025692
File: 126 KB, 960x960, 1541128410646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing against this girl, I have no idea who she even is.

I'm probably alone with this opinion but super long hair hanging open like this looks really unkept in my opinion. Lots of long haired girls also seem to have the habit of pulling all their hair to the front like this, making it look even worse. I know you want to show off how long your hair is, but it makes it look stuffy and hides the front of your outfit.

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