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/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (under hiatus?) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19XZ308_3yoOKiTmgUA_DfgeqW4ddTCB_e6Zz1wnIJA8/edit#gid=827059689

-Footage from Starlight Idol Festival rolls out
-Sakura Hana - can she be saved?
-Akiba Idol Emily posts some ambiguous stuff and apparently quits the idol scene
-Kazu from Tambourine Idols is caught talking shit on her spam account

Since most of us here are active in the scene, let's talk about what you're looking forward to creating or sharing. Any release plans for Halloween/fall/coming months?

Featured Group: Pastel Girls

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Also, not sure if it was brought up last thread but the Overseas Idol Collection website just launched their resource database, so there's a list of composers, mixers, artists, etc. that are open for commission.

Here's something to start off the thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v6_BLmZNu8
Stellure had mentioned finding mixers to be the biggest obstruction to them posting clean audio and not just doing live performances, so hopefully this means they can put out lyric videos for their other songs soon too. I really liked Sincerely Yours and I'm looking forward to its video.

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>Any release plans for Halloween/fall/coming months?
I'm hoping to finally start my solo odottemita youtube channel this month! Currently learning a couple covers to film (including a halloween one) to have some content for a few weeks while I work on a larger project for the channel! I'm really excited for it.

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This is super cute! I didn't expect anyone to make a dance cover with N girls.

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That was a lot better than I expected! I didn't really like how sexual some of the scenes looked, like why were they being pushed down onto the table?
Editing and expressions/attitude was great

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Wow, that’s some fantastic MV style editing!! The expressions were so good, and the way they handled props was exceptional.

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Dia deserves better.

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I wish they'd used some of the official outfits, but these make more sense with the theme and filming I guess. Reminds me of the time I saw a Seira cosplayer with a perfect replica of the cherry dress, she was so cute!

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oof sorry for double comment, I came here to share this video actually and got distracted


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Hamako is a steaming pile of garbage

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I'm not sure if it has been talked about here, but I'm interested in your Gulls thoughts about the top Ko-Fi reward tier?

Background: It's a local Idol dance cover group who are raising money for cosplay, travel and accom to a different state for a convention.

1 Ko-Fi =USD$3
250 Ko-Fi = USD$750

It sits really wrongly to ultimately be pimping out a member? if someone is putting that amount in it would be to specifically get in the draw and they have written any limitations or even locations. It might be a joke tier but it seems way too risky.

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*haven't written any limitations

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First, ko-fi tiers seem so weird in the first place. I don’t know much about it but is it like Patreon where it’s monthly?

Second, I don’t know if that’s her idea or not but even putting it there as a joke seems really out there. It says draw which implies multiple people which just sits wrongly. And then the boundaries thing.

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Ko-Fi isn't a monthly thing, just a one off payment.
I think their total goal is just under USD$1600 which is around AUD$220

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When will ppl learn that some LL songs are boring to watch on stage. https://youtu.be/mAYClTxPMRc

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I’ve started thinking of trying to create a dance comm in Boston since it doesn’t seem like there is one aside from the billion LL cover groups. I’ve just been wanting to jump around to some C-ute and old vocaloid songs, I hope people would want to join. I’ve never really been active in my local comm, so I’m not sure what to expect.

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It sucks because this is a great song and their dancing isn’t bad, but holy shit that is a huge stage. It’s all about how you use space but that’s way too big. Case in point:


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I was thinking of starting my own channel too! I haven't been able to learn any dances cuz of school, so maybe I'll just re-film an old one I learned if I do something for halloween.

Anyone here going to the Anisong World Matsuri in New Yorn next month?

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I don't like this at all. It is, essentially, pimping out a member. What if the people putting money towards this draw are total creeps? I don't know a levelheaded person who would put in $750 for a date with an idol group member.

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coming from someone who has done something similar in my own town, don't expect much and just go for it.

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If you could do it again, what would you do differently? Is there anything you wish you'd have known?

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I'd be more strict with who i accepted into the group. At first I accepted everyone who wanted to do it rather than actually tested if they were motivated enough to actually help put out good content. Because of that I ended up with a lot of drop outs and people who didn't like to practice. Over time people were weeded out but I could've avoided all of that.

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Fan/Idol dates are pretty heavily monitored and planned out in advance by the girls and the production invovled, they have places picked out and the staff is on standby. Anyone who does this is most likely going to be a local fan and they would be banned from the local shows if he decides to be a major creep with her.

And given the experience most of these girls have with different types of fans. They can deflect the average creep trying to go too fast, they will make you feel like you are the center of attention but only the ones who really connect with the date actually have a chance of making this actually feel like a real date instead of emulating one.

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Ok but this is literally a cosplay group offering one of their members to be dated... Not an idol group...

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I mean if they are of age and consented, what's the issue?

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I think they took that idea from a couple of idol groups. I have heard of this once


Note the "Accompanied by a Staff member" part. So haphazardly making a guess, I think someone in Aquaria will do the same to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

But given they are just an amateur group...

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Uh... $1600 USD is $2238.85 AUD anon.

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>in the draw
I feel like it's going to be actually be juried, rather than lottery honestly. Despite what they may officially say.

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but will more than one person actually give that much money anyways ??

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They can always claim so. I mean, who is even going to check? Like just have another group member's brother go on the """date""" and go 'teehee what a coincidence'.

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Sorry if this is somewhat off topic but would it be weird to try to become an idol in my mid 20s ?I had a small following in my late teens but life happened and I kind of fell off of the face of Earth; but after a trip to Japan and several people telling me "I have what it takes" I kind of want to archieve my dream again.
Would it be weird ? I am assuming most western idols are young teens just like in Japan.

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A lot of western idols are in their mid 20s, if not older. Honestly you should just go for it, might as well have fun.

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Do it!! Seriously, like the anon above me said, there are a lot of 20-something idols out there!

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Do you know what the climate is for idols in Japan right now? Have you done your research into visas and how work conditions will be? I would not advise going Japan to be an idol right now.

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Im trying to find a decent miracle wave dance cover thats not Sunrise or Aquarius but i stumbled upon this..


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>This is the one with the flip right?
>That's a lot of shit in the room, how is she gonna do that?

It's just, if you're going to learn a dance, wouldn't you rather learn one you can actually participate in apart from weebleing on the spot idly because you're waiting on other parts to finish? Or at the very least learn the part which is centre at that time?

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Ellie of lnav quit the group. two members down after mocha left. aren’t they supposed to be performing in December?

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I mean, you can cover the song perfectly fine without being chika, but this girl avoided nearly every part where you go onto the floor or do a spin. The dance can still be fun/interesting without attempting the flip, but she didn't even try...

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uhhh how old is their Mari? this absolutely feels like they are pimping out one of their members. if she's under 17, then /yikes/ they need to be told they can't do that. and if she's over 18 (and the only one in said group that's over 18 at that) that's...absolutely pimping out your member just because she's legal.

who is monitoring this date? the other members? most dance groups don't have dedicated "staff" that aren't just their other friends in their age group or even just themselves most the time. it's incredibly risky for them to do that as even just a joke.

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I think they should just focus on Mystic Wish. They can always do LL songs if they feel like it? and it’s much more entertaining than just being ANOTHER LL group- not to mention it doesn’t keep them stuck at always having 9 members

I think they were a good group, but they don’t keep enough of a presence online or actively post enough to get anywhere. maybe if they just focus everything into this new group, they can actually make something of it

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That is utterly low effort.

And on the other end of the spectrum you got the overachievers. More Asian LL Groups being good at what they do. Only a couple of problems there:


-A disregard of personal safety when it comes to the Chika cartwheel. During the live tour they set gym mats for Anju so she doesnt hurt herself. If anyone here decides to do miracle wave remember safety first on the stage

-Punk Rock is a vocal style outfit. Not a high energy dance outfit. I though their Chika was desperately trying to check if her strap fell off.

-The chika cartwheel was only 2/3. If she dont think she can do all three at once. Pause the music till she execute the third cartwheel.

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Is this a joke? Is that actually considered good? New to the scene and genuinely curious.

>> No.10014985

If you can speak full fluid Japanese, get a Visa to Japan, work your butt off for a long time to afford travel and get a place to stay, actively audition over and over up against actual Japanese girls, sure.

But my question, is it really a "dream"? Once you make an audition, are you aware/ok with the fact that this whole shebang lasts maybe a year or two max, you work overtime constantly, making a part time pay? Lots of idols have a second job or get into sex work to afford their idol career if they even have time. You will probably also not be a front girl. Is all of the time, prep, cost and all a "dream"?

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Welcome to the odottemita thread where only the most morbidly untalented dances by weebs are viciously mocked to oblivion

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The people saying "you have what it takes" were scammers.

I'm not being negative i'm saying that as a fact. The prime agencies who will treat you like an actual human being, pay you properly, give you housing, and work with your visa aren't the ones telling just any one "you have what it takes". They are the ones going throw tens of thousands applicants every audition the open and picking like 3 girls.There's a reason why the same net idols get posted on here, we like their dances and they make good side money off of it. The best thing that comes out of it for most is the be dance choregrapher/ background dancer in a video for the real star.

Like >>10014985 said, if your can't speak/read fluent japanese (which I'm going to guess is correct because of most of the board always asking for translations) then seriously it's hopeless.

Become a net idol, get a following is your best bet. But actual idols, on stage with a high end agency isn't happening. The only foreigners they ever take are from other east asian countries or halfus.

>> No.10015235

Exactly. There is no risk in being a net idol or performing at cons

>> No.10015627


Nice use of the frilled dress during baam

>> No.10015649

What is so awful about it?
I think they said on Instagram they already had a replacement

>> No.10015816

Naomi and Juju both left One Wish.


>> No.10016023

I wonder what kind of internal drama Lnav has to have such a high turnover for members

>> No.10016150

I doubt its drama. I think its just the commitment since they practice a lot, and a lot of them are at the age where they have to focus on school

>> No.10016163

it’s drama. check mochas YouTube for her post about leaving. also, she just posted on her story about feeling outcast from the group which is sad. I think the og members are running the group and not letting the new ones have any say in anything.

>> No.10016184

Mocha is overdramatic about everything, always. I don’t put much stock in her reaction at all

>> No.10016193

Jenny has left now, as well.

>> No.10016232

Why is Seishun Youth Academy never mentioned ITT?

>> No.10016240

They’ve been mentioned plenty but fact of the matter is that all they do is perform live and do the same songs as when they debuted. No single, no MV, no new songs afaik. No reason to talk.

>> No.10016355

Has anyone seen this?

>> No.10016559

>when she nudges at the blanket with her foot
My sides

>> No.10016576


The Spanish one looked really good, they got the looks.

And Eli's Birthday gives me the perfect excuse to post cosplay dance covers featuring Eli


>> No.10016756

They never do anything cringy enough lol

>> No.10016872


new content from stellure. i can't believe they were like "yup, that sounds great" about the beginning of the song

>> No.10016988


Everything is just starting to sound the same to me. I don't know if it's the flat vocals or what but I probably couldn't differentiate between their songs if my life depended on it.

>> No.10017067

they do know.. the entire group doesn't dance at the same time in relay right?

>> No.10017079

I don't know I think this video is pretty cute at least, song quality aside. I know it's just a kpop dance meme thing but it's nice to see the girls having fun/not looking awkward/wearing clothes that actually fit and flatter them than whatever monstrosities mimi makes for them. I'm still sort of rooting for them because they're always just a little bit short of good. If they took classes on stuff like singing and dancing then I think it would actually be pretty enjoyable to watch them. This stupid video is somehow miles better than whatever that panel nonsense was that got posted here a few threads ago.

>> No.10017242


not sure if anyone has talked about this yet but this girl calls herself a "J-Pop singer and dancer"

>> No.10017380

I feel the same way, I don't get how they get so much positive feedback about their singing when it sounds that flat

>> No.10017382

she looks really stiff with her dancing

>> No.10017387

I will say at least that in the local comm, they are very active and put on great shows. They draw pretty big crowds and are already going to be holding their second solo live in the next couple of months which I don't think many groups have done at this point. (as in; renting a space themselves, selling tickets to the event, organizing everything themselves without like the help of a convention or something) but I do agree, it's hard to follow them or interact with them unless you live close to where their performances are held.

>> No.10017397

the animeusa idol showcase was this weekend - did anyone go?

>> No.10017411

I left midway because there were to many love live groups.

>> No.10017543


Wait there were non lovelive groups at animeusa?

>> No.10017550

Danzoo dash, FSK and DTP were there, I think the rest was all love Live

>> No.10017678

Genki Girls and Juliane were present too. They had mini lives outside the dealer's hall. I really think its sad AUSA didn't let them in the Idol Showcase considering it was oversaturated with Love Live. There was barely an audience towards the end because of it.

>> No.10017690

lol at least one of the girls in genki girls and Julily performed in the showcase with different groups

>> No.10017697

Not to mention the sound guy was absolutely horrible. The event was about 40 minutes over time and it was supposed to last from 1 PM to 4 PM. I felt bad for the acts on stage when they had to deal with all the technical difficulties. The sound tech took waaaayy too long to play songs. People lost interest too because you got mediocre acts performing up there, they just left the room. What I find ridiculous is that on their application form, there was no section for groups to link videos of themselves, meaning, the one in charge wouldn't be able to tell if a group was good or not. AUSA Idol Showcase was a mess.

>> No.10017739


Wow. Our scene is just slowly phasing out the LL groups except for newers ones.

And for another topic; Which songs and outfits are what you call the budoir of odottemita? Aka using sex sells to gain viewers and male fans?

>> No.10017931

Garasu no Hanazono. Anything that uses yuri pandering.

>> No.10017949

holy crap that’s a long showcase ... sounds like they should have been pickier with who could perform and cut the time down. who wants to spend that long at a convention watching shitty LL covers?

>> No.10018046

I can't tell if its just her shirt that is loose or if she's not wearing a good bra, but the amount of bounce just looked painful...
Idk how long she has been dancing, but if she's just starting out she has a solid foundation to build on

>> No.10018114


Wait there are good LL Covers? Aside from Chinese LL Competitions which have enough groups competing now.

>> No.10018218

Speaking of which anyone here going to Holiday Matsuri this year? I couldn't go last year but I'm considering going this year and going to their idol fest and idol related panels.

>> No.10018233

She’s not great but she’s not horrible either, plus she’s cute at least

>> No.10018334

Because I wanted to be fair, I sat through all of it, all 3 hours and 45 min (well that time is gone) and while Danzo is good and imho they performed better here than at their AWA and their AWA show was really good, the in house maids did a pretty good job (and they sung!), DTP was pretty good, and FSK is well, they are utterly competent (I mean that in a good way they have really good dancing and seem like one of those stereotypical "urban multicultural youth dance teams ) that is in an advertisement for soda or nikes.

There was a LOT of love live, like I could honestly go a month without love live, and the best ones were 9pbm was good, the Puka Puka had really good stage presence and the 2 girls had like solid starter group but otherwise it was the same stuff I have seen from small and amature groups across the country.

God yes, like please someone make an [email protected] or kpop or something I am begging you.

>> No.10018404


>> No.10018413


The problem is idolmaster suffer from the following problems:

1. Copyright issues and crap. The Japanese are particularly anal about copyright and it's difficult to find promotional videos of Jpop online compared to Kpop. Less accessibility matters especially when there is competition.

2. Image issues. AKB48 vs your standard Kpop group like Blackpink and Twice. Although you can apply that to Idolmaster vs Love Live

3. Same old Japanese insularity. The Japanese music industry is uninterested in expanding their foreign presence. Local sales matter more, so the Asia Pacific region is ignored to the delight of the Koreans. Or in our case Love Live which is the only idol series to have any overseas presence.

It isnt totally bleak if you have a good solid community who can give access to resources about idol groups beyond LL and Vocaloid but communities like Atlanta and Seattle dont have access to younger asian communities who knows a lot about idols and merchandise that isnt bootlegged goods. So we are seeing a larger ratio of LL cover groups vs non LL cover groups because it is the only thing they really know. Jidols is not a plug and play genre but requires dedication

>> No.10018438

While you are primarily right about these things, I think a bit of information needs to be updated.

>The Japanese are particularly anal about copyright and it's difficult to find promotional videos of Jpop online compared to Kpop.
While in recent years there have been issues with JPop and copyright, not only have they not always existed but they’ve also been significantly improved over the past 1-2 years. Not only that, but Kpop at a time had the exact same issue but it still thrived on even during its dark period. Both Love Live and [email protected] are under Lantis. Looking at their channel or doing a quick search of “lantis [email protected]” brings up promo videos.

>The Japanese music industry is uninterested in expanding their foreign presence
While this is still very much true for a majority of artists, including underground ones, in recent years a lot more groups and franchises have been trying (even if minimally) to gain more overseas traction. Not because of LL or anything like that, but because of the fact they’re realizing that a LOT of people are actually paying for their content (which also had a lot to do with the restrictions being less strict). With that said though, there have been more effort put into overseas fans for H!P & 48G than there has really been for LL.

>Or in our case Love Live which is the only idol series to have any overseas presence.
Being the most popular does not mean the only. Love Live has the largest overseas presence & I think it’s because people lactched onto the concept of “Look we do it ourselves, NOT with an agency!!” But we also see many people interested in Bandori now too, which more or less started right out marketing to overseas from day one. They’re also pretty much a DIY series which I think is the issue with [email protected] It’s not “relatable” enough.

TL;DR - Japan has issues, but let’s not pretend like it’s the only reason people aren’t interested. People like easy access because they’re lazy.

>> No.10018460

unless youre trying to be a "kawaii loli idol desu" i think you will be fine. There are some good idols in their 20s but thr best advice I can give when being an older idol is to act your age or else you will be cringy.

>> No.10018633

Actually only part of [email protected] is under Lantis (iirc Million Live and SideM) while the rest is under Columbia who is much more strict. (the non ML 765 songs and Cinderella Girls) Some songs like DREAM aren't on YouTube at all because of copyright issues.

>> No.10018725

You’re right they are under different agencies but still searching “Columbia music jp [email protected]” still shows quite a few results. If they aren’t on YouTube, it’s probably more of a licensing issue than it is copyright. Still, there are videos from the games that are for Dream (the first I saw was for English subs for the song and scrolling I saw more from years ago). So like I said, people are just lazy and don’t want to actually search.

>> No.10018934

It’s not hard at all to get into [email protected] LOL people are literally so lazy

the ML and CG mobile games are so easy to play even if you don’t speak jp and there’s ton of resources for them. The animes (OGmas, CG and Side-M) are all on crunchyroll

and if you want music or dances ... literally just a google search? i’ve never not been able to find a song or dance from imas that I was looking for

you can easily find bulk downloads of music. and there are plenty of fans. i’m really confused what you people are talking about

>> No.10019004

thank you!
I am
and it isn't like when I got into IMas 8? years ago, CG and 765 have anime, there is a tumblr with translations of all the content and all the songs you can download, torrents are easy to find, and twitter people translate all the event stories, it is the golden age of being an iMas fan, you can even find the dances for most of CG on youtube, there are a bunch of Japanese youtubers who archive them and have them on in 4K at 60fps. Honestly even the basic bitch CG cosplay starry stary bright which can do literally every girl is cheap enough, not LL "literally any convention that isn't fucking tiny has sellers" easy but "can be found on fucking ebay/Tabao (sic)" easy.

>> No.10019075

What happened to Dejavudea? She hasn't posted on Twitter since September.
People mentioning holiday matsuri reminded me that she's been on radio silence for a while now.

>> No.10019436

I don't know... I really hope it isn't a health issue. She even deleted her instagram suddenly and kinda completely stopped her otakon vlog. I've been getting nostalgic and watching some of her older vlogs, been subscribed since 2014.

She's never missed a year of 'Drunk Pumpkin Carving'. I secretly hope she returns for that...

saged for somewhat off topic

>> No.10019652

How are you able to download the games?

>> No.10019654

NTAYRT, but either APK or if you have an apple product, make a Japanese iTunes account. I personally have quite a few Japanese rhythm games.

>> No.10019722

jfc why are you so mad that more people are into the more easily accessible franchise

>> No.10019728

Sorry you feel called out for being lazy about expanding your tastes

>> No.10020020


NTAYRT it's frustrating when you've sat by and watched something as mediocre as Love Live make a killing from the popularity just because it received more of a backing over here in the west and then have people apply that to the real idol industry.

Meanwhile you've got something with a longer lifespan, better outfits, a wider range of characters and choreography that doesn't require you to twist the arm of 9 people to be in the same place as once or push them along to finish everything.
I've just always loved how easily it is to customise [email protected] dances (you can have whichever girls so anyone can join, and you can switch positions so if someone has stage fright, they don't have to be centre if they don't want to).

I've gotten each of the games and they've only gotten easier to understand over time too. [email protected] 2 was a bitch however if you don't understand Japanese.

I'm not saying people can't start out with Love Live or Aikatsu or whatever, but I don't think it hurts to expand a bit once you've done with it because you could end up really enjoying something else and making new friends.

Then again, this is coming from someone who started with [email protected] before this whole idol thing really took off so I appreciate how easy it is to access things now in comparison to then and how savvy people can be with idol culture.

>> No.10020075

it’s frustrating for me as an [email protected] fan because i think the truth isn’t “people would like it more if it was accesible” , but the truth is a lot of idol fans are lazy teens with bad freaking taste. Bad at dancing, singing, cosplaying- totally ignorant of what actual idols are, up LL’s ass thinking it’s actual the best out there and totally lacking the motivation to learn any better.

and unfortunately i think those types of people grossly outnumber the others, which is why the community is so over saturated with LL bull crap. And there’s no end in sight

I don’t even dislike LL, honestly. But imo there’s so much better out there, like [email protected] And it sucks that if I want to go to an idol fest, I have to sit through endless awful LL dances just to enjoy the few good performances outside of it. Which is why I strongly believe people organizing these events should limit LL groups significantly

>> No.10020297


The good news is if you make any friends into [email protected] they're usually keepers. Pretty much everyone who was into it when I started out is still there, unlike those who are rapidly phasing out LL and moving onto the next hype train.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have friends who stick around and will branch into other things on the side with you instead of practically dropping you along with the fad because it's all you had in common.

>> No.10020503

I'm glad someone else gets it. [email protected] is so flexible, you'd think there would be some more groups out there. I'm not expecting it to be the majority, but damn I went to Metrocon this year and saw ONE [email protected] cosplay the whole time I was there. (It was New Gen from CG and they performed Onegai Cinderella at the idol fest panel, no one else seemed to know the calls for it either)

I'm thinking of doing it myself although I'm not sure I'll enter an actual fest, just a side thing in the hallway maybe.

Original branch wise you can choose 1-3 (1-5 for some songs) for almost any song, and which order they're in. Some songs even have full solo versions. The dancing can also be easier for new comers on some songs. There's some fun parts for group dances too. There's also so many outfits. Both idol unique and same per idol with different color. Considering these groups are unstable as hell member wise, having dances that are easy to change number of members and vocals for is a good thing. Here's some in game dances I like personally.

I like Love Live, but I prefer variety. I'm sure after the first few times it'll get boring as usually only the most popular songs are performed. If I heard something like Storm in Lover I'd be happily surprised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThGEzsZgDuk

I've been into [email protected] since the 2011 anime aired. I have to admit I'm not into it as much, but that's more because they're slowly fading 765 out and they're my favorite branch. I like the music from the other branchs, but I'm not as personally invested in them. I'm not sure what I think about PDP in Love Live either. WUG is ending soon, so I'm mostly following non idol music franchises at the moment like Bandori. I hope a new kind of idol series comes, I'd personally like to see one about underground idols.

>> No.10020744


I also started out with [email protected] as well. I will say Love Live was what actually got me interested in JIdol in the first place though.


What they need is more variety of songs to practice with.

An idea some groups have is taking the SIF outfits and doing related songs that is odottemita related can help expose people to new songs. I will use KDCC for example as they did a lot of covers of other songs using LL! as a base.


Or just very recently, Aqours cosplay was used for Kyokiranbu since I haven't seen non LL cover using Aqours so far:


>> No.10021446


>> No.10021552

maybe i’m just naive but are there really that many people actually wanting to become “real” idols?

I see people talk about it on 4chan negatively, but everyone I know in person is just doing the net idol thing. I didn’t think anyone was actually wanting to be in the japanese idol industry

is it actually prevalent enough to warrant a video i like that? .. i would hope not?

>> No.10021595

I mean I've been playing Starlight Stage since day 1 but you can't just deny the accesibility doesn't matter.
Sure it takes some more effort to start with it, but even then there's a lot less merch, translations etc. to go with Idolmaster that makes it harder to get fully into.

I'd also argue that it's the amount of characters to a certain degree; everyone in LL gets treated with a lot more equal attention then something like CG.

>> No.10021604


You had a lot of young girls wanting to go audition in Korea to become K-Idols or to work with the company. It isn't too hard to not see that happen, Korea is always looking for expats, people who can speak another language to serve as an foreign promoter.

With Jidols however, it is harder since Japan doesn't really promote overseas. With Love Live and to a lesser extent AKB48 (Let's face it, their influence had been mostly negative for promoting growth outside of Japan) introducing people to idols. You got people invested in the Odottemita scene who wanted to become actual pros and hopefully now, an audience to back it up.

>> No.10021987


Been following this disaster of a group called Hamako Idols for a while and they just posted their first live performance. Thing that mostly turns me off from this group is the two bearded dudes (ruby and dia) who have a history of harassing girls at conventions.

>> No.10022020

>Let's face it, their influence had been mostly negative for promoting growth outside of Japan
Really? How come?

>> No.10022075

Hamako is so creepy and cringey and they’re constantly losing members but just won’t die

>> No.10022115


I made a couple of points here: >>10018413

Image is a major problem for J-Idol given how the initial impression about J-Idols is how their music sounds childish and like children songs instead of the trendy sounding KPOP. Most foreign sites for Japanese News also have a negative perception towards idols in general.

But a major hurdle J-Idols have is Japan isn't willing to actively promote their companies outside of Japan unless their members push for it and agree to help fund the passion project themselves.

>> No.10022186

If anyone has Netflix, there's a REALLY informative documentary there called Tokyo Idols. I suggest it.

It really made me think, and now I think the culture is just.... sad.

It's really hard for me to understand how Japanese people think, because I've had to struggle all my life to finally just accept and be proud of myself, so I could be happy. Man, they must be miserable. And that just makes me sad.

The girl they're following- it's like, what's she gonna do after this stint as an idol is over? What can she do?

I guess a lot of these girls hope to become Kyary, but the audience members, it just makes me sad to think about these poor men who spend all this money.

I think we're being naive, anons.

>> No.10022196

Tokyo Idols has been proven multiple times that the director had an agenda against japanese idols. There is alot of translating issues and things cut intentionally (one man interviewed said they pushed others and himself to say certain things). Also, did you notice how many female fans were in crowds? There were zero questions asked to female fans on this issue.

I would not following what any of that documentary says because of how inaccurate and interntonally misguided it is. Even a few foreign idols living in Japan have negatively reviewed the documentary and director for pushing her agenda and only making it to fit the western views of how ~creepy and wacky~ japan for profit.

>> No.10022240


And this is what I meant by image issues. This right there is why J-Idols have such a huge hurdle to leap that K-Idols never went through

>> No.10022387

Wait what? I had no idea, I want to like everyone but I need to protect my east coast friends.

I am not trying to be an SJW at all but the entertainment industry worldwide (as this Harvey Weinstein thing that just blew up) is full of seedy folks, so I find this "Japan is sooo awful guys" like kinda exploitive and racist at worst.

>> No.10022676

storm in lover is one of the most boring dances to watch. It's my least favorite for sure.

>> No.10022846

idol industry in japan is awful and not really comparable to american adult actors, same with the kpop industry. just because you find out your dream of being an idol could be a shitty idea it doesn't make you racist.

>> No.10022854

Ntayrt, but while it isn’t comparable to the Western industry it can be to the Korean. The only difference is that while Japan’s industry is widely talked about and criticized, Korea’s is not. They both have the same problems and scandals just in different capacities. Neither are great industries to be in.

>> No.10023238

They just kicked out a member for literally molesting people so, you know

>> No.10023319

Hello! I'm hoping self-posts are okay. I just uploaded a dance cover and would love concrit!


>> No.10023378


The big problem is Japan saw no reason to promote overseas so they didnt pay for damage control. Unfortunately that is also a turn off for potential fans

>> No.10023431

It's unfortunate that those creeps are involved in that group but the performance honestly wasn't bad

>> No.10023434

Which one are you?

>> No.10023613

looks generally really nice! my only complaint is that the framing is a little off, the camera could be pointing a tad lower. also the background could be more interesting, for example if it was filmed when it was dark and you could have put some extra lights on the floor etc.

>> No.10023656


I recommend doing something with your hair next time, it was kind of distracting and getting all over the place.

>> No.10023690

I agree. Wouldn’t say it was good, either, but just average. Def forgettable. Which is better than full on cringe you can’t erase from your mind

>> No.10023746

You've definetly got the cut smile down, but I'd say next time either just keep it either on the facial expressions or do lipsync, not half in half and only do half the lyrics

>> No.10023772

I'm gonna counter this anon and say that doesn't really matter that much, if you focus too hard on facial expressions or lyrics it becomes really cringy and forced looking really quick. I've seen seasoned idols only do some lyrics and other times have whatever facial expressions, when you're dancing.. you're dancing. If you were singing it it'd be another story, but when just dancing I wouldn't worry too much about that. I think you looked fine.

But I would agree with the camera angles and location, it's kind of boring and desu if I was searching for covers of this song to watch, I would have skipped this one. You could play with the color a bit more as well. It's very drab

>> No.10023775

Boring and desu*

>> No.10023789


Maybe do it in front of a haunted house or during night time with pretty orange lights in the backgrounds at the basic level or do it at a spooky setting.


>> No.10023879

Melancholiaah just put this out. I like the vocals and the song but sometimes it’s hard to hear what she’s saying. What do you guys think?

>> No.10023894

the dancing is a bit sloppy , im the worst to give advices to help but i found it too jumpy and not enough controlled? hope you understand what I mean! good luck <3

>> No.10023962


>> No.10024025

I love your energy, I'd suggest trying to control your movements more. There are times where big movements are great but other times it ends up being too much.

>> No.10024028

eh I'd disagree on half/half not being okay. As long as it's natural and the dance is busy enough, I don't see what's wrong with smiling and lip syncing a few lines here and there to hype yourself up.

>> No.10024095

Those two guys are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my 10+ year history of attending conventions. James and Graham are complete sweethearts and I’ve never heard a single person say anything negative about them before this. Unless you have evidence to back up your statement about them being “creepy”, you can shut the fuck up.

>> No.10024269

someone got posted

>> No.10024303


Noted! I will definitely look for a different location next time and fix the camera issues.

Thanks for the stylistic tips! I love dancing with high energy and smiling, but maybe I'll be a little more selective and add some very clean movements as well.

Thank you all for your input! I'm glad for the advice now, at the beginning of my channel, rather than making a bunch of mistakes later down the line. So, thank you so much!!

>> No.10024425


sadly i have multiple anecdotes about them not being the most innocent - at one virginia con i had a weird interaction with them where they joked about fujoshis despite me barely knowing them and last katsucon my friend asked them to stop making comment on other ruby cosplayers to which they responded "why should i" so while i have no evidence to document these encounters, i have no interest in having any more interactions with them.

>> No.10024434

just their general presentation makes me think they're weird. not putting on makeup and not even shaving their beard seems like they're doing it for some trap fetish reasons

>> No.10024439

what kind of comments?

>> No.10024477

>female tripfag
>someone got posted

you retarded?

>> No.10024489

SRproductions posted their auditions but there isn’t a timeline which makes me nervous

who all is auditioning? i’m considering

>> No.10024497

I’m sending my files in soon, but they said they’re accepting people as they come so there’s no telling.

>> No.10024504

Just about every girl I know that’s had to be around them was creeped out by them, myself included

>> No.10024520

I already sent mine! I’m sure it’ll be fine. I think it all has a lot of potential. I don’t think they’ll drop the ball on it after so much work.

>> No.10024539

Did anyone else see Cosplay Realm release that idol themed issue?

I don't know why cosplayers think they qualify to give information about idol culture when all they do is talk about or reference Love Live.

>> No.10024603


Accessibility issue, no one with actual knowledge wanting to come out and talk about it.

Like I didn't there were better Odottemita scene in China before a friend shown me some videos of a performance.

>> No.10024621

things like "oh ruby's showing a lot of leg" and "dia let her out like that?" not necessarily horrible things but still creepy in regards to other cosplayers cosplaying a 15 year old

>> No.10024624

>No one with actual knowledge wanting to come out and talk about it.
No, there are so many people out there wanting to share information about idol culture. Idol culture panels at conventions wouldn't exist if none wanted to share information.

The real problem is people not being open to or researching anything beyond Love Live and media outlets taking the easy way out to make a quick buck.

>> No.10024647

Yes, omg. I was coming here just to talk about it. You are not an idol if you cosplay love live. YOU ARE JUST A COSPLAYER. A DANCING COSPLAYER. Seeing so many misleading informations being shared about idols makes me sick......

>> No.10024878

That’s embarrassing for you

I feel like people get weird about them solely because they’re older guys with beards. I have never heard of anyone saying anything even remotely negative about those two before seeing this thread, so comments made here just don’t add up. I feel like people are picking on them because they don’t like it that two dudes are having a blast cosplaying their favorite idol girls and won’t put effort into being passing because they’re having a ton of fun as is.

Y’all must be in some kind of niche group because again, I have never heard of any of this before right now and it seems more than suspicious that everyone all of the sudden has an issue

>> No.10025129

A grown ass man with a beard cosplaying a 15-year old girl is okay and not predatory at all to you?

>> No.10025193

I wish they just had a deadline, that way I'd kind of have an idea for when to expect to be accepted or rejected

>> No.10025239

Yikes, gotta love the “well I’ve never heard of it so it never happened” attitude. How embarrassing for you

>> No.10025287

No, people can dress how they want and it doesn’t mean by default they’re predatory. That’s not a hard concept.

If you have names and details, post them

>> No.10025357

Yeah feeling the same. If they don’t get good enough candidates they could always extend it, but no date sucks

>> No.10025376

so sad to see a woman bending over backwards to defend some creepy ass dudes

>> No.10025467


stumbled upon this new dance group thing. I only see a couple members that have somewhat talent imo. I recognize a couple of members from nihana I think but big old yikes. they are all so boring to watch dance. and why do all dance groups try to go with a galaxy theme? it's so overused and so bland. why cant groups be original.

>> No.10025543

What's sad is people lying and saying they're creepy just because you don't like men cosplaying your waifus. Anyone in the idol community I run with has nothing but nice things to say about these two.

>> No.10025558


I tend to find a lot of the sexy odottemita love to use the Little Devil Set.

As you mention, aside from Garasu no Hanazono, you also have Koshitantan as another yuri pandering song.

>> No.10025564

it’s either galaxy or a sunrise/set theme. so overdone

>> No.10025606


Meanwhile in Asia it is food or flowers.

>> No.10025611

So sad to see people policing who can and can’t cosplay idols as if they have some kind of authority on the issue

Sorry you don’t have any proof

>> No.10025629

Please someone tell Idol Academy to stop butchering choreography or at least make good original chorography. It made me sick to my stomach how horrible the "dance instructor" re-choreographed 7 Girls War and now Beginner.

>> No.10025671

Maybe it’s just me but you’re either looking at this from the wrong perspective or you’re nitpicking. You’re right that the choreography is by no means amazing (just for beginner; I couldn’t find 7GW) however neither are the people she’s working with. She was doing simple steps and they STILL couldn’t even follow along. That goes for the advanced class too. She’s also making choreography for people who can barely hold a fucking note or sing and dance at the same time. That plays a lot into it too.

>> No.10025909

Not that anon but, wouldn't it just be easier to pick basic, beginner friendly songs than completely redo hard ones? It makes no sense to re-chorograph a difficult song like a Beginner for beginner-level students when they could have picked Aitakatta. I don't know but it just seems inefficient and a waste of time.

I also still agree that Idol Academy is a scam taught by people with big egos and zero credibility. Why take PAID lessons from ametures when you can spend money on an actual dance and singing studio lessons? It costs just as much as their charging.

>> No.10026193

She & her boyfriend broke up and she's been dealing with that, basically. I'm not sure when she'll be returning to public social media.

>> No.10026303

That’s so sad. I saw she deleted her insta and was really disappointed. I hope she’s okay and knows that even if the breakup has been really rough, she’s still an important person to so many people.

>> No.10026923

Don’t forget the Totally Not Otonikizaka Clone groups

>> No.10027875

I don't completely hate her, as another anon said if she's just starting out she can greatly improve

She has that same mix of really stiff and really energetic a lot of beginners do

>> No.10027891

>People like easy access because they’re lazy.
That's literally it. Nobody is saying it's hard to get into [email protected], we're saying it's comparatively harder when you consider how accessible love live is. And if you're a lazy weeb who already has love live, what motivation could you possibly have to look into more intimidating [email protected]? Especially if nobody around you knows it and you'd be alienated from your fellow love livers

>> No.10028505

Any good or cringe halloween covers out now that its over? Not happy Halloween or kyun vampire...... those i dont wanna see anymore.

>> No.10028582

all i saw were happy halloween covers, there were way too many

>> No.10028747

Any decent ones, at least?

I'm tired of the one version where they start by leaning back. It's so boring, at least do the other one if you're going to do such an overdone dance.

>> No.10028860
File: 52 KB, 526x326, a76c6e55cb369c6ab98e187afb9bed6d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GUYSS i'm having a bad day, pls post some cringe. i need it

>> No.10028863

Fuck my eyes and ears are bleeding.And what's with the drag make up?

>> No.10028916

I agree with what you said. I feel like it’s hard to hear/understand because she’s singing in an unintelligible falsetto for the chorus and then the music is really loud. However, i could see this being a song that’s super popular within current mainstream pop music. The video is done in a similar style and if some scenes and lyrics were tweaked just a little (and her voice too at some points), it would more than likely be her “smash hit.” if it were well promoted.

>> No.10028917

Oh and cont, I’m curious as to if pale will get or has a music video? The description says that pale is the name of the single but Dead Decade is the one with a MV. It should ideally be revered no? If it were an album that’d be different.

>> No.10029416

Barely been anything interesting lately, it's no fun.

>> No.10029809

Yeah, idk why everyone always does that song. That and fashion monster which isnt even a halloween song

>> No.10030126

With the Dead Decade MV, It's the B-side of the single, she is releasing the single sometime soon, I think December

>> No.10030653

Can any recommend any cute Christmas dances? I only know Merry Pin Xmas but I'd love to do something different.

>> No.10030661

Aikatsu has a cute one!

Aikatsu also has a terrible rap in their We Wish You a Merry Christmas..

>> No.10030663

That first one is so ridiculously easy looking

>> No.10030774


Shooting Star Idols did a cover of Pumpkin's Nightmare. A Halloween song that's not done to death, yay!

>> No.10030863 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1541817528544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"I have found the hairstyle for my idol persona out of cosplay. This isn’t Nico, this isn’t You. This my dear people is Sakura Hana"

I'm actually fucking laughing so hard, I have some really serious questions about her. Is she like,,,alright,,,in the head? For real, not even trying to be mean, is she okay...

>> No.10030868

Shiroi Tokyo?
Pittari X'mas
GEM one is so pretty also!

>> No.10030870

I wonder who you are since this was posted to a private group. I hope they find who you are

>> No.10030900

i was gonna say the same thing. She posts there thinking it's a safe community to get feedback. Posting what she puts there is shady as heck.

>> No.10030902

I may not like her but this was posted to a closed group. She is also just a kid. I hope admins ban you.

>> No.10030921

Please just delete it. It's annoying when she finds these, threatens to quit for weeks, and fishes for pity.

>> No.10030931

Yes anon, please delete this. Even if it was posted somewhere else this isn't the place to post that. I reported the post incase you don't want to delete it. But please do.

>> No.10030936


Here's some Christmas Vocaloid songs if you're into that

>> No.10031377


Who's cover was it?

>> No.10031399
File: 100 KB, 800x533, AKB48-「走れ!ペンギン」.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It wasn't a cover. The deleted post was of some kid's "idol persona" selfie and anon laughing over whether or not she was "not right in the head."

E-Girls - Merry x Merry Xmas

Star Night Snow

Hashire! Penguin

>> No.10031406

Hashire! Penguin is so freaking adorable

>> No.10031409


Ah I see. That's just mean. We all have that cringe weeb stage. Thanks for filling me in, anon.

>> No.10031411

I know them IRL and I was THERE for that so this Anon isn't lying. I will... speak with them and explain that makes people uncomfortable. I had no idea because I am sort of autistic idol fan but yeah now that I think about it being well, older it makes sense.


Claudie I know you IRL and we are IRL friends so I won't yell at you but this is something that both of us being friends with them have a blind spot. Saying things that makes girls (and lets be honest these are girls making this complaint since I doubt any man is posting here), uncomfortable isn't nice so we need to address this here.

>> No.10032114

Are kpop dances allowed here? Because if so, is anyone excited to do K/DA?

>> No.10032118

I'm not excited to see it overdone

>> No.10032162


already happening too much

>> No.10032266

she's actually good though so I'm letting this one slide

>> No.10032334

Kpop is on the same cringe level as love live

>> No.10032348

Her facials are still cringe though

>> No.10032354

ehh there's some beautiful dance routines out there, it's mainly the mainstream ones that get annoying pretty fast.


>> No.10032379

Let me reword it. The Kpop fandom is on the same cringe level as the love live fandom. I believe the same thing about the dances but thats subjective.

>> No.10032546


>> No.10032761

I agree on the fandom

but I don’t find their dances comparable in the least. Kpop pulls a lot from hip hop, and tends to be much more difficult technically (like, actually needing to be flexible, go from squatting or sitting positions to standinging smoothly, etc)

Love live dances are like suuuuper watered down cheer dance. Only the very basics of jazz, line and hip hop- even a really out of shape person with little flexibility can do them.

And love live formations always suck. Their dances heavily crutch on splitting up into threes and it’s so lazy and awkward.

I’ve seen kpop groups with tons of girls have visually interesting and creative routines/formations

>> No.10032791

>same thing about dances
But kpop dances are actually professionally choreographed. Between kpop and jpop dances, kpop is clearly better composed just from technique and synch
The fandom is trash tho

>> No.10032807

I think you didn't read the subjective part and getting mad over nothing. Still won't change my opinion of them.

>> No.10032829


I asked if people would want Riot to do a JPOP/JIDOL style skins

I got chased off.

>> No.10033106

Let me break it down for you, anon

>been feeling bad about her weight since she looks like she gained at least 50 lbs
>keeps saying on IG that her confidence is low, her teeth are shifting back to pre-braces in some spots, basically is finding something wrong in everything about herself
>constant cry fests every time she can't have content ready for her monday uploads on IG, garners herself some sympathy and hugboxiness to feel good
>all her friends moved out of PA and have lives now
>been doing nothing but playing final fantasy XIV nonstop for months to not be lonely
>starts spending a shit ton of time roleplaying with other characters on her server
>meets some 19 yr old eboy
>starts to RP with him, like the others
>causes ex-bf to get jealous or her feelings to sway off of ex-bf (unconfirmed which of the two, or maybe it's both?)
>ex is a big pussy and was always super jealous any time she spoke to any male at all, starts telling some friends that she cheated on him or was unfaithful
>breakup somewhere in there
>deletes her official insta and her private twitter, ghosts fb for a month
>comes back to fb after a while to show that she cut her hair because that's what the women in nihon do when their love ends
>still ghosting social media, just works and goes home to her friends online

Here's the "where is she now?" segment. Won't reveal her character or IG username so she doesn't get harassed on there:
>too far into RP on FFXIV
>makes an IG for her character, posts screenshots of character with captions that are either quotes that her character would've said or other RP garbage
>posts pic of her character hugging a character that isn't her ex-bf's at one point, saying she loves him (probably previously mentioned eboy)
>her former guild's members all left recently, she took a couple people from there and started a new one together with her as the leader
>her title in the new guild is "queen" and she now roleplays as such

It's just sad

>> No.10033248
File: 118 KB, 960x960, nooooooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Follow Your Kokoro is disbanding after three years. :(

>> No.10033358


Why do the good ones always disband first but the mediocre ones continue to exist?

But then again I am seeing a lot of LL cover groups disbanding this year as well due to the fact they were tied to their Uni and School.

Well I wish them the best and hope new groups can meet the expectations for the sake of the fans

>> No.10033491


she cut her hair? My god she was proud of that - how much has come off?

Wow. Just wow. she's really gone off on the deep end. I know she was having trouble with her weight and meds but I didn't think everything got that bad.

As much as she needs time to heal from the break up like any of us, I hope she picks herself up and dusts herself off soon. It can't be helping her to keep it up like this and is probably making things worse for her situation.

>> No.10033498

What... are these groups? I haven't seen a single good one?

None of these girls seem to have dance, theatre, or any sort of stage experience. oof. How do they form or even find each other?

>> No.10033608

this is sad :c she's clearly depressed.

>> No.10033630

It's not super short, a little below her collarbones. It was below her waist for like 2 years at that point? Imo it didn't look good on her, shorter's better.

But yeah, she's been off her rocker for a while but now she's fallen into a bit of a deeper hole. I think she looks to others for validation way too much and needs to just get some friends that she doesn't try to be the leader of and step back from everything. Even if she picks herself back up, she's still got this big fish in a small pond dynamic in her life that keep her right where she is, not growing or changing at all.

Been depressed, more like it. I think her "bundles" all sending her tons of "good vibes" and "you can do it!!!" sort of messages won't help her either. It's a vicious cycle and trying to get nice messages and help from people who don't truly know you is harmful to your mental health. RIP

>> No.10033635

There are decent ones, but they don’t usually get posted here.

People complain on here about all the love live groups but also seem to exclusively post them for the most part, when there are groups doing other stuff out there

>> No.10033865


The odottemita topic did merge with the cringe dance and cosplay groups after all. Make sense that a majority of the videos will be cringe. I can post the talented ones as much as possible but the decent performances are usually hidden away in Bilibili/Niconico unless someone rips the vids and uploads them elsewhere

>> No.10033902 [DELETED] 

@munira.ffxiv Is Dejavudea’s cringe FFXIV RP shit

>> No.10033937

Also some good/decent ones on Insta, but the covers are all shortened versions.

>> No.10034008

If you mean doing odottemita or doing amateur idol shows, go for it! I would suggest playing to your strengths and covering a more "mature" idol or group, that is also in your age range. Trying to do LoveLive or something cutesy like

If you mean actually going to Japan to be an idol, it's not at all realistic unless you have some prior connections and/or fluent Japanese. Not to mention a lot of idols don't make much money and have side jobs to make ends meet. If you can actually sing and know fluent JP, you might have a chance with an underground chika idol/alt-idol group with a wierd gimmick.

>> No.10034069


One clear example would be Seishun who focus on foreigners and Dansou. Two of their members went back to their home town to open the first overseas branch and do chika idol lives there along with regular appearances at festivals.

But you are on the money on connections because the local scene has has enough people interested about idols in the con scene and passionate fans who went to Japan to learn more about idols. Without that you wont get very far as the experience is an one way street since what good is bringing back the idol experience when reception is indifference or outright dislike thanks to years of a narrative condemning Japanese Idols and Japanese Idols alone

>> No.10034163

Deanna's fucking Instagram account for her ff character I'm CACKLING. I find this so weird especially because she has a nice law job (as far as I know) and she's almost 30....I think she's just going through some shit right now but wow

>> No.10034271


It's a fairly good reminder that it can happen to any of us and why I will never get into an MMO. It's too easy to replace with reality and healthy habits/self care.

I do wonder why none of her friends have given her a hefty pimp-slap back into reality yet. If they cared about her they wouldn't allow her to continue like this.
Even if they don't live near her anymore she still lives with family, right? I'm wondering if they have any idea how bad it is. If it was me slipping into this downward spiral, I'd want someone to knock some sense into me.

>> No.10034278

Her friends actually seem to be encouraging it, some of them even follow the account if you look through the followers on that account.

>> No.10034279 [DELETED] 
File: 1.03 MB, 1242x1716, 5E4B1877-B13A-46CE-BD25-FCD12492E843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incest RP shouldn’t be encouraged lmao

>> No.10034283

If they want to fuck that's their choice to do so. As long as they don't bring mutant babies into the world.

>> No.10034290


It just goes to show what great friends they are. In all seriousness this is depressing to hear because at this rate she'll never get out of this funk. In all likelihood she'll make things worse for herself and it'll get harder to fix.

>> No.10034295

I know some local groups that are real good, and a couple have even started singing during performance, but I don't post them her to keep the internet drama/stalkers/incels away.

>> No.10034522

was she dating that one larger guy who was always in her vlogs?

>> No.10034740


You mean Greg? I don't think so. I don't think we ever saw him. He seemed the most decent and likely to keep her head screwed on though.

>> No.10034777

She was dating Lai/Kite, the asian dude that you may see show up here or there. I think he was in one of her drunk pumpkin carving videos if you're curious

>> No.10034818

I'm kind of sad, they seemed like a good/cute couple but I'm sad to see that it didnt work out

>> No.10035039


I really like the Chinese Odottemita cosplayers. They all look pretty professional in general. Yao Ren Mao was my first experience with Odottemita in China.


The good ones alway find half decent set to dance behind compared to the really cringy ones we have seen before

>> No.10035208

Question for everyone to get some conversation happening- but who are some net idols who you 'like' or 'do not like' but think they have potential as an idol due to personality or stage presence? Or who has a good voice but lacks the presence?

>> No.10035340

A lot of people I know think that Paida(she usually gets mentioned here) has the most potential to be an actual idol.

>> No.10035360

Juliane almost has it all, the look, she can dance good, even her stage presence is ok but her voice is like nails on a chalk board imo it sounds like she is yelling or whining. I still think she has a lot of potential despite it.

>> No.10035370

People have already mentioned Paida and Julianne, I think Melancholiaah has potential, and I’m also rooting for Peachy Parade, though I wish they had more content. Cherry from Citrus is a strong dancer, so I see potential in her as well!

>> No.10035390

I think they have potential:
Peachy parade,
Iro bang,
Lulu Dayou,
Natsuiro Party,

>> No.10035444

Paida and Julianne for sure. Polaris from Stellure is also good, and that one girl who did the Sakkaku Crossroads cover from ages ago. All of them are fantastic dancers, and Paida’s vocals are just amazing. Mahoubunnie is super cute as well, she has a charm to her that makes me overlook some of her flaws as a performer!

>> No.10035447


Liking Juliane/Julily, Paida, Peachy Parade, and Iro Bang at the moment. Juliane's been showing on social media that she's practicing a lot and I get the feeling she's working on something big right now? Idk

I wouldn't say she sounds that bad, her live performances can get a little yell-y because she's dancing a lot but her songs that've been studio recorded sound alright. She could definitely use vibrato though, you do get some notes with nothing but air behind them and no movement in the pitch which can give you that unpolished sound

>> No.10035495

I agree with what others have said mostly.

A few others I see potential in that haven't been mentioned yet:

Martha from Parfait Party
Calina from Morning sunrise
Poppy from Tambourine Idols
San from Love Navigators

I think all of them have really good charisma. That something that makes me wanna support them. And they all have a good amount of talent too- particularly Martha

>> No.10035586

Ohhh, I forgot about Martha!! She is an angel. I like Calina ok, but her voice is a bit too projected for me. In her Glass Doll cover, she sounds like she’s yelling.

I’d add Citra from Citresse, but it looks like they’re inactive?

>> No.10035629

Looking at Mimi's instagram story, I see she's concrunching Stellure outfits once again. I wonder when she will ever learn? Theyve had atleast 2 months or so to finish them too.

>> No.10035791


>sees criticism for singers way better than me
>guess i'll quit

I'm confused by what peachy parade is doing. They have potential, and i'm rooting for them too but I wonder if they even care that much about it being successful? Since they don't really put much effort into having an online presence

>> No.10035793

I like paida but as a "real" Japanese idol I don't really think she has the looks to cut it

>> No.10035812 [DELETED] 

Personally I think the best idols we have are melancholiaaa and galaxy girl panda! they have the best voices and best stage presences to me! They work well with their aesthetic very well. as for 'idols' who I think have not the best voices and presences are julily and alex pinky. juliane is just super awkward everytime I have seen her on stage and she just yells instead of sings. alex pinku is adorable and I really love her but me and a lot of people seem to think she kind of sounds like miranda sings. her presence is definitely there though!

>> No.10035818

They are like say a garage idol group, to use an americanism. They have fun, tour, perform, but they aren't in it for say GLORY OR POWER

>> No.10035829

She needs to learn that shit ain't cute. Publically posting about mental breakdowns isn't what someone with mental breakdowns does.

>> No.10035831

No, don’t quit!! I’m jaded by being in theater.

>> No.10037337

I just saw their performance at AnimeNYC and I think it turned out well. Definitely better than any of the other groups

>> No.10037355

I actually loved it!! Saw the stream, haha. Their best song yet, for sure. If they went with a more rock direction in general, it would be super cool.

>> No.10037502

I just watched the insta live and the quality is pretty bad so I can't get much of a sense of the song, but the choreo actually looked pretty decent and the voices (from what I could hear) sounded more powerful and clear.
I think they did well!

>> No.10037522

It’s definitely much better than what they’ve put out so far. My only issue is that they still haven’t seemed to connect the energy to the song or the dance/movements to the music. For example, the faux fight would’ve have much more bang had they put more energy into the movements as would the following mini group parts. In addition, some parts of the choreography still give off the cutesy idol vibe even though the song and outfits denote otherwise. I am glad they’re adding more effort into their dances though. Vocally, still a lot of the same but I still see some improvement too.

>> No.10038746

>>10037522 Yeah, you can tell that most of the notes in the song are too high for them and it sounds like their voices are being strained. Also I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a Callisto center song but Mimi was still the focus most of the time, she was front and center for 90% of the formations, most of which involved her standing directly in front of Callisto.

About the choreo, yeah they do need to put a lot more energy in, but I also think they need to work on matching the choreo to the song more, like you said, since slowly walking side to side with your arms up doesn't really suit a song where the drum beats are hitting eighth notes. I also feel like the
drumbeats were off with the other instruments and their vocals at points, something just sounded off

Also literally no one knew what beat they were supposed to move their hips on when they were all turned around haha

>> No.10038761

Thinking back to a discussion that was brought up in the OIC fb group about professionalism, the amount of bitching Callisto and Mimi did on their insta stores about how the AnimeNYC masquerade staff were rude was bad. Polaris and Luna at least had the decency to just leave it at "oh the masquerade was a bit stressful but otherwise I had a good time" where as the other two basically said staff was rude and horrible to them. Which if it's true, yeah that sucks. But maybe don't complain about it in a public setting. Even if it really was the most awful time with unprofessional staff, it's more important to keep yourself professional, and now you just know not to go back to that event or you make a complaint in private directly to con staff.

>> No.10038831
File: 3.66 MB, 1242x2208, B318A097-D72A-4A28-AA78-E62E90DE5F7F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All I saw from Callisto was the attached, which to me is nothing major. Were there more? It’s not great but not necessarily totally unprofessional? In comparison to a twitter thread I saw which was more or less a call out on how a group felt having been disrespected and how they felt unwanted at a different con.


Regardless, I feel like these statements should be more prepared OR not shared publicly at all.

>> No.10038880

Here's a question for you guys, is there a net idol/ group that might seem really sweet online but was rude in person?

>> No.10038955

this is like the third jugde award in a row?

>> No.10039050

I'm sure there have been occasions where guests have been treated badly by events but there is a professional way of doing it. Publicly shaking the event will turn them off from wanting to have you perform there again.

>> No.10039055

I went to a con where I was performing and there was a Love Live group. They were egotistical and just didn't make us feel welcome at all as we had to share a dressing room. We had a huge worktop where we could do make up and they have taken the whole area with their crap. In the end we had to use a damn corner to squeeze in a dance rehearsal. Then when they performed (badly) they acted as if their performance was what the con was made for.

>> No.10039148

What con was that? Sorry you guys went through that

>> No.10039200

I always worry I'm like this. I try to be sweet and myself, but I get easily overwhelmed, which comes off as being grumpy. I know I've lost my temper with people that've tried to mess with me during hallway lives, but when someone is actively trying to take your microphone or dance in front of you... Any wisdom on handling that sort of thing?

>> No.10039408

another dead group https://youtu.be/e0s6lr5e8xU
Not surprised

>> No.10039469


I saw a video of a group dancing outside and a guy literally walked up to one of the dancers when she was mid-dance. All she did was ignore him and the audience heckled him to go away and he eventually did.

My advice is to either ignore them because they're either clueless and on the spectrum, or they want to get a rise out of you. If you have someone with you helping to set-up and play music, then try to have two and have a small cute hand signal that only they will know which means to get security/staff while the other watches your things.

Do not give them the reaction you want, and when they disappear either don't mention it to your audience or make a joke out of it.

>> No.10039935

How so? She looks like she maintains herself well enough.

>> No.10040051

I mean, I think she's cute and should keep on doing what she's doing in America
Just don't think the Japanese would spend their money on her.
Her features aren't really in her favor for a Japanese audience. If she slimmed up a little, straightened her teeth, perhaps she'd have a shot? But she should probably keep her activities to the USA. I mean, look at Amina. She had the looks but was only there about a year before becoming an escort instead

>> No.10040112

it's actually pretty common for former idols to become porn stars so I'm not surprised. Unfortunately the industry is pretty shady and a lot of girls get extorted for sex.
...Which is why it's a probably a good thing most net idols would get absolutely nowhere in Japan.

>> No.10040138

Define common? Besides a handful of 48 girls (I’d wager less than 10?), there haven’t been many more that have gone into the business. It’s more likely the other way around like with Ebisu Muscats. They became idols after already being AV idols.

>> No.10040144

yeah honestly i don't think they go into AV as much as a lot of japanese idols go into things like gravure photobooks. But gravure is rather tasteful and not like AV at all.

>> No.10040211

Amina could never sing for shit and she never seemed to improve. Paida has a completely different energy from Amina and there is no way you can compare the two just because they are black. I don't think any aspiring black or poc idol should be looking up to Amina. She's a piss example of an idol and lacks talent. I find it bloody disgusting how many black girls idolize her. I used to be one of them...

Paida is on the right path. I want to believe that she won't end up like her.

>> No.10040226

Let's chat!
What was the first dance you did when you started?
What was the first dance you performed in front of other people?

>> No.10040280

very late but this is also a matter of preference. I like both their voices very much. Calina reminds me of my favorite million live idol, Umi Kousaka

A lot of people find a forceful voice very cute, even unpolished

>> No.10040348

When I was a wee lad of just a mere 14 I thought it'd be a great idea to start off with doki doki morning from babymetal. First dance on stage was 5 years later and was Loveless World

>> No.10040359


The first dance I learned was probably either the Hare Hare Yukai, if that even counts or Kokoro no Tamago. However the first one I performed in front of other people was Ready from The [email protected]

>> No.10040417

Tried to learn Pon Pon Pon when I was in my weeb phase, never finished it though. The first (j-pop) dance I performed in front of an audience was Mermaid Festa Vol. 1! If non j-pop counts, I performed an original choreo to an old Britt Nicole song for a church thing.

>> No.10040421

That's nice, but she still doesn't have the looks for a Japanese audience. Amina did.

>> No.10040496

It was like 2007 and I was at a con doing endless old-ass jpop songs. Think like oooold morning musume and berryz kobo. I think I did renai revolution like 20 times that weekend. Kinda miss cons being the way they were

>> No.10040532


wow I wish I hadn't looked her up wtf did I just watch

>> No.10040549

Edgy (tm)

>> No.10040617


Isnt that the group that made the original MaiMai tonight with realizing its an Ondo?

I have seen better original choreos than that one.


>> No.10040728

more commonly heard of than in K-pop at least (I remember hearing that Japanese fans of BoA wanted her to star in porn and Korean fans were super offended). But you're correct, it's mostly former AKB48 (or their sister groups) members.

>> No.10040737

definitely one of their better songs but the choreography looks pretty messy. Also those fishnets are not flattering whatsoever

>> No.10040797

YIKES wtf is that WWII imagery?

>> No.10040816

I like the fishnets! They’re very kfashiony, but I don’t mind them at all

>> No.10040898

I want to like this, because its so close to good, but in the end it falls short. I don't know how they always manage to sound so bland and emotionless in their recordings

The choreography is okay, but not well executed.

And I love a tacky costume but even I can't get behind these. They're overdesigned and unflattering

>> No.10040968

Soooo who wants to share the tea on Sakurahana?

>> No.10040973

What tea?

>> No.10040999

If I remember correctly, Korea barely has a porn industry and if they do it’s illegal. Also you severely missed my point. It wasn’t that it’s “mostly AKB members.” It’s that it barely happens period. Most ex idols either go talento, solo, or back to normal life. A very small percent become porn stars.

>> No.10041038

She was kicked out of the OIC Discord and Facebook.

>> No.10041085

Man I totally missed whatever it was. I'm guessing it happened on the discord. After reading through her tellonyms I'm so curious but I'm too embarrassed to directly ask those involved

>> No.10041117

You didn't miss anything. If you remember how she was kicked out of that amino, the same thing happened with oic.

Self loathing, people give advice, everyone called her out for not listening to advice, she cried that people hate her, getd kicked out, threatens to quit being an idol or delete her instagram, and goes back to normal days or hours later.

>> No.10041123

This is correct, as almost all K-pop idols continue to be managed by their companies if they leave their group/the group disbands.
However, one notable exception is Honey Popcorn, the K-pop group comprised of former JAV-actresses.

>> No.10041199

I remember mimi complaining about the colors on the hip piece not matching because the orange was too bright, and I agree, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Not to mention, how are they able to make all their lyrics sound like they were badly translated from japanese to english? There is no flow or rhythm to them

>> No.10041320
File: 194 KB, 1400x1000, sakurasaga1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

leaving out most of the replies because it was almost all well-meaning advice without coddling her too much, you can figure it out from context. also trying to protect everyone else's info and private thoughts from cgl.

>> No.10041322
File: 719 KB, 1400x1000, sakurasaga2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10041323
File: 223 KB, 1400x1000, sakurasaga3 - breaking point.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10041324
File: 190 KB, 1400x1000, sakurasaga4 - off the rails.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10041325
File: 94 KB, 1400x1000, sakurasaga5 - end.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10041363

>>10041320 >>10041322 >>10041323 >>10041324 >>10041325
As someone who barely goes on the server, I didn’t notice this even happened. But even looking at her older Tellonyms when she was first posted? I was not surprised that was the outcome at ALL. Many of her new tellonyms are making the members of OIC that tried to help her look really bad in an unfair way. I don’t say this often but she needs help and to be admitted or attend intense therapy because she has a lot of deep rooted issues that she needs to work out.

To an extent though, I do think she’s primarily attention seeking. Yes she could also be this way but her way of making excuses isn’t consistent with someone who ACTUALLY wants to try. It’s consistent with someone who doesn’t want to try and get attention for being sad.

>> No.10041374

What does OIC stand for?
Are there Facebook groups for people interested in idol stuff? Besides the love live ones

>> No.10041375

Yeah. I left her a Tellonym saying I hope she gets the help she needs. It took me being admitted to a mental facility to break me out of that same mindset.

>> No.10041391

It stands for Overseas Idol Collection. It's a net idol (not love live groups, actual idols) resource and community site ran by Juliane.

>> No.10041402


>-Sakura Hana - can she be saved?

turns out, no

>> No.10041411

Honestly I'm really relieved. She was so hard to deal with. Constantly posting, putting herself down and then when you gave her genuine heartfelt responses she basically blew you off. I wonder if she even realizes that when someone types you up a paragraph trying to help you and you respond with basically " i can't, excuses, none of that helps" that is RUDE as crap

>> No.10041446

I feel like it’s almost as if it was a mistake to let her in in the first place. Maybe the mods/admins were just trying to be nice but clearly this girl has no actual grasp of what real idol culture is, I mean for Christ sakes she keeps talking about comparing herself to nico.

>> No.10041451

This is so sad. People are thinking oic bullied her out. I wish people would open their eyes and see how toxic sakura really is.

>> No.10041456

Anyone who buys into her bullshit has gotta be just as bad. If this keeps them away from OIC ... thank god

>> No.10041458


Funny enough former 48g members and their music is remarkably tame. It is like their stint in jav have not affected their music

This is one of most mixed feelings I have about Jidols in general is the fact they dont end up like a disney teen star's music career where they go slowly from all wholesome to being extremely adult popstars.

>> No.10041504

can i just-

BTS and Perfume, two groups with very detailed dances. Girl of course you wouldn't be able to do those right away. Those take lots of practice.

It honestly just sounds like she's young and has no idea how much freedom she's going to have when she gets older with a job. She's comparing herself to people who are older and work in order to be able to afford this hobby/lifestyle.

>> No.10041567

I don't mean to roast Sakura Hana, but she kind of sounds like a female version of Chris-chan when she talks.

>> No.10041615

random question but has anyone audition for superrareproductions yet?

>> No.10041620

Holy shit. She is 16 isn't she? I get it that she's annoying as shit. It's obvious by the screen caps but for fucks sake you didn't have to cuss at her and make her look as bad as you all made her out to be. She seems very attention-seeking but many kids her age are and I'm sure many of you "idols" (can you really call yourselves that after this shit) were just the same at that age.

From an outsider looking in it is apparent you were dealing with a really frustrating kid but that language was absolutely uncalled for and the way you handled the situstion by getting everyone involved was disgustingly unprofessional. I'm glad I never submitted to the FB group. Looks like a group of mob-mental bitches. They make overseas idols and overseas idol fans look like a fucking joke. The simple thing to do would have been to give her a private explanation on why she was being removed and boom, problem solved.

Getting multiple members to gang up on her is so childish. You guys look like you're stuck in highschool. If you need to get a whole group of people (I'm assuming many of who are adults) to mob up on a KID...... then you need serious help. I saw some of them when I was at AWA but I didn't suspect they'd be like that. I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover. OIC looks like a cringe corner.

>> No.10041624

Reading back at the message history on the server, they only really ganged up on her when she said that she was like Nico; and no one encouraged people to gang up on her. It kinda just happened since people were stuck there for 9 hours straight trying to give her advice that she wasn't accepting. Guess that triggered people.

>> No.10041705

You probably have the privilege to never deal with someone like her or your just as toxic and immature as she is. Unless you were there and saw the full conversations, you really have no right to be commenting about the situation like you are.

One admin gave sakura two major warnings and several chances after she private messaged the admin begging for chances.

>> No.10041707

While I’m not condoning some of what happened, I feel like you’ve never really been in a situation where you tried to help someone asking for help and their response was always “I can’t do this because of xyz.” I don’t think anyone is trying to make her look bad either. I have screen caps of the whole situation and if I ever decide to edit them and post, I think it tells a different story compared to what’s been posted (since so many people were involved and trying to help). Not only that, but this isn’t a one off thing. There’s a lot posted in support of her from her first vent (11/19). I don’t think anyone is trying to make her look bad. Not like she’s trying to make them look bad.

It’s not a mob mentality as much as it is someone who refuses to take advice. Being frustrating is one thing. That’s bareable. What’s unbearable is someone who absolutely wholeheartedly refuses to take advice. We saw with Hoshi Teruko who always made the same or similar excuses. Nobody was ganging up on her until she decided to pull a “why does everyone hate me I am listening but...”

There’s honestly nothing toxic about OIC. It’s a place created from truly wanting to expand the base and share the culture. It’s not some kind of elitist club.

If you’re basing your view of OIC this situation, then of course you’re going to see them as a bad place. But it’s not that.

>> No.10041715

It may have been my poor choice of editing, but I wasn't any of the people involved in the screencaps so addressing me like I orchestrated this is moot. There wasn't one person "getting everyone involved". I apologize if the screencaps I grabbed made it look like there were.

I left most of the replies out to protect everyone's anonymity, and because there was a shit ton of discussion and this would have been dozens of pages long. This wasn't an instance of ganging up, this was literally 9+ hours of Sakura venting about how shitty she felt and offering excuses as to why she couldn't follow anyone's advice, and everyone else in the server trying to help her.

Lots of people shared personal stories of their own struggle, tried to gently convince her to get help, and tried to reassure her without seeming enabling or coddling. I admit some people did get mean at the end, but that wasn't a concentrated instance of ganging up or bullying. Those were a few individuals that got frustrated and fed up after trying to help for nine hours straight. If you interpret that as "OIC is a bunch of bullies", then there's not much I can say to convince you otherwise, but you're wrong.

>> No.10041725
File: 225 KB, 1300x1132, we're so mean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And just to drive the point in, I went back and grabbed a sample of what was happening in that server for those 9 hours. This is the "bullying" she's crying about on her IG story. This is why she thinks everyone in the OIC hates her.

>> No.10041761

I need to get my stuff recorded and sent in, haha.

>> No.10041766

same here, i only realized that i don't have any lines to read for the VA part (I only have snip recordings of auditions i joined). I wish you luck annon

>> No.10041791

I auditioned too and recorded the next day. I spent a big chunk of the day deciding on what before just defaulting to LL scripts in Eng & Jpn since they’re easily accessible compared to others.

>> No.10041809

Has anyone here applied for OIC's mentorship program?

>> No.10041905

Sakura Hana is creating her own spinoff of OIC called international idol community

>> No.10041908
File: 2.24 MB, 1080x1920, internationalcringecommunity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, create your own group of coddlers because none else is willing to.

In all seriousness, please spread awareness of her. I was friends with her but stopped because she is very manipulative and toxic.

>> No.10041910

Not going to release any screenshots, but I'll say this - these screenshots of supportive messages were like 90% of what was being said to Sakura. The ones posted above where people got fed up were very few and far between, and only really popped up at the end of several days' worth of people trying to help her and having their well-thought-out advice ignored.

The admins stepped in right after people all got frustrated and removed her rather than PMing her or giving a warning because, as mentioned before, she had already gotten two private warnings and this gave her a third strike.

I thought it was all handled pretty well overall. Several people in OIC have reached out to her to let her know that if she still wants to look for advice, that they'd be willing to be there for her so she really does have a willing support system as long as she's ready to reach out to them and accept their help.

>> No.10041942


I know she's a kid, but this is just a whole new level of petty for her.

>> No.10041945

I'm so sick of it. I want her to learn a lesson and have all her supporters see the screenshots posted above. How can we go about it?

>> No.10041949

Wow. The sakura hana fanpage runners abandoned their instagram account saying there no longer fans. Shouldn't that be a wake up call to her?

>> No.10041951

Wait she had a fanpage? lol

>> No.10041955

She did, was 100% sure her sister made it until I saw >>10041949

>> No.10041964
File: 27 KB, 1193x246, oh jeez.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oic callout post from a sakura hana fan

>> No.10041988

Holy shit what's the account name

>> No.10041990

It's abandoned and all the post are gone. Theres really nothing left of it being her fan page anymore

>> No.10041992

So quick thought. Has anyone ever SEEN Sakura Hana's sibling that claims to be her sibling on Instagram? did they post photos of themself? Because I find it FUNNY that she says they share a phone/both post on each others instagrams, and are ALWAYS one second behind the other?
Also, her siblings Instagram says they love hatsune miku, but besides Love Live, that's all I hear Sakura talk about jpop wise. I dont think Sakura has a sibling. I think she has these two accounts to make her seem a little more realistic and she can back up her own words and make it seem more reliable. Also, a lot of her tells are herself trying to make it look like people really support her

>> No.10041993

Sakura catfishing her followers as her sister LOL a thought

>> No.10041994

There is someone who says they are her sister and they have posted on her story (there’s a video of her somewhere in that mess).

>> No.10041996

first two posts are 2D idols...great start I see.

>> No.10041999

Apparently they're not actually blood related though

>> No.10042044

Yeah they’ve mentioned they’re just “best friends who are like they are sisters” or something, surprisingly the “sister” is almost more cringe than Sakura going by her rants... I can’t wait till these girls are 20+ and look back on all this stuff. The cringe will be real.

>> No.10042087

Juliane must be rolling around in cringe right now, oic being so blatantly ripped off man. sakura had to make it worse by making it even cringe

>> No.10042106

Honestly I wonder if they even know. Maybe someone tipped them off but according to Sakura almost everyone in oic has blocked her (more likely she blocked them). So they’d have no idea.

>> No.10042250

Interlunium recasted for their lead. She hasn't performed in a song with them yet, but her solo stuff makes me think I'll prefer her over the old CV.

>> No.10042254

Who's the new VA?

>> No.10042294
File: 598 KB, 1242x2208, 6B9D791E-CC58-45DA-9077-8F36516223B1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She’s one of the VAs for the rival group.

>> No.10042309

Gotcha. Don't know how the new VA sounds, but I'm going to miss Takara. I really liked her voice.

>> No.10042319
File: 198 KB, 1242x566, A0AD5BFD-69ED-4CFA-A99B-A5E9938A4120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went through Takara’s Twit feed a little bit and found two interesting CuriousCats.

>> No.10042320
File: 238 KB, 1242x642, FB4F553D-B138-482E-96F3-5C3ACA155FF2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second one here. Then a little later, she mentioned that her DMs are only open to commissions or something because of nasty messages.

>> No.10042321

If she was "enforced" by someone else, obviously something went down.

>> No.10042322

Hey anon, I definitely get being young and annoying. I was definitely there. Just.. not at 16. Maybe like 8. 16 is immature, yes, but too old to condone behavior like that. It's manipulative and exploitive. When she comments things like that, she thinks she's inherently not as good as the other girls and wants those girls to encourage her that she is good without putting in the same work. That's why she is going to deflect all advice, she doesn't want it. She wants to magically be the "idol" the others are without the work, money, and process.

Again, she's 16... Not a 6 year old. She should be able to handle backlash, handle swear words, angry people or holding herself accountable. Yeah I don't like the idea of "idols" cussing or telling of someone like that, but it's not like they were insulting her or bullying her. She's old enough to handle that nonsense and even if she couldn't, she's old enough to learn.

Tired of this hand holding mentality. She's not in kindergarten. No one was there to hold my hand at 16 and I delt with all the backlash at my cringe on my own.

>> No.10042465

isn't she the one that started the group or am i remembering things wrong?

>> No.10042467

No, mom0ki (Junko's VA) started the group.

>> No.10042655

I think it's time for a new thread

>> No.10043271

One of the other CVs posted the screenshot where Takara claimed she was kicked out without her knowledge and informed their followers that Takara was informed she'd be leaving before any announcement was made. I think that CV later took their tweet down to avoid any conflicts since their both under contract. I think Mom0ki stated somewhere that there were personal conflicts between the two that ultimately led up to her departure, but that was deleted from the #questions channel, from what I remember? Seems complicated.

>> No.10043279

It feels like Takara said something without the right meaning because she was emotional at the time. I hope she’s okay, but the misinformation is unfortunate on her part.

>> No.10043393

Hello! Im part of an idol group, we promote as idols and not as love live/imas cover group.

We are looking for a new member to join us, however, our community is filled with toxic and young people and/or in other groups. We hate the idea of making a public scouting post as it can bring in unfavourable people to join us, people who might not mesh well with us, etc... We want your opinion on how we should go about looking for a new member?

We thought about private scouting to help us find people, but think going through an "audition" can be intimidating - so, thoughts?

>> No.10043401

I don't think auditions are really all that intimidating, I can understand how anxiety might make one feel that way, though. Personally, as a group leader I find it to be one of the better ways to scout members, as you can gauge someones level of commitment to your group from the get go using an audition. Did they learn a new dance/song cover just for this audition, or just upload/re-record an old one? Did they coordinate a good location for their dance cover so their video looks visually stunning, or is it a sloppy bedroom? People who take the time and effort to put a lot into just an AUDITION, not even knowing they'll get in or not, can often times be the best/most committed members. Private scouting can yield decent results as your searching within a small social circle, but I've found that recruiting friends can often make people lazy because they get into the mindset that they won't be kicked out for being a lazy shit because you're friends with them and don't wanna hurt their feelings.

>> No.10043447

wait so which one is takara in the group?

>> No.10043494

Takara was the center/face, Rinko.

>> No.10043716

Just do auditions. The type of performer who is put off by having to properly audition isn’t who you want in your group anyways.

And if no one good auditions, then you could resort to trying to privately scout. There’s really no down side unless you. just really don’t wanna put in the effort to put together an audition

>> No.10043801

My group as well has kind of run dry in terms of people wanting to audition as we've held them for 3 years now after the major con that happens for us locally and at this point, our group has kind of already accepted everyone we want/the people that keep repeatedly audition we are not accepting for good reason. For now, we're taking a more relaxed approach and allowing people who want to join for only certain performances or covers to do so, and also like others have already mentioned, just doing private scouting via our invitation only.

Don't be afraid to hold auditions, it will really show who is willing to put in the effort and who isn't

>> No.10044692

I mean this as nicely as possible, but I think you need to grow a pair and just hold auditions. Just because someone you don't like applies doesn't mean you have to accept them. They don't know what goes on behind the scenes or who you are looking for. I also second the comments kind of pointing out that auditions take effort, and with your own rules you can find what you need in a member. Anxiety sucks but you'll be fine!!

>> No.10045334

As others have kind of already alluded to, people who don’t like auditions are the same people who don’t want to work for something. It’s like if a person wants to be an actress, gets an agent, but never wants to go to auditions. What do they think will happen? They’ll just get a role?

>> No.10046311

New thread: >>10043303

>> No.10047139

New thread banned because cringe sakurahana white knights?? What happened lol

>> No.10047150

I guess we just... make another one? I don't know. Did the new thread even mention Sakura at all?

>> No.10047153

I think for a second? And then some chicks popped up demanding we “stop making threads about her” no one did. At this point if they want us to be such bad guys why not just start reporting her account.

>> No.10047158

Next thread just don’t mention her at all.

>> No.10047309

Just make a lolcow thread so we can discuss her

>> No.10047441

Thank you for tips everyone!! I think the major fear was honestly the community we are part of. Its large, and very very toxic. So rumors are bound to spread about us "being too good for anyone" or something like that. But you're right, if people really care about joining they will audition. Will update!

>> No.10047636

Untill she does something cringy again, which would be in a week or 2 at most

>> No.10048070

New thread got taken down again.

>> No.10048077

Wtf why? Nothing stupid was even going on there

>> No.10048099

I honestly feel like youknowwho is responsible. We weren’t even discussing them. Maybe they just think the whole thing is “bullying people”. Grow some skin for fucks sake.

>> No.10048160

this is dumb but aight, play the immature game i guess

>> No.10048203

Can we try for another thread? I wanted to know if anyone ended up applying for SR productions

>> No.10048260

I did but I didn’t make it to the second round. Really bummed but maybe another similar opportunity will present itself one day.

>> No.10048401

I made it to round two! Fingers crossed

>> No.10048727

What character were you going for? I wish there was a discord or something where we could discuss this
I'm really hoping I make it in

>> No.10048823

i’m curious how soon they will start casting. the email doesn’t give a deadline for submitting your callback stuff- so will they wait for all current callbacks to come in before deciding? even more complicated since more people could be sending in auditions and getting call backs everyday. makes me more anxious!

>> No.10048847

Is there a discord for dance covers besides OIC's? They're definitely more about original content and discourage stuff like cosplay covers so I feel like there should be one that's more general and hobbyist and covers a wide variety of songs (love live, idolmaster, nonanime idols etc.)

>> No.10048849

Well... They said initially they’re accepting people as auditions come.

>> No.10048855

How do you feel about idols performing in cosplay?

>> No.10048916

I have seen people in OIC post anime idol dance covers but not in cosplay. As long as it's not a cosplay cover, since OIC is trying to seprate itself and the idol community from the cosplay community, people really don't care.

>> No.10049038

I feel like someone asks this every thread lol
Can we have a new thread

>> No.10049163

If /cgl/ lets us. it would be our third try. I'm getting worried that this might be the end.

>> No.10049164

I got called back for Lara and Amelie, and was initially auditioning for Lara!

>> No.10049350
File: 273 KB, 1078x400, 20181204_010958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is no one talking about 'Pizza Yolo' and their awful name

>> No.10049357
File: 185 KB, 816x544, hamburgirlz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first one was taken down because of a certain someone and her friends spamming the thread.
The second one being taken down might have had something to do with the molestation allegations.
I really wish the threads could have just been pruned of the offending posts rather than being deleted altogether, but I guess this is what were dealing with now.

I think any major drama or whatever ought to be redirected to the lolcow farms, maybe in a thread for the net idol community in general if there isn't one already.

I always look forward to Honey Hime's projects, but yeah, I have mixed feelings about the subunit's name. I spent a bit a of time trying to figure out if "yolo" meant something different in Italian, but didn't find anything. Does the group's name literally mean "Pizza You Only Live Once?"

I do like the idea of a pizza-themed Italian idol group though. Sounds silly and fun like Hamburgirl Z.

>> No.10049367


Cosplay covers is how I got into a lot of songs I have never heard before. I said once, and I will say it again. It is the best way to expose newbies to music they haven't known about before.

>> No.10049368

Lolcow has a european net idol thread but not a general net idol thread. I tried posing on there but none would shut up about Kelsey, Beckii, and friends.

>> No.10049369

The cloest conclusion i can come to is its suppose to sound like "pizzaiolo" which is italian for a person who makes pizzas. The name "Pizza Yolo" might be a play on words or sounds similar but cuter.

>> No.10049373

Isn't that just for UK ones anyway? But even then yeah it is mostly just those bunch. I'm sure a net-idol thread would be accepted

>> No.10049991

A while back there were some decent Wannabe Aidoru threads, it'd be nice if someone got those going again.

>> No.10050080

The old idol comm with Dansa no Himitsu and the girls who came out of that will never happen again. Ally & Sally, Aminyan/Amina, Keeki Hume, Kelsey Parnigoni all went to Japan and joined idol groups for at least over a year and they all did gravure(except for ally & sally). If you genuinely think you’re going to make it in Japan you need good dance skills and good Japanese skills. Singing Love Live won’t get you there and most aidoru live lip sync anyway. Kelsey’s main issue was her Japanese was shit but she still managed to do gravure. Keekihime had a ton of scandals before she got there but her Japanese was good and nobody cared. Also you’ll need to get off your high horses- foreign girls do better in gravure than they do as idols. Just look at Amina and Gemma Cruel who both did DVDs at sofmap. Way way way more attention than when they were idols.

Ally & Sally seem to do well for themselves and I think are the most successful. They’ve kept up an idol persona for the longest. Try and imitate them if you can.

Keekihime has a horrible attitude so she burned a lot of bridges in the overseas idol comm. her Japanese is really good though so try and imitate her.

Kelsey Parnigoni was basically a weeb who got lucky. Her gravure dvd also did pretty good in Japan. I would say just try and imitate her....cuteness?

As for aminyan idk why she keeps coming up here and Lolcow as a failed idol when quite a few foreign girls went to be idols in Japan for only a few years or less. Teya was only there for...2 months? I would say imitate Aminyan’s way with the media. She’s not a good performer at all and she knew it. Instead she focused more on outrage and getting on TV programs in japan and having American websites blog about her. She seems well connected and announced a book deal by an American company because they haven’t realised how much of a flop she was in Japan. Try and imitate how she managed to keep putting herself in the media.

>> No.10050089

>inb4 Yukapon
She was never an idol in Japan, she did mostly gigs in America at anime conventions.

The longest lasting foreign idols in Japan are by far Ally and Sally. They have been performing in and out of Japan for nearly 8 years now, their Japanese is neat perfect. Try and emulate Ally and Sally guys. I assume most people here don’t wanna be idols in japan anyways

>> No.10050208
File: 407 KB, 932x598, 244f366376428018bde19bcba0a65da4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When are Stellure going to stop unnecessarily adding 'understudies'? Why do they need them in the first place? They're at 12 members now...

>> No.10050228

i mean they said earlier that every understudy has a chance to join full time, although it is a pretty dumb idea. On top of that, I don't follow too many groups so I wouldn't know, but isn't black a really stupid image color? I have never seen a light stick with black as an option, and it certainly wouldn't show up in the dark at cosplay contests...

Anyway, can someone more informed than me start a new thread? Maybe if we try to be less controversial in the first few posts or something we can keep it. I don't know.

>> No.10050243

There’s a few (read: very few) groups with members that have black, white, or gray as member colors. Generally these are groups with large amounts of members. GEM had members with black and white. SUPERGiRLS has one member with white (graduating) and had one that had black (she’s gone now). Morning Musume has a member with white/silver. It’s not unheard of, but it’s not common either.

>> No.10050464

White makes sense to me. I have a light stick with white, and I know of idols with white image colors but black seems especially strange. I'm sure they're running out of colors with 11 members though.

>> No.10050556

Let's try again! New thread >>10050530

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