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Dashcon edition

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What are you tired of seeing at cons and what do you think next year's trends will be?

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I went to my first con this year and most things there were quite magical. The only thing that got a bit annoying was the constant checking of my badge. I really looked like I don't belong at an anime con.

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How old are you ? It isn’t that you look like you don’t belong it’s just cons have issues sometimes of ghosters so they check at entry ways to make sure all attendees paid or in age restriction locations who they say they are

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I just really love lolita.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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So I have this coworker who's around 35 and she has a 12 year old daughter. She has brought her daughter into work before I actually like her she's really cool and likes the same anime I do.

It's coming to Halloween time and she wants me to just GIVE (not borrow) her daughter my Miku Hatsune cosplay. But not only give her my cosplay that I spent forever working on and sewing last year. Including the wig,headset, and my fake prop leek. She wants me to tailor it into a smaller size so that her daughter can fit into it. She also told her daughter she can already have it even though I never said yes, and now asks me every day about it, and every time I tell her I can't. She gets all pissy and cold shoulders me through the whole shift and then before I leave she turns to me and says "work on that costume when you get home!". She even sent me a text saying her daughter is a small so "just make it whatever size a small is."

I dont even know what goes through her head when the word "no" doesnt even register. Her daughter is going to have a disappointing Halloween.

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I'm 32, but I look like I'm in my early to mid-20s, I'm also built and look like a spy movie thug.

People were literally afraid of getting in my way at Otakon. Not that I can help any of it. The only way I can avoid this is to actually cosplay something in armor and with a helmet to hide this intimidating mug.

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fucking hell, why are people the way they are?

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>that image

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I don't have any feels to post and I'm feeling that this is not a very good thing.

I'm not feeling anything worth mentioning these past weeks. Everything is so.... bland.

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just bid on a dd and won, it was in a colorway that i don’t have any accessories for though.. still happy

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Congrats anon, which one?

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Whatever you do, don't give into the pressure. Don't do it.

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Oh, no way in hell. I'd sooner cunt-punt that hag.

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wow, friends can be such ignorant assholes

>live door to door with friend A, basically flatmates
>friend B from out of town asks me whether she can visit on the weekend
>sure, no prob
>friday evening atm, debate texting her because she hasn't told me when she'll arrive tomorrow
>suddenly hear laughter in the hallway
>familiar laughter
>check spyhole
>friend A and B come up the stairs giggling and go back to friend As flat
>they've brought 5-6 bottles of beer and are obviously having a good time
>can hear them laughing through the walls because we LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER
>nobody told me she's already here
>nobody asked me if I want to join
>the four steps to my door are apparently too much to say hello
>not even sure whether to be mad or sad

Feels bad, man
I don't even want to eat my dinner anymore....

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Start texting her links to purchase premade Miku cosplays online.

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I want to buy old military uniforms (1700-1800) and put them on display for fun but I'm apprehensive on exactly what the hell value that as a hobby would be.

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>all my lgbt friends and comm members making statuses for coming out day
>resist the urge all day to post "it's coming out day but it makes no difference if i come out or not because people just want me for sex and no one will ever love me for who i am"
>feelsbad man

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Pretty much life as a coochie, so you were right on not having a reason to say shit. It's an eternal feel though, so bring it in bro.

>tfw everyone I talk to just makes it about sex two or three conversations in.

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im bi and volunteer at an lgbt charity so ehh i technically had a legit reason to post if i wanted to. but im too jaded, its always the damn same, so yeah ill bring it in

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>slap some glitter on my butt before inspection
>ass inspector is doing his thing
>"are these Edward Cullen buttcheeks supposed to impress me?"
>clench my melty doughnut and snap his finger like a twig
>the whole comm claps and I'm awarded a new record for anal strength

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Holy shit, what a bitch. How can people be like this??
Just tell her that the costume has an emotional worth for you as well as memories and that's why you can't give it away. DO NOT give in, anon!

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>ass inspector
wtf was going on?

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>comm mom doesn't do her own inspections herself
Damn amerifats. I can't believe you let your government inspect your buttholes. Also
>ass inspector

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She’s just visiting you though, right? Maybe she’s actually staying at A’s place. All you all equally close?

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>melty doughnut
so you had diarrhea? yikes

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Where the fuck do you live that buttcheeks factor into your grade? Most comms only care about the hole

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wtf is happening smne plz help

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butthole inspection is a time honored board meme newfriend

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ever stop to think that people can be friends and have fun together without you, without you making it about yourself? maybe they just want to do something together for a night, then tomorrow you and your friend can hang out alone together as well. Just because you are friends with someone doesn't mean you always have to be invited to everything. And if they do do something with other people, it doesn't mean they don't like you or anything.

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Why are all the board memes about butts? Is it because the board's full of gay boys?

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>Tfwno bf

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Squats and milk ladies

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This board is like /a/, every poster is a little girl

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How old is too old to be cosplaying as anime middle school/high school kids? I mean the stock answers is that age shouldn't stop you from cosplaying. But what if your favorite characters are all relatively young anime kids? Can you really pull that shit off when you're in your 30s? What if you're a below average cosplayer and you couldn't even pull those characters off when you were 18?

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You mean sissies? Yeah.

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How old do you look? If you look really haggard, you'll probably get some looks. If you look younger, people probably wont say anything. If you care what people say/ if people give you looks, then try to find some more age appropriate characters. Otherwise cosplay who you want.

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>what the hell value that as a hobby would be.
>For fun
You answered your own question. If you take up a hobby for any reason other than fun, you're doing it wrong.

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>buy something nice for the first time in forever
>giddy all week waiting for it to come
>check the tracking before I go to bed
>it's not here
>mother fucke-
>in a community with three streets by the same name
>mail man probably fucked up again
>too late to hunt it down / harass asshole neighbors
>too worried to sleep now
>god damnit

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Tis sad. None of the people at the cons care for the con. It's a gimmick low town low budget publicity stunt so the youth and estranged can feel low balling celebrity entitlement for mere hours. No one actually buys or supports outside or cares about the culture. Ama-Con.

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Fool money. Next time someone asks you why you don't have space x 2.0 or a mortality rate of 500 years blame it on the media, entertainment, and women. "Yes, I would love to sweetie for you anything." "Kids, look what dad did."

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Did you steal this from Reddit or are you the same OP lol

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Chocolate donut. With a strawberry donut an inch away.

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For those of you who remember “grandpa” from the ita thread, I have been looking through his blogs and I didn’t expect these feels. He’s been wearing lolita for 22 years now, and seeing all the old photos of meetups and coordinates is so comfy.

>crappy google translate

“Many people did not meet if they were living a normal life, did not they?

That's why I thought it was good to launch Erika's House and live with a character named Tsukasa Erika.

If Erika was originally born as a woman, it may be that there was a possibility to such a world.

If I were born a woman, I may have succeeded more than now.

I thank the people who met Erika.”

>always stay kawaii, grandpa ;__;

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>sister wants to be wedding Peach
>take her to Goodwill to try on dresses
>mfw everyone in the store thinks I'm marrying a teenager

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I don't want to be alive

>> No.10010909

How so?

>> No.10010912

I am a drain on society and make myself miserable

>> No.10010913

wow... feels

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>have fallen into a point in my life where all my friends who would normally go to cons with me live either hours or states away
>have just started to...not go to cons anymore because I'm tired of just wandering around alone and I'm shit at meeting people in those situations, and I can never shake this nagging feeling like no one goes to cons to meet people anyway

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I won two auctions from different people and neither have messaged me to pay it’s been over one day

>> No.10010946

Message them yourself you lazy ass. I usually do when I don't get a message, sometimes people just don't have time and forget.

>> No.10010950

it’s the sellers responsibility
why post a listing if you’re going to be “too busy” to even follow through?

>> No.10010956


If you're going to be a bitch about it you might as well do some leg work so you have something worth bitching about.

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Oh no, I love him... What a cinnamon roll. Please don't turn out to be a creep, grandpa

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This is the content I came for

>> No.10010981

>over one day
that's not unusual and also not bad.
you're just being impatient and kinda needy. calm down and message them yourself or wait a bit more.

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>depressed for years
>stopped taking care of health
>eventually get tooth ache
>see dentist
>cavities are so huge that at least 3 teeth need to be removed
I should've killed myself years ago t b h

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no it’s not though? average is ... right away to 12 hours maximum. two people not replying in over a day is coincidentally strange
one being a dd so...

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>Asks a seller on ebay whether or not they ship a bag to my country that's pretty close to hers
>Doing my best to not be a petty bitch and buy that bag anyway

I REALLY want that bag though

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>tfw can’t complain freely in the feels thread

>> No.10011000

You can complain as much as you want but don't pretend you don't know won't get responses or criticism when you post in a public forum

>> No.10011001

>you don't know won't get responses

*You don't know you WILL get responses*
I'm a non-control reading cuck

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I'm getting a nosejob soon so my side profile won't be disgusting anymore and I can take better cosplay photos without fear.

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Is your own fault for being a dirty shit

>> No.10011023

The damage is done, it could've been better, it could've been worse. The only thing you can do about it is trying your best at taking care of your teeth from now on. You can do it anon. Also, if you're depressed go to a couselor, if you don't already.

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I have to go outside and eat dinner with my extended family tonight...

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They should have the decency to not exclude her when they live so close together. Shit like this goes both ways.

>> No.10011029

die then

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All the new people I met off of tumblr stopped talking to me because I never wanted to talk about sex, kinks, or my body with them. Is that really all people want to go on about these days with total strangers?

>> No.10011042

What do YOU want to talk about then? Also
>Going to tumblr to talk to people

>> No.10011045

I unironically like hearing about peoples' days or complaints. I like to talk about creative writing sometimes. Movie critiquing is fun. Going over different excercise regimes, and also I like to try out new jokes I personally make up. Oh and you know, dressing up as characters from shows, movies, and comics that I enjoy and attending conventions with people of the same sort.

>> No.10011055

What's wrong with tumblr? I don't know of any other places to meet new people.

>> No.10011060

Um I always message the people who buy from me?? Why are sellers this lazy

>> No.10011061

Because 1) the majority of the world's population is just lazy and 2) they know you're already gonna buy it so you're going nowhere

>> No.10011078

That's incredibly reasonable. Would you like to talk? Of course excluding the things tumblr wants you to talk about.

>> No.10011081

No it's ok. I don't want people to start thinking it's acceptable to use these threads as a hook up for socializing. I appreciate the sentiment though, and I'm actually not too bothered by it anymore because I just finished working out.

>> No.10011094

Sure. Stay safe from tumblr.

>> No.10011098

>anxiously waiting to confront inept mailman
>substitute driver pulls up instead
>"hey this thing that says it was delivered wasn't"
>super nice substitute: "oh, no problem, I'll go check the other streets for you, it's gotta be around here somewhere"

Turns out the seller shipped to a street (suffix) that doesn't exist, so normal mailman picked one at random and shoved it in their box instead of taking it back to the post office.

>too busy enjoying the pretty things to care anymore

>> No.10011113

Lots of people are, change your situation

>> No.10011117

lgbt+ panels that have nothing to do with the con topic. I don't know what's next, dilation stations?

>> No.10011122

Those already exist.

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Except unlike /a/, at least half the board really are.

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>Apparently a friend knows someone in that country that could take the bag and send it to me instead if I won the auction
>Asks the seller about it

What the fuck is her fucking PROBLEM

>> No.10011137

Tumblr is good for two things: art, and manifestos. It's not the place to actually meet people you want to converse with.

>> No.10011147

Tell her "that'll be $3000"
Or buy the cheapest miku costume that exists and laugh at her idk
Same here but less extreme. Depression really fucks with everything.
Good for you, anon! I hope it goes well

>> No.10011152

So...if she's not willing to ship to OTHER countries, and she's not willing to ship to HER country........................How does she expect it to sell?

>> No.10011154


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tfw no lolita gf who's scarred from childhood and is too scared of socialization, so utilizes the fashion as a manner of escapism and allows you to beat her senseless in bed while she cuddles Usakumiya and repeatedly cries out about being sorry she's such a bad girl

>> No.10011157

Post side profile before and after pics anonette-berg

>> No.10011158


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>tfw can feel anxiety and suicidal feelings flaring up again the moment I get the slightest bit stressed
>tfw a month into classes
>tfw a million deadlines, a million assignments
>tfw struggling so hard
>tfw breakdowns almost every night

A-At least I'm cute, right?

>tfw gaining weight from stress

Never mind, it's not like I wanted a nice life anyway.

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but then after that, you get to cuddle her endearingly and tell her that you'll always be there for her, and she'll wipe her tears into your chest and smile knowing that you will protect her

>> No.10011216

Tindr is good for meeting people. My older sister meets guys there all the time. One of them gave me a DBZ sticker.

>> No.10011251

this is uncomfortably specific

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why can't sex obsessed creeps just fucking die.

>> No.10011261

>cut my hair extremely short because i was tired of rebleaching my roots
>hair is healthier but in that weird in-between growing phase
>hate the way i look and miss my long pretty hair

i just want to look like a cute girl again ;_;

>> No.10011262

This sounds like a more female fantasy than a male one. Are you a girl larping as a guy you wish you'd meet? You can just admit you're a sad yet thirsty bitch, you know. It's not like anyone will know who you are.

>> No.10011263

What are wigs?

>> No.10011264

i just ordered a wig for my halloween costume, but i don't want to wear a wig every single day. i'm just dealing with it and trying to feel pretty until it gets long enough to where i can do something with it.

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>make fun of others for their partener choices
>extra keks if cosplay/j-fashion is involved
>i am in an abusive relationship myself
>too weak of a brandwhore to fuck off

Welp, I became the meme I hate the most.

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>it's a "my relationship is rough atm so I'll call it abusive" episode
inb4 lesbian too

>> No.10011280

>tfw knew a girl just like that
>she was an ageplayer too

kinda sad desu

>> No.10011297

Hope it goes well anon! Once I start working again I’m going to save upfor a nose job and jaw surgery.

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>mfw i was wondering this too
>mfw those posts low key sound like someone in my comm

>> No.10011326

>feel pretty
>look pretty in mirror
>selfies all turn out ugly
My phone is a potato if that makes a difference. SIII, about 6-8 years old now I guess. Are cameras in new phones better? tfw poorfag

>> No.10011331

iktf. I have 3 crowns now. They all needed to be replaced this year, cost 6 grand. I could have gone on vacation for 2 fucking months for that much money.
I want to go back and beat the shit out of teenage depression me.

>> No.10011349

I'm happy for you anon

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I wonder if she’s gay, because if so it might be quite hot.

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Why do we always have to be so mean to eachother?

>> No.10011380

We don't have to be. We choose to be. But you can always choose to not.

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>dating guy for while now, it's starting to get serious
>still hiding lolita from him, he's pretty normie
>watching random jdrama together
>girl dressed in lolita appears
>this is my time to bring it up! I start thinking of what I'm going to say
>before I can even say anything he says something like: "oh she's dressed cute. I heard that stuff is called lolita, you should wear something like that!"
>mind explodes

did i find the one?

>> No.10011400


>> No.10011402

Are you sure it's not a sexual thing to him

>> No.10011413

its not. maybe it comes off creepy in text but it wasnt irl and hes not that type of guy anyway

>> No.10011417

its all fun and frills till you come home to him jerking off in milanoo and a thong diaper

>> No.10011424

the reason you look abd in selfies compared to the mirror has to do with the distortion of the camera


>> No.10011433


>> No.10011444

tl;dr I'd better meet my future husband IRL.

>> No.10011446

Nayrt but thanks for the link, anon. That was a very interesting read.

>> No.10011450
File: 52 KB, 519x303, 62ba8-3.jpg?w=519&h=303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Didn't click the link, so sorry if this is explained there, but it's also interesting to note that non-mirror selfies tend to look worse to us because we only ever see ourselves in mirrors. Because of that, we're used to how our face looks when mirrored, but not how it actually looks, so it tends to come off as unsettling when we see pictures of ourselves.

The example most used is Abraham Lincoln, for some reason, but you can see that it's a very slight difference but still somewhat stands out. It's unsettling on a subconscious level for us.

>> No.10011463

Should I drink tonight... Is it worth it...

>> No.10011476

>Are you drinking alone?
>why don’t you go out and meet a nice boy?

>> No.10011493
File: 42 KB, 846x592, 1509067250424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a man.

>> No.10011499

all the more reason to go out and meet a cute boy

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Your dubs alone are what save you from me dabbing on ye.

>> No.10011507
File: 2.60 MB, 640x640, the bench.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Ban /r9k/

>> No.10011517

Don't lump me in with them, I don't even go to that board.

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I've lost all my enthusiasm for cosplay because I feel like all I see is meme and fan service costumes. it's so boring and uninspiring and it doesn't make me feel any kind of excitement to be a part of anymore.

>> No.10011561

Same but now I’m bored at halloween

>> No.10011568

I'm starting to go out of my way to make a full armor set for a costume by hand. However i'm worried that a convention won't let me in because some parts of the armor and the sword would be "dangerous" even though it's part of the costume.

That and everyone thinks I'm dumb for trying.

>> No.10011571

Just don’t make any sharp metal bits and it should be fine

Pigs sneer at wolves anon, make that armor

>> No.10011573

It's Uruk-Hai armor... It has sharp bits...

>> No.10011576

Well then don’t Make them from razor blades

>> No.10011577

That's not what i'm trying to do! I just don't actually know what people worry about at conventions because I haven't gone! I want my first one to be a big one!

>> No.10011579

>I want my first one to be a big one!
Jeez, you sound like a kid. Sure you're old enough for 4ch?
Anyway, don't get your hopes and expectations up too high. It's more likely you'll get disappointed then.

>> No.10011580

I'm 23, thanks. My expectations are to dress like an uruk and then do hooligan shit desu.

>> No.10011584

i saw an all might cosplayer last year and i regret not taking his photo before the whole bnha thing blew up
he was in casual clothes

>> No.10011585

Buff or skinny?

>> No.10011586

its craft foam, how sharp can it be
>b-but its not made out of craft foam
shut up and use craft foam

>> No.10011588
File: 3.03 MB, 4032x3024, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've spent hundreds of dollars buying these 3000F grade bricks. The hours grinding, cutting, and molding this furnace. The days spent ripping down this storm broken building for metal. There's no foam here, buddy.

pic related.

>> No.10011591
File: 116 KB, 800x679, 083DAE17-200A-44EA-9E14-95A93DAC3B38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit my sides

>> No.10011593

Want something elsel to laugh at?! Some fucking FAGGOTS stole my furnace and metal a weekend I wasn't there! I was lucky they didn't take the anvil, and that I had a seperate barrel! I've been set back, but I'm still ready to go. I'm going to be a sick uruk-hai cunt and I'll be happy to do hooligan things with you guys if we meet up.

btw, self made furnaces are actually pretty easy to assemble. The hardest part is the money it takes for materials.

>> No.10011599

Not him, but I go here sometimes because the masculinity on most boards is just so goddamn toxic that I need a breather.

>> No.10011619

skinny, it was right outside the con center i noticed him at the crosswalk and i was like “all might!” that was cool

>> No.10011695

>toxic masculinity

>> No.10011702

>watching jdrama

>> No.10011726
File: 45 KB, 252x616, 60E7755B-7A35-49BF-8BED-8A6858647291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4 plates
>no wrist wraps
Fucking idiot

>> No.10011732

Do you really have to use bad words?

>> No.10011735

I’m right there with you. My friends annual trip to comicon this year was just me and one of my best friends. And all we did was walk around. I miss

>> No.10011747

Sorry anon

>> No.10011752

I forgive you only if you talk about your day.

>> No.10011760
File: 450 KB, 485x829, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.51_[2018.09.22_20.56.00].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cuddled with the bf this morning and that's about it. Don't really have anything to share, I just like hanging out with you guys

>> No.10011765

Same on the latter part. My friends want to hang out today, and I already told them I would since Friday. I don't really want to go anywhere though.

>> No.10011783
File: 57 KB, 586x456, 1484809437210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was hit by a hard case of feelings and just sat in my room sad. On a whim I've been listening to classical music nonstop for days and I've hit the point that I can tell who's who by snippets now. Why can't I do something PRODUCTIVE when I'm sad

>> No.10011785

That was the weirdest sadbrag I've heard in a while. Do another.

>> No.10011786

Cheer up anon

>> No.10011788
File: 1.69 MB, 1120x1898, cairngorm_gets_flaked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should go anon

>> No.10011791

I'm not bragging. I could've done anything else. Done school work, talk to people, work on my outfit, gone shopping, do laundry, read a book. No I just sat here browsing the internet or worked out and listened to a dead genre like the fuucking loser I am. I haven't spoken a word to a person in three days.

>> No.10011800
File: 235 KB, 1312x2000, saint ignucius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've found this Twitter and... I miss being young.

>> No.10011801

I feel like an insufferable cunt and no amount of frills can hide it.

>> No.10011803

What've you done that makes you feel like a cunt today

>> No.10011804

Sorry anon. Maybe you can see how you sounded though
>ohh nooo, with minimal effort I have mastered a pseudointellectual skill that gives me music hipster bragging rights
>woe is me I'm so smart
Sorry but hope you feel better soon anon

>> No.10011807

Ew. Mini-thot posting panty pics... Can't twitter ban her for that? She's a damn minor

>> No.10011813

I had a discord meeting for an association today. My headphones were lagging behind and not picking up all of my sounds. But everything I actually had to say was complaints to no good end and venting frustration on my own expectations for Rome to be built in a day. Basically I'm trying to get youths to attend cool workshops, and we advertised on a culture festival. SO many were super positive and interested. We even ran out of flyers which we only gave to people who could come.

Nobody showed up. I had baked cookies and expected a flood of new faces.

I'm still upset at myself for being so naive. Nobody else is blaming me, and we have done what we can to reach these kids. But when asked about how it's going, and all I had to say that we're still on the same estimate size as before, I instead spiralled off and rambled about not becoming as big as we hoped. I wasted everyone's time and I'm low key wallowing in thoughts like they all think I'm bad at my station. There's no proof except the polite silence when I was talking.

>> No.10011817

It's understandable. Putting that much effort into reaching out to people and having none show up is a slap to the face. Even though you did show weakness for your position there, at least you can look at it and say "it happened, and now we should just move on to something else."

>> No.10011818

My first thought too.

>> No.10011821
File: 260 KB, 570x535, 1537943366671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do you miss being young? What would being young have to do anything with this twitter? Do you feel guilty jerkin it to her or something? She clearly has a body of a maturely developed adult despite her age, so I honestly don't even see any issue with fapping to her. Plus, she understands sex sells and is putting provocative photos of herself while also bragging like "tehe you guys are so silly! You know I'm 16 right? X3" so she's far from being innocent. Honestly, girls like this are the kind that fall into that "yeah, you're not a pedo for liking this" territory. She's almost certainly had sex with guys over 20 by now and has no personal qualms with it.

>> No.10011825

Or, the most likely scenario is that she's actually as old as she looks but slaps the 16 age on Twitter for a gimmick. Like "how can I put my image over the edge? What if I said I was just underage enough to be tabboo without being creepy? Then I'll have that forbidden fruit angle." And Bam, more followers than if she was just normal costhot. It's most likely just a marketing ploy. Especially with how much she gloats about being underage.

>> No.10011830
File: 154 KB, 1360x768, Im really messed up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for not being clear with my early post, this has nothing to do with her body. I just miss the times when I was her age, and seeing a young cosplayer made me feel nostalgic.

>> No.10011837

Apparently trying to be a good comm member and plan meets activates our mods almonds, but if you want to scam, creep shot, and manipulate people, they might eventually kick you out. They're not shitty people, just shitty mods.

>> No.10011841

>was wearing sweatsuit this morning
>put on cute clothes
>sitting in apartment alone with no plans to leave, being snowed in, while in cute clothes
>because I'm daydreaming about being with my husbando and I need to look good for him...in my mind
On the plus side my heat isn't even on and it's about 73 in here despite snowing. Thanks to leeching heat from bordering with my neighbors I guess. Looks like I win again, energy company. My electric bill is about $15 a month.

>> No.10011843

Your husbando probably wants you comfortable over being cute.

>> No.10011845

Nonsense, he'd just have me keep warm by sitting on his lap. Thank god he can't speak english to read what I post here.
Is it weird if I only talk to my husbando in japanese as a study method? It's pretty motivating. I can't ask /djt/ that.

>> No.10011847

>full yellow fever
Oh no...

>> No.10011849

Is it yellow fever if they're 2D?

>> No.10011850

Worse actually. It's weebism. It's fatal.

>> No.10011863


>> No.10011868
File: 6 KB, 250x230, 1531710973597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

decided to go to a con for the first time in a few years, also haven't worn lolita for a couple of months (yay depression) so I'm excited to try and get back to my old self/hobbies but
>missed class thursday, too tired to get up
>friday, still feel like shit
>saturday, full blown head cold
please let me be well enough by next saturday, I need some happiness in my life...

>> No.10011871

But her body doesn't look young?

>> No.10011884

the physical difference between an 18 year old and a 16 year old is minimal if existent at all. if she was 18 no one would be claiming she was lying, yall just dont want to admit that you find teenagers attractive

>> No.10011891
File: 330 KB, 870x705, ja setsumeishimasu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As I said, her body isn't related at all, anon. I just saw her age and reminded how things were simpler/much better when I was 13~16.

>> No.10011895

How old are you now?

>> No.10011902
File: 2.10 MB, 315x237, EE1373A2-8D0C-4B36-A8D3-D4998C696F24.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do other really pasty white girls look completely washed out when wearing baby pink? When I first wore lolita my entire wardrobe was pink and unless I wore darker natural wigs and more pronounced makeup the color of my dresses washed my face out. I switched to classic and casual from sweet about a year ago but a part of me wants to wear the pastel vomit that made me fall in love with lolita.

>> No.10011904

I'm been feeling too old since 17

>> No.10011905
File: 120 KB, 800x730, 800px-Napoleon_sur_son_lit_de_mort_Horace_Vernet_1826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GIRL shut your ass up!

>> No.10011907
File: 304 KB, 552x578, yellow_gymcel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gay death is 25 sweetie, he has every right to feel old

>> No.10011911
File: 88 KB, 310x464, hangself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wasn't paying attention at the laundrymat
>someone stole all of my little sister's thongs, but THANK GOD left my burando alone

>> No.10011913

>someone stole all of my little sister's thongs
What the FUCK

>> No.10011914
File: 26 KB, 713x611, 1517434561333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>poorfags needing a laundromat

>> No.10011917
File: 176 KB, 615x494, 6CDA9E19-E01F-434C-BAB4-F3F008A8427E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spending all that money on burando, yet you can’t afford a washing machine

>> No.10011918

/cgl/ in a nutshell

>> No.10011920

Based christian soccer mom making sure your little sister isn't wearing improper underwear

>> No.10011923

Meh some people are unlucky and live in a nice apartment where there isn’t even hookups for the things. I was in a rush and rented out a great place but they don’t have the hookups for it like most apartments in Florida :(

>> No.10011931

Not unless I wear high coverage foundation with it. Since that covers all the veins and rosiness and other undertones that come with transparent skin, it makes me look dead af, especially in pastels.

I got a variety of blushes that match my natural undertones and do a light contour with them now. It helps a lot.

>> No.10011934

Nayrt but the cost of living is very high where I live. It's a lot easier to spend several thousand dollars a year on brand than 30k on rent a year

>> No.10011940

>30k on rent a year
I would move the fuck out of wherever you live

>> No.10011948

>animeNYC in a month
>midterms coming up
>need to look for internships
>just started divinity original sins 2
>played it literally all of this weekend

jesus christ why am I like this

>> No.10011952

I'm very pale and blonde and I love wearing white, light pink, and/or teal. Going for that angelic look. So white it's like I'm glowing. I also use skin lightening soap in addition to avoiding sun exposure, for that extra pale whiteness. It's a great image.

>> No.10011960

literally in the exact same boat as you except i didn't play divinity original sins 2

good luck anon, hope we can finish our cosplays in time

>> No.10011967

bay area?

>> No.10011985

This is the second effing time I've gotten banned from a discord server without warning, without a reason given. I'm so effing ped off because I finally felt like I was a part of something for once in my lonely, miserable life, and that's just RUDE to basically say "go away, we don't want you here" and kicked out with no reason.

If I went to a con, you can't just press a button and I'll disappear and you never have to hear from me again, so why is it okay to do this online? I'm not a creep, I'm active, I try to post relevant things and irrelevant things where it is appropriate, so why am I being banned?

Is it fair that I have 0 recourse after getting banned aside from crying like a baby for hours and having half my day ruined? I can't repeal, I can't communicate with the mods, I can't post on rufflechat, according to the rules I can't even make a post on m/f 4chan without getting my post deleted.

I feel helpless and unwanted and sad and depressed and angry. I thought I found my people, but if this is how the EGL community is going to be, do I even want to be involved anymore

>> No.10011986

Those thongs had better been the diaper variety.

>> No.10011995

crying like a baby for hours because you got banned from a fucking discord chat shows you have absolutely terrible emotional regulation. i bet you throw shitfits over perceived attacks on yourself (e.g: anything that isnt blandly positive asspats) too

>> No.10011997
File: 129 KB, 500x522, shadowjim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>washing your thong diapers instead of getting the disposables

>> No.10011998

fucking rude

>> No.10011999

i see what you did there

>> No.10012001

I keep buying dresses I own in two cuts/colorways even if I have my preferred one because I want to twin, but all of my friends wear gothic or classic. I can only dream

>> No.10012002

Are you aussie? Might explain why you’re banned

>> No.10012003
File: 80 KB, 968x726, 29-fish-fingers-rex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10012006

Then why are you here posting a pity party?

>> No.10012007

Jesus christ you weren't fucking banned from everything. You don't own any fucking lolita and lied claiming you did. In another server they simply told you to reapply when you actually own lolita. If this is how you react then you definitely need to go elsewhere. Especially if your recourse is to grill a mod for gossip about you as if all the lolita discords know each other and have a conspiracy against you. Bitching to 4chan is just going to get your ass ripped open a new one too. But you like being the victim it seems so I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

>> No.10012011

if you had messaged me like an adult instead of banning me a) I wouldn't have needed to go to some random person b) I own three dresses and a ton of accessories and I could have supplied pics so fuck you

If someone had actually TALKED to me I wouldn't have done this. How the fuck would you feel if if you just randomly got kicked out of something you were in for literally no given reason whatsoever, and no opportunity to ask anyone why? It feels like shit, let me tell you. I'm not a terrible person, I dont' EVER do shit like this except for this one instance because you people have no conception that there is another human being on the other side of the computer. How would you like it??? What the fuck would you do????

"oh huh I got banned from this thing I really liked and no one told me why, let me just continue going on in my life LOL oh well"

No, I feel like shit. I just moved to a new place and have 0 friends and finally had some fucking connection with people who actually shared my weird interests and got kicked out over something that isn't true and had no chance to defend myself

>> No.10012012

>effing ped off

at least anon obeys the "christian minecraft server" rules

>> No.10012013
File: 407 KB, 400x230, freakout.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"washable thong diapers"
>literally just a normal thong that you poop on

>> No.10012015
File: 77 KB, 1080x304, Screenshot_20181014_143020_mh1539552728236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gee, it's a mystery!

>> No.10012016

this from the woman who wont say fuck?

>> No.10012017

this was in the 18+ general off-topic, right after a conversation about "mastication lol" jokes. You could have told me that wasn't appropriate

>> No.10012018

Pls stop using excessive question marks or random caps this isn’t tumblr

Three dresses and a ton of accessories do not constitute a wardrobe but ok senpai stay fishy x

>> No.10012019

no one owes you shit. good riddance.

>> No.10012020

It looked like plain phoneposting to me. Or maybe she chose to be less aggressive when pitching her own pity-party.

>> No.10012023

Wow with this kind of attitude, no wonder you got banned from multiple discords.

>> No.10012024

There were people on the server who didn't own a single thing

>> No.10012025
File: 102 KB, 630x630, 1485247115505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post your dresses.

>> No.10012026

And complaining on 4chan is going to help you...how? You're not going to make any friends here my dude, just enemies. Walk away, cool off, and pray that whatever comm you're planning on joining doesn't catch wind of this.

If you're that desperate for online connection try animo or tumblr. There are several lolita animos and I doubt they'd ban you after you cool it a bit

>> No.10012029

>literally has TMI in the reacts

>> No.10012031
File: 43 KB, 381x355, 78EB700E-ADAE-4967-9401-E8A94470037D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got a bunch of chicken and rice bowls from chipotle so I'm feeling pretty ok.

>> No.10012033
File: 261 KB, 2048x1536, proof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's one, the other pics I have of them I'm wearing them and im not going to post actual pictures of myself here

>> No.10012034

If you were really friends and made real connections with the people from that discord you should've added them as friends. Posting cringey shit in a public channel like >>10012015
isn't anything worth complaining about really. The best you can do is just try and find a different discord and meet new "friends". Complaining about it on 4chan isn't going to help

>> No.10012035

Hey man, at least they know what a petti is

>> No.10012036

Until you gotta go, you're bowels won't

>> No.10012037


this is the feels thread, isn't that the point

>> No.10012038

I still believe this is a doctored image. Post dresses with fishfingers on them THEN we might talk

>> No.10012041

LGBT or minority representation in anime or manga panels

The fact that they try to shoehorn this in is really, really annoying. I go to cons for developer panels and cosplay watching, not to hear your stupid reason for why this confirmed hetero character is actually secretly bi. It's why I hate nuPAX, there's too damn many panels about it that could be panels about devs and upcoming game releases.

The fact that so many people at cons are the social justice-y type (pronouns in insta desc is the biggest giveaway) is really annoying

>> No.10012042

Good point, but at the same time there's obviously going to be an overlap of communities and the people involved in discord drama typically come here too. If you were upset you couldn't talk to those people it's just an odd move to then complain about them since they'll obviously read about how the girl who got kicked is now on 4chan complaining about it

>> No.10012044

Never had any troubles before. Thanks for worrying about my ass though.

>> No.10012045

the people on the discord channel seemed way nicer than the people who comment on posts here, so I thought id be safe

>> No.10012046

you thought you'd be safe....on 4chan?
You know people can be nice but also read 4chan right? Like it's an actual thing

>> No.10012047

God you're dense aren't you? Literally, it's the same people. People just hold back on the rude a titch because they have a username attached dummy

>> No.10012048

You must be 18+ to use this website.

>> No.10012049

4chan is anonymous, every gull who had a problem with you in that discord can say whatever they really feel without being spanked by the mods

>> No.10012050

boo hoo you fish fingered bitch
now no one is going to talk to someone that's such a whiny child

no one cares that you dont have any friends

>> No.10012051

Safe from what even lol

>> No.10012052
File: 940 KB, 450x253, InfomercialSasuke.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10012053

I love me some mod spanking

You’re really fuckin stupid if you think that servers which originally came from cgl would actually not be like cgl

>> No.10012055

>one extra hour in the ball pit

>> No.10012056

I guess i am fucking stupid

>> No.10012057

Seems like they had a very good reason to kick you from the server. Shut the fuck up and move on, stop acting like a child.
Also, wash your hands and your cunt so they don't smell like fish. Jesus.

>> No.10012058

As i'm typing this post you've most likely got 5 or so replies calling you a stupid bitch but the only difference between the discords and 4chan is that there's more male lurkers here. Don't get your hopes up on most discords since you've already posted your name here following your tantrum. Just learn how to act online and learn from your mistakes, there's no point getting upset and posting your insecurities when people already dislike you from the sounds of it. Don't take it seriously and move on, this community is great and don't be deterred due to a fuck up

>> No.10012060


>> No.10012061

no I hate this and I want to die

>> No.10012065

Isn’t this the same server whose mods advocate eating disorders and body shaming

Oh and they also support replicas. Fishy-chan you’ll fit in well there

>> No.10012066

Hope it's not butt inspection day.

>> No.10012071

My advice is just create a new discord account and try to re-join but not weird people out this time. Everyone has their meltdowns but don't let it kill your love of lolita because by the sounds of it it's all you've got left in your life.

>> No.10012073

>its all you've got left in your life
She owns 3 dresses.

>> No.10012074

That's why she needs it lmao

>> No.10012076

I dumped literally all the money I have into this because people are so uptight about having everything perfect and I wanted to do it right, isn't that worth something? I've spent way way way too much money and effort and time on this

>> No.10012077
File: 268 KB, 540x482, tenor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stomach sticking out farther than usual
>check calendar
>assume its period bloat
>mfw period comes and goes and its still there
>mfw im now a fatty chan
should i start hurling gulls

>> No.10012079

Don’t forget the ton of accessories, jeez

>> No.10012080
File: 30 KB, 775x221, flojojojoj3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If literally all of your money is three bodyline or Amazon dresses and some accessories you are in the wrong place yo

>> No.10012081

Cut your losses if 3 dresses are all your money. This is a luxury hobby, not an Amazon fast fashion.

>> No.10012083

Do you want a cookie? A Purple Heart? An OBE, at least.

Spending money doesn’t make you any better, especially with your attitude.

>> No.10012084

Holy shit. You're just making this worse for yourself. 3 dresses is fucking nothing.
Please leave lolita.
And that's assuming each dress was 200+ dollars. Knowing you, fishfingers, you probably bought one brand dress for cheap and some bodyline/taobao.

>> No.10012085

Yall keep forgetting the ton of accessories and it’s making me angrier each passing minute

>> No.10012086

what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you getting so much enjoyment out of this? Does it make you feel superior?

>> No.10012087

Buying accessories from Claires, Bodyline, and Amazon don't count.

>> No.10012088

B b b bbut you’re gatekeeepinggg!!!!

>> No.10012089

how much could you possibly have spent on accessories? theyre the one thing you CAN cheap out on (compared to the main pieces)

>> No.10012090

Just eat less. People can lost 2 pounds a week. That's 20 pounds before the new year

>> No.10012091

Post more proof then fishy-chan

>> No.10012092

OT but you got a+ taste in bandmen

>> No.10012093

I spent all my fucking pocket money mom gave me to get those Claire’s accessories so effing stuff it you classicist

>> No.10012095

fishy-chan, why you lying and giving different names in every server you've joined ?
Last time I saw you join a server you were called MArie and not Gabby....

>> No.10012096

poast picture
I did /fast/ on /fit/ and lost a lot of chub that way. Sucks but it is effective. Remember fat girls are always ita.

>> No.10012097
File: 374 KB, 1488x1518, AD426B05-1950-42B3-9C16-13DA8855739B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10012099

Is she 23 or 24... keeps changing her age in each discord she joins

>> No.10012100
File: 527 KB, 1932x1798, 17937532-CB42-42EB-A832-8338AE6F5524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10012101

You're kinda fridge mode but you aren't fat anon. Don't worry about it.

>> No.10012104

>cosplaying for this

>> No.10012107

fridge mode? sorry, googled it but everything that's coming up is about 3 layers deep in powerlifting instagram

>> No.10012110

damn bitch get over yourself
come back when you have a full coord

>> No.10012115

You're a box

>> No.10012118

>that underwear
Get a diaper or gtfo

>> No.10012119

It looks less bad from the front, but the side view was boxy. Yeah you really aren't fat though you size 0.

>> No.10012120
File: 43 KB, 367x272, 723079FB-D0D2-4EBB-91DD-3F38E3DF7558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe you were b& because you’re a fatty chan? chunky but funky hands and fingers if i do say so myself

>> No.10012121
File: 149 KB, 653x1024, 1960s-twiggy-model-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh yeah, i wont deny that. ironically, looking at my heavier female relatives, i suspect gaining weight would actually make me curvier
im ok with being a box, i just wanna be a skinny box ;-;

>> No.10012122

No, you're a box because of your weight.

>> No.10012123

You're not a fatty-chan yet. Far from it. Don't start hurling and try different types of postures when checking yourself in the mirror. It might be because of the picture-taking, but it seem's you're leaning a bit far back. That makes the belly stand out more, right?

Also, if you want a good baseline, check yourself in the morning. That bloat might be your dinner or lunch having it's merry way down the digestion.

>> No.10012125
File: 21 KB, 360x600, posture matters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chances are you're not fatter, you just have bad posture. Pic related.

>> No.10012129
File: 49 KB, 651x402, F769518B-0977-4146-A2FC-59792520BA51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reads a few recent replies
please tell me this is a joke

>> No.10012130
File: 414 KB, 1642x1720, 82D33D3A-869A-4852-AD3F-2DA062471AC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well, obviously i know various methods to make myself look thinner, but they dont work irl and i can still feel the pad of fat

>> No.10012131

Looks fine like that.

>> No.10012136

Post your butt. That's the only way we can tell if you're fat or not desu.

>> No.10012139

nice try crossboarder

>> No.10012140
File: 193 KB, 960x960, 29668713-B4B8-4852-870E-177F31B5D98D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get out

>> No.10012142

I think I know who you are. Huh

>> No.10012144

You need a small layer of fat to keep your body temperature normal and your organs padded. You look fine

>> No.10012147

w/e you do you man, I hope whatever you're getting out of this makes you happy

>> No.10012149

To be fair there's no real reason to keep posting pictures of this anyway. Showing any skin just attracts people trying to creep.

>> No.10012152

yeah im done with the pictures, i didnt really get much in the way of helpful replies anyways. i think im going to watch what i eat (or at least eat less of it) and try to exercise more

>> No.10012153

Someone's fishing.

>> No.10012156

Fucking ana-chans man

>> No.10012157

I'm left vaguely wondering what transpired in the moments before that picture was taken.

>> No.10012158

I was on a date with this guy and we were sending each other memes,then he sent me a screamer type of video which made me cry since i have pretty bad anxiety and sensitivity to loud noises.
He just told me not to be "such a snowflake" and went on about how i'm so easily scared and "dumb and pastel" and when i said i didn't appreciate that he just mimicked my voice.
Why must men be like this?

>> No.10012159

100% it's >>10012125
fix your posture

>> No.10012161

New thread >>10012160

>> No.10012165

You must be 18+ to post here. Someone ban this kid

>> No.10012166

>Liking screamer memes

Even in the month of spooktober, shit taste, dump him.

>> No.10012168

Ikr? It's fucking outdated. And I told him beforehand i have this hypersensibility bullshit

>> No.10012170

He sounds based as fuck

>> No.10012179

There are skinny girls out there with fat asses though.

>> No.10012201

And yeah i ghosted his ass after that. Funny thing,he went full nice guy on me

>> No.10012216

>not getting the joke

>> No.10012221

Your ignorance exposes this whole board's degeneracy. What's wrong with Tumblr?

All of you. Now piss off.

>> No.10012226
File: 30 KB, 650x364, 88bbf7e6cd299e56a1fd12ffdb098a43-650-80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People growing up
>MFW I'm still a manchild who dresses up in overpriced Power Ranger costumes
>MFW the helmet hides my tears as I cry whilst walking around con forever alone.
>MFW Even Linkin Park won't salve my deep pain
>MFW I shitpost on /cgl/ to salve my pain.
>MFW it doesn't work.

>> No.10012233

You are growing up anon, in your own way. You choose to pursue what you love and take pride in it, which is amazing.
I hate this notion of cosplayers and lolitas "not growing up" because we have other priorities than getting married and popping a child or two. (we're overpopulated anyway so we're doing the world a great service)

>> No.10012239
File: 36 KB, 301x174, F2D9640E-1C0A-46DF-9D45-B1BC09AFEE15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Practice stomach vacuums
Inhale your stomach and flex your abs while inhaled
This will teach your abs to move inward

>> No.10012241

Just be strong

>> No.10012358

It does seem kind of unreasonable not to ship it to you, but she would be taking a big risk by sending it to some unknown person's address and counting on them to give it to you. If anything goes wrong, it's going to look terrible for her and she's shit out of luck if you decide to leave negative feedback or worse. There are so many assholes and scammers on ebay, and ebay will side with the buyer 99% of the time no matter what. It's just selling basics to never ship anywhere other than the buyer's PayPal-verified address.

Why not just have the friend's friend buy it and pay them back?

>> No.10012402

at least you admit you change names and age to avoid bans that were deserved

>> No.10012448

We’ve never even talked so I doubt it

>> No.10012525

Stop saying "can't", start saying "won't". If she keeps harassing you, go to a supervisor or manager/HR.

>> No.10012884

The pendulum will eventually swing the other way, anon. Don't worry.

>> No.10012889

Don't give up, it takes time to find the right person - even just friends! Try steering the subject back on track or just flat out saying "I'm not comfortable talking about that". It will be annoying to have to put in more effort into the conversation than your partner, but hopefully you won't have to do that one day when you find the right person.

>> No.10012899

Be the change you want to see. Don't let costhots become the only type of cosplay out there.

Also, change who you follow.

>> No.10012900

Look up the rules for the convention and call or email if you're worried.

>> No.10012904

Hole yourself in with nyquil and soup anon. I believe in you!

>> No.10013041

>How the fuck would you feel if if you just randomly got kicked out of something you were in for literally no given reason whatsoever
I'd have to reevaluate my behavior and the things that I said that might've made them want to ban me, now wouldn't I? You should've received that hint well after the first time.

>> No.10013043

>Gee, everyone pointed out that I made a mistake. What should I do? Oh, I know! Manipulative suicidal thoughts must be the answer to get that pity party I always wanted!
This is not how you learn from your mistakes and grow as a human being. Get help.

>> No.10013046
File: 51 KB, 550x550, there are no breaks on this skeletrain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10013110
File: 361 KB, 800x1099, PhotoBook_Fukada.Kyoko_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bf finally agrees to having sex with me in lolita
>we're getting into the groove and really feeling it
>waist the buttons fly off
>he tried using my waist bow as a handlebar for pounding into me
>get angry at him for thinking that was a good idea
>he gets mad at me and says "this is why I didn't want to do it with you in your clothes - I'd have to sorry about messing them up too much and making you angry!"

who was in the wrong here?

>> No.10013384

Sex is something that can get a bit messy in the action.
If you really cared that much to these clothes and it was more important than the fantasy itself then why did you do it, or at least didn’t briefed him before?

>> No.10015023

You mainly. While it was indeed not clever to hold onto that bow, it happened in the heat of the moment. You're the one who wanted to fuck in lolita. Deal with it and don't be mad at him.

>> No.10015030

Girl, I don't wanna scare you, but check this with your gynaecologist if it persists. Better be safe than sorry.

>> No.10017700
File: 79 KB, 486x720, 1536681860566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


pls be in texas

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