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Convention is about a month away, but the time to plan is now. Also, the deadline to get tickets mailed is in like four days. The venue the afterparty was held at last year shut its doors, but of course, we will always have the Javitts.

Anyone else stoked?

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I’m so hyped, I had such a blast year! I plan to enter the masquerade again, maybe I’ll get another award? Even if I don’t, I’m hoping there will be more entries this year, the amount last year was small and it seemed like there were a lot of dropouts.

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>normie tier friend wants to go
>doesn't want to cosplay
>wants to go to friday afterparty

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Crap, they're doing it on Friday this year? I just bought a ticket to it and didn't even notice.

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Why don't they have panel information up yet? I think last year they already had most of the info on their site by now. They're definitely getting better guests this time around though - it was obvious last year was a trial that proved successful so they're steadily gaining steam. It'll be a breath of fresh air considering the absolutely horrible AnimeFest thing that NYCC held the other week...

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>Why don't they have panel information up yet?
They only sent the waitlist rejections on the 6th, they're probably still working on the schedule.

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Been a few years since I was at a con... ( Last was nycc/af in 2010) so glad this exists after it got so crowded at nycc...

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>pet con thing sharing the javits with anyc
Highly cute desu

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is there an 18+ afterparty or dance party thing?


better get out there and pet those pets

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it’s 21+

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I got a Saturday pass and a pass for the Friday afterparty. Is it worth it for me to buy a Friday pass also?

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I'm thinking of being a cosplay medic. What should I bring and what should I learn so I could actually do that?

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I’m hype. They’re bringing in good guests, a movie premiere, and Anisong. Heading to the Friday afterparty as well.
My first time at ANYC. What should I expect for panels, dealers, and artists?
(I’ve never hit up a ‘cgl meet’ because I’m pussy. Looking out to see if someone plans something.)

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They switched it like 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty salty because I'd much prefer a Saturday after party

Hopefully they fix the stupid fucking airlock thing, because it was really annoying getting checked moving between the artists alley and the exhibition hall

Expect a lot of cosplayers, last year honestly had like a third of everyone cosplaying which was great if you're into people watching

I am too into a cgl meet

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I hate rewarding them for making an obnoxious last-minute swap, but I'm gonna see if I can upgrade to friday + saturday and stay overnight. It's not like I have anything else to do on Fridays.

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Would you want to meet at the convention, or somewhere for breakfast before it opens?

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If we're talking about a cgl meet I'd be down as well.

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If you want it before/outside of the convention, there's a café in Kinokuniya a few blocks from Penn Station.

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It's a 20 min walk. There's ton of closer places beside that cafe sucks

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Woah, heard of this convention before but didn’t know that it happens in November. While I think I’m too late to get tickets, I’ll maybe think of coming next year. What does this convention have to offer for someone who isn’t into anime all too much to begin with?

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Well this looks pretty neat. I might attend. Won’t be able to make it Friday because academics, but I can probably do Saturday/Sunday.
What exactly does the convention have to offer for someone who isn’t decently invested into anime/manga?

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I'll be going in full raid gear cosplay so breakfast would be too early for me. I'd meet you guys there. Kind of want to make it to the opening on Friday as well, I like watching all the cosplayers pull up

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I'm probably gonna spend the morning getting ready with putting on cosplay and whatnot.
Maybe during or after con hours?

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Hey guys after looking over this convention I'm interested and i'm considering going. One problem, I can't make it Friday because classes. How big of a deal is this afterparty?

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Looking to get laid?
Big deal.
Don't care about that?
Can pass it.

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Oh come on, I loved the afterparty last year, and I had no expectations of sex because I had to catch my train.

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I think a cgl meetup during the con would be cool for convenience as well. The con center is huge so it wouldn't be hard to have one inside.

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pls don't listen to >>10014794
This, it was highly fun last year dancing piss drunk to, if I remember correctly, remixed anime OPs and talking to randoms. If you absolutely can't make it on Friday you'd still have fun with the con on sat/sun.

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>People who fuck at cons
That's icky

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Yes, it is, but to some extent, the human species has lasted all these millenia precisely by being icky, so *shrug*.

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But here's the difference.
>anime con

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Any cute gulls planning on a Zombieland Saga cosplay for ANYC?

Debating on pulling one together before the con.

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Y'all know of any place we can post for people looking for a hotel room? I couldn't find a fb group (or maybe I didn't look hard enough) and I'm not good enough at using discord to figure that out.

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People are posting about rooms in the unofficial anyc group on Facebook.

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I'm thinking of just staying with the hostel I went with in the boroughs last time I was in the city. I don't have a cosplay, so there's not a lot I have to lug around or secure, and AirBnB gives me the creeps.

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Guess I just need to look harder for it. Thanks anon.

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Are the after party tickets separate from the weekend pass? And if it is are their still after party tickets available?

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Also is their a limited number, because of not I’ll just buy at the door

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Who wants to be my con gf

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No one

>> No.10018093

Post pic and be cute, you might have a yes

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Fucking at cons and fucking at an after party are different. Cons are used more for just having a good time, parties are when you realize that we're literally just animals and participate in bizarre mating rituals like courtship dances to attract the attention of one another. So throw on a flashy outfit (like a peacock) and dance away while staring down someone you're batting for - because you'll have a higher chance getting them that way than most other methods. Chances are you'll trigger some reptilian part of their brain to approach you just by dong the above.

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Who wants to be my con bf?

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You're fucking the same people from the con... The same sweaty anti-social weebs. Like I'm not saying I'm not an anti-social weeb too, but fucking someone you barely know is really nasty.

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Do you have a link? Can't find it.

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are you cute

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The after parties aren't part of the con. You buy them separately and not on the con's site

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There's actually going to be another after party on Saturday that sounds lit.

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>Too young to attend after-parties
Oh well, i'll just enjoy the con

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Con's looking like it's a go. However, I'm driving out of state from ohio. Where am I going to park my car for the weekend? Anyone else driving who has experience with this?

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>no prop weapons at afterparty

Honestly super lame, but ok.
Thank god it's on a Friday, I don't have time to put my prop weapons at home so I guess I'll just go with weapons on the Saturday.

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Jersey mode: lol (its why I live here since I need a car for work but still commute into the city).

So parking in manhattan is a bad idea unless you know the right spots, the cheapest spot nearby is 24 USD a day (and I am not telling anyone where). So I would ask, where is your hotel as that can help me narrow down parking but I would recommend long term lots in Newark (I know but the newark lots are patrolled and safe, the crackheads aren't going to do shit), its a short ride on the PATH to 33rd street and then you can take a 2 subway ride (I think hudson yards should be open by then) to the Javits, otherwise its a bus ride from 33rd street to Jacob Javits center.

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ImPark or whatever is the cheapest parking lot, that's literally one street down from the Javits.

>> No.10022918

No, >>10022580 is right that it's best to park your care in Jersey and take transit into the city. The tolls for the bridges and tunnels are expensive, and the parking in Manhattan is even more so.

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I drove in for NYCC and stayed at a cousin apt, free parking at night on the street.

here's a price estimated:

tunnel toll $15 cash one time

try to park before 9am-10am, a lot of the garages has early bird special if you leave by 6-7pm, usually $20 max a park

I had a issue with the Icon parking garages that's on 41st, they try to trick people into paying the "event" rate at $50 instead of early bird at $20. when there is nothing posted. so don't park there unless you are strong enough to argue.

free parking on Sunday.

so for my weekend:
+20 Friday
+20 Sat

total was $55.

if you are driving in/out NYC, park in jersey city (free street parking )and take the bus in for $3

or consider parking and taking the ferry to midtown.

I used to take the NJ trains in but it's so unreliable now. but 2 garages I used were
Metropark ($9 a day, overnight ok) and Rahway ($12 a day, overnight ok)

so if using the trains to go to NY penn
it would be about:
$20 roundtrip
+ 3days parking $27-32
takes about 40-50 min on a good day.

>> No.10023916

As the Jersey City guy don't park in my hometown they are enforcing ticketing now if you don't have your permit so that's a 50 dollar ticket (also outsiders get out).

Pavonia Parking Garage is 17 a day for 3 days so 51, and PATH round trip is 2.75 so 16.50 +16.50 for metrocard so its 33.50

So 84 dollars for transit to and from the Javits,

The Ferry is like 7.50 round trip which is why PATH even having to put 33.50 on the metrocard to pay for the NYC ride is cheaper than NJ transit tbf.

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Only planning on going up Sunday for that Hibike Euphonium movie. Probably going to spend the rest of the day playing Taiko and trying to find good loli artists to commission lewds. I'd stay longer but the person I was going to crash with pooped out on me. Hotels are too expensive.

>> No.10025283

>Hibike euphonium movie
W H A T???

>> No.10025593

Oh Nevermind, turns out it's just a flashback movie of the second season. There goes my reason to head up to New York.

>> No.10026010

Friends flaked on me and now I'm out a room. Anyone looking for more hotel roomies? We're 2 girls.

>> No.10026392

Unless you'd be comfortable sharing a room with a male, sorry, no.

>> No.10026677

>Otakus with Attitude
>Cosplayers NOBODY has heard of


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Why the FUCK are there so many different after parties?
I don't want people split up between them all resulting in a bunch of small things man, I just want one gigantic weebfest.

>> No.10026697

to reflect how disconnected nyc weebs are

>> No.10026929

Stick with SonicBoomBox parties in the city. They are the only ones so far that know how to organize their shit. Only downside is they sellout FAST

>> No.10027040

Saturday night is the best day for it (since Saturday day is the biggest day in terms of people showing up), and they moved it to Friday. Terrible move on AnimeNYC's part.

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Any of you guys want to Meetup with an autist NYC weeb? I just moved here a couple days ago and was planning on going to this shindig

>> No.10027158

Never been to an afterparty before - are they fun if you can't dance? My group will at least be in cosplay but we actually can't dance which makes things like raves a bust

>> No.10027237


Sure it would be $88 each person for the weekend

Let me know if you are interested and provide an email to contact you

>> No.10027238


Sure Im down

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No one at raves or after parties can dance m8. This applies to normalfag bars/clubs too, everyone just moves around like a spastic worm to the beat of the music. If you can get into the atmosphere it'll be fun.

>tfw pic related posted a webm of his dancing but I can't find it

>> No.10027312

Featuring cosplayers working for exposure, got it

>> No.10027354

Email me broski and we can figure something out.

[email protected]

>> No.10027593

>tfw ticket still hasn't arrived
This the case for anyone else here?

>> No.10027606

Uh, just make a discord or get into a discord goofy

someone post that east coast link plox, much easier to organize meetups there than through the thread

>> No.10027749


Good point. If anyone could provide me with the discord that would be much appreciated.

>> No.10027816

I don't understand, what is the Fate special event? A movie? Or just some concert?

>> No.10027879

From the website, it's to
"meet the Fate cast and witness a rare concert from the massively popular singer Aimer"

On a completely separate note, anyone know where to find a hotel space (website, etc.)? I am looking for a friend and definitely did not fuck up my scheduling.

>> No.10028094

I'll make one.

>> No.10028148


Im offering space for $88 the whole weekend for just two people. Drop an email so I can get to you as soon as I can thank you

>> No.10028276

Just bought a ticket last minute, only staying overnight Friday night. Unfortunately the Masq registration is closed. Anyone know any good photogs? I've been looking to do a shoot.

And I guess I might have a spot available for the room.

>> No.10028432

I’m going as Rob Lucci Leopard form on Friday, & Law on Saturday, but I’m thinking of switching it up and go as Law Friday, and Lucci on Saturday since I’m hosting the One Piece meet up + other meet ups do that the animenyc staff features the cosplayers and all.

>> No.10028433

If you’re looking for a shoot with cool peoples, hit up kamenramenstudios. They made a fantastic video last year for AnimeNYC and are bros

>> No.10028697 [DELETED] 

[email protected]

>> No.10028699

[email protected]

>> No.10028972

Not really ANYC but more NYC itself, is anyone else seeing Liz and the Bluebird this Sat?

>> No.10028984

I am not going myself, but I can post a general east coast discord invite link if needed. Unless if the other anon already made one.

>> No.10028990


Same, I wish animenyc just had one central afterparty, as well as an 18+ after party, but that’s just me complaining when I’m 20 honestly.

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What are the after parties like? Are they more drinking and stuff like a club or is it mostly just singing OPs and hanging out?

>> No.10029344

>Are they more drinking and stuff like a club
Yep, just replace all the normals with weebs, albeit weebs who are somewhat social and normal-ish.

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File: 91 KB, 1200x675, DlWH5ujWsAALZ8b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>love the atmosphere of clubs
>don't know what to actually do in clubs

I'm either gonna be a wallflower or the most shameless motherfucker at the Friday afterparty.

>> No.10029501

Doing the reload sounds like fun

>> No.10029546

>the most shameless motherfucker at the Friday afterparty.
I think you know what the right choice is anon

>> No.10029661

I bought tickets for the Friday after party and got my badge this past Monday. How are they checking who bought Friday party tickets? I didn’t get anything.

>> No.10029750

They don't have an official one, these are just people looking to take advantage of weebos looking to get drunk and hook up

>> No.10029757

Stop shilling yourself. Also majority of it was underexposed as hell.

>> No.10029951 [DELETED] 

I'll be going alone next weekend. I'm not very outgoing, but I'd like to make some friendd. Has anyone planned a meet up for any day during the con?

>> No.10029952

I'll be going alone next weekend. I'm not very outgoing, but I'd like to make some friends. Has anyone planned a meet up for any day during the con?

>> No.10030043

I’m down to meet. I’ll be waking around all day anyway sinxenin organizing a lot of the cosplay meet ups at the event like I did last year.

>> No.10030044

They honestly will just let you trough the door if you show them proof. That’s pretty much it. Your receipt pretty much says it all.

>> No.10030046

It’s honestly not bad at all. All you’re pretty much doing is either going in, making new friends and just dancing. Going in expecting everyone to surround you and judge you is only putting unwanted pressure onto you. Most of the afterparties are really chill.

>> No.10030434

Anyone want to go halfsies on a hotel room?

>> No.10030445

You still have the spot available?

>> No.10030449

yeah, I guess email with your info? There's only one bed so you might have to sleep on the floor, but it's supposed to be a two person room.

>> No.10030452

I don't see an email there?

>> No.10030460

My email is [email protected] if that's what you meant

>> No.10030489
File: 836 KB, 2000x1500, D0C681FB-314F-4051-A348-BB665E908F80.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

discord link where? We need to organize a meetup at an afterparty or otherwise

>> No.10030492

Alright, this is a general east coast area discord
https://discord.gg/ yFmmAJt

>> No.10030503

Where do i sign up for the afterparty?

>> No.10030508

Schedule out on guidebook
does the convention center really shut down at 10pm? seriously?
are we pretty much forced to go to the afterparties then or are there places to chill after 10pm

>> No.10030538

>was thinking of going to after party
>I'm 27
>But my gf is 20

Maybe next year. She wouldn't even drink, but I guess they really don't trust con creepers to not give alcohol to teenagers.

>> No.10030569
File: 479 KB, 710x385, 1540306795271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>official after party sold out online
Can we still pay at door?

>> No.10030572

Aw shit I hope so

>> No.10030589

Just in case official after party is out of the question now, which other one should I go to?

I vaguely remember going to a couple of other unofficial LCAC/NYCC after parties in the past that only played normie music, kind of wanna avoid that and stick to dancing to weeb shit

>> No.10030597

Seconding this question

>> No.10030699

Usually you can. It was the exact same case last time

>> No.10031038

Sold out
Oh fuc
Why didn't I sign up sooner

>> No.10031168

yeah but limited

>> No.10031202

>sold out
God dammit, im boned arent i

>> No.10031648

>Looking to get laid?
Yes, but how?

>> No.10031836

With a penis, presumably.

>> No.10031845


There are stores in NJ and NYC that have plenty of 3 days and Saturdays left. Check their site for the store listings :)

>> No.10031987

Yeah but, I dunno how to hit on girls, I always friendzone myself by just being friendly.

>> No.10032089

"I'm a passive person that makes no attempts to make myself interesting enough to approach"

>> No.10032128

Unironically just go full autism

>> No.10032136

You just reworded what I said, what's the point?

>> No.10032300


That it isn't you being friendly. It's you being uninteresting.

>> No.10032319

But you don't actually know me, it's impossible for you to draw that conclusion.

>> No.10032326

Anyone with a pro-pass get their passes yet? I emailed them but they said that it would be here soon. But then I also heard that pro-passes get picked up at will-call so I don't know what's up at all.

>> No.10032332

nayrt but i promise you that if girls don't like you, you're either uninteresting or you're aiming for girls with looks out of your league

>> No.10032337

I dunno where you get this "don't like you" stuff from when I said I friendzone myself. Too often I got too deep into being friends.

>> No.10032355


that's never the actual reason girls don't want you

>> No.10032384

so you friendzone yourself as in she hits on you but you reject her because you're already friends? because that's you friendzoning yourself, there's no other definition

>> No.10032398

No, I don't take action with girls I could get with until they move on. Because I don't know how to push the envelope.

But I don't know what any of this has to do with hooking up with randos at a con

>> No.10032404


girls dont want to date or fuck you because you are uninteresting and apparently autistic too

>> No.10032530

got a weekend pass off some guy for $20 but i dont want to be alone fug

>> No.10032544

Make some friends you fucking faggot.

>> No.10032553


>weekend pass for 20

How the hell did you manage that? Did this guy know you well or something?

>> No.10032651

Can anyone confirm if the convention actually does shut down at 10pm? Any places to hang around after that?

>> No.10032785

craigslist. i lowballed him.

i don’t know how to do that

>> No.10033094

Treat every encounter like an /a/ thread

>> No.10033310

So tell everyone that their taste is shit and my obscure anime is AOFY?

>> No.10034037

Gooby plz, their help email is unhelpful.

>> No.10034485

Well that's at least a way to start a conversation. Not sure how many dates it will pick you up though.

>> No.10034487

No joke this con looking like a snoozefest. Panels/events looking kinda average at best.

>> No.10034571

flying in from out of country and landing Thursday morning. can anyone recommend something to see before i hit the con? would anyone like to be a tour guide lol?

>> No.10034574

The Met is always worth checking out, and if you like making cosplays the fashion district is fun to visit for buying materials. I'm actually probably spending at least part of Friday buying fabric for cosplays and for school. There's a lot of clothes stores all over, and there's a museum at FIT that usually has cool displays.

>> No.10034579

there's a lot of museums around, guess i'll have to pick one. so much stuff to do it's overwhelming

>> No.10034585

You could spend days in the Met. Last time I visited it they had a special exhibit on the Catholic Church and it's influence on fashion, which was amazing, but I think it's not there anymore.

>> No.10034606

No one goes to cons for panels. People go to do photo shoots

>> No.10034640

Anyone know if the convention center has a coat room?

>> No.10034642

Not usually, but they sometimes have coat check areas cordoned off.

>> No.10034702

They did last year, its in the middle, lower level for like 5bux

>> No.10034711

Cool, thanks. No way I'm lugging that thing on my back all day.

>> No.10035146

Coming as Luffy. When is the One Piece meet up? Ill Keep an eye out for a Rob Lucci while I’m there

>> No.10035353

>snowing all weekend
there goes my plans...

>> No.10035357
File: 179 KB, 468x431, DrX2-LbVsAA2AkZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>love the snow
>hate that it's inevitably going to get in the way of several people going to the con

>> No.10035375


Where is this ?eetup? Their meetup list is super limited so I'm curious where the unofficial other ones are listed, I'm going as a Fate character and they don't even have an official Fate meetup despite having a concert and special event about it.

Yet, they have aggretsuko?

>> No.10035437
File: 504 KB, 1074x1296, Screenshot_20181115-154120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just got this message from a west coast friend. Fucking yikes.

>> No.10035452
File: 166 KB, 1196x668, WLOP_-_2015_-_Guard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yay. Snow...

>> No.10035455

this desu

>> No.10035469

Darling in the franxx meet up is going to be a hive of cringe, can’t wait to check it out

>> No.10035471

I was actually concerned about it. A lot of outfits are kinda light on skin coverage, so the cold snap could be a negative for cosplayers trying to get to and from the con.

>> No.10035476

>Tfw skin tight outfit
Here's hoping my nips warm up fast

They picked some of the randomest fandoms and it's super weird. Can they have a containment deadpool one?

Still upset about no Fate one, oh well.

>> No.10035481

There's a Discord

>> No.10035483

Are there lockers at the Javits center? And does anyone know the rules for bringing drinks in? I want to have a water bottle and a water bottle with alch in it to drink before the after party (which I really hope i get in to)

>> No.10035486

There's an area you can store stuff for $5, but your liquor won't make it in. They check through bags and make you empty out all water bottles. If they notice the alcohol, they could pull your pass.

>> No.10035496

Can you hit me with the link? Would be greatly appreciated

>> No.10035522
File: 79 KB, 379x337, 1273015072354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to need deets on what exactly they fuckin do. This nigga wrote out a whole paragraph about them being naughty naughties and did not once specify what actions they're doing. Are they catcalling? Molesting? Drugging drinks? Scouting underage girls for "professional photoshoots" in their hotel rooms? Like nigga WHAT do they do? Fuck y'all west coast niggas too scared to talk shit. Don't open your mouth if you're going to be a pussy about hurting feefees and "triggering" people. Fuck Cali.

>> No.10035544

This but unironically

You literally can't be sure if it's some salt powered robot that has a vendetta anymore, since the community can really get that toxic.

>> No.10035550

The snow wasn't that bad today, hopefully it won't get any worse.

>> No.10035588

Right. We need to know how to handle them appropriately if they show up. Do we just avoid them, have security kick them out, call the NYPD, or throw their bodies in the Hudson? Know thy enemy, and know thyself.

>> No.10035613

;_; pls

>> No.10035619

See >>10030492

>> No.10035713

Does anyone know their exact policies on bag size and contents? It just says generically that items the staff "think may be unsafe" are allowed in bag storage, but not in the convention. What does that mean in practice?

>> No.10035719

In the news: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robsalkowitz/2018/11/14/anime-nyc-event-showcases-crazy-rich-asian-pop-culture/#4c62264c5298

>> No.10035733
File: 174 KB, 356x380, 1542095347011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do i get laid at these events

>> No.10035737

>be good looking
if not forget it

>> No.10035804
File: 293 KB, 742x716, 1536813261915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bring lsd tabs, go to the after party, dissolve it in some drinks, give them out to the ladies for free, wait for it to kick in and they're all yours. Give then enough that they won't be able to remember your face in a police lineup, or wear a cosplay that makes it hard to recognize you outside of it.

My buddy Drew says 3 tabs are usually enough to do the trick. But you're old pal Beari here is too cheap for that shit and just uses 1 tab and two drops of THC oil. Does the trick for less money!

>> No.10035809

>Crazy Rich Asian Pop Culture


>> No.10035827

You are a real NY N- because you are keepin it real. I will burn a fuckboi but this doesn't exactly say anything, like give us reason to care.

>> No.10035837

Considering >>10035437 is a thing, that came off way less funny and way more creepy than I like to think you meant it to be.

>> No.10035840

Some background: >>http://rbt.asia/cgl/thread/9848265

>> No.10035848
File: 612 KB, 1440x876, 1541986337222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw crunching
>fucked my wig up and looks awful

>> No.10035912

I got you homies. The meet up will be at 3pm where the entrance is at. Like right where the AnimeNYC banner is. I got my boys coming in as Jinbei, Big Mom, a Kaido, Robin, CP9, a Buggy, and more. If you need more info, any of you peoples got Instagram? It’s much easier to link up there

>> No.10035970

I don't have an instagram, but I could get one if it helps. But why not the Discord though?

>> No.10035976

I’ll get on the discord soon since I’m in the building right now. My insta is t.doza. I’m helping all the meet ups link up and get featured on the websites and stuff since a lot of media is covering this event this year

>> No.10035978

Also most of the One Piece cosplayers in the meet up have Instagram but I’ll let them all know about the Discord. There’s also a Kingdom Hearts Meet Up, DBZ Meet up, BnHA Meet up, Naturo Meet up, Avatar Meet Up, Non Anime Meet up and more. And the DBZ Meet up we are all gathering to meet Mr. Dbz himself aka the singer of Cha La Head Cha La and the voice actors and actresses of DragonBall since I’m cool with the staff

>> No.10035986

Jesus fuck ok that warning is substantiated

>> No.10036001

Ok, duly noted.
What are the links for any of these things?

>> No.10036064

Are there a lot of people there yet? I'm waiting for friends to get in from out of state.

>> No.10036104

What the fuck I never would have guessed you were a gull lmao

>> No.10036130
File: 1.73 MB, 4088x1350, 35FAAB51-66E9-472A-A88E-D915F5EE495C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

View of the lobby

>> No.10036137

Doza, stop hitting on all of those girls. If you fuck any of them I swear I'll find you and make you my bitch.

>> No.10036179

>There's a booth for a clinical trial for an autism treatment
Memes become flesh

>> No.10036211
File: 920 KB, 1366x768, frieza.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.10036229

Yes, right around the back of the exhibit hall.

>> No.10036261

I'll be there in a hour or so. How is it? Minor question but how do you pick up tickets? Website was very vague about it, I printed out my receipt and the qr code, I'm guessing that's all I need?

>> No.10036275

I work near the con but I've been too busy to go out and see the area.


>> No.10036286

Dumb question: does stuff like perfume, cologne, liquids related to make up/costuming, etc. make it past bag check? Basically anything not in a bottle meant for drinking, or are they going to go full TSA and tell you to toss it or leave to store it somewhere else?

>> No.10036293

As long as it's small enough it should pass okay through the scanner. I fly with small shampoo bottles and the 6 inch contact lens solution and I have not had a problem yet.

>> No.10036302

Well I have tape, glue, craft scissors, and modeling cement. Message me on discord if anyone needs help fixing something.

>> No.10036373

is there a bag/coat check at the con?

>> No.10036385

Yes. It's $4

>> No.10036392

Per piece

>> No.10036402

Let's say I want to get a pass for just tomorrow during the afternoon, what's my best way of doing it? I assume since it said sold out online for Saturday passes that there won't be any being sold on site by ANYC itself?

>> No.10036435


There is a tiny but densely packed Koreatown a few long blocks from Javits, at around 34th and 6th Ave. The two Chinatowns (downtown Manhattan and in Flushing, Queens, at the other end of the 7 line from Javits) have prob some of the best and most authentic Chinese food / street culture anywhere outside of China. There's a garment district in Manhattan in midtown that other people can tell you more about if you like making clothes. Union SQ is the non-tourist Times SQ and worth a visit, esp if you like books - The Strand is there, probs one of the best independent bookstores in the world. There's a good Western comic book store too, Forbidden Planet. If you are around there, Vanessa's Dumplings on 14th is good and cheap. If you are feeling adventurous and want to see ' the real NYC / the hood', but also not die, take the A out to Brooklyn, to...hmmm...Rockaway Ave, walk to Broadway, and walk back towards Manhattan along it, taking the J when you get bored. Prob don't go alone at night if you're a girl.

>> No.10036439

Is the official afterparty just a thinly veiled normal person hangout?

>> No.10036441

Trying to figure this out too, ticket booths currently closed. If theres none available on site tomorrow morning someone please sell me a weekend or Saturday pass!

>> No.10036442

ImageAnime still has some and Waypoint Cafe in the LES.

>> No.10036453

Day 1 Report
>Awful start
>Kinda quiet
>Semi interesting panels
>Absolute bottom barrel males everywhere
>Fairly cute girls everywhere too
>Mediocre dudes with those qts also everywhere
>BM/AF everywhere (the fuck?)

I was gonna go to the unofficial afterparty, but beta'd out at the last sec. Anyone go ?

>> No.10036456

It was a bunch of pretty normal people for the most part at the after party. I was weirded out by the amount of completely normal people their actually.

>> No.10036459

Goddamit, I just wanna meet a cute girl, if I can't do it "in my element" where else will I? I noticed a few cute girls alone, but wouldn't it be weird just walking up to them?

>> No.10036468

Probably but who really cares. At a certain point you might as well go balls-to-the-wall and see what happens. Worst case scenario nothing changes from where you are now.

>> No.10036470

Who’s trying to hang out tomorrow, probably getting there around 12pm

>> No.10036471

That's true, I'm gonna try talking to some alone qts tomorrow.

>Find Kyoko Kirigiri cosplayer
>She fits her fucking perfectly
>Ask for a pic
>I look fucking stupid
Alright, time for a "how to pose for pics" tutorial.

>> No.10036473

That sounds amazing. Was there a lot of qt cosplayers?

>> No.10036475

There was a lot of hit and miss, when it hit it was awesome, when it missed, it was mostly due to fats.

A LOT of fats today, goddamn.

>> No.10036476

>ask to take pic of it cosplayer
>she nods head and lets me
>snap and say thanks
>"you're welcome" in a manly voice

fuck anime

>> No.10036483

>not wanting to succ a cute girlpenis
lmaoing @ u

>> No.10036485

There were a lot of crossplayers today too. I could tell.

>> No.10036488

Tfw you’ll never fuck a trap because most are only into men ;_;

>> No.10036490


I can offer up my weekend pass for 45 if you are interested just drop an email to discuss meeting up etc

>> No.10036496
File: 231 KB, 409x445, E6178658-DE54-4121-B159-4544BD53E496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think so, it's unmistakably a weeb event, but some of that depends on your definition of "normal". It's not as tuned up as I think it ought to be, which is something I may very well mention to the DJs afterwards, especially since I've tossed around the idea of putting on a commercial event, and Sonic BoomBox would be my top choice for it, but that's dependent on their ability to do something worthwhile given the right parameters like I think they did last year. If they've lost that touch, then I can do just as well with someone cheaper.

>> No.10036497

Happened to me like 3 times, what the fuck?

>> No.10036503
File: 323 KB, 451x512, 09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Never in my life thought I'd see Kotoko cosplay
>It's a dude

>> No.10036504

How're the qt's at least? Does it look like anyone's gonna make it tonight?

>> No.10036509

Reminder artist alleyway girls are being nice to you as part of the job, they aren't into you.

>> No.10036515

I only came there today, but it was pretty fun for my first con. Obviously it wasn't nearly as good as it could've been (fatties, ugly guys , traps out the ass, two too many bill cyphers and a fucking onceler cosplayer), but overall I had fun and got some stuff I liked. /blog

>> No.10036517

>those artists with no one buying their shit looking completely dejected

>> No.10036527

>ugly guys
I always thought I wasn't much of a looker, but there were some severely hideous dudes there today. And too many fucking fatties. Fuck.

>> No.10036530

Honestly this event was more of a morale booster than anything.

>> No.10036531

It had the opposite effect >>10036459 what t he fuck aren't I doing right?

>> No.10036533

>when people continuously ask you for photos
>tons of compliments
>nobody posts the photos on insta

Weird feel tbqh

Wish we had more cosplayers honestly. I feel like the ratio was better last year, and also the after party was really... Normal? Like a really generic for a weeb event. You could've told me it was a Halloween/costume party and I would've believed it.

>> No.10036536

was it several separated cliques sipping drinks?

>> No.10036539

Honestly I just took pictures for my own memories. Is that bad?

>> No.10036541


Boring music and event. Like fucks sake with a cover and prices that high, at least have beer pong set up or some other activities. So many possibilities. Drunk Jenga? Darts? Masquerade/photoshoot hybrid where audience votes? FFS shitty ""dancing"" to generic music is so boring for a weeb event, it's like hopeless nerds get their first taste of the normie life.

>> No.10036546

Honestly you should probably try and make friends with the cosplay dudes, a lot of them are in circles with the cute girls.

>> No.10036547
File: 33 KB, 367x314, Dp9ySocXcAAf_Ud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw slowly building up more confidence just by going to conventions

We're gonna make it bros
Even now, there is hope for man

>> No.10036550

I feel like you can only do that if you're also cosplaying and it's something from the same series or else it'll be
>"Cool cosplay man!"
>Walk away

>> No.10036552

There are plenty of other ways to initiate conversation. I made friends with a pair of cosplay guys waiting on line this morning, play a couple games with them or hang out around them when they're resting. As beta as it may seem at first, just approaching a guy in a casual situation can do a lot.

>> No.10036556

Just ask questions that can lead into a conversation?

>> No.10036561

Some are already with partners, but I don't know if they came with them or met them here.

>> No.10036563

Why are you trip fagging?

>> No.10036572
File: 143 KB, 498x383, 1548327293032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Event room opens up, everyone walking in line to fill it
>one person is carrying a random assortment of paper cutouts and art
>drops it all
>she gets on the ground frantically trying to pick it all up
>staff member helps shove it all into her bag
>she gets back into line in front of me
>she immediately drops the papers all over the floor again
>i just walk around her
i think im a terrible human

>> No.10036582
File: 117 KB, 234x278, 8DF1FE21-C9BB-4B97-B51A-AED3532D4FF5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>not wanting a picture of a trap
>a very passing trap at that

Absolute shit taste

>> No.10036583

Yeah the fact that the drinks weren’t discounted sucks. I’m sticking to shots next time. Bars outside of happy hour are a scam

>> No.10036584
File: 202 KB, 1536x1805, IMG_20180905_112052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>never ran into this situation
>no idea how to even initiate further once I realize they're a trap

>> No.10036585

I know you're joking, but I legit met my bf from a con a few years ago because he was crossplaying really well and so I let my guard down around him. Thought he was a really gay dude because of how well his mannerisms and makeup was, but he's never liked a guy before and was actually against the idea of crossdressing in bed with me when we first went out. Eventually got him to do it though. Don't give up, gull!

>> No.10036586

>all those super crown cosplayers when the comic that started it was drawn a month and a half ago
The doujinshi booth had a fucking Bowsette doujin

>> No.10036589

Did they ever have weeb music? I refuse to believe they straight up just played generic club shit. At the very least, have anime OPs blasting or something.

>> No.10036602

if girls like you then they usually will let you know. Either you miss the signals or they don't like you.

>> No.10036603
File: 13 KB, 225x225, shocked astolfo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fate meet up
>it's all ugly dudes dressed up as astolfo
testing spoiler tags now :) wish me luck frens

>> No.10036606
File: 85 KB, 327x300, felix think.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to smash traps in the bathroom
i'll assume the porn comics are full of lies, how do I get a cute trap hookup?

>> No.10036612

looks like the fate meetups are the way to go after reading the anon post above yours.

>> No.10036613

Nah they ended up playing weeb music for an okay amount of time.
They did play normie shit for a bit though.

>> No.10036615 [DELETED] 

a-anyone know of any fate meetups midwest?
my standards are low : (

>> No.10036617

next fate meet up when?

>> No.10036675


Which after party was this?

>> No.10036692

There’s also going up be a Ette Meet up on Saturday & Sunday that I let most of the cosplayers know about. DBZ one is at 1, BnHA is at both 12pm today and at 3-5 where the 1st Floor food court is at, aka the Orange Wall. There’s going to be more meet ups which I’ll update everyone with as well since I’ll be in the building by 8-9am. I just want to help out as many people as possible get their free stuff, get hit up with the media outlets and covered as well

>> No.10036694

Yep that’s all you need bro. Just go to Will Call and you’re all good and set >>10036302
I know too many people who need help with this so thank you so much for doing what you do
Image Anime is still selling them, ask for Vic. Other than that, there’s people always selling them on IG now for cheap

>> No.10036768

What are these signals?

>> No.10036801


There’s also supposed to be a Naruto meet up at 2 pm

>> No.10036805
File: 803 KB, 731x1130, floof_tube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess there similar to regular signals on the EM spectrum, but with a slightly different form of modulation than is normally used in commercial products. I would recommend a course on radio-wave propagation to really learn about picking up on them.

>> No.10036909

There is by the orange wall on the 1st Floor. Here’s the times for the staff of animeNYC to take your shot.

>> No.10036911
File: 1.96 MB, 3264x2448, E676EAF0-29B2-493D-8954-CE0D3AD3ADF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Times here. Fucking captcha

>> No.10036937

Would go out in a full crossplay setup, makeup, the works but this is my hometown and I don't want to run into anyone I know. Curses.

>> No.10036946

Is there anything LoGH related anywhere

>> No.10036953

HiDive has advertising for it being available through them.

>> No.10036988

so many gross dudes crossplaying

>> No.10037026

This is New York City. Do you really think anyone will recognize you?

>> No.10037037

I think they're more concerned about transit etc.

>> No.10037048

I don't think so, they said they were ugly

From reading this thread idk if they're passing or not

>> No.10037078


>> No.10037084

>tfw to awkward to approach and make friends with anyone
Im gonna die alone ;_;

>> No.10037109
File: 153 KB, 295x295, 399454E1-E77E-423D-ACAB-5D53FAECB5A2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>tfw I talked to someone on my own
>got their number
>asking for people’s instagrams

It’s its a good start from my last con, where I just got people’s numbers at the rave. Fucking sucks though that animenyc is my last con of the year and the next big one is all the way in June

We’re gonna make it, just gotta put in some effort

>> No.10037144

>Finally have a chance to get a picture with my cosplay waifu
>Get too nervous to approach

I've never had any problems asking anyone for a photo. Feels fucking bad, man.

>> No.10037150

I forgot to go to imageanime before the concert could anyone sell me a spare pass please?

>> No.10037155

>tfw failed to do this
>It's 8 and too late

>> No.10037159

I want to buy a weekend pass as a souvenir after the con ends Sunday because the one day pass I bought doesn't have MP100 art on it. Anyone willing to part with their pass at the end of the con?

>> No.10037169

Who’s going to the party at legends tonight?

Also, hello to everyone who said hi to me last night lol

>> No.10037191
File: 345 KB, 908x391, 1448062546547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>had to leave early because of joint pain
>the only day left is the "nobody has any energy left to do anything" day

>> No.10037228

What the fuck entrances are already closed and I just bought a weekend ticket. I just played myself. So early though.

>> No.10037229

How though, every girls in a group

>> No.10037240

I was looking forward to having a drink or two and just walking around till 2am

>> No.10037258

Why the fuck does everyone in this thread reek of /r9k/?

>> No.10037263

Ahahahahah I'm the one that sold you that ticket. Get fucked, nigger.

>> No.10037274

anyone got pics of that ibaraki cosplayer?

>> No.10037311

>robbie rotten entered the dance contest

>> No.10037319


I just decided to talk to someone in a line

>> No.10037336

It's not official photographers. It's just peope who registered their group shoots for the con, you still need to bring your own photographer. Shit was badly arranged by the con though. Glad they kicked out the photographers that were planted there Friday afternoon, but the space was ridiculously small.

>> No.10037339

which one? because i have 1

>> No.10037351

I guess I can try that tomorrow.

>> No.10037353


>> No.10037372

welcome to america

>> No.10037375

i only saw the one so thats probably it

>> No.10037376

You only saw the one? What?

>> No.10037382


i only saw one ibaraki

>> No.10037384

You are definitely right about that. Shit was mad disorganized. Glad the unofficial ones were much better handled. Everyone moved over to the left side of the javits center for shoots since it was empty

>> No.10037415

People eventually find a way to organize themselves, but it's usually faster to have a leader to it from the start.

>> No.10037462
File: 208 KB, 1920x1080, 1541933668720.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>me when I crossplay as Astolfo and some fat weeb tries to hit on me

>> No.10037468 [DELETED] 

You’re absolutely right about that. I’m glad the meet ups I’ve been holding down have been nothing but fun. Here’s the One Piece Meet up we had at the Treasure Cruise Booth. The woman in the middle of Sabo & Zoro is the producer of the game. She was so adorable when she saw all of us come to the booth.

>> No.10037469
File: 1.96 MB, 3264x2448, 31F2485F-84FA-4541-B835-023CA229CC9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re absolutely right about that. I’m glad the meet ups I’ve been holding down have been nothing but fun. Here’s the One Piece Meet up we had at the Treasure Cruise Booth. The woman in the middle of Sabo & Zoro is the producer of the game. She was so adorable when she saw all of us come to the booth

>> No.10037501

Just ask the registration desk after con ends, they have extra

>> No.10037533

This. And what I’m also surprised at is that they didn’t give a new AnimeNYC pin to people. Last year you got a pin and some pretty neat stuff for actually buying the badge

>> No.10037547

Story time

>> No.10037549

Fucking this, I wanted a pin to put next to last years, but nope. Fuck man.

>> No.10037577

Who was it?

>> No.10037616


C'mon anon, at least one person is R9K autism central, and cgl is just R9K for girls anyways

That being said, I'm more and less surprised by whomstve I've seen so far

>> No.10037624

>I'm more and less surprised by whomstve I've seen so far

>> No.10037687

Any of you fags trying to meet up? I’m in the exhibit hall bathroom area

>> No.10037708

Whos up for a bathroom meetup bros

>> No.10037711 [DELETED] 

I'm at the lumica booth

>> No.10037721

Good idea, that's the best way to keep those icky girls out.

>> No.10037728

Lmao y’all crazy, but foreal I’m at the entrance to the exhibition hall in the red striped shirt, dressed lol a normie. Come say what’s up, I have no friends

>> No.10037732

If you walk in and see the Crunchyroll booth I’m to the left of that, will be there till 1:05pm

>> No.10037742

Posted up against a pillar with a beer wearing timbs

>> No.10037786
File: 116 KB, 480x480, 1541953055882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meetup when/where

>> No.10037789

See the Discord.

>> No.10037795

What’s the discord?

>> No.10037796

Doesn't look like anyone is talking about a meetup rn though

>> No.10037809

I was crossplaying and got cat called by normies outside of a Burger King with my GF after the con...

>> No.10037827

Anyone get one of those Styling Online mystery boxes? I love Panty and Stocking but it's $50 a box and the cashier won't even give me a general idea of what the fuck could potentially be in it. Clothing? Figures? Plushies?? Like WHAT are my potential snags? I know it wouldn't make sense to tell me what exactly is in each box, but usually for mystery boxes you get a general list of what potential items you get. I'm not paying $50 if they're so vague that it may as well be a fucking post card and stickers. All she had to say was "shirts, maybe" and I would have purchased. Surely they know what potential general items are in these things, and I refuse to believe they have some contractual obligations to not at least give a general idea of what's in even if they don't specifically say or show what exactly is in the prize pool.

>> No.10037841

Stylin' Online is mostly a shirt company so I would guess there would be at least 1 shirt?

Unrelated, why are the ACP picked cosplayers for every con so mediocre? Do no good cosplayers apply? Do they only pick people who are friends with them or something?

It's nitpicky but the "official" cosplayers I saw were definitely not the best.

>> No.10037907

Well thank you for warning me and telling me to buy the Sunday pass instead. I should have listened.

>> No.10037952
File: 754 KB, 397x562, 087D40B8-1322-4092-8A2C-59212898C2B2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still don't know why people keep screaming, apparently at random, and in like a swarm.

>> No.10037955

The Fate ones were kind of shitty. The Sakura had a Party City wig that was way too shiny (seriously such a common and easily fixable mistake), and the Shirou was really... bland and not really well picked. Didn't really stand out enough.

The Saber was really good, but she was also there last year.

>> No.10037967

gae con lmao

>> No.10037979

>all these clothes vendors that charge tax

I mean, I'm not going to be a dick and tell them, but they do know that NYC had no tax on clothing under $100 in value, right? Where is that tax money going?

>> No.10037996
File: 1.38 MB, 3024x3024, 09F4EB22-9F2C-4AE4-8EAE-E1E632005DE1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice dude.

Unironically just go full autism. Hell most of the girls there are down for pictures regardless of what you look like.

>> No.10037998

Aayyy I saw you t posin yesterday. I was behind you

>> No.10038005

Why are so many of those photographers smelly and unwashed?

Could barely stand the stench during the cosplay photoshoots because of some lardo next to me with his phone out literally smelling like garbage

>> No.10038010

Couldn't really talk to any qts during the whole con and I end up being intimidated by their costumes

Managed to talk to one qt Cells at Work cosplayer for a bit but thats about it

>> No.10038011

I was a Chen if anyone got pics, but not too many people recognized me baka.

>> No.10038012

>was invited out to eat, chill or meetup multiple times this whole weekend
>keep turning everyone down or ignoring their messages because I don't want them to find out how boring and devoid of personality I am after the first time we meet, regardless of how good of a conversation or time spent we initially had was.
>end up lonely all weekend

>> No.10038014

Saw someone get a P&SG box, they pulled a wallet, a belt a pin and a sticker i think

My DBZ box had a 7 star plush ball, a 4 star papweweight, a wrist bracelet, Vegeta socks and two glass cups

>> No.10038019

literally your damn fault

>> No.10038021

>Surprised unkempt social retards don't know how to be presentable

Yeah this, I challenged myself to try and make a friend, but failed. Everyone was too in their groups, I would be so weird

Invited by randos?

>> No.10038023

>Go to panel
>two trannies enter
I've never seen these "people" in real life before, it's way more disgusting when it's in your face. Wearing a bra an dress an shit. Fuck.

>> No.10038026

Also you can't exactly chat up artist alleyway qt's or exibition hall qt's. So many qt's at these things and there's nothing I can do.

>> No.10038043


Yea I was gonna say that saber was fucking good. So was the Alphonse.

>> No.10038049

If anyone has any pics of my Taiga cosplay, preferably of me kicking my Ryuuji, I’d be wicked grateful

>> No.10038065


They had a whole gender neutral bathroom by the manga library. It was nearly always empty

>> No.10038070


Congrats you played yourself, even if you say your boring there’s no reason to fucking try, people out here struggling and your turning down platters given to you

>> No.10038091
File: 112 KB, 359x393, 1480601579416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Were you with a Homura, or by yourself?

If you weren't with a Homura, then I missed somebody on my quest to find 2hus.

>> No.10038106

Were there any sex parties?

>> No.10038112

What's with the thirsty dude tourists invading this board? You guys come from Reddit?

>> No.10038126

What was your final 2hu count?

>> No.10038151

/fit/fags, most of the time

>> No.10038156

I found about six: two Marisas, two Yukaris, one Chen and one Iku.

>> No.10038160

I've been here for a minute, just trying to talk to more people than I usually do outside of cons. also I heard someone on a thread here saying people should talk to each other more rather than just sitting around, especially at cons where you'd have a common interest to talk about

>> No.10038166


>> No.10038171
File: 248 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hunter x Hunter - 91 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.28_[2017.08.10_04.15.18].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>One chance at meeting a like minded qt
>Didn't do shit

>> No.10038174

bro dont fucking remind me. i did find this qts insta so maybe i'll message her on their tomorrow.

>> No.10038176

I got two artists twitters, but one was just from a card, and the other I simply made a joke with when I came by to buy from her again.

Not enough to build off of I think

>> No.10038179

Do you have to be in an outfit to attend one of these?

>> No.10038186

id assume you don't but they may require con badges or at least you'd get a discount for bringing your con badge

>> No.10038187


its a Nyc thing, whenever someone says yerr you say yerr back. I fucking love it.

>> No.10038189
File: 35 KB, 200x144, 1537333901936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've lived here all my life and I've never seen that until this con.

But I already love it.

>> No.10038192

Senpai Project parties are solid too.

>> No.10038233

I go on /cgl/ pretty often, actually. Excuse me for having a minor interest in cosplay.
Also, since /cgl/ is the only real board that discusses smaller cons, it tends to be that the general con threads have more crossboarders.

>> No.10038240

found the whale

>> No.10038255


Yo wtf happend there last night? I was outside with some homies and this guy and some chick came out and a fight almost broke out. I didnt catch most of it something about something happening at the girls bathroom and the girl went full apeshit on the guy and security was there shit was crazy! I was all like this about to be a world star moment and said hell no Im out this motherfucka

>> No.10038277


How was the legends after party? I’m 20 so I couldn’t go, wonder if that’s the place to be next year

>> No.10038300
File: 49 KB, 540x960, Ifyoufoundmeplssharepics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was alone, because you know. Crippling depression.
pic related,

>> No.10038316
File: 21 KB, 370x320, 1526880001052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wish I ran into ya, anon. Finding more quality 2hus at cons is always a treat.

>> No.10038341
File: 210 KB, 600x450, 32720-full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe next anyc

>> No.10038407

I never heard of an AnimeNYC rave before.

>> No.10038413

Hooked up with 4 cosplayers this year, was a good haul. Toga cosplayers are easy. How did you go bros?

>> No.10038418

I'm >>10038171 how the actual fuck do you do it?

>> No.10038449

whats your ig, i like your chen!

>> No.10038464

I didn't see you, but I would have snapped a pic if I did!!! Where you there the whole weekend?

>> No.10038466
File: 175 KB, 703x1000, 1540679796961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look for girls who cosplay crazos. They're always down to fuck and most of the time let you do anal too. Toga, Zero-Two, Gasai Yuno, etc.

>> No.10038467

You're still not telling me how you actually did it. You just walked up and asked to smash? 99% of people were in groups too.

>> No.10038474

Ask for their pic, call them cute (without dragging it out, and say it with confidence and not a mumble) and make small talk about the character they're cosplaying and the series. If they're interested, they'll normally stick around a little to chat with you too, and if they show interest you can move the subject to "so how'd the con been for you, where you headed now?" And naturally tag along for a bit. You have to be able to read the air to know if they're interested or just being nice.

>> No.10038477

Damn, I asked for a few pics with a few cosplayers (one was a little surprised I took it with her ha) but then I'd just say thanks and leave, FUCK.

I did try making some small talk with one of the artists, but she was def just being nice. Dude, I'm a complete fucking retard when it comes to anything sexual, can you greentext one of your stories so I know what to do next time?

>> No.10038478

>Tfw I took a Toga to my room and she only told me after we fucked that she was 15

Bros...I seriously thought she was like 19 at least. Cosplay makeup is some scary shit. Did any of the ones you fucked have a dime sized birth mark above her bush? If so...

>> No.10038511 [DELETED] 

Oh yea, I know that one. Did she bite down hard on your shoulder during it too? It actually fuckin hurt. She never mentioned her age to me but don't stress it, it comes with the territory of con fucks. Surprise surprise, teens are horny as fuck and want sex. You were cunt craving at 15 too, right? Is it surprising that girls at this age are cock hungry? If they're willing to give it a go at cons, then they're almost certainly experienced enough with sex to make their own decisions around it anyway. I can assure you her first time was not this weekend. Don't think too hard about it. Like you said, cosplay makeup makes it harder to pinpoint age - especially when weeb beauty standards tend to revolve around making yourself look younger to fit the kawaii schoolgirl theme anyway.

>Snap pic of Zero-Two
>Compliment how well she pulled it
>Ask if she has an insta
>She smiles and doesn't look nervous, so jokingly ask where her "darling" is
>She laughs and says she came to the conclusion alone
>Ask her if she's been enjoying it so far, make a comment about it being crowded and s bit stuffy so that you don't come off as an absolute yesman
>Ask her where she's off to
>She says she's just kinda roaming around
>Because of the timing, the con is closing in maybe 30 minutes so it isn't weird to just ask "well if you don't have anything planned, wanna get a few drinks?"

You need to read the mood and there isn't really a one size fits all method to it. Be prepared to fail a bunch of times when you first try. If you stick through it and get enough experience you'll learn the subtle cues to go on or stop.

>> No.10038515

And drinks is where it goes into auto pilot, went to get drinks a few weeks ago with a friend, and could've easily fucked her, but my morals wouldn't let me. Would've felt guilty as shit.

One of the crew members was pretty cute was planning to ask her "what happens now" after the panel I was in, but she left it early. Same with one of the merch seller girls, was giving me a real stare down when I went to go buy a hat, but I didn't do shit. I'm more annoyed with myself than anything.

>> No.10038524


I remember 3 marisas, but 1 was a little kid.

>> No.10038571

I heard from another person that Sexy Nerds also throws good parties.

Stay the fuck away from the Perez Play parties though, it was a waste of time and money. $30 door charge, $3 for a can of soda, and they wanted collateral to play on the consoles there.

>> No.10038575

>see toga cosplayer
>ask for pic
>ask where the rest of her bnha cosplay friends are
>she says shes here alone, first time
>say shes too cute to be here alone
>get details, contact her later to go out and eat
>go back to my hotel to drink after
>crush the pussy
short version but thats the basics. feel sorry for anyone who took a turn on sunday. saturday she took it like a champ.

>> No.10038581

I hope she made silly faces at you as Toga does. That makes me diamonds, personally.

>> No.10038584

I thought I got a picture with either you or another Chen. I was one of the Marisas.

>> No.10038589

hard to see with her face in the pillows

>> No.10038591

>not doing it missionary so you can see her face

You're missing out, dude.

>> No.10038593

I have no idea about that, I just know Kakashi died before he even made it into the club lmao rest in peace

>> No.10038620

>choosing a position where she can check to see if you put the condom on
nah. im fine with hitting it raw from behind.

>> No.10038658

>Being okay with underageb8
Even if you're larping, fuck no.

I've had to block multiple underage mutuals (or just mutuals general). Even after giving them short responses and dismissing every opportunity to hang out or meet up I still kept getting messages from them for months. It makes me feel horrifically uncomfortable even speaking to them period. Unironically how are you okay with underageb&?

>> No.10038665

Because if you're not hitting it, everyone else is. So might as well

>> No.10038666
File: 30 KB, 293x463, 1537874049088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10038670
File: 229 KB, 640x1212, 845FB32E-8518-41DC-B220-ACA3737BDE5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally got the paint off, claws off and everything. I had such a wonderful time at the event. I want to thank every single person who came on down and just had an overall great time. From the yerrrsssss being a NYC thing, mostly a Bronx and brooklyn thing, to all the cosplayers and staff and especially anyone who took a photo of the cosplayers. This turn out was something Peter and the staff did not expect to happen so I’m discussing with them about expanding the show Floor as well, to which Joe agreed should happen. I got a few pics on my phone, but it was hard to take pics on my phone because of the claws. Seriously thank you so much! If anyone has a group shot of the One Piece Meet sup with VampyBitMe, I’d love to see it. ‘‘Twas fun getting my friends featured in Funimation, crunchyroll, and Vizmedia and more. Pic related was funimations story post and they shouted us out on twitter I believed. Got in good contact with the staff too. They are awesome. And there was so many creative cosplays at the event as well!’

>> No.10038682

There usually isn't any way to tell, so it's best not to lose your sanity over it. If you fuck casually at cons, you almost certainly at some point fucked an underrage. It just honestly comes with the demographic of conventions, and it isn't as if you're going to fuckin ask everyone for ID before they get into your room. Just fuck and don't worry. Unless they're literally like 9 years old like those kids who come along with their parents, there really isn't an issue. You aren't taking advantage of someone who's casually fucking at conventions. Even back when Tinder was a hot thing, I know a bunch of 15 and 16 year old girls who put their age as 18 and 19 to fuck dudes in their 20's. People really underestimate how sexually mature mid and older teenagers are.

I know when I was 15 I was fucking girls all the time. Guess what? Girls who are 15 are fucking guys all the time too. We aren't talking about prepubescent children here, we're talking about girls who are already developed enough that within a year or two they'd still look exactly the fucking same anyway.

>> No.10038683

What, like you kept their contact info? Most con fucks are one time things. I almost never get clingy girls who continue to message once the con is over and done with. People are looking for fun, not commitment.

>> No.10038685
File: 932 KB, 1920x1080, p43kfe93jfisg90wfls3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no Thunderbolt Fantasy merch anywhere
Is this show really that unpopular? I know the fandom is small but damn

>> No.10038698

when I was underage, I was grinding dicks every weekend. girls want to fuck just as much as guys, is that really so hard to believe?

>> No.10038699

Damn, I live here so there's no need for a hotel, ever have to ask if they had one?

>> No.10038702

She was asian wasn't she?

>> No.10038705

Pics of the cosplay at least? I wanna see what I missed out on.

>> No.10038706

i've accepted the fact that all the niche shit i like will never be at american anime cons. the artist alley was all of the same shit too.

>> No.10038707

>>10038706 meant for >>10038685

>> No.10038717

Nah it’s there but you really really REALLY have to look for it and all. One thing about finding merch that I tell everyone to do is, if you’re going on the last day, wait till about 30 minutes to an hour before show Floor closes because the dealers and vendors are trying to get rid of so much shit because they don’t want to pack all that merch up, so they cu the prices down to 75% or just give the stuff out for free

>> No.10038734

That may have been me, I took a pic with a Marisa <3

>> No.10038735

From a girl's opinion, I never approved of girls fucking underage. Girls are dumb and looking for a guys attention. Having sex with an underage girl is wrong, and you need to stahp.

>> No.10038738

While you were busy being prudish, Stacy was having college chads give her the experience she'd need to properly satisfy her future partners.

>> No.10038749


>> No.10038771
File: 1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181102-214725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yikes anon, bad memes.

But for real though, if you don't wait for someone you love, sex is meaningless. You're just devaluing yourself. It's not okay to use underage girls for sex, find someone your own age. The legal age of consent in NY is 17, if you go any lower I'm calling the fbi.

>> No.10038778

>if you don't wait for someone you love, sex is meaningless.

To you. But you're not the kind of person who's looking to fuck randoms at cons and never see them ever again, are you? So your projection is moot.

>> No.10038780

Well the con is over, I don't want to wait a whole year, any other weeb shit in this city?

>> No.10038781

That applies to everyone, if you fuck randos at cons you're kinda gross. Sex from a girl who fucks literally anyone isn't really worth much, and if you think it is, you have low standards.

But this aside, doesn't change the fact some creeps here are trying to justify fucking underage girls. That's just not right, and downright illegal. You better hope the FBI doesn't find you.

>> No.10038782

Yeah, there's liberty city in august.

>> No.10038784

That's practically next year too, I mean something more common.

>> No.10038785

>Sex from a girl who fucks literally anyone isn't really worth much

I never implied it was. In fact, I'm arguing the opposite, so your projection is kinda helping my point. Sex isn't a big deal, it's not some life changing experience, and you aren't doing any harm in fucking around with someone who wants it, is of sexual age, and doesn't care about having a night of no-strings-attached fun.

Because it isn't a big deal, because it isn't "worth much" for either party, where the fuck is the issue again? Oh right, in your head, because you're too busy projecting.

>> No.10038790

Yeah because theres so much to justify when you hook up with someone and they casually drop it later. Like what you want me to do, get back in a time machine? Demand their birth certificate? People are having sex, its normal

>> No.10038791

>not a big deal
So stds and pregnancy isn't a big deal.

There's no projecting here, there's a reason that people who frequently engage in "no-meaning" sex have a low self-esteem.

You also don't seem to have decent reading comp.
> not worth much
Literally means you're devaluing yourself, you're becoming a used-good for some fun. Instead of saving experiences for someone you actually care about.

>> No.10038795

Just because something is illegal does not mean it's wrong to do. It certainly is the case that a lot of morally reprehensible things are illegal, but context is what really determines when something is truly horrific or not.

Which of the following two scenarios are morally sound?
>Grandma is 98 years old, on life support, in agony, and begs for someone to pull the plug any time she gets the chance to be high enough on meds where she can ween the pain off enough to talk
>It is illegal, but the family decides to pull the cord on her


>Granny just is recovering from a life threatening operation
>She's still in critical condition, but is on the road to recovery
>Uncle Steve REALLY wants her fortune NOW to pay his bills, so pulls the plug on her support systems so that she doesn't recover

The law is in place to prevent scenario 2 from happening, and scenario 1 is what most would consider a "gray area" that's debatable, but certainly an entirely different context despite both having the same end result. It's worth evaluating the context of the situation before deeming it correct or incorrect. Laws don't dictate what's moral or not, and they constantly have to be revised to reflect that.

Someone groomed as a child to be their father's concubine through her teen years is what these laws are supposed to protect (similar with laws against incest or polygamy laws). Their context is entirely different from a sexually curious person with enough sexual experience and confidence that they're willingly looking for a fun and casual night with strangers who they will never meet again.

>> No.10038801

>So stds and pregnancy isn't a big deal.

That's what protection is for! Guess what? Studies show that those more confident with sex in their teens have lower rates of what you listed than their peers who remain abstinent. Hmmmm....It's almost as if education and experience are the best ways to learn.

> there's a reason that people who frequently engage in "no-meaning" sex have a low self-esteem.

Causality vs causation.

>There's no projecting here
Let me show you where you're p-

>Literally means you're devaluing yoursef

Oh never mind, you already did that for me in the next line. See, I don't find myself devalued by engaging in recreational sex for fun. My partners certainly don't seem to either, and that also included the long term ones I have every now and then. In between them, I use casual sex as a way to better learn what my tastes are, build my confidence, and understand parts of myself I may not have fully understood before due to lack of exploration. It isn't the action of sex that makes sex with someone you love more meaningful than sex with someone you just met, it's the culmination of emotions that connect the two of you during it.

You're projecting because you're unable to find it possible that someone else could have high confidence, self esteem, and value despite having casual sex strictly because YOU can't imagine YOURSELF having these values while performing these acts. That's textbook projection. You aren't everyone in the world. It's not for you, and I respect that, I'm not going to poke any holes into your lifestyle. So don't try inserting yourself into mine and speaking on my behalf, because you aren't me nor any of the girls I fuck.

>> No.10038802

Just wait til June and take a trip to Atlantic City for Anime Next, much better con than ANYC imo

>> No.10038805

Anon let me get something through your fucking pedophilic head.

The age of consent in the U.S is based on the psychological maturity of the engaging parties. It's not an arbitrary number.
You're trying to compare apples to oranges to justify having sex with a minor. You're despicable and disgusting.

You seem to have never studied psychology or criminal law, so stay out of it. You're committing a crime, it doesn't matter if YOU think it's okay. The state does not.

You're repulsive and honestly the biggest fucking beta I've ever replied to, in my goddamn 9 years using this god-forsaken site.

You cannot fuck a minor, period. I don't give a fuck if you think they're mentally matured. They're not.

Fuck people your own age instead of being a predator that woo's little fucking girls. When you compliment an underage girl on how cute she is, and try to get her to stay with you, that's good grooming.

You're a pedophile and you need to knock it off. I seriously hope you're using a vpn.

>> No.10038808

Education =/= Grooming a minor to fuck with you.

Condoms break, and the oppressor often finds a way not to use them in the first place. (As an anon literally admitted previously in the thread)
>Causality vs. Causation
Honey, no. Please watch any troubled-teen documentary. It's clear you need education.
Let me disprove your point for you:
Who's worth more?
A Virgin vs. A prostitute?

Let's be real here, a woman can sell her virginity for millions. A prostitute only gets a few thousands at most. These are societies rules, not mine.

You're a used good :)

>> No.10038810

WTB your virginity

>> No.10038813

Sorry, I'm priceless.

>> No.10038815

Also myb, society's*

>> No.10038836

Seething. Who hurt you, Anon? Why do you feel the need to finally resort to pulling bogus headcanon out of your ass? I want you to take a second to google your claims, go ahead and actually research if leading psychological studies reflect what your world views are. You may be shocked.While those raging hormones do make for higher attraction to sexual activity, it isn't as if there's anything damaging about ENGAGING in this activity given they're willing and there's no exploitation involved. These laws are set in place not on psychological findings, but moral ground. Even if they were, psychology is still a very new science that's consistently evolving and influenced by social construct. Or are we going to forget that homosexuality was psychologically considered a mental illness until recently, and that there were (ineffective) treatments commonly practiced to "cure" this illness.

I'm not asking my random fucks for ID before letting them into my door. If I'm attracted to them, I'm attracted to them.

If they're up for it, they're up for it and there's no way for me to prove anything so I'm not going to keep myself up at night thinking about it. At the end of the day, we're both wanting it, both enjoying it, and both parting ways after. I'm sure most are my age, but I've no way to confirm. I'm sure there are also some who aren't my age but look like someone in my age group nonetheless, whether that be way older or way younger than my group. I'm not bothering to get into their personal lives, because that's not what casual sex is usually about.

Again, you're projecting here. Nobody is getting hurt. All parties are willing, no parties are going to try digging into each other's personal lives, histories, social experience, etc. There's no commitment, and no coercion.Everything vile you're imagining exists as a projection from your head. At the end of the day, it's two (or more!) people who are doing what we biologically are wired to enjoy doing, safely.

>> No.10038838
File: 3.52 MB, 4032x3024, 20181118_000827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this entire thread

On an unrelated note, which afterparty was the afterparty to wait till next year for?
Pic related; Universal had great drinks and great atmosphere.

>> No.10038842

This is what I get for phoneposting.

>> No.10038851

It's been consistently shit for the past 3 years

>> No.10038854

It was fine until literal pedos invaded.

>> No.10038860

>Education =/= Grooming

What grooming is going on with a one-night stand again? Do you know the meaning of the words you're tying or are you just kinda saying buzz words that make you feel like you have a higher ground?

>Condoms break
Are we really going to use this argument? This is irrelevant to the topic we're discussing - age has no bearing on the strength or weakness of condoms.

>and the oppressor often finds a way not to use them in the first place

Not me. I'm not risking permanent blue dick just for some fun no matter how much better it would feel. I don't know their ages, so this has no bearing on me. Guys who do this will regardless of age.

>Documentary as primary source

Yikes. Honey, watch some flat-earth documentaries. You clearly need education. Here, I'll be the good guy here and actually link sources that disprove your assumptions (cited).

Here's one that states what I was before - causality vs causation:https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1948550614537308

tl;dr - if you're the kind of person who's lookin for casual sex, it BOOSTS self esteem. If you're the kind of person who low self esteem already who tries to solve it by having tons of sex, it'll make you feel worse. There's a distinct difference.

>Who's worth more?
>A Virgin vs. A prostitute?

Purity is a subjective construct. Are we going to start bringing The Bible into this conversation or something? To me, virginity has no bearing on one's "purity," it's personality. I don't consider someone "used goods" if they have sexual experience. Again, you're projecting here. You think you've got me in checkmate because you're unable to rationalize that someone can personally feel something different than you on the same subject matter. You feel your opinion is fact because when trying to put yourself into another's shoes, you can't remove your own mental baggage from their circumstances.

>> No.10038864

Oh, I wanna be extra nice so here you go, sweetie. Cause documentaries are the best sources of information:

>> No.10038867

Otakon was a lot better than this

>> No.10038868

Yep, they seem to think it's okay to fuck minors as long as the person that calls them out is "projecting"

>> No.10038871


>earlier sexual activity.
Yikes anon.

>> No.10038874
File: 116 KB, 600x899, rory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too. I've pretty much given up on trying to look for anything in particular at these things and just hope I find something cool. I save more money this way and stumble upon some nice surprises.
I found this Rory for instance at a pretty good price. Also post hauls.

>> No.10038879

More like it's not a big deal to fuck whom you've no way of validating their age so long as they're obviously sexually mature and it's a mutual exchange without any forcing, pressuring, or leading. Y'know, like any other sexual encounter.

I really am talking to someone with low IQ, aren't I? Where the fuck is the source for this information on this site? Why would you just use some random Australian site (by the way, Australia is the place that banned flat chested porn stars who are of LEGAL age because they think it instills pedophelia) that has absolutely no citation to back up their claims? Have you written a paper in high school before? Would you use this source in it? You're embarrassing yourself...

Here, I've got a perfect article for you:

Don't worry, it's from a random ass website that has zero peer reviewed citation, a random ass .com domain, and while it sounds smart and compelling, and may even be correct with some assumptions it makes, it has nothing substantial to back it up.

But that's a perfect source to use, right?

>> No.10038886
File: 17 KB, 236x260, 1542605421096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this damage control

>> No.10038895
File: 178 KB, 500x500, banana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoops, meant to quote >>10038871 for my second half. That was my mistake~ I want the random Aussie to see this.
Why are you in an AnimeNYC thread if you're from Australia? Did you seriously travel across the world for THIS con? Or did you just pick a random Aussie site because it was the only one you could find that aligned with your views? That's pretty sad...yikes.

Here's another article for you.

Oh, and here's one in .au for you

>I have no retorts to anything, so I'll just pretend to be stupid and/or pretend my points weren't dismantled

How is it damage control to point out that your source of information is unreliable?

You're really not making this better for yourself.

>> No.10038902

NAYRT but you literally just proved the causality vs causation point even if your source is shit. Doesn't even conflict with what Anon is saying, it's straight up just agreeing with them...you really are pretty stupid.

>> No.10038906
File: 1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 20181117_234001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Instead of continuing to dig that hole,
you could just validate what everyone of thinking and admit you're a pedophile.

>> No.10038910

Pre-pubescent girls are not attractive to me, so you're incorrect.

>> No.10038913
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Pedophile is someone who is attracted to children. Legally, a child is someone under the age of consent. Therefore, you are legally a pedophile. It's not that hard you creep.

>> No.10038918

Wrong definition but okay, stay mad virgin

>> No.10038920


Anon, the only thing that's sad, is you trying to fuck minors because you can't get laid with people your own age.

>Which children are affected?
>have feelings of low self-esteem

When you have sex with a minor, you're engaging in child exploitation. :)
(It's actually quite sad you seem to think only us sources are valid, yikes anon.)

Here's another one, since you 20 IQ pedos seem to not understand a basic psychological concept.
(And check the bottom of the site if you're so concerned about 'legitimacy')

You guys are so sad, and honestly soooooo embarrassing. If you think you can legitimize the exploitation of minors through attacking a source, you've lost the argument.


You're pedos and everyone with more than an ounce of morality sees it. You're trying to legitimize fucking minors for your own pleasure.

>see toga cosplayer
>ask for pic
>ask where the rest of her bnha cosplay friends are
>she says shes here alone, first time
>say shes too cute to be here alone
>get details, contact her later to go out and eat
>go back to my hotel to drink after
>crush the pussy

^ This is grooming.

>> No.10038923

sexual feelings directed toward children.
a person under the age of full legal responsibility.
synonyms: child, infant, youth, adolescent, teenager, boy, girl; More
age of con·sent
the age at which a person's, typically a girl's, consent to sexual intercourse is valid in law.

No matter who you personally view as a child, you're breaking the law.

>> No.10038926

It's okay anon, I already tipped them off to the FBI <3

>> No.10038934

Reported to the mods.

>> No.10038936

Pedophilia is attraction it prepubescent children. It's very specific.You may omit the "prepubescent" portion of the definition if you'd like to make it more vague, but that doesn't eliminate the actual definition of the word.

>Anon, the only thing that's sad, is you trying to fuck minors because you can't get laid with people your own age.

I fuck people my own age all the time.


Thank you for linking actually acceptable sources now. Now we're discussing this like adults. Unfortunately, you're still not helping your argument. I've already stated that those who lack self-esteem are more likely to engage in

>(It's actually quite sad you seem to think only us sources are valid, yikes anon.)

I literally posted a UK source a few posts above. The domain isn't the issue, the issue is where the site is getting its information from. I'll readily dismiss anything that isn't properly cited because it may as well be written by Flat Earth Society. You're not making sound points when you're blatantly ignoring what I've already posted.

>^ This is grooming.

No this isn't. This is gauging for mutual attraction. Toga doesn't show interest, you leave it at that and don't force anything. You don't know Toga's age beforehand, you just find her cute and want to give her a shot. You most likely will never find out Toga's age. A lot of your implications come from the assumption that ages are implicitly known, when this whole conversation started from unknown ages only being disclosed after.

Teens have sex. Teens enjoy sex. Teens having sex with someone a little older than them isn't going to be any different than having sex with someone their own age. That trauma comes from power dynamic exploitation.

>> No.10038947

It's pathetic and creepy that you'd go this far to defend being a rapist piece of shit.

>> No.10038948

I'm not really sure where all this autistic argument from both sides is even going. You can't tell most cosplayer's age due to cosplay makeup intended to make then look younger/more mature. Visually most people can't discern a lot of mid teens from older teens at cons. Teens have and enjoy sex, so not unlikely for them to lie about their age or just never say it if they think a cutie wants to fuck.

Both of you guys are blowing this out to be way more than it is. I've been fucking at cons since I was 16 and really don't care.

>> No.10038951

It was borderline okay when it turned out to be an accident that he didn’t check but anyone not immediately going
>you should probably check that out next time
And those saying
>lol dude I crush teenage pussy all the time it’s okay cause everyone at the con is looking to have fun and teenagers just wanna have fun too
Are actually fucking degenerates. I’ll forever be on the side of those calling the first guy a pedophile than ever considering defending his choices and advocating for it.

Also fucking an underaged girl regardless of if you both consented is statutory rape and you will be charged for it if you are caught.

>> No.10038962

I don't defend rape. I defend the notion that young adults can and do have and want sex. Sometimes they will want sex with someone out of their age range, and they won't even mention their age. Or they'll lie about their age. If they're already ready to be sexually active (and if they're having no-strings sex at cons, they most likely are very active) then there isn't any harm being done. If a 15 year old has a one night stand with a 15 year old, nobody cares. If they have a one night stand with a 25 year old they've never met, it's suddenly an issue despite all other parameters being identical. By that point, it becomes an emotional plea to find it wrong on a personal level rather than on anything substantial and objective.

There certainly are teens who get exploited and abused. Particularly those who are abused by their caregivers, who are in a position to exert POWER and PRESSURE over then either physically, psychologically, or socially. You won't have anywhere close to this kind of event from a casual one time fuck with someone you don't know and never will know. They have no power over you because they aren't even a part of your life.

All sources you cite will be in regards to children abused and exploited via power do - something not present in this context.

Teens sexually active, seeking sex, and wanting to have fun is an entirely different ball game from those forced or coerced into doing something they are unwilling to do or are conditioned to do.

Because there's literally nothing preventing them from lying. If he wants he can ask for the age next time, but doing so is more often than not pointless. How are you going to check, card everyone you bang? Nobody wants to give out their personal information (name, birthday, address, etc) to a random fuck.

Bringing the law into this really is a moot point. NYC law would have me locked up for bringing weed from Washington State back home with me once a month. I couldn't care less.

>> No.10038965

some nigga is really bragging about fucking kids in this thread. jesus christ how stupid can you be.

>> No.10038967

Don't worry about it, none of those stories are true. They're just made up by pedos who can't get laid so they resort to indulging in their fantasies on a mongolian image board

>> No.10038968
File: 2.95 MB, 4032x3024, 087D78BE-5B70-455A-B5B3-882DCB0A9532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is it that I look away for ONE DAY to recover from the con and deal with classes, and this thread instantly turns to shit?

>> No.10038969

Anon a possension charge has nothing on a statutory rape charge, not only is your prison sentence going to be hell as inmates generally do not tolerate rapists especially child fuckers, your life outside of prison is over. Imagine not being able to get any decent work or even live in peace after it’s all done because your on the Sex Offenders list and have to report it every time you move.

Also NYC decriminalized weed possession a year ago, it goes to show you how much you know. If anyone would have locked you up it would have been the feds.

>> No.10038977

Because despite what your autistic mind might be telling you, not everything revolves around you. Though with you tripfagging for no reason you obviously must think so.

>> No.10038980

Transferring weed across stage borders is actually a federal offense that's no way related to possession.

>> No.10038982

Anon... Read both posts again, I’m specifically referring to NYC jailing him specifically for possession and even referenced the feds locking him up.

>> No.10038983
File: 281 KB, 980x1578, miley-cyrus-hannah-montana-the-movie-premiere-in-london-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Careful, Anons! This was Miley Cyrus as a CHILD. If you mistake this for an adult, you are a pedophile! Absolutely DISGUSTING!

>> No.10038985
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>someone is SERIOUSLY defending raping kids in this thread

>> No.10038987
File: 211 KB, 822x1222, miley-cyrus-hannah-montana-wrap-party-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, okay. She's 18 now. NOW you aren't a sicko for wanting to bang her!

>> No.10038989

Nice, that was probably me. Too bad the thread's gone to shit.

>> No.10038994
File: 290 KB, 500x500, ha-SHIT .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


im lost, when did actual pedos come in?

>> No.10038999

Whole thread is retarded. You can't tell a 15 year old apart from a 18 year old in cosplay makeup if they're good at it. Who gives a fuck.

>> No.10039002
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threads shit but this was my first con and i had a good time and saw some really nice cosplays and got some merch i really wanted. only complaint is lack of touhou.

hope everyone else had fun too, i'll be going again next year.

>> No.10039003

No one was arguing it, people for the most part were more along the lines of just be sure to ask next time. It got retarded when people started defending his actions and advocating for fucking a minor because its a con and they're there to have fun.

>> No.10039004
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Kind of want to make a new thread to talk about how everyone thought of the con
Really enjoyed the con and I don't want the last moments of the thread ruined

>> No.10039008

what the fuck is this thread lmao

my friend sent me this. im the toga cosplayer and laughing at everything. you guys are fuckin creeps. im dying. what are the chances that both guys i fucked use this same site? lol dude fuckin serious?? okay to prove its me one of you guys screamed like a little girl when i bit you and the other threw me off onto the bed and put his foot on my head (hot)

>> No.10039009

I definitely enjoyed the con too. Did Jojolion and there was a lot of rep and recognition for us, usually it's not this popular which was cool.
Had to leave early on Sunday though bc of monday classes which I already regret. Bought more than I usually do compared to my friends too.

>> No.10039010
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>> No.10039011

I feel bad for girls who go alone to conventions because it's basically guaranteed some sweaty bearded dude is gonna hit on you.

>> No.10039012

I will in a little bit so as not to pollute the board.

>> No.10039013 [DELETED] 

im 16 not 15 so he misheard me

i didnt read everything just parts so sorry if you corrected yourself lol still reading
i dont live in new york so dont worry about me trying to find you guys again!

nobody offered drinks but wish you did

>> No.10039014

>Report submitted! This window will close in 3 seconds...

>> No.10039020

i dont use this site so i dont care lol

>> No.10039021


same, first time at an anime con in nyc and it was really enjoyable, had a much better time here than nycc. however one complaint I would say would be that the game corner of the con needs to be bigger, far too many games had long lines and it felt a bit too cramped with how the layout was.

im defiantly coming back next year for all 3 days

>> No.10039022

My dude you shouldn't have sex with people who are so much older than you. You're too young and immature, please stop.

>> No.10039023

lol girl u wild wyd tho whats ur kik

>> No.10039024

Post your insta/snap

>> No.10039025

maybe if guys my age lasted more than 3 minutes and knew how to tie a girl up id fuck them more often

>> No.10039027
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stop larping and let the thread die plz

>> No.10039028

Nice. I'm the one that stepped on your head on Saturday. You shouldn't post your insta or whatever here like they asked, there may be some legit creeps reading this thread who are baiting an opportunity for something. Looks like you got banned anyway though, so don't think you'll even have a chance to. You took it like a champ, just saying.

>> No.10039029
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To be fair the work is done, don't let the thread die. FBI has to check it out first.

>> No.10039030

I hope you get raped in prison, cause that's where you heading boy.

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