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Post the best
Post the worst
Post the most creative

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Self post, as soldier Mario and luigi, made of felt, cardboard, paper, and hot glue

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selfpost, did a crossplay with my boyfriend 2 years ago

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Nice, cross play really worked out, you really pull off the androgynous boyish look well with the with and clothes, and your guy nailed 11s thousand yard stare

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self post. Husband isn't into cosplay but agreed to do Caleb for my Nott for our last big con. Poor dude got a cold so just doing the photos was more than enough since I figured he wouldn't leave the room most of con because of it.

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this is hella cute

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My boyfriend will cosplay with me for the first time at a con in January, nurse Joy & Brock! I'm super excited

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Thank you! It was fun to make, felt is very obedient. I've kinda stuck to cardboard and felt for most outfits to save on cash and time.

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As much as I feel these two are a bit overrated as of late, I will admit this is a bomb ass fuck cosplay and adore it!! I personally see SuSu as more of a Morrigan but hey it still rocks!

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Im guessing they decided by breast size

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My girlfriend and I are cosplaying as well in November!

We're doing an Ancient Magus' Bride cosplay; she's going as Chise and I'm going as Elias. I'm really excited - we're the perfect height for the cosplay as well, at 5'3" and 6'8", respectively.

Looking forward to getting pictures.

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guy in the background is in absolute awe of his sword

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You're a big guy
I hope you arent a lanklet

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Wow, that’s great!
My manlet ass had to use drywall stilts or stand on a chair when we did AMB.

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Nah I lift
I want to attempt an All Might cosplay but I'm not bulky enough yet

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Would work as couple's cosplay

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Maybe the wrong place but you guys seem like you would know.

My partner and I are thinking of going as Megumin and Kazuma from Konosuba, though both of us lack any creative skills what so ever and I was tasked in finding some online.

Do you guys have any suggestions for sites/shops/stuff to buy?

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this honestly doesn't look like either of the characters. If it wasn't for the banana and dr pepper I would have been guessing.

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How does one get a cosplay gf? Asking for a friend...

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The two of them are so cute and Susu is so talented but god damn does it make me sad how much she panders to her fat neckbeard male fanbase.

I feel even their relationship panders sometimes.

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The fact they both do lewd stuff with other girls makes me suspicious
Like, wouldn't a true lesbian couple only do stuff with each other?

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Nurse-Chan, are you still there? I'm still trying hard, I'd still like it to happen...

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Aww, PH-kun. I'm still here and glad to see that you're doing your best. Are you also working on your cosplay, or are you mostly focusing on getting fit for now?

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It's nice to see you again! I have most of the materials and I've mentally planned how to do it (including a cool method of seeing outside that should require minimal technical equipment).
The only stuff left to decide on the cosplay is exactly how to do the sword, while people have recommended EVA foam for that too, I don't want to use it as the core for it, so I'm exploring options that will make the whole thing as con-safe as possible while still looking as cool as we know it is. It'll probably be a wooden or aluminum core (something that lets me screw the sword together even, for easy storage and transport) to give it enough strength to support the foam exterior.
The only things I don't quite get is how to do the bloody/dirty appearance for the body makeup, or what to use for the rugged cloth he wears.

My training has been going really well and I already have a body that most regular people (especially nerds) consider fit (well, I had that for a while but now I think I have one)... but being /fit/ is harder :( I'll have completed one year of lifting around Thanksgiving and I'm planning on going on a cut to finally show everything something early next year, probably February or March.

Have you started any prep? (Besides keeping me disciplined) Also I still hang out at the feels thread, I think we're just missing each other.

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I don't come here very often so it's definitely possible that we're missing each other. That said, I'm so happy about this, sounds like you've made a lot of progress!
As for me, I've got the basics I'll need, as in the garments, shoes, etc., but there's still a lot of work ahead. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way recently and the most I've done beyond this is trying out tricks to achieve this cleavage, not sure I can manage with the bust I have but attempts are being made nonetheless. Once I figure this out and shit settles down, I'll start working on the lovely bubble head.

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Ah, ok. That's great! It sounds like you have most of the core of the look down actually. As we get closer to next year's cons we'll need to figure out how to do the blood and dirt the same way so we match.
If you want, I'm in the /facgl/ discord that gets passed around, I joined because it was supportive of xboard trash like myself. You can join too if you want to keep in contact a bit easier! https://discord.gg/kHxyfVM

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Given the context, it's suspicious as heck, but poly/open lesbian couples exist.

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the guy on the back is impressed.

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Did a Halloween costume with my gf, my costume was eh, her makeup was amazing

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Okay but this is the cutest, OP. Great post, great content. I love it. >>10007639
I mean you’re not wrong
Idk you PH-kun but I’m very proud of you. Follow your dreams. Cosplay with nurse-Chan. I believe in you.
Do you have any better pics of her makeup? It looks super cool, I’d just like to see the textures and layering, if possible.

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I'm going to steal all of your girlfriends.

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I want my bf to do another armor cosplay again but this one took so long to build >< </3

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true love is real wow

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Me and my bf are planning to do seras and alucard. I honestly haven't watched hellsing yet but both my bf and my friend who cosplayed integra said I'd suit seras (I am planning to watch the series). My bf said he's willing to make the props while I make our cosplay (though I hardly have that much experience in making cosplays)

My bf also wants to cosplay from an obscure game series and wants me to cosplay with him but since there's hardly any characters I like from the series I'm just going to cosplay a character from another game similar to the game my bf is cosplaying from

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Did they do his stache' well?

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you get a gf and ask to do a couples cosplay

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My friend and I were Alolan Red and Green for Halloween this year. (blocked out his face, friends don't post friends on 4chan)

Also for the tall bf / small gf aesthetic, Banjo Kazooie. Get that bitch on ya shoulders.

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Unfortunately, we didn't take close ups of her face, but here's something that may help!

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It's her second attempt, the one with me is her third attempt, but I'm sure they're not too different!

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Me and the GF and our first proper duo. Gundam Mk-II and the Hyaku Shiki. Fun and a crowd pleaser but not too practical. This was Megacon a few years ago and with the crowds we didn't get any further into the show proper than about 50 ft from the elevator.

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More recent Girls und Panzer duo we did. Working on making some other gup costumes for us built around go carts.

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>you will never have an asian gf cosplaying kiki with you

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Sorry to be that guy but the girl in the OP is more cute desu

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Wow, that girl is beautiful.

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Tbh I think they look great

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maybe. but both are still cute tho

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you dont

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Yeah but the guy in OP is also more cute so it balances out.

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