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Share your /cgl/-related feels here.

Stay on topic and don't eat bait.

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>get invited to cosplay wedding
>date dumps me
>attend beautiful wedding while dying alone

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I ended up meeting one of the most important people from one of my greatest memories ever at the con I'm at this weekend. I had met them once before, at a con, and it's been like six years since then. I did not expect them to ever see them again, and I was almost happy about it because then there'd be no chance of my experience six years ago getting ruined. Back then they had actually tried to keep me in their group, even when I tried to escape to avoid being annoying, and I've almost never experienced that. I've been with people at conventions other times as well, but usually I have to push to stay with them and if I try to avoid them we'll not be together.
Anyway, seeing them and saying a few words to them was really powerful, and I started to cry a bit when I went my way. I've been thinking back to that thing siz years ago at least a few times a month ever since.
Then I had to watch the cosplay competition, and I got to think about that instead.

I wonder, should I take this as a sign to quit cosplay? Or at least never go to this con again. I can wear most of what I wore six years ago again tomorrow, then I'll start and end my time with this con with the same outfit. Would be fitting right.
There are reasons to quit cosplay too, all the things I want to cosplay are unattainable, I got no one to make cosplay photos or videos with, competing is really not for me either, and my time at this convention this year has been mostly boring, and I don't have any active fandoms.
Been thinking about quitting next year when I've done a few things I want to do, then I can quit this con after tomorrow since it's fitting and then I won't do this anymore.
Too bad I got nothing else. As much alone as I am at this con it's still one of the most social things I do.

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Anon try living in the moment. Do things for the joy of doing them and when they stop bringing you happiness then find something new. It sounds like you are afraid to have your memories tainted out of some sort of melancholy. Nothing can change how great that day was. It was then and it can't be touched. You can try to have equally good days, don't expect them to be as wonderful but be open to it. Shutting things down before the experience can start things on a flat note. If you like cosplay enjoy it and the character you work on. In the meantime you may want to speak to someone and remember you have you.

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>bf turns 30
>says he can no longer go to cons
>ask why
>"I'm too old to be around all these super-hot teenage girls."

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What did you say back to him?

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What DID you say back to him!? Spill. Now.

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Break up with that creep immediately

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It’s not creepy, honestly biology dictates us to be attracted to women when they’re most fertile so I don’t fault guys for that. It only makes me sad that I’m not young like that lol.

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Well 1 it's a shitty thing to say to your gf and 2 if you can't control your sexual attraction at a con you have serious issues. So yeah, I don't have the general picture but your bf doesn't sound exactly "great", so far

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I recently lost a family member and can’t come back to my old passion for j fashion as I always get flashbacks when wearing my favorite dresses. How can I stop that? I love my dresses so much, but it also hurts so much wearing them.

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I have some memories that should objectively speaking be better than that one, but they are a little bit ruined by knowing that the people involved didn't want to keep talking to me or anything when we moved apart. That we never had any contact later so I didn't get to learn that they didn't like me is a big part of why it's so good.

I like the idea of cosplay, and having finished costumes, or even just something to do, but I have nothing to work towards. All the things I want to do are impossible, and I don't really have fun cosplaying either, I'm just bored and walking all over the con hoping that someone will talk to me and we can spend the day together.

I decided to wear my first outfit for this con by the way, but it's embarrassing, the colors are completely wrong and it includes things from a dead fandom.

I am at this con and I see people everywhere that I have talked to before, but at most we greet, and everyone have someone else to be with.

By the way I just saw that person from my first visit to this con talking to one of the people I spent time with at my second time at this con AND someone I first met for my third time at this con. I didn't know that any of them knew each other, and now I see them being friends. I get jealous.
A bit worried that paying too much attention to this may be stalkerish by the way so I'll try to think about something else

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Man I just really love lolita

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I'm sorry for your loss, anon. Did this family member of yours love your dresses? Did they compliment you on them?
I'm in a somewhat similar situation except that I hang onto the positive feelings I get when I remember my own family member. If this is the case for you as well, do you think you can do that?

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30yo male here. its creepy. if u wanna do your thing because someone half your age will think where you're at is impressive in terms of managing an LTR, go ahead i guess. congrats, youve mastered the basics you should already have had a grip on by 23. time for this occurrence to wrap up now, yeah? lets relax

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i just started a new job that pays super well!!! my partner bought me one of my dream dresses that popped up for pretty cheap, and i know that with this new job i can have a steady supply of money and can build my wardrobe!

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Wow you are NOT going to get laid with that retarded “im a 30 yr old man on a lolita and cosplay board full of women look girls im special” as hard as you’re trying

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Yes they used to love my dresses and helped me choosing right coords and to tie my ribbons and such things. I want to cling to the positive feelings, but it always make me sad that it’ll never be like that again. I’ll never come home after a meet or a day out and will get asked if the people there enjoyed my coord. It’s so weird, no ones prepares you for such a situation

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You’re right, nothing prepares you. It’s hard, and even time cannot fully heal it, it comes in waves throughout your life. I’m sorry for your loss anon, but think about what they would have wanted, they knew you loved lolita, would they want you to stop because of them? Probably not. Just take it easy.

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i feel you, thats a pretty sucky situation to be in

it's perfectly fine to get tired of hobbies. the one thing I will say though, is that you don't have to be a part of a fandom to cosplay that character. if you have more fun making costumes and meeting up with people, it's perfectly fine to just pick the flavor of the month and go from there.

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Why would you spend a con writing useless shit on 4chan?

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>30yo male here.
You type like you're 12 t bh.

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This anon is right. That why I don't date men over 20. They start to get ugly after that.

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my (now ex) "gf" was getting on my nerves by drooling over costhots. I made "her" choose because i was tired of her deeming me "jealous" when i called them what they were,aka costhots. And then dumped "her" today after "her" brushing off the fact i felt uncomfortable.
I shouldnt have given a tranny a chance,even when they fully pass they're still men inside. Drooling over sluts, all of them. I'm sorry I don't have big tits,a big ass and a ton of makeup and skimpy clothes because i have some semblance of self respect

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Not sure if you're the same anon that posted here before or not but either way, I'm glad you ended that relationship, sounds unhealthy as fuck. Love yourself, you're worth more than whatever this person has put you through.

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Wow. I'm happy you finally broke up, but damn take a chill pill. A breakup isn't a good excuse to go full on stereotyping. But I get that you feel angry and possibly lonely. Be kind to yourself, and you'll find a better girlfriend eventually.

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Man I just really love lolis

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>i have some semblance of self respect
>dated a tranny

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>middle school
>no friends
>skipping school a lot because I can't handle the bullying
>dicking around online in the lol so randumb xD era
>discover Davide Bowie
>discover lolita fashion from a cracked.com article
>as they say, the old me was slain
>obviously no way to acquire lolita pieces on the seventh grade budget of zero dollars
>have to wait on my dreams for awhile
>move to a new state
>get a job
>family is struggling financially
>get second job
>finally making lolita money
>start buying lolita
>wearing it at every opportunity
>not concerned about school at all anymore
>second job is under the table and only kids in similar situations
>start making friends for the first time since grade school
>they all have shady living situations basically
>I'm not in a position to judge
>wear my new clothes when we hang out
>obviously again, get a lot of shit talked at me for it
>already decided from the beginning, no one is ever going to talk me out of this or take it away from me
>not strong enough on my own to stick to my guns
>start imitating characters that my high schooler brain thinks are cool, like Gus Fring from Breaking Bad
>try to always act stoic, reserved, uncaring
>everyone who knows me just thinks that's how I actually am
>since they're all high schoolers for the most part, I get a reputation for being cool
>they don't know that on the inside I'm scared and sweaty
>absolute height of ott sweet
>hanging out with a couple girls
>we're supposed to go out to a steak house
>girl driving says she has to go to her bf's place to get money
>don't want to go because I know that he's a drug dealer thug
>can't offer to pay for her meal because it would go against my persona
>we go to his apartment
>feel like I'm about to get mugged at any second, I stick out waaay more than usual here
>his apartment just looks like a normal ass single guy's apartment inside
>kind of a relief
>bunch of guys over there
>not as much of a relief


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>stand off to the side of the room scowling and pretending to text on my uguu kawaii flip phone
>everyone else socializing
>maybe I'm just being a freak
>no, I really don't want some hoodrat to think I'm available or something
>front door opens without anyone knocking
>a guy walks in
>he's like 7' tall wearing all Gucci and a fur coat
>holy shit what a fucking poser
>just like me
>he sees me when he closes the door and stops
>weird painfully uncomfortable moment where he just kind of looks me up and down for a second
>but I'm a huge fucking poser, so I just look unbothered and annoyed
>he finally says, "That looks expensive"
>on the inside I'm freaking the fuck out like holy shit yes, someone who understands
>on the outside say nothing and just look at him disapprovingly
>that seems to be what piqued his interest because then he smiles
>he keeps talking to me until I start responding
>I actually don't want to go eat anymore but I don't want him to know I'm actually into him
>he takes my phone, comments on the language being set to Japanese, and saves his phone number to it
>leave without saying good bye
>really want to talk to him again
>but I know that just based on who's home he showed up at and what he was wearing, there's no way he's a good person to hang around
>but I really, really liked his personality
>text him two weeks later
>"Do you know where to get decent dress shoes in America?"
>feel like a huge cringey fag
>he actually responds
>"clearly you dont."
>fall in love immediately
>been in a relationship for almost six years
>judge people, wear expensive clothes, and emulate Prince
>find someone as shallow and mean as you are
>follow your dreams

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met a girl, connected right off the bat. she has bf.
next year i see her again, hang out all three days.
next year the same.
my brother is friends with her, i never knew. each year she is still with bf. but the following year it's ex-fiance. he dumped her. my brother tells me and i hope to see her in the upcoming con. but she has new bf.
this past con, i meet up with her again and it's no ex-bf.
still hang out with her.

i don't actively search her out, we just find each other by accident. even in cosplay where we're hiding our faces we still find each other.

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Is this the same anon who kept whining about their gf in every fucking feels thread? Not even a mentally ill fuck boy wanted to put up with how ugly you are, yikes. But yeah, blame women who are prettier than you. Makes sense that the only person who was willing to date you was a man in a dress.

>implying he "passed"
>implying you aren't just as desperate and unattractive as he is

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Shit, anon. Goals.

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The response has been deleted, any tldr for someone that just joined in?

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Original post was
>my (now ex) "gf" was getting on my nerves by drooling over costhots. I made "her" choose because i was tired of her deeming me "jealous" when i called them what they were,aka costhots. And then dumped "her" today after "her" brushing off the fact i felt uncomfortable.
I shouldnt have given a tranny a chance,even when they fully pass they're still men inside. Drooling over sluts, all of them. I'm sorry I don't have big tits,a big ass and a ton of makeup and skimpy clothes because i have some semblance of self respect

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Original post was:
my (now ex) "gf" was getting on my nerves by drooling over costhots. I made "her" choose because i was tired of her deeming me "jealous" when i called them what they were,aka costhots. And then dumped "her" today after "her" brushing off the fact i felt uncomfortable.
I shouldnt have given a tranny a chance,even when they fully pass they're still men inside. Drooling over sluts, all of them. I'm sorry I don't have big tits,a big ass and a ton of makeup and skimpy clothes because i have some semblance of self respect

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Is there anything stopping you from being more social besides general anxiety? Why didn't you nab their contact info to stay in touch? What other interests/hobbies could you see replacing cosplay? Why are some cosplays "unattainable"?

Sucks, how was the wedding?

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>bid on moitie
>figure i'll lose anyway since i've had bad luck
>spends money and forgets bid
>pay fucking 91 dollars for a headband
>be broke til next friday

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>the turned 21 five days ago
Is there even any reason to live when you're a crusty "moid" like me?

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Great job gull! What are you doing?

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>tfw halloween isn't big here, so no parties to go
>next con is still 2 months away
>I don't have the time and energy to make a costume until then

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NAYRT but it's a feels thread, and they don't have anyone to talk to

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>The -> tfw
I have let my phoneposting show, forgive me.

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Anyways they deserve to be respected, looks have nothing to do with that.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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You're barely even an adult, you clownbaby.

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>tfw posing in a group kneeling down next to another girl.
>her pussy stinks through her costume.
Jesus clean out your fucking box.

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I agreed lol.

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>faggot detected

You're literally just a female claiming to be a 30 year old dude.

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Over 20 is okay if they still have a baby face, but I've never seen a man over 25 retain their cute features. You're still attractive to someone (most women seem to like the wrinkly, sagging balls of old men) but that's just not my lifestyle.

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This is amazing.

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You're just smelling her thong diaper.

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I want to fuck the feels thread funposter who always posts with those Elsa reaction images

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Don't be tsun, gull. I want you

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I want to fuck my gull friend

>> No.10006929

B-But we're both boys, anon-kun.

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>tfw STILL no lolita gf to operate and play Siege with

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> Got an in person interview next week
> Pays better than my current job
> They seemed to like me during the phone interview
> I might finally get away from the shitty work environment I'm currently in
> I'd have more money to be able to spend on cosplay and jfashion

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>be me, shopping at this big fancy mall in classic lolita
>see crush sitting alone at a table in the coffee area, drinking and reading
>he has a full plate of sweets
>mfw there are macaroons there
>smoothly walk up to him
>pull a chair and sit my fluffy ass in it like it was already mine
>say the sweetest fake "hi" known to mankind
>he looks at me over his book
>notices dress
>I keep smiling sweetly and start to nom nom on them macaroons
>he laughs and starts small talk
>pls evolve into a date pls
>2 mall gorillas stop at our table
>"Good afternoon, may we see your ids?"
>present mine
>crush shows his
>gorilla #1 stares at both side by side, and back at us
>"This is a public place. Please keep your interests more private in the future"
>leave us alone, giving some weird looks

There we have it, mall security mistaking lolita for age play.
My fault for wearing a bonnet I guess. But Mr. felt like shit afterwards. I think I won't be wearing lolita at a date, should one ever happen.

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I have a theory that those who get into mall security are largely the ones who were denied or thrown out of police academy but still want to pretend to be law enforcement

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Who the hell goes up to another person and starts eating their food without asking? The only time I'd ever do that is if I'm already in an established relationship with the person

>> No.10006991

>cosplay for the first time in six years
>get asked to participate in video shoot at con
>video gets posted
>my wig was slipping off


Please con photographers/videographers, tell the people you're shooting if there's something off with their costume first.

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It's an RPer, they said "nom nom on them macaroons".

Also, what fucking security would ever do that.

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>>I keep smiling sweetly and start to nom nom on them macaroons

Risky step tho. He could be like “Back off, bitch, these are mine”

>> No.10007001

Even the slightest misstep is a deal breaker for you girls. Guy just says something vague and you immediately assume the worst of him.

>> No.10007004

I know this is bait but for the sake of my sanity, let me point out that women reach their most fertile at 23. At 15 your body is still not ready to have a full pregnancy, so gtfo with your pedo bullshit, you creep

>> No.10007005

my dream dress came in the mail today and it's perfect and I'm really happy about it.
I just starred at it for probably around 30 mins.
It was kind of a lot of money so while it was shipping I started getting nervous/buyers remorse. Like "should I have really paid that much since it's so simple?", "What if there's actually some damage to it?" etc
But as soon as I touched the beautiful lace, I was just like FUCK IT WAS SO WORTH IT
yea I'm just so happy but I'm a lonelita so I have no one that understands, lol

>> No.10007007

Get out fuckpig

>> No.10007009

>At 15 your body is still not ready to have a full pregnancy
American education at work

>> No.10007011

Read up and stop being such a fucking pedo, you illiterate fuck.

>> No.10007012

Congrats! I’m so happy for you anon!

>> No.10007013

I know that feel anon. I'm a lonelita too, and sometimes I'm so happy about my dresses that I spew to random people x3

>> No.10007015

>pointing out that you're a retard makes me a pedo
Calm down you salty cunt, I'm not even the guy you're talking to. Did daddy diddle you or something?

>> No.10007016

Fuuuuck, I'm 25 planning to have kids when I'm 30. How screwed am I?

>> No.10007021

Rude, I'm not into humiliation play. Just answer my concern, please.

>> No.10007030

always go in raaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

>> No.10007031

Yet you will still make him wear a condom.

>> No.10007038

he's not saying he's gonna burst out and go rape every underage girl there,just that its not the right place for him anymore. you sound like youve never had a boyfriend

>> No.10007043

I'm 33 but people easily think I'm in my early to mid-20s. From now on if I ever strike up a private conversation with a girl I'm gonna tell her and see how fast they turn around and walk away.

>> No.10007044

Very. No one likes an old mom. It's not cute

>> No.10007046

It depends on genetics. When you reach your early 30s the rate of getting pregnant is about 57-80% so it’s not the worst, however miscarriage is about 20%

Unless you meant how screwed are you when it comes to getting a partner at that age in order to have kids then yeah, you’re pretty screwed. Men like pedobait bitches.

>> No.10007047

It sounds like you've only ever had garbage boyfriends. It's an inappropriate comment to make, full stop.

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My /cgl/ ex-gf invited me over to watch Dragon Maid, had a lovely afternoon, and then ghosted my ass.

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Callie Cosplay just died... ten days before the 3-year anniversary of my con crush's death.

I hate it when cosplayers die.

>> No.10007076

She begged pretty hard before she died.

>> No.10007079

People get the partner they deserve ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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We can make a movie out of this.
I have a feeling halloween has died everywhere, everyone complains about this, me included.
Just like everyone on this site.

>> No.10007096

>they're still men inside
How is this even a question? No amount of ball chopping and drugs will switch their DNA from xy to xx.

>> No.10007100

When you're sick and been kicked out of your house, I imagine that they beg

>> No.10007119

I don't care much about halloween. It's not a thing in my country and I don't even know the exact date because I always forget anyways. If it wasn't for the continuous attention in lolita comms I'ld forget it exists.

I really don't get the hype around it. I wear black clothes every day of the year, and in lolita I also only wear gothic. It always feels kinda weird that non-gothic fans suddenly wear "gothic lolita" in October as if it's seasonal wear and a halloween costume to them. A lot of the prints are so cutfied to fit the non-gothic taste of lolita's but still be halloween-y that I don't care much about them either.

In the mean time I see a lot of people online getting happy about it, espepcially many gothic lolitas and gothics. And I just don't get it. Most decoration you can buy looks cheap so the buying of that doesn't become more interesting, the only addons to alternative styles and even cultures are done as costume or as a "funny" "let's do this weird stuff as a joke/costume" kinda thing, and many young adults just use it as another exuse to party and drink way too much, like any other holiday. I think very few people know it's origin either, so that also became pretty useless about the day. The only thing I like is the candy part, but we had another holiday for that in my country so I wasn't missing out on that as a kid.

Every October I'm just here like "here we go again" and hope it's not too much overshadowing the post I do find interesting.

>> No.10007121

WoW you are such a special snowflake
>no one cares

>> No.10007135

I hate halloween too but this is a truly special snowflake post, i agree with >>10007121

>> No.10007145

I've always loved Halloween but as a sweet lolita I have literally nothing to wear on Halloween-themed meetups. I don't really feel like purchasing anything that is not my style, not to mention a whole coord, for just one occasion. If only a pink Holy lantern walked into my life... but until then I'm not going to be able to celebrate Halloween in lolita. I still get why people feel the urge to go gothic during this season because it's a lot more ~edgy and witchy~ than what they're used to and to some it's probably fun to experiment with different styles.

>> No.10007149

You're fine.

>> No.10007165

Yeah. I get wanting to experiment and standing out less during that time so it's a nice moment to try it out. But especially for lolita's who have been around longer and do it each year again and never outside of it, it kinda feels weird. Kinda like they use gothic lolita only as a halloween costume, but then complain to normies that lolita is no costume.

Perhaps my post sounded a more harsh than intended. I know it's not always like this and a lot of people don't have any kind of "let's do weird" ideas of bad intentions, or take alternative fashion and cultures as a joke to wear/play with for fun. I was ranting a bit. I just never understood the hype of halloween and I kinda got lost in writing everything I've seen people do with halloween in general that I dislike and/or just don't get the charme from. I understand it's not like that for others, as well that that isn't how most people use halloween. Obviously it's not, else it wouldn't be so loved.

It's more that I can't really get around it and it burries treads I find interesting. But I'm sure I forgot about it next month until the halloween posts start again a year later. It's not that big of a deal really. It just isn't my holiday I guess. Just a bit tiring to see it on each online comm because they're all having multiple posts/treads related to it a whole month every year while I never really liked the holiday. But on the other side, I'm sure everyone has some reoccuring topics they dislike seeing, which is mainly my feel here (beside that mine is sure to return anually, and most others are with unknown timespans). I still like the bodymodification and "what do you wear outside lolita" treads on RC, as long as they are far enough apart that there are most likely a decent amount of new members or the questions is more specific/unusual than the general ones always asked. And people complained that's been beating a dead horse as well.

>> No.10007168

How do you guys cope with getting older? I’m not looking for casual cgl-advice aka “fuck them all, do what makes you happy”, it doesn’t work already. I’d like to keep enjoying weeb shit, but I can’t stop creeping panic that says me my life shouldn’t be like this at my age. It’s not even direct pressure from people around, but I see what kind of lifestyle is respected the most, and I seem having little to zero support in what am I doing. It feels like my own life view gets changed and I can’t stop it, because it’s not what kind of person I’d like to see myself. It’s terrible feel, gulls, I don’t feels like enjoying life anymore, I’m just wasting year after year freaking about time that passes.

>> No.10007170

do something different

>> No.10007171

How do you guys cope with getting older? I’m not looking for casual cgl-advice aka “fuck them all, do what makes you happy”, it doesn’t work already. I’d like to keep enjoying weeb shit, but I can’t stop creeping panic that says me my life shouldn’t be like this at my age. I feel like I might need to give a birth, although I don’t want such kind of connection in my life as it happens between parent and child. I do not want this actual status of person, who is dominated over kid making their basic life decisions until they’re adult. It’s not even direct pressure from people around, but I see what kind of lifestyle is respected the most, and I seem having little to zero support in what am I doing. It feels like my own life view gets changed and I can’t stop it, because it’s not what kind of person I’d like to see myself. It’s terrible feel, gulls, I don’t feels like enjoying life anymore, I’m just wasting year after year freaking about time that passes.

>> No.10007178

Two of my dresses are stuck in
the customs but I haven't received the notice yet and I'm neurotic that I will mark something down wrong without it... Just take my money and give me the damn dresses!

>> No.10007180

I was talking to my girl friend the other day and she turned to me and said “anon you are weird but handsome why do you not have a girlfriend yet?”
I was shy and told her that she could be my girlfriend but she laughed and said “no I’m Tj girlfriend, I’m just your girlfriend”
It burns deep and I wanted to be more than just her boyfriend but she has a boyfriend and he gets pretty hereabouts Jeremy (if you know what I mean)
Kind of confused why she would compliment me and then shit me down, I do know she always whispers to her younger sister when I’m around (if you’ll pardon the pun)

>> No.10007181

jesus christ this is the most autistic thing i've read in a while.

You're single because your retarded.

>> No.10007184

i'm just a line cook, but it's at a super high end place. i'm making about 15 dollars an hour starting off and they aren't conservative when it comes to raises as long as you do a good job, and i love being in a kitchen so i'm pretty happy to do anything they ask of me

>> No.10007188

People like you should be killed, you bring the overall intelligence of the whole species down.

She shut you down because she isn’t single, duh.

>> No.10007199

Not bait. I’m a girl and I do not blame men for being attracted to teens. Everyone is cuter as a 17-18 yr old. You know as well as I do that we start showing age sometimes as young as 20. Hence why I said I was jealous.

>> No.10007201

Epic. This needs to be a shoujo manga

>> No.10007202

You realize "milf" is one of the most popular tags on porn sites, right?

>> No.10007204
File: 398 KB, 878x767, rubypreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I gave that thotty my Lucky Star shirt and she never called me back.

>> No.10007206

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.10007211

There's this one girl at every lolita meet will always complain about the food. She's never hosted a meet in the years of joining the comm, so she doesn't appreciate the organisation process involved i.e. sending dietary info to the venue, which they don't read. But she complains, makes a scene and I'm over it.
I know allergies are serious, I just can't manage their incompetent restaurants staff from here.

>> No.10007236
File: 120 KB, 1067x600, 1BF04D78-BAE0-43EF-9A25-88733F60AAEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kind of confused why she would compliment me and then shit me down
It must be nice being this painfully oblivious

>> No.10007247
File: 61 KB, 686x694, gr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Getting ghosted really sucks

>> No.10007273
File: 17 KB, 439x335, 1534792241771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I didn't hate blue/navy colourways so much...all my dream dresses have been popping up recently but only in the frikking blue colours and I'm so frustrated because it makes me look washed out and sickly whenever I try to wear it.

>> No.10007296

Confused on this, did she die from rabies? Her bf ditched her? Obviously it's quite sad but this is the first I'm hearing about it (and her).

>> No.10007297

Either do something differently or keep doing what you're doing.
If you just feel that way because of general societal expectations you'll be pleased to know that in general people really don't give a shit. In general what matters most is how mature you act and how well put together you are.

>> No.10007298

Ooo very nice. Is it a general restaurant or specialty?

>> No.10007308
File: 1.55 MB, 227x172, 96B59CB5-611A-47F4-AA12-416C023F6598.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Either do something differently or keep doing what you're doing.

You’re the most adorable little thing!

>> No.10007311

I sometimes miss how hot I was at 18. Then again I look a lot manlier now

>> No.10007314

Ok I'm a complete outsider here but how is dressing seasonally in witchy or gothic stuff any different than wearing wintery Christmassy clothes or Valentine's stuff? I dabbled in lolita for a bit and it seems like there were always themes, Halloween just seems more obvious about it because it's also considered expected by normies to wear costumes and therefore they probably would more easily get the wrong idea around this time. But how is it any different than other holiday coords?

>> No.10007323

You get to spend your remaining years finding and hoarding all the good scotch.
What the fuck is a "moid"?

>> No.10007326

You're right, I should've specifically said change what you do or change your perspective

>> No.10007327

Male version of ""'femoid""", used ironically because both of them are fucking stupid
Also I'm too young to understand what you mean by that

>> No.10007328

I was told I could get a cosplay/weeb gf here

>> No.10007331

Fuck off don't just fucking post that shit, at least try to have some kind of finesse
I can tell you're from /r9k/ so go hit >>>/fit/ first

>> No.10007335

Hey fuck off. I'm not from the incel board or the recovering incel board, I'm from /sp/ ya seething simp

>> No.10007337
File: 1.65 MB, 2509x1122, dilemma fulfilled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck scotch I want to give myself a training, airplaine, or CTE related death

>> No.10007388
File: 128 KB, 664x621, 1522108609441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not detecting such an obvious falseflag
this board really is full of girls

>> No.10007397

Fuck you ya simp I'm not no falseflagger ya pinhead

>> No.10007403

Fun fact: there are plenty of biological men with xx chromosomes (as in, they were born with a dick and everything) and plenty of women with xy chromosomes. There are also a fair amount of people with more than two sex chromosomes, like xxy or xxx.

>> No.10007407

technically they are not "biological males" if hey have xx chromosomes.

>> No.10007408

You were lied to, we're all lesbians.

>> No.10007409

Depends on your definition. Sometimes people define biological gender by what the reproductive system looks like, and males with xx chromosomes can have functioning male genitalia

>> No.10007410
File: 471 KB, 474x379, D9D627AD-A8DE-49D5-9C91-F9CB9B16D39D.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10007414
File: 155 KB, 375x362, 1484120994750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck that one's depressing as hell.

>> No.10007415


>> No.10007417

I spent one horrid moment thinking that I don't fit in my dress. As I had squeezed in I finally realized that the waist ties were already tied very tight.

>> No.10007418

i did that too once, that was a scare lmao

>> No.10007426

tfw about to drop out from uni for the second time because I’m a crippling depressed mess and cosplay and Lolita can’t keep me happy anymore. Man I just want to die but I’m a massive pussy.

>> No.10007430

Because unlike valentine or Christmas stuff, gothic and gothic lolita is everyday clothes for lot's of people and it's made as everyday clothes. Especially when many lolitas like to scream the fashion isn't a costume, it seems kinda hypocritical to use another substyle of the same fashion as a costume yourself.

>> No.10007431

Little addon. I'm mainly talking about the people who try to make gothic coords for Halloween and normally never wear it. Not the people wearing sweet/classic dresses with a Halloween print. I only mentioned those in my original post because as someone who wears gothic lolita all the time, I don't like them because they are often too sweet for me, so I feel like I don't really get more releases I like to buy from the holiday so it's no pro to me. It's unrelated to the point of people wearing gothic as costume.

>> No.10007432

I only wear my Christmas sweaters around Christmas time, that doesn't make them a costume. Some people just like to dress for the season

>> No.10007433

Either change yourself to the norm, or harden up and build a shell against people considering you different. Those are your only options really. Doing stuff that's not the norm will always make you looked down upon. If you can man up on that life is a thousand times more fun doing your own thing. But if you're mentally to weak to stop caring the only other option is to confirm to the norm.

Ask yourself. If you need to choose. Do you want people to look up to you and do stuff you like less? Or do you want to do what you really love but have people look down on you?

>> No.10007434

Disagree. I think they look too young still. I think mid twenties, if you take well care of your skin up to late twentie is ideal. Young enough to show youth, old enough to have some experience (both in general life as in bed).

>> No.10007436

Even if there are fuck-ups from the staff, I feel one could be polite in giving feedback over that. And beside maybe a small mention in hope the staff can still fix it, do it afterwards and make the meet best possible. She sounds like a bitch. One of the kind that's correct in what she says (fuck-ups suck if you have allergies, especially if it happens often) but that says it in such a way people automatically dislike you and want to choose the other side.

>> No.10007439

I believe it had more to do with different part of the body having different chromosomes. So like, your arm could technically be xx while your dick is xy (very rough version/explanation just to make the point obviously, I don't even get enough character to properly explain, nor do I want to. If you care, search it up yourself in actual research papers with validity and not random websites I would say).

In the end, it's only a problem if reproductive organs and brain differ much from each other. That would actually cause trans, and is rare. Doesn't explain this huge amount of "trans" people nowadays. Honestly, I feel a lot of people are being special snowflakes + a lot of people talk their children into it as soon as they have any interest in something typically for the other gender.

>> No.10007443

To be completely honest it’s not just issue with being looked down, but also almost never having positive affirmation. You know, other people doing normie things, they get validation from each other and make a sorta community, while I’m going to be all alone. I’m just so scared of living my life.

>> No.10007445

Doesn't change that no one wears Christmas sweaters in summer or they'll be weird. It isn't regular clothes. It's seasonal weird at it's core. But for lolitas it's normal to wear gothic all year round. It's not seasonal in it's core. Halloween prints itself are which is why I don't mind people wearing those, but general gothic lolita is not.

When you specific dress gothic because it's Halloween, to me, that feels like gothic is your Halloween costume. And that feels kinda odd. Because if you like it, why only wear it in October if it are normal clothes? Why be so tight on not wearing it a day before or after? Why feel the need to mention you wear it "because Halloween" whenever you post something online?

I understand if you first dabble a bit in gothic, want to try the style out. But if you do it each year again and never wear it outside of Halloween it feels like you do consider it a costume you can only wear during a celebration people wear costumes on.

>> No.10007448

cant tell if its an angry lesbian or a soiboi

>> No.10007450

This is generally valid for most areas of security desu. Expected the mall not to have guys bothering the clients unless something is really happening. But lolita fashion is quite "something" in the eyes of normies, I guess.
Consider it a cultural difference. We are already on friendly terms, so non-verbal sharing of sugary treats is part of the deal - I am well known to have an unmatched sweet tooth and to act on it.
Generally true, but cute guy sitting alone at a table, seemingly bussy, leaving a plate of treats unattended in the middle is an invitation for glutonous girls... in more than one way.
Yes, macarOOns. The fuzzy stuff everybody overlooks . They are heavenly when you half-coat them in chocolate.
We are on an Indian fish gutting site and your biggest concern is the non-academic form of English being used?
I know the east part of the country is considered the human trafficking hellhole, but in south-west everyone is normal enough to not warrant random id checks for dressing differently.

>> No.10007462

Just because your getting older doesn't mean you cant still enjoy it as long as you don't let it consume your life I use to buy a crap ton of manga but I stopped and now only really watch anime since I can enjoy it by myself and no one else has to know now when I got to conventions (which I limit to only two a year) I no longer buy any artwork or plush I buy a keychain and don't go crazy just make sure you enjoy it in moderation and you'll be fine

>> No.10007465

Not rabies obviously, but I'm also doubtful about the whole ordeal. Her "mom" sounded flippant posting about it, and none of her conditions (endometriosis, fibromyalgia, ehlers danlos, and one more I forgot) were lethal by themselves. Molar pregnancies too aren't that rare or that lethal. It's like she kept on adding diagnoses to make more from ebegging and then died when it didn't go as planned.

Sorry if that comes over as cold, but in twenty some years of fandom online I've seen heaps of fake deaths and psuicides. For every person that's really dead ten pretend to be and then miraculously come back from the grave.

>> No.10007467

eat moar fish.

>> No.10007487

She's already out.

>> No.10007499

Oh lol. I just hate it when anon tries to force “all lolitas are lesbians” thing trying to legitimize harassment in community.

>> No.10007504

People keep harrassing me on tumblr and I think it's some one I knew back in the day stalking me. I don't really know how to go about it because when I block them they come back, and when I ignore them they spam the ask box. I've taken to ignoring and watching the ask notifications go up, but I really just feel uncomfortable knowing they're around

>> No.10007505

>n-not all lolitas
It's a meme, calm your tiddies.

>> No.10007511

Just reply nonchalantly to them. Then they’ll stop.

>> No.10007513

That's what you get for ghosting

>> No.10007515 [DELETED] 
File: 111 KB, 321x290, heh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cringe and blue pilled.

>> No.10007519 [DELETED] 

>in abusive relationship w/ bf who hates lolita
>have supportive friend who likes me but respects my relationship and isnt creeprz
>abusive bf wants me to break ties w/ my friend
>want to actually be w/ friend but scared of leaving abusive bf
>ghost friend
>abusive bf throws away half of my wardrobe one day because he thought i was still talking to friend
>last straw, break up w/ him
>try to get contact w/ friend again
>mfw he already moved on and has qter than me fairy kei gf
>he still talks to me but is always busy now

fuck life

>> No.10007521
File: 36 KB, 564x727, 1528016806376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw three dream dresses popped up this month
>already snatched one
>debating whether to buy just one or both of the others
man, lolita's going to suck me dry

>> No.10007522

You can always trade down to me

>> No.10007525

>7th grade
You must be
18 18 18 years old
or older to post here~
18 18 18 years old
or older to post here~!

>> No.10007528

Dude I'd normally agree but you do realise 2007 was 11 years ago right?

>> No.10007529

I don't want to give them attention because then they'll think it's ok to talk to me

>> No.10007539
File: 286 KB, 599x427, kantaicrack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know how drug addicts reach a point where they can't feel normal without drugs?

I think I've hit that point with cons. They used to be a high for me, but now they just get me back up to normal.

>> No.10007540

Fun with fucked up DNA

>> No.10007543

If she was 11-13 in 2007, that would make her 22-24
I think they're looking for you at the nursing home, grandma

>> No.10007546

keep blocking him

>> No.10007560


Shit I hope this doesn't happen to me. My first was this august and now I'm addicted. Will have gone to five by the end of the year

>> No.10007567

>still thinks 2007 was just a few years ago
You are old now, anon.

>> No.10007571

Unless you're horribly depressed like me, you'll be fine.

I was 17 in 2007 and I feel old as FUCK.

>> No.10007588
File: 381 KB, 678x796, 063f306f-80bb-4c51-abb3-40539274f57f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw I keep trying to answer my front door in a black and white rectangle headdress but throwing it off last second because I feel too awkward in it lmfao.

the past year i finally started to be able to afford lolita after liking it for years, but Ive had to really work on my confidence like crazy to be able to wear it outside. this damn headdress feels like an intense hurdle, I'm mad at myself. How tf will I be able to wear it outside if I cant wear it to answer the door..

>> No.10007597
File: 16 KB, 384x384, 4ed4231902d5c8b82c5b7b817750d6ce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started getting into alt fashion communities (goth/metal scene) because I'm into that kind of music and fashion as well as Lolita but and fucking hell, not only is there tons more drama and cringe than any lolita comm, but nobody can dress themselves or comb their hair for shit. They all seem to idolize ItsBlackFriday and Adora BatBrat and think they look like them, but they look bad. I've never seen a level of open delusion like that before. Costume-tier wigs, makeup skills of a child, abrasive personalities, the kind of shit that would have someone laughed out of any EGL community. Not to mention how many blatant creepers people are friends with and enabling.

I feel so weird because I always got the impression that the Lolita community was really wacky in terms of drama and people getting the fashion wrong, but I feel like everything's been turned on its head for me.

I'm honestly so glad that the general Lolita community is so insular and at least a little better at not shining the spotlight on people like this. It's not perfect but it sure as shit ain't that bad.

>> No.10007603
File: 52 KB, 1054x950, 24E53567-0838-495A-B0DA-179A8D7263CF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get an item off of jp mercari for about $30
>simple tulle skirt marked as free size
>description says "i've only worn it a couple times"
>finally get skirt
>shirring is stretched to shit and it falls off of my body when I put in on

I was so excited to receive this skirt, fuck. I guess I'll just... get it taken in? I don't know anything about stretched shirring and sewing, lol

>> No.10007607

Maybe start off with bows first? They're easier to get used to, assuming they're not of the head eating kind of course.

You can get it taken in but if you want to keep the shirring, you should just have the elastic replaced.

>> No.10007616

I was 9 in 2007

>> No.10007638

I feel like I get what you mean and why you aren't looking for "just do it anyway"-types of advice.
As you get older, you get a bit more cynical without even noticing at first. It's nothing too extreme, but as the years go by you might find you aren't able to get as excited about weeby things or anything else as you used to be. Not because you've been spending too much time in that specific hobby or lifestyle, but because you don't have as much energy and a bigger frame of reference. This point reaches everyone at different ages, but this is something you can eventually spot in just about everyone.
Eventually most people just slowly conform to the way the rest of society lives their lives without even being bothered by it. A very small eccentric subset of people might still turn away from it, but there aren't many of those.

>> No.10007669

This is gonna be a blog post and I apologise but I've never really told this story and I need it off my chest.

When I was 13, I met a guy at a con. He was 19, and was in my town just for a few months to visit his sister. He told me he had no friends in the area and asked me to hang out. I, being a naive 13 year-old girl, believed that all he wanted was friendship. But obviously not.

Long story short, he assaulted me. Multiple times. But I didn't understand what was going on, even though I told him 'no', afterwards he would say 'oh I thought you wanted it but were just nervous'. Sometimes I would try to push him off me but he was bigger and stronger than me.
At the time I had very few friends and even though he was ignoring my wishes when it came to what I was willing to do sexually, I started to 'date' him. He lived in another country but would come to visit me every few months. I was lonely and my mother was mentally ill and very neglectful. Sometimes even abusive. The guy promised me that he would take me out of the situation of living with my mother and give me somewhere safe to live where I would be fed and have a stable housing situation (my mother couldn't hold onto a place for more than a couple months, and there would often not be any food in the house).

By the time I was 15 he was talking about marriage. I was starting to understand the idea that my body was my own at this stage and I was angry at him about the assaults, but every time I would argue with him he would love-bomb me afterwards and make me feel like I depended on him.

Soon he started to get controlling. I had to text him every two hours or he would have a freakout and claimed he thought I was dead. He tried to make me stop having male friends. My best friend at this time was male and he HATED him. Saw him as a threat. Told me I would have to stop being his friend sooner or later. (1/2)

>> No.10007676

Well my friend realised what was happening with the guy since whenever I would hang out with my friends, I would have to text/call him constantly. My friend stepped in and basically told me what was going on, made me understand that it wasn't okay what this guy was doing to me. But I didn't break up with him for a long time, not until I was 17. He had completely groomed me into thinking I was dependant on him. Even after I broke up with him, he wouldn't believe me, and came to my town (keep in mind, he lives IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY) multiple times for 'confirmation' (I think actually just to stalk me).

My mother even invited him over for dinner months after I'd broken up with him and she told me I should go, that I 'owed' him for how 'nice' he'd been to me. He would also call my mother to ask for information about me. Even though I told her that he'd sexually assaulted me multiple times, she remained in touch with this guy and they were friends for like two years afterwards.
That's part of why I moved out of home at 19 even though I didn't really have the means to afford it.

I'm doing so much better now, I have a job and I'm going to college, but fuck. I still wake up screaming sometimes because I have nightmares that I'm getting raped. I'm paranoid whenever I'm in a crowded place that I'll run into him, that he's come to my country again to stalk me. I keep thinking random strangers are him and panicking. I blocked him on social media but I think some of my friends still have him added and interact with him... I don't know if I should tell them what he did or not. It's been years. I wish this didn't still bother me so much.

>> No.10007677

Well, I guess that's it. I'll quit the fashion.

I'm a brolita and right now we're having elections on my country. The right-wing candidate is prob gonna win, and his followers are chanting things like "a good gay is a dead gay" and "we're finally going to kill all fags of this country" on public places like subway and pubs.

I'm so depressed right now. I'm not even gay, but I'm sure if someone from this party spot me they won't even ask my sexual orientation.

I don't want blood on my brand.

>> No.10007682

>his followers are chanting things like "a good gay is a dead gay" and "we're finally going to kill all fags of this country" on public places like subway and pubs
They sound based as fuck

>> No.10007687
File: 125 KB, 1600x1200, 1522595792032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Order some rings and bracelets
>Get package
>Oh no I hate this.jpg
>The colour is totally off
>Too bright and plasticy(?)
>About to be mad
>Hold up...
>A friend of mine has her birthday this week
>She's big on decora
>These are literally perfect for her
>I already have plans to meet her this weekend
>Bust out my cute wrapping paper

My initial disappointment has turned into heartwarming joy. I won't lie and pretend I ordered it for her, that's just dumb and vain. No matter the story behind them I'm sure she'll appreciate the genuine "hey, I thought these would fit you and your style!"

>> No.10007697

Are you in Brasil? I'm sorry anon ):

>> No.10007701

You'll have a child only to find there's little to zero support for that either unless you live in poverty. Otherwise, support for mothers exist because they rarely get to hang out with other people. Often, friends stop visiting once you have a child. However, with no pressure for people around you, are you certain that it's not possibly you who finds parenthood respectable? There's nothing wrong with having a child, and it's true 25-35 is generally the best age. You don't want to be 45 with a 10-year-old running around in most instances. That being said, people don't change just because they have a child. You can have a kid, and you can enjoy all your 'weeb shit'. Also, there's some cute Japanese brands for kids. I noticed American brands are starting to catch up.

I can't have children so I've lived my whole life with the acknowledgement that's not in my future. There's plenty of women who cannot give birth so why should we believe it's the 'most respectable' lifestyle? Every lifestyle has it's own measures of success; that's for you to determine and accomplish. My measure is school, the cleanliness and decor of my home, my pets, my hobbies and interests, and, obviously, paying the bills. If it is good, I have accomplished what I deem respectable for my age. What is your measures, and is it possibly different then mine since you can have a kid? I dunno' if any of that helps, but I tried.

>> No.10007702

Just ignore any type that might appear in that post. I'm not fixing it. For a /cgl/ related feel, I'm waiting on a bunch of packages to arrive in the mail. It's the first huge haul I've done in over a year.

>> No.10007709

hey grandma i was in 5th grade in 2007, and i'm 21. pls don't forget me desuu

>> No.10007726

I don't really think I'm tired of cosplay either, I'm always thinking about what would be cool to cosplay when watching anime and I don't have any better hobbies lined up either. It's just that I've gotten nowhere in cosplay and lose motivation frequently, and don't have that much fun actually cosplaying stuff.

Even talking to them was scary, and part of why I did it was to get over wanting to talk to them so I could stop stalking them while being too shy to talk.
Also they were going somewhere else so couldn't talk for long, would have to approach again if I wanted to talk more. And I never ask for people's contact info, maybe I could but that's not something I do and sounds super scary.
Also, they didn't really remember me so there's no reason they'd want contact.

Cosplays are unattainable because of body type, and not in a way that can be solved by eating less or working out. No matter what I do they'll never look good. Still working on one though.

Also really bad at staying in touch. I have like three people on facebook I keep pestering about uninteresting stuff and everyone else I talk to at most once or twice a year if I talk to them at all.
Maybe I'll try something at my next con though. I used to be braver but most of my personality has died over the years. I used to be shy when coming to a con, but eventually get over that wall and start talking to people. That has stopped now.

Thank you to both of you though.

On to a completely different thing, I hate how I don't recognize people. This time especially one was bad, I've seen them at some cons now and then and every time they have greeted me and we've had some nice, although really short, conversation, and one of my better con experiences in recent years was due to spending the day with them. It's really embarrassing. And while they keep forgiving me and keep being nice, I wonder how many other relationships I'be ruined with this.

>> No.10007727

Lmao one time I ordered chipotle (stupid late night craving), and I had been trying on coords and scared the delivery guy away- didn’t even ask for a tip. Noped out of there quickly lol.

>> No.10007730

>didn’t even ask for a tip.
Do Americlaps actually ask for tips?

>> No.10007731

No, no one "asks" for tips.

this sounds like a thing that didnt happen

>> No.10007737

I don't follow anyone on ig if they aren't Europeans living in Europe. I like to stick to my people.

>> No.10007749

i can wear a head eating bow pretty easily, idk but there's something about this fucking rectangle headdress that my self-hating irrational brain is like 'the postman will think you're a FREAK dressed up as a victorian child, so take it off.' hahaha. I love them to death, i'll eventually conquer them. i've been consistently pushing my boundaries and caring less, and i didnt have the confidence to wear lolita outside a year ago soo.. good feels really.

lmao. i feel like when you're in your house people find it strange for you to be wearing such 'formal wear'. as opposed to you looking like you're wearing a strange fashion outside walking around. maybe in our houses people see us answering the door and think 'what the fuck weird shit did i peek in on'

>> No.10007750

Honestly I get your feels for headdresses, I've been in the fashion for years and still worry that I can't pull them off even though they're adorable in my opinion.
Be brave, anon, looking like a Victorian child is a good look to have in this fashion.

>> No.10007757
File: 191 KB, 656x704, Screenshot_20180525-220139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aw, thank you. i think literally everyone looks cute in them, so dont worry. but yeah, I shall try.

>> No.10007758

>my people
Shitholes like Romania and Turkey are technically European too, don't lump us in with them. Cheers

>> No.10007763

Please use services and websites based in your country. You'll help your country's industry develop

>> No.10007817

It saddens me that this board isn't as good as it used to be a couple of years ago. I try to be active and post content and stuff, but a lot of the time it feels like I'm just shouting into the void. I know there's Facebook and stuff, but I much prefer anonymous forums so this is really the only place I've got.

>> No.10007822

Why would you say the board is not as good? What's the issue?

>> No.10007825

Too many blacks

>> No.10007827


>> No.10007828

There's less actual lolita content, less other jfashion content and I feel like the board is more hostile and less open. It was always salty af, buy I feel like it's worse now.

>> No.10007829

What do you have against gothic?

>> No.10007835

once youre a little older you see that 17-18 year olds are still children. i think early 20s are the good balance

>> No.10007852

I'm outgrowing my local comm. I live in a college town (I'm still in school too, but I had a later start so I'm in my early 20's) so most of us are college-age and all my friends seem to be interested in is gossip, drama, and shittalking. Cosplay as well, but mostly drama. I recently was targeted by a group within the community for stuff I did/did not do back in high school and my friends took my side, and for a while it was just "ugh this person is so shitty they did THIS" "ugh I know they did THIS to THEM too!" "fuck those cunts!" "yeah!", but that was 6 months ago, I've blocked the entire group on Facebook, and I want to move on. Now I'm still hearing shit about them, depending on which combination of friends I'm hanging out with I hear them taking shit about other people within the community that we are all supposedly friends with, I'm told to my face "Yeah I/x person/we HATE your boyfriend" because while he's hilarious and easygoing, he will tell people the truth and if someone asks for advice he won't sugarcoat it. ("What should I do about me failing this class?" "Take a break from cosplay. Stop posting to Instagram/Tik Tok and attend class" "YOU'RE SO MEEEEEAN!") All this, plus the fact that a lot of rumors were going around me make me pretty damn sure that all my "friends" are also talking shit about me when I'M not there as well. I'm not insanely older than these people, I'm almost 24 and my youngest friend in this group is 20, but I feel like I'm on a completely different level from these people.

I just wanna dress up as a fictional character and hang out with friends, why are we all tearing each other down?

>> No.10007854

I always have this intense fear that everyone in my comm secretly hates me. I don't know why - no one's done anything to make me feel this way, I've always been welcome at meets, we hang out in smaller groups outside of official comm stuff, and in general the community is really sweet... but I never feel like I'm doing enough. I end up telling myself that I talk too much, that I'm saying the wrong thing, that my coords aren't good enough, that I'm being annoying.

I guess it's not all bad because it pushes me to want to get more involved, host more meets, and try harder, but at the end of the day, I do all of that because I feel like I'm inherently unlikeable and because of that if I stopped being useful to everyone, they would stop hanging out with me. I feel like everyone only tolerates me now because they're being nice and since I'm in all the group chats and stuff, they're too polite to get rid of me.

I love lolita fashion and I love my community, but sometimes I'm think that they'd be better off without me.

>> No.10007855

Sorry to hear what happened to you. if you can afford it, try looking into speaking to a therapist to help yourself more. good you got out of the situation though

>> No.10007856

that's you anon. low self esteem. work on it.

>> No.10007858
File: 36 KB, 240x235, 45171d72_2008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happened to me with pic related. Skirt was big enough for three people to stand in.
Good luck with the repairs!

>> No.10007907
File: 67 KB, 500x498, 1536080010072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Just got Email from Clobba saying the skirt I want is only available in blue now
I swear to fucking god I'm cursed

>> No.10007910

>been dieting hardcore last 2 months
>essentially skipping meals and also cutting out all junkfood
>stomach must have shrunk or something because if I eat the same portions I used to, I get sick and even throw up from being overfull (puked all of a sudden, then felt totally fine afterwards)
>has finally shown results
>old clothes are all baggy on me
>slender belly, ribs show
>thighs are still fucking FAT
What suffering. Size 4 is getting big on me and my thighs are still fat. How the fuck even.
I got a foot massage once because I couldn't walk from working on my feet so much. Wasn't very good. Tipped like two dollars. Bitch blocked the entrance and demanded I tip more. Never went back, needless to say. So yes. Tipping culture here is... Asinine, to say the least. Huge sense of entitlement. I just don't tip at all anymore.

>> No.10007921

desu I'm getting fine smile lines and some creases around my eyes (27). It's only visible really close up but it drives me nuts. I put all the skincare products on it and take collagen supplements daily but nothing seems to be working. Now I'm in panic mode that I should find a husband in the next few years. Of course I'm horribly picky about guys so it doesn't help. People still mistake me for a teenager so it isn't bad, but you get up pore-close on that mirror and you want to kys.
Now I have to think about how to transition into middle age gracefully, if I live that long I guess. I'm too cutesy cutesy and this won't be cute at 40.
milf and OL fetishization gives me hope.

>> No.10007931
File: 96 KB, 500x476, 1537934125919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As your opposite who's crazy about blue colourways I'm still upset at your curse. It's not right to have all of that blue loveliness be thrown at someone who abhors the very thought.

You should invest in christian prints to lift the curse, perhaps?

Also, Clobba is very kind. My interaction with them has been pleasant, so just fire up those emails back and forth.

>> No.10007938

hot lesbians?

>> No.10007943

>old laptop on it's last legs despite many years of service
>feel super sad switching to the brand new top of the line one I just bought
>makes me feel like I'm betraying it after 8 years of grueling gaming to the point where it needs an external fan 24/7 or it will implode

I shouldn't have to feel this way about a piece of junk, r-right guys?

cosplay related, uhhhh I'm super fucking pumped for AnimeNYC. I managed to start creating a costume that will fit it really thematically and I'm really excited for the Aimer concert. I might even try making a prop since I had some materials lying around, just gotta tie up some other loose ends.

>> No.10007944

Dude you need help

>> No.10007945

Dieting is only half of getting the kind of body you want. It may help to start exercising more often, building lean muscle in your legs, etc. I'm not a fitness expert, but cardio and light weights are your friend. It's not the most fun, but I'd try running on a treadmill or using an elliptical several times a week

>> No.10007948

Fitness anon again: it's more helpful for your health to eat balanced meals and not skip; it'll destroy your metabolism. Good luck anon, and I hope this helps, if only a little bit.

>> No.10007951


Hell yeah Aimer concert! I'm bummed I missed out on the S class tickets but it should still be awesome.

Also how tf is going to cons in NYC cheaper than DC or atlanta. I guess the hotels in NYC haven't figured out they can milk us

>> No.10007970

take the laptop apart and keep the hard drive and sell the ram.

>> No.10007973

How many lolitas do you think wear the fashion out of a sheer sense of social alienation? Occasionally I'll get (well-meaning in context) comments about how "brave" I am about being able to wear it without worrying about people judging me. While I've never actually said it in response, I've always thought that it's not about confidence. It's more the logic that since I already don't fit in with normies in a lot of different ways other than fashion, I might as well wear lolita since they're already gonna think badly of me / not accept me anyway.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, I guess I'm just wondering if it's the same for a lot of gulls too.

>> No.10007990

>social alienation
that’s the sole reason i don’t wear it as much as i want to

>> No.10007991

>Thighs are fat
Are you sure it's not muscle gull? Also thicc thighs look good on girls

>> No.10007993

Why's that, anon? I find it's the opposite for me, where if I feel especially bad I'll just be dying to wear lolita even more because it cheers me up. Is it because you only wear it when you go out, and you don't feel you have opportunities to go out?

>> No.10007996

It sucks that you don't get that, I understand it can make it harder if it feels like you're doing something wrong. You didn't specify what kind of weeb stuff you're into exactly, but might joining some kind of community help, even if it's just a relevant Discord or something?

Ultimately though, the validation does have to come from yourself. You can't constantly rely on external validation. I know it maybe sounds flippant, but it really does boil down to you just realizing that your happiness is the most important thing, and that if weeb stuff keeps making you happy, you should keep doing it. Also, one thing that people often forget is that people probably aren't looking down on you nearly as much as you think they are. Most people are totally absorbed in their own lives and spend way more time thinking about themselves than judging you for your hobbies. Of course, it's easier said than done, but I do feel like at least trying to adopt that attitude helped me with the same fear. Good luck, anon.

>> No.10007997

>bitch is dying
>goes to Uni just to be a burden on the tax paer

I don't think Leah has a plan to pay back the money she spend trying to get her Gender Studies degree.

>> No.10008001

i don’t like it when people stare at me... even when i go to my tea spot people stare, i hate it

>> No.10008007

Fair enough, I don't like it either. I hope that your love of lolita can outweigh how bothersome it is to get normie attention, though.

>> No.10008015

Ah, I've not noticed any wrinkling yet, and I'm your age. However, I've started getting darker circles then usual if I end up not getting enough sleep. That said, I don't think any of us look good pore-close. Out there somewhere in the world, there's a girl with perfect skin that close to a mirror going, "Why the fuck is skin so disgusting?" I guess we are suppose to 'transition' gracefully, huh?

I just stay away from sailor collars and super short mini-skirts. I've found brown eyeliner is a nice switch. You know, I personally always smile when I see a well-dressed older lady so maybe it won't be all that bad. Ah, hell, I ain't too worried about men. Half the people I know my age are starting to bald. If I'm going to care less that they're balding, I don't think they're going to care about the occasional 'fine line'. It isn't even like I find young men attractive anymore. I'm only just shy of 27, and men in their early 20's look like babies to me now. It's weird.

>> No.10008017

hugs for you, anon.
Go talk to a therapist. Seriously. And think about trying out some medication with your doctor. It seriously does help.

Please be careful, anon

>> No.10008020

I'm sorry anon. I never replied earlier because I don't know what to say. Even most the right wing in my own country think people should be free to walk around without fear of getting beat up or killed over their appearance. You can still wear it at home, and wear it out with a group of friends in public, if you feel unsafe in the following years.

>> No.10008050

Having extra chromosomes just turns people into infertile, violent retards. How anyone thinks this is a good argument for TRAs is beyond me.

>> No.10008052

Your mother is some kind of pedophile for enabling his abuse, she literally pushed you into the arms of a child sex predator. That bitch is pure evil, barely human, I hope you burned all your bridges with her, anon.

>> No.10008054

desu i’ve had experiences where old pizza men ask me for tips. even asking me for more “you expect this to pay off my car?” I’m in the us

>> No.10008056

>DD I've never seen on sale before pops up
>profess interest in buying
>check back regularly for answer
>listing disappears
>DDD curse
>dream dress desert

>> No.10008072

You already did the hard stuff by getting yourself out of a bad situation, even if it meant doing it alone. If you think your friends interact with them you can bring it up privately and let them make their own decision. They may not believe you, but then it's easier for you to cut contact with bad friends than hold onto them. You seem really strong, but you still have healing to do. And you know exactly what you don't want in relationships with people close to you now. Don't get too upset about not magically healing in one day. It will take time, but it will get better.

Don't worry at all. I worked in cosmetics during college and applied make up from kid to adult age range, even some kids have eye bags and lines. It's really not a big deal and most people don't notice it unless you're super close. Looking human isn't a bad thing. Take care of yourself and be confident and you'll look fine.

>> No.10008074
File: 85 KB, 628x340, tmntgun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been unemployed for a few months now, and I feel so dead inside. How do I not want to kms?

At this rate, I won't be able to afford to go to HolMats.

>> No.10008079

>as they say, the old me was slain
nice reference. this actually made me smile

>> No.10008081

>emulate Prince
You're truly living the life, anon. Right on.

>> No.10008082 [DELETED] 

13:14 on October 9, 2018, it seems to be related to a cuttlefish on Saturday? Strangeness in the hole of the nose! 【Alright Crunchy】 Konami? Contamination?

It seems that there is an influence suppressing my anger at 13:05 on October 10, 2018? 13: 06 Tranquilization ball? 13: 10 Magnum?
13:03, a strange feeling in the hole of the nose and the buttock hole occurred! The baby's voice came from behind the head!
13:03, is [Sei Gaidarari] a religious relationship with Kabbalah's magic relation?

At 12:47, 2018/10/9, is this? Is it no better with a baby-sounding voice? Mariko? Contamination (contaminated)?
12: 43, Did you induce thoughts that babies like to forgive me bad things or do not matter? Curtis Rumei? bomb?
12: 21, Mail (Does someone have a look at me?)? Cannonball? Konchi tampon?
12: 15, Hijikata, Hijikata? 12: 16 Reload? Empire (gun) ?? 12: 19 Pygmy (African race?)?
12: 08, Would you say something? Dogeza? 12:12 The nose has crushed feeling! Please give me 12: 13?
11: 54, Atkins? Cabala ?? bald? Psalm of the Old Testament ?? 12: 08 Do you feel that forgiveness came in? Are you a baby?
11:49, a baby-sounding voice from behind the head! back? worst? Would you like something? Atkins?
11: 45 I noticed yesterday, but I heard that babies and others are giving bad influences by needles and stinging?
11: 15, smell of bugs? 11:44 An image where the crushed ugly face of my nose is hanging over my face! Are you sure? Dogeza?
11: 09, the monkey magic song has flowed from above in the head from before. Residual arsenic? Cannonball?

It seems that K's country name is symmetrical in respect to red bills and shows respect to Ebenki in Shamballa?
Is the magic of Kabbal related too? (10: 20 of 10/10/10/10)

>> No.10008083

>we start showing age
Speak for yourself, hag-chan.

>> No.10008088

Whether you want to believe it or not, you also were cuter 5 years ago.

>> No.10008097
File: 129 KB, 960x886, oldman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A girl in my little sister's comm got a wedgie for insulting Pixyteri. BASED.

>> No.10008099
File: 743 KB, 680x944, no salt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

True lolitas don't age

>> No.10008100

I was a very VERY ugly teenager and as I got older I became much more attractive. Sorry to hear that you age like milk though anon, that must suck.

>> No.10008111

You’re defensive over nothing, you must be in denial. I look better now too but it doesn’t mean we don’t look younger.

>> No.10008113

*look younger

>> No.10008114

Weak bait. It is sheep fucker territory famalam and we both know it.
Let's stick to relevant countries for /cgl/.
I prefer a whole continent to other continents. Do you forget Europe has many countries with many quite a few races of people?
Unironically, yes. My country has a creative j fashion scene.

>> No.10008123

I’m just pointing out that not everyone is a kawaii doll “in their prime” and that some look infinitely better in their older years.

>> No.10008137

>Get cosplay/lolita gf.
>She is super nice on the first layer but a complete wreck on the inside. Screaming, mood changes, cut marks basically everywhere on her body that is normally under clothing, jealous as fuck, obsessed with weight, beating me and last but not least the "I scream rape if you dont do what I tell you" classic.

Shit. Two months into this and she already brought me in serious danger of getting hurt bad (attacked me with a bottle neck out of nowhere and more) or getting into jail.
Two months.
>That feel when lolita gf.
Worst feel. Thats a whole new level of crazy. Dumped her today. 56 missed calls and 73 messages ranging from "DIE!!!!!" over "You are my property no one is allowed to own you but me. Come back right now and maybe I wont punish you that hard" to "please I cant live without you! I will change I swear! I love you so much!". Oh and voices of her just screaming into the phone.
Not in this order, just randomly changing every few minutes. Fucking hell I'm legitemately scared.
Lolita-GF not even once.

>> No.10008144

My friend went to Japan as a JET and got himself a JET girlfriend there too. She's obsessed with shotacon, but looks down on lolicon says it's sick and pedophilic.

I tell my friend to dump her ass as hypocrisy is one of the first signs of a potential crazy fuck.

>> No.10008148

>things that happened

>> No.10008160
File: 42 KB, 499x338, 1535902865381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They mean get off 4chan, dumbass, this is an American website, go go your own country's image board

>> No.10008170

I wish I could hug my sister right now

>> No.10008171

If you aren't larping contact your local law enforcement. Go to the police station and start documenting these incidents as you have proof.

>> No.10008173

In japan now. Every ALT on tinder is a fat unkept-hair guy with bad skin and clothes. Why? Why must they give such a bad image of us burgers? Can you not NOT dress like how you did in high school and adapt to your surroundings?

>> No.10008180

>tfw no Muslim hating lolita gf

>> No.10008181

>tfw every guy who is a Muslim hater also hates anime
Why live

>> No.10008183

I hate Islam and have been binging Sailor Moon tho

>> No.10008187


>Fighting crazies in court.

Oh nonononono. Not gonna happen.
I go to conventions and meetup's now and then while working as office drone so my calendar is already completely filled to the top with never ending, soul crushing and time consuming activities, thanks.

Also fighting off the in-revenge rape accusation? Nope.

I already talked to her father on phone. He called me to apologize for the behaviour of his special little shooting star and told me not to let her down or at least not to fuck her over because of this. He sounded nice and I'm not willing to involve her whole family any deeper in this. I imagine they had enough hassle.

We gonna met up tonight (me and her) to settle things. After another hour of screaming she calmed down a bit.

t. probably going to get brutally murdered, flayed and cannibalized tonight or something.

>> No.10008191

I feel your pain. Happened to me too before. That's why I immediately bought it without knowing how much shipping would be. Thankfully the seller was just a few countries over, so shipping was really ok.

I wish you good luck, anon!

>> No.10008204

Maybe she went to uni before going to the doctor smartass
Buy her brand

>> No.10008206

lmaoing @ all the mad insecure uggos triggered by this post

your bf is based and redpilled

>> No.10008216

>makes taobao for 4 of the same blouses in diff colors
>2 weeks later they’re cancelled cause out of stock
>check store, they have been relisted to be twice the price now
I had been holding off buying them until now and this fucking happens

>> No.10008225

Based bf.

>> No.10008226

Dunno what communities you're at exactly. But I come from the underground metal scene and it's much better here. I'm not in the goth scene myself, but from the few people I talked to and the things I've seen it's full of problems and posers and it makes me glad the metalscene still has it's underground part that holds true to it's values and doesn't mind being called elitist if being ourselves and not allowing any idiot to join if they don't fit in makes us elitist.

Makes me wonder if gothics still have an underground scene that isn't retarded as well?

>> No.10008230

>put all the skincare products on it and take collagen supplements daily
That's to prevent, you can't remove what's already there. Also, do you just use whatever the world tells will help you, or do you actually use what your skin can use to improve? Beside, most Western skincare products suck...

Just take well care of your skin, wear spf every day (sun is your biggest ager!), and otherwise make your make-up and clothes fit how you look, not how you want to look. A few lines aren't gonna make you old, just mature.

>> No.10008232

RAM is probably too old to be worth much if that laptop is 8 years old... No use if it's not at least DDR3.

Don't feel sad. It's an object, manmade, without feeling. Beside, even if it had feeling. It's a manmade machine made to serve us. It would want the best for you, which is a new laptop.

>> No.10008235

Max out the ram, install an SSD, redo all the thermal paste, possibly replace fan. Backup your data and do a clean install and it'll run pretty well

>> No.10008239

That's sad. I love goth and metal, but the more I got into EGL the more half-assed and costumey goth fashion looked to me. It makes me sad to see so little goth representation and when I do it's poorly styled.

>> No.10008242

I guess it depends. For me I can wear it easily because I don't care about people staring or thinking I'm weird/bad. But even when I was young I didn't fit in and eventually learned not to care in general unless it would actually affect my life (like, I wouldn't wear it to a job interview). I guess maybe I hardened up already before I started wearing it, but I still hardened up towards that because of social alienation? I remember as a kid trying to be "normal" and failing, but I kinda gave up on that being 10 years old or so.

Never thought it trough too much. I wear the fashion because I like it. I guess anyone who wears the fashion get's eliminated to some degree. And I guess the fact they are into fashion shows they aren't entirely accourding to the norm anyways. So I guess the main answer would depend soley on if someone was already alienated before (making them stop caring or trying to make the best of it so they wear lolita more easy) or became alienated afterwards (in which case they might just be doing something they already wanted but didn't do or didn't even thing about because it's not the norm? And them hardening up and exploring different options than the norm could be from hardening themselves up for alienation?)

I think alienation and alternative fashion and cultures are already highly attached no matter what. I guess it matters more how you react to the alienation than if it's related to wearing lolita.

>> No.10008247

> keep work life and hobbies separate
> wears lolita but blocks face if anyone tries to photograph me. Stop it.
> someone at work finds a photo of me in lolita somehow, I have no idea it's a few years old
> I work with children
> they start spreading rumors about me
> "she's not photogenic enough for those clothes" "she dresses like a little girl does she have some mental disability" etc.
> go on leave for two weeks due to a holiday
> come back "oh I heard you were suspended"
> What for?
> being a pedophile

I want to die

>> No.10008250

What the fuck? Can you not contact your supervisors about this? Lolita is out there, sure, but wearing silly frilly clothing ≠ pedophilia and they can't suspend you based on baseless assumptions.

>> No.10008257

Seriously this
like who do you work with, I’m guessing like 20s because they sound immature as fuck

>> No.10008262

Hooolllly shit I would throw the biggest shit fit. March up to your manager and freak. Send a letter to human resources. Call the police. Those kinds of rumours are slander and illegal.

>> No.10008263

Muscle rests under the fat, so it's both. I eat nutritionally dense food like fish and greens when I eat, think of it like I skip dinner every night, essentially. I'm already somewhat physically active so I have muscle there, and then what chub I have sends it into overfluff by resting on top. It's gotten slimmer but man, I might be a size 0/2 by the time it's slim enough there for my tastes if I'm 2/4 now. That's a little borderline too slim. How do idols get such slender thighs?
You moreso than I, rude-anon.

>> No.10008268

Based. That's what you get for wearing sweet.

>> No.10008272

Idols start with good skinny genetics, then never do strength training or anything that could possibly give them muscle on their thighs.

LISS workouts such as long walks or jogging on the flat, can help.

>> No.10008276

You literally can't control sexual attraction lol, you can control if you act upon it however. Why try to shame him for feeling creepy lmao. He is literally saying I feel like a creep I shouldn't be there

>> No.10008295

>He is literally saying I feel like a creep I shouldn't be there
There's a thousand ways he could have said it without sounding even more like a creep.

>> No.10008297


I'm a gothic lolita though not sweet :(

I spoke to my line manager but he's very flippant. He just said not to let the rumors get to me because he can't stop people gossiping and he said he knows I wasn't suspended.

>> No.10008298

It's not creepy and it doesn't sound creepy either

>> No.10008299

Pedophilia is a very harmful claim. Threaten to sue.

>> No.10008330

Moon them your thong diaper.

>> No.10008343


It's a little creepy. It's not something a 30yr old guy should say publicly, and especially not to their girlfriend

>> No.10008345
File: 26 KB, 468x314, mikuarrest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I became a lolita and within months I lost my lesbian virginity. I'm straight. Help.

>> No.10008347

This >>10008299
It's not even "just gossip"; gossip about you being into some obscure religion is easier to ignore, unlike claims that you diddle children, especially in your profession. Definitely do something about it and don't be afraid, shit like this could destroy your reputation for no good reason.

>> No.10008349

you're bi

>> No.10008351

>he can't stop people gossiping
Wow. What an unprofessional asshole.

>> No.10008355
File: 369 KB, 1448x1116, 1531167307909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a total fucking doormat
>can't literally say no
>also I get really easily exhausted especially if I have to be social
>agree to do a some kind of interview about lolita (not anything big, just someone's school project)
>not photogenic, can't speak, don't want to do it at all
>have been regretting it before I said yes
>also started at university this fall
>almost dead from anxiety and social exhaustion
>trying to also loose weight and have serious dysmorphia and feel like I'm only getting fatter and uglier
>bf has been really weird lately and informed me I'm a consuming person
>probably going to dumb me eventually
I wish I'm still alive by the winter. There is so much lolita I want to wear and I seriously want to improve myself and it includes fucking learning to say no and choosing my own well being over others'. And I absolutely love my field.

>> No.10008356

Please start choosing yourself, anon. I've learned to set boundaries myself only very recently, it's a serious challenge, but you and your well being matters more than pleasing others. It'll ease your anxiety, too, at least the portion of it that's freaking out about doing shit for others that you don't want and aren't obligated to do.

>> No.10008360
File: 356 KB, 480x270, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Send me some good vibes gulls, I have a job interview this week! I've put my lolita hobby on hold for the past couple of years because money, having a kid, having trouble losing baby weight, etc. If I get this job though I'll have a little bit of extra time after work each day to work out (at the FREE gym that's in the workplace) before I pick my kid up from daycare and money to actually spend on some clothes that fit! I can't wait to start wearing lolita again.

>> No.10008389

A girl in my comm made a diaper joke in the group chat tonight. Which of you bitches was it?

>> No.10008390

Tfw all people talk about is their boobs not fitting into dresses/boobloaf etc. but my boobs are so smol that even AP dresses are too big on the chest area. I have to wear a padded bra but STILL yet my shoulders are so wide that I can't wear unshirred OP's. Maybe I was born a boy lol

>> No.10008395

I actually started doing therapy when I was 16, didn't tell my therapist about what happened until I was 18 though. I've been on meds since I was 16 and they help a huge amount (I barely have panic attacks any more, they used to happen 3+ times a day). Thanks anons.

Yeah she was shitty in other ways too and my teachers and doctors reported her to child protection... unfortunately when the people interviewed me I clammed up and was unable to give any evidence against her so nothing was actually done about her.
I moved out as soon as I could though and I have limited contact, and only on my own terms. My sister (19) still lives with her so I can't cut my mother off entirely until she moves out. And yeah I realise how shitty it looks that I left my younger sister with my mother when I moved out but my sister is my mother's favourite and she's less abusive towards her. But my mother is weirdly emotionally dependant on my sister at the same time. As a result my sister doesn't understand that the things my mother does are abuse (put-downs, screaming at us at all hours of the night, withholding food and showers when we were younger as means of punishment, cutting us off entirely from the outside world as a means of control, etc.). So my sister defends my mother and is less willing to move out.

>> No.10008396

Thanks anon I appreciate it.

>> No.10008421
File: 92 KB, 474x474, 132F081D-0F52-4155-A9E2-403D90B43C7B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Always bring own car to con
>Always go grocery shopping so I don’t have to eat out for every meal
>Huge money-saver, $20 worth of food and alcohol keeps me and my fiancée happily fed and intoxicated for the entire weekend and we always have leftovers
>Offer to take roommates shopping with us, they refuse
>Tell roommates they can have food and soda, but don’t take alcohol without asking
>Roommates say they’re ordering pizza, ask what I want
>No thanks, I don’t want pizza
>”No anon, we’re ordering it for the whole room”
>”We can’t afford it unless everyone helps pay!”
>Nah miss me with that overpriced heartburn, you can afford to pay ~$3 extra per person
>Rinse and repeat for every meal, all weekend
>Either begging me to help pay for overpriced delivery or to drop what I’m doing and drive them to the Mcdicks four blocks away
>When I refuse, they act like I’m forcing them to starve

Fuck off. I’m not your parent. You’re 20-something years old just like me, it’s not my responsibility to make sure you eat during your vacation.
These are always the types of people who “mysteriously” run out of money because of eating out/going to bars/buying too much in the dealers room and have to set up an emergency gofundme for their bus ticket home.

>> No.10008433

It’s an awesome feeling not having to deal with roommates. I’m sorry you had to deal with a bunch of man and/or womanchildren, that would kill the overall con experience for me.

>> No.10008434

Yeah probably have to try and start to see therapist for that. I'm happy you managed to choose yourself and you are completely right - the feeling I just have to do something is so odd and heavy. I guess it has to do with me never feeling accepted by my family and hearing my bf say such a thing made me feel so lonely and rejected again. However, I have realised I can't make my situation better unless I value myself and I need help to see I'm good enough and I deserve to be well too. Thank you anon.

>> No.10008437

Sure it was just a joke?

>> No.10008438

Thankfully by this age I’ve weeded out the “I lost my wallet at McDonald’s so I can’t pay for my share of the room” type of people, but I still haven’t weeded out the “feed me and clean up after me” crowd. Hopefully someday.

>> No.10008451

If you can afford it I'd just room with your fiancee. I used to room with friends but BS like that got so annoying I now only ever room with my husband and/or my siblings. Very rarely I'll let maybe one close friend room with us. Saves a lot of trouble and makes for a much more relaxing con.

>> No.10008456

I'm not sure if this is a right thread but please convince me to stop smoking. I don't want to age so fast and ruin my burando with the smell. It's just such an anxiety and stress reliever that I can't stop :(

>> No.10008457

Just vape. That's what I do and it works if you are willing to give it a chance.

>> No.10008458

Can I watch you smoke in your burando?

>> No.10008459
File: 65 KB, 650x704, 38669217_433770283779549_2503571758649442304_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop smoking. Its gross. Vape instead so it doesn't ruin your brand.

>> No.10008461

treat your anxiety with sports and a doctor. Don't wast your health with smoke.

>> No.10008469

Thanks gulls, almost forgot that vaping exists. It's just quite expensive to start out I think?
This is just one of my unhealthy coping mechanisms, but yeah, I really should start seeing my doctor again.

>> No.10008470

The last breath you ever take will be in.
With yellowed skin, your chest will raise in a final wheeze.
Then nothing.
The last breath you ever take will be in.
All the air will exit you in absolute silence as gravity compresses your diseased lungs.
Think about it next time you smoke.
The last breath you ever take will be in.

Sorry to fearmonger and use emotional scare tactics. But I was there in the hospital room and saw it happen to my grandpa. He died right before my eyes and weirdly enough we had all started crying even before his last breath. It's like we somehow felt it coming. His cancer got him in the liver, and that was it. To be fair he had a whole life of smoking. If you make the effort to quit now, oh you've heard it all before. Your spirit can conquer the desires of your body, and every failure just opens up for another try.

>> No.10008474

>every failure just opens up for another try
This is what I needed to hear, thanks anon. It's not going to be easy but I'm going to try to quit.

>> No.10008481
File: 151 KB, 500x533, 79_HomuThread_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why Homura is best girl

>> No.10008482

A machine will cost you about $60 so about the price of a carton of cigarettes. Spare atomizers which you need to replace one every few weeks are about $15 for a pack of 3. I recommend liquids that have Nicotine salts in them so about $20 for 30 ml. I was a heavy smoker and it costs far less for me to vape than to smoke and now I'm not hacking up a lung full of mucus through my brown teeth inhabited mouth which isn't cute. Ultimately you want to quit but if you can't vaping is the next best thing.

>> No.10008497

Sometimes I feel judged harshly just because I can't spend as much money on lolita as most people do. It isn't my fault I don't have money, and even if I did have them, I think everyone should decide how much money they want to spend on their hobbies. A coord can be cute and look good even if it uses some normie or DIY items, or if it's simple/toned down. Actually, it takes a lot more skills to create a cute coord with less options. So yeah, might not be your cup of tea but don't put others down just because they can't afford a closet as full as yours. Acknowledge their effort and if you want to offer advice do it kindly (as you should always do t.b.h...)

>> No.10008498

Update: I told one friend who I thought might have been interacting with him. Turns out she does interact with him, they're friends. I'm going to talk to her about it in person soon. I feel awful about involving her at all, maybe ignorance is bliss? I'm so worried I'm just bringing unnecessary stress into my friend's life... fuck

>> No.10008502

I slowly saw my mother go downhill after my parents divorced until I hoped she would just die so I could go on with my life. She smoked more and more after that divorce, until she would smoke 2-3 packs a day. All day she couldn't do anything but lying in bed, or sitting behind her pc playing bingo and buying shit she couldn't afford because she lacked the energy, big part because of all the tar in her lungs. Not to forget the obvious painful couching up of phlegm all day. She couldn't work because of her health either so we where poor. She couldn't even go to the store herself, and forced us to buy sigarettes as soon as we where old enough. As we lived in her house she made sure we had no choice. Because she spend all her money on cigarettes and useless stuff to forget her sorrow, I had to get debts to pay for food. My little sister was just a baby so I brought some food home which is the only reason my mom had food too, but I couldn't just let my little sister go hungry. My older sister completely broke because of what happened, as she's very emotional. I tried to raise her to the best of my ability next to school, and trying to work ever since my age allowed it. My childhood was ruined because she couldn't face her problems and till this day she refuses to acknowledge what she did. I hate my mom, not for running from her problems, but for ruining me and my sisters life with it. I only have contact with her because of my younger sister is still living there. All her friends and family aren't having contact with her anymore, because she would never be the one making contact and they where done with always having to go to her but she would never come to them.

If you don't want to end up like that I suggest you stop. I know I never even want to think about starting that gross shit.

>> No.10008504

No one will care for the cost if it actually looks good and is only tagged lolita when it is lolita. Just saying...

>> No.10008507

>Callie Cosplay
Do we really have proof she died? We need some kind of obituary from her town with her real name. I just don't believe e-deaths either.

>> No.10008509

I don't know, maybe you're right, but I constantly feel judged, or like I'm expected to spend more than what I can. But yeah maybe it's just my problem

>> No.10008550

I’m doing that at an upcoming con, we got a room with a single king bed just for us. I thought it would be super expensive, but it’s only $150 per person (we paid $160 each last year at the same con to be stuffed in a suite with 5 other obnoxious people.) I’m really excited and hope we can keep just rooming together.

>> No.10008551

I think it depends on where You are. I'm a metalhead too and the scene here is such trash. Full of alcoholic poseurs and fat cheating slobs (men and women) with serious childish drama problems. Almost seems like no one actually cares about the music at all. Alas

>> No.10008552

>tfw no gull gf to go to metal gigs with
There's been several great gigs that have happened in my city this year that I just didn't bother going to because I'm sick of going to shows alone. My friends either don't care about the bands or are too cheap to drop the money on tix

>> No.10008555

Sometimes I wish lolita was less fancy France and Italian, and had some more room for historical Germanic inspired pieces. Both nobility and commoner ones.

And that when there is Germanic inspired stuff does come across, people wouldn't only react with either Dirndl, or refer to one popular movie like they created that kind of clothes. Most other inspirations sources get recognised right away, but medieval/renaissance Germanic rarely does as such.

>> No.10008557
File: 140 KB, 753x1060, ss_triumph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There needs to be more lolita inspired by the SS. They were terrible people but fuck if they weren't stylin'

>> No.10008560

I guess the place depends indeed. The underground scene is everywhere, all over the world, but it does seem more active here (Nordic and Germanic parts of Europe). We still have a few local record stores with own record labels, cafe's aimed at metalheads, and quite nice shows somewhat regularly. Sure, there are a lot of posers, but they don't go to the same places as the metalheads. If you don't know where to look you probably will end up with them as they are... well... not underground. As in, they seek attention more, where as underground doesn't really advertise much and doesn't seek attention so you need to walk in yourself to find it. But the underground scene is more active than ever here, and it's not that hard to find. Here it's like, go to the right concerts or cafe's and your bound to find people and trough there you meet more people. Most news is shared on social media and trough small record labels, or off course bands directly, as well as just simple mouth on mouth when you randomly meet another metalhead.

>> No.10008563

I've always thought Byzantine aesthetics would work well with lolita

>> No.10008566

Sounds like a great scene. I'm heading to Wacken for the first time next year by myself but I think it's gonna be easier to make friends alone there since alcohol will be involved

>> No.10008568

I don't care about the SS, but honestly I get annoyed just because many North European war uniforms looked similar to that but people all act like Nazi's where the only ones with that style of uniform and scream Nazi at any uniform inspired by such ones. Like, many of those North Europeans where also fighting against the Germans, but I guess they don't get enough visible (as in photo's, video's, etc. Stuff you can see their clothes on) attention for people to know what they actually looked like.

>> No.10008571

Honestly Wacken is not as good as it was. Wacken is getting too big. Last year line-up was filled with quite some commercial bands, and even some of them are pretty good, too much of such bands draws posers. I didn't heat too much good from Wacken last year. I think it's passed it's prime. I haven't checked this year yet, I prefer smaller events. Only bigger one I've been to so far is Eindhoven Metal Meet. Generally, smaller ones held in local poppodia and cafes are nice. Seen some big international bands for 10-20 euro. Talked with some of those people too. They just walk trough the crowed, sometimes drink a beer with the other people. Most of those concerts have no kind of barriers. I often enough just hung on the boxes on the edge of the stage. Great times.

>> No.10008579

Why aren't you taking me to all these great festivals, gull?

>> No.10008590

Try some of these, see if there are some bands you like (or want to give a try). Not sure yet what I go to and what not. Also, I'm Dutch so I only know the bigger foreign ones.
10 October 2018 Rocktoberfest
13 Octover 2018 Heathen Assault
9 Novermber 2018 Hatefest
10 November 2018 The Great Old Ones, Auðn, Dodecahedron & Kjeld.
14 & 15 December 2018 Eindhoven Metalmeet
28 January 2019 Drachten Deathfest
5 October 2019 Soulcrusher festival

>> No.10008602
File: 648 KB, 1359x1920, Wacken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I probably wouldn't be able to get the time off work so soon so it'd probably be stuff limited to next year. Looking at the likes of Eindhoven just makes me realize how much I've been slacking off with extreme metal these days. Pic related with green stars would be what I'm interested in seeing most from the Wacken lineup so far, with the reds being stuff I'd check out if absolutely nothing else I wanted to see was going on

>> No.10008612

Most of them are reocurring festivals. You could try to follow their main pages if you wanna stay up to date for next year. Lot of smaller events aren't known exactly a year in front. Also, many bands just post things like "playing in this cafe then and then". Always nice evenings!

I mainly listen to black myself, so I'm a bit biased in the events I follow haha. Anyways, I like Sabaton and Powerwolf every now and then too. I generally do workouts on them. The rest isn't that interesting to me at Wacken this year. Maybe Dark Funeral, but overal just not worth ticket prices to me. But I guess that's just taste after all. Seems there are a lot more bands of interest for you, so worth a try I'll say. Never blindly trust someones word online unless you know the person well after all. Go see it for yourself is never bad.

>> No.10008617

I've always been a power/thrashfag moreso than anything else. I was elitist as fuck as a teenager about anything too extreme/with harsh vocals but I'm glad I snapped out of that bullshit. Black metal has still never been something that's properly clicked with me, though. I mainly just want to head to Wacken for the overall experience and to meet some cool people. I'm 27 now and I want to do it before I'm in my 30s, hahaha. Cool that you're Dutch. I visited the Netherlands a couple of years ago to see a friend but I didn't visit very many places while there unfortunately

>> No.10008623

Black metal is something that you like or not. It's not for everyone and not made to be. And that's okay. Personally I really dig like these "80/"90 trash bands like old Metallica, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Dio, etc. That stuff that wouldn't be considered metal if released today, but they're classics. But hey, I'm also a big Bruce Springsteen fan.

Gotta, say, we black metal fans often get called out as elitist, but I don't think we are really. We're honest in our opinions if you ask, negative or not. But we're not unfair, and most people will give other stuff a change. We often make bad jokes about being elitist, but honestly, true elitist in any genre are horrible. They are just blind. Many genres, even the ones you often dislike, have great stuff here and there. It's never to late to try something new :).

Really, the only times you have trouble with the underground black metal fans is if you are gonna try to make them political correct. Black metal allows any opinion and cares more for sincerity, and there are extremes of each side possible there. Have some respect and be able to agree to disagree and it's fine. That being said, being an asshole is still not cool. Opinions don't give right to act upon them ;).

The Netherlands is great, come arround some day! Big cities are touristic tho. I grew up in smaller towns and cities, it's very different than the big cities. But the metalheads are the same everywhere haha.

>> No.10008624

>tubal ligation coming up
>never will be a pregnant lolita
> fuck yeah

>> No.10008701

>skipping meals
>size 4 is getting big on me

>> No.10008737
File: 293 KB, 366x434, thumbs_up4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What an emotional ride, anon. Nice to hear that you found your way in life,

>> No.10008832

So why you gulls don't like girls exposing skin?

>> No.10008860

Costhottery, attention seeking, "not real fan", etc.

>> No.10008861

Can you give examples of stuff other than Drindl? That's all I know as well

>> No.10009233

dude I'm drunk af but man I really love lolita

>> No.10009508
File: 798 KB, 966x1283, Bowsette 211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking know what you're talking about. Hard times are coming, stay strong. I don't believe you need to quit the fashion - half of this country thinks you're fine the way you are. Safe spaces are a thing - and cons usually are safe spaces.

>> No.10010055

You guys haven't had jobs before I take it... It's easier for the company to just fire you than it is for them to deal with the problem and potential legal ramifications. No one wants a troublemaker.
I got sexually harassed at a past job at it came to a head when I told the guy off one day. They fired both of us to avoid trouble for the company. They will not help you, nor will they protect you.
Her best bet is to just get a new job at this point.
Humans are shit.

>> No.10010105
File: 117 KB, 480x474, 1524699138920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me (I wound't recommend it)
>grow up with BPD/NPD single mother who sought out like minded men to date
>life is suffering
>so much utter bullshit for years it literally drove me insane
>act super co-dependant and borderline because its all I knew
>can't keep sane friends because I'm a nut
>was THAT weeaboo for years (it was my only escape from it all)
>can't keep a sane bf
>end up attempting suicide
>luckily didn't work
>mom said some shit right after that, and then some after another incident shortly after that made me realize how deep in the shit I was and how fucked up my life is
>say fuck it, if i stay here I'm dead so i might as well die out there on my feet
>Literally leave at midnight on my 18th
>couch surf with some other nuts until I can sort myself out, having major issues with mental health
>takes 8 years to fully sort myself out
>lots of therapy, identity building, and learning skills I should have known years ago
>finally off the meds and no longer exhibiting crazy bullshit symptoms of anything, life is stable and happy
>can't help but feel a weird anger/melancholy over the years I lost just having to deal with all this shit

>finally get the courage to talk to others about it and
-your old friends are still awful crazy people or want nothing to do with you because you were awful and crazy
-your family hates you (extended family) save of one aunt who knows whats up
-most people can't relate or hyper focus on certain aspects instead of trying to understand it as a whole

Oh well, at least I'm not fucking crazy anymore

>> No.10010129

Gl there, m8. What a shitty situation.
Being called a pedophile is way past the point tho, you might consider threat suing whoever claims that.

>> No.10010133

What are you trying to say?

>> No.10010201

This has been bothering me all thread. Listen, you can't sue someone for "slander" unless you have actually experienced material loss as a result. Read a lawbook sometime. The law is not "that person is a meanypants, mommy please punish them and gibs me a ton of money!"
If anon got fired as a result, she might, MIGHT, have a case, if she could prove it, and good luck, and if it would be worth the lawyer fees in the end, very good luck. Calling someone a pedo is not a criminal infraction, and if she has not experienced substantial material loss as a result, it has no footing in civil court.
Stop giving shitty legal advice.

>> No.10010376

Got a story?

>> No.10010381

I go with blu, I think it's called the "myblue" is the device. The 'gold leaf' pods are really nice but every other flavor is utter shit, except for the intense ones but those make me sneeze. But the gold leaf helped me cut cigarettes permanently

>> No.10010383
File: 61 KB, 1117x496, myblue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also they're like 30 bucks, also definitely not trying to advertise or anything but if it helps anyone quit smoking go to this page


and check out pic related, click the welcome offer thing. 10 bucks. I don't know how the prices compare to other stuff though, but no other vapes really worked for me. Right now I'm working on quitting these as well, which will probably be wayyyy easier than quitting cigs. sorry if this looks like advertising but it actually helped me quit, so there you go

>> No.10010832
File: 623 KB, 1057x1500, Dawn and Darkrai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, I'm not american and I'm not familiar with american laws. Where I live, you can sue someone for calumny (and calling someone a pedophile publicly without proof to back it up falls under that category here).

Have a good day.

>> No.10010886

It's pretty easy to sue for emotional damages. Stop giving your shitty law advice anon.

>> No.10010889

You're highkey a pussy, people chant shit because they're fed up, not because they're actually going to kill you. Assuming you don't live in the shithole middle-east/Russia. Don't be a pussy. I'm hella right-wing and was dating a girl (we les) when Trump got elected, you liberal children cry too much.

>> No.10010890

Get off IG it's too American

>> No.10011842

You've never been in a long standing relationship have you?