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Previous thread >>10001062

Have fun, and don't eat bait.

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I like how almost literally every feels thread OP includes some reminder on how you shouldn't respond to b8

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really hate classic lolita, aka worst lolita

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Man I just really hate sweet lolita

>> No.10003636

Man, I just really love to lol at itas.

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t. uggo who isn't cute and can't pull off sweet so she has to dress like a worn out old lady

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No, I just really love gothic lolita

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classic lolitas are like the incels of lolitas complaining about sweets who are the stacies

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Man, I really want an ig thot cosplayer body but I have no boobs and I am a ridiculous pear shape.

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also I love wider hips, these are yummy :3

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Just do a bunch of angled pics that feature your ass

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t. thong diaper wearer

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t. old hag who knows the other anon is right and can't come up with a defense so they resort to memes

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>t. projecting ageplayer

imo the only reason sweet looks cute on younger girls is becausw the girls look cute in spite of it, not because of it. Sweet is trash and trashy girls and fattychans gravitate towards it for a reason

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t. bitter old uggo

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Whelp, looks like all you faggots are gorging yourselves on bait. Guess it's time to start over.

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honestly how new r u if this is at all surprising to you

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you guys actually fell for this bait? Fucking /cgl/

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>wanna start lolita again
>can't affroid brands
>could order from taoba but or bodyline
>but its not real lolita
>sweing machinebroken fml

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>cant english

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If you can afford Bodyline and taobao, you can afford brand, at the very least secondhand brand. Save up and do your research, it'll be worth it, promise.

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I didnt say i was surprised retard im disappointed

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I kinda wish I could start sweing my own stuff, but does it really count as lolilita at all?

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>meant to reply to>>10003696

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If you know what you're doing and use high quality materials, of course. There are even pattern books specific for lolita fashion. I suggest you look at and lurk in the handmade threads, I believe a gull posted some translated scans of otome no sewing in the most recent one or the one before that.

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Sewing your own pieces won't work out to be cheaper than second-hand brand, if price is your motive.

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If you’re new to lolita don’t do it, it’s a waste of time and money and it won’t look lolita unless you’re a seasoned lolita

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My ex was so bad for me but I still miss her sometimes. Sometimes I feel like maybe it wasn't her fault that she used me the way she did. She had mental health issues and I tried to be rescuer, I kind of set myself up to be used and cheated on. As time goes by, I forget more and more what the bad times of our relationship were like. I think of the the good parts and feel like maybe it wasn't that bad overall, or maybe it only seemed that bad because I was struggling too.

I think about contacting her sometimes. She would love that, according to our mutual friends. She's also a goth and apparently thinks lolita is really cool. I'm not sure if I really miss her though or whether I'm just thirsty for girls and miss the friendship we had as well as our relationship. I'm in a relationship with a guy now and it's all good and mostly healthy, but I still think of her more than I'd admit to anyone.
>or maybe she was hot and I'm just thirsty
>tfw no lolita-friendly goth gf

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>any lolita
>a stacy
They're all beckies desu

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Make a list of all the bad things she did, selfish things and things that hurt you. When you feel like contacting her, read the list instead and remember why you broke up.

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In the world of weebs well dressed lolitas are the top tier stacies.

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This is really good advice anon! Thanks, I will do that thing

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Trips confirm

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Trips AND dubs

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Just a reminder:
>The really cool or well known lolitas in your comm? They're not celebrities, not even the "efamous" ones. They're nerds in frills too so talk to them and maybe you can be friends.
>Joining a new comm can seem scary but most lolitas will be really happy to see you and if you're struggling with the fashion they may be willing to help.
>That person on social media whose posts you love? DM them. If you have interests and opinions in common, they're probably cool. They'll never know that people admire them and want to be friends unless those people talk to them. And if you're at the same larger event, swallow your shyness and say hi!
In between people's public personas, social anxiety, and all the generalising talk about "is this comm nice" or "wasn't she involved in drama 5 years ago", it's easy to forget that we're all individuals in love with this same weird fashion. Lolita can be crazy and dramatic, but it's also a great way to have a lot of fun experiences and make friends with interesting and creative people. There's nothing wrong with being a lonelita or a private person, but if you want to be part of a comm or make friends with someone, please consider reaching out. Chances are, you'll have a great time. You'll never know if you don't try, right? I believe in you, anon. You can do it.

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Sounds like somebody's diaper is full. Hope your daddy doesn't spank you.

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Stop projecting your gross fetish shit onto people who look more youthful than you do, it's creepy grandma-chan.

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>tfw Daddy Mana will never spank you

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I love you, anon.

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>tfw I love my bf so much and truly believe hes amazing for me
>tfw my one and only dream is to move to Japan and teach English
>tfw he does not want to ever live in Japan

I truly do not know what to do. Every day I wake up still in my crappy hometown I die inside.

Now he has actually agreed I should go, but wants me to wait a few years for us to get financially settled. I just dont know how much longer I can wait. I feel like such a bitch thinking of running away all the time

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if you dream is Japan and that doesn't include your boyfriend, it sounds like it is decision-making time.

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Don't do it anon, there's a reason you broke up. You'll get over it eventually, just focus on your current relationship.

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Why doesn't he want to live in Japan? Is he one of those people who would never want to move to a new country, or is it Japan specifically? You could always do long distance for a while, depending on how long you wanted to be there.

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>Is he one of those people who would never want to move to a new country
Sadly so, he doesn't see the joy in having to learn a whole new language just to live somewhere, and thats totally fine, but it does put a damper on things.

Well see his plan is that I wait some years for him and I to be financially more secure so that way when I go he can visit once every couple months or so. Which is reasonable I believe, but my body is shouting at me to just leave.

The idea is that I would go for a year probably max and then come back to the states to wherever we decide to live here (since we both do want to move out of our shit town)

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>have small head
>have short neck
>have broad shoulders
>got giant wig to make head look bigger and neck look thinner
>got jsks to make neck look longer and shoulders look narrower
>can't find any fucking square neck /deep v /deep scoop blouses

I hate

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>his plan
But what is YOUR plan?

>> No.10003861

>deep v /deep scoop
If you're talking about lolita, you won't find those. Deep necklines aren't a thing in this style, or at least they're very uncommon. Square necklines are easier depending on the substyle you prefer; Baby's square neck blouses, for example, are fairly easy to find secondhand and they're great if you like sweet and old school. There are square neck blouses in other styles too of course, just less common.

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I dont know, I dont know if I choose between what seems like a good life with a good man or I run to Japan right now and take a chance at being a christmas cake in a foreign land

Im autistically worried about being old and alone forever

>> No.10003864

>tfwno bf

>> No.10003878

holy fuck anon. I'm in the same situation. But for me, I'm going to japan no question. It's my greatest dream, as much as i adore him I need to follow it. I think you should pick japan over love, if you hate where you are as much as I do, I think it's completely valid to want to leave constantly.

>> No.10003885

I guess I shouldve explained better but I mainly feel like a bitch because I AM going to go, that is still the plan, my bf is only asking I wait for us to settle down so he can visit me often.

I feel like any reasonable person would understand this and be ok with it, but I dont want to wait another year or 2 or 3.

But whether sooner or later, I AM going to go. I think i'd legit end up killing myself if I gave up on it.

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A girl in our comm showed up with a black eye and a split lip. When we asked her what happened, she said "some bitch wouldn't shut the fuck up."

I thought it was ita of her. Do you?

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sounds more like she's covering for domestic abuse
either way, shit happens outside of fashion, not much to do about it

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>buy walking foot to use with stretch fabric
>try and use it
>fabric keeps getting caught in my machine's throat plate or won't move through the machine
>assume machine is broken because it's old and i haven't used it in a while, get mad, go to bed
>next morning go back to my machine
>realize i didn't attach my walking foot right and the weird hook thing is meant to go onto the needle bar
>fabric was getting stuck because the feed dogs weren't moving because the hook wasn't attached to anything
>mfw i could have solved all my machine problems that easily

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Going to see a psychiatrist next week.
> Will definitely get prescribed medication
> Will finally be able to be a functioning human being again
> Will be able to start working out and sticking to it
> Will be able to work on cosplay and stick to it
> Will finally be able to enjoy my weeb hobbies more often than I have for the past year

I can't wait to get my life back.

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Well, I've never moved to Japan before but I have moved out of the US, and it took 6 or 7 months to get all my ducks in a row. Line up a job, get my work visa, find somewhere to live, save up some money, etc. You could always quietly start planning and see how you feel about it as it progresses.

>> No.10003920

Medication isn't a cure all anon. You have to work to get better
t. someone who's been on antidepressants for 10 years

>> No.10003922

Yeah recently that is kind of what I have started doing, since I do know that even if I apply it will take a good amount of time to go through all the steps.

>> No.10003926

you have absolutely no idea what mental disorder op has or what they’re going to be prescribed

>> No.10003928

I've been off medication for three years and this year my mental health has been worse than it's ever have been. So I'm just happy that I'll be more in control of things again.

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shat myself at a meet

>> No.10003934

Best of luck. The most useful advice anybody ever gave me was "remember, you can always change your mind later, or do something else completely, so there's no reason to panic."

>> No.10003936

>tfw no lolita gf to play with her hair, smooch her before dropping her off at a meet, and then clean her off/comfort her when she shits herself

>> No.10003938

Sometimes you need to sleep to solve problems

>> No.10003947

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.10003950

I hear you senpai.

>tfw I'm starting antidepressants this week
What do I have to do to be unsad?

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My health has always been up and down, but I've been getting weird symptoms that I'm so worried may be related to MS or something worse.
I'm obviously feeling scared, but I'm also feeling lonely. I saw some friends recently and they're all just so normal and upbeat. I didn't feel like I could speak with them about what's going on.
Earlier in the year I was chatting to another anon who had health issues too but unfortunately after not receiving message notifications and assuming they hadn't replied, we lost contact.
Along with all of this, dressing up has been the last thing I've wanted to do. So I'm also lamenting that I haven't been able to enjoy Lolita.
I just want to be well.

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>all those assblasted replies
Reminder that one of the side effects of anti-depressants can include increased depression.

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>sewing patterned, symmetrical pants
>pant legs slightly off
>trying to muster the strongman in me to fucking force the legs together because they are just SLIGHTLY off and if these shits don't come together I'm going to have to redo a TON of work

Anyone else impatient and /tailor/, so they have to redo half the shit they make while knowing if they took a little bit more time preparing they wouldn't have to? I fucking hate it.

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I actually agree, and i've been on meds for a few years now, too. Meds do help, can even motivate you like mine do. But they won't make you functional like magic, you have to do other things to improve yourself. Consider your diet choices, get better sleep, eat better, and the meds will help too, but don't think they will make you perfect. >>10003917

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perhaps try to wait but travel up there over the summers? Make him wait for you and do long distance? I know how you feel. I'm getting the fuck out of here once I get my honours degree.

>> No.10003974

As someone who has dealt with depression all their life and tried their hardest to not use medication unfortunately some need it. I really wish I didn’t because I feel ashamed that I depend on chemicals to function. I don’t advocate its use unless it’s a final resort.

Obviously those that are struggling with depression should not do what I did which was bottle it up, have a mental breakdown and eventually try to off yourself with OTC shit.

>> No.10003983

I don't think they'll make my life perfect, but like I said here >>10003928 I also have experience being on medication, but have been off them for a while. I don't think I'm going to be fixed, but I'll definitely have a lot more control compared to how I've been this year without them.

Also for clarification, I have bipolar disorder.

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I really hate how after eating loose, stringy meat it gets stuck in my teeth.

>> No.10003999

They make a product for that called floss

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Get your shit together

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Excuse me for talking about how I feel.

>> No.10004031

is anyone else having trouble posting shit? seems unusually dead and im getting connection error after connection error

>> No.10004036

I'm living your dream, but I was smart enough to hold off on boyfriends or marriage before moving over. I say take a break from him and move over for a 6 month contract. If he's so great for you he can respect your dreams. If you like it in Japan, add on a year. After you realize that it's a real job, you can get discouraged and move home or tough it out and stay a few more years. It's not a forever career and you will not live here indefinitely, so make the most of your youth and try it. And also, be prepared to date no one because the men here are trash and not worth your time. That's harsh, but true.

>> No.10004037

>Haven't worked on my cosplay in over a month
>Con is coming up

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Are we back?

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Same here. But instead of Japan, I'd like to move to South Korea or Hong Kong and work there.
My boyfriend is amazing and so kind to me and is absolutely perfect, but he won't move anywhere that isn't a few states away. I'd feel like shit for just ditching him like that. And I know I won't be dating anyone in an Asian country especially as a foreigner because the men there are shitty.
Feels bad.

>> No.10004090

Wow, nice racism there.

>> No.10004093

It's a cultural thing, not a race thing you absolute tard.
Japanese men especially treat women like shit.
I don't give a fuck what their race is, if they were raised in an asian country, they're probably sacks of shits in relationships.
I think Russia has a shitty culture too. Does that make me racist? No, because it's not about their race, it's about their culture.
I know this is bait but there's a part of me that thinks some retard actually believes this is racism.

>> No.10004097

You're a retard.

>> No.10004100

I don't see what's wrong with pointing out that men in asian countries treat women like shit.

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>be me, journalism major
>great at writing, bad at explaining grammar and why I just intuitively know when my sentences are correct
>in a grammar class I'm required to take online in which if I don't get an 80% or higher I'll fail the course
>you get one other chance to take it, if you fail again (don't achieve 80%) you're forced to change your major
>mfw at 84% going into the final, which I have to take proctored with a webcam to make sure I'm not cheating by looking at my notes

please kill me. I know I'm a great writer, and I've written for newspapers before as an active reporter. The stress is so fucking real and my final is in two days... I'm going to be cram-studying and then hoping I that when I bomb the final I'll do it gently

>> No.10004111

>I don't see how saying racist things is racist


>> No.10004129

Fuck off and go back to Tumblr. You don't belong here.

>> No.10004137

t. kpop fangirl

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>great at writing
>be me

>> No.10004142

The older generations, sure, but most young dating age men aren't a hivemind of conservative values. When you actually go there yourself you will see. Source: have dated Korean guys while in Korea. The language barrier is way more of a problem than anything else.

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>> No.10004144

Also I'd like to add: both of my parents are Asian immigrants, and my dad treats my mom like shit. I've never had a guy my age ever treat me like my dad treats my mom and most of the current generation is past the "wifebeating" culture, he was able to do that to her because she wasn't educated and unable to escape and be independent. But most women can support themselves nowadays, so guys have less leverage over them/understand their worth more.

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> Husband orders me drippy itabag at the beginning of September for anniversary gift
>Long story short bag never gets shipped and he gets a refund
>Lightly upset because it was perfect for the character I was building up merch for
>Have to find new bag
>Nothing too girly, space enough to decorate the outside as intended, and NO GLITTER
>Seems impossible and I want to give up

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Hey, thanks for actually giving me some feedback.
I haven't visited South Korea yet, but I've visited Japan, 90 days at a time. Had some relationships (short-lived, however) there and the men there are just so off and the ones I dated were all fairly young. I also know a lot of girls who date men there and the men just cheat on them like crazy, girl after girl. Maybe not all men there are like that, sure, but I just don't see the appeal with the way they act and the chance of them being unfaithful. It's not really a conservative thing, it's just an in general thing. Treating women like shit doesn't necessarily mean abusing them. Cheaters are everywhere, especially when they're with foreign women.
That might just be Japan, though. South Korea could be different, but I haven't experienced it personally like I have with Japan and haven't met anyone who has experienced it.

>> No.10004160

>pointing out obvious racism means I need to go to tumblr

YOU need to go to tumblr if you can't respect my trips faggot

>> No.10004161

>then hoping I that when

>> No.10004171

If your problem was that men in Japan cheated constantly, I don't believe that has anything to do with their culture. Men (and women) cheat just as much in the west and literally anywhere else....so framing it as a culture problem is disingenuous IMO. However it was what you experienced so I sympathize with what you went through. Stereotypical Asian culture IS conservative. We're supposed to keep up our appearances, the man is supposed to make money, the woman needs to have kids, and if the man wants to exert his power over the family so be it. This is the attitude that I saw first hand that is changing with the newer generations.

Yet I'm somehow not surprised that Japan is decidedly worse for dating. If I were to make an educated guess it has to do with the negative birth rate and the pushback against marriage in lieu of pursuing a career. I could see that turning into a nasty attitude against women, since the dating pool is dwindling only the worst kinds of guys are left.

>> No.10004173

as you can see, I am deteriorating lmao

>> No.10004214
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>all the butthurt yellowfeverfags ITT
Kpop videos and anime =/= real life

>> No.10004217


>> No.10004219

Acknowledging that some cultures aren't perfect isn't /pol/.

>> No.10004220

accusing people of yellow fever for saying its racist to say all japanese people do xyz is though. fuck off

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You type like you're from Tumblr. Shoo.

>> No.10004232

I doubt they meant literally all of them. Everyone knows exceptions exist, but they're not the rule.

>> No.10004244


it has the whole foreigner dating thing. That anon thinks most men are shit because they treated her badly, but its not because shes a woman, its because shes a foreigner... same thing happens to foreign men as well. only certain types of people are that willing and eager to date a foreigner

>> No.10004245

I've been here for over a decade, fuck off back to /pol/ you cuntsnot

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>come here to distract myself from the horrifying furry zoosadist doxxing drama going down on another website
>tfw even pretty dresses can't heal my furious and broken heart
>tfw every animal print makes me want to cry
>tfw I just want to hug my dog and promise her that no one will ever hurt her but I'm at university and she is back home

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>AWA 2018
>get invited to an orgy by some cos-thot
>dab on her ass
>return to my hotel to slam some Chick Fil A
Jk jk, I politely declined.

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>tfw no cosplay gf
life is pain

>> No.10004295

Well, good luck with your exam. You seem to already know that if they kick you out of the journalism department, you can still be a journalist.

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very true... I guess it's more having the cred of saying you studied it for four years at school that makes you more attractive to future employers. Thank you for the well wishes though, anon. I'll at least put in the studying effort

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>getting As in school
>getting fat on my belly
I wish I was still playing sports

>> No.10004360

my con is in a month and i'm a stressed lil bitch. i'm so mad i put everything off for so long. gotta make two costumes and a halloween costume i'm getting paid to make too.

>> No.10004363

was bidding of a dress i really wanted and some royal BITCH BIN.. seriously?! it's common courtesy to fucking BID if someone else is already bidding!!!!!!!!!! once a bid is placed it should AUTOMATICALLY cancel the BIN. MAD. it was a fucking dreamdress too. Fuck me for trying to get it for a better price.

>> No.10004377

I love feels threads because every time a gull mentions she has a boyfriend, I'm sad I can't be her boyfriend.

>> No.10004391

I feel this, but hitting BIN is the best option if it's something you really want. The internet has no etiquette. I have sworn to myself that if my dream dress ever appears, I buy it without even considering the price.

>> No.10004394

No? If someone else is already bidding and you want it you don't have to bid, BIN is what you do. Holy fuck you are pathetic, if you wanted it so badly you should have BIN

>> No.10004400

Tell me gulls, is it wrong for me to want to hang out with cute girls at cons?

In my mind, I don't want to feel like that kind of shallow guy that just goes to cons to pick up girls, yet I still want to just hang out with girls almost exclusively.

Do I expect something to happen when I hang out with them? I don't know, I just want to meet with new people and see where that leads us. If we click, that's fine, if we don't that's fine as well.

tl;dr I don't want to feel like a creeper just because I like to talk to cute girls.

>> No.10004402
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Oh god, me too.

I'm also freaking out a little because I got a con room with the hopes some of my friends were going, but none of them are. I don't know if I can justify the cost of having a whole room to myself for the weekend, and again none of my friends are going so I can't hop into one of their rooms. The hotel allows cancellation up until about the week before the con, so I have some time to try and scrape together some randos to room with, but I'm scared of being part of a room horror story.

>> No.10004403 [DELETED] 

Overseas anon here who lost his job recently. I now managed to get two remote jobs that pay decently enough. One of them is for Sankaku Complex, so don't shoot me.

>> No.10004404

Overseas anon here who lost his job recently. I now managed to get two remote jobs that pay decently enough. One of them is for Sankaku Complex, so don't shoot me.

>> No.10004418
File: 266 KB, 612x612, 1520233581296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why not just be okay with being that shallow guy and being honest with yourself

>> No.10004419

I don't want gulls to avoid me at cons.

>> No.10004420

1. You retarded weeaboo what the fuck.
2. Test the waters with JET. Chances are you'll hate the place after you realize how racist and passive-aggressive everyone is. Don't fully commit until yo know what you're getting yourself into.

>> No.10004436

Yeah if anyone can actually get into jet nowadays. Might as well apply to all of the other ones as well since the chance of getting into jet is so low

>> No.10004440

It's because she's a thot who dates gaijin hunters. Literal retard. Hope she enjoys her stds.

Sore loser.

The dancing monkey program. Why not come like a normal person and get a real job? There's a metric shitton of foreigners working in Japan who don't have to do the hokey pokey and humiliate themselves on a daily basis. Medical translators are well paid.

>> No.10004445

I'm currently at the beginning of my bachelors degree of my native language and will probably study journalims to go with it. Obviously other fields take part a lot in our courses and I'm sure some of them are studying journalism and their bachelors degree surely includes grammar and writing courses. Apparently you are American but I'm still confused why would such an important thing as grammar be part of your masters and not bachelors? Atleast many people with my degree (not masters yet) have been working as journalists for a while so I would assume grammar is pretty valued.

>> No.10004447

Imagine thinking that something is your DD but being too cheap to BIN it to get it.

>> No.10004453

>Medical translators are well paid.
Oh, tell me more.

>> No.10004462
File: 39 KB, 582x365, 361456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome newfriend

>> No.10004463

>Chances are you'll hate the place after you realize how racist and passive-aggressive everyone is.

A resounding amen to that, honestly.

>> No.10004465

What did she mean by this

>> No.10004467

Probably referring to the fact that the anon she was replying to is referring to anyone who goes to a con as a gull when in reality it's just an affectionate title given to the denizens of /cgl/, meaning they're obviously a board tourist/newfag who doesn't know how the term is used.

>> No.10004468

Or maybe wants to actually meet up with people from /cgl/ at a con you know.

>> No.10004470

Did you actually read his first post?

>> No.10004471

I thought it was because OP said that he wanted to talk to cute girls and also didn't want gulls to avoid him, thus implying that gulls in general are cute girls when everyone knows this board population is like 95% uggos

>> No.10004473

I need to finish my cosplay by friday and have tons left to do, but all I'm doing is sitting and browsing the internet. I need to stop procrastinating. If I am to finish it in time I need to start working NOW, unless I'm to do tons of ugly, lazy shortcuts.

>> No.10004474

>get invited to con orgies
>bf won't escort me

>> No.10004476
File: 29 KB, 408x317, D2D2D676-DF7B-4E44-8EDE-8BCCE5C9EF96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I’m desperately trying to communicate with sellers/buyers that barely speak English

>> No.10004478

>on the subway during rush hour
>for some reason people love to cram themselves onto my train, which is always super crowded, when they're not even going far out on this line and could easily take one of the other trains which are much less crowded
>thus rendering my subway ride 200% more unpleasant because I have to spend it with my face shoved in some sweaty guy's pits due to lack of space
>they always fucking take the seats too even though they're only going to be on the train for one or two stations
>catch myself mentally referring to these people as "filthy crossboarders"

it's time to take a break from cgl

>> No.10004484

>takes journalism
>cries about grammar test
Look, I know what you mean when you say your scentences are just "intuitively correct", and I know a lot of native language speakers think/feel the same way. Unfortunately, you're the same fucks that use : and ; inncorectly, don't use active/passive sentences consistently, and just generally fuck up more frequently when your only criteria is "it sounds right". That's not what a professional writer should do. If you're serious about journalism, learn your fucking grammar and stop bitching.

>> No.10004487

Sustain yourself with only fruit

>> No.10004491

Japan is very sexist and racist, that's why it's awful for foreign women to date there

>> No.10004495

You need a good level of Japanese and you need to be knowledgeable about English medical jargon, would have a lot if you already have a nurse degree (not glorified butt wiper/nurse assistant, actual, fully qualified nursing degree). There's a test for it with a specialized agency (staffed by English natives), and it's better paid than almost all other translation services, even the other highly specialized ones, because of high need. A lot of medical research comes out of Japan, in spite of all the researchers raping and cheating on disappointed weebs.

Miranda, is that you? By passive aggressive, do you mean you're fat af?

>> No.10004498
File: 125 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*help a lot

>Japan is very sexist
Translation: not even the Japanese like fat weebs flaunting yeasty rolls in too small outfits.

>and racist
Translation: I could not fulfil my dreams of becoming an animu kitsune grill, they sabotaged it by being a real country and not my animu dreamlando.

>> No.10004519
File: 5 KB, 300x168, 1532411109146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wish i had some friends who could get me into cosplay

>> No.10004521

Sorry to disappoint but I have no idea who this Miranda person is.

>> No.10004540

I mean ive been abroad to quite a few places already to study and its always what you make of it.

I really dont care about how Japanese people will never view me as Japanese, because theyre right! I never will be truly one of them.

Im already an introvert so I really dont give a shit what people think to themselves because chances are I wont be hanging out with them. I already have friends that live in Japan.

Im not a weeaboo to geniunely want to live in Japan for a good amount of time.

Sounds like you just dont have the right mind set for living abroad?

>> No.10004546

Just to add on to that its just like...

Japan is beautiful and rich in history, but its still a modern place with modern people that range from racist to not in the slightest, just like everywhere else in the world.

When you go abroad you have to keep that kind of stuff in mind or you will end up hating it. Im already very aware of that. Japan has its problems, plenty of them, but im not going to Japan because I think its perfect.

But theres so much I want to see and do there that cant be done on a summer vacation.

Everywhere you go abroad you have to remember that they have problems, but if you spend all your time upset that your place isnt perfect then its your problem, not theirs.

>> No.10004590
File: 43 KB, 500x375, 1483836568012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pre order some naruto merch from Aitai Kuji in June
>really excited for it since I've bought loads from them before
>get email saying its been shipped at the end of July
>excited for it to arrive but know itll take ages because Japan shipping
>no tracking offered to my country so it's gonna surprise me when it arrives
>cue end of september
>starting to get worried about package not arriving and shipping just saying it has not yet been delivered
>mom gets my mail and says she's not recieved anything
>have to contact Aitai Kuji myself only to get told to check the post office and they're not responsible for it
>mfw if the post office had it from the beginning after two months its long gone
>mfw I've lost the merch and the money I paid for it

>> No.10004617
File: 80 KB, 276x291, derpwoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10004628
File: 321 KB, 600x670, puketoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>watching new Spider-Man trailer with bf and my parents
>little girl Spidey shows up
>bf: "It's Spider-Loli!"
>parents ask him what a loli is
>mfw he tells them
>mfw they ask if it has anything to do with lolita
>mfw they now think we're into DDLG shit

>> No.10004641


>> No.10004648

Just his ass, or the whole guy?

>> No.10004716
File: 32 KB, 750x750, 9e40e2e8ed4fbdc12e44b33db794b905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gf broke up with me because I bought the wrong type of thong diapers and she was publicly humiliated by her friends

>> No.10004727

good for her, I would dump my bf too if he did that

>> No.10004747


>> No.10004749
File: 1022 KB, 500x500, CryPalmYukko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Saving money desperately
>Total purchase ban on lolita
>Peeling potatoes
>Have to check something on my phone
>Put it down next to the washbasin
>Oh no that's going to fall in
>Readjust slightly
>That's better
>It falls in
>Pull it out as fast as I can
>Potato starch and water all over it
>Supposed to be water proof but it's acting up
>Thinks there are headphones plugged in, even willing to operate fm-radio app
>Oh shit
>Turn it off
>It turns itself back on
>Buttons glitching
>Luckily it was already on like 20%
>Have it play youtube videos until it dies
>Put it in rice
>Now we wait

Sorry for the blogposting but I'm so upset. If I have to buy a new phone now it will hurt my dear savings project so bad. Still, it might be fine in the morning...

Life is suffering when in the limbo of uncertainty.

>> No.10004763

I miss TinierMe;;

>> No.10004774

>put it down next to washbin
your fatal mistake

>> No.10004792
File: 164 KB, 548x548, MikuRage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10004816
File: 37 KB, 497x211, 8BD6CFA7-9B82-4359-82F9-A54694EA9EC6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck that anon, I lived in Japan for a few years and loved it. It’s a introverts dream, nobody is nosey there, but sometimes that fact does make it feel more lonely than usual.
I’m pretty foreign looking, tan skin small waist, big ass and thighs, and I never had an issue (with racism/standing out/ being socially isolated)
I also go to the gym daily and felt like (the reason I had no issues) I could easily take down any person that tried shit lmao
Go anon, it’s a dream come true, and I PERSONALLY thought it was just like anime and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

>> No.10004829

>Go anon, it’s a dream come true, and I PERSONALLY thought it was just like anime and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
In what way? Were there loli schoolgirls flashing their panties every 5 seconds?

>> No.10004832

Wtf is wrong with you????

>> No.10004853

>it's common courtesy to fucking BID if someone else is already bidding!!!!!!!!!!
>The internet has no etiquette

this is bait right? cause it's working if it is

>> No.10004863
File: 12 KB, 251x231, 1d6cd6e3c95bb036fcf9ee314023240a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss talking to my gull friend

>> No.10004874

Despite the fact that she stole my cosplay and took credit for it, I do miss the friend I made here

>> No.10004882
File: 241 KB, 500x339, asshole.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recently a girl latched on to me that I met at a local con. She's nice enough, if a bit weeby and we have a few similar interests so I kept talking to her after she found my fb.

Only thing is, recently she's been asking to do joint cosplays withe me and I keep having to make excuses not to. Normally I'd love the chance to cosplay with another person, but she's fat and rather homely, not to mention all of her cosplays are rather haphazardly slapped together. I can't help but feel like a little bit of a prick for it.

>> No.10004885

Start slipping the subtle fat shaming quip every now and then and direct her down the path of becoming attractive

>> No.10004900

>wahhh I didn’t get my dream dress because I’m cheap wahhhh
you had the option to BIN you daft cunt

>> No.10004910

NAYRT, everyone makes a big fuss about how “real Japan isn’t like anime, weebs!!!!!” but I’ve been there many times in my life and it’s usually pretty accurate. It’s obviously not going to be le epic loli flashing pantsu big oppai hentai whatever, but cultural things I see in anime all the time like work/salaryman culture and dynamics, festivals and events, etc, it’s all pretty much about right. Probably because other than the obviously idealized anime trope garbo that is almost exclusively limited to girls and school, they are to some degree meant to be based on real life, after all.

>> No.10004913
File: 43 KB, 500x375, normal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Woman I use to have a crush on was otherkin
>Another woman I currently have a crush on is otherkin
>A 3rd woman who I don't care much for, but has a crush on me is also otherkin

I'm not memeing or anything, and neither are they, they are genuinely otherkin. the one I currently have a crush on has a huge list of kin types.
I just feel so conflicted. They are great people and act normal 99% of the time and aren't harming anyone... but wow I wish I wasn't surrounded by mentally ill people sometimes. I'm just not sure where the line is before I feel like its too much for me to be able to handle.

>> No.10004939
File: 56 KB, 906x1200, DNhCTY2U8AE7Y6J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Spent 2 hours trying and repeatedly failing to attach sleeves to my dress which is mediocre already
>no idea where to start styling for wig despite reading tons of guides
>no idea how to make bootcovers
should i just
give up

>> No.10004996
File: 2.07 MB, 540x307, tell em.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've noticed some surge in newbies and outsiders bitching about the name lolita on social media, demanding that it should be changed into a variety of retarded terms that are supposedly "better" even though they aren't even involved in the fashion and its name doesn't concern them whatsoever. But as upsetting as it is to see people forcing their opinions on a subculture they don't participate in and don't understand, there's some sort of tranquility in dressing up in something that makes me feel beautiful in spite of people's screeching.
This is an abstract sort of feel but I had to get it out there. I hope you feel beautiful today, gulls.

>> No.10005000
File: 77 KB, 750x563, scootertip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The comm threatened to throw (((me))) out because I spilled tea on some bitch's stockings.

>> No.10005014

Thank you for the information. Is N2 enough? This is motivating me to look into it since it works with my background. I'm ready to stop dancing and use my skills for something with a higher income earning potential.

>> No.10005017

I agree that it can feel a little more lonely than usual, but you never had any issues? Did you live in the inaka?

>> No.10005022

Agreed. I'm Asian and hate the fact that the men there hasn't caught up with the more educated countries that won't tolerate domestic violence. The good outweigh the bad whereas in Asia (rife with rape culture) the bad outweighs the good.

>> No.10005024

Post it to the DD thread anon. And next time use the BIN

>> No.10005029

If it was an accident; why would they threaten to throw you out? It would be atleast so nice as to pay for the dry cleaners. Accidents happen, but take responsibility still.

>> No.10005030
File: 48 KB, 334x412, benjamin fronklin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>getting upper lip lasered so i can be a cuter male for cosplay
>she says i might need 12 sessions cause being male sucks
>con is in 4 weeks

oh no, no nono no no

>> No.10005033

If you can, go for electrolysis. Permanent results and less painful. Laser treatments on the upper lip are hell

>> No.10005034

i cant afford that.

i feel like a piece of shit poortrash just using groupon (40british bucks instead of 420, dunno how the fuck they make money with this).

>> No.10005035

Was the dress Angel of Music?

>> No.10005057

If you didn’t hit the BIN button first then did you really want the dress in the first place? Ask yourself.

>> No.10005086

>wanna wear bun covers and other china-kei type stuff
>afraid of being screamed at by tumblr
guess i'll admire it from afar

>> No.10005091

Just wear it and don't post pics online?

>> No.10005134

>thinking there is anything you can do that won't offend SJWs

>> No.10005145
File: 141 KB, 477x474, E93D7738-4651-4085-BB53-57C3DFCCABCA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m moving from Michigan to Florida in 2019, and I’m worried because I’ve heard that the convention circuit is bad. I’ve been reading Florida threads and so far I’ve seen:

>Hard to travel to other states depending on where you are in the peninsula
>Extreme temperatures limit your cosplay choices during certain seasons
>One really big in-state anime con, have to travel to neighboring states for other big anime cons
>Dramu surrounding the competitive cosplay and wannabe “cosfamous” crowds
>Have some “commissioners” that are scammers/shit human beings

Idk if I’m missing anything, but it sounds pretty close to home so far desu

>> No.10005159
File: 132 KB, 500x510, palmbeach-county-news-mar-23-2018-man-murders-and-eats-34985492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to Florida in the first place

>> No.10005161
File: 44 KB, 480x360, CBB8BFE9-0C79-46A8-8E8A-B1300D532268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please don’t anon, I live here in Florida (Jacksonville area) and it fucking sucks. It’s too hot, I can’t wear cosplay or Lolita, and it fucking storms all summer long.
Plus, there’s like 10 thousand cockroaches and no matter where you live they’re fucking everywhere and WILL get into your home. After I’m done with collage I’m moving to the west ASAP.
Plus, if you like seasons, Florida ruins them. I’m no longer excited for Halloween, Christmas, or thanksgiving because it’s just suffering temperatures 24/7 and those holidays just become a regular day.
Florida is a living hell.

>> No.10005168

>see listing on LM where bidding is $2 less than BIN
>someone still bid instead of bin

Tempted to ruin their day because I'm an asshole.

>> No.10005169
File: 452 KB, 731x769, 1538668430446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How accepting are you of trannies in your comm/cosplay community, gulls?

>> No.10005170

This. Just say "How about we go to the gym together instead?"

>> No.10005173

Move to Georgia instead, there are tons of cons and the weather is gross but less gross than Florida. I'm in north GA and it actually snowed a few times last winter.

>> No.10005176

i'll tolerate hsts, even if don't believe in catering to their delusion, but not agps

>> No.10005273

I’m moving to Florida to be closer to family, but desu Georgia or South Carolina would still be closer than Michigan.

I do love the warmth and the aesthetic, but I probably wouldn’t be as happy in August when it’s humid and there’s bugs the size of my hand crawling around. Michigan has me spoiled because the biggest spiders are like the size of a quarter

>> No.10005281

Don't care as long as they look good and don't wear the fashion as a costume or for fetish.

AGPs aren't trans.

>> No.10005288

I’m Chinese and I think it’s fine so long as you don’t do it in a mocking way and at least try to respect aspects of an outfit that may have significant cultural or traditional background. Like don’t pull a Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj and wear some awful mutation of traditional Chinese dresses and kimono. I’d personally like to see something like this if done well, too.

>> No.10005308
File: 91 KB, 789x750, 1538665042776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to do fun things
>have no money because part time job doesn't pay enough
>government is supposed to fat cash me checks every month but still hasn't done so
>finances slowly creeping up on me.

I just need one check to come in, friends. Then I will be free.

>> No.10005310

ah the classic "no true scotsman"

>> No.10005312

no, it was an old school meta dress.

>> No.10005313

My closest comm is SF so I’m pretty sure they accept genderspecials and sissies/AGPs disguised as trans. I will never accept non-passing trannies and I’m a diehard liberal. If you however make an honest effort and still can’t pass completely I’ll let it slide.

>> No.10005317

if you aren't born in scotland, your parents weren't born in scotland, and/or you haven't immigrated to scotland, then you aren't a Scotsman. I don't understand the fallacy here.

>> No.10005343
File: 35 KB, 376x376, elso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>overhear guys at AWA
>"If she has pet rats, there's a 500% chance she a thot."
>mfw I have pet rats

>> No.10005354
File: 18 KB, 235x195, 7151DF84-5829-4461-8E23-24759F21B7F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey everyone, it's exam anon. Last time I posted, I was dying inside and I typed like I was sped.
I passed the fucking final. Am still sped but less so.

>> No.10005398

Not Asian but I've been in relationships with white dudes, Asian-American dudes, and an Asian dude from Asia and I bet you can guess which was the only one to physically threaten me and force me to have sex with him even when I wasn't feeling it. I used to think it was just a stereotype but yeah they have some serious issues with the way they treat women.

>> No.10005425

This is a fashion, literally all that matters is that they dress well
And people can't help being ugly, so desu if they have bad manface, I can't blame them for that and I don't say anything about it
Any fetish shit, male female or other, and gtfo

>> No.10005430

>my best friend has pet rats
>she's also a thot
Huh. I guess the guy was full of truths.

>> No.10005470

Someone somewhat e-famous has started making jewelry, but there's some serious design flaws in them that are going to cause them to break and I'm like... should I tell them or just... let them fail?

>I'm pretty sure they wouldn't react to concrit well but I feel bad for their first customers who are going to get the batch that breaks before they learn to fix the issue

>> No.10005474

I ordered some items from a semi-prominent jfashion accessory store and they took 6 weeks to ship. The custom items are advertised as only needing 2 weeks to make after ordering. I wouldn't have minded the wait at all except the item was listed as 'in stock'. When I contacted the owner about the delay in shipping they said they sometimes list stock incorrectly and yjeir real make-time is actually 10 - 21 business days and they won't start until the payment is made. Except I paid right away and 10 - 21 days to make an item is still only 4 weeks, not the 6 it actually took to post it.

I really want to leave negative feedback on the listing because all the items are advertised as 2 weeks, and this is the kind of feedback I think needs to be out there, but I want to order items again and I'm worried they won't sell to me again if I leave a negative review.

The product is fine, I just want a realistic wait time on things I order. In fact if I had known it would take 6 weeks to get my shit I would have ordered in bulk instead of thinking ' oh I'll just order the one and if I want more later it will get here pretty quick'.

Frustrating to think I'm going to probably not be able to buy more for being honest about what happened when the Seller is the one advertising false times on all their stock - if it's correctly listed in the first place!

>> No.10005477

This was how /g/ felt when the CoC came out I bet

>> No.10005483

You could give it a go with N2, but keep studying and aim for N1, definitely. N2 will still give your trouble parsing long, complex sentences.

>> No.10005487

Not. The AGPs/fetishists have ruined it for normal trannies, to the extent that normal trannies are now a tiny minority, and the large majority of so-called trans people are just sexual assault cases waiting to happen.

>> No.10005489

>tfw you're a lonelita about to visit the city but you have no jfashion friends
>tfw no choice but to rent a friend for lunch & coord shots.

There's nothing wrong with me, I'm socially apt, seasoned lolita who knows how to act, but comm members have their own cliques.

>> No.10005490

Maybe leave a 3 star review with what happened? If the seller is a good seller they aren't going to retaliate,and if they do retaliate and refuse to sell to you, do you /really/ need whatever it is they make that badly?

>> No.10005492

Good job Anon!!!!!!!

>> No.10005511

At least you have a comm
t. rural lolita

>> No.10005523

>visiting family several states away
>Multiple comments on how toned and athletic I look now
>Still not big enough to cosplay who I want
I'm refusing roids but it's super discouraging to see those guys so much bigger than me in my gym. On the bright side I got to visit my old one and they were all commenting on how my training has been going super well and how proud of me they are.

>> No.10005526


I'll be your friend.

Srsly though lonelita life is hard. Also I have to drive 3 hours to the nearest comm and I've been too afraid to make contact because of the ridiculous fear they'll reject me for being just slightly out of state.

>> No.10005529
File: 247 KB, 750x787, 1538699717021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon.. if you're talking about KGs.. she actually posted a rant about you.

>> No.10005533

That's after flying in from rural country town.

Thank you that's so nice. Glad someone understands. I'm a plane flight away and it's hard to re-connect with comm members after so long. They've developed their own bonds while my transient lifestyle leaves everything so superficial.
I don't even have close friend where Iive.

That lonely feels.

>> No.10005535

Ah sorry about the typo, reply >>10005533 was also to you

>> No.10005536

2 weeks late is absolutely unacceptable. I have an etsy shop and I feel awful when I just something even 1 day late.

>> No.10005555

KG = KawaiiGoods? because that shop is awful and she shuts down any negative feedback all the time, and bans/blocks anyone who says anything remotely not ass-kissing.

Amen!! At least if they know they are going to be past date, they should message the customer and let them know, though when I've personally had cases like this, I offer them extra items to make up for the wait, or offer to refund if they can't wait.

>> No.10005595

Newfag here, I live in Houston and I hate it because after all of the AM/SIW drama the comms are hella divided and everyone is jaded and bitchy as fuck (even moreso than before) but I really don't want to be a lonelita...

>> No.10005687

Are you a confused anon with a lack of a social life? It's not at all strange to be friends with women no matter what people tell you. People hang out despite the want to occasionally stick it in people's pants. There's nothing wrong with speaking to women.

>> No.10005691

a foreign girl sent me a picture of her feet and now i want to marry her

>> No.10005693

Every place I got to on the Internet tells me differently.

>> No.10005695

No that wasn't me anon.
That's true, how they handle it is more of a reflection on them but they got quite defensive when I started pushing that they were misleadingly advertising their products and times and, I honestly didn't care how long it took, I just would have appreciated honesty because *I would have bought more* if I'd known it was going to take almost 2 months to get my stuff instead of just 1 pair of earrings.

DESU I think they forgot about my order. I heard nothing for weeks and then the seller advertised the store on a facebook group and I replied to their post how excited I was to be getting items and BOOM two days later I was messaged back with tracking details. Like they'd gone 'I don't have any orders atm, that's why I'm advertising - wait what order do I have under this person's name? CRAP'

>> No.10005729

tell them amigo, no point in not doing so

>> No.10005737
File: 398 KB, 878x767, rubypreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you... saying they banned you for being Jewish? Because that's not kawaii.

>> No.10005767

Sometimes I feel like I have gotten used to being alone but then one day from out of nowhere you feel like the whole world will come down on your head.

>> No.10005770

Know that feel anon, finally went to the doc in over a decade. Doc started me on Prozac a few days ago along with psychiatrist referral. Here's to hopeful progress on life and cosplay.

>> No.10005780
File: 24 KB, 550x550, fc550x550white.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw failed suicide attempt earlier this year
>wasn't allowed to wear any J-fashion for the past few months since clinic I was staying at was against any kind of 'outlandish' fashion
>finally back home with my dresses now

>> No.10005791
File: 51 KB, 410x391, 1475108685945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw too much of a salty bitch to ever get a bf

>> No.10005793

A feeling I know all too well

>> No.10005797

I'm sorry to hear that you can relate anon, I hope you're feeling somewhat better now

>> No.10005799

Explain, please.

>> No.10005804

I'm so frustrated that i sold some shit on ebay and there's two buyers that won't hurry up and pay so i can buy some more brand. It's been almost a week.

>> No.10005810

I'm too much of a cunt to boys i like, like i just can't help

On the other hand, I can afford brand, which is nice

>> No.10005821

Can't you just get a tsundere feitishist?

>> No.10005830
File: 955 KB, 500x281, IMG_1641.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>had a dream where the sticky was actually updated and shitposters were banned
>conversation was productive
>newfags didn't clog the catalog with useless one question bullshit because the sticky was helpful and well laid out
>wake up and /cgl/ is still just garbage

>> No.10005831

What's the worst you have done?

>> No.10005848

date a masochist

>> No.10005849

Yea that's what I'm doing. I'm a salty bitch too and my bf loves it.

>> No.10005853 [DELETED] 

>tfw no gf to bully

>> No.10005854
File: 80 KB, 666x359, 1de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf to bully you

>> No.10005858

Anime stereotypes don't apply to reality, anyways i just come off as a smug uppity bitch, so it's over

>> No.10005862

I was really mean to my bf until I started dating him. I get nervous and mean around guys I like, dunno if you're the same

>> No.10005865

Pls step on me

>> No.10005871
File: 19 KB, 210x240, ochacohadtodoittoem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your comm bullies you for watching the show in english

>> No.10005873

2 months for a pair of earrings? Wow that's wild ._.

>> No.10005879

>being a dubpleb

>> No.10005880

Yeah, me too. It kinda blows

>> No.10005888

Watch "So This Is Basically My Hero Academia" on YouTube. First line:
>My Hero Academia, or "Boku no Hero Academia" if you're annoying....
Cracks me up every time.

Ignore those jerks. One of my guilty admissions is that I liked the English dub of Tokyo Mew Mew. So sue me for having an unpopular opinion and not wanting to read subtitles all the time.

BTW, what happened to the unpopular opinions thread?

>> No.10005893

That sounds kind of cute gull
Have you tried recruiting guys with no self esteem that are still successful? You find these guys a lot at tech companies.

>> No.10005908

I wish I would get free stuff desu

>> No.10005912

The BNHA dub is 10/10, so I don't blame you.

I've seen more elitism from manga-only fans than from sub purists.

>> No.10005915

>unironically liking bad voice acting

>> No.10005923

>tfw no Ryuko Matoi cosplaying gf

>> No.10005925
File: 85 KB, 500x333, D79C2805-DEB3-401A-BEAF-2B2CD1F7000D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gonna surprise my bf tomorrow with a box of homemade double chocolate chip cookies because I love him and haven't seen him in a little over two weeks. His 60+ work hour schedule makes it hard to see him, especially because he's already graduated and I'm still in school. really excited to see him this weekend and bring him something nice, though. we've both been so busy that we haven't had the chance to do cute things for each other in a while

>> No.10005937
File: 152 KB, 1080x780, 3ca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think the tomboy cosplayer I matched with on tinder ghosted me.. I haven't heard from her in almost a week. Don't know if I should try messaging her again or just giving up

>> No.10005944

Just open an unpaid item case, anon

>> No.10005948

this is cute, I'm happy for you anon

>> No.10005970

>On vacation in Didney Worl
>Find myself gravitating toward Minnie Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, and Marie souvenirs

Buzz Lightyear is still my favorite Didney character, but my other than that my interests have become so stereotypically Lolita. I hated Minnie with a burning passion as a child because she was “too girly” but now I think shes so cute.

>> No.10005974


>> No.10005975

I feel this, I used to hate the "girly" Disney characters as a child, as well as everything else that was promoted as "girly" like the color pink, makeup, fashion, etc. and now I love all the above. I'm especially fond of Marie now, specifically. Funny what a coincidental discovery of a niche Japanese street fashion can do and yet here we are.
Minnie is adorable and so are you.

>> No.10005977


>> No.10005982

>not knowing didney

What has the worl come to

>> No.10005987


>> No.10005995
File: 34 KB, 640x480, 1521064254410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kero and his gang will pay for their sins.
>mfw I heard him talking about his dying dog

>> No.10006093
File: 56 KB, 556x718, kdy8fm0wl7q11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw our comm replaces disposable thong diapers with cloth ones

>> No.10006096

id rather decline an orgy and regret it than accept and regret it =o)

>> No.10006098

Our comm only allows lace or cotton thong diapers. :(

>> No.10006104

I Hope thats just a bad joke, absolute bummer

>> No.10006107

>4057 miles away
Worth it. Think she'd be my gf?

>> No.10006108

I haven't gone to a con as strictly an attendee in 3 years (sometimes I help at an acquaintances booth). I keep thinking that I miss cosplaying, but when I dress up for an hour or two I realize what I really miss is having a group of anime/con friends.

>> No.10006150

Fuck I just want to die

Ever since finding out the girl I've been dating was actually a massive psycho who cheated on me with one of her friends, emotionally abused them until they started cutting themselves over her and tried to guilt trip and manipulate me into staying with her when I found out, it's been a struggle to just get out of bed and go about my life

>> No.10006151

How did you meet this twat anon?

Did it work out for you, assuming you're a woman?

>> No.10006152

On 4chan

Don't date 4channers

>> No.10006168

I actually met an ex on 4ch like 10 years ago. He was very sweet and friendly, liked vidya, was super into what I was studying at the time and pretty cute. It's like anywhere else, you're going to find both good and bad here.

>> No.10006169

Why did you dump him you harpy?

>> No.10006177
File: 241 KB, 529x500, stockingfish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm in my late 20s, and every year feel more awkward about attending these cons full of jailbait.

>> No.10006178

I had to move across the state for graduate work. It's about a 12 hour drive one way. He's asked me to move back a few times but honestly my love for my 2d husbando has quelled any desire for an irl relationship I'll probably ever have.

>> No.10006216

I think she's dead now, anon.

>> No.10006234

>taobao isn't real lolita
>but my sewing machine is broken so I can't make my own, fml
I get some TaoBao brands can be questionable in how lolita they are, but why exactly are the established, long term better known TaoBao brands not lolita but your handmade stuff is good enough for you? What kind of brandwhoring is this?

Sounds like ita-chan who'll blame everything but her own bad choices for being ita.

>> No.10006242

I'm in a similar situation. The work I want to do isn't possible in most of the Western world, and Japan is frontrunner in it. I'm gonna finish my study in Tokyo by working there a half year, so I can see if it's something I want to do or not. With some luck I can get a contract afterwards (which isn't unusual and has happened to people from my school before on the previous time this happened).

I want to move for my dream job if I can take the social and working environment, but my bf has very different dreams in life and want's to stay here and build a simple life close to the things he knows.

Right now he just hopes I dislike Japan, but honestly I'm not sure that will happen. If I like Japan and can get a job, it's going to be hard decision making time. He won't be happy giving up what he wants in life, and I won't be happy staying here while I could pursue my dream. We won't be happy seeing each other unhappy either. But we also wish to be together. But if I want to stay in Japan afterwards, it'll probably mean a break up...

Also, if you're some weeb who things Japan is all great magic anime land you're in for deep trouble. Japan has pros and cons, but it's not going to be an all great place to life where everything is great. The way of socialising is different so you'll need some strong capability of adapting, work means long hours and high expectations, and most foreign English teachers are treated like shit because there are so much weebs who do it you're replaceable anyways. It's not the best job if you want a nice working environment. I'm also not sure if it counts as a high level job, and without that visa and emigration are hard as well. It's also expansive, so unless you come from an expansive country already be ready to pay a lot or live in shitty places. If you are realistic and can get trough it it can be a beautiful country, but if you're a weeb who thinks Japan is all great and where he/she belongs you're gonna have a strong wakeup call

>> No.10006261
File: 376 KB, 478x725, LolitaOutfit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This doesn't deserve it's own thread, I think...

>> No.10006262
File: 232 KB, 499x625, IMG_1380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some absolute shithead keeps stealing my mail from my mail box and I'm pissed. I'm now missing out on several blouses and accessories including dream items.

I'm beyond fucking pissed and about to shit in a box, wrap it up like it's a package, and shove it in my mailbox for this megacunt to take.

>> No.10006267

>finally decided that cons aren't for me

Feels bittersweet

>> No.10006270

1.get a po box
2. Please do it, im a kinda a sick fuck

>> No.10006271

Just get a security camera. Just get one for like $30 that records to an SD card. You don't have to do any set up or anything, just plug it into power.

>> No.10006272

What is wrong there?

>> No.10006274

I live in an apartment complex, I can't.

Honestly if you take peoples mail you should kill yourself. It's a federal crime and I'm opening an investigation into who's doing it.

I have a separate box for parcel delivery where I live but there are smaller items that the mailman puts in my regular box because they're retarded.

>> No.10006283

I live in an apartment complex too, and I have a po box. You can apply online and pick up the keys at your convenience. It's way safer and ultimately cheaper than losing packages.

>> No.10006286

wait, how is someone stealing mail at your apartment complex? I thought it was fairly standard for apartment mail boxes to have a lock.

>> No.10006294

are you really too stupid to figure out someone can pick a lock?

>> No.10006299

I don't think all men are bad, it's just very different. It's not like all man beat up there wives and such. Some do, it's defiantly more common, and people do turn a blind eye more quickly, but it's not like it's the norm for everyone. Many men love their wives.

I've spoken to multiple Japanese woman and men. It seems more average that men, yes, do expect more typical roles in relation ships (and honestly, so do many woman. Sure there are ones fighting against it, but it's a minority). Woman stay home, take care of the children, the house, the cooking. Men work all day. You don't say thank you much unless it's above average what the other did, because you just do your part. But if you see the average Japanese working days, I think it's kinda understandable that they'll only work to be honest.

Not saying I would want that kind of relation. Really, I don't. I dislike cooking and I want to work myself and do stuff of my choice. But in most cases it's not that they treat woman bad, it's that they look to relations very different and for most, that way of relation is all they know beside maybe some stuff on media from the West (which they rarely have seen in real live beside maybe some tourists). Our ways are probably as weird and bad to them as theirs are to you.

>> No.10006302

I like to add, these where native Japanese woman, most with marriages. Dunno about foreigners and young adults. But honestly, I wouldn't date most Western men either.

>> No.10006310

>cultural things I see in anime all the time like work/salaryman culture and dynamics, festivals and events, etc
It's more that weeaboos seem to think it's a magical land where they come in, are instantly popular and getting friends even tho they are considered a weirdo, and they becomes the super cool gaijin without having to work hard and have fun all day and their lives will always end great. Also, all the "weird" stuff they see about Japan without context.

Sure, far from all anime's depict that image, but it's the image weebs often remember and that they believe in until truth is trown into their face while they are there. And then they go tell the world how awful Japan is for being a normal country with normal people.

>> No.10006317


>> No.10006368

Am not gull, made an assumption based on the friends I've made on here so far. I have a friend I could hook you up with if you want though.

>> No.10006376

If you order a shirt and the only material listed is "cotton", it should be assumed it is 100% cotton, right?
I was expecting a warm 100% cotton j-fashion long sleeve shirt, but nope, only 25% cotton and very thin. It was so cute too, uugghhhhhh.

>> No.10006380

Dammit gull some of us are too spergy for real dating sites, the only people we can emotionally connect to are other channers.

>> No.10006396

relatable, sadly

>> No.10006405

Dunno about where you life, but where I life it's very uncommon for people to know how to pick a decent quality lock. Maybe cheap ones, but not the ones they use on postal boxes for apartments here.

>> No.10006426

I was on them for 9 years. Got completely off for the second time in my life this year and honestly, I've never felt better

>> No.10006429

Are we being raided?

>> No.10006473

T B H, people will find anything to complain about so just do your thing anon!

>> No.10006482

Does anyone even care enough to raid /cgl/?

>> No.10006490

The only good cons are in Orlando, if you're in driving distance.

>> No.10006496
File: 17 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_p68e1dKK1G1v7351q_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought my first lolita dress today, feels good
>search brand name on archive
>"It's hit or miss"
>"It's shit quality even for a taobao brand"

>> No.10006577

Everyone starts somewhere.

When I was a baby lolita I bought a replica from dream of lolita because I didnt know a lot of brand prints yet and it was a replica of an older dress :(

So youre doing better than me!

>> No.10006625

Try anything but English teacher, you'll be considered a subhuman that can be replaced with ease.
All my friends that did it are now suicidal and stuck in a 2 year contract, you can always read the JET Reddit to see how bad they're doing.

>> No.10006960

We all start from somewhere.

>> No.10007058

I dislike how (online) lolita has became more and more unoriginal. 90% of the looks you see are all constructed the same. I guess people found a way of coordinating that looks good and decided to stick with it. And it does look good indeed, I'm not saying it's bad or anything... but in the long run it's boring, at least to me. Most of the people that try something different get made fun of, too. Or maybe receive advice that tells them what changes they should make in order to follow the trend. I browsed through some old GLBs and gosh were they more creative and innovative. Now if someone tries something like that has good chance of getting posted in the ita thread. I'm also sad that (online) lolita is less and less a street style, but more of a special occasion look. If you try a more """normal""", everyday look, you get told it's not lolita but otome or casual lolita, or maybe straight out ita. People keep telling how lolita should not be mistaken for a costume but honestly that's what it looks to me, sometimes. And not quality speaking - of course quality is exquisite blah blah blah. But for many (online) people it's something you wear to special events and only with special friends. Just like you wouldn't wear a Cinderella costume to have an ice-cream with a friend, you wouldn't wear a "complete lolita coord" to a normal evening out. This was just a rant btw, I'm not saying the totality of lolita is like this at all. But a part of it is and I just don't like it much.

>> No.10007104

>90% of the looks you see are all constructed the same
>I guess people found a way of coordinating that looks good and decided to stick with it. And it does look good indeed, I'm not saying it's bad or anything... but in the long run it's boring, at least to me.
Nah, there is tons of variation imho. It's just an established style. It's made from certain components because those components are what makes the style the styles. Without it, it's another style.

>I browsed through some old GLBs and gosh were they more creative and innovative
Lolita was still developing into a style, and all streetfashion styles where. There wasn't a real definition for any yet. The terms just became more defined as people had time to figure out what is what, which is handy for finding similar things or items made for the look you want. It's logic it happens, and the other things still exist, they just aren't called lolita anymore.

>Now if someone tries something like that has good chance of getting posted in the ita thread
Only if they look bad. Good old-school is still loved by many, and when some newfag posts it it'll always get pointed out with something like "sorry you're too new to know old-school" or something like that.

>I'm also sad that (online) lolita is less and less a street style, but more of a special occasion look
Here I actually agree.

>> No.10007105

>If you try a more """normal""", everyday look, you get told it's not lolita but otome or casual lolita
Here I don't. I wear it casually. Often enough with way less or no accesouries and simple, easy to wear outfits. No one ever told me it's not lolita but otome, nor have I been called ita or posted here. I've only been called boring once, which I can understand for a daily coord between OTT ones on CoF. I do agree people call too much things otome too quickly, but I do believe things can be distintive lolita still.
>or maybe straight out ita
Only if you look bad or you've got way out of the bounds of the fashion, but that get's back to the first few points.

>People keep telling how lolita should not be mistaken for a costume but honestly that's what it looks to me, sometimes
>But for many (online) people it's something you wear to special events and only with special friends
Altrough that second point would make it special-occasion wear, beside conlita's I think most consider it special-occasion-like than costume-like. Never the less, I agree I wish more people would wear it daily. And that more people would just treat is as what it is, clothes. Not some personallity defining, life deciding thing.

>This was just a rant btw, I'm not saying the totality of lolita is like this at all. But a part of it is and I just don't like it much.
This actually made me feel okay about the comment instead of thinking another one just complains. I guess when ranting you only talk about the part that makes you want to rant, but it's good to know you realise it's not like that for everyone.

>> No.10007760

I mean ive read plenty of reddits and other peoples personal experience and i have seen both bad and good.

I come from a state in the US thats "at-will employment" so im already treated like a subhuman that can be replaced with ease because my jobs can just toss me the second they dont like me.

Also jokes on the Japanese, im already clinically depressed and want to die.

>> No.10008004

Don't worry anon, it's really common to start that way. To be honest, your style is probably going to take a while to settle down assuming you haven't already been lurking for years and years (and even then, it can take trial and error to figure out what looks best on your body / what suits you best in practice). I sold off almost all my items from my early days, but it's not a bad thing. It's just part of a normal process of developing your own style and experience in lolita. And if you really want to avoid it and want to get it perfect the first time, more research never hurts, too. If I were you though, I would just enjoy the excitement that comes with your first dress. I hope you end up loving it.

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