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Lolita can never be cool, because being cool requires some sort of masculinity from person. Something that makes you look active and energetic. And what kind of activity do your kiddo dresses symbolise? Eh...

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Man I just really love lolita

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No one wears lolita to be "cool", retard.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>requires some sort of masculinity from person
brainwashed by the patriarchy confirmed

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>Lolita can never be cool, because being cool requires some sort of masculinity from person.


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Screw it. Consider masculinity as ability to be active and femininity as ability to be passive. So, how active one could be wearing puff ass petti and fancy headwear?

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I want to work on my anxiety that I get before every meetup. I'm always thinking in the back of my head that people are just tolerating me and they don't actually want me there.

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Pretty active

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I mean, I regularly go on fairly long bike rides in lolita and have gone hiking in it before. But ok

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Where are you getting this definition from? Also cute >cool desu

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I see wearing a petticoat as an active statement of taking more space in the room.

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>I hate being in a comm because of people
>I miss being in a comm because of people

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By your logic, being cool only requires that you look active, not that you are active. That doesn't sound very cool. There are plenty of inactive, unenergetic people dressed like lumberjack bikers; and there are plenty of lolitas who engage in vigorous and perhaps (to outsider crossboarders such as yourself) idiosyncratic types of activities.

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Man i just really love autumn coords

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Looking 'cool' by society's standards is just going with the trends while maybe putting a little bit of your own flair in there.

If the mainstream trend was lolita, sure, we'd all look cool. But it isn't. Perceived masculinity and femininity have zero actual consequence as to whether one looks cool or not.

But shame on me for taking the bait

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I love lolita so much, but i'd give it up if it meant I could have a nice family to take care of. Sadly, I had a chance at that once but was brutally destroyed when my husband of one year cheated on me (we had been together 8 years before getting married). since then I haven't really met any men who are single or who have their lives together. Sad.

At least I have lolita I guess. Thanks for making me waste my time on nothing, asshole.

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I posted some feels here >>10000680

It got me thinking. What do you gulls think I could do to improve myself and my chances at getting out of this rut? I know /cgl/ isn't necessarily the place for these questions, but you probably get why it bothers me better than anyone else would.

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Jokes on you, i nobody wears lolita to be cool except tragic attention seeking itas.

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That feel when you finally buy not only one, but two brand spanking new moitie dresses. These are my first moitie pieces that i have ever bought and the first time i haven't bought second hand main pieces.

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>tried getting into cosplay photography since the start of this year
>really dialed in how much of a socially retarded autist I am, haven't made any friends since I started
>enjoyed it in the beginning but I'm getting so fucking burnt out over shooting with so many cosplays or people I don't want to shoot (or evelll talk to in some cases) because I don't know how to say no
>don't want to be picky with who I shoot with because this seems to be frowned upon in the community
>quite a lot of my free time outside of cons is now dedicated to post processing and editing

I still want in this world but I also want out. The shoots that I enjoyed doing I REALLY fucking enjoyed, but the amount of ones where I feel I underperformed or just didn't have any fun are really starting to out weigh the fun shoots

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Just keep working on yourself and never give up. I'm in the same boat, only older, and my neet-ness lasted a decade. It does get better, you just have to keep active and don't become stagnant. work on yourself and do the things you love and keep trying.

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recently bought two old dresses i've been wanting for years but not enough for it to be a DD, both stained but it's my hobby to tackle and fix up stained clothing i get online. i'm excited for the dresses to get into my care....

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My local comm is dead and I don't have the time to try and rejuvenate ut it, the nearest other one only has meetups in places that'd be a good 5-6 hour drive away.

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I'd abandon lolita in a heartbeat if it meant having her back and getting to be with her.
I'm too depressed to wear any cute thing whatsoever now anyway. I just hug her jacket and cry.
I want to be happy. I would trade my entire closet of brand for her

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My bad leg is acting up. How can I lolit

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Thanks, anon. It's really disheartening sometimes. Like, had I gotten into what I loved ten years ago, I'd have so many experiences and fun times to look back on. But I'm stuck in the present with nothing to show for myself and I have even less time to enjoy my hobbies. When does it get easier? I'm just going to keep trying (what else can I do?) but the passage of time slowly wears me down.

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just remember that you can either sit here and waste the future by regretting the past, or you can force yourself to actively use the present to experience things before you're no longer able to. I really feel the same as you, and it's a huge struggle sometimes, but we can never get time back. it only goes forward. so we have to do our best to let the past go and work on the present so we don't have to continuously regret the past. it's so hard for me some days... but you just have to keep going.

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Body dismorphia is kicking in hard those past months. I love my coords, but I hate my face in it. It looks... out of place.
Man, I really wish I were born with an at least average face. I am a sad uggo.

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I'm 24 and I feel like I'm too old to look good in lolita.

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ʇiɐq ǝɔiN

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28 year old daily lolita here: Wear what you want, it's alternative fashion that's meant to be subversive and challenge social expectations, and also make you happy.
You can change your styling and makeup to look more "mature" to suit your current look and level of comfort, or straight up convert to classic if you feel uncomfortable in sweet, or drop the fashion altogether if you don't like it anymore - The point is, you can do whatever makes you happy but at 24, you're definitely not too old for it.

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>mfw none of my precious lolita packages made it home before weekend

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I'm also 24. You're not too old to wear lolita. Just enjoy yourself.

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Some of the most popular lolitas are in their late 20s or even 30s. 24 is no age at all. Moisturize, avoid the sun, don't smoke and keep hydrated at all times. If you are not some genetic hideous abnormination you will look young until you're 30 and then you can slowly progress into more mature styles if you want (or not give a fuck and continue dressing in the styles you like because at some point in your life you will stop giving a shit about COF or insta likes).

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I'm also here to tell you you're not too old. I started wearing lolita when I was 25. I wear sweet, hime, and OTT. I hate ageist stereotypes.

The only bad thing about getting into the fashion "late" is that you always feel like you have so much catch-up to do. For instance, I buy, on average, a dress or two a month because I feel like I need to accrue a wardrobe faster. Realistically, we have less time than someone who started when they were 18 or 20. But I have many years left to enjoy the fashion. As far as I am concerned, there's no "stop" date. I'll probably be the weird grandma that bathes in glitter and dresses in vintage Angelic Pretty.

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Thank you for taking the time to comfort me, anon. You're right, regret isn't going to change the past. Might as well start with what I can do now.

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Just bought one of my wishlist dresses! It's my second favorite cut and colorwat of this dress. Now I need to find my favorite! I love my SS.

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Congrats! I sorta had the same thing happen today! I now have all three pastel colorways of Toy Fantasy and their matching headbows.
Which dress did you snag?

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I got the Colorful Sherbet OP in Pink. And awesome anon, Toy Parade is really cute! Completing sets always feels great too.

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Meant to type Toy Fantasy, not Toy Parade... The sentiment still stands

>> No.10001359

Ah that's so cute! I saw that OP while browsing Mercari. I'm happy you got it! Which colorway is your favorite? I think the sax x pink is adorable.

No problem on the correction. Toy Parade seems to be more common and many more people like it? I'm obsessed with Toy Fantasy though. It beats Toy Parade by a landslide for me.

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Thanks! The Sax x Pink is my favorite. The JSK is my favorite cut, too. I want to get it in every colorway eventually.

Toy Fantasy is actually my preferred print, but I've been thinking about buying Toy Parade recently. I absolutely love the giraffes and elephants on Toy Fantasy- they help make it one of my favorite prints. I only have the JSK set but I've slowly been collecting all of the matching jewelry. Were you the one who bought the pink headbow off fril?

>> No.10001370

Haha, yes! That was 100% me. I snagged the pink JSK off CC a few months ago (NWT, I was so excited) and needed the headbow. I originally got the sax colorway and fell in love with the little giraffes and bubbles. So then I decided to get it in every colorway (except black). The new one I got was the white x pink JSK. I would love to find the jewelry too.

As for Toy Parade, I eventually want to get the JSK in white, but I'm far less obsessed with it.

I really hope you can get your preferred colorway one day of Colorful Sherbet! If I liked older solids, I'd be all over that dress too.

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I just want to go down on an amy rose cosplayer while dressed as rouge smdh

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>gf thinks jessica niggri is hot
>always drool over either big tits/big butt girls or very petite girls
>am just average/ petite with small boobs and a small butt
>always feel really jealous whenever she says how hot they are and feel like i'll never be good enough
I'm so fucking tired no matter how hard i try this idiot keeps looking and coswhores. She says i'm pretty hot but she keeps calling me a hater whenever i say they are trashy or say she has bad taste (probably why she is dating me anyway)

>> No.10001393

Also I get so jealous when she says she would fuck them. I know she wouldnt but it makes me upset. I just hate myself so much these past days.
Also the fact that she likes goth girls and that i'm into cute things doesn't help me. I feel even more like a fucking failure

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>not curvy enough to be a babe
>too old and uncute to be a loli
Should i kms? I'm turning 23 soon

>> No.10001396

this. the more time I spend in mine, the more I realize how childish some of these women are. and they're grown as hell, married and acting like teenage girls

>> No.10001399

what the fuck? He reminds me of Diane from BoJack Horseman- how tf do these people not realize, that after 7-8 years of dating, that if you aren't married by then, you def aren't going to last long married. I'm sorry he wasted your time and did one of the worst things anyone could do to their partner.

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>selling a dress I don't fit into anymore
>some girl buys it
>check out her insta and see she is heavier than me
>also one of the more well known lolitas
>I wonder how she is going to fit into it
>a few weeks later I see her picture on insta wearing the dress
>she's wearing the dress with a cardigan
>100% certain she wears it with the zipper being left open
>if I pointed that out telling who exactly it was her whiteknight would come in drones and defend her saying "she's not chubby at all and can fit into all the unshirred brand she wants"
>tfw I know the truth

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you keep posting on this board about her, have you considered breaking up with her? it sounds like this is a major issue and is causing you pain and she isn't listening. perhaps even just taking a break would help.

>> No.10001408

I'm 24 and I look good. You're letting your weakness and insecurity show. It's just clothes anon. Don't get hung up on age. Just fucking do it anon. Put on your big girl bloomers and join the fun.

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pls name im so curious

>> No.10001411

Iemme just be your adopted mother for a minute because yours clearly didn't do her job.

Stop. Just stop for a second. You are a human being. The first person you should reapect and look out for is yourself. Your wellbeing in this moment comes first. You are in a relationship that clearly makes you feel inadequate and sad. This is not your fault. Your partner lacks empathy and does not care about you or your emotions like she should. It seems you've already brought this subject up with her and she was more concerned with her own desires than your feelings. This is not a partner that cares about you.
It won't get better. She is not going to stop behaving this way and you are going to continue to feel like the second fiddle. You can make the choice now to end the relationship and move on to someone who respects you, or to stay with a girl that makes you feel this way. The strain on your relationship will only get worse. Please, please respect yourself. Please end the relationship.

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Keep your burando and find other purpose in your life

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My best friend has turned into a monster because of cosplay. She only got into it a few years ago, and even then it was solely for entering competitions instead of doing it for the fun of it. Now she's completely obsessed with online fame and focused on nothing but facebook page likes and people feeding her ever-expanding ego. I feel like she rode my coat-tails enough as an established cosplayer in the community to get what she wanted, and the second she began eclipsing me she threw me away.

She's ruined so many wonderful conventions and cosplay opportunities with me with her awful attitude and selfish personality. The worst part is that even though she's a horrendously sore loser and really mean to people she doesn't like, she's a 'darling' of the community because her (very fake) public persona is so overly sweet. She keeps doing incredibly petty shit and the worst part is that she no longer wants anything to do with me because she wants to work 'solo' and 'expand her brand'.

I just want my goofy, funny and lighthearted friend back, not the fame-hungry mean person she became the second her fb page got thousands more likes than mine.

(sorry for blogposting)

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I used to have the sax and pink colorway. It did not suit me but it is such a cute dress! Congrats!

>> No.10001417

You're never too old to wear what makes you happy. Fuck society

>> No.10001426

I'd honestly rather kill myself than break up with her or take a break. I'm so miserable and she's the only person,the only thing i have that makes me happy.

well,she couldn't exactly do the job given she passed away. I could,but then i would be all alone and honestly i don't know if i wanna live anymore in general. Not gonna make a wall of text about my situation but she's all I have and despite that I love her so dearly. She cares about me, but I need to accept that it's normal to find other girls attractive and doesn't make me "less". I just need to stop being a pussy.

>> No.10001430

I know it hurts anon, but remember, she was likley always this way deep inside. If not this, then likely she would have done something else to strain your friendship.

>> No.10001432

You need new cosplay friends, anon. I'm sorry your friend's ego ruined so many experiences for you.

>> No.10001441

>she's the only person,the only thing i have that makes me happy.
Unless there are two girls on this board in this very specific situation, this is the second time I've seen you posting about how miserable she makes you feel so excuse me while I doubt this. You're either in denial about how miserable you are or lying to make the situation sound worse than it is, but idk what use sympathy and attention from anons would have to anyone, so I'll assume the former.
From what you tell us, your girlfriend treats you like shit. >>10001411 said this but I'll repeat it: You do not deserve to be treated like shit, you do not deserve to be miserable. Love yourself first.

>> No.10001447

Not op,but sounds like a certain Swedish teacher

>> No.10001488

I'm 38 and fuck this sentiment. I started wearing lolita in 2001. I can still fit all my unshirred brand. Am I going to suddenly discard everything and wear sweater twinsets and pleated slacks because some girls on the internet say some different girls on the internet are better than me because they're younger? (hint: no)

>> No.10001489

I'm the 28 year old up thread and I genuinely hope to be like you in 10 years time. Keep rocking those frills, anon.

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>complain about gaining weight during tea
>one girl says "It's okay. You can get a black guy now."

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What the fuck. Is she retarded

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Then make it easier for yourself. Search. Try things. Find something else that makes you just as happy or happier than she does. Romantic love isn't the start and end of the world. Once you find what makes you feel whole, it'll be easier to stay with her or let her go because you'll have something else to live for too. I believe in you anon. Remember, people are cowards in the face of happiness. Don't be afraid of change.
--Mother anon

>> No.10001548

What's your secret? I'm 25 and have started holding weight differently. I want to stay petite but my family isn't like that naturally. I don't want to give up on my unshirred brand.

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This is sort of a long ride but holy fuck do I feel pissed.

>been a lolita since 2010
>never really joined in any groups for japanese culture including lolita/anime/music etc
>not a huge weeb, like sailor moon and some other basic anime but never hugely into it
>mostly just like lolita, some casual jfash, and a few VK bands
>number one band comes over a while back, have a great time seeing them, wear lolita
>band comes back again not even a year later, go to see them, have a great time and wear lolita
>get to chat with some of the members a bit thanks to runins
>after the second time get invited to a fan group
>sure why not
>join the group, automatically sort of an outcast because I'm not a turboweeb into anime and I don't massively fangirl over other similar bands
>try my best to fit in because I love the band
>organize projects, start making art and tshirts, do little things that I can think of
>despite that always get comments on how I'm different because I'm a lolita/donate hundreds to a stream we all watch to support it/insertthinghere
>a few days ago someone offers an alternative to a project I had been working on and organizing for months
>I had already spent $300 on it, spent a few days assembling it and it was almost done
>everyone wants to do the other thing even though we had been talking about plans for the original for MONTHS
>get irritated, say if everyone wants to do the other thing fine but I won't be involved, they have to figure it out and fund it
>everyone acts like I'm being unreasonable
>they say this new thing would be something everyone could work on together
>makes no sense since the original was something we all worked on together
>explain that I did this because I can't join in on a lot of things and wanted to contribute
>they don't care, they want the shiny new shittier version of the project
>realize that I'm a dumb bitch for trying so hard to make other people happy
>leave the group bc fuck that

Man I'm salty as shit but glad I left

>> No.10001570

nayrt but im almost 30 and petite, watch your diet and take note of foods that your body starts processing differently. (you can keep a food diary if that helps). start working out to target areas of your body that you need to maintain. Look into your family's medical history, if there is anything that you need to be conscious of.

>> No.10001573

I hate drawing the jelly card but it does seem like they were jealous to some extent, assuming they knew you can donate hundreds to some stream and buy brand (which people typically think is unreasonably expensive). That on top of you not being equally weeby as they are, that is.
Definitely a shitty situation though, I'm sorry that happened to you. Will you still go see this band if you have the chance in the future?

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>tfw my mom didn't do her job right

>> No.10001584

100% will go see the band, I've supported them since 07 or around then, and I've been incredibly lucky in getting to chat with some of the members and they're really nice people. I'm not going to let that group ruin them for me, I'm just pissed that I put so much effort in and this was the first time I had tried to be a part of a community like that and they turned out to be assholes.

I don't want to say they're jelly, but when you put it like that they could be. One of the girls had the audacity to talk about how I spent so much money donating to the stream ON THE STREAM. Who on earth thinks that's appropriate???

I know I'm salty about the whole situation but I really can't see where any of what they did was ok.

>> No.10001587

they sound like a bunch of cunts anon. i'm glad you realized you don't have to try for people like that.

>> No.10001591

>Who on earth thinks that's appropriate???
Someone who's jealous and/or bitter, obviously. Well adjusted adults would either not comment because they don't care, or cheer you on/praise you for donating to a stream you all enjoy. Maybe she thought you were showing off your wealth or something. Were they all younger than you?
Regardless, your salt is justified imo. It sucks but at least this sorry bunch didn't ruin your enjoyment of the band.

>> No.10001597

Most of them are my age or older(mid 20s), only one of them is a few years younger around 21 I think. The younger girl was chill enough, the worst were all about my age or older.

I did get the chance to go to a private show for the band once, I think all of this may have started there now that I think about it because they weren't ever happy that I got the chance, they just made comments on how they were upset they didn't get to.

Yeah I'm focusing on getting ready for the next time the band comes over now instead of pouring my energy out for ungreatful people.

>> No.10001601

How old are you if you keep posting about it here?

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i'm broke as fúck and there's so many dresses I want to buy

>> No.10001613

Maybe it's an American thing, but it's a common stereotype that black dudes are into overweight white girls.

>> No.10001626

My anxiety is getting worse every day, and lately I don't go outside anymore. I quit my job because it was too much. I want to feel better and get back to being myself, but I'm afraid of other people and can't afford therapy. How do you get out of that kind of rut?

>> No.10001636


The fact that you're seeking help and want to improve yourself is a great start.

As for an actual practical solution, fuck if i know

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>my friends both met their wives cosplaying
>mfw the only girls I hit it off with are teenagers

>> No.10001650

My hips are a little wider (but just as bony looking? somehow. Although I haven't had kids) than they were in my 20s, my butt is a little bigger (I've had to go one size up in jeans), and my arms and upper back are a bit more muscular because of other hobbies and fitness reasons, but the rest is probably just genetics, staying active, and avoiding fried foods.

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Same, what an awful feel

>> No.10001658

dump her

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Holy shit, anon. Topkek.
It's the truth as far as I've known.

>the worst were all about my age or older.
When you get as old as that and don't have a stable financial foundation and a cute lolita is smarter, more capable, and probably has interacted with the band more than you, you're going to be mad as fuck.

>> No.10001660

Thank you! Just keep being yourself, friend. I believe in you.

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I miss my family

>> No.10001695

Yes I know but is she retarded enough to say it out loud is the question

>> No.10001705

Bless your heart and thank you

>> No.10001733

hip bones keep spreading as you age

>> No.10001748

I ate 27 eclaires yesterday due to period cravings. Today, my oldschool Baby skirts don't fit anymore. Hope it's just bloating... and totally not my body that puts on weight crazy fast.

>> No.10001753

Why the fuck would you eat that much?

>> No.10001764

Um....mini or full sized haha

>> No.10001776

Nice bait. No really, I'm impressed

>> No.10001784

I mean, she's pretty open about how she fits into brand, even made a video on it

>> No.10001786

Lolita is 100x better than men anyways anon. I've got a man but at this point I'd probably consider trading him for a big pile of brand. Brand won't ever let you down or hurt you.

>> No.10001791

Holy shit, how does that happen. I have fatty tendencies but even i would feel like throwing up after the 3rd one. Also, that sounds expensive.

>> No.10001804

Whenever I go to cons and get caught up in long conversations with other cosplayers I always feel really bad that I’m annoying thema and keeping them from whatever they were gonna do or wherever they were gonna be. This is probably just anxiety because the other person usually doesn’t show signs of wanting out and they participate in conversation.

>> No.10001805

You can do it anon. it really is hard but it's so worth it. we have to keep moving forward always and do as much as we can do before it's too late! keep going, don't lose hope and never give up~

>> No.10001807

Not sure if anyone cares, but I'm the suicidal anon from the previous thread who was worried about her parents.
My mother criticized me for my lolita stuff. I asked if she wants me to throw it all away, and she said no. So I told her there's no point in her nagging, since the clothes aren't going anywhere.
Then she tried to box it all up and hide (?) it, I said I preferred to leave them on hangers. She finally stopped.
She's probably going to start this again and again many times but she's giving me a rest for now. I wasn't a smooth experience but everything went better than I expected.

I'm also wearing lolita a lot since I got a mental health break for treatment and have a lot of free time.
I'm feeling better slowly.
Wishing all the gulls a great day.

>> No.10001810

I'm trying, but it's kinda hard. thanks for your support anon.

>> No.10001811

I'm 37 and I started the same time as you! I don't give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks about me wearing lolita. It makes me happy and makes me feel pretty and I'll wear it as long as I want

>> No.10001823

Feckin' mods are playin' with my heart. I posted up a new Dieselpunk/1900s thread, it got moved to /fa/ and now people're are calling for it to be moved back and don't want it on /fa/.

Shit's confusing. I just wanna post pics, I know people like 'em.

>> No.10001825

It's off topic even if a few people don't care

>> No.10001831

I posted the thread here to see if it would be allowed, since I didn't know if it'd fall under fashion or costuming.

Most didn't mind and I didn't get any indication to move it anywhere.

So after it hit the bump, I posted another.

I'm just goin' by what the mods say man

>> No.10001834

If you posted to see if it'd be allowed and it wasn't why are you complaining?

>> No.10001836

..Because no one made any indication that it wasn't allowed before. I just said that.

>> No.10001846

I liked your thread, it was cool af. Maybe if you collected a bunch of dieselpunk lolita pics and started the thread with that and then posted the rest as "inspiration"? Or said it was larp-related

>> No.10001847

This is the japanese fashion and cosplay board. It was neither japanese fashion or cosplay. You sound dumb.

>> No.10001848

Stop using so many quotation marks

>> No.10001849

I never really had a family and miss my non-existent family, and will likely never have one of my own because of dumb situations. Sad feels.

>> No.10001856

But does it give you up or run around?

>> No.10001858

I was really sad to see that. This shit is why we need an actual altfashion board, fuck. Historical costuming could be allowed there too.

>> No.10001863
File: 186 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1501120458210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10001872

Sorry it got moved around anon. Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed that thread, and it was great inspo.

>> No.10001875 [DELETED] 



>> No.10001876
File: 163 KB, 651x904, EF11E7A0-0BB6-4ACE-9295-AD99555CC83F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at a con waiting for my phone to charge
>miss midnight cosplayer has such big tits that her nipples are visible through her stocking top thing

>> No.10001907
File: 20 KB, 259x224, 1521451548295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went to /fa/. People post their daily outfits there and half of them don't show the whole coord. I don't think I've ever seen a more boring group of nerds. Even the girls looked boring. I wear lolita, but I actually work in fashion and I don't think these people would know fashion if it walked past them in the street. I'm never going there again.

>> No.10001911

I looked on there once also. Bunch of guys asking what sort of Doc Martens they should get. Super boring. Even r/goodyearwelt was more entertaining.

>> No.10001919

Love yourself. Don't go there again.

Is there even any acceptable answer other than standard black 1460s (English made line) if they've never had any before, and if they have those already then whatever the fuck they like?

>> No.10001925

It really was pretty much exactly that with a side helping of boy thinspo and a thread about whether being gay is /fa/

I won't go again but I feel obliged to point out that for men 1461 shoes are a good starting option too. But yeah 1460 boots are like the standard that will never really go out.

>> No.10001957

Wtf? You do realize that immobility kills, right? I walk more than 5k in Lolita regularly, no problem.

>> No.10001959

diesel punk fits here more than the retarded wedding dress crap, yet it's here still. alas.

>> No.10001965

The outfits posted in their cringe threads are unironically better than the ones in WAYWT threads.

>> No.10001981
File: 173 KB, 402x307, 1538014708491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ever going to /fa/
>when they think this is the hight of fashion

>> No.10001984

>that isn't the height of fashion

honestly kys

>> No.10001987

I wear Bodyline to my families houses so that I don't get dog hair and baby spitup on my brand
As such, I have a depressingly large collection of Bodyline

>> No.10001989

Wow, I am sorry your mom was so uncaring about how you felt about it, but it sounds like you handled it well. I'm glad you're feeling better, keep hangin in there! I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best!

>> No.10001994

fa is so fucking boring. It disappoints me, man. No one on there has any personality either. It's just the most boring normies thinking they're "cool" because they cop stuff at stores down the street. Not sure how wearing black sweaters is a personality, but that's what those people think.

>> No.10001995

When my normie friends ask to wear lolita with me, I put them in bodyline bc im afraid they'll fuck up my brand. I still coord them cute but I cant trust they'll take care of my dresses. They have no idea what they're wearing isn't brand.

>> No.10002008
File: 28 KB, 552x581, wontneedpantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm seeing the BNHA movie in theaters tomorrow and I'm hoping to make some /cgl/ friends at the theater. What are the odds of this?

>> No.10002012

Are you me? I have tons of bodyline for the same reasons. Plus cats clawing at any vissible ruffle and lace

>> No.10002017

Because cravings and empty Friday. Had nothing to do but suffer in bed and eat away.
Full sized I guess. 14 cm but pretty thin.
Well, you eat one, and than a few more, wait a few hours, and have another meal of nothing but desserts. As long as they are not too sweet, I can eat... a lot in a day.
They were leftovers from a party I hosted 2 days ago, so at least nothing went to waste. Probably wouldn't buy 27 eclaires to binge in a day myself tho.

>> No.10002023

>binge eating to cure boredom

Welcome to the wonderful path to getting obese

>> No.10002049

I used to hang out there. Just went back to look and just like when I went back to lit after 6 years, boy has it gone downhill. Like it wasn't good to start with but they've clearly stagnated, no one cares about runway or couture any more except to drool over models, and you're right the number of half assed photos these guys take is tragic. For people who supposedly care about their clothes they sure don't bother to photograph them well.

>> No.10002057

Went drinking yesterday with my burando hairband on. It broke.

>> No.10002059

Oh god. HOW?

>> No.10002061
File: 104 KB, 1080x810, UaEscmK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be new to lacemarket
>be reliable buyer, but have zero reviews yet
>hope people will even sell to me
>nevertheless manage several really smooth and friendly transactions, no problems
>immediately leave kind reviews
>out of 5 of my reviews I only get one back
>wait a few weeks
>still nothing
babby needs the reviews

>> No.10002063

I've met a lot of supportive people, but I still think I am too old to cosplay the characters I wanted. I am currently working on more mature-looking ones, but secretly gathering materials for my cute anime waifu. And it feels pretty good

>> No.10002065

I think it dropped a couple of times as I tilted my head while laughing/drinking. The resin heart and flat gems came off, I couldn't find the gems anywhere so I will have to replace them :(

>> No.10002083

Tell that to the mods, I'm just gonna keep posting. If it gets moved back to /cgl/ then woo, but if not I'll just keep posting until the thread dies then I'll just leave it be since /fa/ is basically just shitposting.

>> No.10002084

Glad you liked it. I'm just gonna keep posting on the thread. If /fa/ doesn't like it they can move it back to /cgl/ but I'm just gonna run the thread through until it dies then I'll probably lurk here since I don't have any dieselpunk lolita.

>> No.10002086

That'd be nice, I'd be posting there if there was an altfashion board. /fa/ is currently just shitposting (or was, since I'm just posting images now) so I'm just gonna keep posting pics until the mods delete the thread or move it over to /cgl/ again. Once that's done I'm just gonna lurk, don't have much to post that pertains to here, apparently.

>> No.10002087

Yeeup, I can see what people meant when they warned me not to go to that board.

>> No.10002089

I second this

>> No.10002090

Honestly from my limited experience with cosplay or reading what others have said, it's the heart and the effort that goes into the cosplay that really makes it, mature or no.

You do you, but I think as long as you knuckle down and get your head into it I think you could pull off some pretty great stuff.

>> No.10002091 [DELETED] 
File: 181 KB, 1024x1024, rockabilly-112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10002097

Can't second this enough where is my fucking altfashion board I need it now jdhkahshdjsj

>> No.10002099

If it gets made I'll pos more rockabilly and dieselpunk on there.

>> No.10002105

More gothic than lolita but whatever

I shaved off my stupid long greasy goth hair for charity (raised over $1800 for leukemia)
I decided to get off mr bones wild ride and i stopped "having dinner with ana"
Ive been working out so much that the arms of one of my trench coats are starting to tear off.
I got my 1st haircut after shaving my head today and i was shocked at how much better i look.
Im feeling good today

>> No.10002107

Happy for ya anon :)

>> No.10002115

Thanks that really means a lot to me but i dont want this to turn into a circle jerk so ill fuck off and lurk for a whilst

>> No.10002121 [DELETED] 
File: 389 KB, 1280x1813, 1537842792868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw at a Lolita sleep over and I accidentally grow a penis overnight. Every one tries to touch it and I have to run into the bathroom and call my mom.

>> No.10002123
File: 98 KB, 640x574, A8660336-3320-414C-8E3D-63A01320951C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found the cutest ever axes femme jsk for an absolute bargain and it fits like a glove. best mood.

>> No.10002125

It's such a good feel! I bought two new main pieces from them this year as well my, and I'm praying they start to regularly release accessories too.
I was so scared that Mana was going to close up shop entirely, it feels like I've been given a second chance.

>> No.10002129
File: 155 KB, 362x447, 1534709519395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That much $$$ for charity
Bless you anon, and keep fighting.
Also, don't beat yourself up about that one trenchcoat. You can buy a new, better one when the time is right.

>> No.10002182

>Ive been working out so much that the arms of one of my trench coats are starting to tear off.
I'm confused. Are you working out in a trench coat?

>> No.10002216

GTFO tranny

>> No.10002363

Had sex with my boyfriend while wearing holy lantern

>> No.10002365
File: 47 KB, 550x462, 1452395753681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002389

They call us wacks but they are the most boring people i've ever seen. Like,normiest of normies.
I'd rather look like a weirdo and wear pastels

Speaking of which,am i the only one tired of being just "cute"? i wanna be fucking hot but i got the body of a teenage girl except it's not petite enough and my feminine assets are just pathetic (small banana boobs,small butt,barely any hips,...)
I rail on costhots and i actually fucking hate them for ruining it for us real cosplayers that aren't sellout skanks,but damn,at least some of them have really good bodies and it's making me upsetti spaghetti

>> No.10002391
File: 94 KB, 720x1136, EE930723-9C5B-403C-BAE2-334ED94FF791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cosplay has peaked
Nothing l do will ever measure up

>> No.10002395

Is she wrong?

>> No.10002396

Everytime I think she can't get more gross/trashier she proves me wrong.
That's the laziest "cosplay" i've seen as a sad attempt to quickly jump on the bandwagon

>> No.10002399

i would actually kill myself if my body looked this way. i don't understand how she has the balls to flaunt her rolls like this

>> No.10002400
File: 488 KB, 750x521, Nigri-Bowsette.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Luckily BASED JNig saved it

>> No.10002404

she's not the only whore who did something retardedly basic and similar for the dumb bowsette meme.

>> No.10002405

How do i stop beign so judgy? Even after I tried to quit /cgl/ i'm much saltier and more judgy than i usually was. I'll look at girls at a meetup and just think "she's 13? she looks so old already" "those shoes and that hair are a mess" "i bet she only owns two bodyline dresses".
I'm scared i'm becoming a salty bitter hag at only 21

>> No.10002406

Nothing a night of being put in your place with a good dicking won't fix

>> No.10002407

Heh,slightly better. But Niggri ages really badly (she looks like an average pornstar gyaru to begin with) and is quite trashy herself
>tfw gf thinks she's hot and wishes i wore things like she does
too bad i have taste

>> No.10002409
File: 29 KB, 400x430, 342A3EE4-DD7B-4626-BF84-546D1DB9AB52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002411

>put in your place

also i have low self esteem so that might be part of why. I notice i'm more bitter when i'm feel extra self conscious

>> No.10002412

>taste in anything

>> No.10002413

i-i'm sorry anon girls are too hot/cute

hey now, she has shit taste but i think i have decent taste. I like cute feminine things but she happens to be into more guyish stuff (she loves cute shit as well that said)

>> No.10002414
File: 83 KB, 1020x900, 1504812755422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's meet and I'll show you, babygull

>> No.10002415
File: 136 KB, 600x800, CEDA5107-2BBD-47FB-A4D5-EAA3DCEFD0F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girls can’t love girls anonette
It’s forbidden love

>> No.10002416

You're already a bitter old hag at 21 if you're honest about what you said. just stop being a judging bitch. You're clearly projecting if you are more bitter when you're self-conscious. Take all that bitter bitch energy and put it towards making yourself feel and look better. Focus on YOU and not what other random people are doing. They don't deserve your bitchy attitude.

>> No.10002418
File: 34 KB, 421x429, af7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002419

i never say anything i keep it all to myself.
at worst i'm salty on /cgl/ where nobody can see and then i feel bad about it.
I know I should, but I'm stuck in life right now so i'm even more bitter. I just need someone to hold me honestly.
>tfw no SO to fuck the bitterness out of me and then gently pet me as i calm down

>> No.10002427

I'm going to slap your butt and tease you mercilessly before cuddling you

>> No.10002443

It means getting the lunch money beaten out of you and stuffed in a locker for being a fucking faggot nerd

>> No.10002444
File: 101 KB, 383x274, 583DFA36-461E-42B1-B3B6-ED9A2E9075CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

n-no, forget about other anon and slap my butt

>> No.10002446

>those trips
God damn, I just might have to. Where you at, babygull?

>> No.10002447
File: 91 KB, 1024x1024, C520D038-7981-402F-84C6-25D8FCB148F9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002463

>lonelita all my life forever
>join comm sort of near by
>click "going" on all upcoming events
>the only people going to the first meeting are itas, someone's mom, and a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl

fucking welp

>> No.10002479 [DELETED] 
File: 86 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1515011753880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002490

I laughed and I agree. I hate them so much

>> No.10002497

How many of you gulls have tattoos?

>> No.10002499

>con in "50 days"
>cosplay needs like 2 big things left to make
>prop would help 100% with the cosplay but I don't have the skill to make it and no time to learn

Well this sucks

>> No.10002510


>> No.10002513

what? that’s almost two months, that’s absolutely enough time to learn how to make a prop

>> No.10002514

I'm just continually amazed at how people can continue to defend scumbags that get outed every time there's a new scandal with a cosplayer or photographer. Just amazed!

>> No.10002520


>> No.10002523

I can't agree enough with this

>> No.10002527

>tfw no cosplay bf to slap my butt

>> No.10002533
File: 24 KB, 313x286, 1414349951856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolutely not happening. went to see it subbed with my bf and his friend, we had a fat NEET sitting in one of our reserved seats and i had to tell him to get up.

try making those friends at a con or online, sorry to say. but the movie is AMAZING so you'll enjoy it!

>> No.10002557

I didn't meet anyone, but I did run into my con friends afterward. Yay!

I was dressed as Aizawa and some tween girl called me "sleepy daddy" wtf

>> No.10002558

>fast for two straight days
>then eat 4 grilled cheese sandwiches one after another after another
I'll always be fattychan, wont i

>> No.10002562

If you try to get rid of it by starving a couple days at a time yes
Burning fat is a longterm goal

>> No.10002563

Start tracking your food calories and exercising

Your body only releases about 20 calories per day per pound bodyfat
So let’s say you’re 180lb and 30%fat
You’ve got 54~ lbs adipose tissue
X 20= 1080
So you can lose as much as 1000 calories a day before you start burning muscle
1lb of fat is about 3500-4000 calories so at a -1000 calorie deficit you can lose 2 lbs a week

>> No.10002582

OP of the Dieselpunk threads here. After my thread was moved to /fa/ and the feedback and shit I got there, I just let the thread die. Gonna lurk for a while.

>> No.10002597

I woke up yesterday and realized i don't have any feelings for my girlfriend anymore so i dumped her later that day during brunch. She actually cried in public like a kid. Why are women always this overly dramatic?
Gonna make double sure my next girlfriend can behave like an adult.

>> No.10002612
File: 91 KB, 800x600, da3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002625

dude, the thread is still here. stop being a dramatic pity party whore. your thread is fucking fine.

>> No.10002646
File: 115 KB, 1920x1080, 00_00_37.287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How are you supposed to cosplay characters that wear unrealistically short skirts?
Good damnit anime!

>> No.10002654

Dance tights.

>> No.10002655

Sage for offtopic but I'm a disgusting nerd I know exactly what issue and comic this is.

>> No.10002661

>women are literally too stupid to excercise and think being a starvin' marvin is viable
This is just sad to watch.

>> No.10002665

Laziness made them fat in the first place so....

>> No.10002668

you lightened his holy lantern, eh?

>> No.10002671

Did he fill your holy lantern?

>> No.10002682

>age of the internet
>scientific research widely available to the general public
>still thinks exercise has anything to do with weight loss

Unless you're working out at the level of a professional athlete, diet is the only thing that significantly impacts weight, anon.

>> No.10002685
File: 16 KB, 600x600, 15489289444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002688

>2 mcnuggets: 100 calories
>1 mile run: 100 calories burned

its a lot easier to just put down the box of nuggets

>> No.10002702

Often times I think about making a document tracking the list of lolitas, who own wish items of mine. This way I can figure the chance of buying it from japan auction or know who’s capable of selling it on lacemarket.

>> No.10002715

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.10002754
File: 11 KB, 320x320, frankscream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not getting her phone number and saving it for six years
Nani the fuck

>> No.10002763

I lost 10lbs just walking around everywhere for a week in Finland. I still ate the same amount of food I eat in America. tfw I wish I could live in Finland for three months, I'd probably be super thin

>> No.10002771

Its a lot easier to put down the nuggets when you are out doing something like running.

>> No.10002773
File: 875 KB, 1145x698, FDD275B2-81F8-47DE-AF5A-272EDE11A671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well of course you did, you maintained the same input but increased your output
Weight loss is a simple math problem

Congrats on the weight loss btw

>> No.10002775

I have no sympathy for people who binge on food that requires effort and planning. Nobody just premakes four grilled cheeses, you had to go back again and again.

>> No.10002777

If you lost 10lbs in a week I'd consult a doctor, that's a lot of weight to lose in such a short space of time.

>> No.10002778

A lot of it was probably water

>> No.10002782

there's no reason to go to a doctor for explained weight loss. you go to the doctor for sudden unexplained weight loss. if you go to a doctor for this and he asks you about your activity and you told him you suddenly walked everywhere when you didn't before he's going to look at you like you're a retard for coming in.

My whole family is made up of doctors and they love sharing stories of stupid patients doing shit like that.

>> No.10002785
File: 69 KB, 938x477, 1395732890030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and they love sharing stories of stupid patients doing shit like that.
This is why i never go see a doctor desu

>> No.10002786
File: 25 KB, 295x500, S15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if I'm just getting old and cranky, but my god I'm so sick of Lolita fashion rules and people getting so pissy about them. It's gatekeeping. I know we really don't want to admit it, but posting people's less-than-perfect coords to an imageboard to laugh about them is really shitty. I'm not innocent, I've participated in ita threads, but in the last two or three years I've started to realise how fucking weird and not normal it is.

I've never known anything like it in any other fashion I've dabbled in through the years. I don't post coords online and haven't for a few years because I enjoy what I wear but know that it'd maybe be a field day for someone to post somewhere since they're not always instagram-worthy coords.

Why are we so set in our ways? I've been wearing the fashion for about ten years or so and while I've seen it change a lot, it's still really rigid and I've found myself gravitating towards other styles because I've gotten sick of the formula, and I really never thought I'd say that. I've started wearing a lot of goth/nugoth stuff and I don't know if the standards are just lower or what, but nobody's gonna post you to an anon imageboard and bitch and moan about how the shades of black you're wearing don't match, or if your makeup isn't perfect. Not saying it doesn't have its own brand of gatekeeping, but that's another story I guess.

Sorry, this turned into a bit of "old lolita yells at cloud", but I guess I've needed to vent about it. I'm also not trying to excuse itas who try to make dresses out of bedsheets or order from Milan00, that's like trying to make denim jeans out of polycotton and crying that nobody thinks its a good idea.

>> No.10002787

don't be a fucking retard who goes for a reason like that or go to an OBGYN because you broke your leg and you'll be fine.

>> No.10002795

Agree desu. My probably silly opinion is that you need a lot of effort to wear lolita (e.g. understanding what's good and what isn't, coordinating, learning to use a shopping service, auctions etc). Oftentimes the people who put that effort in, spending a lot of their time thinking about lolita, aren't mentally healthy. If you read this board you will agree (ana, hikikomori, depressed people...). And being aggressive is one of the possible outcomes of not feeling good. Especially if you have a low self-esteem. Laughing at people who dress worse than you can make you feel better. Having others that laugh with you can make you feel part of a group, especially if you're lonely IRL. I never take part in any thread that makes fun of others. Maybe it can feel good for a while but in the end, it only makes you miserable.

>> No.10002799
File: 253 KB, 540x376, it's not.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why are we so set in our ways?
>implying the tards posting nitpicks in the ita threads aren't newbs, itas, and lolitas at heart themselves
Look, I've been into the fashion for a decade myself and I was ita myself, and I'm nowhere near as bothered by this as you are. The nitpicking can get tiring, sure, but that's why I mostly just stay in my own lane and enjoy the fashion in my own little corner of the world.
Also, no one gatekeeps by posting people here. If these comments were left on people's pics on social media then I'd agree with you but unless someone comes to cgl's ita thread to see what goes on here, they won't know what's happening, and if they do that and then pitch a fit about it and leave the fashion because some anons were meanies, then they probably have a too thin skin anyway and shouldn't go on 4chan in the first place.

TL;DR: pic related

>> No.10002806


i remember crying when i was just sixteen because a group of lolita came on my facebook basically instulting me telling me i was ita etc etc. i'm sure some people in the ita thread have cried as well. it's sad seeing how people enjoy making others suffer.

>> No.10002813

I love lolita, and sometimes I feel gorgeous in it, but other times I realize I suffer from man-face and feel like I’ll be mistaken for a drag queen or a brolita. :(

>> No.10002825

Man I just really hate sweet lolita

>> No.10002827

I want to not agree, but every well-dressed lolita I've ever met has some notable physical/mental health issue. I started getting into the fashion when I was very depressed and lonely, and I'm not sure how well I dress but I definitely dedicate a lot of time to the fashion and community.

>> No.10002829

Based anti-sweet poster

>> No.10002833

That's why I posted it here, anon
I was just so fucking hungry I kept going back
I even washed the pan 4 times
How do I force myself to have self control

>> No.10002835

Get a bf that won't tolerate your shit behavior.

>> No.10002849

If you have a somewhat attractive androgynous face you're gonna be fine in gothic & understated classic; if you do literally have the face of a man though and/or wear sweet the situation is bad.

>> No.10002852


In some ways things have become worse as OTT styling crept in and pushed up the levels of what’s expected to look good. Things come across in numerous online circles that you’re a mess if you don’t have anything but flawless professional standard makeup, photos taken on expensive cameras with have fashion modelling levels of editing, and a really elaborate themed coord with everything but the kitchen sink on. Even though irl it’s not as bad, thimgs do come across that way. I’ve seen in the nearly ten years I’ve been about for how simple, mature coords such as Fanny’s are blasted as too normie and/or uncreative on an increasing amount. There’s a toxic, highly self entitled and overly bitchy attitude to too many lolitas, and I agree with you about the way that lolitas tear into each other online. Yes, it’s not exactly the simplest of fashions or the most casual, and a degree of put togetherness is needed, but... it’s too much in terms of the backlash that you receive if you’re less than the perceived expectations of perfection. Things have gone too far and the gatekeeping going on makes it very unwelcoming. Truth be told I’m fed up ofthe attitudes pervading the wider community, which is why I’ve left it. I’ll stick with my simpler, apparently boring and samey coords, and not post photos thanks.

>> No.10002862

He tries but we don't live together so he can't,help all the time
also he has a fat fetish

>> No.10002871

I do

>> No.10002896
File: 50 KB, 500x375, 19894581_1763153163977247_5330030076682641190_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt but god, I just want to spank a girl so bad today. I don't even care what she looks like. Just spank her until her butt looks like a pair of tomatoes.

Btw, has anyone ever been to a cosplay event outside of a con? I got invited to a cosplay potluck today but blew it off to have lunch with my mother.

Last time I went to one, all the Macadamia kids ran off on their own and left me with the furries.

>> No.10002914

>Not saying it doesn't have its own brand of gatekeeping, but that's another story I guess.
The only "gatekeeping" I've heard about is stating that people should care about the music in a music based subculture.

>> No.10002924

That's so dumb... Fashion is its own thing, obv you can incorporate music in fashion and vice versa, but everyone should be able to follow a style because they like its aesthetic without being forced to also like the music it came from.

>> No.10002935

It becomes a problem when someone's trying to look for people with the same interests as them, only to find out that those people can't even hold a conversation about said interests because they were pretending the whole time.

>> No.10002936

Man I just love my comm

I have literally bursted into tears after our latest meets because I just feel so god damn grateful for having these amazing people in my life. For me this hobby is not about clothes or brands anymore.

>> No.10002939
File: 392 KB, 773x362, 1488427937202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you repent for your past ghosting sins?

>> No.10002942

Everyone is free to wear black clothes and makeup if they want to, the issue arises when people appropriate the label goth to refer to themselves when they don't listen to goth music. It's kinda like lolitas at heart that may know a lot about the fashion on a theoretic level but know fuck all about actually wearing it; knowing a lot about the fashion doesn't make one lolita, just like wearing black clothes and lipstick doesn't make one a goth by default.

>> No.10002944

>m-mommy that pasty girl in a black wig is literally appropriating my culture

>> No.10002948

So you can just listen to goth music and dress like a normie and still be goth?

>> No.10002951

That's actually debatable and depends on whom you ask I guess, but I would say so, yes.

>> No.10002967

But goth does not refer only to goth music... One can be goth because they listen to goth music, or because they wear goth clothes, or both. Saying you can't be goth if you just wear goth clothing is denying the existance of gothic as a fashion substyle.

>> No.10002970
File: 92 KB, 826x600, 21751978_512224845791715_1708936599634348750_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A big girl actually tried to push me into a locker when I was 12 but I cunt kicked her.

It was very ita of me, I know.

>> No.10002982

>goth does not refer only to goth music
When someone says
>I'm a goth
But they don't listen to goth music, they're misusing the label. That's all there is to it. They can wear dark shit if they want and that would make them darkly inclined, not goths. Like was said before, one can listen to every band associated with lolita and know all the brands and know how to coord in theory, but unless they wear lolita fashion themselves, they're not lolitas, and if they claim they are, they'll be called out for it. Not sure why this is such a complicated concept to grasp.

>> No.10002986

>"are you a goth?"
>"no, i'm darkly inclined"

lol wtf anon

>> No.10002990

That just makes them a normie who happens to wear dark clothes, they don't need either of those labels.

>> No.10003008

More like
>Are you a goth?
>No, I just like black
It means they have an inclination to liking dark things, it's not a label, lmao

>> No.10003015

Tfw don’t know what to do for halloween

>> No.10003043

As a goth (and also nayrt) I'd point out that goths refer to people who dress like goths but don't like goth music as "poseurs".

>> No.10003052

You are 100% right anon. Goth was born as a music based subculture, and always has been. It baffles me when one wants to say what the subculture “is” and correct those who are experienced, and weren’t even there to experience it themselves.

>> No.10003057

And lo and behold this whole can of worms opens. I’ve seen this get down to arguements about how you cannot be a goth unless you like the original goth bands and not more modern ones, etc. Imo things which goth have evolved far enough over the years that you can love all of the gothic aesthetic, the fashion, literature, but not love the music, and there’s nothing poser-y about it. Heck, even the music itself has evolved into different styles nowadays.

>> No.10003076

There’s nothing wrong with liking newer goth music. She Past Away and Lebanon Hanover are newer goth bands that are heavily praised, for example. There’s nothing wrong with liking newer goth music, and no ones ever complained about that (well I’m sure someone has, but that’s true elitism). But, they must like some form of the music, it’s not much to ask that one like the music to identify in a music based subculture.

>> No.10003085
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1535698201227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went out shopping for underwear today, and I found something which really cracked me up.
>Velvet panties
The inner layer was your usual synthetic panty blend, but the outer layer was actual velvet save for two lace panels at the hips. Quite the fancy design with classic vibes actually, coming in red and black.

I bought a pair, and I'm not even a velvet-chan.

>inb4 wtc Lindex in Sweden

>> No.10003093

You realize you're just appying "normie" to everything you aren't right? So does someone specifically have to be just like you to be interesting?

>> No.10003101
File: 20 KB, 480x854, alex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10003139

Man, I'm kinda glad I don't identify with any kind of subcultural label

>> No.10003159

So glad someone said it. I thought it was just me.

But I'm'a still post pics. Fuck 'em.

>> No.10003161

By "post pics" I meant pics of myself on Insta and FB, not pics of others in the ita thread. Just wanted to clarify.

>> No.10003202
File: 145 KB, 684x612, 09D5BEBE-C064-4E63-A89C-0A30EF438BE2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gf has been cosplaying for 8 years
>Jumps on a lot of bandwagons and never gets rid of old cosplays
>Has closet stuffed with cosplay, plus 6 boxes the size of pic related full of it.
>Almost entire storage room in current apartment full of cosplay
>Moving from country to city in May for her uni
>Know we’ll be in a smaller apartment and won’t have room for cosplay hoarding
>Don’t want to help her pay for a storage unit
>Suggest to my GF that she sorts it and lists it for sale now so she can have all her unwanted shit sold by May
>She won’t because she “won’t be able to make the money back that she put into it.”
>Well duh. It’s like that with any clothing item, minus some lolita dresses
>Mfw I realize she’s going to let it sit until May, and then either throw it away or waste money on a bigger moving van and a storage unit

Why do cosplayers have no concept of money works? Yes, it sucks to spend $120 on a cosplay and then sell it for $40, but $40 is better than $0.

>> No.10003206

By messaging them back. I'm sure they've forgiven you for it before

>> No.10003208

I'm in my forties, and really, it's not hard. Keto, some weight lifting and cardio, and you're good. That everything starts sagging when you get older is true, but t&a travel up again real fast with lifting and I manage to make it to the gym like twice a week. That everyone gets fat as they age is a lie people tell themselves to feel better about their eating. I have stuff in my closet that I've worn regularly for twenty years, and intend to never not fit into my brand.

>> No.10003210
File: 159 KB, 436x475, 1527120957284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that if you want to lose weight so badly, then literally eat less. You barely even have to exercise unless you want to gain muscle, which I doubt many people here want to do. Most "diet" foods are sugary dogshit that will just give you cancer earlier and add up in calories.
>t. /fit/izen

>> No.10003211

I usually just dress up and go to the local outdoor mall and cry over the fact that there are christmas decorations up on halloween.

>> No.10003212

>misusing the label goth
Ah, I'm glad someone pointed this out. It makes me so upset when people who aren't one of the Germanic people originating in southern Scandinavia during the sixth century put on black clothes and call themselves goths.

>> No.10003221

>tfw no mommy lolita gf

>> No.10003242

Just finished reading a cute flowery manga but it's left me feeling self-reflective. I can bust my ass trying to style my life to match the aesthetic of the happy stories I read and want to live inside, I'm not bringing that world any closer to me by doing so. I still love my stories and I love my stuff, but I have to have the self-discipline to keep from chasing the end of the rainbow using objects.

>> No.10003252

what exactly are you trying to say, you’re trying to not be so materialistic?

>> No.10003271

I'm trying to not confuse a sweet life with sweet objects, and trying to get the former and chasing the latter. I have the feeling of warm fuzzes so associated with the stuff, I have to fight myself to not forget that getting more of it isn't going to put me on the life path I associate with it.

>> No.10003275

Is it possible to buy elegance? Or does elegance come from within?

>> No.10003276
File: 200 KB, 1280x981, 1530796529137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I had a cute desk in my room.

>> No.10003279

It does have a lot to do with attitude and how you carry yourself more than what you're wearing. Although elegant clothing can help, if you're not elegant in your posture and stature etc. it's entirely possible to look like a gremlin while wearing something elegant and classy. That said, I believe it's something you can learn if you really want to achieve it.

>> No.10003288

i'm helping a friend learn to sew and boy oh boy her hems are fucked up. i want to fix them so bad but i don't know if i should. while i know she needs to learn, i don't want her to absolutely hate how her costume looks. i ended up taking home a skirt to fix it up under the guise of me accidentally messing up something lmao.

>> No.10003291

so you’re trying to not have attached feelings with items? i mean that’s a good goal if you’re worried about having too much stuff.

>> No.10003293

TELL her. Show her what hers look like and an example of what’s it should look like.

>> No.10003309

How does one manage to fuck up hems? They're the easiest thing to do.

>> No.10003312

It's less attached feelings and more attached ideas. For example, teacups are just teacups, and I can love them for being cute just fine. But when I let myself get carried away buying cute delicate teacups because they remind me of the world in my stories that are made up of teacups and other effortlessly elegant things in an attempt to live the life found in that story- That's the reflex I'm trying to tame, because I never get what I'm really looking for out of it.

>> No.10003349
File: 247 KB, 502x502, elsascream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>post a picture of me and my little sister in BNHA cosplay
>mfw some fat dude comments "Give that thotty the Detroit Smash"

>> No.10003352

Well did you?

>> No.10003355

>Longtime customer of Japonica
>Put in order for a blouse on Mercari but ask them to ask about the size since they didn't list it, explain it should be visible on the materials tag
>Say to buy if they say M or L, cancel if S
>Two days pass without any email other than confirmation that the payment went through
>Wat, this has never happened before, almost about to email as I'm worried about getting blouse
>Finally get email and see comment go up
>Seller got posted blouse on Fril with reduction and it sold around same time

Fucking hell Japonica, I've never, ever had them be this slow. Two days to leave a comment. I thought their "too many orders" time was over already, wtf.

>> No.10003359

Lel they've been buying stuff for me and communicating with me for the past few days

>> No.10003364

Based fat dude

>> No.10003368
File: 54 KB, 900x675, cow money.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10003377

Did you remind him of how awful his rush defense was this week?

>> No.10003385

how do people stand cosplaying when they don't match the (human colored) skin tone or body type of a character? im a skinny pale person so it's not like im going to run out of anorexic anime chicks any time soon but there are characters i really love and would love cosplaying that i just cant bring myself to touch bc i wont match

>> No.10003389
File: 80 KB, 576x768, A1gkntP2EEqJOSMaWJWynwCmJDLvo4VE_DJ4LWN0-mc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cosplay event at the end of this month
>tfw never styled a wig before and i'm uselessly hacking at this poor thing with scissors
>tfw about to cry

how do you get over not being able to be perfect at something immediately

>> No.10003390

go to the event and make friends with people who look worse than you

>> No.10003392
File: 236 KB, 848x612, Ive+always+loved+how+you+can+r63+giorno+by+just+_7d21fe65849a67b0c3708de8db8dc9eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i went last year, it definitely wasn't a superb event for cosplay (i placed 1st just before two people came in last minute in armor and took it), a lot of basic outfits. it's applepicking, so it makes sense to be honest.
it's just when i went last year as pyro, so many people complimented me and told me how nice it looked and i made some friends, and i was probably the happiest ive ever been.
i'm just worried that i wont be as proud of myself as last time or have as much fun. i'm going as speedwagon which is a little plain this year but i want it to look the best it can.

>> No.10003443

> See an amazing cosplay of a niche character. "Wow that's so great, where can I see more pics?"
> Cosplayer provides their instagram details
> It's 2 cosplay pics and the rest is just a basic bitch girl with geek glasses and coloured hair in tight shirt cleavage selfies
> O...oh. thanks
> The light of hope shines in my heart when the cosplayer says her friend made it for her and sends me a link to the friend's instagram.
> Its full of ahegao cum chugging selfies and maid costumes with upskirt or booty shots
> Fucking Wwwhhhyyyy

>> No.10003453

Cosigned. Fatties be like
>but muh salad costs three bucks and muh bigmac just one
You don't have to eat salad to lose weight, chubs. Eating less is like a completely alien concept to them.

>> No.10003473

Link to insta?

>> No.10003491

I guess it has more to do with memories of the cosplay

>> No.10003492

I have the feeling, this desks belongs to a man

>> No.10003493

Girls love Sonico too jsyk, in case you were unaware that bi girls and lesbians existed.

>> No.10003498

Doesn't even have to be gay, a lot of girls buy Sonico (and other lewd figs) for the aesthetic purely.

>> No.10003499

>in case you were unaware that bi girls and lesbians existed.
kinda came up with that by myself, when I already posted that
either way, the booby-mousepad made me think that this is a man's desk

>> No.10003514

I have a feeling that desk belong to no one. There's no guts in that computer case and the monitor and keyboard aren't hooked up to anything.

>> No.10003518
File: 103 KB, 808x960, FB_IMG_1489683826399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have some sort of hormonal problem and also probs endometriosis but diagnose is hard to get
>bc has been a bit fucked up
>periods from hell
>struggle through the day feeling like shit
>have a package full of lolita coming in the mail today
Couldn't be a better cheer up.

>> No.10003519

>periods from hell
I feel you. I understand you. Best wishes sent your way.

>> No.10003526

I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, anon. Please take care! Sending lots of warm hugs.

>> No.10003534
File: 139 KB, 323x267, affff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had a bit of a break from lolita. It wasnt something I planned but just sort of happened and I slowly started wearing it less and less.

I want to get back into it again but im stupid and always put it off.

>> No.10003538

Do not put that much stress onto yourself. Remember, you’re doing it for fun, even half assed casual coord is better than not wearing lolita at all.

>> No.10003546

Yeah half the time I feel like I should take a break to save money. I get invited to meets a lot so a break once in a while is well deserved.

>> No.10003551
File: 54 KB, 324x327, 32CD42EC-B17B-4639-B0F0-616525F27CFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Overweight friend wants to get into sweet lolita
>Mad that she can’t fit AP
>Suggest Bodyline and Taobao brands that offer custom sizing
>She’s hell-bent on AP
>Says that she’s going to buy replicas
>I try to explain that buying replica is bad because it’s stealing the artwork of prints
>”Well it’s AP’s fault for only making dresses for toothpicks!”

Whew. I’m not sure what would make me a worse friend: continuing the argument and hurting her feelings, or letting her buy replica and pre-pay for tea and then get turned away at the door because my comm very clearly states that they don’t allow replica main pieces at meets.

>> No.10003553

Honestly you sound so damn cool. I want a friend or mentor like you.

>> No.10003554

Like, I pointed out the local comm’s rule to her, and she thinks that she’s going to be able to pull a fast one on my comm leaders. Who have been in the fashion 8+ years and know what a replica looks like by now.

Also I realize I worded my post weird. The comm obviously can’t police what you wear at every meet. But at ticketed meets, they enforce dress code. And part of their dress code is that you can’t wear replica main pieces.
I’d feel bad letting her pay scalped prices for a shitty replica and only being able to wear it to conventions and park meets, when she could buy nice things from indie brands and be able to attend princess-like tea parties.

>> No.10003559

Maybe you need to show her some pretty things from Indie Brands and Taobao that would fit? But it sounds like she's being an idiot about it, unfortunately you may end up having to let her make her mistake and then learn from it

>> No.10003566

This is the correct answer.

>> No.10003582

Is she too big even for AP's largest dresses? Please don't let her support that industry. Don't give up anon. Don't let her blame AP for catering to their market because it makes business sense.

>> No.10003848
File: 111 KB, 700x836, just end it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>barely been in lolita even two years
>already spent 8k USD on my wardrobe, not including shipping, SS fees, etc.
>have rich parents so it's not the end of the world, but am supposed to be saving to become financially independent because their money always comes with strings
>just graduated and in the middle of job hunting, but my prospects look shit for the next few years
>really want to just rely on my parents forever as the easy way out, and so that I can keep up my lolita spending
>gf comes from a poor family, terrified of her judging me for being a basic materialistic bitch
>feel so guilty every time I buy anything
>blocked / unfollowed all shopping sites and pages, but I still feel bad
gulls, how do I make it stop? I already know I'm trash. still trying to convince myself 300 a month isn't that much..

>> No.10003857

Is /cgl/ like /a/ where every poster is a gay little girl?

>> No.10003875

>lolitas are lesbians
this isn't news

>> No.10003879

Your "friend" is an entitled, delusional, rude asshole. Get better friends.

>> No.10003882

If you have an 8k wardrobe, how about you go shopping in your own closet for a while and make do with what you have?

>> No.10003941

It's funny, I actually tend to switch between only a few main pieces for daily wear, it's not that I'm unsatisfied with the size of my wardrobe or have a lot of dream pieces I'm still hunting down. It's more that the act of buying in itself has become a coping mechanism for me at this point, I do logically recognize I don't actually need more stuff. I do see your point, though.

>> No.10003944

How big is she though?

>> No.10004586

Feel free to contribute drama!


>> No.10004695

wow, what a living shitfest

>> No.10004718

At least have some entertaining joocy drama stuff to read instead of posting... whatever shit you're posting
Unironically kys

>> No.10004845

Fakers gonna fake

>> No.10005590


Well first and foremost, you should consider not being a disgusting dyke.

>> No.10008450

spot the incel faggot

>> No.10010421

this, the whole concept of "posing" within a culture when literally everyone is posing inside that culture is so retarded. At the same time I just don't really understand the desire to belong to group of any kind so I also can't appreciate a possible flipside, since it all looks like posing to me

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