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One month left! Who else is procrastinating until the very last second?

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been going for a few years but this'll be my first year in cosplay at any con. currently painting a toy drill for a hotline miami cosplay

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wish i could go, hopefully one year i will!

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I've been going to cons for years, but since I live in Seattle I've never traveled for a convention before. This'll be my first time doing so - just made hotel reservations for me and my friends and looking forward to it!

Now I just have to decide which outfits to wear...

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How quickly does parking fill up at the convention center? I recall there only being a few hundred spots.

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Literally was sitting here procrastinating on crafting my Pennywise by looking at everyone else's cosplay related stuff.

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>Convention center will be under construction during con

Oh great

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jesus it's gonna be cramped this year

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Why does registration need to be so large? Shouldn't the market get the biggest?

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Please visit us in gaming. Construction is screwing us over so hard.

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Basically just for the initial rush of getting badges. I wish they’d set it up so that it got converted into useful space after the first day.

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because lines fool

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Who applied for the fashion show? What brand are you hoping to model for?

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Anyone else from out of state a little salty they announced fashion guests so late? Granted it’s probably out of their control, but I totally would have flown out for it had I known about the fashion guests a month ago :/

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No it’s in their control. Cons should be getting guests months ahead of the event and as soon as the contract is signed they can announce. Whether the late timing is on them not announcing promptly or getting guests last minute it’s on them.

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Thissss. I feel like most conventions have been bad about announcing their fashion guests lately

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Seriously, myself and my friends are all lolitas with money who are more than willing to travel and drop $$$ a lot of to support fashion guests. Just need to know these things more than a few weeks in advance so we can plan to fly out.

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I'm in state and salty. Don't even get me started on the tea party tickets.

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Sameeee. But cons tend to think of fashion guests as 'lesser' so they don't announce them properly

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Who else is going to the tea party? Still annoyed they only gave us a 20 minute heads up for ticket sales and that it took this long for them to go up.

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If the convention center’s parking lot is full there’s a parking lot right under the insterstate bridges that’s available people seem to forget about. That has about 30 additional spots give or take. In my experience it can fill fast and you may wind up parking at Lloyd Center and MAXing your way down to con.

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This is missing stuff, which leads me to believe they’ll be utilizing space they don’t normally use, as indicated by those in and out arrows at the top right...

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I applied, but have no expectations! I would love to model for any of them honestly. My style is just eclectic enough all of our brand guests fit my style in one way or another.
Oh my gosh no. There’s drama behind that and a ton of stressed out people who finally just got to chillax a little.

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They warned us one day prior and then about 20 - 30 minutes prior. Did you miss that first post?

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Guess so, which is weird because I had notifications turned on.

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I think it wasn’t posted in the event itself, but across the PNW comm fb groups? That might have been the issue.

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i hope you're not a griffith apologist anon

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That might be it. I’m only in the PDX group.

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Drama deets?

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Welp. Looks like I'm skipping Kumoricon this year. See you guys next year.

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is there going to be another touhou panel this year? last year was a blast with the /jp/ shitposting

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I know there's a vy panel, no idea about 2hu though

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My friend cosplays Majima so he's going to make the most of the situation.

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OK but they knew they were planning another tea party fucking months ago. Same with the fashion show. It's so poorly executed. Didn't we all learn from Sak?

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Is anyone here looking for a room? I'm waiting to hear back from some friends but they're not making an effort to get back to me, so I may extend the offer here.

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Aaand that's it for guests.

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where the fuck is the schedule

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post em

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It was out of the comm’s hands I hear. So whoever is in charge of the tea party through Kumo is the person to stare down with your complaints. I’m just happy I got tickets.

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Oh yea I totally get that. Honestly I'm over Kumoricon and how late they are to do literally anything. We're 2 weeks away and still don't have a schedule.

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i assume i'm SOL trying to get a room at the motel 6 right across from the con center? unless somebody cancels

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Finished Chris Redfeild just in time.

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Almost a week before Day 0 and no schedule. What in the literal fuck

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Their Twitter said it'll be up by the end of the week, but that's still super inexcusable.

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the construction has been fucking things up, unsurprisingly

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probably, but look for any hotels next to the streetcar B loop, or anything inner city on the red/green/blue MAX lines. All those make it dead simple to get to the convention center

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Didn't they put up the schedule like the week of last year? Or at least it felt that close.

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how likely am i to be able to get a parking spot in the convention center garage? considering driving this year so i can dump stuff in my car

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Hey, I'm >>10010380 and I'm staying at the Hilton DoubleTree. I dunno if it lines up with your needs but I've still got just me in my room.

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You'll be fine if you arrive early enough.

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Anyone know if there's an itabag meetup planned? I haven't seen any word about one on facebook or anywhere else.

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Not that I know of

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Try Airbnb? I'm paying $60/ night for a private room a mile from the con center. Get an instant book superhost or someone who gives their guests a lot of space if you feel self conscious about being a weeb, though no one will really care. Even if you have to go farther out, Portland is pretty accessible and you can put the money you save on a hotel towards ride-sharing if you can't or don't want to take the max or streetcar or bus.

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a week to con and still no schedule ffs.
anyway, how is everyone's cosplays coming along? currently working on painting one of the two masks for my Hotline Miami costume. needs a whole coat of white then purple for an even color

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Got my cosplay all done, just holding out to see how the weather is going to be now.

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Schedule is live!


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yoooo that Jacket is looking sick

I used to cosplay Jacket a lot but I eventually stopped after people would just call me "Chickenman", and my large head makes it so that looking through the eyeholes of very tight chicken masks is nigh-impossible

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Lookin' slick!
I have a low-effort HM Mobster cosplay that I wanted to wear to a con, but my friend has stopped cosplaying Jacket so I never really used it. I might still pack it so I can throw it on and walk around aggressively at right angles.

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Wew anyone else going to both kumori and bsides? It's gonna be really fucking fun seeing all the security guys confused by all the weebs. It's also gonna be fun hopping from con to con. First time in PDX what can i expect? Also should i pay for a motel or just sleep in my car?

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More importantly, what cons are you attending that put out the schedule earlier?

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expect homeless everywhere and the smell of weed

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Guess it'll remind me of home then. Is there usually any gull meetups? Or are you lads too autistic for that kind of stuff? I've gone to meetups off other boards and they're usually not too horrible.

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Anyone get picked for the fashion show?

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Have people heard back yet?

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I'm assuming the people who haven't heard back haven't gotten picked because who waits this late to notify people they're modeling

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That's what I thought. But can someone who got the acceptance email please confirm?

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The Market is double the size of Registration.

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I haven't heard anything either, but usually brands will send out non acceptance emails so idk man

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Just got mine. Anyone else?

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I did as well! Who are you modeling for?

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is there gonna be a meetup?

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I know years back when /cgl/ was a lot more active and everyone used tripcodes, Kumo used to have /cgl/ meetups. I haven't paid attention the last few years though, so not sure anymore.
Bigger cons like Sak usually have meetups, though. The /cgl/ community has gotten kind of small in the PNW.

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I guess we will see when the con starts. West coast anons can be pretty awkward at first

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organize a meetup bitches

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Just got back from picking up my badge. There were a few people there and a few cosplays. Didn't get the chance to check out how the gaming or construction area looked or anything though.

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If anyone wants I'll probably be downtown getting ramen tonight. Gimme a (you) and we can organize something if you want

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Ever any good panels at Kumoricon?

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I did, gonna be modeling for Atelier Pierrot and Wunderwelt

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who /cantsleep/ here?

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Early anons where you at? Already seen a few people in cosplay walking around

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There's already a fatty line. Reg was supposed to open at 7 but no one's getting badges yet.

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>Half the building blocked off

Yo what the fuck

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im skulking around with a bloody arm and drill

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just saw a little twin stars cosplay sieg heil lmao

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That pic reminded me about the aggretsuko panel in 30 mins

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all the blocked space is really annoying, having to go through registration to get to the gaming hall isn't fun
anyone going to the horror panel at half past midnight?

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Really enjoying this years amv contest. Check it out if you haven't
I'm a scaredy cat and will probably skip ;_;

>> No.10020763

I might if anyone wants to meet up. I came here alone and it's a bit weird.
Lemme know if anyone wants to meet, I'm wearing a Yasogami school uniform from Persona and my badge is Congo Dongo.

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>fakku panel

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It wasn't THAT bad, Anon. Was interesting to learn Powell's carries hentai.

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The panel schedule and organization is SO BAD. The signs kept getting swapped around yesterday and like half the panels have been cancelled. I've never had anything this bad happen in the 7 years I've gone to cons... have I been lucky?

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I was the only person to clap for yaoi

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Anon, you need to visit Powells more often if you live in Portland.

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My buddy got taken away an in ambulance, how did everyone else's first night go?

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you can't just say that and not elaborate

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cosplay is fun but having to put in contacts to wear a mask properly is a fucking bitch of a time
me on the left

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Cosplay contest was going amazing until the ghost maid cafe shit. Yikes

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Ghost maid cafe shit? What did I miss?

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Me on the right

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Who yall think should win the mascot contest?

>> No.10021671

Spill the beans anon. Was going to hoof it to the maid cafe but didn't feel like walking all the way in the rain. What was the drama?

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>mfw last minute snipe bid at auction and win

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fun con, hope everyone had a good time. no meetup is too bad

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>all overweight
>everything overpriced
>outfits are absolute dogshit
>food is mediocre at best
>constantly fucking up orders and trying to play it off as cutesy
Was pretty put off at the end of it and my wallet significantly lighter.

Saltyness aside did anyone go to the cosplay dating panel? I genuinely laughed a lot it was pretty hilarious

Also post your favorite cosplay from the con, saw this and double took cause it was so good. I almost never ask for pictures but it was so cute and well done i had to take a pic
Sorry for sideways pic

>> No.10021755

Lol what session did you go to? I went and yeah it was overpriced and none of them were professional waitresses but it wasn’t bad. Most of them were ok looking to cute, one had the worst teeth I’ve seen in my life though.

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>decide last-minute to go to JoJo photoshoot
>nobody I know is there
>no Facebook event page
>no info about who organized it on Guidebook
guess I'll never get pictures from it, lol

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I don't remember i was absolutely blasted. Maybe me being drunk made it worse

>> No.10021799

Whoa, mid-November dates. lmao prepare for more shitty rainy weather.

>> No.10021824

Does anyone know why they moved to mid November?

>> No.10021940

No idea why they moved to November but imo it was kind of a bummer to miss out on Halloween weekend, partying and drinking and wearing costumes with normies

>> No.10021965

I believe it's because the construction won't be finished until November. They probably figured it would be worth it to push it back a few weeks and get that extra space back

>> No.10022496


Actually a different convention was spot-camping the last weekend in October waiting for Kumo’s contract with the con center to run out. Soon as it was open they nabbed it.

>> No.10022502

What convention was that? Kinda sucks

>> No.10022682

How were the fashion events for those of us who weren't able to go?

>> No.10023484

What's the date?

>> No.10023525

Tea party for the Lolita’s was a big fucking joke

>> No.10023552

The lolita fashion show would have been nicer if they’d just figure out the lighting one of these years, never include strobe lights again, and the models didn’t walk past their markers. But to be fair they basically sacrificed most of their convention time to be in the show. KimuraU was incredibly energetic and obviously wanted her models to be as well (can you tell my favorite segment?). I heard the other fashion show was canceled. The tea party has mixed reviews but wasn’t as expected and disappointing.

>> No.10023652

The Visual Kei fashion show time slot overlapped that of the Lolita fashion show, which is probably why it ended up cancelled.

>> No.10023728

Your thread got deleted because clearly you have a vendetta and want to comain just to complain. Give it up already.

>> No.10024157

the lighting for the fashion show sucked ass. the whole thing had a bad pink/red tint and it was way too dark to see anything.

i personally enjoyed the tea party, but i can understand why a lot of people were frustrated. i heard that the highest tier items were very disappointing. oh, and if i had any food allergies i would have been pissed, but that's on the hilton and not the organizers.

>> No.10024184

I had mixed feelings on the tea party. The food was pretty bad and the goody bags were absolutely not worth it, but it was still fun in the end due to the other attendees and the guests. It seemed a tad rushed, but it seemed like the mods tried to put on a good one.

>> No.10024417

It really felt like it was out of their control until a few weeks prior and then they had to quickly RUSH to get any raffle prizes or decorate. Which... is how the whole convention felt honestly.

>> No.10024423

This. Convention run tea parties are not run the same as comm run tea parties.

>> No.10024486

i agree. was it worth the price i paid? i definitely don't think so, but the people at my table were really nice and i had a good time talking with them. and kimura u was so sweet. i think overall for me personally, the good outweighed the bad, but if i go again next year there's no way i would drop the money on a higher tier.