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derp storenvy

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I tried posting the link but it kept spamming me.
etsy /listing/220742362/2015-harajuku-doll-japanese-fabrick
it comes in black, pink, and blue

Ooooh, thanks for the links anon.

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not into lolita really, but i love burger print shit and i'd wear the hell outta this.

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This etsy has so many great prints thank you so much anon!!

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File: 266 KB, 640x464, kate-greenaway-marigoldgarden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She was inspired by Kate Greenaway, whose illustrations and prints would also be really nice, I think.

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File: 13 KB, 264x266, elizabethgarden5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I also think a snugglepot and cuddlepie one could be cool. It looks likes fabric exists but it's not that nice.

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Love all of these dearly! Especially need a Peter Rabbit print and i'd buy a snugglepot an cuddlepie one for the straya pride reasons~

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I would like to see something with skulls, apples and roses. I feel like that'd be really pretty.

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Yes! A good peter rabbit print too. I'd LOVE that specific image you chose too since I wear a lot of red. IW did do one but it was pretty underwhelming and I don't think they could sell it overseas. Viennese Waltz gives me more Beatrix Potter vibes. Tailor of Gloucester feel?

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Didn't IW do a Peter Rabbit print? IIRC it wasn't that nice, though.

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Ah, I want to see if my VCR still works and watch my Peter Rabbit videos again...

I loved rabbits. Watership down was my favourite novel. I never watched the film. I want to cry.

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I had the same videos, and Watership Down is my favourite novel too! I do suggest you watch the film, the animation was gorgeous for its time and although the story was rushed, since you've read the book you will appreciate it in it's entirety.
There really are so many options I'm feeling a bit giddy~ I like the Innocent World classic/country aesthetic as I feel it suits her work best, with the print featuring the cute quirky critters dancing in a meadow in aprons and bonnets!!!

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How about the Lolita print.

You know, with Humbert and Dolores in various romantic scenarios. Framed similarly to Haenuli's Phantom of the Opera.

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I think those things from my childhood may be the reason I'm into lolita~ natural kei in the first place. Pinafores, petticoats, ruffles and all that. I lean towards the country/ old school/ pastoral feel. I love your taste.
I haven't actually read it since I was 6 or 7 so I'm going to get my hands on both the book and film. I had a bunny named Frith, etc. and played folk songs on the flute. Feeling nostalgic tonight.

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Ugh last night I couldn't sleep so I kept thinking up different print ideas. Yamamoto's kind of guro (perhaps with pretty picture frames, roses, animal skulls) seemed especially enticing, but I wonder if it can be done without seeming 2edgy4u...

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holy shit
>my kingdom for a squirrel nutkin print

>> No.8164066

holy shit
>my kingdom for a squirrel nutkin print

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Last post now, I swear. Renaissance prints are big but I really want to see impressionist lolita! I feel like the colours often used and the style would work really well with lolita! Baby's Labyrinth in the Reminiscent reminded me a bit of the style, but I want to see more.

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File: 222 KB, 750x494, tumblr_n70e90bpC61qb8f0mo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely! I love natural/cult party kei and mori girl as well because of growing up around nature and animals. Thankyou so much anon, I am feeling very emotional thinking about Watership Down and it's nice to know other lolis share my inspiration!
I adored the art you posted as well, I love guro/horror manga and art and ache for a decent guro print.

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I tried reverse image searching but I can't find the original image. Do you know who made this? I'd like a print for my bedroom.

>> No.8164092

That's my fault as I rotated the image. I found it out for you though, the artist's name is Yuko Shimizu :~)

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File: 1.19 MB, 1280x1173, tumblr_l8xwz3Sqms1qzo9ogo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not particularly more edgy than religious depictions of someone like St Sebastian in my opinion. I can see JetJ doing it.

I'm really fond of insects for prints. Both pretty and creepy.

>> No.8164094

I wantit

>> No.8164101

>The last segment of DC Comics Vertigo series The Unwritten, published as The Unwritten Apocalypse #5 cover illustration.
July 2014 issue
This image was based on and re-interpreted version of 17th Century Dutch painter Jan Weenix‘s Baroque hunting paintings

Aw. Not for sale in their print section. I was hoping it was from somebody on deviantart or something with a shop. Oh well.

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This is really cute, but I'd like it better if the tail things were in the back.

>> No.8164115

(oh nvm I can request a specific print for $100 when they open their store again. sage for OT)

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Wicked queen has skulls and apples, unfortunately no roses, though.

>> No.8164134

>romantic scenarios

>> No.8164317

This is really asking for it...

On a different note, who else has seen that gorgeous centaur print that one girl is working on? I'm prepping to shell out the cash for it.

>> No.8164329

> biker gang lolita

Do you mean western biker gang, or Japanese biker gang, because I kinda wanna see the latter.

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I wish military lolita was more of a thing
I absolutely love it

>> No.8164455

I haven't seen this! links?

>> No.8164458

It's in the Pintucks and Lace Fabric Jam group

>> No.8164506

Anyone know of any more science prints? Long shot, but many medical ones too?

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File: 487 KB, 1300x1771, l.king_FULL_SIZE_PHOTOO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's unpopular because military is all about the single color minimalist cuts and not the fancy prints and frills. I'm all over that shit though for that reason.

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File: 256 KB, 1200x794, uniformes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love it too.

It would be nice to have stuff inspired by that sort of uniforms though.

I'm planning to learn gold embroidery to try myself at sewing one someday.

>> No.8164624

Oh, Jonathan Rhys Meyers...you make my lady bits go tingle.

>> No.8169712

Bumping this thread before it dies, because I'd love to see more print ideas.

I would kill for a rococo-style cat print where all the cats in the print were being little shits. Like knocking over glasses, clawing the drapes, unwinding spools of thread, sleeping on clean clothes, etc.

>> No.8169775

>baww if u liek food ur fatt!1!
ana chan pls, food prints are kawaii as fuck (on chubby girlsit looks kinda cute too it looks like a girl that just likes to eat and shows it without being a total landwhale either)

>> No.8169810

So a print inspired by youtube videos?

>> No.8169816

We could totally turn this into a game. We could draw the prints from that print generator and post them here?

>> No.8170347

Print generator?

>> No.8170495

>Inverted the hamburgers but not the condiments
I can't tell if it's horrid because of my OCD or genius because it's lazy..

>> No.8170504

If those weren't shitty tiger lilys this could work. You've got the garden fence thing going on so make it a garden snake in a garden theme. But then again this might become reminiscent of some sexual joke..

>> No.8170522

if she had a blouse that didnt go so awfully with it this might be weirdly intriguing

>> No.8170533

it depends on how redneck and what area
>inb4 duck dynasty print

>> No.8170539

I was so disappointed abou Guro Lolita when I just found out it was white dresses splatted with a bit of fake blood instead of what I expected would be Lolitas going all out with their guro makeup and looking super fucked up.

>> No.8174680

You sound autistic or at least mentally handicapped.

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