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Makoto never mentioned his whereabouts keep lying pedophile lmao my nightlife is just fine and will walk around comfortably.

i mean the worse he can say is im mean when hes literally peddling drugs and alcohol to children not to mention people get roofied at his parties.

gurl imagine admitting to several crimes and thinking you have the moral high ground ain't no one taking that shit remotely seriously at all especially coming from a nazi pedophile.

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many have tried to cancel me and can't you'll be no different lmao imagine defending the person whos responsible for syneys death and claiming to be his friend.

all these fake vipers wanna clout off the dead so badly

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Oh yea you never proved I am a Nazi. I am curious to see how you define Nazi. Again no chat GPT allowed.

>Makoto never mentioned his whereabouts

Instagram and Snapchat. Oh and you kept blocking and unblocking Makoto to spu.

You also said you would be going to that bar after the fight. Gonna lie some more?

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Deepest hole drilled on this imageboard in months I would say, yea I get that.

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This Taylor retard admitted to figuring out how to use 4chan today so that's prolly why. Lmao how long do you think it took him to learn Captcha?

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reading isn't your strong suit being mentally handicapped I know Makoto is a snake and got blocked on everything we will never be close again he lost a huge support system.

i'm not pressed or concerned where child predators are.

no ones afraid of Lee and all laugh at him and make fun of him at every turn be literally talking in tongues to himself like a ragagagaga

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yeah i don't really come on 4chan at all so most of the stuff they said was me was in fact someone else lol.

it's crazy people hop on here anonymously and just post about people like any of this matters lol

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>it's crazy people hop on here anonymously and just post about people like any of this matters lol
says the namefag who argued all night. Get a fucking job you fucking NEET faggot.

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you have 0 proof to these claims makoto blocked me then unblocked me then now knowing he's the mole and snake he's blocked from my life and will be drama free not associating with either of you 2

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i'm going to ignore that. this an AB conversation Lee where you at lets fight round 2 bby it will be so much fun. you know where I be

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Taylor was lying about that as they lie about a LOT of shit. Scroll on up one of the images Taylor admits to shittalking Fxy in a past thread

Oh goddamnit the jannies deleted the stuff. Just use the warosu/desu archive for this thread

Given their level of posts in sure they actually got 4chan gold so no captcha needed

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Makoto is fighting you next remember what you typed earlier on the thread?

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More like keep a job, nigga job-hops from restaurant to restaurant all the time.

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Be sure to get your tickets to anime midwest to see the premier event. Two retards fighting!

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I don't want that fucking thing touching my food.

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all this is, is me living rent free in Lee's mind never letting him know peace and free advertising can't wait to host an orgy and sell out tickets again nigga stay blessed never pressed pedophile

i don't like fxy aka jai're how is that fake everyone i had an issue with literally was let known directly don't do me because you shit talk anonymous when i do it directly

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y'all can't call anyone fake being snakes and a danger to children like what.

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Just to preface Lee knows nothing of my life and should be ignored in general like normal.

Carry on sending him death threats and racism lmao

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Nah, you aren't mean. You're a traitor and a backstabber who gave acid and alcohol to a 14 year old then told them to lie about their age.

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come to think of it these niggas can't even a job. idk why i'm even wasting time giving these 2 losers attention.

say what you want i'll be walking comfortably and ain't nobody going to do shit especially pedophiles lmao

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that never happened but okay keep making things up Jan even Ciel said it was CAP.

we'd have to have been friends to betray anyone lmao i'm not a backstabber and thats hilarious coming from you you can mention everyone you want they literally call cap too

you wish you had anything on me so badly but you don't lmao

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#rentfree #comfortable oky oky i'm done lmao it's adorable nonfactors wanting to be the main character when they not even side charcter B

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The hypocrisy with you is immeasurable. You are the biggest clout chaser off Sydney's death. All you've done is spin it to promote orgies and gain attention. The person who actually saw it hates you because you were posting all over Facebook about it meanwhile having an orgy the very same evening after your so-called bestie shot himself. You were posting lewds during his memorial. The only reason you had your own memorial was to gain even more clout. I've not once posted about Sydney publicly because I'm not here to gain anything from his death. None of y'all liked him and it shows. At least Lee is man enough to say they were enemies but also honorable enough to respect him in death.

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He can read better than you and he's way smarter.

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imagine lying so hard Makoto this is probably the most attention you've ever had sad. yeah me and sydney were super close and i literally hosted his funeral something you didn't attend or have done anything to defend Sydneys name and have literally befriended the person whos responsible for his suicide you were never sydneys friend and are fake af. i have worked my ass off to clear sydneys name so literally shut the fuck up and eat shit and die bitch how dare you.

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you wanna prove ash innocent. Sydney deserves better its sad his death has brought to light all the snakes and fake fucks in his life.

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Oh you mean the orgy where y'all held me hostage in the bathroom to harass me about someone who wasn't even at the con yet? Orgies aren't my thing and I'm in a relationship yet you insisted I attend like why lmao homewrecker

There is no convictions against him so nice try with the school comment but stop spreading false information.

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so the fuck what? am I supposed to not advertise my event? fuck off i'll do what i please while grieving who gon stop me? Definitely not you as proved yesterday.

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Oh kitten, I get plenty of attention. I am known in the queer scene here, something you wish you had.

You disrespected half the ppl at your event and again you did it only to have some weird claim.

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thats also cap no one held you hostage Lee has never been to any of my parties for obvious reasons. also i know thats a lie because we lock the bathroom during orgies.

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The one who screams the loudest falls the hardest.

The call is coming from inside your house.

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you're a nobody and not even popular lets be real and again no proof keep spreading lies people know its bull shit you got nothing on me other than being mean to you lol

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still at the top comfortable while you never had a career to begin with. yall haven't done shit for Sydney and didn't care he died clearly keep his name out your mouth.

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Nice try again but you and two of your friends pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door to “talk” aka accuse Lee of dumb shit when he WAS NOT AT THE CON YET

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Nah, I'm a somebody and that's why you tried so hard to get me on your side. Jokes on you cuz I'll side with Lee even if we weren't together. Just to piss you off. Cope and seethe.

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Also there's no such thing as “being mean”, attitudes are subjective. You might be able to hit low but trust I can hit lower.

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Sydney did nothing wrong so I don't need to “defend his name”.

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It's Lee and Makoto who give's a shit? Why are y'all even arguing?!

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I'm gay

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You sure seem to care

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>I literally hosted his funeral.
I hope his mother or whatever family sees this, the lying shit you said about being there to stop the bleeding and checking for his pulse considering you weren't there at all and actually really giddy about it to the people who were there to witness it, and actually beat you to a fucking pulp.

I can't believe I'm cheering for a jackass like Lee to kick your ass.

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Long live the Kekistanis
Fascism is BASED
Hitler did nothing wrong
Kick Wendigooner's fat retarded ass

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Ask Taylor about the 25k Redfox owes in his room. Hey Taylor, are you going to help pay some of the shit he owes?

Oh and Makoto will be at blacklight blackout this weekend since you're so antsy to fuck them up

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It is I the god of /cgl/, Scrimbo Bimblo. I have come to announce that you are all cringe faggots and I will send an angel in the shape of a giantess Sandy Cheeks with a giant veiny throbbing futa cock to vacuum you all up and shoot you into the depths of hell where you belong. All of you degenerate pedophiles, casual sex havers, and hard drug users will be cast into the flames for all eternity unless you repent and cease posting on this dogshit thread

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low key kinda glad i quit the scene and started doing meth instead

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Pells a fat bitch who only used Reisen for drinks. Thinking about how he had a melty because his so called sisters were excluding him from their birthday party

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its just popcorn