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giving fucks is for the young.

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Niji will likely pull out and not have a booth to save face and avoid confrontation.

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can't be any more awkward than their poor concert sales numbers

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Hey now, they sold like 45 whole seats and only half of those were friends and family.

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I've seen this discussion before, but I want to know if people feel the same.

Are you tired of paying 100's or 1,000's (usually 1,000's) of $ to get a ticket, or multiple tickets, half a year in advance, and going through LINES showing your badge?

Why can't you use some instant camera/printer and print someone else's tag?
Why can't you dress as security or cleaning/janitor/general worker for the convention?
Why can't you take some side door or back door in convention?

Someone has to try?
Hell, I'd go just if someone was willing to try with me.
ANYONE willing?

I don't understand how people seem to not be willing or able?
Does everyone's just have extra 1,000's (or like 5,000)$ every month of year?

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Literally who?

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I'm assuming this is a generic post due to talking about more money than most people spend on a convention badge in a year, or you're using some whacky currency where thousands is cheap. The current badges use RFID which you can't easily copy. Theoretically you could clone a badge but it may cause havoc with the tagged in tagged out status, and you would need a blank matching badge to clone anyway.

Theoretically you could dress up as convention center staff but there are different protocols to get in than "just walk through the door" and have their own set of challenges regarding badges and identification. Side and back entrances have been a lot more locked down than in the past. Pre-rfid you would have been able to do this. They had much less access control.

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>Does everyone's just have extra 1,000's (or like 5,000)$ every month of year?
Most tend to save throughout the year if they know they're going to an annual event and need to drop $XXXX for tickets, lodging, food, and merch.

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My budget is $20,000, that’s nothing. Just make more money and you get it enjoy Anime Expo.

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Well yeah, I don't find AX expensive either, but I'm guessing the other anon works hourly at Walmart or something.

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Is it a grand, mystery sir. But I am in the believe the worseness of this matter may ever increase, sir.

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Emotional attachment and I generally make some good memories even if all I do is walk around by myself and not talk to anyone. I've been doing that for about 15 years now and I think I should try stopping, but I don't know how to enter groups at random.
It's my local convention as well, aside from ALA (pretty okay if you like walking in circles and are cosplaying) or Anime Impulse (I fucking hated it; the only good part was that there was an ITG machine)

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Buy some neck fans. They'll be life savers while you wait in line outside or while you're in the artist alley for vendor hall inside

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Will there be cosplayers/

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Only if they're half naked.

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I can’t wait to go to Anime Expo and f**k some female dogs.

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RIP camping out overnight for autographs
Can't wait to see how they fuck this up

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What's the appeal of autographs? Not trying to hate, just genuinely cannot see why somebody would stay outside for hours on end just to briefly see someone they like and get their signature. Is it just for the potential resale value of their signature later in time?

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It's about having a physical keepsake that's a connection to the people responsible for something that's important to you.

tbqh I can see it making sense with an actual mangaka or something but I don't get why someone would seek out the autograph of some random English dub VA. But that's me, whatever floats your boat I guess.

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Sometimes guest mangaka and artists will sketch something for you if you bring a shikishi board.

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Man, I'm cosplaying, but as a clothed male character, oh well

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>I don't get why someone would seek out the autograph of some random English dub VA
my brother in christ, you see tens of thousands of simps drooling over these fat english vtubers and don't understand how someone could develop parasocial status with these same types of people irl?
the top english va's have lines of tween girls ready to spend money on pics. more than most mangaka at ax.

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this is genuinely a good thing. stops all the line "holders" (cutters)
a small amount do it for resell (or a large last year with dub VA retards). Most do it because they like some show or actor so much they want to meet them and have something entirely unique in their collection. collecting autos has been a thing for years, from presidents to book authors and sports players. Its not unique to anime. its very human to want to meet and show appreciation to someone who made something you enjoy.

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it's literally the opposite of what you expect will happen.
every step they've done is engineered to create crowd crushes and have the most enthusiastic people waste their entire day.
first off bots will get the majority of the tickets, you will need to give money to scalpers.
secondly at least 20% of people who get a ticket online normally won't show up. that means either the signer will just sign 20% less than normal or you will need to show up and wait for hours during the con to see if you can get the unclaimed extra tickets.
the new gated area means that there will be hundreds if not thousands of people waiting on the sidewalk and blocking the street to get in. which means there will be a stampede to get to the autograph and exhibit hall lines instead of the usual slow trickle in.
furthermore exhibitors and artist alley people will already be in line holding hundreds of spots so you will be fucked even harder than normal trying to get into the con because you ignorantly thought things would be fair.

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you need a account and the AX badge
>wont show up
preferable to waiting for 6 hours only to miss because everyone gets a +1-10 in line
>gated area
that prob wont be a entrance and people running to get to panels or hall early isnt new. as able bodied this doesnt effect me.
>exhibitors and AA
already was a thing, this changes nothing.

sorry you cant cut in line with your 3 buddies and get a funko pop signed fag.

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>you need a account and the AX badge
they don't have a way to track that on showclix or eventbrite. they'd have to create a site, which is beyond their capability. ax has already done ticketed events before. it will be botted.
>waiting for 6 hours
this is a skill issue. you were unknowledgeable about how con lines are. you could have lined up earlier, or not bothered at all after checking the line's status on trannycord or xitter.
>that prob wont be an entrance
what does this mean? the entrances are marked on the map.
>people running to get to panels
people run to panels, however this is not an issue because they are only allowed to trickle in past security. for obvious reasons security will not be at the gates, they will just have staff there directing people where to go. there will be pushing before the gates even open and running with a hazardous amount of people.
>already was a thing
wrong, it's only ever been a thing for exhibit hall. most japanese companies are pretty fair about not letting exhibitors line up early so it hasn't been a serious issue. for autographs you will be fucked, then double fucked with incompetent volunteers slowly checking everyone's online ticket, then triple fucked trying to get into the con behind 50k people.
>sorry you cant cut in line.
i have not bothered with ax autographs in the last decade. i don't plan to start any time soon.

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you get a showclix account with the badge activation.

skill issue never stopped cutting.

where id the "rush" to the auto line? yes the entrances are on the map. now you only line in one line early instead of 2.

theres always been running with "hazardous amount of people" im usually one of them bolting to early panels day 1.
>only for exhibit hall
literally no. plently try to get to early panels for room lock since panel rooms dont clear.

>i dont bother or know what im taking about

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>you get a showclix account with the badge activation.
imagine being this in 2024
>skill issue never stopped cutting.
skill issue
>now you only line in one line early instead of 2.
toddlers can count to three
>theres always been running with "hazardous amount of people" im usually one of them bolting to early panels day 1.
toddlers can also read.
>literally no. plently try to get to early panels for room lock since panel rooms dont clear.
all the exhibitors are cutting in front of forrest gump in the one year since premier was abolished. it's ruining his ax! why is no one talking about this?!?

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you seem upset you cant get your funkos signed, sorry faggot. try going back to mexico.

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The /cgl/ ax discords still around for future meetup planning

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>no Gift on the exhibitor list
Where can I get my overpriced plushies now?

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wasn't gift there as part of some other booth last year?

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>no video games New York on the exhibitor list
Where can I get my overpriced amiibos and collectors editions now?

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try checking the ami ami booth

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I only care if I really like the VA, the only autographs I went out of my way for was Kyle Herbert since ttgl is my favorite anime, and he signed a gurren lagann playmat I had, and I got Eric Stuart to sign my oversized blue eyes card
It's a shame all the JP voice actors I like will never fucking show up to a US con
I would literally kill to have tomato personality sign something, same with koyasu

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is the gathering schedule up yet

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What's the most convenient entrance for weapons check

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I live in LA but I haven't gone to AX in years because it's insanely crowded and I have nobody to go with. I'm thinking of going alone this year to meet people. Is it realistic to make friends at a con like AX or am I just going to sperg out and leave feeling depressed
I'm /fit/ if that helps

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>Is it realistic to make friends at a con like AX
I go to cons to do my business (purchasing con exclusives, autographs, and panels). Anyone who going to make friends at a shithole like AX is a fucking moron.

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I'm not sure where else to make friends that share my interests

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>make friends that share my interests

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There is are smaller cons up and down California that doesn't have a congestion and stress like AX. ALA and Anime Impulse are the perfect con to have time to make friends and network.

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>Is it realistic to make friends at a con like AX
Depends. I'm also in SoCal (Orange County) and usually go to AX with a friend or a group, which is probably the biggest barrier for a solo attendee to overcome. We're open to chatting with whoever while waiting in line, but the interaction rarely lives past that unless we really click. I feel like a lot of people at AX are generally nice as long as you don't act too desperate.

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Ive gone to AX alone or only with 1-2 persons many times also a LA local. You make friends there like anywhere else, by talking to people and if they are receptive continuing. If you cant make friends at a coffee shop you wont make friends at a anime con. sorry.
>im /fit/
literally only matters if you are attracting other gay men in which case do you bottom?

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>literally only matters if you are attracting other gay men in which case do you bottom?
It probably doesn't help much with straight dudes but women are much less likely to want to talk to you if you're ugly, even if you aren't trying to pick them up

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Nah, ugly guys are fine if they're personable or funny. Just don't smell like fermented ass or dress worse than the homeless.

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Is it possible to get some cosplaying white girl pussy at this con?

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Realistically, I'm guessing only like two dudes ready to scavenge organs

>captcha: NTRA

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most women at a anime con will find a /fit/ guy unapproachable due to their own deflated sense of self worth + fear of men. They will think you are a playboy or making fun of them. The only ones you might get approaching you or being receptive will be the crazy fuck ones who really just want you to sub to their OF or have a huge make simp harem already.
Being /fit/ is not how you get women at a con (or really anywhere). You have to be sociable and understand social ques and be interesting to talk to. Obviously not being a disgusting smellin smuck is needed too, but just thinking your muscles will work is a laugh. Women arnt men, the only ones who will go after you are gay men.