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In my experience it's always fakers like that furry dildo collector who simply don't own a petticoat and also want an excuse to tell everyone they're autistic. As the other autistic girls said, you can work around sensory issues if you really want to wear the fashion

>> No.10845369

Anon, the ears are literally neon yellow.

>> No.10845386

what am I missing, lol.

>> No.10845387

oh you reacted to the wrong comment. I get it.

>> No.10845418

I don’t have a picture but did anyone else see that “vkei gothic Lolita ouji” kid who posted about buying ouji from shein and all the comments were supportive? Everyone kept getting mad at actual lolitas and oujis trying to give good advice. Sometimes I worry that this community is doomed.

>> No.10845421

On tiktok of course.

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i think i found them. this is absolutely incredible

>> No.10845424

bona fide ita retardation in the wild. hope he has fun looking like shit i guess

>> No.10845473

That's literally why. Teenagers with no money see these ugly cheap Diamond Honey dresses and but them bc the dresses are cheap and they can't tell good designs from bad.Every time I see some newbie call a Diamond Honey monstrosity their dream dress I despair for the future of this fashion.

>> No.10845503

AYRT, it is painful to see that but there have always been teenage itas who don't have the money or experience to do lolita properly; we can only hope they delevop over time. I think clothing just far more accessible now, which isn't necessarily bad, and more people post online than before, which it why it seems like an increase as of late. Again, at least I hope that's the case.

>> No.10845507

anon i think its time for your yearly eye exam

>> No.10845508

I love this so much

>> No.10845509

be single for those how have been in long term relationship must be so jarring. why not post an actual thirst trap?

>> No.10845510

people are just being assholes, seamswitch's coord isnt remotely ita. its just casual and comfy looking.

>> No.10845518

do you smell burnt toast by chance

>> No.10845525

I know it's crazy but I kinda like this as a non-lolita outfit

If she took off the wig and the bunny ears it could be okay

Yeah. It was different before. From what I remember, at the time there typically was a well-established lolita comm and the occasional ita would appear and be ita, but could be redirected to good sources. And then she would choose to do better or decide that lolitas are all meanies and cry about it. But now I feel like there are far more itas coming from everywhere and it's hard to gatekeep and girlboss them when there are so many. Especially with this culture where you can't disagree with anyone because you'll upset them and then you will be called an evil nazi terf and cancelled.

>> No.10845527

With how cheap original designs can be now lack of money is no excuse to buy replicas.

>> No.10845570

I didn't mention anything about replicas? Of course there's no excuse, there never really was even back when that was one of fewer cheap options.

>> No.10845572

Fair, I don't have the perspective of someone in a comm because I live in the middle of nowhere.

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From R/lolita
"This is my only aristocratic/ouji-esque outfit. All of this aside from the blouse was thrifted or given to me second hand. (Sorry the sun was a bit against me) (I’m not looking for criticism, I don’t have the money to change it as of now, just a long time lolita enjoyer trying their best)"

>> No.10845617

Sorry for the confusion, I thought you were talking about the tiktokker posted 3 comments above yours who doesn't understand why we care about not buying replicas. The tend to argue it's okay for them to buy replicas because they can't afford the original design.

>> No.10845629

I hate all the new ouji wearers on that subreddit who think that wearing their granddad's old suit pieces makes them ouji. There's a reason why the name means "Prince."

>> No.10845631

Exactly! No matter how polite you are, you simply CANNOT criticize someone else, because if you do you’re automatically a racist, misogynistic, transphobic, fatphobic, classist, gatekeeping, bitchy lolita who just wants to hurt peoples feewings. And no matter what you say, that label will follow you forever. It’s so frustrating! I can’t even tell people not to buy replicas anymore or else I’m “poorshaming”!

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>> No.10845722

My first thought was "that's so embarrassing" but then I thought "would normies be able to tell the difference between that and actual lolita? If they can't then actual lolita is seen as just as embarrassing by normies".... absolutely bone chilling thought.

>> No.10845723

That tiktok lady going " everybody so creative".

>> No.10845735

Yes lets further the misinformation

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Is this that piece of filth on reddit who got the shirt and bag from hot topic

>> No.10845758

apparently so

>> No.10845761

The sad part is that those are the two best things about this coord.

>> No.10845797

So many things itas do are so easy to fix. Get a better background (or just take a pic outside somewhere), iron or steam your clothes, and put that wig properly on your head, the false parting is literally on your forehead

>> No.10845798

also too many different pinks in one outfit. The bonnet is hideous. Those shoes don't go.

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greasy slob kei

>> No.10845826 [DELETED] 

I will happily take grandpa-kei wearers over pastel DDLG pastel baby boys

I would call this ita, just new and trying their best. which is decent, unlike so much of this thread

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>> No.10846028

Straight out of Harajuku

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reddit continues to be an ita goldmine

>> No.10846045

She has got to be the worst Ita on that subreddit. Not only does she wear the same greasy "co-ord" to multiple Lolita meets, but she also is obsessed with NSFW role-playing as underaged anime boys. Gross.

>> No.10846050

Aaaah, that's her? Ugh yuck. We need to gatekeep more. I hate that on the lolita subreddit there's a rule that says "searching someone's post history in other subs in order to vilify them counts as harassment" when it's stuff like sissy kink, so you can't even tell the mods the obvious sissy is indeed a sissy. You're the one who gets the consequences instead.
Also absolutely crap coords and posts on the lolita subreddit get loads of upvotes even when the content posted breaks the rules. You can downvote and report but I don't think enough people give a shit. The posting standards are in hell. I would love to get enough people on board to downvote and report low effort content and rule breaking posts in order to raise the standards enough that it will be a reasonable alternative to facebook but I'm pretty sure not enough people care because that's simply not the way that the subreddit is used now. R/lolita is a sort of garbage bin where people post because they're either banned everywhere else, and/or their content is too low quality to be accepted anywhere else or they're just cross posting good coords for extra asspats and no interaction.

>> No.10846081

I think this outfit is fine for decora but it’s clearly not lolita, why would they tag that?

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fucking lmao

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Straight to the farms with ye

>> No.10846137

im sick of this woman and her crocheted gauntlets

>> No.10846276 [DELETED] 


>> No.10846589

It’s impossible to keep sissies out of any female-dominated sub on Reddit because Reddit is literally run by sissies. Even if r/lolita got new anti-sissy mods who tried to clean the place up, site-wide mods would step in to replace those lolita mods. Worst case scenario the sub gets a reputation for being ‘hateful’ and gets removed entirely. Reddit is not a platform suitable for lolita. Not our kind of lolita, anyway.

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how can make a coord this ugly with an ap dress

>> No.10847748

disgusting lolito

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