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>> No.10832564

IIRC the Bodyline rectangle headdress is a direct replica of BTSSB spin doll headdress

>> No.10832566

lolita only looks good on the fairest of maidens

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>> No.10832606

Yeah that sounds exactly like my friend. She'd also put herself down constantly too and wait for you to compliment her, I stopped doing it eventually and she got quite upset. Another thing she did was get really awful, unflattering haircuts in obnoxious bright colours, like she was trying deliberately to make herself unattractive.
If it helps I checked on her recently and she's lost a bit of weight, has a nice haircut and looks like she's bathed recently so there's hope.

>> No.10832607

>consider a skirt and a cardigan "lolita fashion."
That can be and very often is considered lolita fashion though? A JSK or skirt and a cardigan is often my daily outfit for work or anything requiring leaving the house.

>> No.10832612

But what if my skirt and cardigan are brand?

>> No.10832622

It’s probably covidlitas who think that only OTT counts because they only wear it for pics/videos for social media. They don’t realize that some people actually wear it as clothes. As long as you’re happy wearing it and it follows the rules, you’re good.

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I want to shake these people.
Introducing custom sizing to a brand like AP would absolutely cripple it's manufacturing. Profits wouldn't double, because these same people wouldn't want to pay 2x or 3x the price for a custom sized garment.
So I guess my unpopular opinion is: Posting on a brand's page with this kind of entitled nonsense should get them blocked from the store.

>> No.10832625

these retards never understand that a garment with a bodice has to be structurally redesigned to accommodate their rolls. this constant fattitude is so draining with the new wave of itas

>> No.10832627

I own the Metas and they're a foam sole with a wooden sticker on top, although it's a very high quality sticker. Not sure about the Baby shoes.

>> No.10832650

There have been entitled fat people saying this same thing for years. They're wrong though, profits would not double. They're grossly overestimating how many of APs customers are obese enough to need custom sizing. Custom sizing can be possible if the manufacturing process and scale allows for it. Brands that offer this usually usually have much smaller production runs and nearly always charge extra (as they should).

>> No.10832651

Why are you all so insane

>> No.10832655

Even if they did, I know their butterball asses would be complaining about the prices. You can’t win with fatties.

>> No.10832663

I mean… there’s always some dumbass who wants a print of a trans octopus holding a duck and playing basketball in vomit green colorway with a 500inch waist

>> No.10832664

If they wanted it that badly, they’d buy 2 dresses (or 3 if they’re that huge) and use the fabric to make a dress that fits. But no, they want a custom dress that fits them perfectly for the same price.

>> No.10832687

I'm a firm believer that lolitas who claim "I weAr lolita eVerYdAy~" but then say they don't take photos, probably don't do so because their "daily coords" are trash and the pics would be posted to ita threads.

Like lol, try to call it what you want, but your 'thriftshop lolita skirt' or 'closet lolita' coords with ugly ankle boots will never be lolita.

>> No.10832688

what if i just hate taking photos and don't use social media?

>> No.10832689

"pics or it didn't happen"

>> No.10832690

Agreed 100%. Even cute skinny Japanese models look stupid in ouji. I’d love to see more aristocrat, both male and female versions.

>> No.10832691

Entitled, Karen-lolitas who think the world should bow to their size and make anything and everything completely catered to them. How more toxic could you be?

I always remember the egl lj post of a girl who bought her "dream dress," AP Melty Chocolate JSK, then posted pics of the straps not being long enough to go over her shoulders and literally crying because "ap LIED about the bust size! My bust will fit but clearly their measurements were lies because the straps are TOO SHORT for my shoulders! I'm sobbing now everyone."

She posted pics of her crying while wearing the dress, and people were very quick to point out that her bust size wasn't the issue, but her rib cage. Because this girl was very...built. Big-boned if you will. And couldn't comprehend why her "bust size" wasn't the actual issue.

>> No.10832692

Just say you're insecure that people were insulting OTT, it's written all over your post

>> No.10832699

Do you post selfies of yourself wearing work attire or athleisure everyday? When you're going out wearing a t-shirt and jeans? No? Then ACKSHULLY that's because you think you and your normie coords are horseshit and would be posted to People of Walmart.

That's how silly you sound. Lolitas have lives outside of the fashion that occupy their time. Most people only use social media to keep in touch with family and old friends. If someone already doesn't share many pics online, even family pics or food or whatever, why would they post lolita coords?

>> No.10832702

imagine thinking if you don't put it on the internet it isn't real, i fucking feel bad for zoomers and their obsession with putting everything they do online

>> No.10832739

My unpopular opinion is that I don't think black women are suited for lolita and if they wanted to look good in J fashion they look best in gyaru or hime styles.

>> No.10832741

I've never understood this. Like yeah if they're fat with a giant nose then they're just ugly, and ugly white people who have those features are also unsuitable for lolita.

But what specifically about having darker skin is so bad for lolita? As long as they're thin, dainty, and pretty then a mere change in one color shade isn't some huge, image-breaking issue any more than having chinky eyes is.

>> No.10832747

nta but real ass, you bet anyone wearing OTT is going to post. lolita western community is just full of more itas than it is lolitas. now zoomers might do makeup alright, but they have the dormant mine of clolita being a trap to suck them in as newbies

>> No.10832750

you're the reason i don't post.

>> No.10832752

It's not just darker skin, if they're a black person with dainty and feminine features (ie. lots of Ethiopian women have these features) they would look beautiful in lolita but 90% of black women don't have those features. It doesn't just boil down to "dark skin" as I've seen middle eastern and hispanic lolitas that look wonderful. The natural hair of black people is also very hard to work with in the fashion, but wigs are already so common in lolita that it's fine to use those and some natural styles look good too. I don't think white women with facial features similar to the ones that black women have that clash with lolita should be wearing the fashion either but it's far less common, usually with white girls the issue is just that they're plain ugly which honestly would be easy to deal with if they put as much effort into their faces as they did with coords.

>> No.10832753

Idk if this is meant to be sincere or thread-ending bait, so I have no choice but to assume it’s sincere.
What in particular makes you think that black women don’t suit a modest style like lolita but do suit something more revealing like gyaru? Sounds like classic sexualisation of dark skinned women to me. Imo, black women look good in lolita as long as they’re not ugly (same standards as for everyone else) and can even get away with certain colors, especially pastels, that make white and Asian people look washed out.

>> No.10832755

I used to think this many years ago but I realized it was because all of the black women I had seen wear lolita were overweight/obese and had outfits that weren't proper lolita outfits. Like seriously, the first black woman I had seen claiming to wear a lolita outfit was some offbrand/DIY verging on ita mess that looked a lot more more historical reenactment of the era when black people were slaves in the US. She wore a white mobcap and a white apron over an OP. She was also very fat with a homely face so she ended up looking like a mammy. That was my impression of "black people attempting lolita" so I concluded that black people just didn't look good in lolita.
A while later I saw some black content creators that I thought looked really cute with good outfits. These people were a healthy weight, didn't have super ugly faces and wore decent coords. And when I think about it white fat women with homely faces and bad offbrand/DIY sometimes also end up looking like milk maid reenactors.

>> No.10832756

Gyaru styles are a lot more makeup heavy so they can get away with contouring and whatnot. Also I never said black women with these features are ugly, the features just don't suit lolita. Heavy makeup used to conceal these features also doesn't suit lolita. Also never said they don't fit modest styles, that's just silly. The only good coords I've seen black women do have been one picture of a sweet coord and a shiro coord which makes sense as these colors compliment the skin tones but again they were the very few types that had dainty features. Not every post that says something about black women on here is bait, you all agree as well and if you didn't there would be more images of good coords of black women posted without it being some clapback to "racism."

>> No.10832758

>modest style like lolita

modesty isn't about just the amount of skin that is covered. Lolita isn't modest because it's loud, unusual/eccentric, weird looking, etc.

The anon you replied to also never insinuated the reason she thought black women don't look good in lolita is linked to the amount of skin that is covered or not.

>> No.10832759

nta but it's one or the other. you're assuming what one anon meant.

>> No.10832760

nayrt but isn't the idea you need dainty features to suit lolita just another way to push eurocentric beauty standards? Like, if not every black woman without dainty facial features is ugly then why does that non-ugly person still not suit lolita? Why is it so important to have dainty features for lolita fashion?
I have no dog in the race because I'm white and don't have rough features, but I just don't understand where you're coming from.

>> No.10832761

Eurocentric beauty standards in rococo-era inspired fashion? How terrible. *eyeroll*

>> No.10832762

lolita and gyaru both aren't modest styles. I don't understand why you jumped to "sexualizing black women"

>> No.10832763

reducing lolita fashion to "rococo-era inspired fashion" is newfaggery

>> No.10832764

"Lolita is for everyone!!" is newfaggery

>> No.10832767

I agree, but I see no reason to exclude all black women.

>> No.10832770

Yeah well it's still not taboo to say 'no' so how about you worry about your own life and seethe less about other people's?

>> No.10832771

Black women with dainty features can pull off lolita, so I'm not even excluding all of them. Unfortunately I've only seen two examples of this being well done and these features are so rare even in black women that aren't wearing lolita that 90% of them should consider other styles. Or perhaps if everyone didn't jump down throats like this the second something remotely negative was said about black women we could actually give concrit and they could make it work instead of having a flood of black itas.

>> No.10832772

That person you replied to was not me, the anon you replied to, which is why they said nta.
I “jumped to” saying you’re sexualizing black women because you didn’t provide any reasoning in your original post about why black women don’t suit lolita. You only said, instead of lolita they should try gyaru. The difference between lolita and gyaru aesthetically is modesty. They are both OTT hyper-feminine fashion styles, but one is purposefully trashy and sexy, while the other is purposefully elegant and unsexy. So you saying black women should wear the trashy, sexy one but not the elegant, unsexy one raised an eyebrow. I’m still not sure what features of black women you think don’t go with lolita inherently.

>> No.10832773

nayrt but begging for money on lolita community pages is just bad manners and makes things awkward for everyone. It's a great way to temporarily slow down comm activity because people don't want to talk about what they bought or have coming in the mail or what they intend on buying when the begger's post gets crickets.

>> No.10832774

Why do you think people are jumping down your throat? no one has told anyone to kill themselves yet, very civil discussion by cgl standards

>> No.10832775

I didn't mean you specifically, I could have worded that better. What I meant was the community in general.

>> No.10832776

if these black women that have features that don't suit lolita according to you, but they're not ugly then why do you care?

I'm not the anon that said black lolitas should wear gyaru instead. I was still curious about the jump to "sexualizing black women" though, let's see what the original anon says.

>> No.10832777

thanks anon

>> No.10832779

Well, it's an unpopular opinions thread so I posted my unpopular opinion.

>> No.10832780

You're allowed to. But people are really curious about where the opinion is coming from/based on. And like another anon said, this is very civil discussion especially for CGL standards.

>> No.10832782

I think the oldschool trend is really annoying but it also absolutely makes sense holding new and old pieces, especially with bags and shoes by BSSB. I have a BSSB purse from 2007 that has outlived every recent bag and pair of shoes from them that I own. I hope the wagon jumpers are at least appreciating this and maintaining their pieces so they don't get tossed.

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