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i love this sososososo much there are elements of green in honey cake i never payed attention to before and this coord really brings them out in a cute way!!! im living

>> No.10820522

>not a blouse
>boobs look normal
You OK, anon?

>> No.10820529

LOVE this

>> No.10820532

>Fucking hoop skirts under thin dresses

>> No.10820555

>How can these oldschoolers pay hundreds for whatever ultra rare oldschool dress is currently trending and own only one pair of shoes

you are aware that having a huge wardrobe with shoes that match every single coordinate is a relatively new phenomenon, right? I would say pre 2008, most lolitas had only a few shoes per coordinate and would wear them with everything.

>> No.10820562

I genuinely believe you don't need more than 5 pairs of shoes to match any outfit one may have. Even 3 pairs. But for all of those shoes to be some sort of black Mary Jane platforms is fashionably lazy.

All I'm asking for is some creativity. Antaina isn't that expensive. Thrift some shoes for fucks sake.

I forget how many gulls are nu schoolers and get so easily offended when you dare suggest they look like unoriginal shit.

>> No.10820566

It's not obscene to expect standards of people, I'm tired of a style I love and participate in being associated with hideous and gross women when there are plenty of mid Japanese lolitas that still make themselves look decent despite having lower than average looks. Western lolitas need to hold each other to higher standards.

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Lol you have to be out of your mind. This is actually funny "saggy boobs" sure, sure

>> No.10820590

That's really cute, I especially love how she coorded the shoes to the socks. Very cute coord

>> No.10820591

Exactly, it's wonderful

>> No.10820592

This coord is so cute, I life for her hair. Also burgundy and white is such an nice combo

>> No.10820593

This is so cute, I love the lipstick with it. Pink lipstick just looks so nice on darker skin, I always have the feeling pink lipstick gets lost on my pale face

>> No.10820639

Do you have any more long skirt inspo?

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Trying to get the thread back on track

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why do sticker faces even bother posting. just throw it on a mannequin and fuck off, uggo.

>> No.10820697

That is such a cute coord, i just wish the blouse and hat were a darker shade of red and she had a different bag. Sure, there is white in the print, but still its a little but too much ? But still, very cute coord

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File: 655 KB, 1536x2048, DD5F7EF8-3312-4A5A-BE13-5C7E9195BB9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is literally her, stop projecting lmao, she covers her face in one photo and you’re butthurt. You probably cover your face in all of your photos. Looks way better than you.

>> No.10820701

dorito chin shoop-chan looks ugly as fuck.

>> No.10820707

Why are you so mad about something so trivial?

>> No.10820717

You probably don’t even have a chin anymore fuckin jealous, trifling

>> No.10820780

Awww shes so cute, does anyone recognise the jsk she is wearing? I love the colors

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>> No.10820786

It’s Nekokumya’s Happy Meow Meow Gift.

>> No.10820790

Seethe fatty

>> No.10820797

Aww thank you

>> No.10820798

And thank you, too :D

>> No.10820802

Do you really think this isn’t shooped? Her skin isn’t that white or smooth.

>> No.10820817

I've kind of given up, Instagram is either Lolitas with decent coords but lots and lots of Photoshop or Itas. Take your pick

>> No.10820854

Photoshop only works on girls who are already pretty to begin with
Like >>10820698

>> No.10820858

are you serious?

>> No.10820907

I personally don’t like this coord at all. Socks are white when dress is cream. What’s with the vertical stripes? The shoes don’t match well either. Ig the headpiece is alright? Idk why this is posted here.

>> No.10820924

if i had that type of hairstyle id look like a fucking retard

>> No.10821050

Fuck off vendetta chan.

>> No.10821094

I found the self poster

>> No.10821095

completely agree. it feels like a lazy coord. not bad, but definitely not inspo worthy.

>> No.10821263

Incorrect, see

>> No.10821269

Lmao what is this collage even supposed to represent? I could easily cherry pick creative modern shoe choices and showcase the opposite.
Obviously there are less "authentically" old school shoes on the market, since it's not the 90s or early 00s anymore, so people make do with what's easily available and most period appropriate. Doesn't mean nobody wears anything besides those specific Demonias.

>> No.10821299

Did you even read what you replied to?

>> No.10821491

You’re just jealous

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>> No.10821526

the ophelia caping is getting sad. 90% of her coords are cute, but she misses the mark sometimes, and remarking on this doesn’t imply jealousy. it’s clearly an older coord of hers, and i don’t think she’d pair those socks with that OP now. the coord just doesn’t belong here.

>> No.10821613

Find a coord where she misses the mark. I’ll wait. I bet you can’t because she never misses. Seethe harder instead of dragging her down.

>> No.10821673

This being /cgl/ I can never tell if posts like these are genuine and lacking in self-awareness or from someone who hates the subject and wants everyone to get annoyed with her.

>> No.10821724

This girl is so insufferable.

>> No.10821864 [DELETED] 

These are the same coord with a few pieces changed

>> No.10821866

>>10820907 #
>>10821095 #
>>10819737 #
>>10820496 #
These are the same coord with a few pieces changed

>> No.10821868

>same coord
>only the socks and shoes are the same

>> No.10821869

What did she do?

>> No.10821870

The only things that are the same are the socks and shoes

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