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>> No.10821362

Looks good, makeup slightly too heavy but it's otherwise very nice.

>> No.10821368

It looks like those Etsy dresses made out of old kids bedsheets.

>> No.10821372

either your her or friends but she looks good in other stuff. this was not it.

>> No.10821379

This is a clusterfuck of mismatched themes

>> No.10821381

Mismatched themes?? The themes of what, shoe, fork, square and pink? Would a comically large fork make the coord better for you nonny?

>> No.10821383

She has Bettie page hair, clownish makeup, a muted tea-themed jsk, circus tights, and rhs. how the fuck do you think that goes together

>> No.10821384

Nothing wrong with either of these.

>> No.10821386

Did anyone see that Fluffy Kawaii Jo crowdfunding campaign for the pride/ tranny and every other woke label under the sun hit it’s money goal? At least 3 people in the comm I’m part of gave money to that trash.

>> No.10821411
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the ita that keeps on giving

>> No.10821413

>The themes of what, shoe, fork, square and pink?

this is the actual funniest shit ever

>> No.10821420

You didn’t answer my question about the comically large fork.

>> No.10821430

she probably does have a comically large fork given how fat she is

>> No.10821458

I got excited to check back on the ita thread to see if someone was gonna respond to me with something funny. Thanks for disappointing me.

>> No.10821463

if you get excited to check responses to your post on the ita thread then the only disappointment here is you, to your parents. yw tho

>> No.10821471
File: 91 KB, 800x1200, 94AA85ED-8728-4B2D-9EEC-F1DC25FCF3F3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Would a comically large fork make the coord better for you nonny?

>> No.10821472

The hair and makeup is giving deedeezeta.

>> No.10821477

Sorry you only wear solids from Walmart but contrasting patterns is a thing.

>> No.10821483

go for a run instead of obsessively wking yourself next time kek

>> No.10821484

It's not all the same anon, you deluded vendetta chan. Are you mad that she dresses better than you or something?

>> No.10821485 [DELETED] 

nobody but you would be caught dead in that coord and that shitty clown makeup makeup

>> No.10821486

nobody but you would be caught dead in that coord and that shitty clown makeup

>> No.10821489

Sorry but watching the one anon with the vendetta pretending to be other people to look like people agree with them is so funny.

>> No.10821493

Exactly. Who would cape for a mid coord like that.

>> No.10821496

not ita

>> No.10821497

plain but not ita
not every coordinate is supposed to be an OTT eyesore

>> No.10821499

That was my first post about her lol, calling an ita an ita isn't vendetta.
What is this projection

>> No.10821517

ayrt isn't even the one who tore her outfit apart, I am. Projection, much?

>> No.10821549

Lmao I’m just here to girls laugh. You’re clinically insane

>> No.10821559

Noticed my spelling error *make girls laugh. Sorry ladies

>> No.10821566

Stop accusing others of being insane when you're the one going on an unhinged WK spree, thinking everyone is the same person, and pretending you're doing it for "a laugh". Just get better taste and move on

>> No.10821567

You didn’t find my fork joke funny? I’m literally killing myself

>> No.10821568

I’m sticking my comically large fork in a comically large light socket because of you

>> No.10821569

You know what else is comically large?

>> No.10821577

i thought it was funny, sperg-chan

>> No.10821578

My dick

>> No.10821585


(Re: >>10818771) I'm just curious, what color would you suggest coording this jsk with instead of the burgundy? Because I think it could be a cute old school look

>> No.10821589

Can scrotes please stop shitting up the thread I’m tired of seeing the same shit about comically large forks and people desperately clinging onto delusions of thinking mid coords are ita.

>> No.10821598

opinion disregarded
go take a comically large chill pill

>> No.10821602

the gobelin is so busy and heavily textured, a simple cotton blouse in warm white would be nice. an intense color like burgundy could work for a jacket or an accessory, just not something as central as the blouse. still think it'll be hard to make that jsk "read lolita" but it would at least be a nicely balanced outfit.

>> No.10821605

The bodice is shaped really weird. Is this handmade?

>> No.10821616

Male hands typed this. As if a woman would get upset over the word scrote or say chill pill kek.

>> No.10821630

What are you even talking about? Women say that. Do you believe words have genders too? Go dilate.

>> No.10821633

Axes Femme I think

>> No.10821641

i wear the same shoes as her, but my substyle is casual old school gothic, have i committed cringe?

>> No.10821645

begone, moid

>> No.10821650

Wow cum ahahaha so funny! You’re still a greasy ita.

>> No.10821699

you’re probably fine considering your substyle, but heels or platforms will always look better than flats, especially in gothic. in old school you can get away with more shoe diversity, but those read really normie. get new shoes when you can.

>> No.10821723

Honestly i like this alright. i'd replace the wristcuffs with some bracelets and rings, paint the nails or wear false ones, and maybe change the headband (might be normie but it's hard to tell due to the angle) but even that is going into nitpick territory. The actually ugly part of this photo is her arms, but there's not a whole lot she can do here, and it feels mean to make fun of that when she can't control it (unlike someone with shitty coord skills who can control it). Plus she has them mostly covered with the sleeves and WCs.

>> No.10821725

NTA but to be Lor tier she'd have to have ghostly foundation and way too much blush so high up her cheekbones that it looks like she's trying to hide her eyebags.

>> No.10821824

If you're a lifestyle lolita then I would say it's fine with your substyle for everyday wear, just don't wear them for pictures. Conlitas will tell you that heels are always better but living daily life in heels is not worth the problems it'll cause your body later in life. I have the same ones and wear them almost every day, just never in pictures because I know they aren't ideal

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