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I like a few taobao brands, but Jo's tastes are absolute shit tier. Can't believe she wore this to Paradaiso.

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Wait until you find out that Japanese people used to go to fetish and bondage clubs in lolita in the 90s. The fashion isn't inherently sexual, but rule 34 exists for a reason. If it exists, there's a fetish for it.

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imagine being surprised that there's japanese porn of literally everything. i wonder what kind of men actually find this appealing tho

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she'sap shanghai staff, there is no way she wouldn't

>> No.10777795

Wait what? That's insane.

>> No.10777796

Someone posting here doesn't know what ita means. Half of the coords itt are nitpicks.

Say what you will about A, this coord is 100% fine.

>> No.10777802

Erika is wholesome. He doesn't look the greatest, but he clearly has experience and genuinely loves the fashion.

>> No.10777803

Good fucking god someone please report this to the AP staff.

>> No.10777809

She can say that but then has the body of a grandma instead of whatever elf gremlin thing she thinks she looks like. Wear longer dresses

>> No.10777812

I think it's someone trying to deflect from being posted. Probably E*in based on the other people in the random dump

>> No.10777818

At one point she actually dressed "okay", not good, not even close to good, barely passable as okay, but better than >>10777708. What happened? She had potential to improve... but instead she went straight to guttertrash-homeless kei... dafaq

>> No.10777822

yesterday i was trying to use dall e mini to create images of Aphex Twin wearing lolita. today i can rest because nature provided one for me.

and it has no place in the ita thread

>> No.10777824

>pedophiles enjoying porn with grown woman

words have meaning, i hate this idiotic trend to label any thing childish and sexual as pedophilia

>> No.10777832

actually this.

>> No.10777836

It's nice to see her almost smile for once.
Ok sissy simp.
I'm guessing it has something to do with her bio. She can be found under #budget lolita. Kind of sad to see the regression.

>> No.10777841

Kek this is great, dropped all her eBay dicks

>> No.10777844

He's a sissy/crossdresser though. Just because he's been into larping as a woman since the 80s and got his hands on old school brand, doesn't make it any better

>> No.10777845

DDLG porn features grown adults as well, how is this any different? All pornsick scrotes are pedos by default anyway, but especially ones that actively seek out cute, innocent or childlike things to jack off to

>> No.10777851

are you unable to think for yourself, that's why you need to repeat this type of thinking?

pedophiles truly have a disease, men who jerk of to "innocent looking, child like women" are just fetishists

>> No.10777859

If you think men who jerk off to adult women pretending to be children don't "truly have a disease", I feel bad for you. If it's easier for you to understand this way, they're fetishists who fetishize childhood, aka pedophiles

>> No.10777868

you can feel bad all you want, it doesn't change the fact that having a fetish ≠ mental illness
pedophiles physically can't feel attraction to adult women, doesn't matter if they're wearing baby clothes

>> No.10777887

Looks like a man

>> No.10777898

Pedophiles will literally jack off to grown women dressed as children so that they don't break the law. It is very much pedophilia lite, and is a known red flag for actual pedos. Not every pedo is *solely* attracted to kids. Thats why you get lots of stories of CSA caused by men who also have sex with grown women

>> No.10777908

peak MARBLE, I can't even hate it. it's so ugly and tacky it brings me immense joy.

drop a white cage skirt on top to get that silhouette. i personally don' t like it, but i can see what they were going for.

charms on a flip phone. I miss you so much

fat but not ita, try again

>> No.10777950

She looks like one of those grandmas that feeds pigeons in the park.

>> No.10777980

Every time I see her coords, it reminds me that money can't buy taste. Imagine spending that much to look like a tacky mess.

>> No.10778053

fat is inherently ita

>> No.10778054
File: 1.75 MB, 1170x1942, A79DD64F-0EC0-4568-A67A-A35E050AA851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10778055

Why are you dumping in a saged thread? Moron.

>> No.10778058

what is with the sissy socks? why does this person always wear sissy socks?

>> No.10778078

is it this one finnish ita who had blue short hair before or just a lookalike butterface? I swear they look similar

>> No.10778103

Someone spent $136 on that JSK?!

>> No.10778117

Fucking your proxy infant in a diaper because an actual baby is illegal is more than just a fetish, it's definitely full blown pedo behavior

>> No.10778146

All that money spent and you still look busted.

>> No.10778243

Her face reminds me of that one scene in The Office where Dwight peels off the CPR dummy's face and places it on his own

>> No.10778244

Post itas, not coords you just don’t like

>> No.10778352

dear god those legs

>> No.10778409

That was what she modeled for the fashion show, not her own coordinate.

She wore Dolls Toy Box that day.

>> No.10778560

Is this even meant to be lolita?

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