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You should have picked a better taste.

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What the actual fuck?

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so im guessing this is your typical trash taste fan humor.
glad i dont even really know who they are.

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even better

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This is the kind of shit I'd hear drunk at the hotel bar and think it was the funniest shit ever in the moment.

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Artificial Intelligence Text Generator


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On a scale of 1 to fucked, how bad do you see this making the line situation?

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Should be fine if you get them on day 0

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It’ll be like those AX lines in 2007 all over again

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At least it's only once and not every single time you go into the con, I guess.

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It still means you're in a mass line twice before you can even set foot into the main con hall though. If the normal lines can be 4-6 hours long on the busy days, then wouldn't some people be looking at potentially doing line-con for 8 hours out of the day? Especially for people with limited resources and who only planned to attend for 1 day (and unable to go to Day 0 or an earlier time solely to get the COVID check done).

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Something tells me it’s one of those wristbands that won’t last in the shower

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>Implying anyone who gets cucked by COVID days before con is actually going to stay home
A lot of money is on the line and I'll be damn hell pissed if the Chink Flu is keeping me from another year of no AX.

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I have a feeling it's one of those flimsy paper wristbands with some adhesive. Best thing to do is get a scissor and tape. Just cut it when you take a shower and put it on before you head out to con.

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Just cut it up and tape it back on. Or make your own copy. Won't work they are smart and have some different color or kind for each day.

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>Won't work they are smart
You think the SPJA is going to waste money on this shit if it's likely only going to be for this year?
>have some different color or kind for each day.
That's stupid, so everyone has to re-verify each day. I say once you show your vaccination or negative test, you're good for the rest of the con unless you lose it.

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Fuck are premiers, industry, and regulars all going to be in the same line for this vax bracelet.

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Does Covid know the difference who are Premier, Industry, and regular attendees?

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Those tyvek ones? Those things are durable as fuck. They'll survive in a shower no problem.

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Hopefully AX will be smart enough to have a separate line for those groups

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Are those the ones that SDCC used in their November event and Wondercon? They're flimsy as fuck.

Also do you still wear your wristband after taking a shit? Do you wipe your ass with that wristband on your arm?

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do you get shit all over your arm when you wipe?

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I'm thinking it's going to be the unremovable wristband type where you can only tighten it and some people are going to overtighten without understanding the consequences on Day 0.

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Worth eating danger dogs on the first day of con? I'm poor and can't spend that much money on food.

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Just pack a lunch

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Hololive merch announced. Oof $50 for a Tshirt

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I may just get a Gura pin.

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Imagine buying any of this garbage merch just because it is at AX.
If you want to buy Hololive merch, at least buy the birthday stuff they put out, it is always better without fail from this event shit.

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Agreed. I already bought the dino gura plushie

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What's the best way to meet people at AX? This will be my second ever con. I'm a social retard with no friends but I was able to meet some people to hang out with at my last con while in line for a bar, but that felt like pure luck. What are the best social events at AX, preferably with drinking?

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Tyvek are the ones you usually get at concerts. They're used in usps mailing bags, protective coveralls, building materials, and other things. It's waterproof and as long as you aren't actually trying to hulk it off or cut it, won't come off during normal wear

And like >>10777018 hinted at, if you don't get shit on your arm in general, you're not getting it on the band

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>wait in line to show proof ur giggavaxxed or clean
>get the coof in the line from some hobo
based. fuck the fags who asked for this. hope the lines are so long no one gets in and 20 die of "climate change".

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AX has both a beer garden and a 21+ lounge, did you even look at the map/schedule yet?

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>I'm poor
>Buys a $10 hot dog
Literally go to your local 99 cent store, buy a package of hot dogs and bacon, throw on some salt and spice packets stolen from a restaurant, apply mustard and/or ketchup (also stolen from a restaurant), and you get the same degree of unhealthy garbage for 1/60th of the price. Your problem is you lack initiative and intelligence, not funds.

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I'm aware of those events but I wasn't sure if those are great places to meet people, or if there's something else people do to socialize. Schedules only tell me what's planned, not what people actually do.

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Meal prep, recommend watching Josh Cortis. Good luck

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very fren of you

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any news on the amv finalists, im guessin no
why these assholes so cagey, did they just forget to tell people

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also how to avoid lines like this
i remember going in 2018 on a saturday and not waitin that long. but we may have been lazy and gone at like noon. is that a winning strat or am i inventing memories.

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Isn't there usually a scouter or something?

>> No.10778421

Look insecure
Look old enough that there's absolutely no doubt you're not underage, so be ugly and look like shit
Being fat or gay helps

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Anyone know if there will be any tokusatsu or sentai meetings at ax this year?

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Tokusatsu Day 2, 7/2/22 10:00 AM 11:30 AM Site 9

>> No.10779181

Thank you. It's appreciated.

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