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>> No.10779762


I’ve been defeated :(

Please take my dilation kit and douche as spoils of war.

>> No.10779763

Ahh, AP threads devolving into replica arguments, name-calling, and accusations of being a moid. Takes me back to the good old days but with a hint of modern cgl sprinkled in.

>> No.10779764


Honestly half the reason I stuck by this thread was because it is very nostalgic.

Haven’t been on cgl for a hot minute and saw that cosplay tits and ass threads were faster than the lolita ones.

>> No.10779775

Anon, you sound like the newest newfag. Like some gen z fuckwad. Integrate or gtfo, board culture/lolita culture alike.

>> No.10779777

Yeah, this is fast fashion newfags coming in and expecting it to be the same.

>> No.10779780


No. I don’t want to be part of the hivemind. I don’t care about being in the cool people club or adhering to your autistic oldfag standards. You’re all like a school of fish, flapping your little fins to the beat of whatever the next fish moves to. And why? Because you lack safety as a lone fish in the big blue sea. And for what? There is no such thing as a lolita community nowadays. Just a bunch of childless women who screech over dresses.

>> No.10779781

>childless women screeching over dresses
Okay so we're all in agreement that this person is 100000% male right?

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>> No.10779783

How do they even afford their location? I mean honestly, how many dresses do they sell, say, per day? Especially competing with online or other AP store sales.

>> No.10779786

Taobao? Why you too lazy to say taobao?

>> No.10779787


Newfag detected.

>> No.10779788

Nayrt, but it is hard to find certain old dresses. Money isn’t an issue for me but if the dress doesn’t come up for sale or gets bought too quickly when it does, I still don’t get that dress. Of course, the stuff I’m looking for is old and seems to be listed pretty cheaply so people will grab it because it’s cheap, but I’d be willing to pay more if I could.
Of course, I’m not looking for replicas either because I feel weird about it. I’ll just keep looking for the dresses I want and buy them when I can. This fashion is more of a waiting game than anything

>> No.10779798

>a release is not under stocked just because a lot of people want it
You're an idiot and haven't been in the fashion long enough to know anything about AP releases and recent stock numbers at stores. Obvious troll is obvious.

>> No.10779801

A futile attempt at defending replica-chan in a saged thread by accusing others of being a newfag? That denial must taste really good because you're guzzling it down.

>> No.10779808

The location is just a requirement. Back in the day, when Angelic Pretty did wholesale to other shops in the US (it wasn't always just AP USA) having a physical storefront was a requirement to vend. I know for a fact that that's still true for Meta, and many other Japanese brands. So the physical location is only there so that they can have the online shop, which is actually extremely profitable. They still routinely sell out of the biggest hype goods, and for example, they had at least 1200 of the anniversary milky bears, so they're clearly doing just fine. I don't get why people shop there either, but someone is buying their stuff out.

>> No.10779813


I’ll make you guzzle down something else

>> No.10779815

>This fashion is more of a waiting game than anything
Yes - if you have the money and the patience you can find and buy whatever you want. Both of which >>10779726 doesn't have.
You can have disposable income, and still be poor and have a poorfag mentality. Because if you didn't, you would just buy the dress you want regardless of its cost.

>> No.10779816

Oh look, the moid is back

>> No.10779819

As a side note, I'll never understand this weird dream dress or bust mentality. If you can't enjoy the fashion without a specific print or even cut/colorway are you even a lolita? Of course there are dresses I want but don't have, but that's really not that big of a deal? I certainly wouldn't buy a replica over it. I just buy the dresses I like that I can find instead of autstically obsessing over the one that got away. If you're that desperately obsessed with one dress or hype prints in general, you should probably re-evaluate why you're even in lolita to begin with.

>> No.10779820


KEK imagine thinking that this “buy no matter what” mentality is what makes you a poorfag. And then taking the moral ground of having patience.

I can tell you’re all lower to middle class because of your spending habits. The richer people I’ve come across and know would not have this mentality out of principle.

>> No.10779827

You're maybe misconstruing my post? Or I am yours. What I mean is that: richer people would just buy the thing that they want and not play these mental mindgames. Which is why so many Chinese teens have amazing wardrobes of so-called "impossible" dresses. Nothing is impossible or out-of-reach when you have hundreds of thousands, even millions, to throw down, and some of those girls do have that much.

There's a single dress I've been trying to get for several years now but in the meantime I have amassed a ton of other dresses I like and some I even like more than the dress I'm searching for. Never did I think to find or buy a replica of it.

>> No.10779828

Actually rich people don't care about prices for things and fall somewhere on a spectrum ranging from consuming expensive or overpriced things very conspicuously and purposefully (but without openly bragging if they're not new money types) to show their status, all the way to just buying what they want whether it's cheap or not because they have the money and don't need to deprive themselves of anything they want for any financial reason.

It's poor people mentality to think rich people care about saving money. Even if they do, $100 extra is not a concern. Budgeting doesn't make you wealthy, inheritance and having a lot of capital do.

Sauce: I attended a private school on scholarship with rich kids and then a university that school was a feeder to. Rich people do not look at price tags or penny pinch. That shit is for us working class people. And by working class I mean we go to a job lower than a C-level executive to earn a living and don't just subsist by profiting off of our or our family's investment returns.

All that is a deflection though, wanting replicas to make a comeback because you can't handle living without your single precious dress for another second is still peak entitlement and behavior only a literal poor child would engage in and you have to be 18 to post here.

>> No.10779845

I'm not defending replicas, but I think people lean way too heavily on calling each other a "poorfag."
Statistically, very, very few people here have "millions" to spend on any which release. 4chan just loves to larp as rich people.
Like you said,
>$100 extra is not a concern
Plenty of us aren't phased at spending double or triple the retail price. But being truly rich isn't just an extra $100. And what I keep hearing/reading is that anons should just pay any egregious price, or else they're a poorfag.
It's just such a tiring arguement.Speaking of, of, please let's all make a pact to only sell our rare releases to Chinese lolitas for actual insane prices. Like, let's see if we can make 100k off of one sale just for the hell of it. If they're really that unbothered and rich, it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe they'll leave the fashion if we all collectively target them and upcharge based on status/race.

>> No.10779846

I hope when AP drops their next release, we stop talking about replicas like we're still in the good ol' days of livejournal

>> No.10779848

I agree with the "poorfag[ging]" part but this site is mainly for salty, spiteful bitches so just ignore it if you know it doesn't apply to you

>> No.10779851

I don't think people are poorfags for not wanting to overpay. I think they are poorfags because of their attitude about the fact that they can't afford or justify the expense. If MRC is your dream dress, but you're not willing to pay more than retail for it, and you complain about that constantly and accuse everyone else of scalping? You're a poorfag.

>> No.10779859

The thing is, almost every lolita that is dedicated to this fashion and likes the brand is unlikely to purchase a replica willingly and knowingly. This is entirely different than the mindset ten+ years ago when replicas ran wild.

The stigma of wearing replicas is still very high. It doesn't matter if it's a convincing replica.

When you've been in the fashion for long enough, and collected for long enough, it's rare to run into a release that you absolutely must have. A lot of us would rather pass on the latest release rather than settle for a replica.

So no, twelve-fifteen Americans buying replicas on Taobao to "stick it to AP" is going to do nothing to their bottom line.

>> No.10779872

This. Especially since nowadays replicas are pretty much all risk no reward. You'll be shunned for wearing it, you still won't have a suitable substitute for the dress you actually wanted, and it's still more expensive than the bajillion socially acceptable taobao options.

>> No.10779896


I think you’re larping hard. Rich people are more conscientious about money. It’s not about saving money and the fact you don’t understand that shows that you’ve not actually met any rich people. It’s about the principle and pride of giving that money away.

You’ve basically explained in an essay the basic concept of “if you have lots of money you can buy lots of things”

>> No.10779897


A lot of new money kids are like that. The older generation not so much. They’re much more careful and picky.

>> No.10779899


If peer pressure stops you from wearing a dress then idk man.

Either way, I’m getting a replica done- materials ordered, pattern finalised. Just waiting for confirmation from the seamstress.

>> No.10779913

You really idealize rich people's thought processes to the point of fantasy kek

>If you have lots of money you can buy lots of things
Yes, that is literally it.

>> No.10779914

Okay but what old people are wearing lolita? Most people in the fashions are millennials or younger.

>> No.10779928

Which is exactly what I specified and are the majority of Chinese that are entering the market. Read the entire post.

>> No.10780057

You're gonna be disappointed. Imagine going to a *seamstress* kek.

Also peer pressure stops us from all sorts of things. What do you just fart super loud in public? Do you pick your nose in public? No? Well there you go. PeEr pResSuRe.

>> No.10780062


Who do you think makes the dresses for AP? Fairies?

You sound bitter.

>> No.10780064


It’s a dress. Chill. Why do you type like that? Salty ass mf

>> No.10780066


Pot calling kettle back much?

>> No.10780143

I swear you just learned that phrase and are tossing it around in every thread. You clearly don't understand it.

>> No.10780148

I wish we had more lolita models. Most of AP's don't wear lolita at all

>> No.10780149

Um AP is made by seamstresses tf are you okay?

>> No.10780339

Well shit, apparently AP Paris restocked the white Soap Bubbles JSK almost 8 hours ago and I had no idea. Time to die.

>> No.10780345


>> No.10780413

Yeah it was just the one. I actually had it in my cart but my mobile network was down so I couldn’t do the two-factor auth to make payment with my card or paypal. Good times

>> No.10780524

I wonder how Paris even managed to get an extra JSK when hoards of people in Japan were complaining about stock levels.

>> No.10780534

kek so it's this autistic troon who was caping for scalpers this hard. Makes sense

>> No.10780602

By seamstress, she probably means her auntie who likes to sew. She shows her soap bubbles. What she ends up with most certianly won't be soap bubbles. Even if auntie is a great seamstress, she probably doesn't understand lolita aethetics. Therefore she'll end up with a well-constructed dumpster fire that looks nothing like Soap Bubbles. She will sure show them.

>> No.10780647

Someone probably cancelled their order. AP Paris is obliged to accept returns under the EU legislation.

>> No.10780682

Do you know if it's ok to return MTO when it's written that they don't accept refund or cancelation?

>> No.10780828

new thread >>10780824

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