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>I don't give him flack for spending a ton of money on guns and ammo
Yikes. You're asking to get murdered

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>haven't worn a full coord in 6+ months
>just incorporate lolita pieces into casual wear
>was a daily lolita for 8+ years before this
I don't know what happened to me, am I even a lolita anymore if I don't wear it properly? I still love my dresses and I love the fashion but I also feel incredibly liberated not having to wear my clothes a certain way all the time.

>> No.10300631

They don't. They are just forced to date down bc of hypergamy

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The amount of misandry on this thread is alarming. Can't we be like the rest of 4chan and learn are fuckin place in gender roles?

U would be a lot happier and not some angry sjw

>> No.10300635

Men should be selectively sorted through for breeding stock, and then we can take care of the leftover undesirables with a shotgun to the back of the head like the sick animals they are

>> No.10300642

Then don't. It's fine. Relax. Lolita is literally about not caring what others think of you, and that should include the community itself if it wants to judge you for not being a "proper lolita."
They're YOUR clothes, so just wear them however and whenever you want.

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Coming from the gender that are essentially Christmas cakes, useless after the 25th

Also, 95% of y'alls beauty can be taken off with a fuckin wet wipe

Women are the niggers if gender

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Please go back to your containment board you filthy incel micropeen cuck

>> No.10300657 [DELETED] 

Fuck off you fat nigger femcel feminist. Nobody want to hear about how your some Tumblr cat lady who no guy would date

Now go wash the dishes

>> No.10300663

I can physically feel the amount of small penis compensation that is radiating off of this post.

>> No.10300664

>tfw was selected around age 7
Please, please, please give me the shotgun

>> No.10300686

How sad you can’t even do anything by yourself, that’s why you need somebody to do the dishes for you. It’s alright, not everybody is capable of doing simple tasks.

>> No.10300697

>the misandry

>> No.10300698

Out of curiosity, what brings you to this board because it sure as hell isn't jfashion or cosplay

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>/cgl/ feels has become a battlefield for neckbeards and legbeards
I'd really prefer if you would not do that.

>> No.10300749

what about gay people who love straight romance? is it not a fetish then?

the only thing that's gross is that baby mentality that things you don't like = fetish

grow up

>> No.10300783

Misandry isn't real.

>> No.10300785

>scrotes fill feels thread complaining about how all women are worthless roasties
> complains when women don't like being called roasties and hate them for it.
>still oblivous as to how they don't have women who like them.

Honestly, we need to stop having feels threads. I honestly wouldn't even care if this thread fucked off to r9k like the last one.

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Just hide the thread if you hate it so much.

My feels
>Used to be really depressed and mope about it
>Hung out in feels thread
>Got genuine connection and advice through my posts
>Admit not all of them were strictly on topic
>Gulls were still there for me to tell me I was a stupid bitch
>Pulled myself out of it
>Made my life better
>Still browse feels threads to this day
>Rarely post nowadays
>My bad feels are over
>Miss the feeling of connection
>Can't find anything to post about
>Mfw I have no feels

>> No.10300802

I liked feels threads in their original form, where it was sharing situations, stories and feels about our hobbies but it's obviously so out of hand now, moderation is apparently too hard.

>> No.10300803

Honestly and unironically go to lolcow's /ot/ board, you will get what you want there.

>> No.10300844

It doesn't make someone shitty to know what they like in a woman, no. However, it does make someone shitty if they express interest in somebody & then try to change them based upon their interest. That's what anon's talking about. I've had it happen before, and the man waited almost half a year to start dissing on how I dressed. The fact he likes women to dress more normal & sexy isn't the issue. The fact he feigned interest in someone who dressed in a way he didn't like with the hopes to change that person's style for 'love' is shitty. If you approach someone who dresses this way with the idea that's it's a changeable 'fault', that's disrespectful. I don't expect any dude to mean we should dress like pilgrims, but we'd be wearing sexy or normal clothing if we wanted to. Regarding my own experience, the man is question knew from day one how I dressed. Again, the person waited half a year to start telling me what they really thought of my outfits. It's okay that they did not like them, but it was shitty to try getting me to change what I wear. The whole thing could've been avoided had they accepted what they prefer their girls to wear, and not go after someone who didn't wear what they liked.

>> No.10300846

Also, anon, I get what you're saying, but the people here don't dress for men. It's true that a lot of people to dress for those they're seeking to score with. There was a girl who put me in some 'normal' clothing showing cleavage and what-not, and she was absolutely confused why I don't dress that way all the time summed up to, "But... your boobs." I could dress more normal, show off my 'assets', and have a fine time getting numbers or dates, sure. However, the clothing I wear makes me happier then netting a bunch of men ever would make me. I have more fun looking at pictures, putting together outfits, shopping, & getting dressed on the daily then I do going on a date. I would never give that away for the world. I take pride in having the courage to do what makes me happy in the face of what society tells me should make me happy. Maybe my dating life isn't the best, but, again, picking between the two. I'm happier doing what I enjoy. What use is being with a man if there's no joy? Happiness is what usually attracts them in the first place, even the ones who don't like the way I dress, & why would I want to throw away an important part of my happiness? If wearing a fluffy skirt brings me delight day-to-day... it hurts no one, and there's no reason to stop.

>> No.10300850

Adding to these, it's also shitty how people get that way because others teach them it's okay to be that way. The guy who got on me about what I wear... you know what his thing was? Mobile games. Tetris & bubble shooters. Old-school style stuff. People use to go on to me about how, 'You should find someone who treats people better then objects,' or women in his life would make derisive comments toward his phone. I can tell you why he was on his phone seemingly all the time because I observed. He was playing fucking Candy Crush. All these people bashing on him & calling him a bad person all because he enjoyed playing mobile games. He wasn't playing the field or ignoring people. The dude was just playing a game he enjoyed. I always thought it was cute, and it made me sad at the end when I had said something about him playing a game to try cheering him up, and he snapped at me. He snapped at me because he mistakenly took me commenting toward his games as one of contempt because everyone else had done so even though I was trying to cheer him up by mentioning it because it was something that clearly made him happy. Why do people seek to take away the things that make people happy?

>> No.10300864

I talk about this with my partner sometimes. Sure, it adds a layer of difficulty, but it's not the fault of the wearer, it's the insecurity of the partner. I dated a really shitty person a couple of years or so ago and he viewed my clothes and appearance as a reflection of him. In his mind, I was there to represent HIM, and he didn't like the way I did that through lolita. He thought people would judge him for hanging out with a freak (his words not mine). In reality he was quite boring and thought too highly of himself, no one was looking at him or judging him for being with me.
In reality, your partners looks aren't a reflection of you, and you have to be secure in yourself to accept a person who is likely to get comments and stares by the public (though when I'm in lolita with my partner I get less shit, probably due to his presence). He is secure in himself enough to know that it makes me happy, this is the way I wish to present myself, and that's my decision. If everyone in the world thought your partner was unattractive, but you thought they were beautiful, what would it matter? If other people's opinions come before your happiness and opinion of your partner, you're not doing dating right.

>> No.10300867

what the fuck is this boomer blogpost bullshit?

>> No.10300878

>that thong peek
Does she not look at the video again before uploading it?

>> No.10300879

Females are sexual selectors.

If you were "abused" by a guy it's almost guaranteed to be your own fault.

>> No.10300880

Yes and then they leave the guy, let others know so they don't select him either, so he dies alone and his gene pool ends. Simple

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>> No.10300888

*farts in secret so nobody ever knows, specially males*

>> No.10300890

>tfw no lolita gf who lets me tickle her feets

>> No.10300899

t. scalper

>> No.10300901

> sees girl who keeps borrowing dresses from acquaintances and posts on ig and not talking about what dresses she wants. Okay.jpg

>> No.10300902

you're an angle anon good luck

>> No.10300904


I hope all females over the age of 22 just die.

>> No.10300907

Why? Were you stupid enough to "abuse" someone and end your bloodline?

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>> No.10300943

Why are you crying over a failed assignment? Also unless your school is super elite no one cares about you failing an assigment.

>> No.10300944

It's very normal to want attention and/or socialization. It's a reward for the thought and effort involved than the brain naturally seeks. It's the same as wanting someone to notice when you've gotten a haircut or lost weight.

>> No.10300949

Have fun dying alone while the entire female population lives longer than you.

>> No.10300951


In university in America if you fail an assignment you may not get credit for or fail a class. If it was an important or required class you'll have to spend more money or time on school to retake it. Everyone can't afford that. Plus it's disappointing to not do well in general. Your school doesn't need to be elite for failing a class to affect you negatively in getting a degree.

>> No.10300954

Ah yes, the cosplay board is the perfect place to lament about one's aspergers-induced inadequacies with women. Sounds like an awful lot of cope for some niggas who "didnt do anything wrong and just cant seem to get a girlfriend", why do we even have these threads anymore?

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>> No.10300982

As an alternative to straight up scare them of? Containment places on 4chan never worked, not even once.

>> No.10300991

They sure did for ponies though.

>> No.10301009


It worked for pokemon. /vp/ is a cesspool of autism, pokemon themed incel rage, and female trainer lolicon

>> No.10301058

This was random. No one was talking about abuse. Not liking our frillies and saying so makes one a butt depending on situation, but not abusive.

>> No.10301078 [DELETED] 

porch monkeys*

Little girls are hot.

Get over it.

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>going to my second-ever con in a couple of weeks
>Fiance can't go because everyone is leaving at her job and she has to cover shifts
>We already paid for tickets and the hotel

Goddamnit I'm gonna be the creepy old dude wandering around by himself

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