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>> No.10297915

This will now be my go-to response.

>> No.10297941

how are you this retarded

>> No.10297988

A lady basically asked me if i was in a cult lmao.
She asked if i wore it for religious reasons and naturally i told her that no, i didn't, then she said, and i quote "oh good, you never know with these crazy cults nowadays".

>> No.10298004

Honestly yea, as much as I love AP I do avoid some the the more childish looking prints just so I don't have interactions with creepy ddlg people who think I'm one of them.

>> No.10298017

My grandma said I gave her flashbacks to when she and her friends would sneak into the school kitchen and steal sugar to boil to starch their petticoats.

>> No.10298060

Its nice to have some wholesome normie comments! That's pretty cool.

>> No.10298086

Unless the women you are talking about are over 80 I find that highly unlikely, and even then only because there was a brief moment in the 50s where *some* women might have worn petticoats to fit Dior's New Look silhouette. There was no moment other than that in the entire 20th century where stiff petticoats have been a thing.

>> No.10298091

IF anon is american, you mean

>> No.10298095

My grandmother is indeed over 80. All of my grandparents are.
We're Canadian fwiw.

>> No.10298102

kinks specifically like ddlg and milf did not exist back then. this is not a difficult concept to understand.

>> No.10298145


Was OP, and she referred to the 1950s so I would assume she's over 80. Either way I was entertained by her flex.

>> No.10298152

milfs were definitely a thing in the 60s, just without the acronym

>> No.10298160

Yeah the sexy matron thing was a definite trope.

>> No.10298201

I wonder where you're from. I live in the midwest US and a lot of 60-80 y/o women have commented to me about when they were kids and wore "can cans." I can't remember what the white ladies called it but older black women call pettis can cans

>> No.10298212

The Graduate came out in 1967 and was a huge success. Porn was still available, people saw prostitutes and all kinds of degenerate sex happened. Just watch Mad Men

>> No.10298219

Porn use to be shown in theaters, like Deep Throat, and people forget that everyone knew what a nudie mag was. Back when newspaper stands and stores were common, you bought nudie mags on the top shelf where children couldn't see. Guess what all those people did when the internet came out? Sex wasn't publicly acceptable, but it was encouraged for men and married couples. It was only the public depiction of sex that was a no-go. Most middle age people are more kinky and crazy then you think.

The problem with the internet is that younger people don't know how to communicate or find information without it nor can they fathom the possibility. It's sad. I grew up with the internet, but discussion like this does prove what some older people have lamented about to me.

>> No.10298220

Someone needs to tell this anon about Fanny Hill. It's so funny how every new generation thinks they invented sex and drugs.

>> No.10298221

(by "this anon" I mean >>10297869, not you, just to avoid confusion)

>> No.10298224


People have always been degenerate: they were just better at being shamed into hiding their degeneracy.

>> No.10298228


Shit goes WAY back.

>> No.10298236

Your coworker sounds like a racist cunt

>> No.10298246

How do you know it wasn't just tapioca?

>> No.10298258


I honestly feel like this is a made up story by some sissy fetishist. Like that one time someone asked questions about getting cum stains out of lace.

>> No.10298278

i certainly want to believe that ddlg was not always a thing, and will go away again eventually

>> No.10298342
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US lolita here
>wearing cesky krumlov in a pretty little cafe I frequent
>woman I've never seen comes up and sits in the empty seat across from me
>"are you from Germany?"
>"have you lived in Europe?"
>"do you speak dutch?"
>"Oh, I just saw your pretty dress and thought you may have gotten it somewhere special."
>it's Japanese street fashion
>UTTER DISGUST on her face
>"Oh, I see."

>> No.10298346

constantly getting this question. Even super complicated prints like Krad Lanrete.
Like, where do you think this fabric comes from?

>> No.10298361

>Out visiting my friend in their city
>Wear IW coord
>Friend matches with historical 20' tomboy vibe
>Look great together, honestly
>Wander through town into antique shop
>Clerk is a hippie looking guy in surf shorts
>He is overly happy to see us
>Asks if our clothes are vintage
>Becomes thrilled when we say it's new, but historically inspired
>"You guys are genuine, like real authentic"
>Says he wishes it was the norm for people to dress like us
>It is funnier because he himself is dressed lazily in a modern fashion
>I find a small something I want to buy
>He doesn't know the price of it
>Proceeds to pick up an antique gong
>Walks in a procession of chimes out back to wake up his boss and ask
>It was two pm

I often think back fondly to that kooky antique shop clerk. He was genuine, like real authentic himself.

>> No.10298363

What cut? I had the long and someone asked me if I was in a play.

>> No.10298374

Can confirm my great-aunt is in her 80s and they also used to starch their petticoats.

>> No.10298392

I don't think she was talking about temperature directly causing infertility. It's a commonly held belief that sitting on a cold surface can cause a UTI (pretty sure it's wrong though,like how some people still think you catch a cold just by being outside in cold weather), and UTIs can apparently cause fertility problems in some cases.

>> No.10298393

based mailman

>> No.10298394

it was the short version with the just waist. If it had been longer I would have maybe understood a little more.

>> No.10298489

Here to confirm that's total nonsense. UTIs are caused by bacterial transfer, surface contact temperature has nothing to do with it and doesn't make a lick of rational sense.

>> No.10298513

summer is over, shouldn't you be back in school child?

>> No.10298658

Me too, anon. Anytime I see posts like that I assume it's a dumb child poster or some cross boarding incel.

>> No.10298780


cosplay and not jfash but

>cosplaying for the first time
>get in a lift with my friend and so do 2 boomers
>awkward silence for a while
>*cracks up* haha ok guys we gotta ask, what's going on? XDDD

>> No.10298784

My idiot brain somehow first read this story as you doing a cooperative exercise move in cosplay with your friend and ripping two giant farts

>> No.10298795


LOL how the fuck did you interpret it as that? I think they were more weirded out by the fact that i was dressed as a girl

>no haha, it's uhm, it's like a costume for this big convention, I'm dressed up as his girlfriend. I mean, as the girlfriend of the character he's come as.
>oh, so are you two?...
>nonononono, it's just a costume haha, I'm not gay...
>haha ok...

I got a bunch of random dudes crossplaying coming up to me and hugging me/asking for pics, and 4 guys at the same time shouting "DOWNWARD FUCKING DOG" at me and my friend.

>> No.10298827

being really fucking tired
>lift = lifting weights
>boomers = farts
I don't even know man

>> No.10298830


>boomers = farts


idk i just mb used slightly different terminology cuz I grew up in England.

>> No.10298900

I live in western europe and my 80 year old grandma also comments on how she used to wear starched petticoats all the time. According to her it was a big thing when she was young and all the girls would do it.

>> No.10298902

that's top stuff actually mate
because boomers = old farts

>> No.10298903

Do you not know how old grandparents usually are?

>> No.10299053

And here I am cringing at all the kink shit while I wear gothic in my late 30s. You do know a lot of us lolitas are older too, right? Anyone can get on the internet and learn things.

I wrote all that and then read >>10297869 and I'm just dying a little on the inside, lol. You're pretty naive. I remember in the 90s accidentally finding a porn CD my dad owned in the computer room, and he didn't magically forget how to use the internet as you are sort of implying old people can't fathom here >>10298102
just because he hit his 70s now.

So far the worst comment I've gotten is my aunt complimenting my bat-themed coord and then saying 'if you wore a witch hat for that, you'd have such a cute halloween costume!', which... isn't all that bad, but I avoided such accessories exactly for that reason.

>> No.10299067

Doesn't everyone eat tapioca while riding on packed buses, especially if they have to stand next to pretty ladies?

>> No.10299069

These kinks have always existed, but they were kept hidden. The internet simply gave fetish kinks a great deal more exposure.

>> No.10299122

i've been super fortunate in that i don't think i've gotten a single negative comment while out in lolita, in the last ~2 years of wearing it daily. some of my favorite incidents:

>out doing errands, getting medicine at a pharmacy
>older white lady comes up to gush about the clothes for a good 10 minutes
>she keeps saying thank you for dressing like this
>"you make everyone around you who sees you just a little more cheerful and happy. keep spreading that joy"
>she says she used to wear similarly feminine clothes back in the day, so happy to see something so lovely and cheerful today
>"are you wearing a crinoline under that?" it's a bit colder today so just petticoats "oh my, petticoats, what an old fashioned word..how lovely"
>a little girl, probably age 5ish, was with her mon staring at me the whole time
>lady starts talking to the girl too, says "do you want to wear a beautiful dress with rabbits on it like that one day and look wonderful like her too?"

this one happened just yesterday
>two old chinese ladies come up to me to say they love my outfit
>one is particularly enthusiastic, big smiles, asks where i got the clothes from
>"oh, i thought it would be from england! because it looks very old england historical"
>"i love seeing beautiful things like this (gestures at dress).... and beautiful girls like you"

i get a lot of positive comments from younger normies too, mostly "i love your outfit" "you look so cute" but my favorite from a fellow student was
>young black guy student comes up to me
>"i'm sorry to bother you and i'm sure you probably already know this, but"
>"your fit? it's really fresh."
>he makes prayer hands at me and walks away

i usually get 1-3 sweet comments from stranger every day. it's done wonders for my poor self esteem and insecurities. i'm a much happier person now, so i'll always be grateful to lolita

>> No.10299126

Gonna add to some of these more wholesome stories!

>Wearing a classic coord out with my bf
>a mom walks by holding a little girls hand
>the little girl turns and exclaims "Pretty!'
>The mom replies "isn't that a beautiful outfit? I like the shoes."
>As they walk the little girl keeps looking behind her to look at me saying "I like...I like.....I like THE DRESS!"
>I smile and wave at her as the walk off

>> No.10299138

> it's done wonders for my poor self esteem and insecurities.

Same here. I'm so self-conscious. I'm a definite butterface and I used to have terrible social anxiety and panic attacks. At best I felt invisible, and when anyone did notice me they thought I was awkward or that I was The Ugly Girl.

Now I get so many sweet comments when I go out, and I also hear people say nice things even if not directly to me. Lots of stuff about how cool my skirts are and things like that.

>going into sephulta
>extra dressed up that day, just for fun
>full gothic lolita mode, with mega platform boots and rose headpiece
>store is empty aside from the staff who all turn to look at me
>older black cashier "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH girl! You look CUTE!"
>different staff girl comes up later to compliment my boots

>go to a street carnival
>perfect time to wear Night Carnival
>tons of "omg your skirt is so cool!"
>thank you, Meta!

>out at a park festival on Cinco de Mayo
>wearing AP's Dressy Time OP
>some women in full folk costume stop me
>no one speaks any english, charades mode engaged
>they want to take a picture with me
>little granny calls me "princesa rosa"

>> No.10299144

This is so cute, anon, fills my heart with joy. It's not that I haven't had any negative comments at all, but it really is a ratio of 95% compliments and nice things to 5% nastiness that wearing lolita overall has had a really positive impact on my life.

It motivated me to lose weight so that I'm now happy and comfortable with my body, and while I hadn't really associated my improved self-esteem with lolita, it does really cheer me up and make me feel better when strangers say nice things to me. There's even been some newer lolitas in my comm who look up to me and tell me they love my coords and it really warms my heart.

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