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>> No.10220865

Face makes him look like he has downs syndrome.

>> No.10220874

Post makes you look like you have Down’s syndrome.

>> No.10220879

This guy was mercilessly shat on in /fa/, mostly by brits. He's practically a reddit icon on there.

I think he's pretty cool though. I don't like his style but I can appreciate the craftsmanship.

>> No.10220882

the clothes are atrocious
the only reason why this works for him is because he's already attractive to begin with.

>> No.10220922

/fa/ are the biggest bunch of normies to ever exist.

>> No.10220942

I was thinking FAS....but yes.

of course FA hated this...he's not trying to look just like everyone else.

>> No.10220958

We hated it because it looks disgustingly tacky and hearkens back to the even more grossly hedonistic, destitute dandy ages. No Englishman today in their right mind would be caught dead wearing this schlock. Moreover, there's nothing original or daring about emulating the (thankfully) dead fashion trends followed by even bigger automatons than we have today. Of course yanks eat this up like candy since they have pottybrains and a insatiable fetish for all things English. But of course, I wouldn't expect a board of grown adults who dress up as cartoon characters to understand fashion. You can have your own personal style without looking like a total buffoon or having just stepped out of Urban Outfitters. There's so much more experimentation and options right now, but no one wants to do any research.
Still, if he's comfortable with it, so be it. He's got a good face on him, and he's got a knack for tailoring.

>> No.10220960

>those veiny arms
I threw up in my mouth a little

>> No.10221000

Is this some kind of /fa/ pasta?

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Cute tied up male cosplayers is a trend I could get behind

>> No.10221208

can't tell if that is a sound of approval or disgust.

>> No.10221241

His head looks photoshopped onto his body

>> No.10221367

Guy cosplayer but I really enjoy this thread, it's useful inspo for me

>> No.10221533

Same, I'm literally going to do a Leon cosplay for Pax and probably get tied up to get ig followers

>> No.10221537

It's just confirmation for me that I'd better get my prettyboy game on point if I ever get around to doing that Vergil cosplay I've been planning for years now.

>> No.10221544

If you have the pretty face for him and do actual foundation makeup to really make your skin look good you're gonna get so many ladies anon. Me included.

>> No.10221562

Face I'm pretty confident about, my sister's basically model-tier and even she's envious of some of my features. Planning to ask her or one of my female friends for makeup help too when the time comes.
The real problem is making that goddamn coat.

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Now you've got it boys.
Why try to convince girls that being big and ripped is ackshually the best, then you could simply listen us about what we like in men, apply those tips and then get lots of female attention for your cosplay.
Plus, being a healthy slim + athletic is far more achievable than going for that extreme dehydrated look.

>> No.10221574

Not him, but where's a good place to look when starting off on doing light makeup as a guy?

>> No.10221585

All I got from this thread is women are quick to aggressively bash each others taste in what they find attractive in a man and that Loki has the 2nd most fan girls after Thor apparently.

>> No.10221587

I just like the position I'm in as a male cosplayer.

If I show any sort of effort I'm showered with praise.

If my cosplay sucks, I don't get any drama or blowback and are just ignored.

It's win/win

>> No.10221595

No, you still don't get it.
No woman cares about Thor, he's all yours, Loki is the number one by far.

>> No.10221600

And all i get is that men constantly bitch about women being complicated in terms of taste and why nobody wants them, get given advice, they ignore it and they go back to bitching again.

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>No woman cares about Thor
Of course not, don't be silly. They care about the actor that plays Thor on the big screen.

I was wrong. They're just aggressive in general I guess.

>> No.10221655

Women are not a hivemind, who would have thought? Just like how different guys like different kinds of women and argue about what constitutes a 10/10, women do the same. But there a still few qualities that are standard across the board though.

Also, I would say Loki is more popular than Thor in terms of female fans. Thor got hooked up with a woman in the first few Marvel movies, and while guys may think that would only elevate his status, women do like being someone's one and only.

>> No.10221656

Check out Wayne Goss on Youtube for the basics. But in a cosplay vein, also go check out the instagrams of popular male cosplayers (or crossplayers) and see what else you can incorporate.

>> No.10221665

I actually appreciate this response, but I was mostly shitposting from reading through this thread. It's a pretty entertaining one.

Also, I too initially thought that Loki was over Thor. I only said Thor was over because of this poster >>10218834

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I'm a lesbian but I think Phil Mizuno is unbelievably gorgeous.

>> No.10221692

His face reminds me of the Scott Farkus kid from A Christmas Story.

>> No.10221907

His face isn't bad but he looks like silicone with all the editing, and he takes all his selfies from the creeper angle so I'm worried he might be after my kidneys

>> No.10221908

Different women have different tastes, I'm not judging anyone for what they like, just sharing my personal onion

>> No.10222130


>>10218834 probably meant that Loki is always in his brother's shadow. It's a recurring theme in the first and last Thor movies.

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I almost thought I was on /fit/ with how gay this thread is.

>> No.10222330

yea full of but pirates

>> No.10222337

The crazy part is I've met him several times in person and he looks exactly like his pics irl. Like, actual silicone skin.

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>muh kinks
Would cosplayers do it? Could they be convinced to?

>> No.10222360

That’s kinda unsettling

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nah he's smooth but not that smooth

>> No.10222388

I sure fuckin hope so.
I want to see my 2D husbandos tied up and brought to life gdi

Ah that’s more realistic

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I would, but I have an unfortunate face and terrible skills at makeup

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Same. I have the willingness to do fun things, but you just can't fix ugly. Even if I were to put in an incredible amount of effort into my cosplay, you can't outright mask your hideous face unless you actually put on a mask, in which case nobody wants you to do anything but a standard pose.

>> No.10223302

Stop making excuses and up that makeup game.

>> No.10223309


Bruhs we're talking about bondage kinks, just slap a gimp mask or a potato sack over your face or something.

>> No.10223631

>you can't outright mask your hideous face unless you actually put on a mask, in which case nobody wants you to do anything but a standard pose.
bruh there was literally some femanon on here a while back with a mask fetish. even you have hope

>> No.10223638

also wondering about tips for the best way to creepily pickup cosplayers at cons

>> No.10223660

If you're cosplaying specifically to get female attention then you already lost my dude. Do it because it's fun or because it's a hobby you want to get into. Do it for yourself, not for anyone else. It's just a pathetic as dudes who lift for girls.

>> No.10223880
File: 32 KB, 500x595, SKINNY-FAT-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

¥t-this body is ideal and huggable
¥I can't run 500 meters without stopping, let me tell you about dehydrated gross people
¥These are opinions of real women
¥healty people aren't ackshally healthy and here's why
¥omg it's just my personal taste!
Lads, your body is a temple! Feed it well, get enough sleep, and stay active. Don't be fooled by these snakes, and never give up on your fitness goals because of someone else's beauty standards. Run that extra mile, add that extra plate, and do that extra rep! The pictured "/cgl/ bod" might satisfy these snakes as a sex object, but it can never fill the emptiness you feel when you are not striving for your true potential!

>> No.10224138

Cosplay as my enstars husbando.

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