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>> No.10231279

haha i wonder how the subjective concept of beauty will be discussed by /cgl/ haha

>> No.10231295

Some of you have never met gulls IRL and it shows lmao

>> No.10231313

Looks pretty damn good. Just needs a much better wig.

>> No.10231314

I met cgl ppl, they're guys which isn't surprising bc it's the internet.

>> No.10231315

That's pretty interesting

Lol I wish

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>> No.10231347

are you me anon? I’m just glad my boyfriend is a degenerate that likes to crossdress for me

>> No.10231471


The "body" was pretty gross and dehydrated looking chicken ass as one poster had said.

>> No.10231472

Ottermode body with a cute face and funny laid back personality.

Confidence is a must. Insecure men are ugly af and I assume they are automatically gay

Confidence is not to be confused with arrogance or being cocky though

Clean, healthy, and stylish hair and skin. Men who wash and go look like shit. Use conditioner and moi6for gods sake. Also armpit hair is fucking gross

>> No.10231696

>reddit spacing

>> No.10231751

whats a reddit spacing

>> No.10231886

When they hit enter twice for a new line. Reddit has that kind of formatting. It also has gotten to the point where people can think paragraphs are reddit spaces.

>> No.10231902

Happy for you!

>> No.10231913
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>When a male streamer takes off his shirt, they are called "unnecessary pepperonis"


>> No.10231937

I'd hit it... if he was a girl, he looks like one like this

>> No.10231945

He doesn't look anything like that in real life.

>> No.10231951

I know how he looks, theres other lol player that is child-looking, asian and cosplayed as a girl too, hot stuff, but then again, I preffer actual whamen

>> No.10232103

why wouldn't i like this?

>> No.10232115

Some of the guys in this thread were cute for sure. The less muscular ones had nicer facial features and overall put more effort into their cosplays.
But Im still gonna hit the gym, big muscles are cool as fuck

>> No.10232133


>> No.10232136

I'm a pretty /fit/ femanon, and I do quite like well toned guys. But it has to be functional and performance based. If your lats turn so wide you can't hold your arms relaxed next to your body, or your torso is like >>10218382, then it's not very functional most of the time. It'd impact your ROM.
I'm personally attracted to nice smiles, and the idea that someone can hold their own against me in a brawl/sparring match.
>but that's your opinion anon
Yep it is. And nothing more.

>> No.10232137

What you just described makes it sound like you want a barrel-chested type heavy-lifter type that can't actually lift heavy weights.

Also even basedboys can hold their own against you in a fight, unless you're roiding.

>> No.10232140
File: 152 KB, 1440x1394, 293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(it's a meme)

>> No.10232201









>> No.10232211

I'm a martial artist. I just prefer performance, so it's not in the way of any of your movement. There's something in between being super lean/cut and roiding.

>> No.10232232

Where do I find someone like you, because you sound literally perfect

>> No.10232279

I'm tall and beefy af so I prefer the mountain man body type

>> No.10232285


>> No.10232296

I'm taking a wild guess, but in a sports club/gym. I personally prefer martial arts clubs, because there's a certain lifestyle attached to it (at least, in most dojos) and it is a lot about respect. But I guess rugby chicks don't mind a brawl either.

>> No.10232325
File: 116 KB, 720x1098, Cva6EPnW8AATdya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably talking about boxbox, the famous riven player

>> No.10232342
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I wish Inu Yasha didn't suck at the end. I was so invested in that stupid series for the longest time. Did Rumiko get burnt out on it or what?

>> No.10232356

I know it was because I was like 12 when I watched it but I really liked it!

>> No.10232369

inded, I was talking about him

>> No.10232375


The White guy took off his shirt because the Korean guy next to him is famous for
taking off HIS shirt when he gets frustrated.

Basically, the white guy was mocking him;
it backfired when the Korean guy took off his shirt, then
proceeded to beat his ass in-game.

You can hear the commentators say "unnecessary pepperonis".

>> No.10232449
File: 156 KB, 2010x970, man-of-steel_55008716-2010x970-2010x970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All the women in this thread lying
Why do so many women find Henry Cavill attractive if they all hate muscles?

>> No.10232451

Only if you have severe autism.

>> No.10232454

I doubt they're lying dude, but also keep in mind the girls on this board do not represent the majority of girls taste in the outside real world.

>> No.10232468

The type of women who like this kind of guy don't browse 4chan(nel)

>> No.10232485

I didn't read the manga, but honestly, I really liked Kanketsu-hen. Idk, maybe it was nostalgia flood, but it was really fun to watch and everything got resolved neatly.

But I am also biased and I love Inuyasha way more than I should so yeah, she could have been burned out.

>> No.10232495

this thread of representative of nerdy women, not normie women

>> No.10232500
File: 65 KB, 600x914, artorias.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, really, what isn't great about this?

>> No.10232508

Because it serves a different target audience that doesn't browse cgl, mostly.

>> No.10232509

The lighting.

>> No.10232534

Whats the point of male cosplay if you want have muscles

All of you posting anything that looks anything but a Man

>> No.10232552

>being this retarded
Anon the type of women who find him attractive are mountain hillbilly girls and super high-maintenance whores (there are exceptions of course but it's unusual). You asked what most gulls liked and it's not that.

And the number of faggots coming in here from I'm guessing /fit/ and /r9k/ need to suck it the fuck up: you can either have your big beefy muscles and attract mostly gay men and a handful of women who will still be out of your league or you can actually look at what's been shown to you as what nerdy cosplay women like and realize they're too very different things. It's like you're throwing tantrums because women don't actually like what you think is good looking which makes you all seem really closet gay.

>> No.10232691

>super high-maintenance whores
So the lolita crowd?

>> No.10232746

The thing that made me lose weight wasn't not getting a girl, it was getting one that had a weird brutalization fetish and needed a fat guy to live it out.
Weird cunt.

>> No.10232761

Because he's not ugly in the face or dry and chicken-y
The background

>> No.10232762
File: 62 KB, 425x640, DtHwt60U0AAEUEf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Matt Mercer is the ideal man

>> No.10234951

reminder that harley is just as abusive as joker and thats what makes the fictional relationship an enjoyable thing to read/watch

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