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I'm not a classic lolita and I find florals boring. How can you be classic and find it not to be apart of that substyle, though? Florals are practically a staple of classic.

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That was precisely my thought.

A classic lolita who doesn't like florals must be the lolita equivalent of liking literally nothing but fries and ketchup.

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It's not that unusual for classic lolitas to not like florals. Some wear only solids. I personally prefer solid dresses with interesting details like pintucks and nice trims that might get lost on florals (although I do own quite a few floral items too). Some people like the more uniform-looking stuff in classic like military or sailor inspired.

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Yes you are. How the fuck can you not like florals? Unless you only wear solids? Are you allergic to flowers or something? Florals are the most elegant and classy motif ever.

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Military and sailor are themes, not at all specifically classic which is closer in taxonomy to a genre

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No one said you can't like florals and be classic. Other anon said it isn't classic because it's "crowded" and "granny-ish" lol. The shitposting in this poor thread has been unreal.

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It seems rather limiting to have such a visceral opinion like >>10194147 and be into classic. Most people can appreciate a good floral even if they're not into it, so said anon sounds more like a sweet trying to RP a classic lolita to stir shit.

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the shit posting makes me sad and while I know i can report shitposts, has been somewhat limiting what I dump in case some anon with a vendetta decides to shit on some western lolita they happen to dislike for being into boring classic.

Such is /cgl/ these days.

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Post it anyway, please! Just ignore the sweet shitposters. They'll say anything to start shit like "floral isn't classic" lmao.

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Aww thanks anon. Yeah, I get really protective of threads like these sometimes and it makes me go really cautiously, but you're right, shitposters are going to shitpost so I'll give as good content as I can to make this thread good.

I've been looking back at earlier posts on tumblr, and it is making me pretty nostalgic as these were the inspirations for me getting into classic lolita to begin with. I'll post a few.

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Loving the renaissance vibes in this styling by VM.

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I don't think they aren't classic, lol... of course they are! They still are very much a part of classic styles even if I don't particularly like them. OP said "what is classic to you" and I find the elegance and simplicity of "my" classic can be cluttered up by heavy floral prints. To be clear, I'm not just talking about any print with flowers on them, I'm talking Granny's ugly carpetbag style florals. I don't think people shouldn't wear them, I just don't like them and prefer solid prints with pretty details. I guess people don't agree xD

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VM tea party from 2011. I have a soft spot for classic lolita meets.

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You're to blame for this influx of horrible new Facebook posters, Taylor.
This is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to see more of classic tea party pics in general. Do you have IW? Is there also such thing as MM tea party pictures?

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I guess what you're getting at is that you aren't a fan of small busy florals? It's different from what you were implying in >>10194147 but I guess I get what you're getting at in this particular post. I had the same issues with last year's VM release of the gobelin JSK for similar reasons.

Also try not to use emoticons, it's generally frowned upon here.

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Sorry for blogpost incoming. I searched for 'innocent world teaparty' on google and I found this. I nearly forgot they had a tea party in Vienna in 2013! Gosh, this brings so many feelings - I hope they attend more overseas events in the future, I'm dying for this sort of thing.

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Thank you for the dump! Your taste is so so lovely!

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>not realizing that if you don't post content because of the shitposters, then the shitposters 'win' and soon all of /cgl is nothing but shit.
the very state of /cgl

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I still post. I just err on the side of caution sometimes (no lolitas of Instagram or recent post types for instance.) I don't engage with shit posters.

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Is there anything remotely close to Mary Magdalene? It seems like they've just left a void and not even taobao has tried to copy them. I just love their silhouette and they are peak classic lolita to me. Which Japanese brand is as close as it gets to MM these days?

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Probably Rosa Bianca, although cgl doesn't seem to like them

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Personally I felt VM was a good enough substitute when MM just fell off the face of the earth. Then they changed styles which wasn't my thing but I think going in new directions can be good once they find their footing. Their new release looks very promising though - the plaid high collar OP while it's been done before is very much a weakness of mine.

Rosa Bianca looks to take a much more literal retro style direction than MM, which was more like pseudo victorian/edwardian/vintage vibes. Their stuff is probably nice and all, but I feel they could definitely have more detail in their pieces. I feel like I could get pic related for cheaper at a vintage store, whereas with MM I feel like I'm getting a design, while inspired, is a really unique blend of inspirations.

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/cgl/ is mostly filled with sweet lolitas, let's be real. The only thing anyone ever cares about are AP releases and it's depressing.

Do you think VM is a good fit to replace MM these days? Some of their pieces look close, but VM really has it's own style.

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I think one of their designers went over to VM from MM, but you're right that they're completely their own style.

MM was much more flattering to me, particularly their JSKs, and I miss them so much.

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Some items are similar like classical doll/whytealeafe, but I feel like VM's bodices are little more high waisted or have a horizontal waist seam which looks a little less elegant

Some is more retro like that, but some do remind me of MM (pic related)

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MM's designer used to work at VM before she made her own brand iirc. That would be weird if she came back on again.

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I just looked at my wardrobe and while I see the trend there, MM's waists seem to be hugely variable and some (like the old school chiffon OP and Morgane) sit incredibly high on me almost to my chest. Appolonia is also incredibly high cut along with a few other of their empire waists, giving a much different silhouette to their dropped waists. I think overall they do have cuts that are very flattering and not tubelike which can be hit or miss for other brands.

That being said, while I can appreciate Rosa Bianca for sticking with it's particular style, it does nothing for me against something like Morgane or Farutetto, or even their simpler floral JSKs that have wonderfully coordinated details like trim and tulle on the bottom. Personally while I can appreciate a good cut, and I do like the bow details here, I really need more details in my pieces.

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You're right, I agree there's nothing quite like MM. JetJ could come close if they tried but they just vacillate between making painting-plastered skater dresses and 10,000 frill monsters. I'll just post some old jetj so we can all cry.

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>I'll just post some old jetj so we can all cry.
Don't do this to me, anon

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Hold me

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>painting-plastered skater dresses
This is my new way of describing modern JetJ.
I'm ready for the tears. RIP older classic detailing.

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And image limit reached so I can't torture you more

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Next thread >>10195719

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