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>> No.10150447

not that anon, but maybe it should be the cof/instagram/social media thread then, and not just cof.

>> No.10150453

Only a newfag would reach this hard to call newfag.

>> No.10150454

Honestly it’s the Internet. I think the only time it probably shouldn’t be posted is if the account is private bc they went out of their way to make it so.

>> No.10150457

Reminder that the brolita you guys liked got upset from these insta threads and the drama it brought and did go private and now you guys make up stories about him instead of accepting he didn’t want the attention.

You bite the hand that feeds you cgl, be mindful about the other fact that tons of Lolita’s don’t post on cof because of cgl and you are going to make it harder for yourself if you ruin insta too.

>> No.10150459

This is very true. Even though this thread wasn't as shit as some have been, two different group chats I'm in have been discussing it and several girls including two who are very popular haven't posted because they're waiting for it to die. It's easy to laugh at them and say "grow a thicker skin" but it's just a fact that this thread will stop some people from posting because they know that being discussed here will upset them or they already have vendetta-chans and don't want to deal with that.

>> No.10150460

Ayrt, I do agree with you. Cgl never knows when to let shit go.

>> No.10150461 [DELETED] 

>Reminder that the brolita you guys liked got upset from these insta threads

Not everyone here liked him, fuck off.

>> No.10150467

Yeah, it'd be better if we just posted coords in general. There's no stopping cgl from giving unnecessary criticism.

But I bet it won't last long due to vendetta posting that is against the rules but still very much so, happens all the time.

>> No.10150468

So you admit this was a victory for you?

All the more reason not to have threads like this. You're proving everyone's point.

>> No.10150469 [DELETED] 

I don’t think you know what vendetta means if you really think giving criticism or saying you don’t like someone/their coord once is a vendetta.

>> No.10150470 [DELETED] 

Where did I say it was a victory for me? I just said I didn’t like him. And I’ll add on that I wasn’t surprised he turned out to be super catty when his drama went down.

>> No.10150476

None of what I posted was a vendetta. I genuinely liked those people and their coordinates. I thought this thread would be nice but everyone has to fuck it nine different ways.

>> No.10150478

I have been posted in these threads before and I feel the same. I appreciate that people like my stuff but I don’t want people to nitpick me, I’m just a girl who wears Lolita for and wants to be involved in a community, I never asked for weight comments or people speculating about who I date and stuff like that from cgl.

Wow gay guy is catty, more news at 11!

He never said why he privated his account and it’s unlikeky he self posted then. However he deleted cof stuff and changed his insta name and made attempts to be private when you guys trashed him on a photo another girl posted with him. I think he was stupid to be dramatic like that but so many people don’t post much for similar reasons.

>> No.10150484

Bullshit. He went private because of comm drama and even posted in the thread to clarify.

>> No.10150490

Maybe just don't visit cgl then?

>> No.10150491

OP here and same, it started off nice, but people have some dire hatred of being posted here, even in positive light. I love each and every lolita I follow on instagram, and posted here.

>> No.10150495

People are going to talk about you and speculate about you regardless of what you do and regardless of if this thread exists. I have vendetta-chans too and I'm not going to stop posting just because this thread exists because they're going to talk about me anyways. At least here, I can choose to read the thread if I want and hide it if I want.

>> No.10150498

Most of the thread is cute coords even if people are complaining about how "average" they are. Get your panties out of a twist.

>> No.10150501

lol wut

>> No.10150503

This. It doesn't matter how good you are, or how loved you are, there are still going to be tons and tons of haters. If you want to be known, if you want to share of yourself, you have to accept that. So post your coords, do your thing, and ignore the hate.

>> No.10150511

Posting coords from instagram in any other lolita inspiration thread never causes any drama, but threads titled like this bring out the ita and CoF thread regulars and they bring their hateful entitled attitudes with them.

>> No.10150519

Agreed here, he knew how hateful sites like this and BtB were and still posted? Did he just not care when he saw Voldie getting shit on here and thought it couldnt possibly happen to him? Everybody gets jumped at some point, even if you're a perfect lolita, someone will still hate on you (even moreso than an average lolita in that case)
I love his coordinates and it's disappointing he left but he can't play victim when he knew about /cgl/ and that his coordinates on cof got posted on here.

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>> No.10150526

OP, don't pretend to like these girls and then drag them into the spotlight on a ~fucking 4chan thread.~
You can't be this stupid. No-one appreciates having their photos put here. Your "love and support" of these girls is backstabbing.

>> No.10150538

Where is he playing victim? He just made his insta private, it's no big deal

>> No.10150556

>No-one appreciates having their photos put here.
How can they know if they don't visit cgl?
Why would they visit "hateful sites like this" (lmao) if their pure innocent minds can't handle being posted here?

>> No.10150563

You're completely misunderstanding what I said. OP claims to love these girls ~so much~ that she decided to post them on an anonymous site best known for vendettas, shitpost, and general trolling? How is that supporting them.

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>>average and not even good
I have been dumping a lot so maybe I just have bad taste.

>> No.10150613

Nayrt but I followed several people from this thread. Most of us just want to find more lolitas to follow. There's nothing hateful about that. Ignore the nitpickers and trolls.

>> No.10150618

that's because this is focusing on the social media side of it instead of the actual photos. Besides, it's not like the threads you are talking about are immune to shitposting. I've definitely seen some sweet/goth/etc threads get blown the fuck up because of whoever is contributing to the thread posts something even a little outside of the cgl safety zone for what looks ok, and anons just start losing their god damn minds.

>> No.10150638

I was posted here and I don't mind.

I came to this thread to find other lolitas to follow, especially lesser known girls, and it did not disappoint.

>> No.10150700
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I really hope these threads continue. I found a lot of new girls to follow. Thanks OP.

>> No.10150720


underrated post.

>> No.10150752

nayrt, I personally browse cgl for inspo and for the DD thread. i got posted in this thread and i'm not really too happy about it. I mean at first it made me blush and smile because someone liked my coord enough to talk about it! My stuffs not great or conventional, i just keep up two social media sites (one private the other public) so i can somewhat stay in touch with people with similar niche taste. So seeing myself posted was surprising. But now i just feel like shit, because i post my coords for myself and people with similar taste to me, because i know i don't dress or behave like a "normal" lolita. i always take crit seriously but nothing said was real crit, and seeing how this thread derailed so hard for similar reasons was honestly hurtful in itself. i know i'm speaking to cgl here but i just don't get why people can't just have the little things they enjoy doing. and it's not even like anyone actually looks bad either....

>in b4 log off if you can't handle it
i mean what am i supposed to do actually though, like anons said above (and i've personlly seen this with others) people who try to go private just have weird rumors spread about them that aren't true. I'd rather be open and honest about what i do and wear than pretend i don't exist to a community that would just continue to do the same thing they did before but more ignorantly.

>> No.10150797

How about you leave cgl then instead of bitching about how horrible this site is and about those mean anons who hurt your feelings when they call you an arrogant edgelord? But then you can't leech off the resources these horrible anons also give, right? You are the one makjng the decision to type 4channel in the address bar, if you can't even handle anonymous talk it's not a place for you. Just don't visit.

>> No.10150848

I didn't ask why it was, I know why. And they don't blow up like this actually, it's alright to have some discussion about what lolita is. But people come to these threads to shit on others.

>> No.10150849

Lmao what resources?

>> No.10150868

I know you didn't ask and yes they do. I'll never forget that girl wearing misty sky in navy getting trashed for it and the thread was completely derailed. And that's just one instance. Its happens way more than you are aware of apparently.

>> No.10150891

I make inspiration threads all the time and they are usually pretty dead besides a few coord dumps. The fact you only remember some extreme examples just proofs it's not a regular occurrence.

>> No.10150916

I don’t think so, anon. You posted a lot of classic so critic over there probably just likes sweet vomit.

>> No.10150943

The general, inspiration threads, dream dress threads, draw threads, bst threads, capsule wardrobe threads, coord help threads etc. You can't bitch about horrible seagulls and what a shithole cgl is while simultaneously asking the same gulls for help and favors.

>> No.10150950

The inspiration threads are just reposts, you find a better source of inspiration on tumblr and pinterest which are also just reposts. BST threads are also just reposts from lacemarket and Facebook. Dream dress threads are a risk because it will make other people want that dress or make sellers think they can easily scalp it. The general is a repetitive shithole where mainly AP fans bitch about their own favourite brand all the time. The capsule wardrobe thread is one of the slowest threads ever and would have died a week ago had I not kept it alive. Coord help threads are untrustworthy and you can usually get better advice from your local comm. I left out draw threads because I honestly never look at them.

>> No.10150956

If you feel that way stop coming to /cgl/. I don't understand why you come back if you can find better content elsewhere.

>> No.10150962

I didn't say anyone called me an arrogant egdelord. I dunno if you think i'm garbage chan but i'm not. i can normally handle it and i do, with a grain of salt. Sorry you gotta be a total bitch to be happy tho

>> No.10150964

I'm not >>10150752, I just thought it was funny that you think cgl has useful resources

>> No.10151146

You could easily say the same about your boring threads that barely anyone posts in.

>> No.10151454

She buys them. Her other photos besides the 3 with over 1000 likes only average around 100 to 300 likes with only 350 followers.

>> No.10151455

Just looks like it’s been processed a few too many times via using two or more filter apps.

>> No.10151466

I completely agree.
This is all so messy. Pinkstazi and larasuzane have such hog bodies when they aren’t shooped to hell.

>> No.10153722

Common I have also tried to hang myself a couple of times. This isn't offensive. No one reee's at horror movies where ppl are dangling from a rope.

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