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Thank you guys, I really appreciate the concrit! The cardigan is BABY, but I agree a textured one (or a blouse) would give a more vintage/folk feel. Pastels and bare legs aren’t all too uncommon (like in these cards; the tradition and style is a bit hard to communicate in a few pics) but OTKS would translate better to lolita. I attempted to make the headscarf look more delicate/match the tulle, but an opaque one might have communicated the look more clearly. I will try to make a better one next year!

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kek, påsklolita? Varför inte, känns som att folk inte skulle bry sig så mycket om det är under påsken.

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Jesus has no wheels.

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>tfw when the one in Timberland knock offs looks the least offensive.

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Is far left Tifferet? How is she fifty five and still dressed like a toddler?

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no its not.

the person on the left did a lolita 101 panel at a con in that "coord"

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Which con? How did people in the audience keep a straight face? Who invited her?

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I’m assuming it’s a small con that will let anyone host a panel without any quality control.

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Ugly honestly but not ita

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So the world suddenly has slow metabolisms and it’s not just the shitty food they eat? Sure, Jan.

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Fugly delusional hooker

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I have taken medical exams and I genuinely have an incredibly low metabolism due to stress and chronic illnesses

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The only thing not ita is her head. I don’t be understand how this would be a nitpick.

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Tyler’s hair and makeup really is a shitshow. I wish she’d take like a day to just YouTube basic tutorials.

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Her hair is fine, though I would love to see it in a nice updo sometime.

Her makeup is minimal at least. I agree she could look a lot better if she fixed her eye makeup to not a plain black line. Even if she just had a soft and easy one color eye shadow look.

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It’s not. All she does with her hair is slap on obvious clip on bangs into that untamed mess. Never tries anything else with it.

“Minimal” is a nice way of putting it. Scrawling black eyeliner around your eye is hardly cute or flattering.

I like her too but can people like you please stop sucking her dick just because her personality is nice? You can acknowledge her appearance sucks while liking her.

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She got actual bangs a while ago, asshole

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Who the hell is this and why do people keep shitting on her? Literally who

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Oh right, actual bangs which still look like shit and which she doesn’t bother to style. Stop defending her shit tier hair and makeup.

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I like the idea of what you’re trying to do but it may be a bit hard in lolita. Maybe you could attempt this using another style of jfash, like mori?

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If you don’t know her, be thankful.

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The sad thing is that black eyeliner around can look okay with a heavier eyelashes/mascara.
But when that shit is bare bones, it just looks awful.

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She needs to tightline so it doesn't look so messy.The addition of eyelashes would immediately make her look 10x better, too. I saw her IRL and maybe I'm just used to more immaculate or slightly involved makeup, but she looked super plain and kind of ita.

Personally I don't think such harsh liner looks great with sweet lolita, but it can be softened up.

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a small con, but honestly, 9/10 the "lolita" panels ive gone to at any con are run by cosplayers and not actually lolitas

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Seconding this. She is a complete piece of shit, but I can’t give receipts or I’ll give myself away. So I just kinda let people figure it out on their own, sadly, cause no one ever believes me when I tell people to watch out

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wow nayrt but holy shit newfag

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>Typical Listen Flavor outfit

You're not making things any better for your friend by spamming the ita thread with "WaS iT tAggEd LoLitA??"

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Definitely absolute garbage. She loves to latch on to people and use them just to discard them once she’s drained them of their usefulness to her.

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And to get where exactly....? her idea of success seems to be to be the finale model at every single fucking anime convention, lmao, it's honestly really pathetic because that doesn't mean shit

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I don't know who she is and I never said anything about it being not tagged as lolita- all I'm saying is that it looks like how Listen Flavor is usually styled so I don't get why people are losing their minds over it other than shes well known amongst certain gulls. This is the first time I've ever even seen her.

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She desperately wants to be the next Misako

>> No.10151891

She’ll never get there with that disgusting, slimy personality and haggard face

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>all anons are one person!
I only questioned because what she is wearing is so far removed from actual lolita that I couldn't believe anyone was that dumb. Clam yourself.

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>can't believe anyone would be that dumb on cgl
>misspells calm

STFU and post itas

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>not knowing clam

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this won a coord contest

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A lot of coords that win coord contests range on a scale of “not that good” to “what the fuck”, so one shouldn’t use it as a worthy coord qualifier.

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>one like
>thinking 50s slang is cool
>still not posting itas or starting a new thread

Look who's the newfag

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is this gg ? Is she really editing herself that heavily now?

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Then you eat less to work with the low metabolism, you buy less food, and you can spend more on dresses.

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Are you this but hurt no one in your bitchy Barbie squad was finale? Sorry you all look like old soccer moms. Better luck with indie brand next time.

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Stopping being so ass hurt k8, you don’t look even a bit better with your old cow crew dragging behind you. Take the herd to the farm.

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Looks ita to me. Thoughts?

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Underskirt and shoes are kinda funky but otherwise this is good

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Not judging if ita or not but I always wondered what sari lolita would look like

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I can see why no one believes you. Saying she’s awful but you can’t tell us anything about her behavior is really pointless, if that’s how you’re gonna be it’s better to just not talk shit at all.

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Lol, whatever you say daddy-o.

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I actually like this. This one is different but very good.

>> No.10152576

Is still better than Lor's clown horror makeup

>> No.10152578

That dress?! Wtf is going on with it

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