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She's not that fat. An anachan would die sooner than her.

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I hate this, the fancy stuff clashes really badly with the crumpled overskirt, the rough knitting and the flags. The haircolor is too tacky to look elegant.

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just call it fruits like everyone else and admit that girl looks fucking horrible and isnt a bit like an old school snap, she looks like she bought that outfit at hot topic

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Goose we get it, your pissed at the mods for banning you. please go away.

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I thought the exact same thing. These aren’t ita, just nitpick. We all know she sits on cgl all day stewing in her hatred of the pgh comm because she doesn’t work lmao

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that squaredancing petti

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that's shitty anon i'm sorry people took your personal photos like that

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This is cute.

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Start one, anon.

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Wrong lolita, GTFO hussy

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The brown rolled up paper bag on the ground really ties it all together

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Wonder where she got the capelet/shawl?

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Now you dagon and done it! That was sothothful! Oh here's an idea for an alternate caption... "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming..... of a rerelease of Puppet Circus"

Ok seriously though, I love it! Super awesome.

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There is already >>10075999

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Thank you anon, missed that one.

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This isn't horrible but it doesn't really come across as lolita either. Doesn't belong is CoF, I'm surprised it got so many likes desu

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This gave me physical pain

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Face sort of reminds me of Chris Chan...

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omg poorly placed teapot lol looks like piss fetish

>> No.10078594

I have wondered in the past whether he'd do lolita. He's so into girlie girl things he probably would love it and I'd love to see the trainwreck..

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I really hope the gull who took that pic sees this

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This image physically hurts me, littles and daddy doms need to be exterminated

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Ikr. I support actual trans people (which are very few) but those fucking creepers (and those trenders) makes me want to vomit. Fucking autogynephiles gtfo our fashion.

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Also seconding this.

Sissies/AGPs and anyone into ddlg should be gassed on the spot

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Reminds of Maisie Williams if she ate too much cake.

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This is so cringe for a grown woman with children to be like this. I couldn’t even finish watching it.

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what is that monstrosity in red

tyler looks like shes in pain from it

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>that scarecrow on the far right

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Guess she got lost on her way to the hanfu meetup

>> No.10078680

I hope Tyler is a guest there and this is not her comm, all are itas

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Honestly, I prefer our mods approach to lolita a lot more than her's. They treat it like a real fashion and experiment with themes they like. Goose treats it like a costume.

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>The picture is almost 2 years old and I like to think I've grown since then.
>grown since then

God I hope not, girl, you're big enough

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>actual trans people (which are very few) but those fucking creepers (and those trenders)

"actual trans people" I assume you mean to be dysphoric gay males, who transition and identify as "straight" transwomen. I can deal with a gay TiM in my day to day life, although I prefer all girl meetups for comms.

All "transbians" are heterosexual male autogynephiles, no exceptions

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she needs a headbow or something on her head, but I'd say this is a nitpick.

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This is what caught my eye and I had the same god damned thought.
All my burando says that it's a gender special, too

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This actually made me chuckle.

>> No.10078923

Vomit. Vomit in my mouth.
How are you still alive with no brain??
None of you have taste if you like this...

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I love you.

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aww c'mon guys they are fat but they have gotten better...slightly...

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Traditional Asian clothes, no matter the culture of origin, always look terrible on obese people. They’re not designed for you, fatty.

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Glad y'all enjoyed!

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It’s not perfect, the skirt’s too short, she needs headwear, and the waist bow looks tacky, but ultimately I like this a lot.

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what the fuck is that

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