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different anon, but its the same series skirt https://lolibrary.org/items/ap-tartan-check-triple-tiered-skirt

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You... sound retarded AND ignorant, which is not a good combo. If you're only going to post shit, lurk.

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pic related

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one of the kindest and lovely lolita i've met

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Lol best bait

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you wish? she's okay, i havent' asked her but she does have pretty big feet and imo that's why her sghoes aren't the best, it's not easy to find cute shoes for big sizes

>> No.10051500

I absolutely love this coord. I would have done with different shoes but otherwise it’s wonderful

>> No.10051503

Angelic Imprint will make up to a size 47 but the Hot Chocolate shoes she always seems to wear only go up to a 41 or 42... I suspect she wears them more by choice than from necessity

>> No.10051505

While this looks like disgusting a g e p l a y, maybe they just legitimately don't understand what's acceptable for grown women. Alt fashion and bjd or antique ceramic dolls, okay. Actual kid toys and clothes, no. It reminds me of the people who think any old dress is lolita. They were thinking it was okay because that's the musical they're seeing. But failed to examine that it looks childish

>> No.10051515

You do realise some people don't consider alt fashion, BJDs and other type of dolls "acceptable" either, right? Maybe someone looks at a 30-something sweet lolita and thinks "ew, she looks disgusting, but maybe she legitimately can't understand what's acceptable for a grown woman...". Please, keep oppressing someone the way others would oppress you if they had the chance. Different is okay only if it's you, huh? Don't take it personally, I'm not referring to you but more to most /cgl/ lolita

>> No.10051524

I don't think any gulls would shame them for being into alt fashion or bjds. Gulls shame them for dressing like a sissy, not for liking lolita.

>> No.10051528

Lol you're funny. I'm the last one you should post that to, I only like punk and gothic lolita and aristo. I hate coords using usakumya, lyrical bunny, milky chan, and other childish shit

>> No.10051538

>If you're only going to post shit, lurk.
Take your own advice. And if that's your best argument then I suppose I've already made my point clear. Why are you defending Andrea anyway? He/she/xe/they/it isn't a very great person.

Fucking sick of handmaidens like you rushing to the defence of any old man.

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This creepy fucker should be perma banned from every comm

>> No.10051595

Regarding sissies also, with many of them the shame and being outed and gossiped about is part of the excitement of that kink so the more you talk about them the harder they wank in their frills, and the more they will keep coming back until banned, it's part of their whole arousal and fulfillment. That's a big reason WHY we do not want them in or around the fashion at all because regardless, they are using it to get off sexually. Just NO!

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>her coords have been incredible lately


>> No.10051630

This whole thing looks like a costume.

>> No.10051637

I don't want to wear my frills to meet ups because of my awkward social skills. Would you want to talk about last night's ballgame?

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I’m sad I didn’t see more than a couple comments on this mess lmao

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Don't worry we got it covered in the ita thread!

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Mini-dump time to keep the thread stable

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Is this girl really top heavy??? Her legs don’t look all that enormous, but her bust is straining the jsk...

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This had potential, but I feel like she went the wrong direction with it.

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Not sure about the boots but her bag is really cute with this.

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Everything looks nice, she doesn't need this much skin smoothing though.

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I like seeing unnatural wigs look nice. Just personal preference, but I’d have worn sax shoes instead. The gold ones do match though.

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End dump, sorry it was so short gulls. Hopefully I won’t be too sleepy tomorrow to post again once there’s enough updates to bother

>> No.10051735

>instathot makeup
>obvious shoop
>mediocre coord
remind me again why gulls suck her asshole

>> No.10051736

are these even the same person, lmao. wow..

>> No.10051738

>being creeped out by a grown man pretending to be a little girl is oppression
Please, tumblr wants you back.

>> No.10051739

I'm trying to understand what's going on with her bonnet

>> No.10051750

I’m trying to understand what’s going on with that hideous shoop

>> No.10051809

What's wrong with her face, actual alien or just overuse of meitu?

>> No.10051821

Why do people here hate shaped eyebrows so much

>> No.10051825

I like her brows and eyeshadow but that lipstick is ghastly. Other than that she looks ok but I have to agree with the one you're replying to, it's a mediocre coord.
I do think they are being overly salty tho.

>> No.10051826

If people went lighter with it, they would be fine. But when you do super thick caterpillar brows, it looks very fake and unflattering

>> No.10052134

>I do think they are being overly salty tho.
I can agree with you both cause she definitely seems like a beginner at make up but I mostly brought it up cause it seems like a typical cgl type comment.

>> No.10052143

New thread or nah?

>> No.10052144

i was literally coming here to ask that
pls mommlitas of 4chin give us new cof

>> No.10052368

Handmaiden’s tale meets ageplay

>> No.10052530

I quite like this. Just wish I could see more of the details.

>> No.10052641

I like this coord but the editing...

>> No.10052643

This is super cute. I really like her wig with this coord.

>> No.10052647

Agreed, her natural face looks totally fine but then she does all the smoothing and it looks really bad.

>> No.10052651

Anon do you not see how her calves are struggling to not burst out of those boots?

>> No.10052786

New thread >>10052783

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