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Fuck off i didn't even post in this thread before

Just thought i should put "not looking for /soc/" in my post because apparently some autistic kids are attacking crossplayers here.

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> all these emoticons
> on 4chan

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>sexy Batman Screcrow

Please no, not my favorite

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This. They're just attention whore beta fags ruining this community.

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>mfw I literally posted this just to piss these idiots off

Seriously though, she is painful to look at, and thus ita. It looks awful; it doesn't matter if it would look better on someone else, because it's her wearing it. You don't have to look like shit just because you're large; for example, you could buy clothes that actually fit you. I'm fat too, and it pisses me off when ita whiteknights whine "wah yeah it looks absolutely terrible but she's fat so it's ok because it would look better on a skinny girl". Did you know that not all fat people automatically look this bad when they put on a dress? Jesus Christ.

Does she look good? No. Does she look hilariously awful? Yes. Painful to look at? Yes. Bam, it's ita.

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This was a perfectly good thread before you started shitting it up you know

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