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>be me
>be praying for my dream dresses to get put on sale for months
>they do
>aint got the dollar at the moment

suicide pact anyone?

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Had to come to the decision that I can't afford my all-time ultimate dream dress right now. It's up for sale, and after just losing an auction for it I was ready to go and splash the cash, then I remembered that I'm a student working a part-time job, with a holiday next month, and Christmas after that, plus rent and transport. I wish I could spend money right now, I really wish, because I've only seen this dress for sale ONCE before (the auction that I lost), but how am I supposed to just lay down pretty much 75% of my rent in one transaction? Not to mention I live somewhere that WILL fuck my ass raw with customs, even if it gets marked down. Big fucking sigh.

I know I sound like a whiny bitch but I really TRY my best at budgeting, I only spend like £30 for food all month (providing I don't get takeout). I guess I just needed to vent and it's not the sort of thing I want to bother anyone with.

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I've been waiting to get the funds to buy one of my dream dresses for a couple weeks. The listing was up for weeks, no bids, no buyers, nothing!
Today, I got my card information ready, sat down and opened my computer....IT'S FUCKING SOLD! Within the half an hour that it took for me to receive my paycheck, it had gone.

Fuck my life, I'm so bummed. Let my sadness be a reminder to always have money on hand to use for when your dream dresses appear.

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