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>go back to hotel room
>friend's sister is doing Fortnite dances in her thong and a Five Nights at Freddy's tee
Zoomers shouldn't be allowed at cons.

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My sister is 13 and cosplays Astolfo.

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>cute crossplayer which seems to be REALLY into Sentai/tokusatsu
>small patreon with 5 patrons
>facebook and other social media pretty abandones/without fans
>thinking of dumping some money to him, his english is quite poor but I see sincerity in him

Oh god what my life has become.

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>someone posts in DD thread
>"Oh, I saw this somewhere!"
>search it for the next half-hour and find it
>"Look anon, I found it, it's relatively cheap too!"
>never hear from them again
>item remains unsold for the next 3-5 months
Every single time. Why even post and waste other anons time?

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>order tail for Spice and Wolf costume
>it arrives
>mfw it's a buttplug

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