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Some thoughts from someone who bought a VIP pass to Blerdcon:

The event was pretty great overall, packed with a ton of different panels, events, a 24 Hour Arcade area larger than that of AnimeNYC, and a lot more cosplayers than expected. While the turnout isn't as large as a larger con, passing by the same people and meeting them in panels throughout the weekend makes it seem like a more friendly and personal experience overall imo.

Definitely panders to the PoC crowd which may be a turnoff for some, but I would definitely recommend it to any PoC con-goers who want a more relatable experience.

The afterparty events were insane, with pre- and post- afterparties going on everywhere (including some orgies from what I hear). The VIP pass was unfortunately not worth the price of entry as most of the VIP events were either lame or could be joined with a basic pass and an entry fee.

Didn't take too many photos myself but I will try to post a few more. Mostly anime characters being cosplayed however there were some interesting twists and takes on cosplays that would probably only happen in a convention like this.

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