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Thanks for the support, I know it's not my fault everything thinks everything is sexual but it really gets on my nerves.
It would be fine if some people think my style is weird, but the thought of people thinking it is me trying to like age regress, look like a baby, possibly be wearing diapers, and be a publicly displaying pervert/pedophile really bugs me.
Since then I kind of moved on to a Swankiss larme-like style, I still wear all pastels but they are all things that look kind of forest-fairy or cloudy and things that are not super revealing so I still feel pastel and dreamy, I just moved away from the pigtails and hair stars and over the top character prints/accessories.
I'm glad other people can get past all that stuff I mentioned earlier and have fun, I used to not care and still really adore fairy kei and pop kei but I just got really traumatized over the whole thing.

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