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oh man, I feel bad for my bro ( who was the 'tech savvy' one) having to look at my browsing history when I was twelve. So much Hentai and Yaoi, like literally me just looking for anything of anything that I was watching. Ranging from Pokemon to Tenchi Muyo.

Thanks to my knowledge of ''sex'' become the designated p0rn artist for group of friends and their weird ass ships. Some of which weren't even animeships or OC's, one friend would bribe me to draw her comic strips of her getting it on with her fav F1 driver. God She was obsessed with that guy, can't even remember which one. I feel so unclean thinking about it.
I didn't really 'nya' but I did to a lot the 'Ano...etto..'ing. Finger motion included (pic related)

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y-you too

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I don't know how many costumes you're doing total, but possibly both of them Saturday? Or at least Beo on Saturday

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>have a crush on a friend
>we are going to do a couple-cosplay together

I-is it okay to confess.

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I'd like to think I'm somewhat toned down but here we goooo

>kawaii character/rilakkuma folders for school
>rilakkuma school bag
>korilakkuma phone case
>hello kitty rugs, calendar, plushies, bookend, and bedset
>think in japanese with anime stock phrases (hazukashiiiiii~ doushiteeee? nani soreeeee? dou shiyouuuu? ganbatteneeee~!)
>anime wall scrolls
>a couple anime t-shirts, a pikachu hoodie
>bookshelf of manga, don't really read "actual" novels or books for fun
>go to bookstores just to read manga
>uguu cute poses in the mirror
>90% of my reaction images folder are anime characters
>listen to and sing along to anime OSTs in the shower
>hentai > IRL porn, want to get into visual novels
>heart goes doki doki when I read sweet romance shoujo manga, get so flustered i put the book down until I'm calm again
>forever wishing for the day that I have a romance like the ones in manga
>slightly disappointed whenever i can't/don't wear j-fashion or j-fashion-inspired outfits
>currently resisting urge to buy seifuku because I don't have the body type for it
>currently resisting urge to buy kigu because I don't know if I'd actually wear it since I live with a roommate who I'd feel awkward around

I'm envious of some of you.

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wow, youre so lucky! ill keep slowly building my wardrobe, and take a look on those sites, thank you for advice! lots of love anon!

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I used to be super uncomfortable with my body and thought I was just a fat loser who would never find love or have any friends or anything. 7 months ago I met my boyfriend who is tall, slim and handsome. I thought "There is no way this hot guy is going to be into me" and it turns out he actually prefers chubby/fat girls like me over thinner girls. We've been together for 6 month as of late July and I've never been happier. He makes me feel so comfortable in my skin and tells me I'm beautiful every day. I'm so lucky to have him.

In adition to that, I'm starting to get into lolita and dressing up in frills and bows really makes me feel so cute and stuff. Bonus that my boyfriend likes lolita fashion too.

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ur rad and fab

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o-oh anon-kun...!

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So, I am starting out as a super amature cosplay photographer, and I really want to know what people like. If you wouldn't mind posting some of your favorite shots of your costumes, shots that you like over all, as well as things that you like and dislike your cosplay photographers to do!

Thank you so much in advance.

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W-well gosh, thanks, anon~

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>Tfw you walk around the con with non-cosplaying friends and people keep stopping you to ask for pictures
>Tfw your friends are getting annoyed but at the same time you're so happy you're being photographed

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I really like your hair for some reason, Anon!

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