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You should tell her. She's treating our community like a circus pig, while making herself the clown. Sure LWLN is funny, but your friend is becoming the exact kind of person that SS makes "entertainment" out of. Since you took the photo you can probably sit her down and say "I want to talk about your caption." Do this live, face to face, so that her seething will be contained at the moment of impact. Maybe you'll calm her down and make her see what she's doing wrong. If you can't get through to her she's going to badmouth you afterwards, at which point fucking drop her.

If she's still your friend you should steer her away from her oncoming train crash. She may be on the rails and chugging away already, but she needs good outer influence to flip the right switched and be set right.

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>buy walking foot to use with stretch fabric
>try and use it
>fabric keeps getting caught in my machine's throat plate or won't move through the machine
>assume machine is broken because it's old and i haven't used it in a while, get mad, go to bed
>next morning go back to my machine
>realize i didn't attach my walking foot right and the weird hook thing is meant to go onto the needle bar
>fabric was getting stuck because the feed dogs weren't moving because the hook wasn't attached to anything
>mfw i could have solved all my machine problems that easily

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