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Sewing an all black project fucking sucks. I can barely see my own stitches.

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I'm so impatient. last DD get was exactly 1 year ago. I've been scoring some wishlist things and other cute things here and there but I want all my DDs now. The wait is so hard sometimes.

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First day at AX made around 6.5k, is that good? Is the first day usually the slowest out of the four AX days?

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Does anyone know anything about fulfillment centers? I can’t keep packing and shipping all these charms I want to die
It’s also cutting into my actual drawing time now, it’s so damn overwhelming.

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I wish I had a comm...

>depressed and lonely, socially anxious to boot
>town I live in is so fucking boring
>last of my real friend group to still be living here
>also, it's really cold out
>can't wear lolita to work
>try to think of outdoor activities I can do so I can wear lolita out
>imagining treating myself to brunch or going to the cinema this weekend
>remember I'm just going to be by myself so
>might as well stay home in bed then
>not at all interested in getting all dressed up in lolita just to sit around my house and play vidya, watch movies, or touch myself all weekend
>as much as I want to FINALLY wear lolita this weekend I probably won't

depression and being offbeat is why I haven't tried to make new friends. I get so self-conscious worrying I'll have to explain my hobbies and my depression/anxiety, both are a part of me.
Job searching so I can move to a larger city and hopefully have the community aspect of the fashion for once. Been a happy lonelita for 4 years but my current situation is beginning to affect my wearing of lolita. I'm ashamed...might also be seasonal disorder...

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I thought it would be fine to sell to people who do not yet have feedback but holy crap.
these buyers don't even attempt to read the rules are even seller's terms of sale before buying. I've had to relist 2 items so far and possibly 3 soon if this current iffy one keeps ignoring messages and not paying.

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just found a listing for my DD in the wrong color and shouted "OH NOOOOOO--how do I say no to this??"
my neighbor is probably extremely concerned lol
I'm loving these detail photos but it's not the right color. I almost want to cry, but I'm holding on. One day, I'll get my desired pretties.

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>tell myself not to buy any more stuff for my wardrobe unless it's DDs
>DDs never pop up, not even the popular, non-old school piece
>find all this cute stuff in my routine searches
>mfw buying cute stuff because it's available and it's temporarily filling the void as I piiiiiiine for DDs

I'm going to cry if something miraculously pops up and I'm broke. should probably make a list of what I'd be willing to sell in such an emergency...

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>tfw 27cm ft
I'll never wear brand shoes, anon...

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guess I'll be taking a break from cgl for a while.
I expect this kind of trash in summer but not fall...
hope my DD doesn't pop up while I'm away

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>favorite holiday
>struggling to figure out what the heck I'm even wearing
>want to have two separate coords
>one for going out Saturday and one for Tuesday at the office
>still can't make up my mind what direction to go in for either
>none of my friends live near me anymore
>too broke to go to NYC and get reckless
>really hoping to get fancy and dance all night to bumping music halloweekend
>even if by myself
>looking my best is half the fun
>but time is running out and my heart is yet to set on a coord theme
each of the past 7 years I've had everything planned by July...what is wrong with me this year?

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