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The last thread inspired me to start working on an eighteenth century inspo'd cord, but I have nothing work showing yet.

Have some classic Gropey.

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He's a true Georgian gentleman.

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While I do like the occasional tea party, I just throw on what little nicer 18thC civilian clothes I got to be super honest. Most of my stuff is military uniform, which I have yet to try and incorporate.

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>gropey looks like an autist who doesn't give a shit about his health or personal appearance.

The fuck you talking about? He's a total fop who is all about appearance, and he's a popular newcommer in the east ACL. Quit talking about people you don't know.

>And coming from a military background
>the world is full of people who try real hard

Like you. Quit being a gigantic faggot. More of us served than you really want to know.

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Yay! Shameless self post time!

First up, some of my good clothes from Colonial Williamsburg. The coat is calf skin leather.

Is that CW?

99% chance that worked with her.

Wait.... What.

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Oh, and I need to mention: Historic style coords will never get pointed out by people... But be ready to answer questions from clueless tourists.

On the bright side, I can literally go anywhere dressed in breeches and no one blinks.

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