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I'm a former lolita and current cosplayer who wears jfashion.
I'm bi with a preference towards women/femininity , and not trans exclusionary.
My partner and I are poly but god damn is poly dating hell. People in the poly community are usually batshit, want a purely sexual relationship, or just dipping their toes in to find out they are actually monogamous. Being poly isn't really socially acceptable so i get why its like that sadly.
Although I am not an active lolita i keep all my dresses so whenever we get a girlfriend she can wear whatever she like from my wardrobe, and take home whatever makes her happy. Going out on dates in jfashion is pretty wholesome too. I would love to get serious enough with a girl that she could come traveling with us, or settle down and build an awesome cosplay jfashion/cosplay wardrobe together.

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