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>Mix lolita blouses with formal looking skirt
>Think it's a good compromise
>Halfway hiding powerlevel
>Relatives compliment skirt
>Nobody mentions my frilly blouse

... I'm probably super ita, but it's too late to change now.

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I have a confession.
I was referencing Zaps in a tweet but I also had that video of the led charm made by Acorn Press, meaning I accidentally tagged them in it (this was also the first time I’d had seen the LED concept too) and I think that’s what gave zaps the idea to steal it.
The tweet is now deleted (I think) because I felt guilty.
Maybe it was a coincidence, but it was about two or three months before zaps announce “their” LED charms, which is plenty of time for them to steal the idea.
Someone tell me I’m over thinking it and it wasn’t me that introduced the idea to Zaps to steal from acorn Press.

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Not a bath tub, a tupperwear tub!!!!

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