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Just wanted to weigh in that this depends a lot on your own body shape. The older gosuroris used to have top tiers that were more like ~1m, with a waist of 70cm this was more like 1.5x the waist, even more stretched out than 2x. But it clearly works out for their models and the style of dresses they were going for (pic related).

For me, I've got wider hips, anything less than 2x my waist and the skirt sits weird. So it's one of those things I find you do need to fiddle around with.

To make it look less "petticoat-y" you should narrow the next tier, ie- tier 2 should only be 1.5x wider than the tier above (rather than 2x), and tier 3 might be 1.3x wider than tier 2. This means the bottom of your skirt will have less fabric flouncing around so it'll look less petticoaty

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