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I'm a top-heavy pear, so the highwaisted designs are all immediately out, I'd look like a preggo tent if I tried it. In fact, I wouldn't wear the RPA one either, seems like my chest would bend the bow over the waistband, haha...

Then there's the thing about the sleeves -- the fluttery long ones are so pretty but impractical, the narrow sleeves are practical but... not as fancy. With regular lolita you'd solve it by making the dress a jsk and then just change the blouse underneath to whichever sleeves you like, but I can't find an actually decent design that layers them.

Closest thing I've come across (other than RPA with the overlapping necklines) is this anime character, I could make an overdress where the "jsk" collar is just wider than the inner blouse's collar, so when it's layered together at least both collars sort of line up. Then have a couple of inner blouses with flutter sleeves and narrow sleeves. It feels really weird to be taking design inspo from a chibi male anime character though...

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