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>I've avoided a responsibility for three weeks
>Finally do it today
>It took like half an hour to get done

Every damn time.

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Today I heard my AAtP back-lace-for-corset-lacing rip. Three loops are stretched and look horrible now. I'm not surprised, since I've heard gulls complaining about this for years, but granted this is my first AAtP piece I'm just... Fuck. I have Taobao with better back lacing construction than this. Brand is supposed to be better than this.

Not all is lost though. I can stitch the stretched loops back to their original shape. I'm heavily considering adding real eyelets, but that might be too much work. For now I've removed the corset lacing ribbon, storing it safely should I ever fix this mess.

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>Mfw I have a boyfriend into buttstuff
>Mfw he wants me to rail his ass
>Mfw we haven't done anything yet
>He's self conscious about how dirty it is
>Still teases me with confirming his gay-ass by fingering himself in the bath
>My rotten heart beats faster thinking about it

I'm in this for the long run. It's going to be worth it. If anything he appreciates yaoi too, and I regularly share good finds with him. But man... The day will come soon enough.

On topic he's into getting a modest ouji wardrobe to go with my ever growing lolita one. He's really handsome, and we joke about the ouji-accessory a lot. I love him so much gulls.

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Shopping addiction is hitting again. Feels pretty bad but also pretty good.

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