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Sorry for being bored and wanting new drama

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Things like the teddy bear, makes people think that lolita is for ageplay.

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you're defense is shit anon, this is the CoF thread
not the talk about some rando guy who appeared in a pic once thread
stay on topic or fuck off

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>hundreds of pictures of a girl who isn’t a porn star

that is pretty fucking creepy anon

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I never understood the appeal of a guy having abs and I’m a girl

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there's really a lack of lolita related images like these

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Honestly I'm glad this thread is getting derailed, I hate awful bait chans but we get the same fucking people posting in this thread and a lot of you don't even credit the artists that bothered to give you frumpy chans a go

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>shitty closet cosplay

Eh, no body will care about that when a cosplayer with an actual good completed costume shows up

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>kammie didn't make it

lmao Kawaii international really is a joke
but that was probably obvious from the moment they picked Kelly Eden

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