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A loitering rule exists because people loiter. How often do you see racist lolita coords that have
>conical straw hats
>imitations of Indigenous headdresses
And then
>any other imitation of a non-white culture created for the amusement of a white audience
Though that last one is especially strange. What does it mean by "amusement for a white audience"? So is it saying that you can wear things that are an imitation of white culture for a non-white audience? Can I wear a redneck lolita coord? Or does it mean you can't wear any non-white related coord? You see how stupid this all sounds?

Now this
>the following items may NOT be worn or sold at any PPC event:

>impact toys such as crops, floggers, or whips
>any sex toys
>any accessory with an obvious sexual purpose beyond fashion
Actually makes sense because this is a constant long standing issue with lolita. A constant fight against age players, sissies, Littles, and other fetish groups that try to call themselves lolita with a sexual aspect. This rule makes sense. Blackface in lolita, doesn't because you never see it.

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I love this but she needs something on her legs

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