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Tell your horror story

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Without beating a dead horse about replicas, let's talk about how to spot them.
I noticed replicas having a higher quality, so it's really hard to spot them.

Let's share some examples on how to spot certain replicas, like mismatched lace, washed out prints or cut-off borders.

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I know the replica is reaaaaly close to the original, but I think you can still tell the difference between them if you look closely at how the lace is gathered. Also, the replica lace seems to be a bit whiter and broader and the overall colors are a tiny bit more saturated.

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Has any taobao store made a replica of a brand tag?

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New taobao shop selling super copy fakes of Melty Cream Donut for a fraction of the price, with more print replicas in the works.
Doesn't look like they custom size, but they are selling the fabric and matching lace by the yard.
How do you think this will affect the replica debate? The resale value of these prints?

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