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A part of me wants to make an insta for my coords, but then I remember that I’m ugly af, have shit tons of acne and holes in my face (can’t wear any makeup due to it) and wear the same dress + cardigan + beret + boots combo but in different colors.

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I’ve come to terms that I’ll always be a lonelita but a part of me wishes I wasn’t so afraid of rejection/abandonment so that I could actually go out and make some friends. 4 years have gone and I still never celebrated ILD with a fellow lolita.

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>I'm too old and ugly to be doing face cosplay
fuck I know that feeling all too well anon

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>got fired from last job
>can’t find work
>living as a neet for the past month
>tired of it
>want to die
>have to get rid of lolita wardrobe before offing myself
any gulls interested in sweet/casual/classic dresses? Not sure whether to donate the money to a charity or idk maybe to fund a new shitty life as a hobo or something

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Hey there I'm Karl
I'm glad you liked the card at least
Sorry I fucked up, for what it's worth I ended up spending around $120 on the bows so if nothing else what is useful should be of good quality
I included the $20 as a last ditch (near the deadline) "man I really think I might have fucked up and I know she'll probably need to convert it but I've heard that foreigners like American money too so maybe it won't be bad????"

My handwriting is shit, I attempted to make it legible. Normally I use a computer to communicate but I always make cards and the like from scratch if the gift is supposed to be personal.

She said she liked bows, I got a lot of bows. Also practically all her reference items had a bow in them. I ended up being absolute crap at navigating taobao and shipping though and as the deadline loomed I opted to get some stuff that could be considered ita in the hopes that some of it would actually be good. That's why there's so much.
I figured a shotgun approach was better than anything

Lots of the good bows came in packages.

I was figuring there would be at least something in there she could use

See above

They were not

Worse haha

This sort of came down to my situation which is exactly why I opted to get so much, and the circumstances didn't allow me to just get what I knew she would like

I'm sorry everyone

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Pretty shitty. I lost my job recently so that isn’t helping what little self esteem I have left. I hope I find something soon or I may have to check myself in to a crisis center.

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