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this actually happened recently at a con back in August

>extremely small con
>cant decide if cosplay or not, havent cosplayed in a while, decide to go for it
>badge picked up, not many people, kinda hot out, decide to go sit in shade
>sit down next to somebody who sorta looks like someone from same series as me, but not sure looks like a casual cos
>we both glance at each other every now nd again waiting for exhibit hall to open
>eventually get courage to ask "hey are you ____ from ___?"
>"Yeah! And you're from ___! Can I get a pic?"
>both start talking about series and how we're both alone until later in the day, both chit chat around con until then
>they eventually met up with their friends and me not wanting to be a creep tell them Id go on my own for a while until Id meet up with my friends, so we split off
>even after splitting off, keep seeing each other and waving to each other since con is so small
>their group after seeing I was still alone offered to just keep hanging with them
>ended up being friends with their whole group, we had similar interests thanks to our cosplays

This reminded me why I still enjoy cosplaying, I still talk to said friend on twitter, basically show some kind of interest in something and dont be creepy and you'll make friends easily

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